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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 12, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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displz hello. thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. could general petraeus face prosecution? some congressional leaders are concerned about another timeline, one that answers when the f.b.i. investigation began and why they weren't told about it.
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randall pinkston has the latest. >> reporter: members of congress say the f.b.i. should have alerted them agents were investigating c.i.a. director david petraeus before scandal broke on friday. >> this is something that could have had an effect on national security. i think we should have been told. >> reporter: f.b.i. officials say they did not notify lawmakers or the white house because no national security issues were involved. on cbs this morning, retired general richard meyer spoke to whether the president should have been told about the probe when it started last summer. >> in my view that, would have not been unusual. the department of defense, that's what would have happened actually. >> reporter: petraeus stepped down after admitting to an extramarital affair. his alleged mistress paula broadwell made this comment last february while promoting the biography. >> i think he is a terrific role model for young people. >> reporter: general petraeus was scheduled to testify before congress this week about the
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deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, lybia. his former deputy and acting c.i.a. director will testify instead. but lawmakers say bet pet -- petraeus may be called to testify in the future. >> i don't see how you could find out what happened in benghazi before, during and after the attack if general petraeus doesn't testify. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that general petraeus visited libya last month and called several members of congress the week before he resigned to give him his assessment ever the attack. randall -- of the attack. ran disal pinkston, cbs news -- randall pinkston, cbs news, washington. >> the f.b.i. began investigating petraeus after a woman said broadwell was sending her harassing e- mails. parades marked veterans day on sunday from coast to coast. at arlington national cemetery, president obama paid tribute to those who didn't make it back home alive. the president said the wreath he laid at the tomb of the unknown is intended to remember every service member who has
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ever worn our nation's uniform. he urged americans to be there for returning veterans and their families, not just now but always. the president also noted this was the first veterans day in a decade with no american troops fighting in iraq. and this is video from the new york city veterans day parade. thousands lined the streets of manhattan sunday for the parade cheering and waving a flag. volunteers also collected winter coats for those in need nearly two weeks after storm sandy hit the area. the hunt continues for the gunman who shot a taco bell manager in columbia, maryland. howard county police say two men confronted the manager outside the restaurant on minstrel way early yesterday and shot him several times. frantic employees ducked for cover and called police. the manager is hospitalized in critical condition. a protest in florida was held on behalf of a man from bethesda, maryland. demonstrators gathered in west palm beach where the national symphony of cuba was making its
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first u.s. tour. they're protesting the imprisonment of bethesda resident alan gross. he's serving a 15-year sentence on charges he was trying to undermine the cuban government. he said he was only trying to provide internet service to cuba's small jewish community. homeland security secretary janet napolitano visited new york city on sunday and toured staten island. right now thousands remain pout power and -- remain without power and are in shelters two weeks after the storm hit. fema is committed to helping everyone in the region impacted by sandy. >> the number one issue as we move forward is the housing. now finally identifying those houses susceptible to quick repair and then helping people get the quick repairs so they can get back in, begin the cleanout process and the like. >> staten island was particularly hard hit by the storm. right now nearly 67,000
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customers are still without power. help is on the way for new jersey residents still reeling from the storm. some local verizon employees are working on recovery effort there is. yesterday a convoy of technicians left maryland to help restore internet service to the victims of the hurricane. verizon says it's sending 80 trucks and more than 100 technicians who know how to rebuild communication systems from the ground up. still to come when the news continues, we're helping families of service men and women stock their pantries for the holiday season. find out how you can help. >> a scandal is shake up the bbc broadcasting network. i'll have the story coming up. i've been combing through the day's daily deals and retailer websites to find you some deep discounts. sears has a veterans day sale on mattresses. you can get 50% to 60% off and
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more top bosses have stepped down from the british broadcasting corps amid tough questions -- corps amid tough questions over the child sex abuse scandal. we get the latest now from monika. >> reporter: the bbc denies it's in crisis but more bosses are walking out the revolving door. the head of news and her deputy stepped aside monday with the world famous broadcasting giant at the center of a child sex abuse scandal. >> i have decided that the honorable thing to do is to step down from the post of director general. >> reporter: he resigned over the weekend after the bbc's investigative program wrongly accused a top politician of sexually abusing children. the flagship show incriminating 230r78er -- former prime
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minister thatcher's -- [indiscernible] this overhaul at the bbc is happening amid a widespread child abuse scandal that reportedly took place inside the news network premises. allegedly 300 children were abused. now they're trying to determine if there was a wider coverup that allowed the tv host to sexually abuse young girls and boys. the new c.e.o. says he will get some answers. >> this is about establishing clear responsibility in our journalism and delivering the -- [indiscernible] he vowed the radio and tv network known as the voice of england will regain its credibility. cbs news, london. >> as you can imagine top conservative leaders are furious with the scandal. they say the taxpayer funded company should be held to
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higher standards. howard is up next with the forecast. >> anea, it's gorgeous out here right now. light wind, temperatures warm into the 60s, even 70 well south of town. we've got clouds increasing. as i share the satellite and radar as we go to break, see a bunch of showers in the ohio and tennessee valley. that is coming our way. it's going to change everything in about 12 to 18 hours. i'll explain when 9news now returns.
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for the fourth year, wusa9 is proud to be helping the su o to raise money in order to feed local military families this holiday season. but we need your help. if you'd like to contribute to a holiday food basket for our local military families, go to click on the uso icon on our home page. all the money you donate stays right here in our community for families like the leaders. >> reporter: dinner time at the leaders is controlled chaos. laurie and her husband, staff sergeant tim leader run a tight ship. they have no choice. >> i'm josh and this is jasper. >> i'm jeremy. >> i'm jona. >> i'm joel. >> reporter: in case you've lost count, they have 12 children. >> i remember seeing a thing, an ad for a store one time.
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it said the average family will go through 27 boxes of cereal in a year. i kind of laughed at that because we go through 50 boxes in a month. >> corn, mixed vegetables and mow take toes, fruits -- potatoes, fruits. >> reporter: their monthly grocery bill is $600. throw in a bill holiday meal and the budget can get tight. >> it's not necessarily that we wouldn't have a dinner if the uso didn't provide it but we would have to budget that in and we would have to probably cut in other areas to make sure that we had all the trimmings and everything like that. so for the uso to be able to take that burden of it off is a huge thing for us. >> reporter: staff sergeant leader has served one tour in iraq. he knows what it's like to be away from home for the holidays. he also knows duty can call again any time. >> i don't take for granted our holidays together because of all the troops that are out there, how many of these guys
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can't be around their families during the holidays and how blessed am i to be able to be at home with mine. >> reporter: and how blessed to have the uso buy his family -- uso by his family's side. >> if you would like to honor our active duty military this veterans day, people like tim and his family, please consider donating to the uso turkeys for troops program. log on to our website. it's click on the uso button on our home page. here to talk more about turkeys for troops is mike singer, a uso metro board member. good to have you here with us, mike. earlier i said the president urged americans to be there for returning veterans and their families, not just now but always. this is a good way if people don't know how to get started, turkeys for troops is a good way to get started helping those who served our country so well. >> absolutely. this is one of my favorite programs for over 20 years n. is one of those programs that
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gives back instantly to the community. the enlisted are a their families benefit from every dollar you constrict. >> what do we get -- contribute. >> what do we get in the holiday basket. >> good question. it's din fora family of six for $50. it includes everything from the turkey on through all the sides, dessert, everything. so it's all inclusive. again, it's a hundred percent of every dollar that your viewers contribute goes directly to the table of one of our military families. >> for a basket like this, we're asking people to make that $50 donation. but these are tough times. people still want to support those and thank our troops. can they still contribute even if they don't have the $50? >> absolutely. our contributors across the metropolitan area give everything from $5 to $10, whatever you can. it all adds up and all contributes to our ability to reach out to more families across our area. >> how many families are you trying to feed this year? >> we're going to try to feed as many as we k. we have a population -- we can.
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we have a population before 500,000 of military and their families in this area. we hope to break last year's record. >> do they let you know they would like assistance? obviously they could probably put something on the family holiday table but want to do it up well, especially for their kids. how do they let you know that my family needs help? >> a great question. we work through the senior enlisted military group and they advise us in their little community as to who the most needy people are, who needs the most help, could be a family of ten. could be a small family. but we work with the military to determine where these packages go. >> and the impact as we saw with the leader family, it does make a difference. it's got to make you feel good what the uso has done, has been doing and will continue to do. >> absolutely. that's why i love this program so much because it has a direct impact into our community. >> mike, thank you very much for being here with us. happy holiday to you and your
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family. >> thank you. you too. >> thank you. here's howard. let me say one thing. if you want to help a local military, look on the screen, turkeys to troops to donate. look for the uso icon on our home page. now to you howard. >> i'm sure if you donate enough and you have a company matching grants, take advantage of that as well. very important not to leave anything on the table money wise if you can make that donation count for twice as much. our day planner for today, the clouds are moving in. it's such a nice morning and it's warm. some areas are over 70 right now. we may make a run toward 70. we're sitting at 67 at the moment. by 5:00 back towards 66. this is give or take a degree or two. this may actually be a little bit on the low side. but with the clouds now this time of year, the sun angles lower. we're not going to shoot up into 75. that's not going to happen. 7:00 temperature 73. by 9:00 we may start to see a shower well west of town. maybe toward i-81. i think the rain for d.c. probably holds off till 11:00,
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12:00 and overnight through the morning commute unfortunately i think it's going to be wet around here. sunshine early. you see how the clouds are starting to thicken. the bright white band? all of this is moving east in advance of a cold front producing these showers back in ohio and kentucky just about to get into west virginia. that will be here tonight. if you have plans this evening, don't worry. it will still be mild and mainly dry but you're going to need the jackets. look at the temperatures. mid-60s in cumberland. 70 in pete usburg. -- petersburg. down south we have shot into the 70s. 17 in cambridge. 69 in la plata. a very nice afternoon here for this time of year. still looking at some sun east of town. we're looking east now toward the capitol. skies will become cloudier over the next 30 minutes or so with the clouds now mostly cloudy being reported at reagan national. south winds 9 miles an hour. dew points have shot into the 50s. when the front comes, we'll get a couple of moderate showers out of here. might even get a rumble of thunder but look at this front.
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we have temps in the teens in bismarck to 70s across parts of the mid-atlantic and southeast. here comes the front. eight going to be producing all of these showers that extend from the -- it's going to be producing all of these showers that extend from the gulf of mexico through canada, through the eastern lakes, the ohio and tennessee valleys. behind that front, behind this line of showers, everything changes unfortunately to a much colder are jeep unless you like -- cold era jeep. un-- colder regime unlike you like that. it's not out of the question we get minor accumulations but we'll be watching this move east. here's the futurecast for the afternoon. here we are at 5:00 p.m. no problems. then we get into the evening hours. the showers by midnight. still generally west of d.c., through the shenandoah valley, parts of western and northern maryland. there's a little sliver of snow on the back side which may drop a dusting in the higher elevations. tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m., rain around the region. it is clearing west of i-81. the commute in the metro could
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certainly be impacted. we'll get rid of the rain by the afternoon. much cooler air moves in. so today 68. maybe 70. got a yellow alert for tomorrow because in the morning, your commute could definitely be impacted by the early rain. we'll drop into the 40s. only get back to 51. wednesday a chilly day, 53 after starting in the 30s to near 40. thursday and friday partly sunny, 52. the weekend is going to be mixed. terps are home on saturday, mid- 50s. but looks like a coastal storm may develop sunday. that means the skins game at 1:00 could be cool and damp. temps potentially in the 40s. stick around. 9news now at noon returns in just a moment.
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there are slight signs the economy is growing as president obama prepares for a second
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term in officer. what about the real estate market? here is mary lou dell with predictions. good to see you again. how you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> how is the real estate market in our area doing? >> our market continues to improve. our october month at long&foster was the best we've had in years. >> why? >> well, you know, the interest rates are low. the inventory is low on houses that are on the market so things are not sitting very long. >> you have to jump right in. >> you've got to jump right in. we're seeing bids wars -- bidding wars. it's beginning to remind us of the past. >> we usually think that things slow down as we approach the holidays. should we expect that? >> i would think so. what happens is a lot of times people decide they want to wait until after the holidays. they want to get ready for the
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new year. then you start talking about the spring market. the spring market really goes into effect the end of january, early february. >> with housing and jobs, it's always been very different here in the washington metro area versus the rest of the country. are we seeing that or are we starting to catch up with this fiscal cliff hanging over our heads that people even in this area are tentative now about going forward until congress and the white house make up their minds? >> you know, we haven't really seen that. like i said, october was so good. if we see things go down, i don't think it's more with the fiscal cliff. i think it's more with the holidays. >> what about foreclosures? i know prince george's county had some of the highest fores. are we seeing -- foreclosures. are we seeing any turn around? anything the government has done to make a difference? >> with the modifications and the different government programs which they have in
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effect, we're seeing it easier for people to take advantage with more people that are trained in that area. >> thanks for the good news as we end this show. thank you for watching 9news at noon. we'll be back at 5:00. check us out 24/7 have a great day.
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