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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  October 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> several jurors who convicted sandusky are expected to attend the sentencing hearing. you can hear more of his same and go to our website. later today an ya mccarren will be -- andrea mccarren will be live at the sentencing and will bring us reaction after it's over. montgomery county police are investigating the death of a man in clarksburg. around 4:45 yesterday afternoon, police responded to a home in the 23000 block of taylor shop place for a report of a violent person. officers attempted to arrest the suspect 39-year-old nathan jones after they say he assaulted two of his roommates. during the arrest, they pepper sprayed jones to get him under control. a short time later he lost consciousness and taken to the hospital. the body of 17-year-old bryan glenn was found yesterday in thaiss park. he had been missing since last week.
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there's no word yet from police whether this was suicide or a case of foul play. an 83-year-old maryland man has died while trying to help an accident victim. richard herin was traveling the main with his two sons for a hunting trip. they came across a crash. a woman had lost control and flipped the suv. he was trying to direct traffic around the vehicle when he saw a st. driving straight at him. -- a st. driving straight at him. he jumped out of the way but fell 35 feet. he was rushed to the hospital but died. 13,000 people may have been exposed to a fungus which can cause lethal meningitis. that's according to the centers for disease control report that's out now. the fun gas was ow ow fungus was found in vials of steroids. they're not sure how many of the shots may or may not have been contaminated.
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it's sickened more than a hundred people and killed 9 people nationwide. election day is now just four weeks away and the presidential race is tighter than ever. >> both m.i.t. romney and the -- mitt romney and the president will be campaigning in ohio. many believe that battleground state could make or break either candidate. tara mergener has more. >> reporter: president obama is urging supporters to get almost obsessive about his reelection. >> so i need you in this election. the next 29 days. we cannot afford to be complacent. >> reporter: the president wrapped up a california fund raising blitz in san francisco. he asked donors to send e-mails and make phone calls to people in swing states who will decide the election. >> but we have to understand we've got a lot more to do and if we don't do it, then change won't happen. >> reporter: republican nominee mitt romney heads to middle america today for more campaign
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rallies. last week's debate reenergized his campaign and now he has the numbers to prove it. in a research center poll last month, romney trailed president obama by eight points. 51% to 43%. but a new poll taken after the presidential debate last week shows him ahead now by four points 49% to 45%. >> people wonder why it is i'm so confident we're going to win. i'm confident because i see you here on a day like this. this is unbelievable. thank you so much. >> reporter: romney campaigned in the pouring rain monday in virginia asking for votes and slamming the president's record. >> he plans on four more years like the last four years, i don't think we can afford four more years like the last four years. >> reporter: both romney and president obama will campaign in ohio today, a key battleground state that many believe could make or break victory for either candidate. tara mergener for sbs news, washington. -- cbs news action washington. the two men vying to be the
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next junior snore senator from virginia met. george allen and tim kaine spent the evening taking shots at east other's past performance as governor. but the two agreed on one thing. they each believe they can fix what's wrong with congress. >> frankly we have a ball and chain and that's congress. congress is holding us back. what we need to do is change congress, especially in two ways. we need people who are more fiscally responsible and we need more people who know frankly the basics about how to work together. >> if i have the honor of being your senator, aim going to give all my energies working with people in both properties to create jobs and get america ascending once again. >> recent polls show tim kaine has a slim lead. they're scheduled for one more debate before the november election. >> it is 4:34. here's a look at some other things making news now. controversial ads equating muslims to savages have gone up in metro stations across our
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region. a judge ruled the transit agency must display the american freedom defense initiatives ads. metro has asked the group to hold off. the ads are being posted at the tacoma, glenmont, u street and georgia avenue stations. several civil rights organizations are planning counter-ads. a former cincinnati bengals cheerleader who admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old will not go to jail. sarah jones taught at the school where that teen attends and she has since agreed never to apply for another teaching job again. jones walked out of the courtroom actually hand in hand with that teenager. she's now working as a legal secretary. the washington nationals are preparing for their first home playoff game after taking one on the chin in st. louis. jordan zimmerman got the start yesterday despite being 0-5 against the cards in the regular season. his bad luck against st. louis continued in the post season. zimmerman only lasted three innings giving up seven hits and five runs.
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the nats shuffled out seven different pitchers. as a group they gave up 12 runs. the cardinals crushed the nats 12-4. the series is at one game a piece. >> they got a split away from home and come home. do it in front of the home crowd instead. encouraging news for the red scints. coach shanahan is opt mick -- optimistic about the quarterback. griffin got a mild concussion after basically getting crushed near the sideline. his head was hit twice. doctors are monitoring throughout the week. mike shanahan says things are looking better. >> he's feeling good. no dizziness. no headaches. no vomiting. he feels like he's done well on the tests he's taken thus far. >> he's going to undergoing a treadmill test today and coach shanahan says if there are any setbacks, it will either be
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cousins or grossman starting on sunday. 4:37. cold and chilly to start the day. howard is back in two minutes to let us know if things are going to change. some major soft drink companies announce plans to introduce health machines. the largest retailer is teaming up with american express. >> you're watching 9news now.
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4:39 on this tuesday morning. this damp tuesday morning. wet streets out on wisconsin avenue. light rain showers around now. they'll last maybe a couple more hours and start to pull away. mid-50s by lunch time with mostly cloudy skies. we'll see sunshine this afternoon. that will get the highs to around 60. i'll be back with the seven-day forecast. looking ahead toward the coming weekend in about five minutes.
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right now over to monika with timesaver traffic. slow traffic right now on the inbound side of i-66. that's because there's an accident on the right shoulder up ahead at blieb road. attract -- glieb road. attracting some attention. more at 4:47. time for your first money segment of the morning. >> the lovely jessica doyle. >> good morning. let's hope the pink helps wall street. we'd like that. it's a happy clorp. we'd like happy news. stocks were lower after the world bank warned asia's economies won't grow as much as expected this year. investors also waiting for earnings news this week from some of the biggest u.s. companies. checking the numbers, the dow starts this morning at 13,583. dropped nearly 27 points in trading yesterday. nasdaq bad day, down 23 points. the s&p 500 was off by 5. a congressional panel says two chinese telecom firms pose a
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security threat to the united states. the panel says the year long investigation found wawway and zte should be barred from any acquisitions and mergers. the chinese companies deny the allegations calling them dangerous political distractions. the makers of coke, pepsi and dr. pepper are introducing new vending machines that display the number of calories that contain -- that the drink contains. they're in response to growing concerns about sugary soda drinks. the move comes ahead of a new regulation that would require restaurant chains and vending machines to post calorie information as early as next year. and wal-mart and american express are teaming up to make a reloadable prepaid card that's expected to help customers manage their finances, at least that's what the companies are saying. it's called the blueberg card and it will have no minimum balance, no annual or overdraft fees. this is the latest in the string of low cost prepaid cards for consumers who want
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alternatives to checking accounts. >> how do they make their money if they have no fees? >> they'll sell them at wal- mart. the idea is people will come in for that and pick up some items while they're there. >> interesting. >> thanks, jess. faking an injury or bad health to skip the security lines at airports? it happens more than you think. >> more on that story plus your weather first in two minutes so stick with us. i don't spend money
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on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station
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about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i ve rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪ good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it's 4:44. this tuesday morning. howard is here. it's a little chilly outside and the rain slick roads may greet you as you head out this morning. >> wet roads, road spray, light showers now. it will be around for a few hours but the afternoon looks better. i have a seven-day forecast that i'm very excited about the upcoming weekend. last sunday was kind of raw. that's one word for it.
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but this sunday -- it snowed in snow shoe yesterday. the ski areas. just a tease. it's not going to be making snow for a few more weeks but exiting -- but exciting nonetheless. here's a look at the bus stop forecast w. very the showers around. -- forecast. we have the showers around. along and east of 95. temperatures from the low 40s to the low 50s in the warm spots. most are in the 40s with sunrise not until 7:12. we're not going to see the sunrise but i'm confident we'll see the sunset with a 4:00 p.m. temperature of 60 as we turn partly sunny this afternoon. by 8:00 partly cloudy, 57 degrees. winds today north at about 5, maybe 10 miles an hour. look at these showers. continue to fall from around fredricksburg up toward baltimore and philly. they are just forming over the same spots with this northeasterly flow. switched over to the doppler radar. you can see the lighter showers from rockville and olney toward columbia. maybe a few more moderate showers around upper marlboro back down 301 to waldorf over
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toward not quite andrews, fort washington and then down 95, manassas, dale city. we're looking at a few showers there. light stuff. northern montgomery county looks like they've cleared out so at least as far as the rain there may be some patchy drizzle there. there are the heavier showers in accokeek and waldorf and west of upper marl marlboro w. he still have some northwest of stafford toward bealeton, catlett, manassas and dale city. a little damp this morning. look at the temps down in the low 40s in luray and cumberland. oakland. a chilly morning at 34. it's 20 degrees warmer at the patuxent river naval air station and easton at 49. our michael & son weather camera, this is wisconsin avenue in northeast d.c. it is gleaming with wetness. 48. a windchill making it feel like 43 this morning thanks to a north wind at national at 12 miles an hour. so some showers on the east coast but our next weather maker, the next front that's going to come toward us tomorrow is across the upper
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midwest. the storm system spinning north of minnesota. showers from the great lakes back through iowa and south dakota this morning. that is driving more toward the east. looks like the bulk of that is going to stay north of us. when i show you the futurecast, you'll see we have a chance for shows showers again this morning pulling away. then tomorrow with the front, we'll be generally clear tonight with patchy fog. tomorrow with the front, we have a chance for a sure in the afternoon. mainly north and east of d.c. so looking at the forecast, today a cool one. we finish with some sunshine, 60 after the cloudy and damp start. tonight we're back down mainly in the 40s with some patchy fog. 70 tomorrow. a little bit breezy. could be a passing shower north. thursday looks nice 66. look at your weekend. 70 saturday and 77, should be a beautiful afternoon for football on sunday. let's go to monika with timesaver traffic. >> good morning. you've got the wet road conditions and already one accident on the inbound side of
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i-66 inside the beltway close to glebe road. a two-car accident. state police are on the scene. it's just causing a timey bit of slow traffic getting by. outside the beltway coming in on 66, everything is fine from centreville toward vienna and the beltway. let's go outside live and show you what it looks like inside the beltway. 66 at george mason drive. a bit of volume as i said but your lanes are open. back over to the maps this time to southern maryland. route 5, route 4, 301 everything is fine out of brandywine. 210 out of accokeek. lanes open into oxon hill and across the wilson bridge. we'll take a live look one more time, this time the beltway at central avenue and prince george's county. wet but the lanes are open and no delays right now between 95 and the wilson bridge. i'll be back with more coming up at 4:55. first some fully abled passengers are using wheelchairs as a ploy to bypass long lines at airport security check points. according to the 1986 air carrier access act, airlines are required to accommodate
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disabled travelers but they're not required to show any proof ever disability. a "new york times" report, quote, flight attendants who call the tactic miracle flights. that's when passengers use wheelchairs to board flights and abandon them after they land. back to you. >> all right, monika, thank you. british scientists have developed a blood test for aggressive prostrate cancer. the test reads genetic changes like a barcode to determine which genes are switched on and off in blood cells and which cancers are more deadly. researchers hope the tests can be used with the psa to pinpoint which patients need immediate treatment. >> also in health news there may be a link between exposure between low level mercury during pregnancy and attention deficit hyperactivity or adhd in children. a new study looked at 400 children and found an increased arrive in the behavior in mothers who had higher mercury levels. some fish including fresh tuna
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and sword fish can have high levels of mercury but researchers also found mothers who ate more than two servings of fish per week helped reduce the risk of adhd in their children. the study did not determine which types of fish are best to eat but previous research shows flounder, haddock and salmon are all lower in mercury. a new study shows losing weight with a group is effective whether or not a health professional leads the program. the national institutes of health funded the research which compared professionally delivered group weight loss treatment to peer-led programs such as weight watchers. the study found both groups lost weight but people in peer- led treatments lost more. researchers say their findings are important because people need more practical, affordable options to losing weight. there's a new study published in the journal of neurology that subjects tomatoes are wonder foods. researchers found tomatoes and tomato-based foods can help
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prevent strokes. >> reporter: 28-year-old seth jones tries to eat a healthy diet. >> i prefer to maintain a vegetarian diet but i do eat meat on occasion. >> reporter: a new study shows those tomatoes could lower his risk of stroke. researchers followed about a thousand men in finland and tested their blood for lycopene found in tomatoes and tomato- based food. people with the highest amounts were 55% less likely to have a stroke. >> lycopene is an antioxidant so it may help prevent damage to the walls of our blood vessels. >> reporter: nutritionists say you can get more hike mean from a tomei -- lycopene from a tomato by cooking it. it breaks down the cell walls and makes it easier for your body to break down the antiox dabtses -- antiox distants. experts say everyone should still eat more than five servings of fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. >> we're not just talking about stroke but high blood pressure,
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diabetes, obesity, heart disease. a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help prevent chronic disease. >> reporter: seth says he's glad what's for dinner could help his health. >> probably pizza, maybe pasta. >> reporter: his grandfather died from a stroke so he's hoping this new research could prevent one. vinita nair for cbs news, new york. 4:52. that means eight time for the question of the morning-- >> it's time for the question of the morning. >> the average american only spends five seconds doing this even though we're supposed to spend at least a minute doing it. is it a, brushing their teeth, b, washing their hands, or c, chewing their food. log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page. leave your response. well have the answer in the 6:00 show. stay with us.
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welcome back. your weather first. 4:54 on this damp tuesday morning. light showers around now but we'll see those kind of come to an d the next few hours. staying mostly cloudy. by 1:00 56. a little more sunshine this afternoon. it will help boost temperatures close to a high right around 60 degrees. monika? on the beltway north of town, still nice and quiet if you're planning to head through silver spring. here's what it looks like at university boulevard between 95 and 270. right now all lanes are open. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:01. back to you, mike. >> thanks, monika. a kitten found itself stuck inside a car engine in beltsville has a new home. a driver heard some meowing while driving in the area around baltimore avenue. when he pulled over, he realized the sound was coming from under his hood. firefighters managed to free the three week old kitten after about 45 minutes of work. the little guy is in good shape. the bulldozer should soon
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be back in action around rockville town center. yesterday montgomery county executive ike leggett announced plans for a new hotel across regal cinemas. >> this is an exciting time for rockville and montgomery county. we are delighted to have choice here and the expansion by its hotel and its headquarters. this will be a synergy of economic development tied to the ongoing development in the investments as a county and city over the last few years. >> the project is a partnership it the county and the city of rockville. it's aimed at spurring economic growth. county executive leggett says the development will generate more than $10 million for the county. you know it. you love it or at least your kids love it. the video game angry birds is teaming up with a hollywood studio. >> and a couple many thought would always be together has decided to call it quits.
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we have more. >> reporter: danny devito and reya perlman have separated after more than 30 years of marriage. they have three children together. angry birds and star wars are joining forces whipping up a new version of the game franchise. the game and merchandise will feature angry birds as star wars characters set in different scenes from the epic movies in a galaxy far, far away. angry birds is already a wildly popular mobile game with an estimated one billion downloads. the new game with star wars launches worldwide next month. ethan hoff walks the red carpet in new york last night for his latest film sinister. >> get the kids. pack the car. >> reporter: the new thriller from the producer of paranoia
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activity sets around some disturbing home movies. when his character finds them and watched them, they're caught up in a supernatural horror. >>it's incredibly scary. >> reporter: sinister opens this friday. >> we don't know what's on the other side. >> reporter: you'll be able to catch the sci-fi film properly me sis -- properly mete questions on dvd. that's your eye on entertainment, teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> why are you seeing so much pink? >> buddy check 9 day. it's the 9th of october, the 19th year we've been doing buddy check 9. >> we're all celebrating. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. good morning, monika samtani. >> we've got to get pink blazers, you and i. >> what makes you think i don't have one. >> mm. >> that's on you.
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>> weather wise, you might need something a little waterproof this morning as we've got some light, maybe a pink rain jacket -- some light rain showers going on right now. they'll be sticking around for a few more hours. i think it's going to get much better by later this afternoon. here's a look at your day planner. we'll see temperatures only in the mid-50s by noon but still plenty of clouds around. maybe a break or two, especially north and west. more breaks in the cloud cover this afternoon with a 3:00 p.m. reading of 59. high about 60. then 6:00 p.m. we'll be back to 59 degrees. yeah, we are looking kind of damp there on wisconsin avenue this morning. look at what's been going o. the heavier showers are east of us. these showers have been persisting right over the d.c. metro for the last several hours. you get warrenton west, culpeper west, fairly quiet, even around leesburg. this is ground clutter. more moderate showers. you're seeing them south and east of town into d.c. a few in southern fairfax county as well and down into western charms and


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