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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 8, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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designation removed. then colonel mike glenn received a call he feared most and took off running through these woods, passing the grim face of searchers who found a body. two of the searchers said they were sure the body was that of bryan glenn. they said they had probably walked by it several times because the body looked like one of the searchers. they said it was upheight, as if standing and looking toward the ground. >> my personal opinion, it wasn't a suicide. that's my personal opinion. again, i'm not speaking for the county or any other agency, but from my personal opinion, it was not a suicide. >> people who knew bryan said before the grim discovery, that the high school senior did not seem distraught and would not have run away. yet a police source said the boy was under tremendous pressure at home. police did conduct a search with blood hounds last week, but they have not come close to the body. >> it's possible that it was missed or that we didn't get far enough when we did the more
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thorough search. >> reporter: now bryan disappeared a week ago today. this past saturday, he was supposed to take s.a.t.'s and he was supposed to go on a trip to look at colleges this coming weekend. police have not confirmed that it's his body nor have they confirmed a cause of death. i'm peggy fox reporting live, back to you. >> a lot of questions left to be answered. a tragic ending for sure, thank you. one day after robert griffin, iii, suffered a concussion and the redskins lost to the falcons, we don't know if rg3 will play next week. kristen berset is here with what coach shanahan had to say about the quarterback's condition. we are all holding our breath. >> you won't be holding too long. that's good news. it was a cringe worthy, but legal hit. robert griffin, iii, suffered his first serious injury. a big blow to the offense, but
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not that surprising to fans who knew this day would come. it appears he won't be out too long. immediately after the hit, team doctors knew he had a concussion. he couldn't remember the score or what quarter it was. he said griffin seemed with it after the game. rg3, of course, enjoying a day of rest today. didn't practice with his teammates while undergoing tests. but mike shanahan said right now, it looks good that rg3 will be able to play on sunday against minnesota. >> i got a chance to talk to him the last 15, 20 minutes. he is good, no dizziness, no headaches, no vomiting. he feels like he has done well on the tests he has taken so far. he'll see a neurosurgeon here in about an hour, hour and a half. he'll go through the tests with
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him. so hopefully there's no symptoms that happen over the next couple of days. >> now griffin will undergo a treadmill test tomorrow, but shanahan said that if there are any setbacks during any of his tests, curt cousins will start next sunday. we'll have more, plus the team is trying out some new players coming up later in sports. derek. >> thanks, kristen. we know his teammates and all us fans are hoping robert griffin, iii, learns something from the hard hit he took yesterday and that concussion. bruce johnson was out at redskins park where he talked with the former player who knowings something about what it's like to get hit in the head. >> walker had a lot of concussions when he was playing. >> you don't remember much, i mean, i was knocked out for a
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quarter and a half as a rookie. >> walker was on the sideline sunday working for redskins radio when rg3 got knocked out of the game. >> we used to call a ding, and more of them happened in practice than in games that i can recall. >> the nfl is being sued by players not doing enough about concussions. >> the league is stricter, how they clear players. >> grant paulson of 106.7, the fan, says rg3 won't be allowed on the field until he is cleared by rules now in place. >> all these guys have to pass the same baseline test. things like evaluating shapes and recalling numbers and different quizzes almost that they give you. you are in and out of the darkroom. they do something similar to outside of football. >> first, of course, being rg3's concussion. second, when does rg3 learn how to get out of bounds and protect himself?
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>> he'll figure it out. >> as he watches the end of the third quarter and sees this team lose, he's not going to want to experience that again, obviously. >> he knows he has to be on the field. >> no question. >> see that step line? step over it. your value is being on the field. >> a number of people said they believe rg3 will learn. the concern right now is he'll recover from this. once you had one concussion, the feeling is you are prone to have others. >> get out of bounds. >> absolutely. >> thank you, bruce. anita. >> let's talk about how severe a concussion is. i spoke to a neurologist who said they pay a lot of attention to how the patient acts and feels after the impact. concussions are mild traumatic injuries that won't necessarily show up on a ct scan or mri. doctors start by asking the athlete, did you black out? did you suffer immediate memory loss? those are signs it was a bad
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concussion. they perform a neurological examination, which tests for balance, coordination, vision, hearing, and reflexes and they take into account previous concussions. the damage can be cumulative. as the athlete recovers, they may be given balance tests to see how well the brain is working. the key to that recovery is complete rest. not just physical, but mental. so the brain can really heal. lesli. >> in bellefonte, pennsylvania, it is the eve of the sentencing of former penn state assistant football coach and charity founder, jerry sandusky. in june, a jury convicted sandusky of 45 counts of child sex abuse. andrea mccarren is live outside the center county courthouse where a judge will hand down the sentence tomorrow. andrea. >> reporter: lesli, there are two key questions this evening. one, what will jerry sandusky's sentence be? and two, what will he say in court tomorrow? >> you guys -- >> prosecutors emerged from a
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late afternoon meeting with judge john cleland, with new information about the significant number of potential victims who will take the stand. >> could be as many as half a dozen, we'll see. depends on how they feel and how they respond to the moments. >> although the 68-year-old sandusky did not testify at his june trial, he is expected to speak at his sentencing hearing tomorrow. >> i anticipate he is going to say he is innocent and he wants to repeal his trial and work on getting a new trial. >> sandusky's own lawyers are predicting a harsh sentence. >> best case scenario would be a 30 year sentence if i had to guess, given all the mandatories. >> coaching legend and founder of the second mile charity for at risk children faces a minimum of ten years in prison and a maximum of more than 218 years. his lawyer met with sandusky two hours ago. >> he's in an upbeat mood.
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he wants to move on with this case so he can appeal. so he's really been upbeat. surprisingly upbeat. knowing what he is facing with a lengthy sentence. >> late today, workers put up a cover over the back entrance of the courthouse to help shield the victims expected to testify. >> this is the beginning and not the end. there are still three other former penn state officials who face criminal charges and we want the prosecutors to be just as vigorous pursuing them as they were pursuing sandusky. >> right before the sentencing, a state assessment board will report to the judge on whether it deems sandusky a sexually violent predator. if so, he would have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life if he ever gets out of prison. now dozens of letters in support of sandusky are expected to be presented in court today. including ones from his wife, dotty. from five of his six adopted
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children. from former penn state football players and from children who benefited from his second mile charity. the sentencing hearing gets underway at 9:00 a.m. live from bellefonte, pennsylvania, andrea mccarren, 9news. >> we know you'll be covering every aspect of it, andrea, thank you so much. several jurors have said that they hope sandusky gets life in prison. sandusky's lawyers confirm they will appeal, arguing they did not have sufficient time to prepare for this case. montgomery county police officers involved in the shooting death of a man in silver spring are off duty tonight. police responded to woodland drive and floral lane overnight after a man called 911 threatening to kill himself. when the officers got there, they found 22-year-old tracy woodfork with a gun on his back stairwell of his girlfriend's house. investigators say officers shot wood fork and he started to walk up the stairwell holding that gun. the girlfriend and three children she was babysitting were not hurt.
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the officers are on paid administrative leave. a man shot by prince jogs county police is expected to make a full recovery. this one happened last night along 35th avenue right near hamilton street. police say 24-year-old damon wilson was involved in a domestic situation with a woman. wilson faces several charges, including attempted murder. the officer wasn't hurt, but he is on routine administrative leave. >> pepco workers won't be going on strike. today pepco and its union reached an agreement. workers still have to approve the deal in full. they have been fighting for months trying to hammer out a new contract. one of the union's biggest concerns was a big change to health ask welfare plans. sky 9 over a tangled mess. a tree brought down power lines crashing on to a car near dalewood road this morning. nobody got hurt and no customers lost power.
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randolph road was shut down. a kitten that became stuck inside a car in beltsville has a new home tonight with one of its rescuers. firefighters say a driver heard some meowing while driving in the area around baltimore avenue and yewing road. when he pulled over, he realized that sound was coming from under the hood. firefighters managed to free the three-week old kitten after 45 minutes. they say the kitties were in good shape. mitt romney hammering president obama's foreign policy in a campaign stop, but the virginia military institute. we have light rain, some showers on doppler. we'll track that for you live and also, we'll show you where it snowed today. up next, home video of the brawl that police say was a case of two wedding parties that had too many beverages.
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caught on tape, two brides and one brawl. a camera was rolling when a fight broke out between two wedding parties at a downtown philadelphia hotel over the weekend. >> and that fight not only ruined two weddings, it may have also killed someone. >> reporter: the all out brawl erupted just before 2:00 a.m. in philadelphia. when police arrived, they found nearly 100 people from two different wedding parties going at it in the lobby bar. at one point, officers used batons to pull two men off each other. one man gets tossed to the ground. and in the middle of the melee, a woman in a long dress can be seen falling to the floor. >> did they just deck the bride? >> mack schultz who was in town with his family captured the scene on his cell phone. >> just started punching each other and hitting each other.
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>> several people were injured. one man believed to be the uncle of one of the brides suffered a heart attack and died at a local hospital. in a statement sunday, the share tan hotel said, we continue to cooperate with authorities. our sincerest condolences go out to the family for their loss. police haven't said what caused the fire, they believe alcohol played a role. >> the sharitan couldn't do much. >> reporter: following the scuffle, three people were taken into custody. authorities are reviewing the tape to see if more arrests need to be made. for cbs this morning, terrell brown, new york. 15-year-old max was celebrating his birthday when he captured the video of that fight and his mom says this is one birthday he'll never forget. lesli. >> no doubt about that. with just one month until election day, mitt romney is hoping his view on foreign policy will connect with those undecided voters out there.
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the republican presidential candidate told voters at the virginia military institute he will strengthen america's defense as commander in chief. and that president obama has failed to lead on the world stage, especially in the middle east. the obama campaign is already pushing back with a new ad, highlighting some of romney's foreign policy missteps. >> even republican experts said romney's remarks were the worst possible reaction to what happened. >> it's clear the risk of conflict in the region is higher now than when the president took office. need help defending them. >> polls show voters favor obama. dedicating a national monument to latino labor leader, cesar chavez. the league of women voters are sponsoring tonight's debate between george allen and tim kaine. they both want jim webb's
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senate seat. that debate is expected at 8:00. you can watch it live at the u.s. marine ban and corps color guard took part in a special columbus day celebration. marks the 150th anniversary of the national columbus memorial in front of union station. unveiled that statue in 1912. the national park service along with the national columbus celebration association and other groups sponsored today's event. and if you were sitting along that band, you could hear people saying, we are cold, man. it's not supposed to be this cold. >> feels like november, doesn't it? >> cold november rain. with cold november rain here, i want to take you to snow shoe. check this out. their first snow of the season. oh, i get excited. isn't that good stuff, derek? >> i'm getting worked up. >> if you're a skier, it's good stuff. it's nice to see the snow and trees that are past peek. but that was their first snow.
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we've had snow as early as the 10th of october set back in 1979. so it can snow even here in october. in fact, we average a trace of snow in october. nice, nice stuff. all right, we'll take a look outside. this is our michael and son weather cam. a lot of clouds. 53. dew point is 40 and the winds are north, northeast at 8. that's one of the keys. the winds will continue to be north, northeast at 8. we'll have that air for a while. at least through tomorrow morning. satellite picture and the radar combined will zoom in. a lot of activity in terms of the heaviest rain fall is west of town along the i-81 corridor. and there are pockets. see a little magenta there and in parts of west virginia. a little bit of wet snow. certainly a chilly air mass across the eastern sea board. we have light activity south of town. we'll show you doppler radar and we can see activity down toward southern maryland. it moved across the bay. but by and large, the heaviest
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and most consistent rain fall will be hagerstown to winchester. if you are walking the dog, you need a coat. back to cumberland, there's some rain. martinsburg, west virginia, up into hagerstown, that's where the heaviest rain fall can be found. temperatures right now, 49 in laithensville. 49 in rockville. 50 in vienna. 49 in fairfax. 53 downtown. 52 over in bowie. so, cool and unsettled. keep the umbrella handy tonight. chilly again tonight. need your jacket on tuesday. good news, improving on wednesday. all right, for tonight then, mostly cloudy, chilly, light rain. lows in the 40s and then for tomorrow morning, we're looking at some left over showers, 40s and 50s. south and east of town. by afternoon, we'll say variable clouds and cool. a few showers possible. the best chance of showers lingering tomorrow afternoon, south and east of town.
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best chance of sun tomorrow. frederick up toward hagerstown. next three days, we're going to keep it code green. we can change that. 58 tomorrow, a few showers. morning showers on wednesday. now we're going in the right direction. great on thursday. mostly sunny, temperatures upper 60s to near 70. next seven days, we're looking at upper 70s as we get into friday. maybe a slight chance of a shower on friday and then the weekend, look at this. we have the ravens in town. 75 on saturday. maybe a shower saturday night and 80, yeah 80 on sunday and upper 70s on monday. so we got 50s to 80s on the seven-day. >> crazy. >> october is cool. >> all right, thanks, topper. coming up, montgomery county announces a development deal for a big-time hotel at rockville town center. up next, for the third time in less than a week, honda recalled hundreds of thousands of vehicles. we'll tell you why.
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we begin tonight's consumer alert with two auto recalls. honda is recalling more than 268,000crv passenger vehicles. the driver's side power window switch on the 2002 to 2006 models can fail, overheat, and cause a fire even when you're
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not using your car. if you have one of these vehicles, you want to keep it parked outside until it's repaired. that recall is expected to begin around november 2. and then a loose rear axle nut has a bit of a problem and it can cause some problems with your steering and chrysler is recalling more than 44,000 of its dakota and ram 1500 trucks because of that reason. this is affecting 2009 to 2010 models and chrysler will let you know about this fix. wal-mart and american express plan to put more power into your hands. it's called bluebird and it offers a no minimum balance and no monthly annual or overdraft fees. this is intended to be an alternative to the traditional debit and checking accounts and it's going to be available online at and in wal-mart stores starting next week. perhaps you could use one
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of those to buy one of these. do you remember these? paper greeting cards? it seems many of them are sitting on shelves now thanks to e-mail and social media. hallmark says the shift is so significant, that the company is closing a plant that produced a third of its products. i don't know about you, but in a digital world, it's nice to get one of these keepsakes. >> i have to agree, lesli. the bulldozer should soon be in action. today, montgomery county executive announced plans for a new choice hotel across from regal cinemas. >> this is an exciting time for rockville. it's an exciting time for montgomery county. we are delighted to have choice here and expansion by its hotel it is headquarters. this would be economic development tied to the on going development in the investment that the county and city made over the last few years. >> the project is a partnership between the county and the city of rockville aimed
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at spurring economic growth. the development will generate more than $10 million for montgomery county. we do have some good news to report for all our viewers. gwinnett and the dish network reached an agreement regarding this network's countedded retransmission of gwinnett stations and that includes wusa9. gwinnett and dish have been in talks to keep all the company stations on dish and the agreement means dish users will not miss any newscasts, hit cbs shows, or the nfl or sec football. coming up, he's behind bars, but the primary suspect in the disappearance of natalie holloway says he's going to be a dad. the next time you hear somebody say -- tell them about this story you're going to see after the break. it's a story on the human cost of drugs and you won't soon forget it. coming up next.
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the next time you hear someone say, it's just marijuana, 9 wants you to know about one local mother's story. maria lost her only son in a high profile murder case that rocked bethesda back in 2005. >> for the first time she shared her story on camera and hopes other mothers never have to experience pain like this. here's our andrea mccarren. >> you shouldn't believe in me, considering everything i put you through. you are such a strong woman. >> maria cherishes the letters of gratitude and love written to her each mother's day.
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>> i can't say enough how much i love you and care about you. >> he wrote every mother's day, except the year she called 911 to have him arrested. >> he put a fishing line from his top bedroom window and on the bottom was a bag of marijuana. >> bijan started smoking in high school. >> i couldn't take it anymore. i couldn't take it. i was tired of flushing marijuana in the toilet. and i couldn't take it anymore. >> after attempts at punishment and rehab failed, maria made the most difficult decision of her life. >> i called police. six officers swarmed our house and they took him away in handcuffs. >> months later on the night
5:31 pm
of july 17, 2005, the promise of marijuana led bijan to a quiet bethesda neighborhood with $3,000 of his friend's money in his pocket. >> as a mother, we all try to protect our children. those last minutes of his life i wasn't there. >> bijan was meeting three other young people in their car. he thought he was making a marijuana buy, but it was a setup for robbery. >> as his 6-foot body fell on the sidewalk, blood pouring out from both sides. somebody went and reached in his pockets to take his money. >> bijan and his mother were so close, they have an unwritten rule. when she called, he would always answer. on that night, he didn't.
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>> i called every hospital trying to find my son. >> at 1:30 in the morning, she contacted police. >> they said, just sit tight, somebody is going to come to your house. at that point, i turned to my husband and i said, we've lost our son. when the officer came here, i ran to the street and i said, i have three children. if you think you're going to tell me anything different, you need to leave. >> bijan, her first born, was dead at the age of 17. >> he was not a bad boy. but marijuana makes you make bad decisions. and that's what happened. >> before the murder, bijan
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tried to escape. he was beaten, choked, and even bitten. losing the top of one finger in a struggle. the man who put the bullet through his head bought a new dirt bike hours later. >> not worth it. it's not worth it. it's not worth it. today my son is in a cemetery. that's where i go to see him. >> or she goes to her son's bedroom. >> this is bijan's desk. >> seven years later, it remains untouched. a self-portrait, his shoe collection, all reflect a life that could have been. >> i sit there, i smell his clothes, still smells like him. and look at his childhood books and that's where i'm closest to him. >> the monogram towels on his bed were never used. the duffel bag packed for his
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freshman orientation unopened. >> there we go. >> a proud high school graduate ironically he hoped for a degree in criminal justice. >> a special thanks to my mom and my family for always being there for me no matter what. >> three people were convicted for their part in bijan's murder. the killer is serving two life sentences. >> originally when they talked about the death penalty, i'm like, no. no, this boy belongs to a mother that brought him into this world. >> meantime, maria is serving a life sentence of her own. >> marijuana can kill. and it puts you in bad places with bad people. marijuana can kill. >> in bethesda, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> bijan's parents chose organ donations. others can live the life he
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never had. the man linked to the disappearance of natalie holloway in aruba is going to be a dad. jordan van der sloot says he got a woman pregnant during his prison term in peru. the woman had sex with van der sloot during an unsupervised visit. van der sloot was convicted of robbing and killing a woman in 2010. he is also wanted in this country in connection with holloway's disappearance in 2005. venezuelan president won reelection to term number six. former governor was chavez's most serious political challenge in many years. chavez has been diagnosed with abdominal cancer and growing dissatisfaction in venezuela with the economy and the rising crime. chavez is credited with transforming the society by using the profits from the oil reserves for give aways like new apartments ask appliances. first the ruby slippers and
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now dorothy's dress is on the move. the outfit judy garland is being auctioned next month. the 1939 dress is the only complete original dress to survive and is expected to sell for half a million dollars. today was the last day you could see those ruby slippers at the museum of american history. by the way, those shoes are now headed to england tomorrow on loan. coming up, a man climbs a tree to escape the antlers of an angry deer. but up next, a new study finds there may be more health benefits to eating tomatoes and all those toe tomato based food. we are always on, stay with us, we will be right back.
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a health alert tonight about an added benefit from eating tomatoes. a study out of finland finds they include a lower risk of stroke. a thousand men were tested for this study. those with the highest amounts of licopene are less likely to
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have a stroke. the deadly meningitis outbreak is affecting even more people. the cdc now says a total of 105 people are sick in nine states, including maryland and virginia. at least eight people have died. the fungal meningitis outbreak is being blamed on tainted steroid injections. the pharmacy that distributed that pharmacy has all of its products. the first of its year's nobel prizes were handed out this morning in sweeden. the prize is shared by researchers in britain and japan. the committee recognized their work with cells and their development. all right, check out this close call for a man who was strolling through a park in london. >> you don't see this every day. a deer started chasing him. apparently he wandered too close to the herd. they are playing a cat and mouse game. they called for help, nobody showed up. so, he climbed a tree to get away. one thing we do know, deer not
5:41 pm
good at climbing trees. park officials are warning, look, man, it's mating season for these animals, stay 160 feet away, at least, when you see deer. we usually see them when we are in the car, not that close up. >> another sort of danger there. >> coming up, an enemy territory, we're going to catch up with washington nationals fans who travel to st. louis to see the first playoff game. but up first, flies, rat poop, roaches? it is russ serving up that unappetizing menu in his food alert. we have to see it to believe it.
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rats, roaches, mice. wait until you see what our cameras found inside a restaurant that claimed they cleaned things up. >> to bethesda and into arlington. here's investigative reporter, russ. >> we know roaches are wrong, right? well, food safety managers are required in restaurants because they are trained to watch out for other risks, like food and the temperature danger zone. that's cold food above 41 degrees or heated food falling
5:45 pm
below 140. it's not roaches, but it can make you just as sick. just off dupont circle, inspectors closed the sushi and karaoke bar. >> inspectors say when they came here in september, the restaurant was operating with no food safety manager inside. that's the person responsible to keep sushi refrigerated at a safe temperature. it was stored over 50 degrees. we're talking octopus, shrimp, and tuna at potentially hazardous temperatures. >> always full of customers. luckily, i never ate here. >> they also sited roaches. now, look at the dirt on the floor we found inside mandarin carry out on 15th street southeast. closed for vermin. rats are a common site near the front door. >> how big are they? >> one is like this and the other one mouse. >> that's a big mouse. >> yes. it is.
5:46 pm
>> at 1235 new york, imminent health hazard where they found burgers and chicken at risky temperatures and no hot water for workers to wash their hands. at the popeyes, reporters reported the famous chicken stored at sickening temperatures. no certified safety manager and mice. >> oh no. we won't be eating here today. >> in arlington at big papa pizza, they let us in the kitchen after their closure. >> one of the problems in one of the inspecs was flies. >> besides insects, inspectors sited multiple violations, including repeatedly operating without a food safety manager. in bethesda, a closure at moe by dicks on wisconsin avenue. caught operating with no hot water and flies in the kitchen.
5:47 pm
in silver spring, inspectors say they walked into flipping pizza while they were flipping pizza with no hot water to clean their hands. they also sited dusty facilities at the road spot and shut it down. in gaithersburg on north frederick, at kenny subs, health sited workers making egg rolls and chicken wings with no hot water, they closed it also siting dirty equipment, doors, and walls. on georgia avenue northwest. when you see eat it, you know it's special and despite its closure for roaches, this worker said no roaches, nothing. >> so can we come in and take a look? >> she assured us an exterminator exterminated the problem. >> ma'am, i want to show you this. i want to show you this. this is the kind of problem that the health department is
5:48 pm
concerned about. >> inspectors sited unclean counters, mold in the ice machine, and no food safety manager to prevent the hazards. she asked us to stop and leave as soon as we spotted that first insect. >> what is it? >> on the bottom of your shoe. >> you got one. >> sure. >> mcdonald's issued a statement saying it takes cleanliness seriously and procedures to monitor safe food temperatures are being reenforced. that store and all the restaurants passed reinspections and are back in business. i'm investigative reporter, 9news. if you have a tip about health risk, government waste, or corruption, e-mail russ, tips@wus now that story has pretty much demolished my dinner plans, topper, tell me something good about the weather. >> it's the diet, you know, it works. we were 17 degrees below average today. the high was 55. our average high is 72.
5:49 pm
more like november than october. we still see clouds around. most consistent rain is up to the north and west. i'll show you that in a minute. 53 downtown. a little bit of light rain at national. dew point in the 40s and winds out of the north, northeast at 8. and that will continue tonight and tomorrow and that's going to keep the low clouds in place for a while across much of the metro area, even through tomorrow afternoon. all right, here's where most of the light rain can be found. some of it is entering loudoun county and if you go up 270 at northern month good manically county, some light rain as well. we showed you earlier, i just tweeted this. we had some snow. we had a couple snow flakes reported in tucker county in west virginia. first ones of the season. all right, temperatures, we have upper 40s in the suburbs. 48 in latensville. 49 in fairfax and 52 over in
5:50 pm
bowie. 50 at andrews. cool and unsettled. keep the umbrella handy. it will be chilly. thankfully, the clouds will keep temperatures up, otherwise it would be colder. you'll need a jacket tuesday and we'll see improving weather on wednesday. all right, here's a look at the future cast. by midnight tonight, just a will lot of showers around. once this batch of rain rolls through, we're looking at showers and some rain primarily south and east of town as we get into tomorrow morning. so you're going to have a wet commute coming at 5:00 and 301 and maybe 50 coming in from annapolis. notice the clouds linger. at this time tomorrow, we have clouds in fairfax. your best chance of sun tomorrow will be toward gaithersburg and frederick and hagerstown. for tonight, mostly cloudy and chilly. temperatures in the 40s. winds out of the north, northeast at 10. tomorrow morning, some showers are possible. more south than east. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. winds noterly at 10. by afternoon, we'll say
5:51 pm
variable clouds, which means breaks in the clouds. a few showers possible. highs only 55 to 60. now the next three days, we'll keep it code green tomorrow and also wednesday. reserve the risk to change that to a yellow. 58 tomorrow, a few showers. 68 on wednesday with morning showers and eat on thursday with highs near 70. next seven days, gets better. upper 60s on friday. slight chance of a shower. do not alter your plans. look at the weekend. skins in town, nice, 75 on saturday. 80 on sunday. maybe a shower saturday night, but not a big deal and and sunshine on monday. once we get through our cool november phase, we'll have a nice warmup late in the week and the weekend. >> october transition month. i guess it is living up to it this week. >> sure is. the nationals are enjoying warmer weather in st. louis for game two of the playoffs. >> but all that really matters is looking to bring a commanding lead back to d.c. kristen berset here with the
5:52 pm
latest on that. kristen. >> despite having home field advantage, the nationals had to start on the road. they did win game one, they are going for two straight and the nats fans can't wait for their team to come back to d.c. that did head to the midwest find themselves in enemy territory. dave owens caught up with one fan enjoying the ride. >> hey, here i am at busch stadium. i think i have found that guy. one guy. you are in hostile territory right now. i'm the only one for that. >> meet steven clark of northwest d.c. >> a nationals fan. >> you are too young for that. one pitch at a time. >> boy is he a long way from home. >> i have family here. 47,000 fans and i just happen to find the one brave enough to rock the curly w. >> it's lonely in here. >> he is a big man. >> watch out.
5:53 pm
he's a big man on an island. tough territory. >> get him out of the game, davey. >> enduring cardinals cheers and fans jeers. >> how are you going to get out of here alive? >> it looked bleak, down 2-1, but finally -- i guess we can call him nats. >> we are starting to rally, baby. opening series win and heck, clark says he might stick around for monday's tilt. i guess we know who will be calling in sick. in st. louis, 9sports. the half way cap the new rally cap? have to figure that out. >> we did just find out. the nats return home wednesday. that game actually starts at
5:54 pm
1:07 in the afternoon. nats fans not too pleased with that. they have yet another afternoon game. nats fans going crazy on twitter today. proclaiming their disgust with that. they wanted to see their guys in prime time. 107 on wednesday for game three. >> prime time makes the world series. >> then you are in prime time. >> coming up on 9news. new concerns about security lapses at the nation's air force. that's following a critical inter noel report from the transportation security administration. the details are just ahead. a local teenager says he has been the target of bullies and now how he is fighting back. plus, providing child care can be a budget buster. we'll introduce you to a program that provides a real lifeline in today's hero central report.
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with the cost of child care in the d.c. area averaging $11,000 a year, finding an affordable option can be a challenge. helping families do just that. today on hero central, j.c. hayward salutes the bryant early learning center. three-year-old justin is having a ball inside the bryant early learning center in alexandria. >> justin is adorable. he is very animated. he loves to dance. he is very outgoing. he is very, very sweet child.
5:58 pm
very well behaved. extremely bright. >> his father says without a subsidy, the family would not be able to pay the $261 a week for child care. >> it helps me. >> justin is the fourth son in the family to attend the quality learning center. the center also known as bell, accepts children from 6 weeks to five years old. >> they know the alphabet, they can count, and he knows drawing, writing, so it is helpful. >> bell offers subsidies to low income families and high school teenage moms. fairfax county's office for children directs the majority of needy families to the organization. >> we want people to be working. but we say, well what happens with their kids? we don't want them going to a neighbor's for the day for five years because parents can't afford anything else. >> 80% of the children receive
5:59 pm
subsidized tuition. the center tests each child to make sure they are on track for kidergarden. >> if we want the next generation of children to be able to have good jobs, to be able to support themselves in their families in the next generation, we need to provide the building blocks now. >> i'm j.c. hayward, 9news now. the bryant early learning center caters to children and officials say with tight budget cuts, many parents are losing the subsidies. to learn more, go to this is 9news now. >> the search for a missing teenager in fairfax county appears to have come to a heartbreaking conclusion. a body identified by friends as that of 17-year-old bryan glenn was discovered in the park where his car was found abandoned last week. peggy fox is standing by live with the latest on


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