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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is 9 news now. parents, if you have a daughter you are going to want to listen closely to this next story. if you think human trafficking is something that only happens in other countries, it is happening to girls young as 12 in our area. this woman was bought, sold,
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and now helps other victims survive. >> reporter: this was a tough story to write. what this woman has been through is disgusting, inhumane, brutal. asia graves was 16 when she was bought, beaten, and sold again. if you have a daughter or young girl, age 12 to 19, live to that. >> i was beaten to the point where i miss carried and almost died. >> reporter: if you think asia graves is not who you expect when you meet a victim of human trafficking, she knows. >> they expect someone not put together, emotionally weak- minded, emotionally vulnerable, doesn't go to college, or anything. >> reporter: this college student that lives in north west d. c. is a survivor with
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scars. her pimp took a potato peeler to her face. she ran from her drug addled mom when she was 16. >> these pimps told me they loved me and they wanted to spend their lives with me. they were the family i never had. >> reporter: it is so important for moms and dads to hear. that's why she talks. >> they say it doesn't happen in the united states. i can tell you that i worked with probably, this year alone, we served about 75 to 80 girls so far from the d. c. metropolitan area. >> reporter: some get pimped out on when she is not scudying -- studying, she counsels girls for fair girls. they are trying to get the word
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out. >> that's what we represent, opportunity and freedom for every girl. >> you think something like this cannot happen to your child. there are more people en slaved now than during slavery. >> as well as 12 years old. last month, president obama pledged about $6 million to help end human trafficking but graves says that is not enough. unbelievable news out of pakistan. a 14 year old girl was shot in the head for defying the taliban by arguing to help girls get an education. >> porter: what are we doing with american forces being put at risk fighting the taliban more than 11 years after 9/11? part of the answer may be to help girls like malalla usavsi, whose crime was wanting to go
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to school. >> reporter: she is the girl in stretcher, shot after members of the taliban stopped her van on the way back from school and shot bullets in her head and neck. her crime, saying things like that? "i have the right. i have the right to education. i have the right to sing. i have the right to talk. i have the right to speak.." >> she spoke at 11. she had an anonymous blog written by the bbc after the taliban bombed schools in her town to try to prevent girls from getting an education. she knew it was dangerous, when asked what she would tell other girls that are afraid to defy the taliban and stay in their rooms instead. >> i tell her don't stay in your room because god will ask you on the day of judgment, where were you when your people were asking you, when your school fellows were asking you,
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and when your school was asking you that i am being blown up when your people need you. you should come and you should stand tall. >> and. >> reporter: and so she did. went public, nominated for a peace prize and had big ambitions. >> reporter: education is a dangerous thing. asked what she would tell the taliban, she would tell them what she learned. >> i show them the koran. it did not say girls are not alloweto go to school. >> reporter: she believed wrongly this. >> education is a must thing. if you don't have educated people, the taliban will come to you. if you have educated people, they will not come. >> reporter: but they did. hours in surgery to remove a bullet in her head, in a coma, expected to at least survive. and if she does survive, the
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taliban says it will kill here the next time. they call her the symbol of obscenity. another girl on the bus says she is dropping out of school. too dangerous. derek. all right, gary. how would you fight back if someone was trying to sexually assault you? a rockville maryland decided to bite her attacker's penis. roberto gonzalez was sentenced to prison for attacking the woman. the 20 year old suspect tried to rape the woman, he could not do that so he forced himself into the woman's mouth. that is when she bit him. he screamed and ran away but the cops caught up with him. another woman has come forward now saying she was groped and is the 6th woman to say a man in springfield felt her up. it hamd while she was -- happened while she was walking
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on cumberland drive. she came forward after seeing a sketch of the suspect. should gays be allowed to marry? tonight, the president is of gallon you. -- galludet is on leave for signing a petition. she say everyone is entitled to free speech. joe biden and paul ryan are preparing for tonight's vice presidential debate. the polls show the presidential race is neck and neck. mitt romney teamed up with chris christy on the campaign trail in ohio. if romney loses ohio, he would have to win almost every other swing state to make it to the white house. the president knows that as well and spent tuesday in ohio
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and there criticked his performance in a radio interview, saying he had been too polite. the vice presidential debate is next. biden is an experienced debateer. >> he has been doing this 40 years. i hope to present people with a clear choice. >> ryan has been trying to down play expectations. voters believe he will do better than biden. you can watch the debate here on channel 9 at 9:00 and we will stream it on our website,, and follow the notion of us -- blogs of usa debaters. and we'll check the facts with
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our fact checking team. were they lies or untruths? whatever was said by the state department following the embassy in ben gaze is not true and some tough talking members of congress want to know if there was a coverup. here are the details of a hearing that ignited fury on both sides of the debate. >> reporter: anita, heated exchanges took place on capitol hill. they were trying to get not to simple questions answered. how was the entire world so misinformed in the days that followed the attacks? >> reporter: as it turns out, the original explanation for the u.s. embassy in bengazi that killed chris stevens and others is false. it had nothing to do with a revolt from extremists opposing
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an antiislamic film. it was the result of a terrorist attack. now the truth is out, this committee is demanding answers. >> you are saying you got it wrong, it stayed wrong, you didn't know any better. is that right? >> reporter: the chairman and other members of the committee grilled ambassador kennedy and members of the state department. >> if any administration official, including any career official were on television on sunday, september 16, they would have said what ambassador rice said. >> reporter: the committee accused the administration of failing to provide adequate security at the embassy. the finger pointing is split down political lines. >> my goal is to try in some way to put this partisanship behind us and to focus on the
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security of personnel. >> reporter: mitt romney has used this to criticize obama. derek. the washington nationals are on brink of elimination after an embarrassing loss. we're here and trying to keep a stiff upper lip, trying to keep optimistic. there is one game to go. >> you said another embarrassing loss. they got rocked again. it is hard to stay optimistic. they are at home. we got that as well. this is not where the nationals hoped or expected to be. we can use all the cliches we want. they are on the edge, do or die. no matter how you say it, one more loss and it is over for the nats. the st. louis cardinals have found ways to quiet the nats. the nats' bats, actually, they were outscored 22-7 and left 11 men on base while getting shut
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out. despite the setbacks. they have not pushed the panic button. >> we lost another battle. we have a couple more we need to win. >> we were not the best team in baseball for no reason. we have a good group of guys and we believe in ourselves. >> we have been a great team all year, played great baseball. we have a chance tomorrow. >> here is an interesting stat playing in the nats' favor. they have not lost back-to-back games at home since july 31 and august 1, two months ago. we'll see if they can get it done tomorrow. tonight, we learn more about the company that made the steroid linked to a nationwide meningitis upbreak and an update on how many people are sick. hear from the young woman that has the supreme court questioning whether race should play a role in college
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admissions. here is the weather tomorrow. grab a jacket tomorrow. upper 30s to upper 40s at 5:00 and 7:00. but clear skies, lots of sunshine by nine. we have been tweaking the 7- day. stay tuned. and here is the stat from face the facts, we'll be right back.
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. the supreme court asking some tough questions about the university of texas' use of race and who it admits to college. it could have broad impact on college admission practices all over the appraisals. >> i hope the court rules the student's race should not be considered when applying to the university of texas. >> this woman sued the college because she did not get in because she is white. they use grades, race, and activities. they say it is necessary to improve diversity, a ruling in the case is expected next year. most americans would like a day when we don't need to take
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race and et nice tee into account in admissions. we are not to that day. >> ms. fisher graduated from another university. the supreme court's decision in her lawsuit ko im pact college admissions nationwide. a ruling will be expected some time next year. a second massachusetts drug maker is shutting down over tainted vials of steroid injections. ameridose is run by the same company that made the other contaminated shot. 137 people are sick in twelve states, including virginia and maryland and 12 died. officials want to know why the company was distributing the drugs outside of massachusetts. governor patrick says necc is licensed only to make compounded medicine specifically for patients there. >> what they were doing instead is making big batches and selling them out-of-state as a
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manufacturer would. they are outside the bounds of their state licenses and they need federal authority and permission to do that. the new england compounding center was sued by a woman in 2004 after her husband died of bacterial meningitis, she claimed he developed the disease after getting a shot made by the company. that suit was settled out of court. even before she was shot and severely wounded, 14 year old mallalla usufsi. now she can inspire us as well. >> reporter: since 9/11 this has been the face of islam for a lot of people in the country that just don't buy it when people argue that extremism and islam are not the same thing. all they can remember are the tragedy of the twin towers, not to mention the fact that countless suicide bomb attacks
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and ied explosions tend to drown out a voice of an teen girl. the world now knows this face, that of a little girl in pakistan that wanted to go to school and simply refused to be intimidated by heavily armed taliban thugs. from the age of 11 she argued the koran does not say girls should not have education. after the attack on her pakistan's general says islam guarantees every person, male or female, to rights dignity. now at least, two things should be frighteningly clear here and over there. first, this young girl and what she stands for are not our enemy. secondly, extremists like the taliban are nobody's friend. anita. thank you, derek. you were talking about tweaking
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the weather forecast. we thought you would leave it alone. i thought i could too, actually. it is still sunny. that's the good news, we'll get to the change in a minute. first things first. a live look outside. we have clear skies, high temperature was 71, dead on the average. cold front pushed through this evening. winds are changed out of the northwest at 13. we're going to have a breezy evening and a cooler evening. temperatures in the 50s already, 58 downtown and 51 -- 41 is the dew point, pressure beginning to rise. temperatures 53 in rockville, 52 in bethesda, 50 in gaitersburg. you'll need a jacket at the bus stop. pretty much full sun tomorrow. great for the nats game, but you'll also need a jacket at the game. either 4:00 started or a 5:00
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start if the tigers win, it is a 5:00 -- no, if the tigers win, it is 4:00 start, tiger lose, 5:00 start. overnight, clear, breezy and chilly. 38 to 48. winds west-northwest, 10 to 15. you will need a jacket in the morning, 40s and 50s. winds calm down, northwest at 10. by afternoon, a nice day, sunny and cooler, high temperatures only 60 to 65, winds out of the southwest about 10. forecast for the game, right now we'll say it is a 4:00 game, upper 50s to low 60s, winds westerly at 10. you'll need a jacket at the part. oakland holds in the 40s. is is 56 in cumberland, 59 in hagerstown. 65 in culpeper, manassas, only
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60. 61 in fairfax. downtown 63. a small craft advisory until 11:00 and 60 up in frederick. next three days, green, green, and green. 63 tomorrow, cooler at night. 67 on friday, there is a change on saturday, cooler, only 60 for a high on saturday. don't kill me, derek. it dropped sunday a little bit, too. nice on sunday, ravens home, redskins home. 78, showers on monday, still in the 70s. so i did hack of quite a few degrees on saturday. my apologies. nothing you can do about that. >> we do not forgive. we may, however, forgive the nationals. >> you might have to be a lot better at that if that is what happens. the nats need to get it done tomorrow or the homes for a world series is over. hear from the guys on how they are feeling heading into tomorrow's elimination game. a thriller in the bronx. it just ended. yanks coming up in sports.
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. and now, 9 sports. >> this is not the way the playoffs were supposed to play out. the nationals, the team with the best record in baseball on
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the brink of elimination thanks to the final team to get a spot in the post-season. but uniform, that's where they stand right now. behind struggling pitchers, and poor performances at the plate, the nats are one game away. the season depends on the arm of ross detwiler. his teammates are confident he can get the job done. >> he has the stuff to pitch a good game. he has pitched in quite a few games this year. >> 100% confident. i have no worse whatsoever. he has been great for us all year long. he is due. >> so the nats face kyle loach, finishing the season 16-3. detwiler has faced the cards once this season and was rocked. 11.57 era.
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>> a latter breaker but thriller for the orioles. bottom ninth, o's up 2-1. ibanez jacked one to right. in the twelfth. ibanez again, off bryan mat tis, yankees win 3-2. robert griffin iii joined his teammates on the field today and said he felt just fine. he has not been cleared to play sunday and will be evaluated every day until then. but for how violent of a hit he took last sunday, his return was a welcome sight to everyone. the one thing i learned was i cannot do that to my team, the fans, or the family, because life is more important than the game of football. >> if he is not 100 %, he is 98%.
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but he looks really good. i'm sure they will take a 98% robert griffin. don't forget to vote in the high school poll this week for the game of the week. here is a look at the five choices. go to usa today, high school sports. we'll announce the winner tomorrow. some good games tomorrow. >> davey johnson seemed sleepy. didn't he? >> that's davey. >> we'll be right back.
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. there is the three bells.
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i must talk. gorgeous tomorrow, 63 but cooler, upper 60s friday, a perfect day for the nats baseball game. i had to whack saturday to 60. upper 70s on sunday, looks great for the ravens and skins. showers possible on sunday, and warm monday, tuesday, wednesday. >> 43 at night, though. >> that is downtown, my friend. >> that is 9 news for tonight. thanks for staying up with us. letterman is next.
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