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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  November 6, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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peggy forks live with the kaine campaign. would there be any signs of cautious opt mitch down there on the kaine side of the aisle? >> definite cautious optimism. we heard and update a short time ago about how they're feeling. they're seeing we could see high voter turnout and they are seeing electorate that look like the '08 election than 2004. there are also see more sporadic democratic voters than republican voters. we were in prince william county today and we did run into some voters who were upset with governor cain's cuts to spending.
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kaine's cuts to spending. >> we think the biggest building campaign that's ever been done on our community college and college campuses but look, i did have to make tough budget cuts, including cutting my salary while my opponent was increasing him and most virginia ns want people in the senate who will be able to make tough decisions. >> reporter: governor allen has tried to portray your connection with president obama as a bad thing. you, of course, are doing the opposite. how do you think that's going to play out in how virginia virginia goes in the presidential election? >> virginia is not a state that says it's bad to partner with the president. so my first three years, i partnered with president bush. i worked with him on a lot of key projects. >> no surprises. >> reporter: of course, in 2008, virginia went for barack obama, the first time since 1964 that virginia voted for a
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democrat for the president. now, tim kaine, of course, is hoping that happens again but the kaine campaign also acknowledges that there are some romney voters and independents who will be voting for kaine as well. now we're going to head over to the george allen headquarters where my colleague andrea mccarron takes over. andrea, what's going on over there? >> reporter: i am with susan allen who in this day and age a candidate's wife seems to log swch mileages the candidate himself. what are you hearing on the road with regards to women's issues? >> it's all about the pocketbook. women are concerned about the economy, whether they can get a job, whether their children can get a job, whether their spouse or friend can get a job. i've been on the road a year and a half and that was the topic everybody across the board was discussing. the policies have been more harm full to women.
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>> reporter: how difficult is it to listen to some of the negative attacks on your husband in that whole election has been marked by that? >> it's unfortunate because, again, i think voters are smarter than that. i think they see through the issues that are portrayed as women's issues. they understand there are people like george allen who want to work hard to get the economy going on like he did as governor bringing jobs to virginia, so i feel the only way to combat that is stay out there on the trail and spent the year and a half talking to a lot of women, talking to voters about george's ideas. >> reporter: let me jumping in with one last question. we have a very short time. i heard that some people believe that the republican party is in some ways alienating women. there have been controversial remarks about rape and abortion, what's your take on that? >> my take is women understand that this election is about jobs, economy and they see through the smoke and mirrors.
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it's a tactic that's been used year after year and women are smarter than that. >> reporter: i mow you're excited regardless of the results tonight, you get to go home and sleep in your own bed. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> reporter: we will be reporting to you throughout tonight. >> andrea mccarron, thank you for that. virginia the big battle ground in our area but now we move on to maryland where voters are weighing in on major iues. bruce leshan, we're talking expanded gaming here. >> reporter: no kidding. we saw all the an ads in the presidential race and it seems if you're washington washington d.c. tv, there are just as many ads about expanding gaming. you see the big vote for question 7 behind me, the big sign, and supporters are hoping to hold a big victory party here at national harbor tonight.
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this is where they want to build a $800 million destination resort casino, but first they have to get the nod from voters to build both maryland sz sixth casino and to allow table games at slots palses across -- pal asses across maryland. voters are conflicted because of either side of this issue. polls suggest that voters going into this are split right down the middle. >> i'm just -- i'm not certain when i get in there which way i'm going to go. >> reporter: you're actually going to decide in the ballot box. >> in the ballot box, that's what i'm going to do. >> that will bring more jobs. i didn't think any would go toward the schools and i need a job. >> reporter: ununemployed and looking for work? >> i've been looking for work for the past five years.
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>> reporter: supporters are promising thousands of new jobs and tax money for schools. critic say all that is a pipe dream and there's no guarantee of new money for schools, that there's no guarantee that legislators won't fiddle with the funding mechanisms and leave classrooms with no additional funds. the whole wool, of course, is watching the watching the contest of -- >> reporter: derrick, hi, sorry about that. couldn't hear you there for a second. i'm live here at the baltimore sound stage, it's really ground zero for marylanders for marriage quality. they want to see same-sex marriage passed. it's one of several hot button ballot questions, as we all know and marylanders are going to be facing this election day. question 6, governor martin o'malley signed it into law. there were so many opponents, they pushed it, got a lot of
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signatures, pushed it to a referendum. this is going to be the place where lots of people will be coming who are for same-sex marriage. it could be a very historic vote. let me show you what's going on here. mott much right now. it is pretty quiet in this area. you can see back there and there's a stage, the marylanders for quality are hoping to -- eequality are hoping to have a party here. this is going to be the first time frk it passes a public vote, that means people who live in the state will have passed same-sex marriage. it's currently legal in six states and d.c. but every time legalized by court ruling and legislative vote. i will tell you one thing, probably be the only time ulg not see me with this thing on my head because it's actually quiet right now but this is going to be a very, very busy place a little bit later on. we're live here in baltimore, maryland, back to you. >> it is a topic and issue and passions run very high about.
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deborah alpharone, thank you. reporter danielle nottingham is live at the obama campaign headquarters in chicago. susan mcginnis is at romney headquarters in boston and ladies, welcome, good evening. it looks like we have a study in contrasts. mitt romney working the campaign trail in pennsylvania, president obama sitting back doing broadcast interviews, playing a game of basketball. danielle, is he confident or just out of gas? >> reporter: well, derrick, the president says he's confident that he will walk away with a victory tonight. we just got word that he did another round of interviews with tv stationness battleground states like colorado and wisconsin. the republicans know this will be a close race and they want to use every moment they can to encourage their supporters to cast a ballot, derek.
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>> one of those gop predictions that states in play like pennsylvania could be in play, that romney will steal votes? >> reporter: their concern isn't that great. they feel like they've done a good job in the ground game in the states they can control of the big states are looking at virginia, ohio and florida. they know it's going to be close, but again, they feel like they've put in the work and that the president is going to come away with a victory tonight. >> thank you, so much. let's turn to susan mcginnis live at romney headquarters in boston. and susan, as we mentioned, mitt romney broke with tradition a bit today and went out and campaigned. was this a sign that he really thinks he can turn a red state blue or is he really concerned that he doesn't have a big enough playing field to win? >> reporter: well, what i think, derek, what he's doing is all he can to get every single vote he can before the polls close for good.
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so again, what he said was he didn't want to lose this election without having done all he can, so he made this late decision to keep on campaigning until the 11th hour. that's why we saw him in cleveland, we saw him in pittsburgh. he got, you know, fabulous greetings in both places and in pittsburgh he looked at the crowd and he said now this is how you know that i'm going to win. and he sounds very confident. he also said a short time ago about his speech, he was asked if he wrote two speeches. he said he wrote one speech. he wrote a victory speech only. >> is it safe to say that virginia will be the state the romney camp will be watching the closest? >> ohio, florida, north carolina, the battleground states are the most important. ohio seems to be the big clincher, no republican has ever won the presidency without winning ohio, so that's probably the big one.
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virginia is there as well. >> su and mcginnis and danielle nottingham, i want to thank you for your time tonight. i know you're very busy. right after the break, we head into the district to talk about voter turnout and some of the city council races. plus, why some folks say washington will remain grid locked no matter who wins the presidential election. and for all the latest results, text election 9 to 25543. top top. >> we'll show you temperatures and we'll talk about the nor'easter, what that will mean for our weather tomorrow and tomorrow night. gaithersburg, 41, 43 downtown. we'll come back and talk about when you might need your umbrella.
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in the region, perhaps the country, the race for senate in virginia. we now take you back to richmond where our own peggy fox is live with the guy who already has one of those coveted jobs. peggy. >> reporter: that's right, we're here at tim kaine victory headquarters with senator mark warner. it's all about turnout. how is it going? >> turnout looks like it's going to be record all across the state as clearly in the democratic areas we've done much better but also in the rural areas that will probably vote for mr. romney have come out strong as well. >> reporter: the tim kaine campaign was saying earlier they're seeing the electorate looking more like '08 than '04. >> that may be the case. i heard that african american turnout was higher this year than in '08 which can remarkable. the whole state is changing and looking more and more like the whole face of america and i
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think that bodes well for the president and clearly for tim. >> reporter: likes like we have high voter turnout in the virginia suburbs, a four-hour wait for folks to vote. what does that mean for virginia and where virginia stands and who they're picking for president when you have a huge voter turnout in northern virginia. >> a couple of points, it's crazy in 2012, no matter who you're voting for that you have to wait for four hours to vote. we have to get that fixed before 2016. clearly northern virginia as its population continues to grow has more weight in the state. you remember when i ran for gfr, northern virginia is not that important. it is now the heavyweight in the state and that's the area the president and tim kaine will do better in. >> reporter: senator mark warner thank you for spending time with us. back to you, derek. >> we will note that cbs news has already called a from you races, they giffinin and kentucky to mitt romney and
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vermont to president obama no. surprises there. they're also giving vermont to the incumbent senate bernie sanders and again, it was expected. we will have more after this.
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we have been telling you all day about the long lines at some polling sites and get this, we're hearing a polling
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spot in woodbridge, virginia, the line is so long folks could be waiting three hours just to cast their ballots. that location is potomac middle school. we have a news crew there to scoop the whole thing out. as we had mention, polls officially in virginia close at 7 p.m. but if you were in line by 7, you will get to vote. now, no matter who we choose as our next president, he is likely to face a divided, polarized congress that still needs to tackle critical issues and they need to get it done by the end of 2012. anita brikman talked to our colleagues at usa today about how much this election can really usher in change. >> 60 minutes just did a piece on the inability of our elected leaders to get anything done because they are so divided. will things change depending on who becomes president? >> we will almost certainly continue to see a divided government.
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it's likely republicans maintain their hold on the house and the democrats on the senate. whoever wins the presidency it's going to be a close election. nobody is going to win this in a land slide so that means the side that loses doesn't necessarily acknowledge there's a mandate from voters for the candidates who win. >> reporter: but politics editor paul singer says despite any gridlock in congress, the commander in chief can still exhibit tremendous influence, especially in the metro area. >> you will see a real difference, whether obama or romney is president, particularly in the washington area based upon what programs get funded by the president. if you work at the epa, you have a very different policies depending on obama or romney. >> one interesting note from washington bureau chief, she said she's watching all this tonight and the one place she's going to be watching to see how the race is shaping up, loudoun county, virginia.
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it's the swing county in the swing state and who does well there may just be our next president. >> certainly bears watching. here's topper with our forecast. the nor'easter does appear to be a glancing blow. clouds are on the way in, chilly 43. winds out of the north- northeast at nine. they will pick up overnight, pressure steady 0.37 inches of mercury. not a direct hit. breezy and cold tonight. i think tomorrow morning's commute will be dry and rain, possibly mixed with wet snow late tomorrow and especially tomorrow night. higher impact at the shore where we could see winds upwards of 50 miles per hour and there are advisories from essentially cape hatteras all the way to nan tukt. farther north you go into the long island sound, you may see winds 55 to 60 miles per hour. i don't see any heavy rain for us. the winds will be increasing as
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we go through tomorrow and thursday. mostly cloudy tonight, 32 to about 40. tomorrow morning, a lot of clouds, should be dry, breezy and cold. grab your jacket and umbrella. 30s to around 40 and by the afternoon, here comes some rain, especially east of 95. wet flakes possible. highs only 45, winds increase up to 20 with higher gusts. nor'easter tomorrow, that would be a 9 weather alert yellow. windy on thursday and windier thursday than wednesday, 53 and then milder on friday. back to around 60. and in the 60s over the weekend. derek. thank you, top. we'll be back in a minute.
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>> this is bruce johnson at northwest. this is barack obama bash and everybody here voted democratic for barack obama. they're expecting another big
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party tonight. we'll find out win or lose. this is the place to be in the district. turnout here is incredibly high this evening. if you're at the polling places right now, you'll be able to vote. they'll set up voting personnel. if you set up in front of the voting, it will be after 8:00. 14th and bee street northwest. they expect to be celebrating another win for barack obama. we'll see.
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