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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 4, 2012 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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and, no, hitting me won't do you any good. (voice breaking) you don't understand. i... i couldn't help myself. (gasps) i'm so sorry. we all have our weaknesses, walter. who contacted you? a man called me on the phone. i never saw him. name? nemo. said his name was fbi agent nemo. oh, that's cute. latin for "nobody"" where'd you take lorelei? i promise i'll never touch another inmate. never, i swear!
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i believe you, walter. where did you take lorelei? look at me, walter. you have a chance to make this right. where did you take lorelei? okay. i'll tell you. (vehicle approaches) he's all yours. (police radio chatter) (engine starts) stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.
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i grew up in the town, i love the town, and that's what i'm going do, take care of people i know. >> the massive cleanup far from
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over. signs of progress in new york and new jersey tonight. hello, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. life for most residents in new york and new jersey is gradually getting back to where it had been before hurricane sandy. in new york carpool restrictions have been lifted, and most subway lines are running. power has been restored to all but a 10th of new york city residents. warming centers remain open for those still without lek tries. schools will be open tomorrow for 1 million new york city school students. governor christie is urging schools that have not open to be creative to get students back to the classroom. >> we've got a lot of work to do but we've already accomplished a lot, from 2.7 million people out of power, we're down to under a million in less than six days of work so we're making progress, doing the things we need to do.
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you know i will continue to ride herd over these folks and make sure what needs to get done will get done. >> gas continues to be raged but the governor says he hopes to lift that order soon and he insists there is no gas shortage in the statement he says the long gas lines should subside now that refineries are running again, and that president obama has ordered millions of gallons of gas sent to the region. aid to new york will soon be arriving from this area. matt jablow reports tonight. the city of fairfax is now doing its part to help some of sandy's victims. >> when tragedy hits, i think we're ready to help. >> reporter: captain laura is head of the criminal investigation divisi of the city of fairfax police department. >> my coworkers rally whenever they need to. >> reporter: during more than 20 years as a police officer she has unfortunately witnessed all types of tragedies. >> you just don't know what mother nature is going to bring. >> reporter: but none, apparently, prepared her for the video she saw on television of the almost unimaginable
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damage along the highly populated coastline of new york and new jersey. >> i cried and i came into work on friday and i just went about what could i do to help. >> reporter: inspired by heartbreaking images of the pain, captain kenyan moved quickly into action organizing a fad, clothing and supply drive at the police department. >> i just think it's time that we all just pay it forward. >> reporter: people stopped by all day long in a show of generosity that captain kenyan says has truly reafirmed her faith in human attempt. >> reporter: what do you think of this response? >> it has been heart warming, amazing. people are good. >> reporter: the food and clothing drive continues at the city of fairfax police department. all day long monday and tuesday everything that's collected is expected to be driven up to the fork area early wednesday
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morning by captain kenyan and a few other fairfax police officers in vehicles donated by a local car dear. matt jablow, 9news now. on the final weekend before the election president barack obama was teaming up on the campaign trail with former president bill clinton. the president rallied for votes in florida, ohio, and colorado. meanwhile, mitt romney started his day in iowa, followed by stops in ohio, pennsylvania, and virginia. danielle nottingham reports on the race to the finish. >> reporter: stevie wonder opened for president obama in cincinnati, ohio, adding some new lyrics to one of his old hits. the president followed by singing the praises of his supporters. >> i need you, ohio. >> reporter: ohio is just one of several battleground states both candidates visited sunday. >> if the president were to be reelected, he would --
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it's possible, but not likely. >> reporter: mitt romney also traveled to iowa and pennsylvania where he cut into the president's lead. the election is so close, the president even joined president bill clinton in new hampshire, which holds just four of the 270 electoral votes needed to win. both the romney and obama campaigns are predicting a victory on tuesday, but the polls show a very tight race with no clear favorite. pollsters say if anyone has an edge, it's the president, because he needs fewer swing states to win the white house. >> i still think the electoral college is easier for the president to get to 270. it's not impossible for governor romney but all the pieces have to fit together for him. >> reporter: there are few undecided voters left, and the candidates know the race could come down to what does the best job getting their supporters to the polls. both candidates will continue
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their break-neck pace on monday, crisscrossing the country during the final hours of the campaign. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. virginia is, of course, one of those states that could go either way on tuesday. both candidates are trying to reach voters in every demographic. tonight surae chinn reports the campaigns today focused on asian voters in northern virginia. >> reporter: the weather very good today, says ben romney, trying to connect with his chinese audience. the gop dispatched romney's son to annandale. >> we hope they will come out and support my dad and paul ryan and put us over the top here in virginia. >> i really expect mitt romney to win a close race in virginia. >> reporter: not too far away in the heart of the vietnamese community in falls church, tim
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kaine you remembered asian americans to get out to vote. governor mitt romney may have a tougher sell among asian voters because of his strong stance on china and trade relations. >> trade relations with china could be changed from its current status. >> reporter: a woman in the crowd asked romney about his father's unfriendly comments. >> my concern is that he wants to appeal to the chinese american community, yet he's said many times that he would later china a currency manipulator and try to negotiate trade agreements. >> he has said that he would label china a currency manipulator on day one, but that's so we can have fair trade. >> is it too close to call? some believe women voters and the asian vote could tip the balance either way on tuesday. >> asian-american voters have been very energized. >> reporter: in northern virginia, surae chinn, 9news
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now. >> turns out that more than 52,000 residents in the nation's capital voted early in this year's election. the board of elections says that's more than 10% of the district's registered voters and more than double the number of early voters in the september 2010 primary. we've got continuing coverage of the upcoming national and local elections on the website. you can go to and click on the campaign 2012 banner at the top of the home page. well, the redskins coach, mike shanahan has given up on the team making the playoffs. following today's loss to the panthers shanahan suggested players would be playing for their jobs after week five. >> the words can really be misconstrued, but when they initially were said, all the media folks and people that were listening in on tv were just like waving the white flag, what's going on.
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we're only week nine. the skins were back home playing a one-win team that has struggled all season and playing in front of some of the best redskins of all-time so it was a special day for them. like you said, it was a game that they should have won, bruce. instead, robert griffin iii's body language says it all. what the heck happened today? for the second day in a row the offense put up one of its lowest production days, an embarrassing day. fans are calling for some serious personnel changes this week but rgiii doesn't agree with that. >> people are going to criticize you and criticize the coaches, criticize the players. they are going to say that a drastic change needs to be made but i don't feel that way. i feel it's on us, on the players to make sure we go out there and play. >> very disappointed, very emotional, just as everybody would be, so you go back and take a look at what made mistakes and what we need to do as a staff to improve to make
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sure we eliminate some of those mistakes. >> for us to become a downward trend right now is disappointing. hopefully we can get rejuvenated, reenergized, come back and play better. >> a very deep locker room. but shanahan said some things that has a lot of fans and players upset. he said when you lose a game like that, now you're playing to see who is going to be on your football team for years to come. stay ties stiesly the -- statistically the redskins can still make the playoffs, but it has a lot of people thinking he's already moved on to next year. >> is it's one things for us, the fans to say it, but another thing for the coach. >> especially week nine, november, you don't talk about evaluating your players or the team going forward in week nine. yeah, they're on a three-game losing streak. they've had some rough outings. but we saw some promise at the beginning of the season, so
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maybe this bye week hopefully they can right the ship but as your head coach to say that what does that do to the morale of the team. >> kristen, thanks a lot j. moving on, an alexandria family is desperately searching for a man missing for two weeks. hurricane sandy hindered search operations for 64-year-old mohammed yazdani. this morning fairfax police were able to resume the search. teams covered a park where bloodhounds first received the scent. he suffers from dementia. >> please, he's somebody's dad, he's somebody's brother, he's somebody's husband, he's some bed's near and dear friend. he doesn't pose a threat or danger to anyone. if anyone knows anything, we ask that you please, please call the cops. >> he has walked away before but fever for this long.
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he was wearing sweat pants and shirts when he was last scene. later tonight, joy comes in the middle of some difficult times. >> she is one heck of a story, that's for sure. >> the juxtaposition of the two is incredible. it gives you hope that there's always something good coming out of tragedy. >> a family addition in the middle of hurricane sandy. but just ahead, a toddler's visit to the pittsburgh zoo turns incredibly tragic. and we are tracking some very cold air moving into our region. we are going to see freeze warnings in effect for much of the northern and western suburbs of the district. that means that as we send the kids out to the bus stop, or if you're headed to the bus stop, you are going to need to bundle up and prepare for temperatures that will feel more like december than the middle of november. more details coming up in the seven-day forecast.
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tragedy at the pittsburgh zoo today. three-year-old toddler somehow falls into a dangerous animal exhibit where he dies. 11 african dogs surrounded the boy and zoo officials say some attacked him.
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a couple of the men around that area were running up to the dog pen and banging on the wood, trying to get the dogs to kind of leave the kid alone, telling the kid to run. >> tonight authorities are trying to determine whether the boy died from being mauled from the 14-foot fall into the dogs' enclosure. the dogs weigh up to 80 pounds and considered endangered. we've got some relief at the pump. the average price of a gallon of gasoline has dropped 21 cents over the past two weeks. a lundberg survey puts the average price of regular at $3.55 a gallon. in the washington area, the average price is a bit higher at $3.75. diesel fuel dipped 7 cents. memphis tennessee the lowest, the price of gas there, $3.11. the highest price, that's in san francisco, $4.05 a gallon j. a tanker fully loaded with gasoline crashed and exploded
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on a highway near seattle killing the driver. 9,000 gallons of gas caught fire. no word on would caused the truck and trailer to leave the freeway and roll over. two cars were also involved in that accident. just ahead on 9news now, the new york marathon canceled because of sandy but thousands of runners were on the streets anyway. >> just like everybody else you see out here, we all got together, and we were going to run. we were here, because new york city has been here for us. >> we're going to tell you why the runners decided to race despite the canceled marathon. and it's going to feel a lot like winter tonight. erica has details. stay with us.
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some 40,000 people were expected to run the new york city marathon but the event was canceled in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. today thousands of runners volunteered to show up for an unofficial race to raise money for hurricane victims. some made a loop around central park. others ran on staten island where the marathon should have started. they carried backpacks full of supplies to help victims. >> these marathoners, they're probably not even staten islanders, look would they're doing. >> the least we could do is to help them out in their time of need. >> the charity continued in hoboken, new jersey, where chefs donated their time to cook warm meals for residents left without power. that's good stuff. >> an entirely appropriate way to handle the situation given the circumstances, i believe. >> absolutely. and thank god everybody came to
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their senses and they didn't hold the official event. >> i think it would have diverted resources. >> something big this weak. >> we do have a coastal storm in the forecast. it's not going to be another sandy, but it is going to be something that will cause some weather problems for us later on in the week. let's take a look outside with the michael & son weather cam. a nice shot of the capital building. clear skies, 43 degrees, clouds lingering, but in general we have clear skies. the dew point all the way down to 28, and i'll tell you why that's significant in just a second. winds out of the north- northwest at 8. in our weather headline, we have very cold temperatures setting up shop for us overnight tonight. a freeze warning is in effect for the early morning hours tomorrow. that's from 4:00 to 8:00 a.m. it is because of those mostly clear skies. it allows the heat to radiate up into the atmosphere. dew points very low.
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those factors combine to give us cold temperatures, and that's why we have that freeze warning in effect for the northern and western counties to the north and west of the district. and it could be the first hard freeze of the season in some of those locations. we're already down into the thirpts hagerstown and leesburg. 39 in both of those places. winchester down to 36 already. 41 in frederick, 43 in downtown d.c., 43 also in pax river. we are dog see temperatures continue to fall through the overnight hours. you can see there isn't a lot of cloud cover here and the sprinkles in the pittsburgh area are not going to materialize into anything for us but we are keeping an eye on our next storm system. you can see it starting to bring some rain into iowa and missouri, and that will dive to the south, then make its way up the coast p line, and that's in our forecast for wednesday, not before election day, which is good news. you don't have to worry about the umbrella. overnight mostly clear, very chilly down to 28 in the
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suburbs, 37 downtown. monday morning make sure the kids have the winter coat on. not a light jacket. it is going to be cold with temperatures only in the 30s. a light wind out of the north- northwest, and that sunrise time now 6:40 a.m. our sunset time 5:03 p.m. tomorrow. mostly sunny, still chilly with highs between 46 and 52. we are going to take a look at the zone. pretty consistent here because we are going to see that light breeze out of the northwest 48 in martinsburg, 51 in leesburg, 50 in manassas and along the beltway we'll see temperatures in the low 50s. 52 in d.c. and andrews, 52 in annapolis and easton. those temperatures are going to remain on the cool side for the next several days. it looks like election day is going to be a cool one in some of our battleground states. we're taking a look at this because weather sometimes plays a part in how many people get out to the polls. in wisconsin, weather is not looking very good, especially
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in wausau. 41 degrees with a mixture of rain and snow. 41 in milwaukee as well. it will be nice and dry in ohio. cool, though, with all that sunshine temperatures only around 50. in new hampshire 35. back at home the threat for rain approaching from the south. so wilmington, north carolina, getting the rain on tuesday but the rest of us stay dry. our last battleground state, florida, the chance for thunderstorms, especially in the northern tiers of the state. in jacksonville, temperatures only in the six. green for monday and tuesday, but then on wednesday because of that approaching nor'easter with the strong winds and heavy rainfall we are going to see code yellow in effect for that day. in the seven-day outlook, we are going to see more of that rainfall from wednesday into
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thursday, and temperatures remaining very chilly here. it is going to be windy as well, especially on wednesday. so beach erosion is a concern on wednesday. all right, bruce? have to look out for your beach house. >> got it. >> keeping an eye on it four. for one northern new jersey family the memories of hurricane sandy will be bittersweet. as soon as they left for safer ground, hide dee's water broke where she was quickly taken to a hospital. that's where little jordan made her entry into the world two weeks early. >> everything is covered in the muck. everything smells of algae. >> to see all that really hard work and excitement and anticipation kind of get washed away, it was really devastating. >> i think it was pretty much crisis mode. we were like, okay, we have to do this, she's coming.
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>> it kind of just gives you hope that there's always something good coming out of the bad. >> baby jordan weighed in at a healthy 7 pounds 2 ounces. we're told everybody is doing just fine tonight. just ahead on 9news, coach shanahan putting players on notice. kristen is up next.
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mike shanahan called today's matchup against carolina a must win, a chance to salvage their season and head into the bye week on a high note, yet what we saw was a team struggling in front of hundreds of alumni. despite being a one-win team carolina has stayed inpractically every game until the end. but today the redskins offense couldn't find much of a rhythm. >> i think we need to make sure we continue to stay in between the ears. you don't want to feel sorry for yourself. you don't want to accept defeat. you try to continue to get better. just make sure you go out there with no excuses. >> and rocky parish is here. >> you know at


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