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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  October 12, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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we're hoping i or someone else can do it for us tonight. 90 minutes before game time. the fans are already coming in right behind me here up here behind the dugout. you can see them starting to gather. they're bundling up with their gloves, hats and scarves, but they are ready for some serious action tonight. i should note i had a chance to sit in on the press conference with the cardinals manager. you know how excited we nats fans were last night. how are the cardinals feeling? not too bad. right now he says look, we don't need a new speech. we know how to come to the park. we've had losses about. it starts all over again tonight. let's bring in dave owens who has some experience with this sort of thing himself. >> reporter: it's interesting you talk about mike matheny there, derek, this is a cool, calm, collected veteran laden group just last year against the philadelphia phillies here in this very situation game five on the road against philadelphia. they came through and won the game on their way to the world series. so this group, the cardinals,
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they know how to get it done in these game five situations. it's a pressure packed night and so as we say, the nats have not been here before. the cards have. will that make a difference? we'll just have to wait and see. what we do know is this. they won't be an easy out, but elimination game a different animal. every mistake is magnified. game 167 will be something never experienced before by these nats. are they ready? they say yes. >> we know nothing is going to be easy, whether we win today, lose today. tomorrow is a new day. now we have a high of, a heartbeat, come out tomorrow -- a life, a heartbeat, come out tomorrow and anything can happen in that game. >> it's right where we want to be, being at home, coming back from a deficit 2-1 against a veteran club that's been in this situation before. we couldn't ask for a better situation. >> this has been more rewarding and more fun to see this club do the things i know they're capable of doing and it's good
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to see them get the experience of the big stage here in postseason. >> reporter: so it's the inexperienced nats against the experience of the st. louis cardinals, be very interesting to see how it plays out tonight. >> reporter: maybe because they haven't been here before, some of the nats don't know to be intimidated. they don't know what's on the table here, but after these last four games, of course, i think they have a pretty good idea. the fans are piling into this place and in the last five minutes we've been on the air here i think the stands are a little more crowded than when we first began. let's get outside the gates with ken molestina who has more on what the fans are talking about and all the excitement as it builds up toward the 8:00 start of this game. >> reporter: they're talking about natitude and one of the good things about being out with the fans is you get the rally towels. i don't think you have one down there. all the fans getting these rally towels, coming in by the scores. look behind me.
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this is the center field gate. we've then open a little over an hour and the fans continue to pour. in the metro stop is not too far. so the crowds are just pouring in filling up the stands, about an hour and 30 minutes left before that first pitch and everybody is excited out here. everyone is still running on that high from the wertm home run last night. -- werth home run last night, so it's going to make for a very fun night. it is cold, so i even have my gloves. it's going to be a fun night, a chilly one, but very exciting nonetheless. >> reporter: thank you, ken. i may not have one of those rally towels, but i've got something you don't have, a real live major league baseball dropped over during batting practice and i snatched it up. you mentioned how cold it is. that's a good news/bad news thing. bad news is we are chilly. good news is my head is not as shiny as it sometimes can be.
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>> no, no, derek, nowhere near as blinding as it typically is. you're looking good out there. try to stay warm. we'll check back. the game will cause some traffic issues for sure. here's a heads up if you're heading down around the stadium. n street southeast is closed from first street to south capitol. hat street southeast closed from m street to n. these next streets are open to stadium traffic only. van street southeast from m street to n, first street southeast from m street south to potomac avenue and potomac avenue southeast from south capitol to first street. the roads will reopen sometime after the game is over. other news, police in colorado confirmed the body they found wednesday is 10-year- old jessica ridgeway. police found her body near an abandoned mining shaft 7 miles from her home. investigators say the 5th grader was kidnapped on her way to school last friday morning. the fbi is warning parents to stay on alert because the
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suspect could be someone in the community. now we're going to go on to the campaign. actually what we're going to also talk about now is some of the ads on metro as of late that have been causing quite a bit of controversy. here's surae chinn. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn at the u street metro station where an islamic group has answered back by putting up their own signs to counter these hate ads. >> i'm a muslin myself and that's not what islam is about. >> reporter: some people have already defaced those anti- slim signs that equate muslim radicals with savages. a washington examiner picture shows a woman using post-its to cover up the hate message. the council on american islamic relations or c.a.r.e. is putting up three 16-foot banners at metro stations to counter the anti-muslim ad. >> we take these hate messages
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very seriously and they need to be countered through collective american efforts. >> reporter: diane tetfer was inspired on her train ride today. >> i had to counteract this however i could. >> reporter: she made her own sign saying all human beings are created in the image of god. >> i did think about taking my gum and sticking this up. >> reporter: c.a.r.e. says the ads are hurtful and creates a climate of fear at a time when mosques are being shot at, vandalized and burned. >> it's a good statement. it shows a lot of humility. they're not lashing back at it or saying anything too violent. on to the national scene now, a day after their spirited debate vice president joe biden and republican paul ryan were back on the campaign trail. ryan teamed up with mitt romney while biden hit wisconsin. danielle nottingham brings us more. >> reporter: vice president joe biden continued to play offense in wisconsin friday. >> it's time romney and ryan
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and the republican congress take a pledge to the middle class people saying we're going to level the playing field. >> reporter: a day after a spirited vice presidential debate. >> with all due respect that's a bunch of marlakey. >> watch out middle class. the tax bill is coming to you. >> reporter: both candidates headed back to the campaign trail. >> reporter: congressman, how you feeling about last night? >> i feel great. >> reporter: paul ryan stopped for breakfast with his family before teaming up with mitt romney in ohio. romney used an earlier virginia rally to praise his running mate's debate performance. >> there was one person on stage last night who was thoughtful and respectful, steady and poised. >> reporter: the obama campaign said the vice president walked away with the win, but friday the white house had to defend his answer about the deadly attack in benghazi, libya. >> we weren't told they wanted more security. >> reporter: former security officials testified this week that they had asked for more manpower. >> he's doubling down on denial
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and we need to understand exactly what happened. >> reporter: white house officials defended the vice president. >> matters of security personnel are appropriately discussed and decided upon at the state department by those responsible for it. >> reporter: libya is among the issues that both presidentialed cans are expected to discuss -- presidential candidates are expected to discuss in their debate tuesday. danielle nottingham, cbs news the white house. >> president obama will spent the next few days in williamsburg, virginia, preparing for next week's debate. romney plans to campaign in ohio saturday. you saw us at the top of the show, everybody down at nats park saying it's freezing. topper shutt in the weather center with a first look. we do have freeze warnings tonight. >> we also have frost advisories even downtown. so the coldest night of the season, dress in layers and hat and gloves not over the top. let's start with the game forecast. winds will subside somewhat,
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still become breezy, but temperatures upper 40s to mid- 50s, winds out of the north at 12. so they've been gusting to 20 and 30 miles per hour. at least they'll subside somewhat as we go through the game. we got frost advisories for the district, for prince george's county, fairfax county, freeze warnings montgomery county north and west, loudoun county and prince william county north and west. if you have plants you want to save, bring them in or cover them. the best thing to do is water t in the last hour wind gusts to 30 downtown, 18 in frederick, wind gusts to 20 in manassas. we'll come back and talk about diminishing winds, tell how how cold it will get and talk about a great weekend, but a big temperature change congress our way. coming up our way. find out who is dealing with some legal troubles folling a meningitis outbreak.
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in tonight's health alert the meningitis outbreak still growing, 15 more people reported with infections since yesterday. that number across the country is 185 and one of the new cases is in maryland. today a minnesota woman filed a lawsuit against the new england compounding center for distributing the contaminated steroid injections. there are new calls for much tighter regulation on these compounding pharmacies. this week members of congress say they'll introduce legislation which would give the fda more authority over these pharmacies. there is some good news about the outbreak. no one else has died from the fungal meningitis that caused it and the first person went home from the hospital since all this started. earlier this year washington paused to watch the space shuttle discovery make its final flight over the city. today los angeles is coming out to watch space shuttle endeavour crawl to its final home. the retired shuttle is going 2 miles an hour on a two-day journey to the california science center where it will go
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on display. many trees had to be cut down to accommodate the shuttle's width. after the break topper has your weekend forecast plus a look at just how cold it drops tonight. 9news continues on a friday night.
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we are just over an hour away from the nats' elimination game against the defending world champion cardinals. let's head back to nats park with dave owens. we don't want to think about elimination, day. >> reporter: nope, we're not
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thinking about elimination. one last check of the game right before we get things started joined by paul white, usa today, national baseball reporter. paul, i always like to catch up with you in these situations. you've seen a lot of games. take me back to last night. what is it like on one of your greatest games because it was certainly special? >> it was kind of going along. the tension didn't build till late and when jordan zimmerman came in and struck out in the 7th, this crowd had been waiting for two days for an excuse to go nuts and it started to build and build. they couldn't have scripted it better. i think the newness of this here i think made such a difference. >> reporter: it was special. how do you come down from that and play a game the next day? that will be difficult for the nats tonight. >> yeah, it is, but i heard a lot of the right things from guys last night. there's a saying in baseball, momentum is as good as the next day's starting pitcher. this is the key here. it's on gio gonzalez. he was disappointed on the first start. however he pitches i think will
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determine where this game goes. >> reporter: that's the pitching angle. what about the hitting? they haven't done it in the last couple games. bryce harper has struggled. >> a lot of them have struggled. scouts know if you can bust the nationals' hitters inside, you got to be good and can't make a mistake, but if you, can you can hole them down. that's what st. louis has -- hold them down. that's what st. louis has done. >> reporter: quickly predictions? >> i think the nats pull this out. >> reporter: nationally no one knows it better than him. we'll go to topper for the weather. take it away, topper. >> you look like you could use a few more layers. it's going to be the coldest night of the season. it's our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, temperature 57, the high 67, temps are falling fast and so are the dew points. again the dew point is a very good indication just how cold it can get at night. that is a downtown dew point at 31. winds out of the north at 13, pressure rising 30.33 inches of mercury. look at the temps, 49 in vienna, 52 great falls, 48 in
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gaithersburg and laytonsville, 51 in bethesda, 55 in college park and 50 in bowie. we talked about this. with the dry air mass and clear sky temps will fall like a stone. the winds need to die down for them to real cool off. i think they will after midnight, still gusting to 17 miles per hour in leesburg and gaithersburg and a 30 mile-per- hour wind gust last hour at national. cover your plants. dress for the 40s and 50s tonight. pretty nice. breezy and warmer on sunday and warm, a little unsettled monday, but with temps in the 70s i think we can dance around the few showers. for tonight clear, colder, frost or freeze possible. winds diminish, lows 30 to 42. we had to open up that range of temperatures. we're looking at 30 or 31 in gaithersburg, 32 in rockville, 33 in college park and 34 in bowie. 31 in reston and sterling and 30 in leesburg and manassas, right around 31 or 32 in
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fairfax. definitely the coldest night of the season and again the frost advisories expand a bit now to include the district and prince george's county, freeze warnings in effect north and west of town. so tomorrow morning sunny with a cold or frosty start. if you folks in southern maryland, charles county and st. mary's county, don't have to worry about anything tonight, chilly start 30s and 40s, winds easterly at 10. by afternoon great, mostly sunny, cool but nice. you need sunglasses, high temperatures between 60 and 65 and winds not a factor southeasterly at 10. only 42 in oakland tomorrow, autumn glory festival goes through sunday, 50 in cumberland, looking at mid-50s for hagerstown, martinsburg, maybe 59 in winchester. the winner on this map is culpeper, 64, but warrenton, manassas, leesburg, fairfax, 60, 61, downtown 62. get into charles county past la plata, waldorf, probably get to the mid-60s, 64 for annapolis.
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no small craft advisory tomorrow for the bay or tidal potomac. day planner, 30 to 42 to start and 57 to 62 by noon. so even at noon there will be some 50s and by evening cool, temperatures between 60 and 65 with full sun. next three days all green, 62 tomorrow, 75 on sunday, great for the redskins game. they're home, ravens home, great. maybe a shower on monday, 76, still a pretty nice day. next seven days, we get to tuesday, gets a little cooler behind the frontal boundary but nothing crazy, mid-60s and then 70 on wednesday, then showers may develop thursday late or more likely thursday night into friday. nice thursday, low 70s and back in the mid-60s friday. >> it's hard to grasp watching baseball all bundled up, but that's what the fall season is about. we'll be right back.
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a brunswick teenager has been charged after attacking a fellow classmate right in front of a tv reporter. the interview going on was about bullying and tonight the victim is hosting a dance to raise awareness about what kids go through. scott broom has more on this story. >> reporter: a 15-year-old student here at brunswick high school has been charged with second degree assault after this alleged video attack. the kid who claims to be a victim of systemic bullying will be the guest of honor tonight at an alternative home coming dance. the video shows two kid approaching and then 15-year- old preston deener being chased after allegedly being assaulted by one of the boys after standing for an interview with whag television, an interview about being bullied. deener spoke with 9news shortly after the assault. >> i got pushed into a pole. i pushed him back.
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he hit me in the head. >> reporter: one of the teens seen in the video has been charged as a juvenile by the frederick county sheriff's department with second degree assault. deener's mother was in tears monday calling for action. >> what is it going to take? someone could get really hurt. >> reporter: the tv attack happened as deener took his complaints about bullying public after being suspended october 3rd from brunswick high school for fighting. >> just to make a stand and make bullying stop. >> reporter: he claims he was standing up for himself for the first time after years of harassment and was being punished unfairly. after charges in the case today schoolmates at brunswick high have opinions all over the map. >> i guess charging him was the right thing to do. >> i think it's kind of crazy one person should go down for the whole thing even though everyone picks on him. >> reporter: everybody picks on him? >> a lot of people. >> they're putting too much like attention on preston because he's not the only person getting bullied like i used to get bullied and i like started to learn how to stand up for myself and i feel like preston should do the same thing. >> reporter: deener is getting
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all kinds of support on facebook. tonight his family and supporters will be hosting him at an alternative homecoming dance. among the guests expected? the president of frederick county's board of commissioners and school administrators. at brunswick high school, scott broom, 9 news now. >> and that is our 7:00 report. i'll be back here at 11:00 along with derek mcginty. you want to catch russ' food alert report as well. go nats! i'm anita brikman.
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"entertainment tonight," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. lindsay lohan with "e.t." after the blowup with her mom. >> it's a long story. >> the claim that dina was on cocaine. why she's mad at her dad. >> i don't have any reason. >> plus, paris, prince and blanket. our new interview with michael jackson's kids. >> maybe a reality show in the works? >> and a tearful bobbi kristina as the stars remember whitney. >> then "cheers'" greatest moment, the top ten "cheers" episodes we love the most. >> totally insane. >> the cast counts them down with "e.t." ♪ kelly, kelly, kelly, kelly >> the laughs, the tears. >> i do. >> the wedding, the proposal. >> will you marry me? >> i thought you were going to kill me.


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