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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we're learning more about the consequences to our pocketbooks if the government can't stop from driving over that fiscal cliff at the end of this year. >> the congressional budget office said today if all the tax cuts and spending cuts do happen that will push the employment rate above 9% within a year. tonight virginia is planning its own cut-backs. gary nurenberg is here with that. >> reporter: gary, hearing the consequence to the budget which by law has to be balanced if the fiscal cliff can't be avoided, virginia's government has ordered every state agency to make plans to cut its but et by 4%. if those cuts actually happen legislators say it is education that gets hit hard, that it's transportation that gets hit hard. >> right now we don't have the money we need to invest so this
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will make things worst. >> reporter: david buliva, a democrat, on the cuts. >> the impact will be severe. you're talking about a budget that already has been cut significant over the last fiewr years or so to the point where we are cutting into the bone of our human servic. fairfax, alexandria, they're going to be the ones left holding the bag. >> reporter: worried about that federal fiscal cliff the school board passed a resolution urging congress to stop it. if it doesn't, it could mean a $1 million hit to ograms that serve the county's 36,000 kids learning english. >> this would have a major impact on fairfax county schools and our ability to work with the community, teachers working with our children.
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>> reporter: virginia governor bob mcdonnell is asking the departments to come up with the cuts but it appears to be indicative of what the federal fiscal cliff will mean. when the state cuts, it's local governments that get hurt and they cut. >> thank you, gary. tomorrow we'll hear from one guy would may be able to do something about those cuts. president obama making his first post-election comments about the economy. he will talk about those automatic tax headaches and severe budget cuts due to go in effect in january. analysis by the congressional office says if congress boggs down and takes a long time to avert the so-called fiscal cliff it would trigger a recession. the man what shot former congresswoman gabrielle giffords in the head and killed six others will spend the rest
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of his days behind bars. giffords faced her shooter. he told loughner, you tried to create world as dark as yours but you failed. kelly added, you may have put a bullet through her head, but you haven't put a dent in her spirit. giffords' aid ron bear bar was also wounded. he served out the rest of the congresswoman's term. >> i turned to mr. loughner and said, i hold no hatred for you but i am very, very angry and sick of heart about what you did. >> when the judge sentenced loughner to seven life terms plus 140 years in prison, his mother put her head down and cried uncroppably. the 24-year-old has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. tonight folks from new jersey to connecticut are trying to get up off the mat again. first, a body blow from
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superstorm sandy, then the upper cut from last night's nor'easter. hundreds of thousands down for the count. not a tko. an eko. electrical knockout. crews are out there working all night trying to restore power to thousands of family in the dark all over again. >> and all of a sudden, poof, and there were, back in the middle aims. shoe for this to happen again so soon is very frustrating. >> the nor'easter's snow and wind pushed down snow and power lines and enter fared with a whole host of post-sandy relief efforts. we've heard about the folks in long lines to get gas. now officials are doing something about it but that solution brings its own brand of pain. starting tomorrow drivers in new york city with license plate numbers ending in odd numbers can get gas. on saturday, folks with even numbers. right now only 25% of the gas
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stations are open. >> our own reporter bruce leshan knows what it's like to have to start over apartment tree crashed down on his home during superstorm sandy forcing him and his family out. >> reporter: i'm learning a lot about how to come back after a huge tree nearly destroyed my home. i'm hope wag i've learned is going to help other people. a week ago i lived in a forest of poplars. but all around the neighborhood now the chain saws are buzzing, the cranes are lifting the logs out of people's back yards. my neighbors are all scared that what happened to me might happen to them. and so they're taking out this tree now. later in the afternoon, this one will come down. luckily my wife had decided to ride out the storm down in the basement, because this was my
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bedroom. this crisis has convinced me that my friends and neighbors are the best ever. they helped me move into this house just a few blocks away. my wife and may kids and i are all thinking that this sunroom is going to be a really nice place to spend the winter. in bethesda, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> we are with you bruce. his contractor is telling him it may be just a matter of months. topper. >> my heart goes tout bruce, of course, and it's why erica and howard and i, we sound like a broken record that night, both before the storm and during the symptoms, not to sleep upstairs. that's a textbook reason why we kept saying it. 25 miles per hour wind gusts at national, 7 in gaithersburg, 17 in manassas. the good news is it will slowly diminish. temperatures chilly, 45 in frederick, 43 in leesburg. your wake-up weather, 30s to start, 7:00 still 30s, 9:00 38
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to about 48. we'll come back and put the finishing touches on a very nice weekend forecast. >> thank you, top. a bus driver who fell asleep behind the wheel last year on i-95 has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter. four people died and 49 others were hurt when the driver lost control of his bus last may. the tour group was off to new york city when the driver dozed off and ran into a barrier before the bus flipped over. the national transportation safety board says the bus company was partially at fault because did it not monitor how much rest that driver was getting. who would smack an 81-year- old lady? a coward. that's the word police are using to describe the young man what broke into a woman's home through a back window. police say he hit her, stole her computer, then ran off. it happened about nan yesterday at a home on mckinley street in northwest. today police caught up with the guy they think did it.
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the 18-year-old from d.c. that elderly woman is now on the mend after a trip to the hospital. the name mervis means diamonds. the family-run store has diamonds by the bushel but right now there is a big fuss over the one diamond they don't have. deborah met with the mervis mate tree arc. >> no doubt you've been in your car and heard about this. but you haven't heard this. masha mervis' love story almost woman. meet the well pan behind the man behind the d.c. area diamond empire. >> reporter: it started as a marriage of convenience.
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see, shed escaped her native lithuania right before world war ii. she was on a six-month visa in south africa. that's when she met up with mark. they got married, then they fell in love. >> a loving marriage, a loving family, and a lifetime of joy. >> reporter: the two were married 67 years. mark passed away in 2005. these are the hands that held three sons, seven grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren, and the hands that used to hold this ring. mark gave it to her on her 50th wedding anniversary. >> very sentimental ring for me. >> reporter: wednesday the ring was gone. the mervis matriarch says she's recently been sick. she says the diamond may have value to whoever found it, but it could never mean as much as does it to her. >> my husband, may life. >> reporter: she says she lost
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it at the comfort one shoes in congressional plaza. it's a yellow gold ring with two smaller diamonds. if you find it, please e-mail masha ring, or you can always tweet me. of course, there's a reward. >> thank you so much. here is another way to lose a diamond. wait until you see this bizarre jewelry heist caught on camera. and wait until you see would we found at places the health department concerned okay to reopen. it's a food alert you don't want to miss. is and here's tonight's fact from face the facts
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tonight a nine wants to know investigation that raises serious questions about how well the health department is doing its job in keeping you safe. >> our cameras uncover food risks that experts say can make you sick and places already closed at least once but the inspector has now put them back in business. here's investigative reporter russ ptacek. >> reporter: to make our list, not only did they have repeat violations, we only put places under surveillance where we had already found problems, and the question was would they finally clean up. >> sir, take your hands off the equipment. >> reporter: we've been tracking his store and four others ever since inspectors closed them citing food dangers. and we broadcast issues we found ourselves after they had passed reinspections. shortly after, we found that rat at mid city deli in april, inspectors returned and shut it
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down again. it hasn't reopened. at ever green supermarket in temple hill, after we broadcast what we saw, it closed, too. the others are open. >> this is the second time. >> reporter: our first time at circle 7 express on martin luther king avenue southeast, we found this outdated baloney. inspectors had closed it twice citing rotten produce, live roaches, mice, and outdated merchandise, including baby food. we had already found this outdated juice when the manager found us. >> go. >> reporter: didn't i meet you last time? remember me, i'm with channel 9. whoa, whoa, do not touch the equipment. >> reporter: he wouldn't allow us to look any further. >> i've been here before, and there were roaches. sir, take crash hands off the equipment. >> reporter: inspectors shut it down once citing mouse dropping on the pizza roller and
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roaches. in august we broadcast the conditions we found. two months later, we photographed this. >> reporter: you want to know what we've seen? >> yes. >> reporter: would you like to see the pictures? because we came back hear and we found roaches on your floor. >> i don't want to see anything. >> reporter: it's disgusting. >> reporter: david mcgee is talking about his and our visit to this restaurant. inspectors have closed the restaurant twice but allowed to the reopen after passing reinspections. >> since the store hasn't done anything to change, the health department should do something. >> reporter: in august we broadcast our story showing flies on meat, produce, and dairy racks and mice feces. so we went back four times, all within the past six weeks. finding outdated meat each time, including cold cuts and more with what appears to be sell-by dates as old as may.
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they asked us to leave. >> we just pulled that out of there. that's out of date. >> this is in september. that's dated may. >> that's problem. >> we showed our photos to a food safety expert. >> this raises questions that if you're finding that and consumers are finding it, i'm not sure why inspectors aren't finding it. >> it's been a long time. >> reporter: the manager wouldn't talk on camera, and rate now his avenue market, sirly could 7 convenience store, and his pizza shop all remain open for business. >> we're just trying to find out -- >> prince george's county officials say they're going back to that pizza place in lanham, but those spots in d.c., we told d.c. health about those outdated products. records don't indicate they've done a thing.
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officials say because of the storm, they're just too busy to respond to our questions about your fad safety. for 9 wants to know, aisle investigative reporter russ ptacek, 9news. two sisters, a bag of cheetos, and a fight that ends with handcuffs. a 23-year-old is accused of viciously beating her 10-year- old sister. she allegedly whipped the little girl with an extension cord and banged her head on the floor because she was eating too many cheetos. the woman told investigators she has no remore, saying she recents her little sister forever being born and never loved her. a brazen jewelry heist in london caught on camera. this looks like something out of one of those high school leagues. call it oceans 17 or something. they've got helmets, bats, and they ride into the mall on motorcycles, go into a jewelry store, smash the window and right off into the sunset with $3 million worth of jewels,
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rolexs and cardier watches. nobody hurt but an elderly man was treated for shock. >> that's inside a mall. >> and they got away. >> they left their bikes like a few miles away. >> hello, anyone alettered by motorcycles going by? >> because they move fast. >> and like everything else, it's on video. >> everything else. all right, we're looking at the winds dying down tomorrow, and the temperatures are going to go up very nice incrementally over the weekend. i've not mon keyed around with the forecast. have not done that. this is our michael & son weather cam. 56 was the high. clear skies, dew point 27. dew points have come up. they were in the low teens earlier but still it's a pretty dry air mass. the winds are still north westerly at 15. the winds will be breezy through early to mid tomorrow morning. now, we are looking great here in the east. there's what's left of our
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nor'easter. it is still hammering portions of down east maine and nantucket and martha's vineyard but we still have the winds. once the winds subside tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow is not going to be that much warmer, temperature-wise, but it will feel a lot warmer because of the lack of wind. so a cold start, a milder finish on friday. a nice way to finish the week. will you need a jacket and sunglasses. we're talking pretty much pure sun. again, kind of a cold start. winds diminish, certainly biearly afternoon. then even milder on saturday. we gain five degrees essentially every day through sunday. so overnight, clear skies. still breezy and cold, a one, maybe two blanket night. winds 10 to 20 and occasionally gusty. friday morning breezy, a sunny start. winds northwest 10 to 15. by afternoon mostly sunny and
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milder. a great looking day. highs near 60. winds only northwest at about 10. zone forecast. sunshine for the mountains to the coast. 40 in oakland, 48 in cumberland but mid-50s in hagerstown and martinsburg, upper 50s down towards winchester. 61 in culpeper. warrenton, manassas, fair fan, you might not quite make 60, but it will be close, 59. near 60 down near st. mary's city. choppy on the bay but the winds actually will abate in the afternoon. small craft advisory expires by 6:00 a.m. friday morning. next three days, our 9 weather alerts are green, green, and green. 70 and warmer with sunshine on sunday. ravens in town. now, next seven days, i think we'll keep it on monday, too, as we observe veterans day. temperatures near 70. showers and rain on tuesday. a little cooler, back to
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signature in the wake of that cold front, not bad. upper 50s on wednesday and thursday. >> and the heart walk is going to be great. come on, everybody. howard is going to be out there. >> are you saying my cue was less than -- >> it was. >> let's talk sports. soccer for those who don't even like soccer. >> i am going to convert you after this break. even you will be a fan. wait until you see what happened to your d.c. united soccer club. one player blows a gasket and gets tossed, and that ain't even the craziest moment of the night. and there's breaking news for the nats. steen strasburg involved in it. we'll tell you next.
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hey, this was exciting stuff. d.c. united on the road at new york. playoff game. 70th minute. tie game. starting goalie gets kicked out because of illegal tackle, so bring on the backup. that guy was escorted out with
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a red card. bring on the backup. keep your eye on the spot shadow. that penalty kick waved off. no good. new york thought they scored. no, to have kick it again. and then, what you talking about, willis? willis makes the save. those boots were made for kicking. d.c. united prevails. 1-nil. afterwards, he says, what do you think about the black and red now? >> you can take us seriously or not but we're moving on to the eastern conference finals. there's proof enough. it means everything to this franchise, everything to the fans. it's just, like i said, i'm speechless. >> speechless. good for them. first playoff win in awhile. virginia tech looking to salvage the season against the seminoles. uh-oh, upset. field goal inside of a minute. green with nothing but green in front of him. virginia tech now 4-1 after
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losing 28-22. nats fans, you are about to get your man. the washington post reporting that davey johnson is close to inking a deal that would bring him back. mike rizzo is saying official word could come any time soon. more good news, three nats win the silver slugger award. adam laroche, 33 boppers. ian desmond with a monster this year despite missing 32 games. and how about stephen strasburg? he hit .277. most doubles by a pitcher. the nats the only team with three selectees. 20,000 voters this week. highlights tomorrow at 11:00. finally this is cool.
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you gotta meet this girl here. that is sam gore don, nine years old from salt lake city. she's an internet sensation after her pop put this stuff on the internet. she's nine. she plays with the boys. she's rushed for 2,000 yards and 35 touchdowns. >> she's fast. >> yeah! hey, anita, you know what, you can't touch her. 35 touchdowns. the and she leads the team in tackles, too. >> her dad said when she was little, they would play rough with her, and she would get right back up. >> cute girl. we'll be right back.
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that's 9 news for tonight. it's friday, right? >> not yet. letterman is next. good fight, everybody.
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