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tv   9 News Now Sunday at 630pm  CBS  November 11, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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today proud nation expresses our gratitude. but we do so mindful that no ceremony or parade, no hugs or handshakes, to truly honor the service. >> today we honor our men and women in uniform and those who have served. veterans day, also a time to pay tribute to those who pay the ultimate sacrifice. hello everybody, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. at arlington national ceremony, president barack obama paid tribute to the nation service members on this veteran's day. the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown,
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intended to show every service member. and he urged americans to welcome back soldiers who are returning home. >> over the next few years more than a million service members will transition back into civilian life. they will take off their uniforms and take on a new and lasting role. they will be veterans. as they come home, it falls to us. they are fellow citizens, to be there for them. >> the president also noted that this is the first veteran's day in a decade with no american troops fighting in iraq. the vietnam veteran's memorial continues to be one of the areas most visited sight. today is no exception as surae chinn talks to those who gathered at the wall. >> i see them twice a year for memorial day and veteran's day.
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>> the walk moves people none like no other. antonio biaz has come to honor his fallen comrade. >> for all those who are no longer with us. >> reporter: army specialist biaz was only 20 years old while in combat. >> he flew a couple of planes in front of me. we met and got separated then. >> reporter: his friend would be killed by a land mine at the age of 21. a salute for a fallen friend. a tribute song to a soldier. and faces of young men who never got to grow old. >> to pay respects to all of those that have given their ultimate sacrifice on their wall. all my brothers and friends. >> reporter: they make the annual trek to the wall that bring them right back to the battlefield of vietnam. >> and they were killed on
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september 26 in 1968. >> reporter: a tough journey of reflection, but one that these soldiers will never miss on veteran's day. >> you know, it is just something that i have to do. and i hope that all my brothers and sisters are all resting in peace. >> reporter: at the vietnam veteran memorial, surae chinn, 9news now. >> and the vietnam memorial runs until the 30th this week. we've got an update on the shooting and robbery last week. d.c. business owner said he captured the getaway car on his surveillance camera. the man who does not want to be identified was held at gunpoint with four of his friends and was robbed among those robbed. and he said there were four suspects. three of them with a mask and gun. police have not made any arrests and victims are worried they will strike again near his business. >> i keep calling the second district, you know, asking the
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detective in charge of what's going on. they have been very helpful so far. but still i need these guys to be caught. all i know is that the guys are still on the run, my life is threatened, and i'm the only one that saw their face. i'm not scared of them. i'm not scared at all. i'm just very frustrated. i don't want to be looking over my shoulders every day. >> police say they are aggressively following all leads and they are still looking for a silver or white lincoln with d.c. tags ec0424. turning tonight to the saga of the former cia director, david petraeus who resigned on friday after they discovered evidence of the affair he was having. they are now demanding answers about why they were not kept more fully informed about the month-long investigation. >> david petraeus is a great leader, a great patriot. >> reporter: leaders of both parties had great praise on
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this veteran's day for one of the most decorated veteran, former cia director and retired army general david petraeus. >> general petraeus turned around a lot. >> reporter: his accomplishments is not what's outstanding. they agree that he simply had to go after the fbi uncovered an affair he was having with a 40-year-old westpoint graduate who wrote a biography on petraeus, which was published earlier this year. >> i can't believe it. but that's what it is. >> reporter: the fbi discovered petraeus' affair with her, while investigating claims from a second woman that broadwell was sending her second e-mails. that second woman has been identified as the 37-year-old woman who was the state department liaison to the military joint specialist command and a friend of petraeus'. >> we received no advanced notice. it was like a lightning bulb. >> reporter: they are the head
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of the senate committee, intending to hear holdings into why for several months that the fbi commit them in the dark about their investigation. >> this is something that could have had an affect on national security. and i think that we should have been told. >> tonight the friend of petraeus' who allegedly reported the threatening e- mails has been identified as the 37-year-old jill kelly of tampa, florida. so far, kelly has not commented about her role. bruce? >> thank you, matt. and the man is dead following an early morning shooting in prince george's county. the killer is still out there. police are asking for your help in finding him. and the slain of them at the intersection of charleston and drexel street just before 1:pow this morning. police said that they found him suffering from a gunshot wound. the 20-year-old resident was pronounced dead at the hospital. now, anybody with information about this shooting should contact prince george's county
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police. we now know the names of two people killed in the collision between a pedestrian and a motorcyclist. it happened saturday afternoon on branch avenue in suttland. harry lee was not in the crosswalk when he was struck by the motorcyclist jonathan evans. the 64-year-old clinton resident was pronounced dead at the scene. the 40-year-old evans was taken to a nearby hospital where he also died a short time later. coming up on 9news now this sunday. an indianapolis neighborhood is rocked by a massive explosion. we'll take you there. and more customers getting power back in the aftermath of sandy and from the local employees, they are headed to new jersey. well, i hope that you got out and enjoyed today. this entire week, just beautiful weather. and we'll see a little bit of nice weather still in our forecast. but things are on the downward trend from here. no more 70s in that seven-day forecast. stay tuned for that detail.
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an explosion rocks the neighborhood here leaving two people dead. more than a dozen homes damaged or destroyed. seven people hurt, more than 200 others displaced by their early morning blaze. it could take weeks to sort out exactly what happened. the explosion just after 11:00 last night sparked a huge fire that tore through the southside neighborhood. >> it looked like a war zone.
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i mean, you know, one of my neighbors said that there was someone in the house. they found them in the basement, able to get them out. but they got us out, they evacuated the whole neighborhood. so you know it gets pretty bad. >> the gas company, they shut off gas to the area, but they said they received no complaint about the gas leak. the red cross in the meantimeshipping displaced families tonight. also, most residence could have their electricity back. but tens of thousands of homes and businesses were too damaged to receive that. residence of those homes are now scrambling to find the temporary housing. the real estate agents said that demand is out stripping the supply. the new york long island, close to 130,000 customers are still without electricity. and that lead to the angry protests this weekend bit frustrated residence. some local verizon employees are headed to new jersey. this morning a convoy at the verizon technician that had maryland here to help restore the internet service to the victims of hurricane sandy.
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verizon will send some 80 trucks to more than 100 technicians to the area and those people, they know how to rebuild the communication systems from the ground up. the government opened fire on the manage of the taco bell in columbia, maryland. the howard county police said that they were confronted by two men outside the restaurants on the way early this morning. and they shot the manager several times before fleeing the scene. other taco bell employees called 911. and tonight that manager, he's in critical condition. and the gunman still on the loose. still ahead on 9news now as the dakota resident is digging out after a winter storm dumped nearly two seasons of snow. closer to home, our forecast is looking a lot better. how long can we keep the mild weather around? erica has the outcome when we come back.
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if you get outside today where we were enjoying a mild day, temperatures climbing in the 70s this evening. a winter storm dumped up to 18 inches of snow across the state. and of course the cold weather and the snow here. and they will need this kind of weather as they need to get out. >> yeah. that will be the chilly airport. the great play time for them. >> and we will see those canines on out there enjoying the snow as well. >> that begs the question. are we going to see anything? one of the early models.
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what do they say? >> we'll keep them out of the forecast for the next seven days. and i'm sure beyond that as well. >> okay, good. you're going to keep things mostly dry, but we do have some rain to talk about as well. and it is nice and dry and take a look at our headquarters here in tysons as it will be a nice mild night. it is still 6 it degrees. that's warmer than the normal high temperature at this time of the year. the dew point at 41 and out of the south-southeast. the humidity is 46%. the pressure, 30.41 inches right now. so a very pleasant night is setting up shop. it is not going to go away overnight tonight. as we start the day tomorrow, we'll have sunshine, but then the clouds build in later on in the day. we'll keep it dry through, i'll say the whole holiday weekend. and because it is not after sunset that we will start to bring in those showers. we could have heavy rain in the forecast as well. the cold front on the way to
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have some pretty powerful stuff going with it. right now 63 degrees in leesburg. 57 in annapolis and easton and milder in the mountains where it is 61 degrees. that's a pretty good mild air for this time of the year. take a look at our satellite and radar. the clouds are pushing towards us. that's what we're going to see first tomorrow afternoon and early evening. but then we'll see some of the rain arrive with the cold front. this is the same storm system that brought the snow that you just saw here in bruce's video there from north dakota. we're not going to see any snow with this storm system. just too warm. but as they move through, you'll see plenty of showers. you might hear a few rumbles of thunder on monday night or early tuesday morning. now overnight tonight, mostly clear skies. not too cool. just light breezes. it will be comfortable with the low 41 degrees in the outlining suburbs. winds are out of the southwest at 10 miles per hour. tomorrow morning it will still be mostly sunny. a nice start for the day. a little bit breezier though with temperatures in the 40s
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and the50s. coming southwesterly at 10 to 15. in the afternoon the breezes pick up. 10 to 20 miles per hour out of the south highs. 60 to 66. still a little above normal for this time of the year. we'll see that cold front arrive as we head into the evening. here's a look at the zones for tomorrow. we're going to keep it mild because the front does not arrive until after sunset. during the day, 56 in martinsburg. 65 in manassas as well and 62 degrees in winchester. a little bit breezier in front of the frontal package, so you will see those winds coming out of the south during the day. so it might get a little choppy on the bay. 64 in baltimore and downtown d.c. as well. and we'll get up to 6 a degrees for you. over the next few days. still going code green. most of the rain, they will be during the overnight hours where a lot of people are out on the road. so we're going to go code green for monday and tuesday and wednesday and a big drop in temperatures here from 6 a to
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monday at 56 -- 54. we're going to keep things dry after the front passes for a few days here. lots of sunshine returning. but temperatures, they will be on the chilly side, back into the mid-50s. next weekend, we're watching a possible developing coastal storm. i don't want anyone to be frightened by that. just a chance for the showers it looks like most of the shower will be staying offshore, dampening things just a little bit for them and the redskins game. the temperatures, they were remaining in the mid-50s, which will be below normal for this time of the year. this warm up, it was short lived. >> okay. >> well, i thought the redskins could warm up too. >> yeah. maybe. >> and they got a big game coming up against philly next week. of course, taking them on. just huge games coming up in the nfc east and the afc talking about the ravens in just a second. and they could take a big page from the ravens for a lot of reasons. oakland, well, they will make any team feel good about themselves. and wait until you see how, you
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know, the birds, they will be rolling up the huge numbers here today. falcons and saints, they go down to the wire. that's another game that we're talking about. dunking there and the saints, dunking the falcons. they will get a big swift kick in the you know what. houston will roll on next.
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all right, ravens don't lose at home unlike the redskins who only won one game at the last year and a half. baltimore, 14 for their last 14 at mmt bank stadium. i'll tell you what, this is what you would expect from oakland. falling over themselves on 4th down. and then the interception by paul krueger and it was all baltimore from there. ray rice the seven yarder. they took that for their career.
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and smith, look out going deep. 67 yards for him. making it 34-10. on it was 21-17 and the ravens with a fake field goal? wow, that was the topic of conversation. and he scores on the seven yarder there. and then to jones. he's got legs and he knows how to use them. a great kick off return. franchise record for55 points. but for the ravens, they will win 55 to 20. >> on the offense you always want to score. that's the ball. we're able to score those touchdowns. and that's how you end up having a huge game. so we need to continue to play like this. this is great football. that is as close as 60 minutes as a team that we will need to play all year long. >> yeah. and they will assess it next week. the bengals and the giants. they have a nice young football team. this is one of those guys. he's one of the best wide receivers in the league. how do you not cover him?
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he scored a touchdown on every game this season except for week one. 56-yard bomb there. and a nice young quarterback, this guy was just good throwing four touchdowns. maybe the best deal of the day. the saints and the falcons. and we know about that natty ice right there. he was falling. and we know about this guy right here. he'll fight his way to the end zone and then, of course, he's going to dunk it. they fell back late, but he cannot make the catch. and a rare drop for them. falling 31-27 for the falcons now, 8-1. and good stuff there in the nfl. all right from new jersey to houston, the playoff train that will be continuing for d.c. united. they will leave a bad taste in the mouth for the players and the fans the last time they met. that will be equivalent to a blow out in whatever sport that you will be able to choose to
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follow. and today the first leg of the eastern conference finals. d.c. united. they are traveling everywhere to houston in the 68th minute. what are you talking about willis? make the big -- making the big save. and houston, they will take it 3-1 for another blowout. that means d.c. united will need to win two goals by next sunday. and that will be the d.c. championship in germantown against north carolina. the 67th minute. and the 62nd minute, excuse me. the final one. and that is a sweet move in the box. maryland wins 2-1. they know it's a big win against a very good team. [ cheering ] >> and yes, they are up against a great team and we have played in their fifth ac championship. two of them against virginia and north carolina. and so when you can get a result against the great program like north carolina. you've got to cherish it and we will cherish this one. >> way to go, coach. big overtime game coming up
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tonight. you'll see it there. football ravens, redskins. and they will be playing tonight. great stuff. >> and they won one home game in the last year and a half. >> they cannot get it done. >> all right, do you want to recap for it? >> yeah, it will still be nice tomorrow. not quite as warm as it was today. 65 degrees and breezy. a cold front is moving through. that's going to stir up the breezes. most of the heavier rain will be during the overnight hours when you'll be speaking. >> yeah, thank you. thank you for watching. we'll see you back here at 11:00. bye.
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