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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  September 13, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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sound effects for the weather because it's been good. we have another great day for you. unbelievable stretch we've had. we could use a little water. we'll get some next week but let's talk about today because it's going to be another very nice day across the region. clear this morning, 63 at reagan national. 76 by lunch time. another exteed lunch hour for many outside i'm sure. highs about 82 with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 80 degrees. air quality still looking good. upstairs it's all quiet. a few clouds as you get west of columbus into ohio andeanian. but around -- and indiana. but around here, just a touch of fog. we have temperatures a few degrees warmer than yesterday. cool spots are in frederick and culpeper and petersburg but cumberland 54. 62 in annapolis and 55 at andrews and cambridge. the fog, a little bit of visibility issues in frederick right now. we're improving down toward warrenton. they were below a mile and now a mile and three-quarters. we're looking at a nice afternoon with high
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temperatures mostly in the lower 80s. southeast winds. 5:00 straight up, here's monika with timesaver traffic. we are in a good spot. all lanes are open on your major thoroughfares headed for the beltway. i don't really have any big complaints to tell you about. northbound i-95 things look good. dale city to woodbridge across the river here into springfield. we'll take a live look right now and show what you it looks like there coming up from route 644 to the beltway. again, just a bit of volume but no big delays right now, main and hov lanes. let's go back over to the maps this time to the other side of town. inbound dulles toll road. no delays coming in from sterling. same thing 066. we'll -- on 66. we'll go to the roosevelt bridge. 66 looks great heading into the downtown area. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:09. back to you, mike and andrea. >> thank you, monika. president obama called the presidents of libya and egypt and urged them to help protect american diplomats. this as some brand new protests
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were reported within the last hour outside the american embassy in yemen. >> the first series of protests for state -- four state department workers were killed including u.s. ambassador christopher stevens. kristin fisher is in our satellite center with more on that investigation and the latest on the attack in yemen. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. the big news this morning is of course the fact that another u.s. embassy could be in trouble. the embassy in yemen. we're just getting word that protesters have stormed the compound but they have not entered the building or any of the offices. so far no reports of any u.s. diplomatic personnel being injured. but of course we saw all too quickly yesterday how quickly these things can spiral out of control. also overnight, the u.s. embassy in egypt seeing more protests. overnight egyptian police clashed with protesters outside the u.s. embassy in cairo.
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it's really the latest in this wave of violence in egypt, libya and now yemen against the united states. it all seemed to have stemmed from the anti-islam youtube video but now they're looking into the possibility that the assault on the u.s. consulate in libya was a planned terrorist attack to mark the anniversary of 9/11. >> how could this happen in a country we helped liberate in a city we helped save from destruction? >> make no mistake. we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. >> my name is chris stevens and i'm the new u.s. ambassador to libya. >> reporter: the death of ambassador stevens is particularly ironic because he actually helped the rebels overthrow gadhafi's regime and was also in the process of helping stabilize the new government. now the obama administration has begun what appears to be a terrorist hunt in libya. 50 marines are heading there to
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protect the embassy in tripoli. the f.b.i. has launched a full investigation. agents are being sent there now to sift through the wreckage for evidence. now two war ships armed with cruise missiles are taking positions off the libyan coast. so the u.s. response to these violent protests has also become a very heated topic in the presidential campaigns. i'll have more on that coming up at 5:30. mike, andrea? >> kristin fisher with the update from our satellite center. two sisters are accused of running an illegal home day care in woodbridge, virginia. they each face seven counts of reckless endangerment of a child. investigators say the two women were trying to care for 21 children between the ages of three months and four years old. and they say investigators found seven infants strapped into car seats and left in bath rooms and closets. none of the children was injured. another rabid beaver has turned up in fairfax county. a group of youngsters were add
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the hidden pond nature center sunday when a beaver jumped out of the water and started chasing them. an animal control officer shot the beaver before it bit anyone. last week an 83-year-old woman was bitten by a rabid beaver while swimming in lake barcroft. on sunday a rabid raccoon turned up in the same neighborhood. police believe infected raccoons are biting the beavers and are warning everyone to be care and keep a close watch on their pets. later this morning, maryland's public service commission is going to open a hearing into power outages during this summer's derecho storm. the hearing is expected to zero in on pepco's performance after the june 29 storm. thousands of customers waited a week or more to get their electricity back. and today's meeting is taking place in baltimore and it comes after the psa held eight public hearings in the last month all to get customer input about the outages. it's 5:05. we get the latest your money report of the morning.
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>> the lovely jessica doyle is here. good morning, jess. >> good morning, lovely people. the big question, will they or won't they? willed federal reserve come out this afternoon with new medicine for the economy? all bets are off for wall street till we find out. the dow stands at 13,333, added 10 points in trading yesterday. nasdaq was up by 10 and the s&p 500 was better by 3 points. a lot of people want to start their own businesses or they want to do a better job rung the one they have so this -- running the one they have so this could be just the ticket. the prince william chamber of commerce is launching a business academy. it's focusing on marketing, sales and human resources. the fall session begins today at the chamber headquarters in manassas 7:30 to 10:00 a.m. cost per session $25 for chamber members and $50 per session for nonmembers. good news, kids. virginia's pumpkin crop is shaping up to be a good one. the big orange squash is already being harvested and so far things are looking pretty
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decent. pumpkins are grown on more than 2,000 acres in virginia. can you believe we're in pumpkin season already. >> pumpkins. pumpkin pie. >> the weather make it is feel good. -- makes it feel good. are we going to like what you have for us in the next half- hour? >> you are. i actually have good news about foreclosures. been a long time coming. >> good deal. >> thanks, jess. civil rights leaders announce a new march on washington. that story is coming up. >> plus, police seize thousands of dollars in merchandise from an alleged fencing operation. that's in maryland. >> ahead in sports, with first place on the line, the orioles were tied going into the 9th inning. we'll show you how it ended. we'll be back.
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welcome back. your weather first at 5:09. another nice day ahead. nobody is complaining about this. check out your day planner. this morning we're not dealing with 40s. we do have temperatures down in the 50s in cool spots. mid-70s at lunch time. highs around 81, 82. that should happen around 4:00 p.m. seven-day forecast coming up in five minutes. right now we go to monika with timesaver traffic. i'm happy to say your mayor thoroughfares remain incident free. -- major thoroughfares. the 14th street bridge looks like n. i'll be back with more. police say they've shut down a fencing operation run out of a beltsville hair salon.
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they netted about $20,000 in stolen property. police arrested the owner of the salon after a tip from a dsw store loss prevention officer. the special inspection of all 325 ford crown victorias in the montgomery county police department's fleet is wrapping up. mechanics had to styx ten patrol -- to fix ten patrol cars with serious steering issues. 37 cruisers needed less serious repairs. the 50th annual versery of martin luther king's i have a dream speech comes up next august. yesterday in atlanta, leaders of the southern christian leadership conference announced they will mark that anniversary by organizing another march on washington. a gala fund raising event targets america's number one cancer killer. coming up at 5:49, how you can help the longevity foundation fight this disease. >> notre dame changes
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conferences in a move that will impact several local teams. >> next at 5:15, howard finds just a few rain chances in our seven-day forecast. we'll be back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. our time is coming up on a:14. another -- on 5:14. another great day on tap and better news for the weekend. >> the front that might give us
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a few showers saturday might come through late friday, early saturday. but the rest of the weekend looking good. we'll get into some rain i think next week, monday into tuesday especially, but between now and then, hey, more of what you see is what you get. here's a look at our bus stop forecast on this thursday morning. not as cool as it has been. we got some areas down toward the 50-degree mark but we don't have the mid and upper 40s. still you may need a light jacket in one or two spots. warm spots in the low 60s right now with sunrise at 6:48. it's going to take a while before we get that sunrise. day planner, by noon we're up to 76 so a sunny, delightful lunch hour. southeast winds not even 5 miles an hour. they'll be 5 to 10 this afternoon. 5:00 temp 80. i think we get into 82, maybe 83 around 4:00 p.m. or so. visibilities a little bit of an issue up in frederick. we've got quarter mile visibility reported at the airport there. otherwise with warrenton less than to, that's it. there -- two, that's it.
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there may be an isolated patch of fog but the rest of us looking good. 52 in bowie. 55 andrews. baden is 52. we've got 57 in alexandria. also down in prince frederick from one of our weather watchers. 55 in fairfax this morning and in sterling 53 degrees. outside on our michael & son weather cam, clear skies here. no traffic going on here on wisconsin avenue in northwest d.c. with the temperature of 63. winds are calm. humidity at 81%. cold front is coming across the central part of the country. even without the numbers, you can see the oranges and reds here. that's the warm t. this green -- warmth. this green stripe, those are 60s with rain showers in places like kansas city and chicago for this afternoon. behind the front a little bit more sun so it will be warm into the 70s but still well into the 80s in areas in texas and st. louis and little rock. there's the front this morning cutting across the northern states, north central states. cool behind the front this morning.
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we've got again some 30s and 40s there but the warm air out ahead of that front. that's what we'll be dealing with for the next couple of days with high temperatures in the low 80s. maybe 82, 83 or so in that neighborhood. that front is going to come through friday night into saturday morning with a stray shower or two. but we're still looking good. today 83 degrees, lots of sunshine, southeast winds 5 to 10. tonight mid-50s to mid-60s. maybe a patch of fog so still not bad with light winds. tomorrow 83. a few more clouds. could be a shower in the western mountains and isolated eastern shore in the afternoon. saturday morning, early risers may see a sprinkle but a good looking saturday, pleasant, 79. sunday 77. later monday we have a chance for a shower or storm and tuesday i think more showers and storms, upper 70s and a little cooler on wednesday. it is 5:16. here comes monika with timesaver traffic. there is one accident right now in prince william county on cardinal drive west of route 1. other than that, we're still
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looking very good coming in from the north on 270, i-95 out of baltimore and the beltway fort of town college park into bethesda. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like first on 270 or the beltway here in college park. no issues to report coming around from route 1 past 95 as you head for silver spring. this time coming in on 66, that cone, there was construction there on the west side but it should be cleared up by now. no problems to report coming in 66 from centreville toward fairfax. let's take a live look outside and first we're looking at 270 southbound at route 109 and this is going to start to bunch up now within the next few minutes, half an hour or so. one more last live look. this time we'll go over to virginia and show what you it looks like 395 at the 14th street bridge. all lanes are open. i'll be back in a few minutes with more traffic. first, i want to let you know that andrea and i had the pleasure of attending a special
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ejents yesterday. it was -- event yesterday. it was the open house of the brand new breast imaging center. it was a warm and caring environment and helpful and anxious time for most women, even if it's a regular screening visit. >> the center is led by three dynamic women who you met here the other day on 9news now. we want to congratulate them and say a special good morning to all the people who start their day with us and to the converts who are waking up with us for the very first time. so it was a wonderful event and it's really important because again it means that it's health care coming to your neighborhood making it nor convenient, giving you no excuses to not maintain your regular screenings. >> i was so impressed to meet some of the patients there. one of them was just diagnosed two weeks ago and said she could not be -- not have that feeling of being in safer hands than this. and we got our little tattoos. >> a special good morning to paula and eileen.
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>> good morning. still ahead, the orioles came down to a thriller in the 9th. we'll let take you a look at that coming up. >> nationals pitcher john lanhan takes the mound. the question of the day. 12% of men admit to doing one of these things while they are at a wedding. is it a, drinking too much, b, checking the score of a game or c, falling asleep? >> tony king wrote on our facebook fan page b. then they give it away by hollering if their team scores. >> log on to our facebook fan page and leave your response. there's a good reason why you should do that. >> we won't to congratulate terry, the winner of one of these. >> you get a chance to win a mobile gift card. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 5:22. your weather first on this thursday morning. it's another very nice morning out there. got a touch of fog in one or two spots. temperatures the cool areas down to 50 or so we're sitting close to 60. we'll get to 9:00. partly to mostly sunny, 64. lunch time 76 degrees. near 80 up in baltimore. we'll have highs in the low 80s this afternoon with lots of sunshine once again. this doesn't get old. >> not at all. a good day to eat lunch outside. the acc scores the latest coup in the conference
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realignment wars. >> it's going to be a great division. the nationals didn't fall apart with stephen straussburg's replace -- strasburg's replacement on the mound. good morning, everybody. last night was supposed to be stephen strasburg's final game of the season. well, as we all know he was shut down early last friday. so yesterday instead it was john lannan's turn to take over. try and lead the nats to a sweep over the mets. they head into the 4th inning scoreless until ryan zimmerman gets a hold of one over the center field wall. nats go up 1-0. lannan looked good last night. he pitched five and two-thirds shutout innings to pick up his third win of the season. even though he was done early on, the nats weren't. in the 8th, desmond at the dish adds one more. the nationals go on to blank the mets 2-0 completing the sweep and lowering their magic playoff number to just six games to clinch. orioles hosting the rays last night at camden yards, a
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game that ended in thrilling fashion. top 9, game tied at 2, manny scoops it up. decides not to throw it to 1st and throw it is to j.j. hardy. a great defensive play by the rookie. bottom 9th, nate mcleod down the line, a walkoff single to win 3-2 and remain tied with the yankees for first place. the maryland terrapins will have a new opponent to face on the basketball court. notre dame will join the atlantic coast conference in all sports but football. that sport will remain independent. but they will face five acc opponents each year. when that's going to take effect is still up in the air. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm kristen berset. have a great thursday. there's a little good news when it comes to foreclosure rates. that's ahead in your money
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report. >> opponents use a giant pig to make their feelings clear about the dulles toll road. clear things up for us on the roadways, monika. >> if you're planning to head here on the northbound side of 95, a little bit of slow traffic fort of the prince william parkway as you head through woodbridge. other than that, things are nice and clear. i'll be back in a few minutes with more traffic at 5:29. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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good morning. happy thursday. i'm andrea roane. what's for breakfast? >> bacon. >> good morning. i'm mike hydeck. that sound goods. >> i actually like fresh waffles with bacon and eggs. >> monika has traffic. howard bernstein has weather. another beautiful day. just put butter on it. >> maple syrup. >> fresh maple, you've got it.
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we've got a beautiful day once again. going to be clear and sunny. humidity levels have crept up just a bit. we're seeing a touch of fog in one or two areas. our day planner calling for sunshine all day long. 76 by lunch time. maybe that will be a lunch hour or two for some. 5:00 80 after topping out about 82, 83. i think that happens around 4:00 p.m. if you're planning. so sunscreen once again if you're going to be outside as we've got the clear skies overhead. we're seeing a few clouds coming in out well west of us in the ohio and tennessee valleys. i think we'll see a couple more of those tomorrow. today we start with frederick at 49 and petersburg so a couple of spots in the upper 40s as opposed to the widespread 40 we saw the last couple of mornings and a little bit of fog in frederick and warrenton. they're down to one half mile. it's 5:29. let's goafer over to upon -- go over to monika with timesaver traffic. thank you so much, howards. good morning, everybody. generally speaking you just have the volume to deal with.
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that's what happens this time of the morning in washington a. few brake lights forming right around here at university boulevard as you head west on the beltway. let's take a live look outside and show you what it looks like here on the northbound side of i-395 coming up from the beltway. still no delays through landmark up to seminary road and that will change pretty quickly as well. back over to the maps and this time we'll head over to the west side of town. dulles toll road still looks okay. 66 slowing down just a bit out of centreville. one last live look outside if you're planning to head here on 270. brake lights already forming at route 109. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:39. ambassador chris stevens survived the heavy fighting in libya last year when he was working with the rebels as they ousted dictator moammar came qaddafi from power. >> stevens is one of four americans killed yesterday on the attack on the u.s. consulate. kristin particularrer has more
5:31 am
-- fisher has more from our satellite center. >> reporter: first egypt and libya. now the violent protests escalating to yemen this morning. yemen of course home to al qaeda's most active branch. right now a mass protest is under way right outside the u.s. embassy in yemen's capital. this is the video that has just come in. the protesters are on the embassy's grounds but they have not entered the building that houses the diplomatic offices. they have, however, removed the embassy sign on the outer wall and they've brought down the u.s. flag and burned it. so far no reports of any injuries, but of course that was not the case at the u.s. consulate in benghazi where the u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens and three other state department officers were killed during a similar protest. president obama has promised -- excuse me, just want to point out that is the video from yemen, what you were just looking at was the video from protests in egypt. president obama has promised to bring those responsible to justice. at the same time mitt romney is
5:32 am
calling it disgrateful that the u.s. embassy in cairo expressed regret that an american made film insulted muslims. take a listen to this. >> the statement that came from the administration was a statement which is akin to an apology. >> governor romney has a tendency to shoot first and name later. as president, one of the things i've learned is you can't do that. >> reporter: clearly these protests now having an impact on the presidential campaign. now the obama administration has started what appears to be a terrorist hunt in libya. we've got 50 marines heading there to protect the embassy in tripoli. the f.b.i. is launching a full investigation. agents are being sent to sift through the wreckage for evidence. now two war ships armed with cruise missiles taking positions off the libyan coast. so clearly these protests escalating in the middle east. what you were seeing that was happening in yemen seems to be
5:33 am
escalating by the minute. hopefully nobody else gets injured. we will be watching this and monitoring the situation. i'll have the very latest coming up at 6:00. >> kristin fisher with the update if our satellite center. some libyans rallied in support of america. demonstrators held signs expressing their simp patties and say -- sympathies and saying the consulate attack was not in accordance with islamic beliefs. others spoke of the work stevens had done. in cairo, egypt, as kristin was telling us, police fired tear gas and warning shots this morning to disperse protesters. egypt state news agency reports there are some injuries. protestors were carrying petro bombs. others were seen throwing rocks. this morning the national cathedral will host a memorial service for astronaut neil
5:34 am
armstrong. armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, died last month at the age of 82. several of his nasa colleagues will speak at the service. the service is by invitation and according to the cathedral, all seats have been allocated. however, you can catch it live at 10:00 a.m. both on the cathedral and nasa's websites. tonight is the first public hearing about proposed toll hikes for the dulles toll road. opponents on the increase parked a giant pig float outside last night's hearing in reston. the metropolitan washington airports authority which operates the road is considering a proposal that would double the base rate to $4.50 by 2015 just to pay for -- to help pay for metro's silver line to dulles. tonight's final meeting is from 5:00 to 8:00 at spring hill elementary school in mclean, virginia. coming up on 5:35. time for the latest your money report. >> jessica doyle is back. the worst of the housing crisis may -- may be behind us.
5:35 am
>> i like that "may." fingers crossed. it does not mean we're out of the woods yet but we might be through the darkest part. fewer homes are being placed on the foreclosure track. realty tract says last month things looked a lot better than this time last year. numbers were down 13% year over year and that's when foreclosures hit a 17-year high. experts are now saying the pace of homes entering the foreclosure process is expected to decline gradually. if we have any new severe economic shots, though, all bets are off. new guidelines for getting you on the right track to your retirement. the nation's largest 401(k) administrator fidelity investments is now saying it's recommending people save at least eight times their final salary before calling it quits. so do a quick mental calculation. are you there? it suggests having the amount of your annual salary in the bank by the time you're 35 years old and twice your salary by the time you are 40. that might be easier said than
5:36 am
done, though. a new survey from the government shows about 10% of u.s. households don't even have a basic bank account. so now that you can get your hands on the new iphone 5 by the end of the month, what are you going to do with the old one? you can sell it for big bucks. the most expensive version of the iphone 4s is the 64 gig either for at&t service or unlocked from a service provider. that's going to get you 400 bucks on e-bay's instant sale. trade-in service gazelle will pay $150 but that is down 50 bucks from just hours before. so if you're going to sell your old iphone, you better do it quickly. the more people cash in, the lower these prices are getting for their old equipment. >> i guess the one thing you can do is if you have a work phone, you can live with that for a couple weeks until you get your hands on the new iphone. i don't know if i like the bigger size.
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>> we'll see. are you getting one? >> i don't know. maybe. i'm due for one so i might upgrade. still ahead, most presidential campaigns have key players speaking in northern virginia today. more on that coming up. first, we need to make a correction about yesterday's story on the national zoo and its cute cheetah cubs. cubs carmalita and justin are getting to meet their namesakes today, not yesterday as we reported. they'll be there today from 11:30 to 12:30. didn't you enjoy yesterday at the zoo? you get to do it again today. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
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within each strand of an oat's rhythmical sway. when an apple's vibrant red temptation, and honey's sweet touch of golden sensation, join together with a pecan crunch you'll savor, creating the most perfect lesson in flavor. ♪ nature's best-written recipe is ready for you to enjoy. nature valley, nature at its most delicious. now try our new crunchy dark chocolate peanut butter bar.
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welcome back. another comfortable, cool morning a. touch of fog out toward warrenton, culpeper and thicker up in frederick. the rest of us doing fine this
5:40 am
thursday. here's a look at the day planner. traffic humming along. temperatures going to be in the mid-70s by noon. 80 at 3:00. high today about 82, 83 in the 4:00 hour and 6:00 still nice and 78. let's go inside to monika samtani and see if traffic is buzzing along. it was till now. there's an accident in fredricksburg right now, northbound on i-95 after route 3. the left side of the road is blocked with equipment on the scene. watch out for that slow traffic northbound on i-95. i'll be back with more on that coming up in my next report at 5:48. i've been combing through the day's daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites so you know what time it is. daily deals time. here are some of my favorites on this thursday. a great deal for you on local wine. this is for wines from port of leonard town winery in st. mary's county, maryland. they're running a harvest sale this weekend so you will get 25% off all wines. the winery reached out to me with this offer which also
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includes gold medal winning wine. there's a grape stomp on saturday. that's fun of the perfect time of year. it's massage time in bethesda. groupon has a deal with ageless wellness center. you'll get a 30-minute massage all for 60% off at $39. the taste of d.c. coming up. it's october 6. you can get ticket packages starting at $5. this is one of the most popular local deals right now on living social. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. >> thank you very much. a gala event tomorrow will raise money to fight america's top cancer killer. more on how you can help out coming up. >> plus, if you don't want to know how much fast food is adding to your waste line, you might want to cover your eyes the next time you go to mcdonald's. >> it is the 13th of the month. let's see who's celebrating a birthday today.
5:42 am
olympic gymnastics coach is 70 and actress jean smart is 61. commentator and talk show host t. smiley is viii. a happy birthday to one of our best photographers dave. happy birthday, everybody.
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good morning. welcome to 9news now. 5:45. >> the blue month fair is this weekend. they're going to be great for that. you have outdoor plans, go for it. it's going to be all right. a slight shower possibly saturday.
5:46 am
here's a look at the bus stop forecast on this fine thursday morning. we have a touch of fog up in frederick and some of the visibilities between manassas, warrenton, culpeper bouncing around right now a mile or so. 50es and 60s -- 50s and 60s with the sunrise not for another hour. so we have a little ways to go. the day planner, kind of like yesterday. lunch time temps in the mid- 70s. we'll top off 81, 83, somewhere in that range. yesterday we did make 81 for the high. 4:00 80. by 8:00 still very, very nice, comfortable evening, 72 degrees with southeast winds 5 to 10. the fog is a little bit of an issue in the frederick area from manassas to culpeper, a mile to a quarter. we'll watch those areas the next couple of hours but once we get into the sunshine an hour and a half after that we'll be clear. 54 in gaithersburg. 52 winchester. near 50, 49 frederick with the
5:47 am
fog. eenston 56. spoke -- easton 56. spoke to bill in newland about 51. charlie in catlett at 50 in fauquier county. outside on our michael & son weather cam, here's tysons corner. there's the moon. it's back there. a little crescent moon going on this morning. 63 degrees under clear skies. calm winds. the humidity 81%. the dew points are creeping up a little bit. that's one of the reasons we're seeing the fog with high pressure off shore now, the southerly flow and a little more moips tur. temps in the -- moisture. temps in the 30s in casper and bismarck. there's a front. dallas 78. the front responsible for all the showers from eastern colorado to the texas panhandle all the way up toward wisconsin now. some of these showers head toward chicago. i don't think they'll get out of the 60s there today. around here we're on the warm side of things. so that's why we're going to make the low 80s with mostly sunny skies. as lieu at the future cast, the fog will burn off. could be a sprinkle late this afternoon near virginia beach or so or in the mountains. and it looks like that front
5:48 am
out west gets here friday night, really overnight into saturday morning. so there could be an isolated shower then. other than that, the rain holds off for several more days. great this afternoon, 83 at national. many areas closer to 80. tonight we're back down in the 50s and 60s with maybe a touch of fog, light winds. tomorrow 83. a few more clouds. saturday 79. early shower not out of the question saturday. it will be sporadic. sunday 77 and into late monday, tuesday, rain chances increase. 5:48. here comes monika samtani with timesaver traffic. things are unfortunately going downhill. they really are, especially on the beltway north of town. you'll want to hear about this, especially if you travel on the outer loop westbound 495 into silver spring. look at all that red. i'm going to step out and show what you it looks like live from our sky 9. it's an accident outer loop of the beltway before georgia avenue. that is your delay to the accident with the left side of the roadway blocked off. i just saw police and fire equipment on the scene and again this is the beltway outer
5:49 am
loop westbound 495 headed after route 29 but before georgia avenue with an accident. i'll keep you posted on that situation. in fact, we'll go to our mdot camera as well as take a close- up look of that delay. not looking good on the beltway. northbound 395 still looking good at duke street. watch out for the accident cleanup after route 3 out in fredericksburg. i'll keep you posted on those situations once again at 6:00. back to you, andrea. making news now at 5:49, two big players in campaign 2012 are in northern virginia today. this morning republican presidential candidate mitt romney will speak at van dyke park in fairfax. this afternoon first lady michele obama seen here with the president at arlington national cemetery tuesday will greet supporters at the university of mary washington in fredricksburg. there's a new report that finds gulf coast is growing
5:50 am
more vulnerable. americans wetland foundation submitted 30 ideas for saving the coastline to congress and the white house. those proposals include using dredging material from the mississippi river to rebuild the shoreline. and starting monday, you'll know just how many calories are in those big macs and large fries. mcdonald's is going to put calorie counts on its restaurant drive-threw men -- drive thru menus. mcdonald's getting a big jump on the competition with that. it's thought of as a smoker's disease but now more than half of all lung cancer diagnoses are nonsmoke e. 160,000 deaths a year, lung cancer remains by far america's top cancer killer. it may be time to rethink about who gets it. i'm joined by survivor joey smith. he's right here and i have the longevity foundation president andrea farris. they have new news about
5:51 am
fighting the disease. >> thank you for having us. there's a lot of great news. there's tremendous progress being made with all the research happening in lung cancer and people like joey are surviving the disease. there are actually opportunities and drugs and early detection so that you can survive it. >> joey, you are not a smoker, haven't been a smoker. tell us your story. you were diagnosed when. >> i was diagnosed five years ago, a nonsmoker. after many, many different tests, they found that it was lung cancer and they don't know you how i got it. just like colon cancer, prostrate cancer and other cancers. >> you weren't involved in a situation like a bartender, wait staff, you didn't get a lot of secondhand smoke? >> paints don't -- parents don't smoke, siblings don't smoke. >> you said that's one of the misconceptions. >> it is. over 50% of people diagnosed have either never smoked or quit many years ago.
5:52 am
so sure, smoking is terrible for you and there are a lot of health benefits for not specking, -- smoking including lung cancer but it's similar to any other cancer. sometimes it's a genetic defect, abmore naturalty, mutation, -- abnormality, mutation, sometimes you just get it. research is making progress. >> as far as cancer is concerned, oftentimes they say lung cancer is one of the preventible ones that would assume that it's linked with smoking when you say it's preventible but if you're a nonsmoker and you get it, that's a different case. >> for some people it could be preventible. the smoking might have triggered something in their system which caused the mutation which causes cancer. but for many others it's not. it just happens. 20% -- i think close to 20% of lung cancer diagnoses which is 40,000 people, a lot of people, are never smokers. so when you try to link it to a cause, you're leaving out an entire population of people who
5:53 am
could be helped. >> two quick things. are you cancer free now? >> cancer free, that's correct. >> congratulations. >> let's talk about the gala tomorrow night where people can be a part of and help research. >> tomorrow night we have our musical celebration of hope gala. we'll be honoring andrea roane there. >> one of my favorite people. >> bringing visibility to lung cancer so we're very excited about that. it's at the andrew mellon auditorium. you can jump off the woodward building in a jump, a repelling event. and we have our big walk in washington, d.c., one of 75 walks across the country on november 4. >> we'll put all those on our website thanks for joining us this morning. great to meet you. >> thank you. >> andrea, over to you. >> find it, treat it, live. that's the motto of longevity. we thank them for the recognition. a campaign is under way to help teenagers to make it first
5:54 am
their -- make it through their first year unscathed. >> we finally know the details about the iphone 5 but is it living up to all that hype? how much are you going to have to spend to get one? i'll have all the answers for you coming up at 6:07. you are watching 9news now.
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5:56 am
if you ever watch the
5:57 am
antiques roads show, you know every once in a while you go to the flea market and the purchases turn into a gold mine. >> some happened to a virginia woman who could get a $100,000 return. matt jablow has the story. >> reporter: the september 29 auction at elizabeth's potomac company in alexandria will feature a wide variety of items. >> we have almost 1200 lots. >> reporter: ancient chinese artifacts, 19 century american portraits. >> it's a fascinating auction. >> reporter: and one long lost jewel of a painting by one of the masters of the form, pierre . it changed hands four times. it's believed he gave it to a woman who modeled for him who sold it to an art deal near france. in 1926 the art dealer sold it to an american businessman whose wife lived in baltimore and then in the past year or so, it turned up and was sold as part of a lot of completely
5:58 am
unremarkable items at a flea market in west virginia. the lucky buyer whom i spoke with on the phone tonight does not want to be identified. >> the box of stuff caught my eye. >> reporter: she says she's in her 40s, lives in virginia and paid $7 for the art. >> i thought it was worth something but i -- >> reporter: she said even though it has a label on the front of the frame, she had no idea that it was an actually renoir until recently when it was authenticated by experts. >> what do you make of all this? >> it's insane. i don't know what to make of it. i never experienced anything like this in my life. >> reporter: the painting is expected to bring about $100,000, perhaps even more when it goes to auction. it's overwhelming. >> reporter: renoir is now her favorite artist and landscape
5:59 am
along the sand, her favorite of renoir's many remarkable works. >> i love renoir. >> reporter: would you say this is the best thing that's ever happened to you? >> i would say this is pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me, yeah. >> reporter: in alexandria, mattjablow, 9news -- matt jablow, 9news now. >> the owner of the painting says she intends to take her mother to paris with some of the money she gets from the sale and she wants to put a bouquet of flowers on renoir's grave. what a nice return on that. you're watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. good morning. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. good morning, monika, howard. a touch of fog in one or two areas. it's been such a nice week today. our forecast going into the weekend looks good. just a little glow


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