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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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asked the president to be allowed for personal reasons to resign from my position as director of the cia. after being married for over 37 years i showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. such behavior is unacceptable both as a husband and the leader of an organization such as ours. this afternoon the president graciously accepted my resignation." the president released a statement accepting the resignation adding going forward my thoughts and prayers are with dave and holly petraeus who has done so much to help military families through her own work. i wish them the very best at this difficult time. holly petraeus is the assistant director of the u.s. consumer and financial protection agency and has built a reputation fighting for the rights of military families. >> outside the gates of military installations there's usually a strip out there with the buy here, pay here car dealers, the check cashing, the payday loans, the pawn shops. always for them to basically
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cut into their paycheck by taking out debt to buy things. >> reporter: her work has been to protect those families. >> i realize some of what you're going through. >> reporter: under a national spotlight it is her own family in need of help and protection. she knows of military honor. she was the daughter of the commadant at west point where she met petraeus. >> what more can you tell us about the reputation of david petraeus and why did he have to quit, gary? >> reporter: a couple things. this is a man who literally rewrote the book on how the military deals with counter insurgency. he changed the strategy in iraq and turned that war around, largely responsible for the surge in afghanistan that arguably turned that war around. people will be studying what he wrote in terms of counterinsurgency for decades. it's become taught at military campuses around the country. why now? there are senate hearings into the benghazi attack next week that. may have something to do with
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it. one of his subordinates, another general, is now being court-martialed in the united states and he was quoted as saying if i'm going down, i'm taking others with me. we do not know the relationship, but it is a curious matter of timing. also we don't know who the woman is, but if it was a subordinate, a diplomat or someone within the military, then that would put him in a situation as the leader of the cia where he could be compromised, perhaps one reason he chose to step down, now purely speculation. >> thank you, gary. an armed robbery at dupont circle ends in gunfire near the white house. police are still looking for four gunmen who robbed the group of five people around 6 a.m. this morning at 18th street and jefferson place northwest. our surae chinn talked with one of the victims held at gunpoint. >> reporter: the man we talked with said he wasn't afraid of the gunmen. in fact, he fought back, but his friends, a different story. his two friends froze in fear he says as they were being robbed. this all happened on jefferson
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place and it's a mile and a half away near the white house. the victims say they just want these thugs caught. >> that's when i saw the gun and he was like hold on, hold on. do not move. >> reporter: a businessman who doesn't want his face shown. >> so when i hit him, you know, he tried to reach out to grab this arm. >> reporter: says he thought it was a joke until he saw the gun and his two other friends pushed to the ground also with guns pointed at them. >> he grabbed me. i twisted his arm. i went to strike. i saw the other guys have guns, too and they took off running on jefferson. >> reporter: you elbowed the guy. >> yes. >> reporter: the victim said there were a total of four men, one in the get-away character the other three each with guns. they were watching, waiting to rob them. they got away with some cash and cell phones. they all had masks on except one. >> the guy who was behind me didn't have a mask. i saw his face and i know how he looks like. >> reporter: he got into a car to get to safety ahead of the
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gunmen. while his friend got into a black suv to follow the crooks unintentionally sandwiching the suspects' car. >> it was not a clever thing to do for him. >> reporter: that's when a gunman opened fire hitting the suv near the white house at madison and eighth street northwest. >> at least one shot was fired. a bullet struck the vehicle. >> for him to shoot at my friends like that, he has no heart. this guy has absolutely no heart. so, you know, it's okay, you know. like i said, he can run. we'll get him. we will get him. >> reporter: police say there were no serious injuries. of course, d.c. police don't advise you to follow the suspects, especially in this particular case. metropolitan police are looking for the get-away car, a silver or white lincoln with d.c. tags, ec0420. again it's ed to you, anita. >> hopefully they catch up with them soon. president obama used his
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first public remarks since election night to address fears the u.s. could fall over the so- called fiscal cliff. economists say the country will be plunged into another recession if the president and congress cannot come up with a plan by january 1st. that's when the bush era tax cuts expire and drastic spending cuts kick in. the president is inviting congressional leaders from both parties to the white house next week to work on a deal. he says any deal must include asking wealthy americans to pay more taxes. the house speaker john boehner disagrees. >> the problem with raising tax rates on the wealthiest americans is that more than half of them are small business owners. >> on tuesday night we found out that the majority of americans agree with my approach. i'm not wedded to every detail of my plan. i'm open to compromise. i'm open to new ideas. >> the president is asking the congress to sign off on an extension of the middle class tax cuts right now while both sides work to reach an
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agreement on the more contentious issues. because of the impending financial doom and gloom, virginia state agencies are looking to cut their budgets by 4% as directedly the governor thursday. peggy fox -- directedly the governor thursday. peggy fox spent the day tracking how those cuts could affect the cities and counties in virginia. >> we still haven't recovered from the last recession, but washington was not as harshly impacted as other parts of the country because federal spending kept people employed here, but now ironically instead of our salvation that, connection could be a curse. schools in northern virginia could take a hit if virginia cuts budgets to offset the fiscal cliff. governor mcdonnell's office directed agencies to identify potential cuts of 4%. 14% of the fairfax county school budget comes from the state. drainsville supervisor john foust says any cut to that
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would hurt. >> we're going to be concerned about any cut in funding given how tight our budget is, especially given the fact we feel the state is underfunding us now. >> reporter: like the state, fairfax county has asked its departments to also prepare for the fiscal cliff and look for 5% in savings, but the biggest threat to the schools and the northern virginia economy is sequestration. economists predict up to a half a million jobs could be loss in the d.c. area that. would lead to vacant buildings and a sharp decline in commercial real estate taxes which is a major source of funding for local governments. >> i was working on a train track. >> reporter: foust grew up in johnstown, pennsylvania where steel mills created a bustling economy. today the mills are abandoned and jobs are scarce. >> it has certainly been nice to have the federal government, fall back on the government contractors and government employment, but personally i'm from an area that relied on the steel mills until it was too
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late and there was no diversification, steel mills closed. i don't want to see that happen in fairfax county. we want to diversify our economy and be less dependent on government contracting in the long run. >> of course, while there is optimism congress will stop the fiscal cliff, it's been a little too close for comfort and like never before, local governments are doing what other places are across the country and looking to attract new indust. >> they got to act soon. this is going to happen before the end of the year. well, there is punishment to report tonight for the seven navy seals who were paid consultants on a video game, a game some believe jeopardizes our national security. one of the seven was a member of the team that killed osama bin laden. andrea mccarren is in our satellite center with the latest on this. this is an interesting one, andrea. >> it sure is. the military confirms those seven navy seals have been given nonjudicial punishment, letters of reprimand which can be career ending and kneel be
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forced to give up half -- they'll be forced to give up half their pay for the next two months. >> pakistani compounds, they'll tell you. >> the recently released video game medal of honor does not recreate the bin laden raid but does depict realistic missions. when the seven members of seal team 6 served as paid consultants, they allegedly divulged classified information. >> there's certain things you're not supposed to talk about when you're an active duty see. >> reporter: the video game debacle is just the latest public erosion of the navy seal covenant of secrecy and an act that could put our national security in peril. >> what these seven are helping the gamemaker do is understand things about navy operational secrets and seal, you know, secrets that really should be kept under wraps. >> reporter: this latest scandal follows the publication of a highly controversial tell all book by a former seal who participated in the bin laden
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raid. >> the seal somehow as a culture, as an organization needed to send a message because while 99% of their folks still understand these rules and the reason for them, it appears that a few too many have forgotten. >> yeah. i've got eyes on him. >> reporter: the seals face criticism for failing to ask their commanders for permission to assist the video game designers and for allegedly showing them specially designed combat gear that's unique to their unit. four other navy seals are now under investigation for their alleged involvement in that video game design, but they remain on active duty. >> that game is still out there for sale? >> as far as i know, it is. gas rationing started this morning for the 11 million people who live in new york city and long island, all this in the aftermath of sandy and, of course, this week's nor'easter. police officers are helping to enforce the new rule which requires cars to fuel up on alternating days.
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today only drivers whose plates ended in an odd number were allowed to buy gas. tomorrow will be the even numbered day and mayor mike bloomberg says the ration doing go on for a while. >> there will be shortages for possibly another couple weeks. >> i've been in line for hours before in odds and evens. now the line is only five minutes long. >> so maybe that's all working out. the nor'easter did temporarily knock out power at a terminal that pumps 4.5 million gallons of gas a day to new york city and long island. the gas crunch caused prices to jump more than 20 cents a gallon in that area. president obama will visit new york to get a look at the recovery from sandy next thursday. we're hearing a firsthand account of frightening moments for some united states airlines passengers headed from denver to dulles. the crew declared an in flight emergency after a man started praying in the aisle and wouldn't follow instructions. a passenger we talked to thought the man had become ill after he got out of his seat and seemed to collapse onto the floor. >> flight attendants were
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asking him if he wanted water or some soda and he said no. i'm praying. there were times when he just started crying uncontrollably while he was on the floor. every time after he would just kind of like stand up slowly kind of dazed and just kind of look around and then go back to his seat. >> well, military jets escorted the plane to dulles. the man was taken to a mental hospital for evaluation. coming up next a woman gets fired for what she wrote about president obama on her facebook page. >> well, the weekend is upon us. we'll let you know if we're still talking 60s and maybe 70 before the weekend is out and we'll have an update on observed veterans day. >> reporter: is it government overreach? some of d.c.'s popular food trucks say some proposed if he regulations could drive them right -- city regulations could drive them right out of business. i'm bruce leshan this, story coming up.
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when you guys are done, the work that i'm doing is approved. i'm really proud of that. i'm really proud of all of you and what you have done -- [ cheering and applause ] >> just released video from the obama campaign shows the president getting quite emotional as he thanks his young staffers the day after his reelection. a worker at a family medical practice in the atlanta area has been fired for a fire posting that has gone viral. the woman used the n word to refer to president obama. wxia, our sister station in atlanta, says a number of people expressed concern. one viewer asks, "does this young lady care for african
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americans as she does all patients? " the medical practice says the woman's views do not reflect the clinic's views. around our area in the last couple years the food trucks in d.c. have exploded. there are hundreds now serving everything from korean tacos to mac and cheese. >> tonight some of those truck owners are complaining saying new regulations proposed by the city could drive them right out of business. bruce leshan with their story. >> reporter: the step says that the basic issue -- the city says that the basic issue is this. this is public space, the sidewalks and the streets, and yet on this food truck friday on farragut square you can see it's a little tough for people to wind their way through the lines waiting to fill up. >> the public did not want us here, we would not be here. >> from the curb to the end of the sidewalk how much space do we have? >> reporter: the city's profile would ban food trucks from any downtown sidewalk with less than 10 feet of unobstructed space. >> so this is giving up about 9
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1/2 feet. >> reporter: the food truck association went out and measured the sidewalks at the 10 most popular spots and just two passed muster. >> that's 6 1/2 feet of unobstructed sidewalk space. >> we found that eight out of 10 of the most popular food truck spots where customers want food trucks to be would not be legal. >> reporter: right now food trucks can park in any legal parking spot and the city thinks that they are way past due for some regulations, but it also says that it has been talking with food truck owners to try and work something out. >> it has nothing to do with trying to limit their ability to conduct business in the city. we are just responsible for the transportation network and making sure that it can be used safely and efficiently. >> reporter: the food truck association says if you drive all the trucks away from the most popular spots, places like farragut square where they are making money, paying taxes,
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employing hundreds and feeding thousands -- >> i've only had a bite of a chef special, but it was very good. >> reporter: -- you bill will drive a lot of trucks right out of business. >> i think they're very convenient. >> i love the trucks. they have delicious food. they're where you need to be for lunch. >> reporter: the question is whether they'll be able to stay. in d.c. bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> folks, you have until tuesday to tell the city what you think of the proposed new rules. commuters should expect big delays this veterans day weekend on metro, especially the orange line. beginning at 10:00 tonight through closing time monday the boston and virginia square stations will close. buses will run between clarion don and east walls church. trains will sing -- east falls church. trains will be single tracking between the east falls church and vienna stations. there will also be single tracking on the red and green lines this weekend. military families and friends recorded a special video message for loved ones
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today. at&t organized the veterans day project called it's a great day to love a veteran. the messages were recorded at a store at connecticut and l as part of a video-a-thon and will be delivered on veterans day. the big question is are we going to be freezing in the morning at soccer or will be it nice and warm? >> what time is your game? >> 10ish. >> chilly to cool but not bad. it's going to be a strong finish tomorrow, warmer sunday. let's start with live look outside. it's not bad outside, temperatures almost hitting 60 today. our average high is still 61. now we're down to 54, dew points not that low. so the air is not that dry. it's comfortable, dew point 32. winds are finally in check now. they stayed a little breezy today. winds are out of the north at 6 and pressure is prizing at 30.18 inches of mercury. satellite picture radar combined, look how nice it is to the east. we'll zoom out to the rockies. if you're a skier and like to go out west, snow will be
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piling up in montana, wyoming, especially in colorado down to new mexico getting into saturday and saturday night. eventually we'll have to deal with that storm. we have clear skies, a very nice night and considering the time of year it's not going to be super cold tonight either even though we have clear skies and calm winds. 51 in great falls and fairfax, 55 at burke, playoff high school games tonight, high school football, dress for the 40s. it's going to be a little chill in the air, nothing bad, 54 now in college park, 50 in bowie. so becoming milder, cool to chilly for football, milder saturday, warmer sunday and still mild veterans day on monday when we observe the holiday with temperatures maybe just not quite as warm as sunday but still above average. tonight clear, chilly, one blanket night, 34 to 44, winds northwest at 10. by morning miswith a chilly start but mild by -- mostly
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sunny with a chilly start but mild by lunchtime, by afternoon a gorgeous day, mostly sunny and milder, just beautiful, highs near 65, winds turning south, southeast at 10. sunset tomorrow -- 4:59. that's the last 5:00 or later sunset till january 5th. we'll just focus on the nice weekend. so zone forecast, fantastic from the mountains to the coast, 48 in oakland, 58 coupleland, 61 in winchester, 66 -- in cumberland, 61 in winchester, 66 in culpeper. 65 downtown, 66 annapolis, winds well under small craft advisory criteria and 64 as you go up towards gaithersburg and frederick. 9 weather alerts all green, 64 tomorrow, 70 tomorrow and 67 on monday. there's a little chance of a shower there because of the
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clouds coming in late. next seven days. tuesday is when the cold front rolls through, so showers, rain, cooler, back in the mid- 50s. that goes through pretty quickly. in the wake of that it will be mostly sunny on wednesday, thursday and friday of next week and cooler but by that time almost average about highs in the mid- to upper 50s which in november is a good thing. >> yeah. >> unless you like snow. >> we'll take it. >> he's not even complaining, so you know it's good. >> i'll complain later. i got complaints. >> okay. >> of course. coming up it was a gift from her husband for their 50th wedding anniversary and it's missing. tonight the matriach of the diamond empire needs your help finding her lost ring. >> first nestle says it makes the very best, but one of its popular drinks is in our recall roundup. we'll tell you all about it up next.
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in tonight's consumer alert we've got a recall roundup from a nursery glider rocker to a popular chocolate drink and an american carmaker's best selling suv. chrysler is recalling nearly a million older models of its jeep suvs. the vehicle's front and side air bags can inflate while
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they're being driven. this recall affects 2002 through 2004 jeep grand cherokees and the 2002 and 2003 jeep liberties. an investigation by federal safety officials found those air bags went off 212 times and caused some minor injuries. it can transform your cup into a cup of chocolaty goodness, but some nestle nesquick chocolate powders could make you sick. calcium carbonate might be contaminated by salmonella so necessarily is recalling 10.9, 21.8 and 40.7-ounce canisters of the powder. you can return them for a full refund. >> check your nursery. you mapu graco branded avalon or -- may use a graco branded avalon glider. the base could crack and break and you can fall. the cpsc says it's happened 26
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times. we've got more information on all these recalls on our website, coming up we're talking healthy living and heart walk d.c. with washington redskins great darrell green. >> he gets all the fun assignments. also ahead an overnight fire send a tobacco shop up in smoke. >> we're just trying to find out -- >> but first russ ptacek goes back to food establishments busted for unhealthy and dirty conditions and finds some of them may not have learned their lesson, all that right after the break.
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tonight a 9 wants to know investigation is getting some action and it's all because of our probe and the d.c. health department now for the first time responding to some of our findings. >> our cameras uncover food risks experts say could make you sick at places already closed at least once, but
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inspectors put them back in business. our investigative reporter russ ptacek is here to spoil your appetite once again. >> lesli and derek, to make our list, they had to not only have repeat violations, we only put places under surveillance for investigation where we'd already found problems that they should have known someone would be watching. sir, take your hands off the equipment. we've been tracking his store and four others ever since inspectors closed them citing food dangers and we broadcast issues we found ourselves after they'd passed reinspections. shortly after we found that rat ad mid-city deli near logan sir -- at mid city deli near logan circle in april. it hasn't reopened. at evergreen supermarket in temple hills it closed, too. the others are open. >> this is second time you come here, right? >> reporter: our first time at circle seven express on martin luther king avenue southeast we found this outdated baloney.
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inspectors had closed circle seven twice for food dangers citing rotten produce, live roaches, mice and outdated merchandise including baby food. we'd already found this outdated juice when the manager found us. >> leave now. >> reporter: didn't i meet you last time i was hire? >> yeah. >> reporter: you remember me? i'm -- here? yeah. >> reporter: you remember me? >> don't touch the equipment. >> reporter: he wouldn't allow us to look further. we got the same reaction at this pizza place in landham. we're here to see if you had cleaned up. inspectors cited mouse droppings on the pizza roller and roaches throughout the restaurant. in august we broadcast the conditions we found at pizza nest on landham severn road. two months later we photographed this. would you like to see the pictures of what we seen? because we came back here and found roaches on your floor. >> i don't want to see
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anything. >> disgusting. >> reporter: david mcgee is talking about his and our visits to the market on new hampshire northwest. outdated meat, mice droppings and flies and no hot water were cited but it was allowed to reopen after passing reinspections. in august we broadcast our story showing flies on meat, produce in dairy racks and mice feces on the shelves. so we went back four times all within the past six weeks. finding outdated meat each time including cold cuts, ham hocks, fat back and shoulder butt with what appears to be sell by dates as old as may. they asked us to leave. we just pulled that out of there. that's out of date. >> okay. we don't want you in the store. >> reporter: this was in september. >> right. >> reporter: that's dated may. >> right. that's a problem. >> reporter: we showed our
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photos to consumer federation of america food safety expert chris waldron. >> this raises questions. if you're finding it, consumers are finding it. i'm not sure why inspectors aren't finding it. >> it's been a long time like this and nothing has changed. >> reporter: the manager wouldn't talk on camera and now his avenue market, his circle seven convenience store -- we're leaving -- and his pizza nest shop all remain open for business. we're just trying to find out -- >> you're not allowed in here. >> reporter: prince george's county officials say they're going back to that pizza place, but when we told d.c. health department officials what we found, there's no record of them doing anything at all and they wouldn't even respond to our questions. that is until today when d.c. council members catania and alexander called them out citing our investigation. in response the department e- mailed me back saying they will now inspect those places and they will report back on what they find. >> good work, russ. moving on to tonight's
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health alert, the power of putting one foot in front of the other, walking, a simple form of exercise but can be really beneficial for your heart. joining me now is former redskin and pro football hall of famer darrell green, one of the fastest guys in football and you're here to talk about walking. what's going on? >> you know, for me personally and you're right. i had to get through that point, but about five years after retirement this is coming up on 10 the doctor said i had high blood pressure. called my siblings in texas, have four of them. my sister looked at me through the phone like duh, we're all on high blood pressure medicine. >> a genetic tendency right there? >> yes. i'm not a medicine guy. i don't like taking medicine. if you need to take medicine, you should. i start researching what can you do other than that. when i heard walking, well, i want to be healthy. i want to live and see my kids' kids. so i love walking and that's what i do every day. >> you even have a company walk fit health. what's that about? >> it took me further enough to say i'm going one step further and help other people as well.
5:35 pm
so walk fit health is where all the data is there. you know the medical data. it helps you with type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, all that's documented. you can look it up and research it, but it also says if you wear a pedometer you're 28% more likely to do it, the same as if you set a goal. if i told you stop eating hamburgers, you're not going to do it. so we decided let's add social media, put your face on there, win some prizes, all those thing that stimulate people to get them to do it and what i found the nfl's former fastest man is you do it about a month. >> how much every day? >> the standards is 10,000 steps a day based on the medical standards. >> wearing that pedometer go for 10,000 steps. >> that can be passive, 3,000 at work and 7,000 at home for real. my goal is 10,000 a day. that's what the medical people say and just to support that my brother terry and my sister
5:36 pm
linda, they're not on high blood pressure medicine anymore and that's just after four months. that may not be your story. check with your doctor. i'm not a doctor, but in reality i know it's true. i researched it. we do it. join me and get healthy. >> have you had success stories where you've heard from other people on your website? >> every day people losing weight. first it does reduce your body weight. it does help you maintain healthy body weight, to maintain it, and it actually has -- people have lost weight and people have like my sister and others who have gotten stronger cores, and the other thing, too because there's four things they tell you to do. quit smoking, reduce your stress, adjust your eating habits, less fat and so forth and exercise. no. 1 exercise in the world is walking. so i'm finding that people are becoming smarter and wiser. i think the biggest thing is that if you started off this thing now we really can learn to love walking. you really can. >> darrell, thank you.
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talk about learning to love something and great place to start, we have got the american heart association's walk d.c. this saturday down at national stadium. howard bernstein will be there with me as co-emcee, a program starting at 9:00. the walk itself begins at 9:30. join our wusa9 team. we've got more information about the walk on the health page of our website also i need to tell you about the 9th of november. don't forget to call your buddy. early detection through monthly breast self-exams, regular mammograms after age 40 and annual clinical visits, all of this really does save lives. you can request your free buddy check kit 9 which includes important information on breast cancer health and tools to help you remember and perform that monthly self-exam. click on the link in our web story. again that's at coming up a deer crashes through a store window, but
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with so much force it literally bounces off a wall on the inside. what happened to him after that? >> hope he didn't get service after that. that's a terrible entrance. >> let's take you out with temperatures. if you're going to high school football, dress for the 40s and 50s, 54 downtown, 46 gaithersburg, 52 in leesburg and no winds tonight. we'll come back and have an updated weekend forecast. >> up next local organizations band together to send relief supplies to victims of superstorm sandy. don't forget we're always on at stay with us. we'll be right back.
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washington is coming to the aid of hurricane sandy victims in new jersey. this morning it was students at st. andrew church on kent road in silver spring. they're doing this with other parishes helping load trucks with clothes, cleaning supplies, towels and blankets. funds have been donated to buy $8,000 worth of canned food and fresh fruit. that will be welcome. the truck was bound for st. benedict catholic church in new jersey. a frozen yogurt store in medford new jersey survived sustained, but it's what happened after the storm that did all kinds of damage. >> the owner said it looked like somebody broke in, but the
5:42 pm
culprit was not human. instead it was a deer that smashed through the window and trashed the place. >> the window was smashed in with a lot of glass left, so it looked like a mess. the tables were all over the floor. there was glass everywhere. >> this is our deer story of the day. this one breaks through the window and here comes another one. the damage could have been worse because a second deer ran into another window. that window did not break and the deer ran off. check out a third deer who runs up and stops just in time. then there's a man who walks over to look at the store and ends up running away when he realizes hey, there's a deer in there. the owner said that deer did about 3,000-dollar worth of damage not counting the growing -- $3,000 worth of damage not counting the yogurt he ate. a large tobacco store burned to the ground today in burbank, california. flames shot through the roof of whole seen the giant incorporated in the middle of
5:43 pm
the night. investigators say the fire drove firefighters out of the building it was so intense. so instead they tried to contain that fire by pouring streams of water on it from the outside. luckily no one was hurt. coming up a story of one student's inspiration coming from a family tragedy in our weekly high school feature. >> the signal of love of a famous family patriarch has gone missing, the wedding ring next.
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in d.c. the name mervin's names diamonds. the family has been selling jewelry for years and they've got diamonds by the bushel. >> but now there's a big fuss over the one diamond they don't have. the matriach desperately wants your help finding the cherished wedding ring. no doubt you've been in your car and heard this. >> the mervis family has been working those diamond fields for generations. >> reporter: marsha mervis, meet the woman behind the man behind the d.c. area diamond
5:47 pm
empire. >> i had to get married. you don't get married, i said oh, yes, i'll marry you. >> reporter: it started as a marriage of convenience. she escaped her native lithuania in 1938 before world war ii. she office a six month visa in south african when she met up with morris. they got married. then they fell in love. >> a loving marriage, a loving family, well provided and it was a lifetime of joy. >> reporter: the two were married 67 years. mars passed away in 2005. these are the hands that held three sons, seven grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren and the hands that used to hold this ring. morris gave it to her on her 50th wedding anniversary. wednesday the ring was gone. >> i was in such a shock. >> reporter: the mervis matriach said she's recently
5:48 pm
been sick, her rings loose. she said the diamond may have value to whoever found it, but it could never mean as much as it does to her. >> it's part of me and part of my husband, part of my life. >> if you've seen the ring, she really, really wants it back. you can e-mail to masharing at or tweet me at debra alferon at 9news. >> she lost it at the comfort one shoes in congressional plaza and rockville. a lot of people go there. it's a yellow gold ring with a diamond in the middle, two smaller ones on the sides and more than its value obviously to her it is priceless. >> we'll hope somebody finds that ring and gives a call or a tweet or something. >> something. good weekend ahead my friend? >> let me check. very not changed it. >> and it's too late now. >> i did change monday a little bit. we're looking at clear skies, high temperature 58 today. it's our live weather cam
5:49 pm
brought to you by michael and son, right now 54, dew point in the low 30s, not crazy cold tonight. winds have finally slackened northerly at 6, pressure steady. temperatures 53 in rockville but now some 40s, 49 bethesda, 46 in gaithersburg, 50 in great falls, 48 vienna, 49 fairfax, still 53 in burke and college park, but 49 in bowie and 53 at andrews. so if you're out on the town, 52 at 6:00, right about now in the burbs, 8:00 50 and 10:00 about 47, so still a very nice night for high school football, especially for almost what is now mid-november. becoming milder, cool and chilly for high school football, milder tomorrow, warmer on sunday and still mild as we observe veterans day monday, maybe not quite as warm as sunday because of cloud cover, but still pretty nice. tonight clear, chilly. we'll call it a one blanket night, 34 to 44 and winds
5:50 pm
northwest at 10:00. by morning sunshine, a chilly start but mild by lunchtime, temps start in the 30s and 40s. we'll be close to 60 by lunchtime, light winds and by afternoon great, mostly sunny, milder, just beautiful, high temperatures near 65. winds will turn a little south, southeast at 10. zone forecast, remember you can always get the zones on our website also today is the anniversary back on this day in 1926 a tornado went through la plata. go to our website are check out my blog, 48 in oakland, 58 in cumberland tomorrow, 61 in martinsburg, winchester, 66 in culpeper. that's probably one of the warmer readings and mid-60s for warrenton, manassas, leesburg, fairfax 64. downtown 65, rockville, gaithersburg 64, 66 in annapolis and mid-60s down toward southern maryland. no small craft advisory for tomorrow. may see one posted sunday.
5:51 pm
next three days our 9 weather alerts all green, 64 tomorrow, 70 sunday. okay, a few clouds come in monday, still a nice day, maybe a slate shower, high temperatures in the upper 60 -- late shower, high temperatures in the upper 60s. tuesday here comes the cold front, rain and of showers for us, 55. in the wake of that still nice, a little cooler, yes, but sunny wednesday, thursday and friday, temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s. so yes, a very nice weekend, a little bit more like early october than early to mid- november. >> sounds good. >> everybody likes that. thank you, top. time now for our weekly high school profile. tonight a player's life which was altered forever four years ago. >> this young man's name is devin butler. he attends gonzaga high. >> as our diane roberts explains, he gained inspiration from a brother who is lucky to be alive. >> let's go fly around 33! >> oh! >> the 30 protect you.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: devin butler plays wide receiver, corner back and kick returner for gonzaga college high school. he was recruited by a number of division 1 colleges but chose notre dame. devin says he loves to get lost in the game. >> it's really just an escape for me, someplace where i can just be on the field just away from everybody else. >> you guys know what to, do show and pull. >> reporter: football was just the escape devin needed back in october of 2008 when his older brother darrius was shot five times on georgia avenue. >> there are people that only got shot 1 time and died. he got shot five and lived. >> reporter: darrius is alive but is paralyzed. he isn't bitter and continues supporting devin going to every gonzaga game. >> i like watching him play. he's good. it's fun watching him play, letting everybody know that's my little brother, yeah. >> i feel like i'm playing not only for myself but for him as
5:53 pm
well. i know he walks through me he likes to say much. >> reporter: when devin looks over at his brother, he sees someone that has persevered. head coach aaron brady sees a chance for his players to learn a life lesson. >> it's inspiration to devin but also to our team because we know how important that bond is between those two and it also lets our kids know how life can be fleeting and your time and this game really helps you take advantage of the opportunities you have in life. >> reporter: darrius didn't give up on his dreams. while recovering he started writing a rap song, one his little brother listens to before taking the field. >> just last week i hadn't thought about getting up. i was getting weak and my pride was getting tough. stuck in this chair like there ain't no getting up. >> reporter: for my health is devin's favorite song written by his best friend, brother and the man who inspires him to succeed. for 9 sports i'm diane roberts. >> gonzaga faces dematha in the playoffs tomorrow. you can bet devin and his
5:54 pm
brother will there be. coming up on 9 news now in flight university of maryland students look to set a new human powered helicopter record and at the same time claim a quarter million dollar prize. >> band of brothers, a disabled veteran is saluting his fallen comrades this weekend. we'll tell you more about that. >> plus gay marriage, it may be new to maryland, but a baltimore company has been helping same sex couples tie the knot for years. their story is coming up, too.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
this election day maryland became one of the first three states to pass same sex marriage by popular vote. the first weddings will take place this coming january with the help of a growing same sex wedding industry, but as kristin fisher reports, one local company has been planning these kind of nuptials the last 13 years. >> reporter: same sex weddings may be new to maryland but not to katherine hamm. >> my website is we are a comprehensive planning resource for same sex couples. my straight mom founded our company in 1999. people thought she was a little crazy because no one really saw that this was something that could happen or would happen. >> reporter: but three days ago it did happen. in maine, maryland and washington state. >> you can't underestimate the significance of this feeling that we can now go tie the knot and it's legally recognized. this is really big. >> reporter: it's also potentially big business for the city of baltimore. in fact, the city's tourism
5:58 pm
bureau has launched its own website with a how to to get married in baltimore. it could also mean more money for the vendors that cater to same sex weddings. there's already 52,000 listed on katherine's website, 4,000 in our area alone. when it comes to choosing just one, katherine's advice is -- >> trust your gut. if they keep calling you the bride and groom, you might not want to book it and that's on the vendor to understand what same sex couples need. >> reporter: the website also has an online boutique, the first of its kind for same sex couples. one of their biggest sellers? cake toppers. this is the fem fem cake toppers and they have customized cake toppers for the bride who perhaps wants to wear a pants suit or tux. they don't discriminate. the grand irony is that katherine still can't get married. she lives in virginia. >> i can't even describe the feeling of elation and then there's this sobering moment where i remember i still live in a state and work in a state
5:59 pm
that doesn't honor my now going on 20 year relationship with my partnership. >> reporter: in arlington, kristin fisher, 9news. this is 9 news now. >> people voted for action, not politics as usual. you elected us to focus on your jobs not ours. >> president obama's first challenge in his second term steering the country away from that so-called fiscal cliff. >> the president says he'll be open to compromise when he meets with congressional leaders next week. tara mergener has more from the white house. >> reporter: president obama is inviting congressional leaders from both parties to the white house to get to work on avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff. >> at a time when our economy is still recovering from the great recession our top priority has to be jobs and growth. >> reporter: economists say the country will be plunged into another recession if it goes over this cliff january 1st. that's when bush era tax cuts expire and drastic spending cuts kick in


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