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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 7, 2012 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.
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here's the good and the bed news. nats win first game of the playoffs. >> you grind your way through it. >> but rgiii has a concussion. >> wasn't really sure what the score was, what quarter it was. we knew he had a mild concussion, at least according to the doctors. >> this is 9news now. hello everybody. i'm bruce johnson. thanks for staying up with us. the nats have one game in the win column, and tonight rgiii
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is tweeting that he hopes to play next week despite that concussion. diane roberts is here. >> hi, bruce. the redskins don't really have a home field advantage. entering today washington had lost eight straight at home, but the buzz, robert griffin iii has kept everyone excited. today washington's favorite son gave everybody a scare, and he scrambled for yards and gets drilled. griffin doesn't move at first. he ends up walking off the field of his own accord but he was diagnosed with a concussion. >> he wasn't sure what quarter it was in the third quarter. so at that time when he wasn't really sure what the score was, what quarter it was, we knew he had a mild concussion, at least according to the doctors. feels good right now. a lot better right now. but that was the situation, why
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he didn't go back into the game. >> and, of course, everyone wants to know how is he doing, is he going to get back in the game. and right now we don't know. he says he wants to get back in the game. he has a headache, but right now he is not going to play for the foreseeable future. >> so, diane, let me get this question in. rgiii is tweeting tonight that he wants to play, thinks he's going play. that's to make us feel good but it's not really just up to him or even the team, right? they've got some rules. >> he's a competitor. if he wasn't saying that he wanted to play next week then we probably wouldn't like him so much. it's not up to him. he has to pass a battery of tests. they're going to happen all week long and they're going to happen again before next weekend. if he passes all of the tests, then he can play. kurt cousins will probably get some work this week just in case. not going to be up to rgiii.
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everybody who is ever hurt wants to get back in the game and they want to get back in the game now. it's not always up to them. the other big story -- it's you, diane, go. >> all right, bruce. the other big stories, the nationals. the first time a washington franchise has been in the playoffs since 1933. the nationals have add knack for producing dramatic wins all season is and sunday's game one of the nlcs was no different. 8th inning, pinch hitter tyler moore loops a single putting the nats up. then in the 9th, closer drew storens slams the door shut, right there. nats win game one of the nlds. >> it was fun. the atmosphere was great. the fans here are some of the best in baseball so it's a great place to play. >> every time you win a game it's huge but definitely being
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able to come in here against the champs, the team that has no experience in the postseason, it was pretty good for us to come in here and get a w. >> it's baseball. there's no science behind it. if you play baseball, you've got experience. it's just about controlling your heartbeat and we did that today. >> as if there wasn't enough excitement in the world of sports, we're going head out to camden yards and fill you in on the american league division series between the orioles and the yankees. that's still ahead in game on overtime. >> among the 47,000 fans packing busch stadium in st. louis were a group of vocal nats fans. dave owens is in st. louis tonight with that story. >> hey, here i am at busch stadium, looking around for a nats fan, and i think i found that gay, one guy. meet steven clark of northwest
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d.c. boy is he a long way from home. 47,000 fans, and i just happened to find the one brave enough to rock the occurly w. >> and they proud of that. >>'s big man. >> i have family here. >> but he's a big man on an island. >> it's lonely here. >> tough territory. enduring cardinals cheers. and fans jeers. >> how are you going get outta here alive. >> i don't know. i'm gonna follow you. >> is it looked bleak, but finally after three hours -- >> look at the game baby! >> i guess we can call him nats- strodamus. an opening series win, and, heck, clark says he might just stick around for monday's tilt. i guess we know who will be calling in sick. in st. louis, dave owens,
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9sports. >> the redskins and nationals were not the only professional teams in the area with big games. of course the ravens were also in action and the orioles played their first playoff game in some 15 years. matt jablow tells us tonight it all added up to a great day for area sports fans, and many restaurant owners. >> reporter: it's a good day to own a washington area restaurant with big screen televisions. >> it is. >> reporter: just ask scott in northeast washington, one of countless place in the washington area where sports fans gathered to watch the ravens and redskins football games. >> touchdown! >> reporter: and the orioles and nationals playoff baseball games. and the nationals take a 1-0 lead here in the 2nd inning. >> reporter: thoughts about the nats. >> great so see them finally win one. it's been 80-something years, i guess, since they won playoff
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game. >> reporter: for a few dozen bars and restaurants, today was a big day not just because of all the big games that were on television, but because it's the first day they can stay open until 4:00 in the morning, the day before columbus day, tomorrow, as well as veterans day, thanksgiving, christmas. >> we'll be open as late as we have customers. >> reporter: the argonaut was one of 42 establishments that applied for and were given licenses to stay open until 4:00 in the morning. >> i think that d.c. is getting younger, and i guess hipper, to say. so i think people are out later now. whether it's going to be good, i don't know. i don't think anybody knows at this point. >> reporter: what will almost certainly be good for magnussen's business is if the nationals keep wing and the redskins start winning once again. in northeast washington, matt jablow, 9news now. >> so big decisions being made in a lot of area households
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these days with both the nationals and the orioles in the playoffs for the first time in recent memory. what's a family to do? andrea mccarren checked in with one local family. >> reporter: this home is a household divided. dad john and six-year-old noah root for the nats. >> my wife and i work down town. we've brought the boys to games, so we couldn't have asked for a better year than this. >> reporter: 19-year-old zach, a college students, and six- year-old sam, are fans of the orioles. >> my favorite colors are black and orange. >> when i was young washington didn't after baseball team, so i rooted for the orioles, the closest. >> reporter: fans have a wonderful quandary. two local teams that are winning. >> i knew zach home from college so that we could go to
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the orioles game because he's never been to a baseball playoff game. >> we're trying to take care of the yankees. >> we're having a great year. we're having fun. win, win, and keep winning. >> reporter: we all know that the mason dixon line separates the north from the south but what line divides nats from o's fans? if you would like to weigh in go to our wusa 9 facebook page. andrea mccarren, 9news. >> here on the weekend crew we're pulling for a beltway world series. we asked our facebook and twitter series about divided family loyalty when it comes to sports. here are some of the responses. we got a couple. joanne says, for me it's residence. i live in maryland so go o's. linda says, fair weather fans who couldn't hang in with the o's, less than .500 record all those areas, jumped over to the nats. those with heart are still o's fans. that's right, she said it. we're nats fans, most of us
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here. visit wusa, add your comments and see what other people think. turning elsewhere a fallen power line disrupts service on metro's red line. the power line came down near the brooklyn metro station. that caused the transit agency to shut down red line service at about 4:30 this afternoon between fort taunton and rhode island avenue. red line service was resumed after a few hours. they made the ultimate sacrifice. this we can questioned family and friends of the nation's fallen firefighters have gathered to pay tribute to those who died in the line of duty. hundreds of firefighters, their friends and family members are in emmittsberg, maryland for the event. rain forced the event indoors.
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the names of some 85 firefighters who died in the line of duty just last year are being added to the memorial. >> the men and women we honor today will be a constant reminder of the work we have to do to ensure that after the call is over, everyone goes home. the service and sacrifice represented here today by these firefighters and their survivors should be an inspiration to us all. >> one of the fallen firefighters is from this area. mark falkenham was with the volunteer fire department in lutherville, maryland. he died fighting a blaze in an apartment building last year. still ahead on 9news now this sunday night, a big wynn morgan town is followed by an out-of-control celebration. we'll show you what happened after that football game. the coldest air so far this season has descended into the d.c. metro area. take a look at the frost and freeze advisories that we have
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in effect. that hard freeze is very likely in garrett county, and a frost advisory for most of the shenandoah valley. aus wake up tomorrow morning, only 45 degrees downtown, 38 in the suburbs. we'll dip down to the 30s in a lot of locations. i'll tell you when we warm up in the seven-day forecast have.
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a busy night for police in morgan town, west virginia after rowdy fans went on a path of destruction following a football game. a crowd of 1,000 people took to the streets after west virginia beat texas in texas. the crowd set fires, started fights, and tried to overturn vehicles. police in riot gear were pelted by bottles and rocks as they tried to control the crowd. >> there were fights, riots literally that caused tear gas and pepper spray. those things happen, and it's really sad to say. i mean, i wish we could handle like students and parts of the city could really handle celebrating. >> officers used pepper spray to quell the crowd. five people were charged with arson related offenses. police arrested 10 others on charges, including alcohol- related crimes, battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.
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jerry sandusky facing sentencing on tuesday. the former penn state assistant coach was convicted last spring of 45 separate child sexual abuse crimes. he could spend the rest of his life in prison. whatever the sentence, sandusky's first stop will be the camp hill state prison where he will undergo testing and classification. lawsuits filed by his victims against penn state university are expected to climb well into the millions of dollars. 9news now will have complete coverage of tuesday's sentencing. a fate with an acquaintance leaves an alexandria man dead tonight. police were called to the 5400 block of broadmoor street in franconia. they say a 30-year-old man died as a result of trauma. >> we do to have wait for the office of medical examiner to determine cause and manner of death but we know there was trauma to the upper body. we just don't know exactly what
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caused it or if there was anything else involved. that's part of what needs to be investigated. at this point in time the detectives do after great deal of information. we're not necessarily seeking information. but if you have it -- >> don't know what that was. some kind of mistake on our part. we apologize for that. police have not named a suspect but they believe the man was killed by an acquaintance. prince george's county police are investigating a shooting involving one of their own in the 3500 block of 55th avenue in bladensburg, maryland. we're told the officer responded to a report of a domestic dispute. police say the man approached the officers with a knife. one officer fired his weapon striking the man. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. coming up, you're supposed to throw rice or bird seed at a wedding. certainly not punches, but that's exactly what happened
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this weekend. and there were thrills high above the ground for spectators at a hot air balloon festival. and a cold and wet holiday could be headed our way. we'll have the full forecast with erica.
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a brawl between two wedding parties breaks out at a philadelphia hotel. no kidding. the fight broke out this morning at the sheraton society hill. police say it started at the hotel bar, then escalated into the hotel lobby. the braid's 57-year-old uncle suffered a heart attack and later died. at one point somebody deck he'd the bride who ended up on the barroom floor. four people in all were arrested for disorderly conduct. police had to use batons to try and separate the two wedding parties. they say alcohol fueled the fight. >> there's a shocker. >> really. >> alcohol led to bad decisions. wow. >> how much time do you give this we hadding? how many days do you think? >> well, maybe it wasn't the bride and groom that were duking it out. maybe it was friends and family. >> the bride was knocked out accidentally. she ran into a punch.
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i'll bet they were eagle fans. >> they probably are eagle fans. we're getting hit with a one- two punch with our weather. >> that was pretty good. nice try. >> today was not great, and tomorrow, unfortunately, holiday, not going to be great, either. let's take a look outside right now with the michael & son weather cam. 50 degrees, partly cloudy. but outside of town it is much cooler than that. the dew point right now in the 40s, and the winds are light out of the west-northwest, and there you go, you can see that temperature continues to drop. now hat just dropped to 49 degrees at reagan national. in our weather headlines we have the coldest night so far on tap as we head into the overnight hours, frost and freeze warnings have been posted, and a frost is possible in the shenandoah valley. a hard freeze is possible especially in garrett county where the temperatures already dipped to the 30s. you'll see in that a second. as we move into monday into the day, some afternoon and evening
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showers arriving. you'll see them in just a second. tuesday will be much better. the timing not very good there because that's when most of us head back to work and school. 45 degrees right now in gaithersburg, 51 in annapolis. ace just mentioned it dipped into the 40s in d.c. 43 in manassas. in oakland it's already down into the 30s. 34 degrees. and it is because of this area of high pressure drifting toward us from the ohio river valley, and as it settles over us it brings clearing skies, calming winds, but there is more rain on the way, and you will see that here on 9 futurecast. a stream of showers moving toward us by about the lunchtime hour, and that will be mostly to the north and west of the city. but more of this activity arrives as we head into the evening. you can see the showers continue to push toward d.c. as we move into the dinner time hour. but it all clears out as we head into tuesday and a beautiful day on tap. still, we'll be a little
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chillier than normal. overnight partly cloudy and cold. stale chance for a sprinkle, all the way down to 35 degrees in outlying suburbs. 42 downtown. as we head into the morning partly to mostly cloudy. the clouds will continue to increase as we head into the afternoon, and that's when the showers arrive, and it still will be chilly with a high between 52 and 58 degrees. taking a look at the zones, we'll only get up to 56 in leesburg, 5 in manassas, 5 2áeu7 cumberland. the chance for showers will be greatest north and west of the city. 57 in baltimore and annapolis. next three days, code green, because this rain is just going to be a nuisance. it's not going to really impede things in any way. 5 degrees for that high. 63 on tuesday, sunny and cool. on wednesday just a slight chance for a shower in that forecast. for the nats i think it will be fine. we don't have to worry about any rain delays on wednesday. high of 70 degrees. finally starting to get some
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milder air. thursday and friday look pretty good, just that chaps for a stray shower. saturday looks fantastic. probably the better day of the weekend because there is a slight chance for a shower arriving again on sunday, but those temperatures get milder. we should be getting up to right around 70 degrees this time of year. so most of our forecast, most of our seven-day outlook is pretty much on target. tomorrow, though, another chilly day, another dreary day. >> erica, thanks a lot. it's the largest hot air balloon festival in the world, and it lived up to the hype this weekend in albuquerque. hundreds of balloons filled the skies and thrilled spectators young and old down on the ground. >> you don't know where to go, you don't know what to see. you're looking around in 10 different directions at the same time. this is the ultimate. i'll be back for sure. >> it brings back a lot of memories, especially when you're a child flying kites. it's just awesome. >> every year is different.
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i can't -- it's just mind boggling. >> it's amazing how much hat grown and how everybody just comes to albuquerque and it's just -- i can't describe it. >> over 600 balloons filled the skies over new mexico for this festival this year. if you're a regular channel 9 viewer you have no doubt seen the banners across the top of your tv screen and 30-second commercials telling you about the possibility that wusa may not be available to dish tv subscribers starting monday. gan note, our parent -- gannett, our parent company, is in negotiations with dish. to be clear, negotiations are still underway. wusa and gannett are committed to continuing those negotiations. dish issued a statement saying the issues involve use of the company's commercial skipping
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technology found on the dvr systems that it provides. the complete statement of wusa and gannett's position can be found at there is some good news in all this. wusa is available over the air oner of rye -- verizon, fios, and others. "game on" overtime after we're finished here. a preview coming up.
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the big news in sports spreads from the baseball diamond to the football field. the redskins lost the game 24-
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17 against the falcons today but they lost more than that. franchise quarterback robert griffin iii got knocked out of the game on a hard hit and could not return. he was seen by a neurologist and diagnosed with a concussion. >> after talking to him, he said he was cool, but i know how this league is when it comes to tough hits. you have to make sure they're call. he gave me the heads up that he was all right so you really just don't want to see them have to leave that way. in the baseball playoffs the team with the best record were on the road. tyler moore knocked a two-run two-out single. washington beat st. louis. nats off to a good start and lead the series 1-0. stay with us for "game on" overtime. playoff baseball, redskins, ravens football, the latest on robert griffin iii concussion. we'll have it all so stick around for "game on" overtime. >> people are saying hopefully
12:04 am
rgiii has learned his lesson ?ee.'s got to get down. >> doesn't look good for tomorrow. >> no, it dozen. another dreary day with highs in the 50s, and that chance for showers. >> okay. what a day in sports. >> there's so much going on. >> love it. you gotta love it. thanks for watching, everybody. have a great holiday. "game on" next. bye. hey redskins fans, how would you like to watch the game with total comfort at your fingertips?


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