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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  November 1, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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county. but atf officials said that stewart fought back, throwing two pipe bombs at them. a chase began. >> he was arrested by montana police in a high-speed pursuit, deploying pipe bombs at the police officers. he was also arrested in a possession of a handgun, but taken off safely with no incident and thank goodness no one was hurt. >> reporter: they closed in, a helicopter from the department of homeland security was dispatched. stewart is charged with three counts of attempted capital murder, weapons charges, and terror charges. they stem from three pipe bombings on tuesday morning, at the home of stewart's former girlfriend, the home of a detective and the former home of a stafford county sheriff's deputy. both the deputy and the detective had filed recent domestic violence and indecent exposure charges against stewart. the 25-year-old has what is considered a cyber bully blog under the web address, revelations of our lord, in which he degrades his former
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girlfriend and police. here are some excerpts. he says, "the police and the da are working in unison with my fiance's family. and by family i mean her mother, in order to make me seem like a dangerous criminal." "most police are stupid and corrupt. da worries only about convicting accused men, instead of finding the truth. what is even more disgusting is that the justice system would side with my ex, simply because she is a woman, even though a third grader could have surmised that i was the victim and she was the aggressor." stewart posted photos of what he says is wounds of himself from his ex-girlfriend. peggy fox, 9news now. and now we'll get to the latest on the super storm. the death toll is now up to at least 87 people in this country. that number could go up as officials are going house to house, looking for survivors. the total economic impact on this storm could be as high as $70 billion. in our neighborhood, dominion power expects to have the
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lights back on for all of its northern virginia customers by tonight. pge says they will have the lights turned on by tomorrow and pepco says all our customers affected by sandy now have power. 9news was the only outside crew invited when the energy secretary, steven chiu came out to thank them for their efforts during the super storm sandy. that storm knocked out power to 45,000 customers. far fewer than the other utility companies. but it may be nearly two weeks more before the power is fully restored in new york city. and today, there is some limited subway service for the first time since the storm. the major routes to the cities are being limited to the cities carrying three or more people. >> and we didn't think that it was going to be this bad, but honestly, i'm glad that we were here so we could start cleaning it out. >> and in new jersey, nearly 2 million people are still in the dark. that's almost 25% of the
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state's entire population. in hoboken, thousands are stranded as the flood waters simply have no place to go. on top of all that, drivers in both new york and new jersey are waiting hours on end to gas up their vehicles. that's if they can even find a station that's open. bruce johnson reports from a marina in atlantic highland, new jersey, where sandy tossed around boats like toys. >> this is bruce johnson in highlands, new jersey. another one of those small beach towns devastated by the storm. back over there on my shoulders, that's new york city. what we want you to see this way, you won't believe it. damage from this storm, millions upon millions of dollars and losses to these boats. big, small luxury boats. owned by working people, gone. >> it was rolling waves. and they had boats coming in, floating along, everywhere. you didn't know which way that they were coming from. it was just amazing. >> you are looking at more than 600 boats. most of them are talking to the
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harbor master. he is the former captain of the police department here. and now my first question is, how did this happen? >> this is his wind-driven storm. the winds were in excess of 75 miles an hour. >> down there you heard a horrible creeking and crashing and because of the old sailboats crashing together into a pile. >> we have boats here ranging from 20-foot power boats to 50- foot sailboats. >> you tell me that the owners of these boats don't even know that their prized possessions are gone? >> they don't. we have no electricity, no phone service. no internet service. so we've been unable to contact them and they have been unable to contact us. >> give us an idea. >> we have every day working guys to people that have a lot of money. >> reporter: he tells me that the boat down here, the integrity was once owned by the late walter. i'm bruce johnson reporting from highland, new jersey, back to you. >> thank you, bruce.
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we have an ugly start to november. a little gray, maybe a tad of rain out there. topper in the weather center. what about the rest of the night? >> it's improving, derek. but i will tell you what, sandy will not let that grip go. we have breezes on the way and a couple of sprinkles. we'll start with temperatures. 10 degrees below average. high was 53. average high is still 64, which would be kind of nice, actually. right now, 51 downtown. but in the 40s in the burbs. 46 in good faithers -- gaithersburg. generally in the 40s in manassas and winchester. so a little bit on the chilly side outside. now, here's a look at the radar. couple showers with a couple sprinkles pushing on through. nothing heavy. everything is generally light. everything is just about across from howard county about to cross i-95 and get across the bay. so we will keep it early. maybe another hour or so with sprinkles. breezy and cold. lows 34 to about 42. winds westerly at 10 to 15. we'll come back and talk about when we're going to finally
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have a sunny day and a look ahead to your weekend. lots going on. redskins are in town. we'll have the latest. >> thank you, top. we have new information about a father and husband, viciously beaten, robbed, then left for dead. you'll remember this. it happened back in august. they were just walking home from a bar after a nat's game. he was beaten down. well police arrested three people in that attack last month, but today, police tell us that two more people have been arrested. investigators say these latest arrests were not directly involved in the attack on him, but all five alleged bad guys we were told, they may be involved in a series of robberies and assaults. >> the one thing that we noticed that is very disturbing. in many of these robberies, not just this group, but other groups that are not only committing robberies, but unnecessarily assaulting people. so the chief is trying to push at this point to get some legislation during the course of the robbery if people suffered injury that we can get some type of enhanced penalty. >> keep in mind that massalin is unable to walk or feed
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himself. he can't even remember his wife's name. the former president of penn state now facing charges of his own in the university sex abuse scandal. he faces a slew of charges, all related to covering up child sex abuse crimes committed by jerry sandusky. prosecutors say their actions were a conspiracy to actively conceal the truth. all three men are due in court tomorrow. and still ahead on 9news, fighting back against america's epidemic of obesity. plus right after the break, less than a week remains until the big election. and neither presidential candidate is holding anything back in the final push.
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out on the campaign trail, president barack obama out on the stumps today after taking some time off dealing with super storm sandy. the president wasted no time in confronting mitt romney's twist on bringing change to washington.
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>> he's saying he's the candidate for change. let me tell you, wisconsin, we know what change looks like. and what the governor is offering, sure ain't change. >> mitt romney is concentrating on virginia today as he was toning down his speech after sandy, but today, he was back on the attack. >> these are critical times, an election of consequence. an election where you're not going to shape the country for four years, but for a generation. >> and get this, according to clear politics, barack obama and mitt romney are in a dead heat tied at 47.7% of the votes nationwide. a live look outside. topper shutt will be along in just a few minutes with a full look at your forecast. right after the break, their fight against obesity. some new programs out there to help you shed those unwanted pounds.
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the epic size of america's obesity rate. many adults and children these days are struggling with their weights. more and more programs are geared towards helping severely overweight people shed some of those pounds. >> reporter: helen is fighting back against obesity. the 25-year-old didn't want to go down the same path as her dad.
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>> i lost my father to diabetes, and a combination of diabetes and heart disease. >> reporter: 51-year-old sharon williams also knew that she had to change her lifestyle. >> it was too much weight to be carrying for this long. >> reporter: recent research surveyed that people needing to lose 100 pounds is the fastest group of americans with a growing list of health problems. >> hypertension, diabetes, people with knee problems, orthopedic problems. >> who is not one? >> reporter: james lamar runs obesity boot camp in new york. using tire flips. >> 26. >> reporter: exercise bands, he pushes his clients limits. >> tires and ropes, they actually help elevate your heart rate. and many people here, they aren't able to do all the running. >> reporter: programs like this one are helping many people get back to a healthy weight and a healthy life. >> reporter: the class meets five days a week. members also see a nutritionist
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and keeps a food journal. >> i cut out all fast foods. i had been eating a lot of that. >> reporter: helen lost 40 pounds in just three months. >> it's an amazing feeling to know that you have lost that much weight. >> reporter: sharon also took off 40 pounds. >> i want to live longer. i want to just be a better healthier me. >> reporter: challenge now is to keep up this new way of living for the rest of their lives. cbs news, new york. >> and it is estimated that more than 78 million adults in this country are obese, though it's a tough challenge, indeed. all right, sir, the weather is cold and clammy and it is not going to get any warmer? >> no. we'll take that. but it was kind of late march today and then november, it is kind of like march. high was only 53. average high was 54, well below the average. we'll start with a live look outside. it's the weather cam and a nice night. couple sprinkles that are on their way out. we're down to 51. dew points in the mid-30s.
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so it will drop, you know, into the 30s and low 40s tonight. relatively chilly. pressure is rising, 2.972. winds are now out of the northwest at 7. which by the way, it's generally a drying wind. here's a look at the radar with a couple sprinkles rolling across montgomery county and all the way across i-95 and the baltimore washington park way. right now we have leftover showers out in fairfax. it is very light and it will be on out of here in the next hour. but a couple showers just to the west of rockville over towards river road and a couple showers out towards tyson. everything is pushing off to the east, very light. temperatures in the 40s, 47. 47 in rockville, 47 in bethesda. we're looking at 48 in great falls and 47 in vienna. 47 in fairfax. 49 at berk. and 49 at college park. upper 40s in bowie and crofton. a little on the chillier side. for tonight cool weather continues, early showers. still breezy tomorrow. dry morning commute.
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that's good news. and the kids, they will need their jackets tomorrow morning. and for tonight, early shower or sprinkle. partly to mostly cloudy. breezy, cold. lows 34 to about 42 downtown. winds increase a little bit westerly at 10 to 15. becoming partly cloudy, breezy, chilly. you'll still need a jacket. temperatures in the 30s to the 40s. winds are north-northwest at 10 to 15. and then by friday afternoon, partly cloudy, windy, cool. you still need a jacket, even though temperatures are around 55. winds are out of the northwest at 10 to 20. so they will have a little chill in the air despite temperatures in the 50s. your zone forecast. we're 34 at oakland. snow showers will continue there. 34 in cumberland. near 50s in culpepper. 54 in manassas and fairfax. downtown mid-50s in southern maryland with a small craft advisory for the bay.
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mid-50s in gaithersburg and frederick. we'll break it down for you. 30s and 40s to start. near 50 by noon and then low to mid-50s by 5:00. more sun by 5:00. all right next three days. we're green, 9 weather alerts are green. 54 tomorrow. saturday, 53. we'll see you at the walk now for autism speaks on saturday morning at the mall. 10:00 walk, we'll see you at 9:00. for sunday, cool 58, nice weather both saturday and sunday for the skins. and next week not so bad. i am watching a potential storm for you off the coast. i didn't want to say that, but i'll tell you now. mid-5:s on monday and also on election -- mid-50s on monday and also on election day. the storm appears to be staying offshore. even if it were to come on shore, it would be after election day for us. >> very good. let's get through tonight's weird news because we all know halloween is suppose to be the scariest night of the year, right? well for some of you, this story could add to that reputation.
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to new orleans where dozens ofcostume guests showed up to watch a halloween wedding, including a black icing cake and a wedding alterer that looked like a graveyard. >> okay. >> being that our first date was on halloween, i thought it was appropriate. we have always been a little weird, in case you couldn't tell by the tattooing and everything else. >> we could tell. by the way the first date was 20 years ago. friends say if you knew this couple back in high school, this halloween wedding completely the right thing. works for them. >> okay, there you go. >> for them. >> let's hope that the rest of the marriage is not so scary. >> right. we'll be back.
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in the mail bag tonight, on whether or not to expand gambling to include the table games, etc. as of now, only slot machines are legal. now, we have all seen the many ads out there, but alfred from new carlton still has questions. there is a commercial running saying that they are against running ads and another commercial that says vote for question 7, financed by mgm company. i would say one of them is lying, which one, derek? well, i don't want to accuse either side of lying as such, but i will point out that the washington post has editorialized in favor of allowing the expanded gambling in maryland as they argue that while gambling is not without their problems, why should states like west virginia and delaware keep getting millions of dollars from the maryland gamblers? and i frankly think that's a pretty good question. and then this from our good
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friend john from chantilly that says they seem wise beyond their years. rg3 says the right thing and never gives the other side to put anything up on the bulletin board. of course, he's worried about the carolina defense, not about cam newton. on the other side of the ball, cam newton is not having a good year, but i bet that he is wanting to face one of the worst defenses in the nfl. i'm thinking that he will probably light up the redskins on sunday. you know what, john, it would not be the first time that the team got well against the skins. on the other hand, rg3 was due for an off game. and so i'm looking for him to perhaps light up the panthers. speaking of the bulletin boards. here is a quote from the panthers defensive end, regarding our quarterback. and if you put them on the background, you hit them in the face. i would feel like he's going to go into his shell just a little bit. he will need to think about it. he's a quarterback. and that's what they do. okay, you know what, hardy? you will feel like a turtle in the shell, trying to catch up with rg3.
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put that on your bulletin board or maybe just in mcginty's mail bag. that is our report, i'll be right back here at 11:00 along with anita brikman and topper shutt. don't forget, log on any time to our website, and we will see you a bit later. have a great evening. bye.
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♪ "e.t." "entertainment tonight" has michelle obama's only interview about superstorm sandy. >> night vision cameras capture new york's superstorm blackout. >> total and complete darkness. >> as the first lady shares personal stories. plus -- heartbreaking new images of the devastation and how the stars are raising money. ♪ i'm in a new york state of mind ♪ >> we just have to be there for each other. kristen stewart. robert pattinson. taylor lautner. dr. phil is here with the story of the wannabe half-town bride. who's sabotaging her wedding? >> oh, my god.


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