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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  WUSA  October 16, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: i think i learned that when a cat gets stolen away by a bird of prey, it comes back much
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smaller. did you see that? geoff: i saw that. craig: that is weird, isn't it? >> it was frightening. craig: whoooo. good night, everybody.
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some places ban them outright, some fine you when you wear them, but has anyone ever thought of just giving young men with those saggy pants a belt? >> one group in prince george's county taking up a collection and it has some folks asking could this actually work? debra alferon has the story
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that is the big talk of the night. >> reporter: it certainly is. when i heard about it, i wasn't convinced a belt drive would raise those saggy pants. but this may be more about raising consciousness. the street style inspires a lot of opinion and even a couple of songs. ♪ this for all the people, just pull them up. >> reporter: they're saggy, they're baggy, their underwear is hanging out, but still this street smart style hangs on. >> turn around, you're not welcome here. pull your pants up. >> reporter: he doesn't minutes words. he's -- mince words. he's ahead of the creator of the pull them up belt drive now on in prince george's county. you may question whether a simple belt is the answer. >> i'm going to throw it away. >> reporter: but this former pro basketball player says his prison influence, swagger and style is standing in the way. >> you can't get a job. image is everything in our community. kids will not get jobs, and we know how tough it is in our communities to get a job. >> reporter: or even a girl. >> very unprofessional. and it's unnecessary. you want to go out with a guy
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like that? no. i prefer a belt. >> reporter: parents and adults have to become influencers. we have allowed the rap game to influence what we do. >> reporter: when you pit the influence parents have against the influence celebrities like jay-z may have it may be tough to compete. there's a slideshow of celebs with their pants slung low. and while songs haven't helped pull up pants, maybe the belt drive will. >> they need to pull their pants up, you know what i'm saying? i don't wear my pants down low like that. >> we shall see. if you would like to donate, we'll have a list of all the locations on our website. that's they hope to collect 500 by november 1st. what do you think, derek? >> i think it might work. we'll see. two virginia hikers have been re united with their families after they got lost in glacier national park. the two were reported missing
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last friday. they were found this afternoon, and they're doing just fine. the crews decided to fly them to the nearest ranger station anyhow. peckens father said he literally cried when he heard the guys were okay. the two are expected to fly back to virginia tomorrow. the president is expected to fly from virginia tomorrow for the second presidential debate with mitt romney tomorrow night. he's widely considered to have lost the first one so badly it changed the course of the campaign. with poles moving in romney's direction. gary nurenberg will cover the debate tomorrow and is here now with some of what we can expect. what do you think, gary? >> that first debate was a turning point anita, killing the president's post presidential momentum and reversing his lead in some polls. usa today now has mitt romney leading among likely voters in swing states, 51-46. the rest of the country, romney 49, obama 47. >> this has been an interesting ten days or so. i had a debate about a week ago. i enjoyed that a great deal.
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>> reporter: for him tuesday. >> i think for governor romney, just maintaining the status quo is a win. i think there's much more pressure on president obama. on one level the expectations are very low for the president. he just has to show up, act like he's interested and he'll be better than the first time around. >> reporter: the president's advisors are promising a more engaged debate, a more engaged candidate. >> he's watched the tape of the last debate. he has some strong views about what he wants to do in this next debate. and i can just tell you he's very, very eager to see governor romney again. >> reporter: he's been studying in virginia. >> it is going great. >> reporter: different strategy, different approach. we'll likely see both from the president as he tries to undo the damage from debate number one. >> the president, there's only so much control after the first debate. he can throw out red meat, talk to the swing voters, but one thing he can't erase is the enthusiasm on the republican side.
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the first debate punctured a hole of inevitability in the president's argument for his re- election. >> so now the president wants to reclaim some lost ground, but the format town hall style meansvoters will be asking the questions. they're reluctant to be seen ducking questions from the voters. answering the questions fully and respectfully and then pivoting to attack your opponent is a fine dance, a two- step both sides have been rehearsing for days. anita. >> they certainly have. gary, thank you. and wusa 9 is the place to be. join us at 9:00 for the debate itself. you can watch it streamed live as well on stick around for 9 news at 11:00 as we talk to usa today fact checkers about who's telling the truth, who's exaggerating and who's walking that fine line. today was the last day for
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virginia voters to get registered. they're working to get president obama re-elected one door at a time, is lizzie. she and other campaign volunteers have already registered more than 120,000 new virginia voters. four years ago the obama campaign saw an 80% voter tourout in arlington. volunteers want to make a repeat of that. >> virginia went blue. the denothinggraphy is -- demography is good for going blue again. >> it was the first time in 44 years voters backed a democrat. volunteers are working foo to put the state back in the g.o.p.'s column. >> we got our clocks cleaned in virginia four years ago. republicans didn't put up much of a fight. they took virginia for granted. that's not happening now. >> this campaign season, romney volunteers hitting the phones and knocking on doors have reached out to 4 1/2 million voters in virginia alone. since june, romney made 18
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campaign stops in the commonwealth and president obama chose virginia, a resort there, to practice for tomorrow night's debate. now, if you live in maryland, the deadline to register to vote is tomorrow. in d.c., the mail-in registration deadline has already passed. however, you can register in person at the election board's headquarters, but you only have until friday to do it. for more information on voter registration wherever you live, go to and look under campaign 2012. first lady michelle obama has already voted. take a look at this picture. she's seen there smiling as she casts her illinois absentee ballot by mail this morning. the president will vote in chicago next thursday. an ohio police officer and a state trooper crashed their motorcycles into each other today while they were escorting the motorcade of first lady michelle obama. both men are in the hospital in stable condition tonight. mrs. obama is fine and her motorcade continued on its route. new tonight, secretary of
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state hillary clinton says she takes full responsibility for any security lapses that contributed to the death of one of the ambassadors to libya, chris stephens, and three other americans. they were killed last month during an attack on the u.s. consulate in been ghazi -- benghazi. republicans on capitol hill have been criticizing the white house for the handling of the incident. clinton said the president and vice-president are not involved in the security decisions. tonight the justice department is trying to get the lawsuit dismissed by the house demanding eric holder produce records about the botched law enforcement probe into fast and furious. president obama invoked executive privilege. the attorney general refused to turn over documents which explain what led the justice department to reverse course after denying federal agents used a controversial tactic called gun walking in the failed law enforcement operation. in a court filing tonight, the department said tonight the constitution does not permit
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the courts to resolve the political dispute between the executive branch and the house committee that is seeking those records. the pakistani girl who captured the spirit of women around the world is now in a british hospital. she was shot in the head by the taliban because she encouraged other girls like her to get an education. a crew wheeled the 14-year-old into britain's queen elizabeth hospital a week after she was attacked. the pakistani teen will be seeing the same docs who treat british soldiers injured fighting the taliban. >> we are receiving a hospital full all the british battle casualties and have been for the last ten years. we have unfortunately vast experience of dealing with this type of injury. >> she became a local celebrity in pakistan for standing up for girls' education rights. she was on her own school bus when a gunman shot her at point blank range. the taliban vowed to target her
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again if she recovers because she promotes western thinking. the captain of accused of running a ship into a reef and causing it do capsize was in court today. it was a preliminary hearing of the man accused of causing them to capsize off the coast of italy last january and then of abandoning ship. he's also accused of manslaughter as 32 passengers and crew members died. a report places most of the blame on him and part of it on the ship's owners but american- based carnival corporation is the parent company and victims lawyers say that's who they're going after. >> the standards that were set by carnival in the united states are completely inadequate and that the real changes that need to be made are to be made in these standards in the united states. >> now, if the judge orders a trial for him, it probably won't get started before sometime next year. in tonight's health alert,
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worries that the deadly fungal meningitis outbreak could get bigger. two more drugs were announced from a specialty pharmacy may be tainted as well. the new england compounding center is the maker of all the specially mixed medicines in question. steroid injections used for back pain have sickened 214 people, and 15 died. today a possible meningitis case was reported in somebody who got a different steroid shot made by the same pharmacy and it's drugs used in heart and eye operations are under scrutiny as well. we'll keep following this. still ahead, some pretty amazing video. a stunt goes wrong, and it is all caught on camera. next, we sit down with a very lucky family. rg3 jumped right into their arms after scoring that amazing touchdown during yesterday's game. topper? we're looking at a cold front pushing through tonight and a little bit cooler air behind it. here's your wakeup weather.
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perhaps a light jacket but by statistics, this is not cold. mid-40s to mid-50s at 5:00. upper 40s, upper 50s by 9:00. pretty much full sun by tomorrow. if the winds will remain gusty, looking ahead to the next cold front by the middle part of next week. here is today's fact from face the f
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one day after rg3 ran wild all over those minnesota vikings, everybody is still talking about his three touchdown performance in front of the home fans at fedex fields. >> not one, not two, three touchdowns including this amazing 76-yarder that sealed the deal for the redskins. when he leaped into the stands, it was the jones family of owens, maryland, that was waiting there to catch him. >> the gathering was captured on national tv, the images seen around the nation. our bruce johnson sat down with
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the jones family today after the big event. >> rg3 is going to out race everybody. >> reporter: when rg3 took off toward the end zone to seal the first victory in a year at home, the jones family was there to meet him with arms outstretched. >> all i could think was he's coming right at us. we're going to get him. >> reporter: what else could rg3 do from a town still sulking from a sudden defeat? how about a lambeau leap? >> he kept on coming. >> did he say anything? >> he didn't say a word. he leaped up. he like pushed us completely back and i was just completely covered. >> that's the jones family of owens, maryland all over rg3. >> she started hyper ventilating. i thought she was going to pass out. >> i sat down with the family at the family business, an elevator control company up in
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upper marlboro. >> the calls haven't stopped, twitter, insta gram, anything you can think of. >> they're season ticket holders dating -- subpoenaed football is almost a religion to this family. lauren's fiancee proposed this season at the first home game. phyllis caught the kickoff ball during sunday's contest. >> it landed right there by my feet. >> now they're getting all kinds of offers for their end zone seats at fedex. the blef is rg3 will be making more appearances in the area real soon. >> how much were those seats? what would you be willing to take to part with those seats? >> absolutely nothing. >> nope. >> over here to dad, the businessman. how much would you part with them? >> i'm a businessman, but i already tried that this summer and got voted out once already. i think the price of poker just went up after yesterday. >> and the jones family is thinking playoffs. this year, bruce johnson, 9
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news. >> those redskins tickets may become even more valuable than they've been in years because that play not only clenchedst the game -- clenched the game for the redskins, it transformed our expectations. steve? >> it has to do with one of my favorite sports cliches when a team is down and your momentum is shifting the other way, some commentator will inevitably say, somebody got to make a play. the idea being that the great players tend to do something spectacular when the team has really got to have it. for years, i've watched the redskins fall into that place near the end of the game where somebody's got to make a play, except for our team, the playmakers, it seems, were almost always in short supply. that's where the skins were yesterday once again, watching a commanding lead over the resurgent minnesota vikings wither away in the fourth quarter and you're getting that sinking feeling that perhaps once again nobody was going to make a play. then with two minutes, 43 seconds to go, it happened. let's just call it the run.
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you know these things always need a nickname. the catch, the music city miracle, whatever. so the run. 76 yards in 67 or 7 can -- 6 or 7 seconds for the touchdown and suddenly redskins can stop hoping and start believing that this rg3 guy, he's the real deal. when he's playing well, there is nobody this team can't beat, and then finally when the booth announcers say somebody's got to make a play, everybody knows that that somebody wears number 10 in burgundy and gold. anita? >> and giddy. i was giddy watching that, honestly. >> it was scary at first. oh, he's going to run again. >> we don't want him to get hit, right? >> go, go, go. >> giddy. >> it is the real deal. we are looking at a little bit cooler air tonight. for a cold front in october, this is not so bad. pretty nice tomorrow. nothing like last friday when we had the big cold front come in. a live look outside, it is our michael and son weather cam.
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high was 72. the low so far today is the current temperature of 60. a dew point has fallen back into the 40s. the winds northwest at 12. the front has been through us for a few hours now. the pressure is still climbing slowly at 29.0 inches of mercury. late last week we had the really cold shot the dew points were in the 30s. so this is cool but nothing crazy. winds are picking up a little bit. wind gusts 21 miles per hour in frederick. the winds will be 10 to 20 overnight. i raised winds a little bit in terms of speed. i think even tomorrow morning can be breezy early. but the bulk of the day will not be breezy. 52 right now in gaithersburg. 54 already in rockville. 53 in reston. 56 in arlington. 56 in beltsville. that's still 10 degrees above average for this time of day. grab your shades tomorrow. pretty much full sunshine. a bit cooler, yes, but a very nice day. we'll just lose about 5 or 6 degrees. milder on wednesday.
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that's good news. still mild on thursday. perhaps even a little bit mild ore thursday. overnight then, clearing skies, breezy, still mild. 44 to 52 is mild. winds picking up northwest at 10 to 20 with a few higher gusts. morning, mostly sunny and just cool. maybe a light jacket for the kids at the bus stop. 40s and 50s is not that bad. winds northwest 10-15. that will make it feel a little cooler. by afternoon, mostly sunny and cooler but nice. high temps around 65. winds calm down, northwesterly at about 10. zone forecast, 50 in oakland tomorrow. 58 in cumberland. 60 forhagerstown, 61, martinsburg. 66 in culpeper. warrenton, manassas, leesburg, 64. 66 downtown. 66 in waldorf and 66 in annapolis. all right, next three days, code green has to be. nice tomorrow, sunshine and 66.
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71 on wednesday with sunshine. few clouds thursday. maybe a shower thursday night, but the bulk of the day will be beautiful. next seven days, friday looks okay at this point. there's a storm up in the great lakes. it should leave us alone. stay partly cloudy saturday. homecoming at maryland. >> great day on saturday. mid-60s. 70 on sunday. maybe a shower and then 75 on monday. >> you've been delivering here on the weekends. >> i'm trying, yes. >> don't touch it. >> no tweaking. we've got some more football news tonight, and it's not just redskins. >> at the time not just redskins. lots going on here but also up i-95 with the ravens. first we've got to talk about rg3. some said it was like watching a track meet. i know you heard from derek and fans, but even president obama got the attention of president obama. here he had to say plus the greatest olympian
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all right, the argument is still ongoing. should rg3 have played subpoenaed against the vikings one week aftesuffering a concussion. former running back tiki barber said in his usa today column that rg3 set a bad example by playing. whether you agree with that or not, there's no question his performance sunday was electrifying. president obama even commented on how, quote, remarkable he was and that he helped boost the city spirits after that tough nats loss on friday. rg3 hasn't thrown too many touchdowns this season. just five in six weeks but what he can do with his legs just adds to his versatility making it hard for his opponents to game plan. >> any time you have a quarterback that has a threat of making a play with his legs, a lot of times you'll have defenses spying the quarterback. and they want to play man coverage, but they don't want to rush everybody, because they have to account for the quarterback, just like we saw,
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you know, yesterday. >> up north the baltimore ravens acknowledged they were pretty darn lucky to win their game against dallas yesterday, but a win is a win. it didn't come without a hefty cost. several defensive injuries will hamper the ravens moving forward. some are minor but two major ones leave a big void in an already struggling defense. cornerback webb, arguably the most valuable defender, out with a torn acl. the biggest blow is the lost of ray lewis to a torn try accept. even -- tricep. even though he's not as sharp as he once was, he is still the heart of the team. harbaugh said he knew the news wouldn't be good. >> he was distraught. i could see it when i walked on the field on his face. you know. he kind of new because he's been through it before. ray in the locker room afterwards, we didn't know, but he was worried about it. i just -- your heart goes out to those guys. >> one of the ravens biggest
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fans and native michael phelps. he's also bummed about losing lewis, of course, but knows he'll be even more vocal on the sideline. >> i was there. we were all there, yeah. it was a good game. couple of injuries which will hopefully not hurt us too bad but be somebody that's a great leader and he'll fire those guys up and be ready to play. >> how about this? in preseason basketball, wizards moving on without john wall, checking out the nets in their new arena. first pro ballgame in brooklyn since the dodgers played there in 1957. andre black plays for the nets now. bradley put up 13. the wizards couldn't hold on and lose by 10. all right,
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