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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 7, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. j.c. hayward is off today. the morning after the most expensive campaign in history, president obama begins planning his next four years in office.
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bigad shaban takes a look at challenges awaiting the president. >> reporter: a victorious barack obama heads back to washington to face the same divided congress in his secd term. >> the recognition that we have common hopes and dreams won't end all the gridlock. to solve all our problems. >> reporter: the president swept almost all the battleground states. giving him a decisive victory in the electoral college. but the popular vote was much closer. >> whether i earned your vote or not, i have listened to you. i have learned from you. >> reporter: during the president's speech here, he promised to work across party lines. he'll have to, congress remains split. democrats held on to the senate, while republicans kept the majority in the house. president obama hopes to sit down with mitt romney in the coming weeks to meet the difficult challenges ahead. in his concession speech romney also expressed the need to find common ground. >> and at a time like this we can't risk partisan bickering
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and political posturing. our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people's work. >> reporter: the president is facing some major crises. most urgently a fiscal cliff that's looming next month. if congress doesn't reach a deal on a mix of automatic tax increases and spending cuts the economy could fall back into a recession but the president is optimistic. >> despite all the frustrations of washington i've never been more hopeful about the future. >> reporter: with a high unemployment rate and a huge national debt, the president has the next four years cut out for him. bigad shaban, cbs news, chicago. >> president may be optimistic but wall street is let acting poorly to -- reacting poorly to his re-election. right now the dow is down 311.5 points. it's fluctuating there. and financial experts say markets around the world have declined amid concerns the president and congress will struggle to work out a budget deal by january 1st. it was a narrow victory but
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a win is a win in virginia for democrats. and today many may wonder why it took so long for the commonwealth to declare a winner in last night's presidential election. huge lines are part of the reason. at one point, polling -- at one polling spot in dumfries pollers waited up to four hours to cast their ballots. >> i've been voting for 20 years and never missed an election and i wasn't going to miss this one just because some bureaucrat screwed up. >> this was the longest line i've ever seen. >> some people left without voting but most stuck around to find -- to cast their vote and told us it was definitely worth it. the candidates for u.s. senate in virginia didn't have to wait as long as president obama to declare a winner. former governors republican george allen and democrat tim kaine were vying to replace jim webb who didn't seek re- election. the voters chose kaine to fill the seat. the margin of victory was 52%
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to 48%. it was a second loss for allen on the same seat after making a couple of missteps during the re-election bid. he lost to senator webb six years ago. and right now we want to go live to senator elect tim kaine who is holding a press conference in richmond. >> as first to be part of the solutions team that will help our country get our fiscal house in order. i think there's a huge opportunity that has to be seized in congress between now and the end of the year to find a path forward so that we can avoid some of the catastrophic consequences of either deep sequestration cuts or willynilly hackuation of all the bush tax cuts. the those were to happen, it would send a very bad signal generally about our inate built to work together and would -- inability to also work together and also hurt the economy. i'm going to -- >> we are listening to senator elect tim kaine holding his
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first press conference in richmond after the win last night. he wants to be art the solution team to avoid the deep sequestration cuts. and what would happen if the bush era tax cuts were allowed to expire on all americans. in the district, seven candidates were on the ballot for two at large city council seats. orange got the most votes and he will serve another four year term. but the other michael a. brown won't be returning. he came in third losing to david grosso by more than 15,000 votes. brown lost ground after reports of missing money from his campaign. maryland voters gave the green light on three big issues yesterday. one of the most controversial is gay marriage. it passed 52% to 48%. now the state will be the first to approve same sex marriage by popular vote. there's also question 7 which also passed 52% to 48%. this lets a casino in prince george's county and table games in five other gambling venues.
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there's also the dream act ballot which passed 59% to 41%. it means undocumented immigrants are now allowed to pay in-state tuition at local community colleges. matt jablow has more on what this means for maryland. [ people chanting ] >> reporter: the mood at the maryland in hyattsville was downright jubilant when it became clear that maryland voters had resoundingly approved question 4, the so- called dream act. this allows undocumented immigrants and their children to pay in-state tuition rates at state colleges and universities. assuming they've attended a maryland high school for three years, graduated from high school, and paid income taxes. >> the numbers are overwhelming. >> reporter: state senator roger man know was one of the cosponsors of the bill. >> really gone through a long learning process on this bill. >> reporter: he said going into the night, he thought the vote on question 4 was going to be a
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lot closer than it turned out to be. senator manno said at the end of day the maryland voters simply realized that helping young people better themselves helps the entire state. >> this bill is about children, it's about kids. it's about folks in our communities. it's about a level playing field. >> reporter: executive director of casa in action and a depriving force behind the dream act agrees. >> more than 1.6 million voters say like -- come on we need to resolve these. we don't care about the situation with immigration. we care about education and it's exactly the message this they are sending to the entire nation. >> reporter: in hyattsville, matt jablow, 9news now. >> a spontaneous celebration erupted outside the white house moments after people learned that president obama was re- electioned to a sect -- re- elected to a second term. some people held flags and balloons. others climbed into trees to get a better view of the white house and the crowd. our bruce johnson was on u.
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street when the celebration broke out there. >> reporter: you should have been here last night. this place erupted when barack obama was declared the winner. [ cheering and applause ] how are you feeling? >> awesome. >> how you feeling? >> amazing. re-election. >> so much on the line and i'm just grateful to be able to be out here tonight celebrating our president for another term. >> we are -- >> thrilled. >> we never lost hope. >> there was a moment where we were just very unsure. very nervous but very unsure. but came 11:00 we just knew. >> i'm really excited. obama four more years, i'm really excited. [ people chanting ] >> extremely close. i was -- i was very nervous. you knew -- >> no doubt. never had a cut. >> all a-- doubt. >> all along. >> reporter: they responded and sealed off the street to make sure nobody got hurt. this is bruce johnson reporting from downtown washington for 9news now. still to come when the news
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continues, so how does america heal after such a polarizing election? next we'll tuck to a political -- talk to a political analyst to finds out -- find out.
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president obama came out the winner last night but it was the most divisive national campaign in memory. that's one of the headlines from so what can the president do to unite the country? with me now with some analysis is roll call's jonathan strong. jonathan, thank you for being here with us i know you haven't had that much sleep. you were at one of the parties last night and you said overall the democrats were happy but there's a caveat to that. they weren't completely happy. why not? >> right. they did very well in the senate. unbelievably well in the senate. president obama won re-election pretty handily when some people thought it would be close. but in the house, they did not ping up very -- pick up very
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many seats. somewhere between six and eight seats, they needed 25 to take control to have came which are and a difficult cob -- chamber in 2014. so there was a little bit of undercurrent of displeasant about that. >> why no coattails in the house if the senate was doing so much better? >> you know one of the big things that happened was that the redistricting process which happens every ten years and republicans because they had a big wave in 2010 were able to make a lot of ground in drawing the districts and made it hard for democrats to win back in the house. >> just the opposite in district 6 here in maryland where roscoe bartlett was unseated after two decades in the house. let's talk a little bit more about the election of president obama. what was the winning strategy that got him not only the popular vote although slim margin and the electoral vote? what did mitt romney do wrong? >> republicans are still picking up the pieces the morning and trying to figure out exactly where. but the two main things that
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i'm hearing from them is one they vastly underestimated president obama's ground game. he had very sophisticated system of appealing to microsegments of the population. and the other thing is republicans are going to have to have a bit of almost of a civil war over their party's future. you have the consecutive wing of the -- conservative wing of the party and the moderate and they both think it's the other's fault for why they didn't win. mitt romney campaigned according to some people as a conservative. which of those id owe logical temperaments caused him to not do as well as they thought. >> can anything can done? can we expect someone to reach across the aisle and absolutely make a difference? >> you know i want to say yes but i think the answer is more likely to be no. if you look back at the second terms for the president clinton and president bush, they ended up pretty divisive. and i think we're going to have
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especially with the republicans controlling the house, a pretty bitter replay of the previous two years in this next congress. >> who's the standard bearer for the gop? the president wants to meet with mitt romney and talk things over but does he lead the party after this? or two times a loser forget about you? >> i was surprised to hear president obama say that. i don't think that mitt romney now has any particular sway with republicans. it's probably going to be speaker john boehner who's the person that leads. but why obama said that, i don't know. it's an interesting strategy on his part. >> all right, jonathan thank you for your analysis, jonathan strong with hurt is up next with the forecast -- howard is up next with the forecast so stick with us. >> out on the weather terrace, chilly out here. just a little chance for rain or snow this afternoon. we look at temperatures though going to break. look at them still in the low 40s out there to 44 here in d.c..
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a warmer weekend ahead. that's coming up when 9news now at noon returns.
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tuesday governments are on a collision course with the federal government today after legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. the historic votes came in washington state and colorado last night. in washington state the vote means anyone over 21 may legally possess an ounce of marijuana starting december 6th. >> this is the beginning of
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taking apart prohibition one state at a time. that's how they did it 80 years ago against alcohol and that's how we're going to do it now against marijuana. >> the voters may have spoken but federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug. supporters now plan to push for the federal government to end marijuana prohibition across the nation. world leaders are welcoming president obama's win and they're hoping the re-election will help the global economy and end the violence in the middle east. monica villamizar reports from london. >> reporter: the news spread instantly across the globe. the u.s. president barack obama won another four years in office. the victory gave world markets a temporary boost. >> ladies and gentlemen -- the mood of confidence this morning really all around the world. >> reporter: russia welcomed the news. china's leaders say they're optimistic a second obama term will give both a time to improve their relationship. israel's prime minister says he will continue to work with
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president obama to protect the citizens. british prime minister david cameron was in the middle east when the results came in. he vowed to work with president obama to end the syrian conflict and bring stability to the region. >> one of the first things is how we much do more to solve the crisis. >> reporter: the results dominated presses. president obama has huge support in europe. one poll shows that if europeans could vote, nine out of ten would choose obama. >> i'm very pleased. i wanted obama to win and i'm glad he got back again. >> i was surprised actually. i thought romney might win. >> reporter: while some brits waited to read about the results, many americans stayed up all night to wait for a winner. >> . he is just absolutely magnificent. >> reporter: a london pub handed out maps to u.s. spotters who couldn't be home to celebrate.
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monica villamizar, cbs news, london. >> embassies arnold the world -- around the world hosted parties for americans living abroad. and howard is here, and what's happening? any rain falling yet? >> we have a couple of sprinklest earlier even a little sleet this morning fell in andrews and national. you know if you're expecting to see much in the way of snow today, it's not here. not happening. we may get a couple of conversational flakes later but it's this one is not in the cards for us. now new jersey, parts of long island, especially when you getaway from the coast here and new england going to see some snow but just not going to happen. here is a look at the day planner for the afternoon. it's cloudy and cold and it's a little breezy. we've got gusts offshore rehoboth at 40 miles per hour. blowing north at 12 right now as temperatures drop off. actually made it to 45 for the last half hour. that will be the high for the day. falling now to 44. periods of sprinkles and
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flurries and wet snow especially east and northeast of town. brisk northerly wind and windchills will be a factor and tonight only dropping into the low to mid-30s. when you see this thing cranking off the coast here, the center there. now the only thing that may give us a little bit of rain or snow shower activity a little upper storm right here sort of twisting here. that's drawing the moisture back to the west and that's why we've good the cloudiness and may just see a little bit but you got to be up in baltimore to see it. look at this doppler image here. you can see the rain along the coast. there's some snow inland as you head into southwestern new jersey. bigger problems there. rain in delaware and a wintry mix as well but it's up in parts of new jersey and this goes into new england as well where when you get away from the coast that's where the snow is. the coastal areas could see winds gust 50 miles an hour or more later afternoon and this evenings -- this afternoon and this evening. temperatures upper 30s to hagerstown to winchester, 33 manassas. a 44 in town and as we look
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outside on our michael & son weather camera, even a couple of breaks. we've seen a couple of peeks of sunshine in the last few hours. 44 with a north wind at 12 and a windchill right now at 38 degrees. there's that storm cranking you can see the center of this thing dragging a little bit of dry air around it on the east side but on the west site, all this rain inland snow is here. and a couple of sprinkles trying to get going there in south central virginia. so we'll watch for the threat of a shower or wet snow here through the afternoon. essentially east of i-95 and this snow may come into delaware too. and then watch what happens tonight. by 11:00, a few showers along the coast and snow into parts of new england but this storm is pulling away from us. a few clouds early tomorrow. and then we end up sunny and breezy on thursday. temperatures recover to around 50, 51 and then get much warmer. the winter weather advisories went a little fast. you can see them northeastern maryland, winter storm warnings actually southwest and jersey down in northern delaware. as far as the snow totals you know if we get a trace here in
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town, that'll be it. i don't think we're going to see much at all. up toward baltimore this is where they will get hit. 4, 6, maybe locally 8 inches in parts of west central jersey at this point but that would be if this storm really maxes an the production. for us, it's going to be a cold afternoon. temperatures steady or slowly fall asking a couple of rain or snow showers. no biggie. tonight down in the 30s. anything is going to end probably around midnight. little windy tomorrow and 51 and we could have gusts to 30 especially in the morning. friday warmer 59 degrees. got the heart walk saturday morning attaints park. sunday really warm. we might just make a run for 70. we'll be back with more right after this.
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couple of rain or snow
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showers this afternoon. we'll see temperatures in the upper 30s for the drive home and then a nice warming trend. we could be 70 by sunday and then if next chance of rain probably not until tuesday. >> all right. i like this form of glancing blow. we don't need it right now. thank you howard and thank you. that's it for 9news now at noon. we'll be back at 5:00. but you can check us out 24 hours a day on the web at have a great day. but before you leave, here's one last look at campaign 2012. >> we will win this election. and we will finish what we started in 2008. and remind the world why the united states of america is the greatest nation on earth. >> a president aiming for four more years. >> this is about america the country we love. it's in trouble. it needs our help. we're going to take it back and make sure america remains the hope of the earth. >> a challenger aiming to stop him. it's been a long road for them. and for us. >> in america, we celebrate success. we don't apologize for success. >> if you reject the notion
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that our government is forever beholden to the highest bidder. >> the convention speeches. >> it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. >> two weeks ago he said we should still have troops in iraq. >> the postdebate spins. >> god bless the people of wisconsin. >> i need iowa. >> you know where i stand. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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