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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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cardinals not surprisingly after the game nats fans weren't the slightest bit shy about expressing their bitter disappointment. >> i think they looked like trash. with the best record, it didn't look like it at all, pitchingwise, i mean no hitting. it's just surprising. >> reporter: down 2-1. still have hope? >> oh, we're going to win. nationals come home. when they come home, they always lose the first game because they've been on the road so long. when they get back, they're going to win the second and third game. >> it was fun. they'll be good next year, but we'll season. >> reporter: you're saying the series is over already? >> i'm calling it. i'm calling it. >> reporter: why's that? >> cards are good. nats are good, but cards are better. >> a little disappointed, but i love these boys. i've been feign since 2005. no matter what happen -- a fan since 2005 no. matter what happens here on out they did the district proud. >> reporter: also heard a lot today after the game, a variation of that familiar baseball refrain there's always
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next year, there's always next game. tomorrow at 4:00 right back here at nats park. let's, of course, hope that the result is much different. >> matt, i wish that last lady who said no matter what happens they have done the city proud, i'm with her. let's get to all those fans who are leaving that park right now because it is the start rush hour. surae chinn is at the navy yard metro with a look at just how bad the ride home could get. >> reporter: well, bad news for fans, perhaps better news for traffic, especially when you're trailing 8-0 in the bottom of the 8th. yes, fans start to leave early. that's what we have this afternoon, but still we're not in the clear. thousands more as you can see in the packed crowd of 45,000 of this game starting to leave the ballpark and yeah, it is crowded. we are outside of the navy yard metro station just a block way from the ballpark. when it's assevered on -- a sea
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of red on that platform, this is what we shot a few minutes ago. metro said they did put in extra eight-car trains in circulation between anacostia and mount vernon on the green line, but folks are packed in like sardines. we did find one worker, though, who left early. here's what he had to say. >> no. i should have waited till 6:00. i think it's still going to be going on. it's a little bit after 4:00. so i think at 6:00 or i should have left even earlier, maybe at 3:00. >> reporter: well, 4:00 isn't enough time because you can see again lots of people still leaving and i imagine there's still many people in the ballpark, but metro is tweeting when cars are leaving and like anita was saying the do or die game will start later, but so far no reports of injuries or
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incidents. >> we'll hope the nats play better as well and we will note if you do want to see what happened at the game, kristen berset will be along with the highlights in a little while such as they are. we've got new information on a serial fondler in the springfield area. fairfax county police say a sixth woman has reported she was groped while walking on cumberland drive near the commerce street bus stop that. incident happened around 7:30 sometime between september 9th and 13th. this woman has come forward after seeing this suspect's sketch released last week after a fifth assault was reported. today the supreme court heard oral arguments in one of its most high profile affirmative action cases in years. the outcome could have a broad impact on college admissions across the nation. danielle nottingham has the latest from the supreme court. >> reporter: the main question here is can race be used as a factor in college admissions to achieve diversity?
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the supreme court took up this issue nine years ago and now the justices are giving it another look. abigail fish saw her lawsuit against the university of texas -- fisher saw her lawsuit against the university of texas argued in the supreme court wednesday. she sued the university four years ago claiming she did not get in partly because she was white. >> i hope the court rules race and ethnicity should not be considered when applying. >> reporter: the university of texas uses factors including test scores, student activities and race to help pick its freshman class. lawyers for the university told the court the policy is necessary to improve diversity. >> most americans would like a day when we don't need to take race and ethnicity into account in admissions. we are not to that day. >> reporter: abigail fisher graduated at another university, but the supreme court's decision could impact college admissions nationwide.
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when the court last considered the issue in 2003, it supported some racial consideration in public university admissions. as the justices listened to arguments, supporters and opponents of affirmative action gathered outside the court, both sides closely watching the fisher case. >> in the context it's very important that we do have a level playing field for everyone. >> i don't think diversity is a compelling government interest. it's really not justification for discrimination. >> reporter: a ruling in this case is expected next year. the supreme court has upheld affirmative action for the last 30 years. this case could change things. at the supreme court danielle nottingham, anita, back to you. >> thank you. >> eight of the nine supreme court justices will decide the case. associate justice elena kagan has recused herself because of
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her involvement serving as solicitor general. two groups of casinos lobbying maryland voters have now spent, get this, more money than has ever been spent before on a campaign in the state. you didn't really need to tell us that, bruce, because we can't get away from the ads every time you turn around. >> it's like there are more than in the presidential race. you think it's a good time to ask the boss for a raise? >> you go first. >> the tv station must be making a ton of money. two opposing groups of casino and development interests have now spent a record almost $36 million just in maryland and there's still 27 days left before the election. >> question 7 cuts taxes for billionaire special interests. >> it has gotten so bad the two sides are spending much of their money just blasting the other side's commercials. >> their dishonest as are everywhere.
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>> even the politicians are sick of. >> they drive me nuts. >> -- of it. >> they drive they nuts. >> i want to watch the ballgames. >> penn national, which owns a casino in west virginia, has spent $21.6 million to defeat plans for expanded gaming in maryland. >> question 7 will create 12,000 jobs. >> and mgm, caesar's and owners of national harbor have spent almost $18 million to convince voters they're going to build. las vegas on the potomac. >> they generate information value. there's no educational content in any of them. we might as well set the money on fire. at least they'd warm some people up. >> the companies have already gambled more money than was spent in maryland's fiercest governor's race. trouble is the ads seem to work. >> and i do not support
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question 7. >> penn national outspent its rivals by $12 million in ohio and won. experts say all the spending makes perfect sense from a business perspective. >> if you project say five, 10 years down the road, you're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars in cass in revenue that could either be directed towards -- casino revenue that could either be directed towards the washington d.c. casino or the one up in charlestown, west virginia. >> the casino companies are likely to keep spending right up until election day. there's a race for president on for senate, for congress, in maryland. there's same sex marriage. s there the dream act. there's -- there's the dream act. there's congressional redistricting, but activists fear all of that is getting drowned out by the constant drone of these commercials for these colossal gaming companies. >> surely it is, right, because this is all we're talking about? are you getting a sense where people land at this point?
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do the polls tell you anything? >> the polls suggest people are skeptical. in the past voters have approved gaming, but right now it's looking like an uphill climb. >> we'll see what happens november 6th. thank you. we need to tell you more because tomorrow it is vice president joe biden and paul ryan's turn to duke it out in the debate rein. mitt romney's running mate is preparing for the vice presidential debate. democrats need vice president joe biden to do well and to help stop president obama from sliding in the polls. then beginning tomorrow at 9 p.m. usa today reporters will be live blocking about what the candidates say. you can see that live on our website we will also be live streaming the debate on our site. make sure your tv is turned to channel 9 to watch the debate starting at 9:00 and then log
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onto then join derek and anita at 11:00 as they fact check what the candidates say with the usa today fact checking team. we'll be your no political bull zone all night. the national zoo says it will release the cause of death for that panda cub tomorrow. there's a news conference planned for tomorrow morning. the cub believed to have been female was born september 16th. preliminary findings show the cub had some liver problems and fluid in its abdomen. the giant panda cub was 6 days old when it died. we'll tell you about a cold front moving through this evening and how coal it's going to get tonight -- cold it's going to get tonight, look ahead to the nats game tomorrow and through the the weekend. >> up next outrage, condemnation over the shooting of a 14-year-old pakistani girl who championed the rights of education for girls and women.
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we've got breaking news from d.c. where mayor vincent gray's former campaign aide howard brooks was sentenced late this afternoon. he got 24 months probation and 200 hours community service and he cannot work or volunteer for a political campaign without the prior approval from the probation department. brooks admitted he lied to the fbi about payments to sulaimon brown, that mayoral candidate who prosecutors say was paid to stay in the race and disparage then mayor adrian fenty. brooks is one of the three former gray aides to plead guilty to crimes related to gray's campaign. metro unveiled the first full scale model of a new generation of railcars today. the 7000 series made by kawasaki will replace the 1 1000 cars. the new 7000 series railcars are slated to provide service on the new silver line. doctors worked around the
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clock trying to save the life of a pakistani girl who the taliban targeted because she was outspoken about the need for girls to get education. >> as we hear the report, the a sass nation attempt has sparked outrage -- the assassination attempt has sparked outrage around the world. >> reporter: this girl is lying in a hospital bed after standing up to the taliban. on tuesday militants tried to murder the 14-year-old girl on her way home from school. insurgents boarded her school bus, asked for her by name and shot her in the head and neck. two girls near her were wounded. doctors removed one of the bullets and say she's out of danger but unconscious. at 11 she began speaking out against the taliban after she took control of the region where she lived and ordered all girls schools to close. she blogged anonymously for the bbc and began showing her face once the taliban were driven out. the devout muslim became an outspoken person for the education girls and the subject
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documentary of the new york times. she won pakistan's first national youth award last year and was nominated for the international children's peace prize. school kids around the country prayed for the young activist. malala knew the danger of defying the taliban. her diary revealed fears of being followed and threatened. >> there are people whose voices has been suppressed and people are living in fear, but i feel there will be many malalas in this country. >> reporter: many believe the attempts to silence the teenager will probably backfire. her story is drawing sympathy from millions around the world. >> what a courageous girl. the taliban is showing no regret for the shooting. in fact, its spokesman called the girl the symbol of infidel, an obscenity. the spacex cargo ship dragon arrived at the international space station today for a historic docking. the space explorations technology corporation is now on track to become the first private company to supply the space station on a mission for
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nasa. dragon spent the past two days circling earth. the docking comes after a series of delicate maneuvers. there will be no supersonic skydive tomorrow, after all. extreme athlete felix baumgartner is trying to become the first skydiver to break the sound barrier. he plans to free fall from 23 miles over new mexico but gusty winds forced him to abort the mission yesterday and now tomorrow's weather forecast has forced his team to postpone the jump again. >> god is warning him don't do it. i'm trying to tell you. >> take the message. >> this isn't going to work out well. >> that's right. there's some showers out in new mexico, arizona and nevada is probably why they've canceled it, no showers here, my friend. >> that's what we like to hear. >> very nice. cooler weather rolling in tomorrow and friday, but a fine finish to the week. it's our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, looking at generally clear skies, a couple clouds floating
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by later on this evening with the cold front, but it's nice out. 70, dew point mid-40s, winds southwest at 9. the front is still west of the immediate downtown area, but we're looking at pressure beginning to rise at 29.88 inches of mercury. temperatures, a bit below average but not bad, 66 gaithersburg, bethesda and vienna, 67 down toward burke and looking at 70 in college park and 66 in bowie. temps a bit below average. we should be in the low 70s. a bit chilly tonight. you'll need your shades tomorrow, cooler thursday, a respectable day but cooler and you'll need your jackets at the nats game. it's a 4:00 game, so temperatures in the 50s through parts of the game. tonight clear, breezy, chilly, keep the windows closed, talking upper 30s to upper 40s and winds northwest 10 to 15. so if you're in the burbs tonight, you'll be in the upper 30s to around 40, 39
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gaithersburg, maybe 41 rockville, 48 arlington and string field and downtown, but low -- springfield and downtown, but low 40s in college park and bowie, barely 41 in reston, fairfax, sterling, leesburg and manassas looking up upper 30s tonight. there's a free warning in effect for our mountains. get -- freeze warning in effect for our mountains, get way out across the divide. the growing season will end there tonight. temperatures there will be in the upper 20s. tomorrow morning mostly sunny, chilly start, need a gentleman, 40s and 50s, winds -- jacket, 40s and 50s, winds northwest at 10. by afternoon mostly sunny, cooler, highs in the low to mid- 60s. the 4:00 game tomorrow, temperatures upper 50s to low 60s, westerly winds at 10, so a light jacket a good idea. your zone forecast, only in the 40s tomorrow in oakland, but misskies from the mountains to
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the coast. 56 in cumberland, near 60 in hagerstown, 60 winchester, 65 culpeper, 60 in manassas, maybe 61 in fairfax. 63 downtown. we're looking at 61 heading up 270. cooler tomorrow but nice. small craft advisory in effect until 11 a.m. thursday. next three days, all green, 63 tomorrow, mostly sunny, 67 and great friday and then fantastic saturday, 72. it does not stop there, no. next seven days, i'm kind of stubborn. i'm going 80 sunday. the computer is only going in the low to mid-70s. i think it's going to be pretty warm and a gorgeous day, ravens in town, at home playing and redskins in town playing. 75, shower monday and still in the 70s tuesday and wednesday under partly cloudy skies. so that's a pretty decent seven- day, my friends. >> yeah, no complaints. >> great looking weekend, top. no tweaking. coming up police respond to a 911 call from lindsay lohan's
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family home. you won't believe what the problem was this time. >> but first millions more vehicles are being recalled by a japanese automaker, this time toyota's turn. that's next.
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in tonight's consumer alert a caution about counterfeit air bags, a world wide recall for millions of vehicles and the cpsc calls back 86,000 high chairs. children can fall out of graco's classic wood high chair because the seat detaches from its base and the company has received nine reports of children being hurt after a tumble. the chair, $130 sold nationwide at babies r us, burlington coat factory and others. >> now to a really big one, a sticky power window switch is the reason toyota is recalling nearly 7.5 million vehicles around the world. the automaker says they got to fix a flaw in more than a dozen different models, again no reports of crashes or injuries. we'll keep you posted as that evolves. >> today the government issued a warning about counterfeit air bags. we got a look at test video that demonstrates what could happen in a crash.
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>> you'll see one of the air bags deploy and send fragments at crash dummy. this is the most severe condition that we observed. >> so the national highway traffic safety administration tested 10 different copycat air bags and in one test the bearing barely inflated at all. nhtsa's administrators says these fakes have not caused deaths or injuries and impact about .1% of cars in the u.s., but if your air brags been replaced in the last three years by a repair shop that is not part of a new dealer dealership or you purchased a car that had its air bag deployed or bought a replacement air bag at a cheap price, contact your automaker. we'll have a full list of the model numbers on our website cheap gas costs some big traffic backups on route 123 in mclean today. drivers lined up this morning outside the exxon station at 801 dolly madison boulevard where as part of a promotion
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the first 100 customers got regular unleaded gas for $1.84 a gallon down from the regular price of $4.39 a gallon. a sneak peek today of a new exhibit marking the 50th anniversary of the cuban missile crisis, the show is at the national archives called to the brink. j about fk and the cuban -- brink, jfk and the cuban missile crisis. it shows a meeting of the 13 agonizing days in october in 1962. back then the u.s. and soviet union were on the brink of war. the exhibit opens to the public friday. coming up on 9news a deadly collapse at a parking garage under construction on a college campus. >> reporter: i'm scott broom live in clarksville, montgomery county accident coming up more on the investigation into the death of a mentally handicapped
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man in a group home here. >> reporter: i'm matt jablow in northwest washington at the exact site of where the last major league playoff game was played in the district almost 79 years ago to the day.
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okay. so despite the outcome today's game three between the nationals and cardinals history was made today in the
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offseason. >> it was the first time a d.c. baseball team played a playoff game in in city in 79 years and almost 1 -- in this city in 79 years and almost 100 nationals fans tried to scoop up the few remaining standing room only seats. >> what time did you get out here? >> about 20 minutes to 6:00. >> just now calling into work to let them know i'll not be here today. >> i was here for the first opener when they opened the stadium and figured better be here for the first playoff game, too. >> reporter: how much would i have to pay you for that ticket? >> i wouldn't sell it, no. stood out here four hours? i don't think so. >> you cannot pay me enough money to give these tickets. i worked really hard to about get this day off for this game -- to get this day off and i'm going. >> but i'll sell them now. the exact start time is yet to be announced. >> i love the fact that the guy says he could actually call into work and let them know he's just not going to be there. >> and he's on camera saying
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that. >> absolutely. today's game was played almost exactly 79 years after the last baseball playoff game in washington and literally about 3 miles away. >> matt jablow joins us live with an interesting look at d.c. baseball history. >> reporter: three score and 19 years agent nationals' forefathers played the -- years ago the nationals' forefathers played the last playoff game in nationals park. before today the last time a major league baseball playoff game was played in washington the team was called the senators led by their shortstop and manager joe cronin and the games were played here. in northwest washington on the site of what is now howard university hospital. >> this was the entrance to the stadium literally speaking. >> reporter: where doctors and nurses, patients and visitors frequently passed by the hospital's impressive tribute to griffiths stadium, home of the washington senators from 1911 to 1960 and the site of
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the district's last baseball playoff game, game five of the 1933 world series which was won by the new york giants. >> this was the place to be when there was a ballgame going on. >> reporter: robert williams is a doctor at howard university hospital. >> i lived around the corner on sherman avenue. >> reporter: who grew up within shouting distance of griffiths stadium and went to the ballpark all the time. >> when i was a fan and coming so much, they were not so good. >> reporter: speaking at the spot where home plate used to be, dr. williams says memories of griffiths stadium are very much a part of his workplace. can you feel the spirit of the senators and the old stadium here? absolutely. it carries over the. >> reporter: cynthia livingston agrees. the hospital community services director, cynthia says griffiths stadium is a proud part of the hospital's past which she's constantly reminded of by baseball lovers around the world. >> you have those fans who scour the country for old
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ballparks and eventually we've had visitors from as far away as japan, china, minnesota, different parts of the united states. they just want a picture taken next to home plate. >> reporter: the last baseball game at griffiths stadium was played on september 21st , 1961. the ballpark was torn down four years later. >> thank you, matt jablow. we're following questions tonight about a group home for mentally ill adults in clarkbsurg after a tragic death there monday, but it's what our reporter scott broom discovered after the incident that's added to the concern. a mentally ill registered sex offender was living in that home as well without a full- time counselor present. scott is live in clarkbsurg where he's been asking a lot of questions and hopefully getting some answers. >> reporter: this is a really tough issue because there is no doubt that mentally ill people suffer discrimination, but they've got the right to live wherever they want to, including in a group home like in this neighborhood that a lot of neighbors simply don't like,
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but in this case someone died and there are questions and in in case the questions are about whether or not the level of supervision here was enough to protect the people living in the group home and the neighbors living around it. nathan jones, severely mentally ill, died monday after a confrontation with police at this group home in clarkbsurg. now neighbors question whether jones and this housemate, a mentally ill registered sex offender with a history of violent charges, should have been living here largely on their own with no resident counselor to supervise them full time. >> they're basically seen once or twice a day for 10 minutes i would say. i don't think it's acceptable when i have young children. >> to me the group home should have noticed that. >> reporter: a neighbor says jones' behavior had deteriorated but wonders if the visiting group home counselors noticed. >> something wasn't right. he was walking in the middle of the street one day. he had no shoes on. >> reporter: jones died mysteriously after being pepper sprayed by police and checked
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by medics. the home and one other in the same neighborhood is operated by family services, incorporated, a high ly regarded nonprofit that runs -- a highly regarded nonprofit that runs 12 such group homes in the county. by e-mail and on phone i asked is this level of supervision appropriate for jones high pressure his housemate? so far the executive director declined an interview. in an e-mail he wrote there are some things that are not appropriate for me to discuss and added the impact is one of deep sadness and mourning, meanwhile a similar response from montgomery county's department of health and human services which places people in the homes. in an e-mail the agency said family services must work directly with the client to determine if the individual is appropriate for the setting. today investigators continued to look into jones' death. before leaving they said the remaining residents, including the sex offender, will be relocated. so the bottom line here is that not one of the agencies involved in this local or state
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will say anything specific about the level of supervision in this group home. state officials say there are, in fact, no hard and fast rules about what type of supervision for what type of clients. it is simply a judgment call between local health officials and the service provider at group homes like this one. neighbors don't like it. they feel unsafe. reporting live in clarkbsurg, scott broom, 9 news now. >> a complex issue, scott. thank you. a deadly accident today at a parking garage under construction at a miami community college. one worker was killed, two others trapped in debris. one of them was rescued and searchers are still trying to get to the other. this is at miami-dade college and one eyewitness says the garage fell like a house of cards. there were no students in the area at the time. investigators are now trying to sort out the cause of the collapse. five firefighters believed to be injured in a terrible fire in the los angeles area are going to be fine.
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flames came shooting from the roof of a being next to the hollywood freeway late last night. about 125 firefighters worked l two hours to put out those -- worked almost two hours to put out those flames. the fire started in some grass outside the building and the flames moved quickly inside through the windows. the cause is under investigation. police in nassau county long island confirmed they were called to lindsay lohan's family home for a domestic incident. they say the actress got into a fight with her mother dina at the house in merrick. the 911 call came in just after 8 a.m. police say it was not a criminal case and there were no arrests. a spokesman for lohan is not commenting on what happened. a sad note tonight, hollywood and the sports world and a lot of sports fans mourning the loss of football great alex karras. the former defensive lineman for the detroit lions who later found success in his acting
5:37 pm
career died today. karras was noted for his role in the 1974 comedy classic blazing saddles and the abc sitcom webster. he was also a darned good commentator on monday night football as well. alex karras, 77 years old. coming up a sack of gold nets more than just a bull. we'll show you how this young deer was set free up. >> next a surveillance video shows you just how lucky a young hit and run victim is to be alive. >> don't forget we're always on at stay with us. we'll be right back.
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caught on tape, a pedestrian literally mowed down by a hit and run driver. somehow he lives to tell the tale. this is surveillance video from over the weekend in charlotte, north carolina. that's shawn lewis running across the street. check this out. >> oh, no. >> yeah. he flipped 10 feet in the air. that suv driver stopped, gets out, but seconds later he jumps back in and drives away. a little dazed, amazingly get up and limps away. doesn't even remember this. >> i was awake, bleeding, my hand and leg was all messed up.
5:41 pm
he didn't have to leave. >> exactly, but he did. that video captured by a security camera outside a pawn shop. lewis is walking with a cane and cops are still on the lookout for this guy behind the wheel of that suv. a soccer goal net is supposed to stop a ball, not passing animals, but that is exactly what happened to a young deer at a school soccer field in knoxville, tennessee. that doe became entangled in the net yesterday morning and was trying to get out of there. two good samaritans spotted the animal, cut the net, freed the deer and she literally high tailed it off the field. >> and over to somebody else's lawn and ate their flowers. still ahead we're going out live to nationals park for a closer look what the the team has to do to stay alive in the playoffs. >> and our health alert, some advice about being prepared for
5:42 pm
flu season and information on strokes.
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an alarming trend tops our health alert. doctors are seeing strokes in younger people.
5:45 pm
in 2005 19% of stroke patients were under the page of 50 phoenix up 13% from -- age of 55, up 13% from 10 years earlier blaming diabetes in younger patients. >> patients start having strokes younger there, will be many more years of having the disability. >> the best way to turn the tide on this, we've got to lower our stroke risks with diet and exercise and know the first warning signs, sudden numbness, tingling, weakness on one side of the body, trouble speaking or walking or any kind of vision change that comes out of nowhere. if that's happening, get to the hospital for treatment that could reach do us long term disability. the -- reduce long term disability. the signs of popping up in doctor's and pharmacies offices, the flu shots are here, but will you take advantage of it? >> you definitely need immunized. >> last year in the district only 39% of adults got the
5:46 pm
vaccination and dr. paconai wants to improve those stats. >> that is a major problem. for some reason there are individuals who feel that they just don't need to be vaccinated anymore. >> in fact, according to the centers for disease control, more than 200,000 americans are hospitalized with the flu each year. even though flu vaccines have been available since 1968. >> this has been looked at time and time again and vaccines are safe. one of the reasons why longevity in general and public health has increased over the past 50 years. >> and there's a newer option for those who just don't like feeling the jab of the shot. the flu zone interdermal vaccine has a 90% smaller needle and works just under the skin. >> you cannot see it because it's tiny, we're talking 2 millimeters. it's an alternative for individuals who don't like big needs. >> the doctor says the mini --
5:47 pm
needles. >> the doctor says the mini needle vaccine works just as well. there is a cost difference, but insurance covers and even though young children and the elderly offer suffer the most complication of the flu -- often suffer the most complications of the flu, he urges younger people to roll up their sleeves. the idea behind everybody getting immunized is something called herd immunity. the more people protected, the less likely the vulnerable will get really sick. if you really don't like needles of any size, there's a nasal spray flu vaccine available as well. >> so flu shots are one way to prepare for winter. budgeting is another and today the department of energy announced it expects heating bills to go up 15% this year for natural gas customers. heating oil customers can expect an increase of 19%, but don't blame the fuel prices. experts say their prediction is based on the expectation of
5:48 pm
cooler temperatures. you'll recall last winter was the warmest on record. >> if we were to get a repeat performance, that would be okay. >> no. it would be horrible. >> we'd be good with that. >> although not for the cycle of life and stuff. >> thank you. >> more stink bugs would be killed if the weather is colder. >> and mosquitoes, too. yesterday on my blog it talked about insulating your house and says the time to do it and you can still get some tax breaks on that. if you go to the website, you might be surprised at what should be in your attic in terms of r value, a little more than you'd think. let's start with colors. everything is nice west of i- 81. this weekend is the rick santorum glory festival in oakland. they'll be a -- autumn glory festival in oakland. they'll be a little past peak but still pretty good. you'll have to go up toward route 7 for more color. little change off to the south and east. that map is on our website as well.
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live look outside looking down wisconsin avenue northbound, a few clouds coming in. this is our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. weak frontal boundaries are pushing through. it will go through dry and set the stage for a very nice thursday and friday. dew points in the 40s, winds southwest at 9. when the wind turns northwesterly, you've got the frontal passage. 66 gaithersburg. temps haven't changed too much, a little below average but okay, 67 in great falls and burke, compared to sunday and monday in the 50s this is a treat. 65 in bethesda, 69 in college park. so fine fall weather, a bit chilly tonight. you'll need shades tomorrow, cooler tomorrow. you'll need a jacket at the nats game. temps could be in the 50s for part of the game. clear, breezy, chilly tonight, windows closed, 38 to 40 weight, winds northwest 10 to 15. you'll -- 48, winds northwest 10 to 15. you'll know when the front goes
5:50 pm
through. college park low 40s and reston and fairfax maybe 40 or 41 tonight. tomorrow morning mostly sunny, chilly start, a jacket needed, 40s and 50s. by afternoon a very nice day, just a little cooler, pleasant, high temperatures low to mid- 60s, a little below our average of 71 or 72. next three days we're looking at all green, cooler but nice tomorrow, 63, great friday, 67, fantastic saturday, 72. next seven days it gets better, near 80 sunday, warmer and we're looking at showers possible monday, 75 and still warm tuesday and wednesday. we hold in the low to mid-70s. so again a cooler finish to the weekend, a cooler finish to the week, but a great weekend, yes, near 80 for the games, redskins and ravens play at home. >> no complaints. we joke a bit when we say there are absolutely no highlights for the nationals at nats park today. the game just didn't go our
5:51 pm
way, but i'm sure there were some good things that happened, right? >> we made history. 79 years later you wouldn't have been standing out there if there wasn't history to be matched. >> reporter: that's true, but unfortunately like derek said not many highlights coming from the nationals ballclub for today's game, obviously not the way they wanted to start this home portion of their first playoff series edwin jackson, starting pitcher, didn't have the right stuff today. in fact, he's recently struggled against his former team, the st. louis cardinals. the last time these two met was in september. edwin gave up eight runs in less than two innings. those numbers today were a little better but still just as detrimental to this ballclub. jackson is the only pitcher in the starting rotation with any playoff experience. he lasted five innings giving up four runs early, three off this blast by pete kozma in the top of the 2nd. the big problem was at the plate. the nats couldn't do much leaving 11 runners on bases, morse 0-4 today, harper 0-5 and
5:52 pm
the nats' bullpen couldn't keep the cardinals in check surrendering another four runs as the nats drop game three to the cardinals and get crushed 8 -0. >> it's going to be tough to score if we don't hit. i believe in this team and these guys. we've been here all year, over a 162 game season we're the best team in baseball. i still feel that way. >> we didn't score. they got a nice pitcher out there. he's pitching some big games and we didn't get it done, but we got a five-game series and one big one to play tomorrow. >> i'd had my back to worse walls than this, but i like my ballclub and i think we'll come out, play a good game tomorrow. >> reporter: basically the cardinals did everything right and the nats couldn't really do that much. joining me now, scott kiersten, 106.7 the fan. just so many missed opportunities today in terms of scoring runs. >> as you said, they left 11 on
5:53 pm
base. they've now left 30 on base through this series. you're not going to win a lot of games like that and pitching, they've had their really big problems in the 2ndic. they've given up nine runs in the -- 2nd inning. they've given up nine runs in the 2nd inning and harper is now 0-15 in the series. that's not good and that's not going to win you a lot of games. >> reporter: i was going to say that won't help you continue in the playoffs. we were both in the clubhouse. despite their beatback says against the wall, did you get -- beat backs against the wall, did you get the sense they're pretty calm? >> they're very even keel. they're like we lost. we have to win two in a row. i don't know if they really know the ramifications of losing tomorrow. they're done for the season. i don't know if the pressure is really on them. i think they're still just experiencing their postseason. i think they'll learn really fast tomorrow is a big game. know. >> reporter: once they get to
5:54 pm
reevaluate everything from today. the great thing was natitude is in full force today and they're going to need you again tomorrow, nats fans. scott, we really appreciate it and i'm kristen berset live at nationals park. back to you guys in the studio. >> just need to get the timing right foot game tomorrow. then maybe we can get -- for the game tomorrow. then maybe we can get some wins going. still ahead tonight the politics of tickets surrounding those nats playoff games. >> reporter: what do local college students think about affirmative action and the supreme court's latest case? i'm peggy fox at marymount university. i'll have the story coming up. >> up next a warning about a new scam that could hold your computer ransom.
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5:57 pm
consider this new risk like a digital form of kidnapping, your computer and private data held ransom by hackers. jessica doyle has what you need to know to protect your computer from ransomware. >> reporter: steve merrifield owns a high end sporting goods shop. after 27 years in business he'd been preparing to sell it. all of the records for potential buyers stored on his computer server. so merrifield was more than concerned when he realized all his data had been frozen. >> the last words i remember is this is not good. this is not good. >> reporter: it turned out hackers had taken control of his machine and flashed a
5:58 pm
message. for $3,000 merrifield could have his data back, but it didn't stop there. he'd have to fork over an additional $1,000 for each week he didn't comply. this crime is so pervasive it prompted the fbi to put out a warning. the bureau says it's getting dozens of ransomware complaints each day. >> it's one of the more destructive pieces of malware because they'll encrypt those files. if you don't pay, they can just delete them. >> reporter: bruce snell is with the security computer firm mcafee and says the hackers use such complicated methods it's virtually impossible to recover your data. they're mostly overseas, so tracking them down has become the fuel as well. the messages look like they're -- futile as well. the messages look like they're coming from the government. >> it frightens people and kind of preys on their fear. >> in retrospect the amount of
5:59 pm
grief that this will cause us would have been well worth the ransom, but that wasn't the approach we took. >> reporter: steve merrifield never did pay the ransom, nor did he get his data back even after taking his computer to some of the best experts in the industry. jessica doyle, 9 news now. >> so if you think you've been a victim of ransomware, you'll need to reach out to a computer expert for assistance. the fbi warns that even if you are successful in unlocking your computer, the ransomware could remain on your system stealing your personal information and opening you up to even more risk. this is 9 news now. >> and i think most americans would like a day when we don't need to take race and ethnicity into account in admissions. we are not to that day. >> this session, the nine justices on t


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