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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  October 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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shots. 107 people have gotten sick including virginia and maryland. officials want to know why the company was distributing the drugs outside the state of massachusetts. governor duval patrick says the necc is licensed only to make compound medicines for patients in his state. >> what they were doing instead is making big batches and selling them out of state as a manufacturer would. they are outside the bounds of their state licenses and they need federal authority and permission to do that. >> the new england compounding center was sued by a woman also back in 2004. her husband died of bacterial meningitis back then. she claimed he developed the disease after getting a shot made by the necc. in that case the company settled out of court. the chief diversity officer at gallaudet university has been placed on paid administrative leave because of her views on a highly disputed political issue in maryland. dr. angela mccaskill signed the
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referendum petition against the marriage act. it added a referendum to maryland's ballot next month which will ask voters to support or reject the law. some thought it was inappropriate for her considering her position at the school. those for marriage equality hope she will be reinstated soon saying everybody is entitled to free speech and their own opinion. one of the most high profile affirmative action cases in years got under way yesterday. >> the outcome could have a broad impact on college admissions practices arounded country. danielle nottingham has the latest. >> reporter: abigail fisher saw her lawsuit against the university of texas argued before the supreme court wednesday. she sued the school four years ago claiming she did not get in partly because she is white. >> i hope the court rules that
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a student's race and ethnicity should not be considered when applying for the university of texas. >> reporter: the university of texas uses factors including test scores, activities and race. lawyers for the university told the court the policy is necessary to improve diversity. >> most americans would like a day when we don't need to take race and ethnicity into account in add misses. we are not to that day. >> reporter: abigail fisher went on to graduate at another university but the supreme court's decision could impact college admissions nationwide. when the court last considered the issue in 2003, it supported some racial consideration in public university admissions. as the justices listened to arguments, supporters and opponents of affirmative action gathered outside the court. both sides are closely watching
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the fisher case. >> it's very important that we do have a level playing field for everyone. i don't think diversity is a compelling government interest. it's really not a justification for discrimination. >> reporter: a ruling in this case is expected next year. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the supreme court. >> eight of the nine supreme court justices will decide the case. associate justice elaine take kagan has recused herself. she served as solicitor general prior to joining the court. people who report wrongdoing which can impact national security can now also report waste, fraud or abuse without fear of retaliation. that's because the president signed a policy directive providing that protection to whistle blowers. under the policy whistle blowers who handle classified information -- anyone who reports wrongdoing can be protected. it's 4:43. turning our -- 4:33. turning our attention to the
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race for the white house, the two men vying for vice president will face off in kentucky. >> after president obama's lackluster performance, people are looking to vice president biden to help them rebound. >> reporter: paul ryan arrived in kentucky ahead of his first nationally televised debate. the number two man on the g.o.p. ticket told reporters earlier in florida voters will see a clear choice when he faces off against vice president joe biden. >> joe biden has been on this stage before. he's been on the big stages. it's my first time. but what he can't run from is president obama's indefensible record. they'rjust offering more of the same. >> reporter: ryan will face an opponent who occasionally causes controversy with free wheeling statements but republicans also know vice president biden is a seasoned debater. usually vice presidential debates don't greatly impact elections, but with the
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president's lack laster debate performance, many believe the democrats desperately need the vice president to deliver tonight. >> what it will do especially for the obama campaign after this horrific debate that he -- that president obama had last week, it could stop the bleeding. >> reporter: new polls from three battleground states show romney now has a one-point edge in colorado. in wisconsin the race is tightening. the president's six-point lead is down to three-points while in virginia the president has a five-point lead. romney and the president debate for a second time next week in new york. we have some of the best coverage you are going to find anywhere when it comes to these debates. beginning at 9:00 tonight, "u.s.a. today" reporters will start blogging about what the candidates say. you can see that live on and then participate in the conversation on facebook and twitter. then turn your tv to channel 9. watch the debate which starts at 9:00 p.m.
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then log on to at the same time. we do the fact checking there. then of course join derek and anita at 11:00. they'll fact check with the candidates with the "u.s.a. today" team. there are some very important deadlines coming up if you plan in voting in this november's election. we hope you do you have just a few more days to register to vote. in virginia you have until monday, october 15. tuesday, october 16, is the deadline for maryland. and in d.c. the mail-in registration deadline is passed already but you can register in person still at the election board headquarters. but you have until friday the 19th to do that if you're a d.c. resident. for more information on voter registration, go to our website. look under campaign 2012. we have it all there for you. a former aide of mayor vincent gray was sentenced to 24 months of probation and 200 hours of community service. howard brooks avoided jail time after admitting to his role in the scandal surrounding the mayor's campaign.
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he made direct payments to suleman brown. brooks faced up to six months under the plea agreement but his lawyers asked for and got probation and community service. a man convicted of sexual assault in aspen hill gets a 40- year prison sentence. he attacked the women two years ago at aspen hill shopping centers. he grabbed a woman, tried to rape her. he was unsuccessful but then forced himself physically into the woman's mouth and she bit down. he screamed and left. he was caught and arrested. again 40 years in prison. another woman has come forward saying she was globed. this is the sixth woman to say a man in springfield, virginia grabbed her inappropriately. she told police she was walking on cumberland drive near commerce street at a bus stop last month when the whole thing happened. the woman came forward after she saw a sketch of the suspect which we've shown on tv several times. this was released last week. definitely changing gears
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from those stories. our time is coming up on 4:38. a nice day is expected across most of the region but it will also be a little cooler. howard is back in two minutes to let you know exactly what to expect. at 4:51, the c.e.o. of one of the nation's largest banks said he will trade higher tarvetions on his -- taxes on his own personal income if his company and others can get a break on the corporate tax. we have a preview coming up at 4:42. your weather first two minutes away. a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪
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4:40 on this thursday morning. a little chilly out there. got a northwesterly wind so watch out for some wind chills this morning. we'll climb into the mid-50s at noon. a high of about 63. upper 50s for the ride open. -- ride home. a jacket sort of a day.
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i'll be back with the full seven-day forecast in about five. here's monika with timesaver traffic. on the beltway in college park here at route 1, traffic is moving well. no issues to report on the east or north sides of town. but an issue eastbound route 212 closes it at evans trail. you'll want to use 95 instead. it is 4:41. time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> here's jessica doyle with the headlines. another three-digit loss. >> not a good day. we're hoping for better. wall teet is focusing -- wall street is focusing on the profits. they did not like what they saw of alcoa. shares fell after the aluminum company said it's cautious about the company's financial outlook mostly because of the slowdown in china. check be the numbers, the dow stands this morning at 13,344. dropped 128 points in trading. nasdaq was off by 13. s&p 5 hundred also a bad day -- 500 also a bad day off by 9.
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the c.e.o. of jpmorgan chase is sounding off about taxes. jamie diamond says he's -- die monday says he's willing to pay a higher rate for lower corporate taxes so businesses can compete better globally. dimond joined several c.e.o.s. the u.s. faces a fiscal cliff of $600 billion in tax hikes and spending cuts. if congress doesn't take action by the end of the year. investors seem to like fed ex' new cost cutting plan. it promises to boost profits by $1.7 billion over three years. the company plans to cut jobs, reduce its aircraft fleet, and sell some underused assets. the restructuring is a response to a shift by consumers to slower, less expensive delivery options. and take care, folks. you're going to expect to pay more for heat for your home this winter. consider yourself warned. the energy department says heating bills will rise 15%.
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for natural gas customers. 19% if you use heating oil. homeowners got a break from sky high bills last winter which was the warmest on record. do not expect the same bills you had last year for this winter. >> shouldn't they have stockpiled on all the fuel we didn't use and it should be cheaper? >> yeah, but they don't do that. >> thanks, jess. still ahead, the antidoping agency is going to release its report saying it proves lance armstrong is guilty of cheating. >> we'll have a full report on that story. plus, your weather first when we return in two minutes.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it is 4:45. we want you to see him. here he is. >> hello, handsome. >> you've got to check this out. something important there. >> i was just teasing you. >> good thursday morning.
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we're in the low 50s but have a lot of 40s in the suburbs. it's breezy, too. that will cut through a little bit. it is going to be a cool day. if you're going to be outside, maybe going to a baseball game, you'll need a jacket or sweat shirt. i tried calling a friend yesterday. did you get my text? no. i was on the third baseline. no extra tickets unfortunately. let's show you what's happening with the bus stop forecast. the chill in the area this morning, 40s and 50s under clear to partly cloudy skies with temperatures again 40s and 50s. sunrise at 7:14. so it's going to be dark here for a little while. but a decent day. we'll have the sunshine with us. we dip into the upper 40s over the next few hours. back to 56 by noon. northwesterly winds this morning at 5 to 10. they'll turn southwesterly this afternoon boosting our temps only into the low 60s. that's a little bit below average. average highs are running around 70, 71 still and at 8:00 going to be out 54. a chilly night tonight as we dip into the 30s and 40s.
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wouldn't be surprised to see some patchy frost around the next couple of nights especially north and west of d.c. nationals 4:07 p.m. game four. we need this one. 61, first pitch. temperatures will be dropping into the upper 50s here by the 7th, 8th inning. if you're going to the ballgame, this is why you'll still need a jacket or sweat shirt. 52 eastton. the pax river naval air station 55. 52 in garrett county. snow guns don't get till about 26, 27. it's about six weeks too early. settle down, skiers. 45 winchester, luray, hagerstown. 53 here in d.c. i'm a skier too. outside on our weather camera, i forgot to load it but it's nice and clear with the northwesterly winds at 13. up with thing i want to show you across the country, got a cold shot of air. 40s across the north. we still have 80s down south. this will play into our weather. short term we have a cool shot coming in for the next couple of days. as we head into sunday and monday, some of this warmth is
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going to be creeping up in the neighborhood. so we'll get back into the 70s here. first things first. we're seeing a bunch of fast moving disturbances. jet stream has been up across the northern part of the country, southern canada. so we continue to watch these disturbances come across. the cold air has been building in canada, snowfall coming down. one sign we may be getting an early start to the winter season, especially there. we've got some showers this morning. lake effect showers coming in toward new york state. for us we stay sunny. we stay clear over the next few days. maybe some passing clouds tomorrow. that's about it. and looks like our next chance of rain is going to hold off till early next week. as we look at the forecast, 63 today. rather pleasant. tonight we're dipping back into the 30s and 40s. mid-60s tomorrow with light winds friday night. there could be patchy frost. pet widespread north and west of town. 62 on saturday. so a cool saturday but sunday nice turn around on sunday with the skins and ravens both home.
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75. monday 75. a shower possible in the afternoon with a front which only knocks us down to 70 on tuesday. it is 4. 49. -- it is 4:49. monika samtani, it's almost friday. >> that helps. it's tomorrow so it's a good thing. if you're planning to head around town, one thing i want to tell but is the eastbound side of route 212 at evans trail is blocked right here north of town in beltsville. in case you're going there, maybe take 95 as your alternate route. the beltway is fine. no problems on the bw parkway or route 50. inside the beltway as you head through cheverly, that's doing well. outside here on the inbound side of i-66 at the roosevelt bridge, no riches to report as you -- incidents to report as you travel inside the beltway. 66 outside the beltway coming in from manassas to centreville, no brake lights yet into fairfax and beltway. looking good on the the beltway through annandale and tysons. one last look outside this time on the northbound side of 95.
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looking great in springfield heading up to 395 and the 14th street bridge. more coming up at 4:55. >> see you in a little bit. the u.s. antidoping agency released its report which replaces former tour de france -- seven-time tour de france champion lance armstrong at the center of his cycling team's doping activities. he recently chose not to fight the usda charges but he has insisted at the time he had not cheated. >> this new report directly refutes that claim. it includes statements and testimony from 11 former teammates. alexis christoforous has more. >> reporter: the u.s. antidoping agency is laying out the evidence it used to ban lance armstrong if cycling. the agency saysed seven-time tour de france winner was at the center of in their words the most sophisticated doping program professional cycling has ever seen. >> this is the first time we've seen something this well organized, this sophisticated. it was all designed essentially
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to cheat sport and win. >> reporter: the report claims armstrong expected fellow riders to use banned substances. it also details sworn testimony from 26 people, including 11 former teammates. george hincapy rode with armstrong during all his tour de france victories. he admitted getting blood boosting drugs if arm strong as recently as 2005. cyclist tyler hamilton told 60 minutes he saw armstrong use performance enhancing drugs. >> i saw it in his refrigerator, you know. i saw him inject it more than one time. >> reporter: armstrong's lawyer calls the report a one sided hatchet job that rehashes old, disproved, unreliable allegations based largely on ax grinders, serial perjurers. officials banned armstrong from cycling for life. he insists he never cheated but said this summer he's done fighting.
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alexis christoforous, cbs news. >> usda wants the international cycling union to create a meaningful program to clean up the sport. doctors say they are now seeing an alarming trend of more and more young people suffering strokes. a study in the journal of neurology shows in 200519% of stroke patients were under the age of 55. that's an increase from 13% a decade earlier. experts blame higher obesity and diabetes rates in younger americans. if-- >> if patients start having strokes younger, they will be left with many more years of having a disability. >> doctors say the best way to turn the tide is to change your bad habits and also know the warning signs first. they say sudden numbness or tingling on one side of the body is a sign. trouble speaking or walking or vision changes would seem to come out of nowhere. if that's happening, get to the hospital as quickly as possible
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they say and it could reduce your long-term disability. also in health news, a new study finds heart attack patients are less likely to have life saving treatment in states which require more transparent sicht the study publish -- transparency. the study published in the american medical journal found that when hospitals were required to report the outcomes of procedures to blocked arteries, fewer patients had the treatment. even with the difference in care, there was little difference in patient survival rates. a british study found communication it doctors and the parents of young patients needs to be improved. researchers interviewed the parents of 44 children who had a suspected adverse drug reaction. they found that most of the parents in their study were not satisfied with the information they received from their doctors and nurses about side effects. and according to a canadian resemper, bad news has more of an impact on women than men. they found after reading negative news stories, women
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had higher levels of the hormone cortisol which indicates higher levels of stress. the women also had a better recollection of the bad news they read. don't read any more bad news. >> that's right. just chocolate. 6:54. time for the question -- 4:54. time for the question of the morning. >> where is the last place men say they want to go on a date. is it a, a dance club, b, a movie, or c, restaurant. >> the last place. i'm saying dance club. what do you think? put the answer on our facebook page. we'll have the answer in our 6:00 show. keep it right here. we'll be right back.
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wellwelcome back. your weather first -- welcome back. we'll probably be 8 degrees
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cooler than yesterday. mid-50s for lunch time. high temperature shooting for 63. at 5:00 still 61 degrees. so grab a jacket. i think you're going to need it. no big deals to report here on the beltway in bethesda. things are looking good at river road heading down to the american legion bridge. tysons corner and annandale. i'll have more on traffic coming up in my next report at 5:01. later this morning, we expect to learn the cause of death of the national zoo's panda cub. the zoo will hold a news conference today to discuss the findings of its investigation. the cub believed to be female was born september 16. preliminary findings show it had some liver abnormalities and fluid in the abdomen. the giant panda cub was only six days old. there's a new movie coming out called argo and it takes audiences back to the iranian revolution in the late 1970's and '80s. it tells the little known story about how the c.i.a. created a fake movie to rescue american diplomats. bigad shaban sat down with the
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cast. >> reporter: ben afleck plays real c.i.a. agent tony mendez who takes on a rescue mission stranger than fiction. >> it had to be real because if it wasn't, it would be so absurd that no one would believe it. >> reporter: afleck also directs the new movie argo which tells the true story of six american diplomats trapped in iran at the height of the country's revolution. bryan cranston plays the c.i.a.'s assistant deputy director who helps approve the outlandish operation to smuggle the diplomats out of iran by disguising them as a hollywood product team trying to shoot a fake science fiction movie called argo. >> the story is crazy even by hollywood standards. almost imapplause il. this didn't happen like this. if someone just wrote this and said hey, would do you think, they'd go, come on, get out of here. this can't be real. it's too fake. >> reporter: just in real life, the six americans are forced to go into hiding in iran. after escaping a military takeover of the u.s. embassy. they took shelter in the
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canadian ambassador's home. afleck wanted his actors to feel what the weight to be rescued must have been like. before filming you actually had the six actors live in the house without leaving. >> i put them in there. i didn't know what was going to happen. i think they mostly drank wine and played scrabble but still i believe it helped. >> reporter: the movie marks afleck's third time directing. he says attention to detail meant everything. for a story that remained a government secret for nearly two decades. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. >> the argo story didn't become public knowledge till president clinton declassified the operation in 1997. argo opens in theaters tomorrow. i think it was sunday morning, one of the men rescued, he called the c.i.a. they said he was traveling out of the country. he said no, he's back home. and he was back home. >> a lot of buzz


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