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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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it's going to be dry on your wednesday morning commute. coming home would be wet if the storm got far enough west. track is uncertain. the storm will develop. that's in stone. but the track is uncertain. it could miss us and could give us a brush. if it goes further west in rain and wind and even snow are possible. here is the energy right now back into kentucky and tennessee and back into the southeast. this will move off the coast of the southeast as we get into tomorrow night. won't be a noreaster until tomorrow night and begin to move up the coast. chilly right now. the ground above freezing. we're in the 40s, come back and talk about a freeze warning and talk about the wednesday event. also have weather for the battleground states. >> we'll see you then. people who lost their homes in super storm sandy are trying to salvage what they can as they brace for the possible noreaster. a million people remain without power one week after the storm. >> commuting is difficult with
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gas shortages and mass transit problems and now another storm heading to the area. one homeowner who barely made it out alive. >> reporter: good evening. there are so many people in this hard hit community who have lost absolutely everything they own. this afternoon we spoke to one man who clung to life but using his roof top as a life raft. he holds up one of the few possessions he didn't lose. >> my military uniform. >> the father of two survived a wrack and 9/11. but the water from the storm was almost too much. >> got close enough we didn't have to be in the water too long. a couple strokes. jumped from the dining room table on to the roof. stayed on the roof for about an hour. >> you floated out of here on your neighbor's roof. >> picked the home up off its foundation and dropped it back down about a half mile from
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here. many residents of this community are hoping to rebuild. but he believes this neighborhood is beyond repair. >> there's no coming back from this. >> he was grateful he was able to keep the promise to his son to stay alive. >> i thought right there i'm going to break this kid's promise and he's not going to have a father and he's going to have to live with that for the rest of his life. i couldn't do it. i had to get home to my son. >> sandy left 40,000 people in new york city homeless. more than a million people in new york and new jersey still don't have power. and another storm is on its way. >> the storm could bring more flooding although thankfully not of the scale that sandy did. >> commuting is tough as people wait on long lines for buses, trains and ferries. most new york city schools reopened today for the first time since sandy hit. >> all afternoon we've heard the helicopters overhead and the national guard has now arrived on staten island. people here are happy there will be help and aid. back to you.
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>> you can imagine how long they've been waiting. thank you. medical vans are arriving tomorrow providing care and distributing much needed prescription drugs to residents who remain in their homes. >> as the hardship continues, the giving continues here in the washington area. all kinds of people and organizations are doing what they can to help sandy's many victims. >> the support for this initiative has been spectacular. >> as president of aol ventures, john broad is responsible for the global innovation efforts. >> this truck will be going to new jersey. >> today he was responsible for the company's efforts to help ease the suffering of thousands of victims of hurricane sandy. under his direction, hundreds of aol employees in virginia spent the day today loading up 18 wheeler with water and diapers and other essential items. all of which will be used by sandy's victims in new
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york and new jersey. about 20 miles away, the relief efforts continued today at the city of fairfax police department. >> i have friends within pd. >> collecting food and clothing for hurricane sandy victims. and trying to get it all to the new york area before expected noreaster hits the area sometime mid week. >> when tragedy hits, we're ready to help. and we want to help. >> also today at the fairfax community church, about 150 volunteers made about 10,000 ready to eat meals. all of which will be delivered tomorrow to the salvation army. >> church member kevin frank put the food drive together with help from the non-profit group. echoing the feelings of most people involved in helping the victims of hurricane sandy.
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after seeing the heart breaking pictures he felt he simply had to do something. >> we can change the world with acts of generosity. >> 9news now. >> and 9news is teaming up with the red cross to donate to victims. all you have to do is like us on facebook and we will donate $1 to the american red cross sandy relief fund. >> polls show this presidential race is deadlocked on the eve of the election. those candidates are making their final dash through the battleground states including virginia trying to secure every last vote. tara has the latest from the white house. >> president obama got some help from bruce springstien in wisconsin. a state he needs to win. >> we've made progress the last four years. but the reason we're all gathered here in addition to listening to bruce is because we know we've
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got more work to do. >> also includes stops in iowa and ohio. the president is arguing he deserves four more years because he's the true candidate of change. >> governor romney is a talented sales man. and in this campaign he's tried as hard as ectorepackage the same old bad items and make them out to be new ideas. >> mitt romney is also crisscrossing the battleground states. he's telling voters president obama already had four years to prove himself. >> you hope the president would live up to his promise to solve big problems. he hasn't. i will. >> romney is wrapping up campaign with rallies in florida, ohio, new hampshire and virginia. he worked to close the deal with independent voters. >> anyone who wonders whether better jobs and paychecks are a thing of the past, i have a
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clear and unequivocal message. with the right leadership, america is about to come roaring back. >> at every stop, both candidates are pleading with supporters who haven't voted early to get to the polls on tuesday. cbs news, white house. >> president obama will end his night in chicago. romney will finish in new hampshire where he's got a home. both men will have made more than 100 campaign stops. >> sky 9 was over the site of a deadly accident today. two people were killed in a multi vehicle crash on central avenue near the six flags amusement park. both lanes were closed while the emergency crews pull a person from the wreckage. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused it. metro is apologizing for a mistake over the weekend. the subway system closed at 3:00 a.m. sunday morning but clocks were moved back and stations
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should have stayed open for another hour. sorry for any inconvenience to late night customers. >> will it be a party or a wave tomorrow night? bruce johnson returns to see who people are picking to win the presidency. >> a relatively quiet election day but that noreaster will develop tomorrow night. what that means for morning commute on wednesday and evening commute on wednesday. >> a body is discovered. police are investigating what they are calling a suspicious death. details coming up.
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right now authorities are trying to identify human remains discovered over the weekend down in northern virginia. >> the body was found on brach road. near the scene with more on what we know. >> reporter: the sheriff's office said the body was badly
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decomposed. so been there for a while. at this point, police can't say the race or gender of the person. the body in a wooded area. they say this case is a priority for them. we're told it's considered a suspicious death but wouldn't speculate when i asked them if it was a homicide. there are a lot of questions that remain. and we talked to people who live and work in the area where the body was found. there were signs up for a while for a missing person. they told police took the signs down and we asked people if there was a possible connection. >> there's always a possibility yes. and we haven't ruled anything out. at this point we can't make any definitive connection from the missing person from august and the body that was recovered on saturday. >> what happens from here? >> from here, the biggest obstacle is making identification. so we'll be running dna and those types of things to figure out who this is.
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>> the sheriff's office says as usual they are looking through the missing person's database. they are also waiting for the results of an autopsy to come back. they are hoping to have those by the end of the week. 9news. >> a large fire ripped through two apartment buildings in jersey city today and an elderly man in a wheelchair was killed in that blaze. it is not clear what sparked the fire but residents say crews have been working to restore power that was knocked out by super storm sandy last week. >> residents still looking for a home a week after being hit hard by sandy. 136 units were displaced because of the flooding. that left about 278 people with no place to stay. a spokesman for the state emergency management agency says it was hit harder than any other town. for now these residents are finding shelter in a local community center. sandy has thousands of people in western maryland
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without power. 3900 homes and businesses are still in the dark after the super storm dumped up to 2.5 feet of snow on them. the storm knocked power out to 80%. edison says they expect everyone to have power by midnight tomorrow night. >> and for those who were not lucky enough or had enough time to vote early. they are worried about what the weather is like tomorrow. >> we are in good shape here. the battleground states are not bad. sometimes we get big storms. start out west nefb and colorado. no complaints here. sunshine in the 70 s. 83 in vegas. gorgeous in colorado. sunshine. temperatures in the 60s. 65 in denver. that's a pretty good deal. up to the north, wisconsin and iowa, a little bit of rain. mix rain and snow. but it's not a huge storm. should not keep those folks away from the polls. 40
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in milwaukee. 40 in madison. dry in des moines . sunshine with temperatures in the 50s. that's still not crazy cold. gorgeous in ohio. 40s in cleveland. low 50s in cincinnati. north now to new hampshire. 30s to the north. 40s to the south . that's a very good day. virginia and north carolina pretty good. dry in virginia. dry for the most part. little bit of rain may sneak into the western part as we get into the evening hours. but fairly -- kind of cool. but everybody else in the 50s. florida about what you'd expect. showers, storms. 75 in orlando. cool in jacksonville. should stay dry in miami. all in all pretty. good live outside. we are clear and about to get very
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cold tonight. temperatures, 47. look at the dew point s. 26. a good indication of how cold it can get tonight. winds are going to die down. we have a pretty cold dry air mass in place and that's a recipe for a cold night. satellite picture radar combined. here's our noreaster. will form a storm tuesday night. but the last couple model runs, the storm is trending farther east. that's good for us. it's still probably will hit new jersey and long island a little bit. may miss us and give them a medium shot. in the meantime, clear right now. clear tonight and mostly sunny start tomorrow. temperatures primarily in the 40s. mid 40s in rockville. the sun's down now temperatures are going to fall quickly. mid 40s in fairfax. even mid 40s in alexandria. a cold night ahead. freeze warning tonight.
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bring the plants inside. wednesday, the noreaster could hit. not so much in the morning. clear and cold tonight. 26 to 36. and winds out of the northeast at 10. now, look at the freeze warning. it covers the entire metro area. essentially you folks know the season is over. this is the last freeze warning issued by the national weather service. bring the plants in. mostly sunny with a cold start tuesday morning. grab a jacket and gloves especially if the lines are long and they are out the door. might need your gloves. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. and by afternoon, partly cloudy and chilly. pretty nice day. high temperatures near 50 and winds out of the northeast at 10. zone forecast is chilly out in oakland. 32 but sunshine. 44. upper 40
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s in hagers town. probably not going to make 50. leesburg, fairfax, upper 40s. little bit of a chill. average high is 60 this time of year. 50 in southern maryland. st. marys county. wind not a factor. not a small craft advisory. and 49 and 48 up into frederick. so breakdown election day for you. a cold start. 26 to 36 at 6:00. in the 40s at noon. even if you go vote at lunch time, it's still going to be chilly. and 5:00, temperatures 45 to 50. next three days, 9 weather alerts, green tomorrow, quiet and cool. possibly wet in the morning on thursday. depends on the track. 49 on tuesday. 45 on wednesday. and 53 on thursday . next 7 days. good news. in the wake of the storm going to get warmer.
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60 on friday. look what happens over the weekend. skins have a bye week but the ravens in town. temperatures in the 60s. could be near 70 on sunday which is going to be kind of a nice little change of pace. and 63 with showers on monday. so noreaster will develop we can say with certainty. the track not so certain. we might escape this one. >> you are owe if i believely not allowed to tweet next weekend. >> early voting is any indication. long lines at the polls tomorrow. we'll breakdown the keys of tomorrow's presidential race. >> up next, the end of the line for adult toy that poses a danger to young children.
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say good by to those stress relieving magnet toys. bucky balls and bucky cubes are going bye-bye. the safety commission sued the makers saying they are dangerous to children if swallowed. and the agency says some children endured several surgeries because of damage.
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the adult toys are still for sale. i bought this one today. but once they are gone, they are gone. consumer reports released reliability rankings and it is bad news for ford motor company. dropped to near the bottom of the list of 28 makes only jaguar does worse. other automakers are delivering less trouble prone vehicles.. >> when you buy a new car you want one that will keep you out of the repair shop. and got a good chance with toyota. consumer report says it is the most reliable carmaker out there. the findings are based on subscribers experience with more than a million vehicles. >> the scion toyota and lexus finished 1st, 2nd and third. >> all japanese brands. ford's reliability dropped way down this year. >> just two years ago more than 90% of fords were average or better for reliability. in the last couple years, they've
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released new or redesign models. >> those models. also problematic, relatively new entertainment system. >> gm did better. most reliable domestic car . >> the most reliable? the toyota prius. have above average reliability. >> when the prius was released. there was a lot of skepticism about how well they will holdup. proven very reliable. >> consumer report says it will wait to see how well the redesigned 2013 escape, fusion and lincoln models holdup. too new to be included in this year's analysis. >> the price you'll pay for speed camera violations. the good news and the bad news. >> a couple left out a -- let
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out a scream when they found something slithering around storage locker. who wouldn't scream? >> coming up, a poll about tomorrow's election. you'll see surprise at the results. i'll have that story coming up.
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downtown dc erupted into an all night party four years ago when obama was first elected president. and it will be another first if the african american loses the white house tomorrow. >> bruce johnson returned to the corridor today to see if people are planning for another party or a wake tomorrow night. >> a tv crew from denmark was broadcasting inside the corridor today. >> all of the media is into the american election. >> if obama wins, it's the place to be in dc. >> a lot of joy full people. i hope obama win
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s again. >> when obama became the first african american to win the white house, the crowds on the street and the city erupted and the celebrations well into the night. >> also had to do with being able to exhale. we were done with bush. >> thousands would gather tomorrow to watch the results. >> i think we'll be prepared to make our toast at around 10:30, 11:00. >> if the younger americans don't show up to vote, then i believe that romney has a good chance. >> obama is still by far the favorite over mitt romney. >> electoral college are the votes he'll get. i predict he'll easily surpass 300. >> there was support for the candidate as well. and some undecided voters. >> i think maybe romney can be that change. >> who are you voting for tomorrow? >> i have no idea yet. >> consider this, right now
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there's a father and daughter in here. he's for romney. she's for obama. catholic family. so much distention in the family, won't even go on camera. >> city's unemployment rate is well above the national average. state hood was never a possibility under obama. but in these parts, the president gets high marks in healthcare, education, supreme court appointments. ending two wars. women's issues and same sex marriage. and the pride he brings to african americans. win or lose tomorrow night, his place in history is set. >> democrats out number republicans by 10 to 1 margin in the district. president obama is expected to win dc and maryland. virginia, of course is one of those key swing states that both campaigns are trying to win. >> more than 52,000 dc residents have voted for the president. that is more than 10% of the city's registered voters.
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at least 30 million people in 24 states voted early in the election. but no votes will be counted until tomorrow. joining us now to preview the election is don kettle. the dean of the school of public policy at the university of maryland. you will get to see a good bit of him tonight and tomorrow. thanks for coming in early. we know people across our area have stood in long lines to vote early. what are we thinking that's going to mean tomorrow? >> could be even longer lines for tomorrow. good day to get there early to vote because the ballot is complicated. could very well take a long time for people to get through. and a longer time for the votes to get counted. >> may have already made their decision. but if they go through the ballot, could be the thing that takes longer. >> especially if you are in maryland. some of the propositions are long. if you have to read every one, going to be a lot longer to work your way
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through. >> let's talk about the key things to look for. >> the key things to be watching for are turn out to be as likely a high as turn out as predicted. what's going to be happening in the swing states, ohio, florida, wisconsin, new hampshire, colorado. and as we get further into it, real problems with different demographics of making sure each candidate can get the people out there to the polls. >> let's talk about the battleground in our back yard. a lot has been made about virginia. looked at it today. looked as if he was suggesting virginia is leaning more toward president obama at 72.6%. what do you make of that? just days ago it was too close to call to tell you which way it was leaning. >> he thinks it's about a three quarter chance obama is going to win. what we're going to be watching for is what happens in
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counties like swing counties that in the last couple elections. so has gone virginia. and as virginia goes, ohio and as virginia and ohio go, that may determine. >> depending on which person gets virginia and ohio, you may be able to call it early or a very long night. >> absolutely. and if they split or specially if they go for romney, they could be in for a very long night. that's why we have the elections and very close. and the polls in virginia are within the margin of error. >> when you take a look at the major polls, the president seems to be trending maybe just a few points higher. higher in most of those polls. could these polls be wrong? or do obama supporters have something to be celebrating today? and do romney supporters or could they be the ones celebrating? >> much too early for anybody to
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celebrate. the thing we have to remember is that these polls all have a margin of error in them that could make them go either way. what's been important is they've been leaning more in this direction since the hurricane hit. but much too close to call. >> could be a very long night or a very very long night depending on what happens. we know you'll be here. crunch the numbers for the counties. don kettle, dean of public policy. thanks so much for coming in. and a voter's guide for all of the races, log on to our web site wusa and click on campaign 2012. >> a new fine schedule going into affect today for speed camera violators in washington d.c. beginning today, if you are caught speeding up to 10 miles over the limit goes to $50 instead of the current $75. if you are 11 to 15 miles over, fines drop from $125 down to
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$100. if you are really a led foot, you'd get a $300 ticket instead of $250. held a hearing today on citizens complaints about the traffic enforcement cameras. but the changes go into affect and don't require council approval to do that. the fair increased by a quarter to $1.25. the county service known as the bus is still one of the least expensive in the region. comparable fairs are around $1.60. the increase is necessary cause everything else costs more too. >> still ahead tonight, a firefighter's first day on the job comes with plenty of drama without the flames. we'll show you what he had to do. >> bring in the plants if you haven't already. we'll show you the advisories. we have a freeze warning in affect. we'll come back to talk about how cold it's going to get. election day weather and track that
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noreaster. >> also a woman shooting video of her husband landing a plane captures something she never expected. and don't forget we're always on, on stay with us. we'll be right back.
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caught on tape, a collision between a small plane and an suv. the pilot's wife was shooting video of the landing when her husband clipped an approaching sport utility vehicle. the plane skidded to a stop and william davis was not injured. two people inside the suv were treated for minor injuries. four weeks away from getting his pilot's license. he says he's not sure he's going to try flying again. >> two police officers are being mourned tonight following a deadly helicopter accident. they were searching for a missing 9 year old boy when their chopper struck a power poll on saturday night. they are leaving flowers at a makeshift memorial where they went down that. later boy was found safe and sound. they've established a trust fund for the families of the officers. and four people were killed and several injured in an accident in elk grove, california yesterday. a ford
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expedition crossed the centerline and smacked head on into a honda accord. people were thrown from both vehicles. 7 people are being treated for serious injuries. >> a trip to the storage locker took a rather shocking turn. they found a 15 foot boa constrictor. animal control officers arrived on the scene and they had to call for back up. the couple says they had no idea how that snake got into their locker. they did take a picture before it was taken away. >> still ahead tonight, a painful topic for many this monday. we're debating the future of the team coming up. >> but first, a look at taking vitamins. does it help your heart? we'll talk about that in our health alert.
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topping tonight's health alert, a new study on multi vitamins. this one looks at whether taking vitamins does the heart good. apparently not followed 15,000 healthy male doctors for 11 years. they found no difference.
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>> didn't not affect the rate of having a heart attack or dying from cardiac disease or requiring coronary such as bypass surgery. >> short story here, researchers say when it comes to your ticker, taking a vitamin is nowhere near a substitute. most of us will be nervous on the first day of a new job. in california one firefighter didn't have a chance to worry about rookie nerves. steve shows us how he was focused on a bundle of joy. >> had studied in class. carried it out in textbook form. >> got everything set up and it happened. >> it happened all right. he delivered a baby on his first day on the job. here's a picture of mom and baby. 7 pound samiah resting after emergency entrance. >> only thing i didn't ask her is why we were there. but you never know what goes on in
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the middle of the night. >> the labor snuck up on mom so fast there was only time to call 911. he arrived 10 minutes before the birth. >> it's just the luck of the draw. that could be our next call. you never know. >> it was the call of a life time and happened on his first shift. the call to bring a new life safely into the world. >> and that was steve reporting. may have been firefighter's first delivery but mom was no new mom. it was her 4th child. he did have experience of his own. he became a father 6 weeks ago but at a hospital with a doctor in attendance. whole different thing. >> probably where he really wanted to be. >> did you see all the hair on that baby? >> are you jealous? >> we have bald babies. not now. they are okay. we had 33 inches of snow in parts of west
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virginia. we're going to take you to china now. big time snow over the weekend now. this is pretty impressive. from 4 to 8 inches. and nothing compared to what we had in western maryland. pretty nice little snow fall. for us, different story. it's just chilly. little below average. live look outside. clear skies. temperatures in the 40s. 47 downtown. dew point 26. good indication of how cool we can get through the nighttime hours. winds are light. radar, well these are the showers back in western kentucky. this will become the noreaster as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours. move to a point off the southeast coast. and that will work its way up the coast.
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>> 44 right now. 42 in vienna. 40s across the board. and with that dry air mass in place and clear skies, temperatures are going to fall. it is a freeze warning in affect. >> a quiet election day. noreaster develops. that is pretty much set in stone. the track is uncertain. noreaster could hit us on wednesday. especially wednesday afternoon and wednesday night. for tonight, clear and cold. one, maybe two blanket. 26 to 36. winds northeasterly at about 10. by morning, mostly sunny . a cold start and again, if you are going to vote early and get caught in a line that extends outside the building, you'll need a jacket and gloves. 30s and 40s. winds northeasterly at 10. partly cloudy and chilly. a few high clouds late. and winds out of the northeast at about 10. so chilly day but a bright day and pretty quiet day
5:48 pm
across the country in terms of election day weather. no excuse not to vet. green, yellow, yellow. 49 tomorrow. a few high clouds come in late. bright brisk start. a possible noreaster on wednesday. 45. your eyes do not deceive you. that is a snow flake. some of this cold air could work its way into the system and give us wet snow. not so much accumulating snow. and if it's tracked close enough to land, give us left over showers or rain on thursday. in the morning, we go back in the low 50s. next 7 days. in the wake of the storm, no matter what direction it takes, it's going to get milder. sunshine on friday. look at the weekend. mid 60s on saturday. near 70 on sunday . ravens in town. next chance for showers will be mond. temperatures in the low 60s. it will form. but we might get lucky. it might stay out to see. >> thank you. this is what
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everybody is talking about around here anyway. the washington redskins lose their third straight game and it was not pretty. the carolina panthers had only won one game. we were supposed to beat them. didn't happen. we got a beat down on what dubbed home coming weekend. robert griffin iii couldn't generate any magic and the defense was magic less. mike shanahan was not a happy man. and here's what he had to say. >> when you lose a game like that, now you are playing to see who obviously is going to be on your football team for years to come. and now got a chance to evaluate players and see where we're at. not out of it statistically. now, we find out what type of character we got and how guys keep on fighting through the rest of the season. >> now to some folks this sounded like mike shanahan has given up. talk about that
5:50 pm
press conference and everybody wants to know was the coach throwing in the towel? what do you think? >> i see how they can take it that way at first. kind of in the heat of the moment. the team has not been playing well. but mike shanahan spoke to this point today in his monday press conference and said when he said evaluate the players, he meant the bye week. it was just taken out of context. i think it was more to put his players on notice. like you said, from what we've seen, they've just been awful. not been this team we saw at the beginning of the season. >> they are down a lot of players as well. did it sound the wrong way? should he even be talking like this? >> you could say that. i think he was addressing the big picture. i don't think anyway shape or form was addressing this team as saying we are giving up on the season. we've heard coaches say this before. he even addressed it today and say yeah maybe i could have said
5:51 pm
it differently. what he was doing was throwing a shot and saying as we go down the stretch and we've got to win, we're going to see who is all in here. >> some of the words when he said we'll see who is here for years to come. and i think that's what got people saying we have 7 games left what are you talking about years to come? >> should the owner evaluate who is coaching for years to come. we've been in the same spot for the last three years. a couple good games. everybody gets all worked up and then it's not. >> you talk about people getting worked up. who got worked up? super fans. this has been a rebuilt from the start. redskins 5 and 11. 6 and 10 football team. go back and check the tape. i said it earlier this year. this team is in my opinion right where they need to be. they are going to be a 6 and 10 football team. >> that's what we had last
5:52 pm
year. we're not any better with rgiii? >> you are better but got to get better in the secondary and other key positions and a lot different areas. this is a team that's in a rebuild. and got a long way to go. >> this team needs a little consistency. don't go changing everything with the coaching. he needs consistency to get this offense going. >> very quickly, the man who is at the head of the defense, they have been taken a pounding. is it time to fire the defensive coordinator? >> he said today he's not making changes during the bye week. but his other thing was they've given up so much for a lot of these players and they are not playing to the level they expected. that was what he was trying to say. but firing a coach in the middle of the season is not going to do anything. >> all right. appreciate having both of you here. this was a fun conversation. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead tonight on 9, supporter ands
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opponents with all kinds of issues making final push. take you to some of those rallies. >> it's the eve of election day and still undecided. who are these voters and what's it going to take for them to make up their mind? >> and up next, helping children finds something fulfill to go do during the day.
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the national center on family homelessness says more than a million children in america have no place to call their own. and in the dc area, one organization is serving children of these homeless families by providing an enriching day care center. >> this is my daughter. bright beginnings is the home away from home for two children. 4 year old frederick and 3 year old guendolin. they live in
5:57 pm
transitional housing. >> bright beginnings provides the stability for these children. >> children have a safe place. >> i feel comfortable leaving them here so i can fulfill my dreams of going back to school. >> the 26-year-old enrolled her pre-schoolers 2.5 years ago after a social worker told her about bright beginnings. >> i was one of them over protective moms. >> bright beginnings offers free services for youngsters from 6 weeks to five years old. >> with my daughter, i've seen she's normally bossy but now she's learning leadership skills versus being bossy. with my son, he does have a behavior problem. but we're working on it together. >> the center teaches social skills to children so they will be ready for kindergarten. >> teachers are dedicated.
5:58 pm
they are individual s s who want to work with this population. they are well educated. they could work in any educational setting. >> for mothers, the center offers parenting classes. >> they are teaching patience. >> the center is so successful, there is a wait list of almost 200 youngsters since families are losing jobs. >> all the need is tremendous but we just don't have the space. >> 9news now. >> bright beginnings currently serves 86 children and to learn how to donate or volunteer go to >> this is 9news now. >> all the campaigning, all those ads and all comes down to one more day. tonight president obama and mitt romney are in the home stretch trying to convince every last voter why they should earn their vote tomorrow. >> before we get you caught up on the very latest on the
5:59 pm
polling, the 9 weather team is keeping a close eye on what could happen the day after the election. in the weather center tracking a noreaster. >> not tuesday but wednesday we'll have a storm off the coast. depends on where it tracks. could be quite interesting if it hugs the coast a little. could bring us a little of the four letter word. snow. it will develop off the coast tomorrow night off the southeast coast. we're looking at a dry morning commute. even if it tracks up toward us, not going to get us until late morning and afternoon. the morning commute is going to be fine. evening commute could be wet. it could miss us. a couple models. just came into the weather office and have it far enough east. does not hit the immediate metro area. rain and wind and even snow are possible with this storm as it moves up the coast. don't think it's going to be a case where it hi


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