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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  October 8, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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tomorrow. this is howard bernstein with your weather first on this columbus day morning. >> temperatures in the 40s in town, 30s north and west. bundle up. more rainshowers will be returning, we have more rain coming back this afternoon. weatherwise, let's show you your day planner. we are going to get into showers this afternoon. could each be as early as midday north and west of town. high about 54, there are areas right now south and east of dc in the upper 50s. temperatures don't move much when you get the cloud cover we are seeing moving in from the southwest and showers moving in from the southwest, we won't see much of a rain for the morning low. right now we have 36 in winchester and cumberland. northern shenandoah valerie are in frost and freeze warnings
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this afternoon. it is 51 in annapolis for a warm spot, la plata 45. other than that, it is relatively quiet and your attempt this afternoon may not get above 50 in the shanendoah valley. monika samtani is in with timesaver traffic. >> reporter: howard is trying to move the equipment but it is not working. if you are planning to head around town, it is working. things are looking great on 270, no problems at all from frederick down to where the lanes divide and across the american legion bridge you are just fine. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like at the american legion bridge. across the potomac river here no issues between bethesda and tyson and annendale and springfield. let's look at our maps, do want to let you know the northbound side of the gw parkway is
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closed shut down between spout run parkway and route 123 because of road work going on. they are working on the rockwall. northbound side of i-95 at back lake road looking great. no problems up to springfield and on to 35. back with more traffic at 5:10. back to you. the washington nationals first playoff game was this weekend. it was also their first playoff win. they opened the national league division series against the cardinals on the road. >> kristen fisher is live with a recap of all the action. good to you -- good morning to you. >> reporter: the nats, they have had a real knack for producing dramatic, down to the wire wins all season long. yesterday's game was no different. gonzalez struggled in his first post season start and all the nats big hitters, werth, harper, zimmerman, came up dry.
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instead the play of the game came from rookie pinch hitter tyler moore. washington beat st. louis 3-2 in the city's first post season game since 1933. >> it was fun, i think the atmosphere was great, the fans here some of the best fans in baseball, so it is a great place to play. >> every time you win a game, it is huge. they played in a playoff game or the wild card game before. i think it was good for us to get a w. >> it is baseball, there is no science behind it. baseball just about controlling your heartbeat and you know, we did that today. >> now among the 47,000 people packing busch stadium yesterday
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there was also a group of vocal nats fans. game two against the cardinals starts at 4:37 p.m. and then our first home game of the series is of course on wednesday at noon. something i think all of us here in washington are looking forward to. mike and andrea? >> of course we are looking forward to it. >> that is going to be a tough ticket on get on wednesday. the success of all of our sports team in the region has been a good thing for local businesses. specifically you know at the sports bars and restaurants. the argonaut restaurant is one of countless places in our region where people gather to watch the ravens and redskins and nationals and orioles.
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sunday was the first day dc bars and restaurants could stay open until 4:00 in the morning, the day before columbus day as well as veteran's day, thanksgiving and christmas. >> i think dc is getting young and i guess hipper, as they say. i think people are out later now. when it is going to be good, i don't know. i don't think anybody knows, at this point. >> the argonaut was one of 42 establishments which applied for and was given licenses to stay open until 4:00. the sentencing hearing for justifies r jerry sandusky -- for jerry sandusky is scheduled to begin tomorrow. he was convicted last spring of 45 child sexual abuse charges. after he is sentenced the first stop will be camp hill state prison, where he will undergo testing and classification. there are lawsuits filed against penn state and they are
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expected to total into the millions of dollars. time right now, just about 5:06. earnings season gets underway this week and the aluminum company, alcoa, will kick things off tomorrow. analysts expecting profits at united states companies to fall 1.5%, the worst performance since 2009. the investors keeping an eye on a big anniversary, five years ago this week the dow hit a record high of 14165, less than a year before the financial crisis of 2008. here's where we stand today. the dow is at 13610 after climbing 35 points friday, nasdaq down by 1. s & p 500 was down by half a point. >> a perfect storm of events, making gas prices sky high in california. a recent fire at a refinery, combined with a power failure at another plan and a pipeline
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shut down led to supply shortages on the west coast. the average price for a gallon of gas in california right now $4.4, that makes it -- $4.49, that makes it the highest in the nation. here at dc $3.73. still ahead, voters in venezuela give their president six years more in office. and more information about the deadly shooting of a border patrol agent is being revealed. >> stay with us we are back in two minutes.
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definitely need a jacket out there with temperatures in the 30s west of town. we are in the 40s and more rainshowers will be on the way for the afternoon. this morning we are starting out with a few breaks, even patchy fog. only in the low to mid-50s with the threat of the showers north and west by midday. a high about 54 degrees.
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the full forecast with warmer readings coming up in a few. right knew here's monika? >> reporter: traffic moving well close to the beltway. a paving operation northbound and southbound of route 123 with alternating lane closures until 5:30. more traffic coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. right now here's a look at other things making news now. hugo chavez has been reelected president in venezuela. chavez had 54% of the vote with 90% of the ballots counted. this will be chavez's third reelection in 14 years. the win means chavez will serve six years more in office. there is more information out about the u.s. border patrol agent killed by friendly fire. agent nicholas ivy opened fire
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on two fellow agents, believing they were armed smugglers. ivy was shot and killed when those agents returned fire. the acting county sheriff in cochise county confirmed the scenario. an unmanned commercial supply rocket is on its way to the international space station. the california company space x launched the rocket with 1000 pounds of cargo, including ice cream. it will reach the space station wednesday. still ahead, another person from the mid-atlantic region is among the latest to get the meningitis outbreak. >> we are going to have more when we return in just two minutes.
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fall is here. goodness gracious, 45 degrees at 5:14. just a couple of weeks ago we had temperatures at 70s overnight. >> falling quickly. >> i got to break out my new coat today, so i'm happy. >> new warm boots too ready to wear? >> no, not new ones. >> you'll get to the shoe store soon, i'm sure. >> reporter: we have chilly weather here the next couple of days. this morning's bus stop forecast, jacket weather for sure. the new one, the old one,
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something that will keep you warm with readings ranging actually in the 30s of some of the suburbs upper 40s, even 50. annapolis is still warm. patchy fog too, there are breaks in the cloud cover, see the visibility west and southwest of town, cumberland at a half mile, a quarter mile a half mile through harrisonburg. today, we start out with where breaks, fog early. by noon, 52. north and west of town there can be a sprinkle developing even by noon. a few showers around this afternoon, high temperature only to 54. with the north wind at 5 miles per hour, temperatures upper 30s, montgomery county gaithersburg, centerville at 39. 39 degrees upper marlboro, 44.
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good visibility, clear skies being reported at reagan national. 45 degrees way northwest wind at 6. pushing our wind chill down at 42, 43. healthy, we have another wave of low pressure headed our way. you felt the big cool down, saturday morning was so much wormer than later on in the day, south of us on that front just a little piece of energy, you can take up a little twist there coming in north central mississippi. this is moving off toward the east-northeast. if you follow the dra tray correct try here boom toward dc. showers redeveloping for the afternoon. not a very warm afternoon. when you get the clouds to roll in, sun angle not that strong this time of year, we are not going to see much warming. by lunch time showers in the shanendoah valley, central maryland, montgomery county, you may see a sprinkle here.
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the threat for showers is north and west of dc. overnight scattered showers just about anywhere, even toward tomorrow morning there might be a lingering shower early. south and east of town. clouds will break up toward midday. we'll have temperatures tomorrow closer to 60 as opposed to the mid-50s. on wednesday ahead of this front, coming down, we are going to shoot temperatures up toward 70. as the front comes through wednesday, doesn't look like it is going to have much moisture to work with. i think the front comes through dry. today 54 with afternoon showers. tonight back down mainly in the 40s with showers. wednesday looks very nice, warmer, high around 70. thursday not bad, 67. slight chance of the friday showers. 5:17, here comes monika.
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she has a look at your timesaver traffic. >> if you are planning to head around town, it is nice outside. there are no problems to report as you come in from 95, route 2 the bw parkway, everything is fine in from the north, heading for college park, silver spring on the beltway. at route 198, again no issues to report here. both directions of 95 looking good basically toward our beltway and the baltimore beltway as well. taking a look coming from the west, toll road looks great from sterling no problems on 66 through fairfax. the american legion bridge across the potomac river looks great. no issues to report in anen dale and springfield. back to you guys. health providers are rushing to notify patients around the nation they could be at risk for fungal meningitis. >> this is all related to a
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steroid injection that was produced by a specialty pharmacy in new england. >> reporter: family, friends and loved ones are remembering the latest victims of the meningitis out break. 56-year-old diana simmons of tennessee died. 18 cases of people with fungal meningitis are being treated here. the cdc says so far at least 47 people in 7 states, tennessee, virginia, maryland, florida, north carolina, indiana and michigan have contracted fungal meningitis. five people have died. the number of cases is expected to grow. >> we see the symptoms beginning somewhere between one to four weeks after the injection occurred. >> health officials say about 75 facilities in 23 states may have received the tainted steroids. >> meningitis is the inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord.
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the fungal type is not contagious. sims toms are -- symptoms are headaches, nausea and fever. the new england compounding center supplied the steroids and has recalled nearly 18,000 vials. companies like the one in massachusetts custom mix medicines that aren't always available and the products are not subject to fda approval. health officials say it is unclear how many patients got the contaminated injections and when everyone who got them will get sick. a third case of meningitis has been confirmed in our area, so for seven people -- so far, seven people have died, including one maryland resident. let's take another look at the question of the day this morning. people who play this game tend to live four and a half years longer than people who don't.
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tennis, golf, or softball? here's a look at a response you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. our fan debra i hope it is not golf but it probably is. softball has killed my body so i can't play golf now. >> log on and leave your response. we'll have the answer during our 6:00 show.
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welcome back. a chilly start this morning, temperatures in the 30s and 40s, partly cloudy, a couple of areas of fog west and southwest. by 9:00 we'll probably be cloudy in most areas. then this afternoon showers start to break out, even by lunch time. trying to get into northern virginia, that will be the area where we will likely see the showers off and on for the afternoonment -- in the afternoon. jess and mike, back to you. the washington redskins take on one of the hottest teams in football. >> and star rookie q brg iii goes down with a mild concussion. >> reporter: the redskins were playing in just their second home game in five weeks. entering the game with the falcons, washington had lost seven straight at home but the buzz surrounding robert griffin 3 has kept everyone excited.
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he scrambled for yards and got drilled. sean witherspoon nailing griffin there, he doesn't move at first. he ended up walking off the field of his own accord but was clearly shaken up. he was seen by a neurologist and diagnosed with a con can cushion -- a concussion. the concern was all about rg iii. >> wasn't sure what quart it was -- what comporter it was -- what quarter it was, we knew he had a mild concussion, feels good right now. a lot better right now. but that was the situation, why he didn't go back into the game. >> the nationals have a knack for producing dramatic wins all season. sunday's game one was no different. pinch hitter tyler moore looping a single to right field. then in the ninth inning drew
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came in and slammed the door shut. >> you go out there and you are more jacked up than you usually are. once the game starts, you get going, you get your first at bat and it calms you down a little bit. it is a great atmosphere a lot of fun, hopefully you can play a lot more of them. >> the orioles lost 7-2 to the yankees. that is a quick look all the sports, have a great monday everybody. wanted to let you know, metro bus and metro rail are running on a saturday schedule for columbus day holiday. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in my next report at 5:31. you are watching 9news now, stay with us.
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welcome back. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea
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roane on this mop morning. >> thanks for joining us, i'm mike haiduk. mr. bernstein starts it off, grab the coat. >> reporter: temperatures in the 30s and 40s this morning. and with clouds returning shortly, i know the clouds will come back. temperatures are not going to move much today. low to mid-50s. we'll start out with the day planner. weather graphics please if we can, you'll see the temperatures in the low 50s by noon, cloudy skies. with a few showers this afternoon. high temperature 54. just to let you know the average high still about 70, 71. showers yesterday afternoon, early evening pulled away, we have clearing overnight, another batch of clouds and showers approaching southwestern virginia. areas this morning mid-30s in jay and old town.
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33 in western maryland. to the east the bay at annapolis 51 andrews is down to 43 and a cool afternoon ahead. high temperatures will be in the 50s right now. a little bit of fog. let's check in with monika here. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. if you are heading around town, things are beginning to get a little bit busy. i want to let you know there is police activity right here at the beltway in silver spring northbound georgia avenue we'll keep you posted on that situation. if you are planning to head around town we'll show you what it looks like live. northbound side of i-95, live to our camera, show you what it looks like. no issues to report. here at route 109 no problems. it is bunching up a bit closer to route 121. let's go back over to our maps, this time heading over to the other side of town. want to let you know the beltway
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is doing great. metro rail on the saturday schedule for the columbus day holiday and no mark or v r e, this morning. back to you guys. thanks man cay. we have breaking news this morning out of forest glenn maryland. there has been a police involved shooting on woodland drive. montgomery county police responded to the home of a man who was making threats, apparently. officers arrived to check out the complaint and at some point shots were fired by police. we are still getting information on this. we have a crew headed to the scene and we'll bring you more on this shooting as soon as we get it. sometimes as an nfl quarterback, it is okay to just get out of bounds or slide. >> the redskins faithful are saying that this morning after watching rough robert griffin the third get laid out. he gets hit twice in the head.
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that was a third and goal. absolutely slammed by sean witherspoon. the play resulted in griffin being diagnosed with a mild concussion. he will be reevaluated today. the team lost the game 24-17. it was their first playoff game this weekend. also the first play of winning for the washington nationals. gonzalez hit one bat and walked seven more. the nats bullpen shut down the cards, nationals win 3-2 taking the first game of the searry. game 2 tonight in st. louis. the orioles american league division series against the new york yankees at camden yards was tied-up at 2 apiece going into the ninth inning when the game slipped away from baltimore. the yankees erupted with five runs in the top of the ninth to
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win the opener with the final score of 7-2. yankee ace sabathia got the win. the o's are looking to tie the series at a game apiece tonight. in other news, police in alexandria are investigating the city's latest murder. they were called to the 5400 block of broadmoor street. 30-year-old mark ives died as a result of some type of trauma to his upper body after being involved in a fight. >> we have to wait for officers of the medical exam tore determine cause and manner of death. woe know there was trauma to the upper body. we don't know what caused it. at this point in time the detectives do have a great deal of information. we are not necessarily seeking
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information but if you have it by all means do send it to us. >> police have not yet named a suspect or a motive. they believe ives was killed by somebody he knew. i am watching your money. this is a sign of the times. fewer people are sending paper greeting cards nowadays. that is a big problem with the nation's top card company. hallmark cards plans to close a kansas plan that produced a third of its signature products. as a result 300 jobs will be cut as shift work to two other plants. over the past decade the number of greeting cards sold in the united states has dropped from 6 billion to 5 billion. the federal deficit for fiscal year 2012 came in at 1. $1 trillion. on the bright side the debt
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shrank from $207 billion from the prior year. there is more evidence apple may indeed be coming out with a mini ipad. apple has ordered more than 10 million units this year from asian component suppliers to apple. it is double the size of the order placed by amazon for its kindle fire tablet. if you are a regular channel 9 viewer you have no doubt seen the scrolling banners across your tv screen and the commercials that tell you about the possibility wusa may not be available to dish tv subscribers beginning monday. our parent company is in negotiations with dish for the right to carry their sattal light service. wusa and gannett are still committed to continuing those negotiations, even though today's early morning deadline has passed. >> dish issued a statement saying the issues involve the company's commercial skipping technology found on dvr systems
5:37 am
it provides. a complete statement of wusa and gannett's position can be found on wusa9 wusa is available on verizon, comcast, rc n, cox and other local cable providers. still ahead, firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice to help those in need are being honored in maryland. and researchers are learning more about your brain and the way it works. >> 9news is back, right after this.
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we have a few clouds starting to roll in here to washington. partly cloudy skies overhead and certainly jacket weather this morning with readings in the mid-30s. you may even need a little rain here as showers will redevelop.
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3:00 temperature 53. a high of 54 and by 6:00 showers around and 52. i'll be inside in a few minutes with the 7-day forecast. got some warmth on the way. right now inside to monika. >> reporter: northbound georgia avenue right before the beltway the right lane is blocked with police activity in the forest glenn area. on the beltway itself here at university boulevard traffic running smoothly in silver spring. back to you jess. i have been combing through the daily deals and here are some of our favorites on this monday. e-bay is giving you and your family a chance to get in the mood of the season. they are offering you 72% off large halloween-themed yard inflatables. all available, you can get them today for $49.99 plus free shipping. then head over to best
5:41 am today only you can purchase a 23-inch hp pavilion, saving 130 bucks. you can get this today for $519.99 plus free shipping. and henry's soul cafe has a tasty deal for you. spend $10 and you get $20 worth of food and drinks. this offer is good at henry's u street, mt. vernon square and austin hill locations. if you have an offer you have seen or you are a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. mike? family and friends of firefighters who died in the line of duty gathered this weekend in maryland. the national fallen firefighters memorial is paying tribute to firefighters who died in the line of duty. one is from our area.
5:42 am
mark falcon died fighting a four alarm fire last year. his name will be indescribed on the national firefighters memorial. if you saw the pictures on the social needia sites, you saw hundreds of people in washington can downtown -- and downtown for the taste of dc. more than 5 restaurants and local food trucks were on hand. a three day celebration, the event features 30 specialty beers. there was live entertainment, the world chili eating championship. they were hoping to showcase the nation's capital as a culinary power house. the final day of taste of dc is today. admission 10 bucks. let's see who is celebrate age birthday today. oscar winner matt damon is 42,
5:43 am
chevy chase is turning 69. author of goose bumps series r.l. stein is 6, nick cannon is 32. we will be right back.
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you mocked my new coat. >> i haven't seen it. >> the novelty wears off when it is this cold outside. it is fun if a day and then i want summer back. >> reporter: you'll get a little bit of a warm up. a little better by wednesday when we actually make a run back toward 70 which is much closer to the normal for this time of year. bus stop forecast for those going to school today and quite a few are, temperatures running 37 to 48, the warm spots south
5:47 am
and east. sunrise 7:11 and a patch or two of fog has been out there west of town this morning. we are going to see clouds moving quickly this morning. by lunch time 52. even a shower or two north and west by then. looks like we'll have a few showers around this afternoon. high only about 54. way below average and showers around tonight. game two is up in baltimore with the orioles and the yankees and there could be showers tonight. 49 at the naval air station, 41 in fredericksburg, and 37 from charlie this morning. here in washington good visibility. here's our michael and son weather camera. wisconsin avenue there, over in the distance toward virginia. 45 degrees, feeling like 42 with the northwest wind running about 6 miles per hour. the chill made it all the way down into texas and oklahoma, even atlanta this morning in
5:48 am
the low 50s with 30s chicago and detroit. this first really cold air mass of the season did bring the end of a growing season in many areas in the central part of the country. with the clouds coming back, it has been sporadic as far as the frost this morning, we are watching rain, coming out of the tennessee and mississippi valley, moving toward the east-northeast, approaching areas in southwest virginia this morning and give it a few more hours, lunch time we could be talking some of these showers might be even knocking on our doorstep by then. with the clouds certainly moving in rather quickly. the clouds will thicken up, shower possible even west of town by lunch time and north and west of town, that is where we will have the better chance for rainshowers for the often. and then everybody, i think will see showers possible tonight, into very early tuesday morning. today only 54 with afternoon
5:49 am
showers. in fact, mainly in the 40s tonight, can be a few 30s again. cool tomorrow, looking better by wednesday as we run toward 70 degrees a nice afternoon, thursday not bad, 67 with a stray shower friday and nice for the weekend. 70 saturday, 76 on sunday. right now 5:49. here comes monika with timesaver traffic. >> i want to remind you there is police activity on the northbound side of georgia avenue right before you get to the beltway in the right lane. scoot over to the left to get around it. especially if you are one of those that wants to exit onto the beltway. you might be affected like this heading north on georgia avenue. the right lane is blocked. once you are on the beltway you are fine. we'll take a live look at georgia avenue in silver spring. both loops of the beltway might be slowing down just a bit on the outer loop, out of cole
5:50 am
allege park. this time we'll head over to the west side of town. in problems to -- no problems to report. a live look outside on the northbound side of 395-6789 here's what it looks like south of edsel road. two-way traffic on rock creek parkway canal road and clara barton parkway. back to you. we want to update you on a breaking news situation. police are on the scene of an officer involved shooting in the silver spring section of montgomery county. officers fired at least once at a suspect who was reportedly making threats in the area of woodland drive and flora lane. the suspect was struck and has been taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. his condition is not known at this time. 9news has a crew on the way and we will bring you further updates as they become
5:51 am
available. the part of your brain that works on remembering when you are awake, it is hard at work, even when you are asleep. researchers at ucla say that explains how you can remember phone numbers and directions that you memorized the day before. part of the brain is also very active under anesthesia as well. nearly half of the children with autism wand heir way from the safety of people they know. researchers from interactive autism network sample more than 1200 children with the autism disorders and they found children with autism are four times more likely to go missing than their unaffected siblings. with both the nationals and the orioles in the playoffs the number of the -- a number of families in our region are finding themselves on opposite sides today. >> one local family is pretty divided. >> reporter: the ringley-potter
5:52 am
home is a household divided. dad john and six-year-old noah root for the nats. >> my wife and i work downtown. we have gone to so many games, brought the boys to games. we couldn't have asked for a better year than this. >> reporter: 19-year-old zach, a college student, and six-year-old sam, are fans of the orioles. >> my favorite color is black and orange. >> when i was young dc didn't have a baseball team, so i road for the orioles -- i rooted for the orioles. when the nationals came i stuck with the allegiance to baltimore. >> reporter: baseball fans have a wonderful quandary on their hands. two local teams that are winning. >> i flew zach home from college so we could go to a playoff game. >> if we could make it that would be great. >> we are having a great year. win and keep winning. >> reporter: we all know the
5:53 am
mason dixon line separates the north from the south, but what line divides nats from o's fans? if you would like to weigh in, go to our wusa9 facebook page. andrea mccarron, 9news. let's have some fun according to an article in usa today, people who play this game will live four and a half years longer than the people who don't. is it tennis, golf or softball? >> here's a look at a response you boasted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. richard wrote from my point of view i would say neither anor b. i say c, because tennis and golf are expensive sports and with softball you have more physical work than golf or tennis. i would say c. >> well played. log on to wusa9's facebook fan page, we'll have the answer about an hour from now. stay with us.
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you'll definitely need a jacket today for the morning and you might even need a little rain gear. the clouds are starting to move in. by 9:00 i think we'll be cloudy everywhere again, maybe still 39 in winchester, but closer to 50 right on the bay in annapolis. a couple of showers break out here north and west of us.
5:57 am
3:00, dc north and west, best chance foo showers. -- for showers. i don't think the probabilities are as high as we go through the evening hours. remember they are trying to get game two in, so it could be more rain delays there as well. highs today only about 54 degrees. another chilly one for us. jess and mike back to you. the critics didn't care about it but audiences still loved it. taken 2 was twice as popular as the original. it doubled the original, which was in theaters in 2009. the animation hotel transylvania and the drama pitch perfect rounded out the top three. the price is right welcoming its first ever male model. and lady gaga gets ready to
5:58 am
accept an award in memory of john lennon. >> reporter: lady gaga is being honored with a peace prize in memory of john lennon. gaga will accept the grant for peace award and donation in iceland tomorrow. murder and mayhem in the new dark comedy the details, starring toby mcguire and elizabeth banks. >> i love this character. i loved her. >> reporter: the details opens in theaters on november 2nd. rob wilson come on down. he is the winner of the price is right male model's search. viewers chose wilson, hundreds of men competed for the job. >> the hard part was competing against other great guys. >> reporter: wilson begins his week-long stint on the price is right on october 15th. he will be the show's first
5:59 am
ever male model. the 1982 classic et, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a special edition blu-ray, available tomorrow. the classic movie follows a little boy who befriends a stranded et. good morning, you are watching 9news now. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. >> good to see you mr. bernstein, how are you my friend? >> reporter: it is chilly out there this morning. you need the jackets in the 30s and 40s. it is going to preclude much in the way of frost this morning. the colder temperatures are 46


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