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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 12, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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members of the senate intelligence committee are asking why they didn't know the fbi was investigating david petraeus until the cia director resigned. >> we received no advance notice. it was like a lightning bolt. >> reporter: fbi officials say they did not alert lawmakers or the white house because they weren't turning up evidence of a crime or security breach, but retired general richard meyers told cbs this morning with investigations of this nature notifying superiors is common. >> we saw lots of investigations in the military where the allegations were not proven yet, but that the chain of command was made aware that somebody was being looked at for whatever. >> reporter: before the scandal petraeus had been scheduled to testify this week on capitol hill about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. acting cia director mike morrell will testify instead. >> from my point of view it's absolutely essential that he give testimony before the
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congress so we can figure out benghazi. >> reporter: the fbi uncovered petraeus' extramarital fair with his biographer paula broadwell after a second woman, jill kelley, reported receiving anonymous threatening e-mails. kelley and her husband knew petraeus and his wife socially. there's no evidence of romantic involvement between kelley and petraeus. there are reports broadwell's computer may have contained classified information. if true, that's another issue congress is sure to want to investigate. in washington i'm randall pinkston, back to you, derek. >> speaking at the university of denver last month broadwell said the cia had detainees in benghazi and that is what sparked the attack. the cia says not. so president obama did sign an order in 2009 outlawing those operations. our health alert tonight, a new study suggests moms that get sick with a flu or any kind of illness that causes fever during pregnancy maybe at higher risk of having a child
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with autism. the news makes prenatal checkups all the more important. >> i do everything i cannot to get sick. >> reporter: this new mother knows it's important to stay healthy for herself and her unborn baby. a new study suggests that children born to a mother who gets very sick with flu or fever during pregnancy may have increased chance of being autistic. the danish study looked at nearly 97,000 children and found kids had twice the risk of being diagnosed with autism before age 3 if their mom got the flu. the risk increased three fold it the mother had a fever more than a week while pregnant. >> common sense would say it wouldn't be good for the baby to be exposed to high temperatures or to a virus that's in your bloodstream. >> reporter: but scientists say the overall risk is still very low and caution the results are very preliminary and could be due to chance. some good news, researchers did not find any link between sinus infections, urinary tract infections or the common cold
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with autism risk. pregnant women are advised to get the seasonal flu vaccine which the cdc says is completely safe for the unborn child. sky 9 flew over the scene of a terrible crash near new market, maryland, this afternoon. two trucks collided, one of them an 18 wheeler at route 75 and green valley road there are reports of two deaths, but that has not been confirmed. the truck spilled part of its load causing a mess on the roadway. all lanes at 75 were shut down for hours and investigators are trying to figure out the cause of the crash. relief from traffic congestion on the beltway in virginia comes this saturday. that's when the i-495 express lanes open up, but you'll have to have a pass to use them. our peggy fox is standing on one of the new overpasses that drivers can take right into tysons corner and the traffic looks like it's moving pretty good below you. >> reporter: hey, it's not too
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bad because it's a federal holiday. now look at this. you can avoid a lot of that traffic by taking the express lanes and you even have your own exit ramp into tysons corner, but in order to take those express lanes you must have an he's ez pass and take my advice, if you ever plan to ride this stretch of the beltway with three or more people, you're going to want a flex pass. the rolling message truck is driving on the very thing its advertising to the very people who need it, the i-495 express lanes open in five days. vdot has a new sign for every day this week and into next. >> i think it's great. >> reporter: beltway drivers who take i-495 to tysons corner endure one of the most grueling routes in the washington area. even people who live in tysons can't stand the traffic. >> i work 2 miles away from my condo here in tysons and sometimes i can take over 20 minutes to get 2 miles which is
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nuts. >> reporter: anyone who has an ez pass or smart tag can use the new express lanes which run in both directions from springfield to the dulles access road. there are new entrance and exit ramps exclusively for the express lanes, two going in and out of busy tysons corner. the tolls vary. the more crowded, the more expensive in order to keep traffic flowing on the express lanes at or above 45 miles per hour. the tolls may be as high as $10 each way unless you'll be carpooling or on a bus. >> flex, i think i can use the same one, right? >> reporter: no. you'll need a flex pass if you'll be hov-ing with three on board. then it's free. if you think you'll ever be on the beltway with three or more people in your vehicle and you'll want to use the express lanes free, you'll need to get a flex pass, but there's something else you have to remember, to turn it on. >> if you forget to turn it on -- >> you'll get touched. that's bad.
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>> reporter: now remember this is not just during rush hour. this is all the time. so you can imagine there might be times when you have a carload full of at least three people. let me tell you this, too. the ez pass will cost you 50 cents a month, the flex pass $1 a month, but if you compare that to whatever it's going to cost you on the express lanes, it will be well worth it. lesli? >> buy the pass and turn it on. thank you. a fire broke out in a prince george's county county warehouse today. crews were called to 8316ardmore road in landover around 2 p.m. in the afternoon. they found flames coming from a large garage that contained taxicabs. a worker inside was rushed to a hospital burn unit with serious injuries. we don't know what started the fire. today we honor america's service members who stand on the line protecting our freedom. 9 news now and the uso of
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metropolitan washington are partnering up to say thank you to these men and women. we're raising money to provide holiday food baskets to area service members and their families. it's called turkeys for troops. if you'd like to donate, call 202-895-5560. an $8 donation will feed a family of six. >> it was the end of a wonderful day. >> reporter: a soldier about to ship out. >> thomas decided to say good night to his friends. >> reporter: before he goes he records a story for his son back home. >> hi, guys. how you doing? >> reporter: a few feet away a life story for a son lost. >> we say good-bye to him on father's day, 2006. >> reporter: petty officer second class david roddy was responsible for saving lives. he disabled bombs on the battlefield and in the streets of iraq. >> what david was doing would
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save probably 20,000 lives. >> reporter: in 2006 david was killed while on a mission to take apart an ied. >> what time does your flight go out? >> reporter: now to honor their son -- >> some of them resemble him. >> reporter: -- carol and robert roddy make it their mission to take care of every soldier, sailor or airmen who travels through bwi airport. >> anybody else for ice cream? >> reporter: carol and robert volunteer at the uso international gateway lounge. >> can i get you anything else? >> no, ma'am. >> got a box of girl scout cookies to take with you. >> with her around i'll probably end up fat. >> i hope that they would feel the warmth i'm trying to give them. i feel like i'm taking their mother's place. >> i just really enjoy interacting with them because this is the first time a lot of these kids are away from home. we're trying to guide them the best you can. >> reporter: robert and carol admit it was hard at first, a face, sometimes a voice reminded them of david, but now these men and women are their
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kids and the roddys hope you will see it in your heart to support them and their families this holiday season. >> they're giving up their families for nine months to a year to go defend us. so the least we can do is show them the support of the american people that we are behind them 100%. >> hello, percy, said thomas. >> reporter: jc hayward, 9 news now. >> here's something else about david roddy. he was given the opportunity twice by the military to come home, once when he was seriously hurt in an accident, but the second time was when his partner on the battlefield was blown up by an ied and david was the one who had to retrieve the body parts. david said no, i'm not going home. i got to stay in iraq to finish what i started, that is, winning the war. so if you'd like to honor david roddy or the other members of our military, i hope you'll consider donating to the uso's turkeys for troops program.
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50 bucks provides a holiday food basket to active duty military and their families, a family of six. if you can't afford 50 no, problem. any amount you have that you can give is appreciated and all that money stays right here in the d.c. metropolitan area. you can donate two ways. call our phone bank in front of you at 202-895-5556 or go to our website at and click on the uso button on our homepage. the phones are starting to ring, but we could always use more, so call right now. he served in two wars and flew with the likes of charles lindberg and howard hughes. coming up we'll introduce you to one of the most vibrant world war ii vets you will ever need. >> back to reality, cold front is on the way. we'll let you know how cold it's going to get behind the front. >> but up next two weeks after
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superstorm sandy tens of thousands of people still without power are demanding answers.
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just when new york city commuters started to think things were getting back to normal, two crashes shut down the lincoln tunnel for hours this morning. in one case about 20 people were hurt, at least two of them seriously when a new jersey transit bus slammed into a trailways bus. the crash happened during the morning rush hour on the new jersey side and then two hours later a bus and a truck collided also on the new jersey side. those delays lasted as long as three hours. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crashes. in indianapolis investigators might have some new clues as to the cause of a deadly home explosion that happened over the weekend. the owner of the house says a faulty furnace may to be blame, but the gas company says it
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didn't get any calls about problems with the furnace. two people died in the blast saturday night. dozens of nearby homes were damaged or destroyed. in fact, this blast was so loud people living 3 miles away could hear it and the resulting fire burned for hours. so far utility crews have found no sign of a gas leak. we're taking financial donations until 7:30 tonight for the uso's holiday food basket program called turkeys for troops. if you'd like to help provide a holiday meal to our area military families, call our phone bank, 202-895-5560. we've got all these great volunteers here, 202-895-5560. joining me now to talk moor about turkeys for troops is delane rogers. what does a family get in one of these food baskets? >> everything for thanksgiving,
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the whole deal. it's prepackaged, delivered, it's there and we have so many young military families living in the washington d.c. area which is such a high cost of living area. so this provides their whole thanksgiving for them. >> we may have people out there thinking wow, i want to help, but $50 is a stretch for me right now. what can they do? >> they can send whatever they can do to help it. is perfect because that's what it is. i agree with you so much. so manufacture the american public want to give -- many of the american public want to give and they just don't know how. this is a great way to do it. >> we're confident the money is staying here. how big is the need? >> the need is tremendous and we actually work within the military to identify those families who are in most need. >> you do. >> absolutely. >> and could really use this. the other big issue that comes up are with our returning veterans trying to find jobs. we have so many coming home. how has this particular economy
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been as far as our military families? >> i think it's very tough for military families today. it's all of the things that you've mentioned, multiple, multiple deployments. many of our families spouses aren't even home for the holidays and they're trying to make it the best that they can for their families who are here. >> you know what? we'll help them do that. >> i love you guys. >> elaine, thank you so much for being here. if you'd like to brighten a military family's holiday this year by giving a food basket, all the trimmings, call our uso phone bank 202-895-5560. you can make an online donation as well at there is a uso button right now on our homepage. elaine, again thank you so much for being here with all your volunteers. the whole studio is packed. we love it. guys, back to you at the desk. >> that's right. we want to hear those phones ringing and get a lot of calls to come in and support turkeys for troops and what a great day
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today. what a day, but that said i mean it can be 70 on veterans day or it can snow. >> you seem to like to bring up that snowstorm. when was that snowstorm again, topper? >> 1987. >> there you go. >> look at this. this is cool. >> 25 years ago? >> yeah. is that wrong? >> it's not wrong. it's a long time ago. >> snowing our age? i information diapers. >> let it go, top. >> it's -- i was in diapers. >> let it go, top. >> it's our biggest snowstorm on record. thunderstorms occurred in prince george's county. they had 13 to 15 inches and it was a mess, but it's pretty, wow. let's start with live look outside, our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. we're looking at clouds, but it's dry for the time being. i think we'll have a dry commute home, 67, great, 53 the dew point, great and winds are out of the south at 11. so until the cold front goes through winds will be south or southeast. then the front goes through. this is our cold front. it will be back to reality tomorrow and for the remainder
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of the week. cooler behind the front, not crazy cold but cooler behind the front. ahead of the front temperatures about 10, maybe 15 degrees above average. behind the front temperatures about 5 degrees below average. there's the skinny line of showers, even a few thunderstorms. we could hear the rumble of thunder later tonight. good news is it will be dry the next few hours. i don't think we'll see showers in here until 10:00 or 11:00. right now we just have clouds, showers still west of the mountains. temperatures, it's great in the 60s everywhere, 66 in bethesda, 67 vienna and reston, 69 in centreville, wow, 67 in college park and even out to the north it's 66 in gaithersburg and laytonsville. so back to reality, grab your umbrella late tonight if you're out. you'll need a jacket tomorrow and keep that handy the rest of the week. breezy and cooler. the afternoon and evening commute tomorrow will be dry. morning commute will be wet for most of us. by 10:00 tonight if you're in gaithersburg or downtown in
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manassas or southern player maersk you're dry, but if you're in hagerstown, martinsburg or winchester, you'll be wet. most of the metro area is under light to occasionally moderate rain and showers and by morning you can definitely see a thunderstorm across southern sections of maryland in the early morning hours. this is 7:00. it's still wet back to frederick and winchester, but look what happens. year out nicely in the evening. we'll end up with clear skies but breezy conditions and cooler. next three days because of the morning showers 9 weather alert will be yellow tomorrow, 52, brisk, nice but chilly wednesday, only 50 and nice but cool thursday, highs only in the low to mid-50s. now next seven days it stays right around this 55, 54-degree range the next several days and stays breezy through witness. that will add a chill to the air. temperatures nice right on
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through saturday, nice for the terps game. sunday doesn't look so good. sunday could be rainy with showers and rain, highs only in the 40s and the redskins are in town hosting the eagles and then monday lingering showers, high temperatures again in the 40s. we've got a little temperature coming, but we knew it would happen. at least we didn't correct it with snow, mr. mcginty. >> thank you, top. coming up the sesame street puppeteer who plays elmo is taking a leave of absence after very serious allegations. >> up next more top bosses step down from the bbc amid tough questions over the network's handling of an escalating child sex abuse scandal. >> we are taking financial donations until 7:30 tonight for the uso holiday basket drive called turkeys for troops. you can help now by calling 202- 895-5560. all the money you donate stays right here in our area to provide active duty military
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personnel and their loved ones with a festive table this holiday season. 202-895-5560. we'll be right back.
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new turmoil leading to a
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shakeup at the british broadcasting corpse. the head of the news department and her deputy resigned today, this after a top politician was wrongly accused of child sex abuse. it happened on the flagship program of the world famous broadcasting giant and today's resignations followed the departure of the head of the bbc over the weekend. >> i have decided that the honorable thing to do is to step down from the post of director general. >> the bbc was already reeling from another child sex abuse scandal involving a former tv host named jimmy savile. savile who died last year allegedly abused some 300 victims over several decades at the network. an investigation is trying to figure out whether or not there was a wider coverup that allowed those crimes to happen. the man known as elmo's voice on sesame street adamantly denies allegations he had sex with an underage boy. kevin klatch has been suspended
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now in the wake of the allegations. his 23-year-old accuser says the relationship started seven years ago. clatch admits to relationship but said it was between two consenting adults. sesame street workshop said it's found the allegations unsubstantiated but suspended him because they say he exercised poor judgment and violated the company's internet policy. the renovations are over. the kennedy center's theater lab will make its grand reopening tonight with music and poetry. the $7.5 million makeover took five months to complete. the theater lab will continue to host the long running production sheer madness and there will also be free performances from the millennium stage series. on this veterans day a world war ii hero's story from one of the few guys still around to tell it. i'm bruce leshan. that's coming up. >> if you're looking for a way to honor a service member this holiday, why not donate thanks
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giving or christmas basket to -- a thanksgiving or christmas basket to a local family. call 202-895-5560, donate whatever you can afford. a $50 donation will feed a family of six, but if you can't afford that, that's not a problem. you can donate whatever you can give. you can also go online to and click on the uso button on our homepage.
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welcome back. each veterans day leaves us
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with fewer world war ii heroes to tell the amazing stories of the greatest generation. >> but in vienna one of the most vibrant vets is still telling his remarkable tales and our own bruce leshan has been listening to him. >> it's been a good veterans day. >> reporter: richard kirkland's life sounds more like a movie. >> charles a. lindberg, dick ball, tommy mcguire. >> reporter: he flew with some of the world war ii's greatest aces. >> that's the picture of my squadron the flying knight squadron. >> reporter: he knew charles lindberg and met robert heist and eisenhower. >> i kind -- robert hughes and eisenhower. >> i kind of looked up at him and he was sitting in flames going all down the airplane. >> reporter: he shot down at least four japanese zeros. >> he was looking up at me and i was looking down at him and for just a second we had eye contact. >> reporter: in the korean war he choppered patients to the surgeon memorialized in mash
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the movie and tv show. >> the infamous hawkeye, the real hawk i'm his name was san gillfan and here's a picture of him, his buddy trapper and a shot of me. >> reporter: and he met with the scientists in the automic bomb test in the pacific. kirkland has painted and collected momentos of the wars in his life in the basement of his vienna home and in four nonfiction books. >> yes, it is important. >> reporter: he has just finished his first novel. he calls it a wide place in the road, a greatest generation love story and the heroine is modeled on his wife maria. >> she's the barefooted california girl running up the mountainside. >> reporter: kirkland's heart goes out to today's vets. >> these poor guys coming home all beat up and whatever, it just goes on and on. >> reporter: he says world war
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ii was a very different war. >> when i fought, it was you're fighting to win. you kill the other guy, period. >> reporter: he'll always remember, but he hopes the world never relives it. in vienna, virginia, bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> we've got a link to richard c. kirkland's website on our website now let's get to some breaking news in rockville, maryland. there's a man accused of threatening students at montgomery college. we have the latest on this. >> reporter: right now what we know is a 19-year-old man is in custody. he's actually at rockville city police at this point. they say he allegedly threatened to shoot people on the campus of montgomery college. they say the way it went down is other people overheard him saying he was going to shoot up the campus. they told security. security told police. they came and got him. he's now in custody. i just got off the phone with police about five minutes ago.
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they told me that at this point no charges have been filed and no weapons have been found. so no one was hurt and the campus was not locked down. we're getting details as they become available, but this 19- year-old man is still in custody at police headquarters and certainly people have lots of questions on this campus. it's a very scary situation. we did talk to police and no guns found, no charges filed. at this point all we know about him is he's a student here at montgomery college and he's 19 years old. we'll get more information and have it for you later on, but for now we're live in montgomery college. >> thank you. we'll look for more on that at 7:00 and 11:00. we're trying to raise enough money to feed 1,200 local military families this thanksgiving and christmas and you are looking live at our turkeys for troops phone bank. if you want to donate, call 202- 895-5560. we have volunteers here from the uso, dow, turning point,
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northrop grumman and the red rockers, the washington capitals cheerleaders taking your calls. the number to call again, 202- 895-5560. joining me now with a very special donation to the uso's turkeys for troops program is our wusa9 president and general manager mark burdette and with him the uso's elaine rogers. you come here every year. we look forward to doing this and, mark, take it away. >> this is my first one. elaine, on behalf of the gannett foundation, usa today, please accept this big check for $10,000. >> i can't tell you how excited we are. i'm on my way to the bank right now taking it with me. this is fantastic and thank you so much. we love you all for supporting us like this. >> happy to do it, very important. we really appreciate it. >> we know this donation right here will help 200 families. so that gets us part of the way to our goal of reaching 1,200
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families today. elaine and mark, thank you for presenting that. >> we want to encourage everyone to call in, lesli. it's a great cause. >> let's keep it going. if you want to help provide our local military families with holiday food baskets for thanksgiving and christmas, ring up our phones 202-895-5560 or you can go online to click on the uso button on our homepage. everything you donate stays right here in our area. today the superintendent of montgomery county public schools delivered his first state of the schools address. he talked directly to parents and teachers about their district and he gave insights into what's working and where there's room for improvement. >> reporter: with nearly 150,000 students montgomery county public schools is one of the largest districts in the country. despite their size superintendent joshua starr says the district has a strong record of success. he highlighted some of the achievements today in a room
5:35 pm
packed with students, teachers and parents. >> mcps has had the highest graduation rate among the nation's large school districts. >> reporter: starr pointed out other strides the district has made in student access to a.p. classes and their efforts to team up with local industries to give students real world experience. while he says there has been progress, he also admitted there is room for growth. >> an african american or hispanic 9th grader is three or four times more likely to drop out before graduation than a white or asian student. while our dropout rate has been decreasing over the years, that gap has not narrowed. >> reporter: parents and feathers told us today's speech on the -- teachers told us today's speech on the status of montgomery county schools was encouraging. >> yes, we're a good system, but we can keep working on the positive. >> reporter: they feel
5:36 pm
improvements are being made in this already strong district, but they also feel the superintendent is focusing on creating change in other key areas. >> he's really interested in the diversity and reaching all cultures across the board and giving them the equity and the chance to get the education they need.. >> starr also stressed the importance of community during his address toe. he cited -- today. he cited examples of the university working with local businesses. coming up veterans helping veterans, tell you about a program just launched in maryland with man's best friend. >> if you've got to have the next blackberry, we'll tell you when the new one comes out early next year.
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in tonight's consumer alert a christmas light trade-in, gift card fees and black friday shopping, but first blackberry launches a new phone. so the new release date? january 30th, 2013. that's when the blackberry 10 and its new operating system meet the public again. research in motion, the company that makes the mobile phone, expects this latest version to
5:40 pm
bring it into closer competition with apple and google. r.i.m. has delayeded releasing the operating system many times but -- delayed release the operate system many times but hopes this will help them rebound. look at all the big stores that plan to open shortly after you finish your thanksgiving meal, toys r us, wal-mart, sears and k-mart planning to unlock their doors at 8:00, target at 9:00 and one retailer plans to keep thanksgiving as its own holiday. nordstrom's says it will open on black friday and it will not deck its halls with christmas cheer until then. [ applause ] >> a resounding han of applause in the newsroom. -- hand of applause in the newsroom. a survey found only five out of 55 stores charges purchase fees for gift cards, but if you buy it from a bank or credit card company you pay big time, a purchase fee 3 to $7 the survey says only 2% of
5:41 pm
stores charge additional fees if you don't use the card for 12 months or more. it jumps to 75% for bank or credit card companies and you get hit with a $3 monthly maintenance and dormant fee, so just buy a store card. you can save money pore energy when you trade in old or nonworking holiday string lights at home depot. in exchange the store will give you a coupon toward the purchase of any energy efficient seasonal l.e.d. string lights, but you got to hurry because this program ends wednesday, november 14th. >> shop ahead. still ahead tonight. >> reporter: i'm dave owens. i'll have the story about service next. >> just a reminder our turkeys for troops phone bank open until 7:30 tonight. we are working with the uso of metropolitan washington to raise money for holiday food baskets for our local military families.
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if you want to donate, call 202- 895-5560 or go to tower website and -- to our website and click on the button that says uso.
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for the past four years now wusa9 and uso of metropolitan washington have been teaming up to give holiday baskets to our local military families, but as always we need your help. i'm standing right by the phone bank which you can call to make a donation to this great cause 202-895-5560 and it's great way to say thank you to the u.s. military. if you're wondering who the big bird is, that's lops slapshot, mascot for the washington capitals. we've got a lot of other folks here as well. we've got volunteers from the uso, from the dell company, from turning point and northrop grumman. we've even got some call takers from the washington capitals cheerleading squad, the red rockers. if you get lucky, you might get to talk to one of them and slapshot is not big on talking, so he's not answering the phone, but he is here to show his enthusiasm. give us a call 202-895-5560 or if you don't have a phone handy, just go to our website
5:46 pm donate online by clicking on the uso button on the front page of our website. i should note for you that our goal tonight is $60,000 because each $50 donation feeds a family of six. we're at 16,755. that's enough for 335 baskets. we're a long way from where we need to be, so we need you to call right now, 202-895-5560. topper. >> all right. >> first you had a snow video. now what? >> now we have a flooding video which makes a little more sense except we're taking you to italy across the pond. this is pretty impressive. in fact, north of tuscany over 200 people had to evacuate their home. in viencia further north there were dwellings that had to be evacuated. civil protection units were placed, sandbags near the walls of the river and still they'll
5:47 pm
be several days before that goes back. those folks had 10 inches of rain. for us different story. our live look outside, our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. temperatures still 67 despite the clouds, really just unbelievable outside. dew point's in the 50s, winds out of the south at 11, pressure 30.21. here's the deal. tomorrow's high is going to be in the midnight temperature. we'll give you the daytime highs tomorrow. what's going in the books will be whatever we are at midnight. here's a look at radar. all the rain, pittsburgh, charleston, still on the other side of the mountain. so we have a few hours. the evening commute will be dry and roll into garrett and tucker county, west virginia shortly. i don't think we'll see anything in the immediate metro area until 9:00 or 10:00. look at the temps, 67 in great falls and arlington, still in the 60s everywhere, 67 in rockville and college park, 63 in bowie. back to reality, grab your umbrella tonight. you will need a jacket tomorrow and keep that handy for the
5:48 pm
rest of the week. breezy and cooler. evening commute will be dry. the morning commute will be wet for most of us, but evening commute should be dry for everybody. now here's the model forecast. 10:30 just getting showers now in frederick and leesburg. so you've got plenty of time to do some stuff tonight, take advantage of this warm weather. i actually put some electric cables out in anticipation of the christmas lights because it was warm, nice day to do that. we'll put this back into motion. by 3:00 in the morning thundershowers everywhere across the metro area, light to moderate showers, yellows pop through at 7:30 in the morning. now we have showers frederick southbound 270, 66 eastbound wet commutes. it clears out quickly. by this time tomorrow we'll be clear to partly cloudy. for tomorrow rain and showers developing, lows in the 40s, winds become northwesterly 10 to 15 by dawn. next three days because of the rain and showers in the
5:49 pm
morning, 9 weather alert yellow, may add a little time to your morning commute, 52 morning showers, nice and chilly wednesday, 50, struggle to get to 50, nice and cool thursday, temperatures in the low 50s and breezy through wednesday. next seven days nice on thursday and friday, temps in the 50s and then nice for the terps game saturday. right now there's a possibility of a storm off the coast on sunday. that means rain and/or showers and temps in the 40s for the redskin game sunday and monday, but that is subject to change. well, the wait ends at midnight for one of the most anticipated video games of the whole year. that is when call of duty black ops 2 hits the shelves for the x-box 360 and playstation 3. we couldn't find any estimates how many people preordered this game. however, the last version sold more than 6.5 million copies in the first three days. the game gets released for the nintendo wii u on sunday. it's intended for adults over
5:50 pm
the age 17. i have not played the game, but i have seen the previews and it's chock full of men running through explosions, so it must be good. lance armstrong has severed all formal ties with live strong, the cancer charity he founded. last month he resigned as chairman and now he has stepped down from the board of directors. the u.s. anti-doping agency determined armstrong used banned substances. it stripped him of his titles and banished him from competitive cycling. nonetheless over the weekend armstrong tweeted this photo of himself relaxing at home in texas with seven framed yellow jerseys from the tour de france still hanging on his wall. being a redskin fan may leave you feeling drained sometimes. i think i've even heard derek say the team who can account is life out of him on some -- who can suck the life out of him on some weekends, but the redskins are teaming up with the american red cross to give people who donate blood a free ticket to a regular season
5:51 pm
game. we have the list of blood drive dates and locations at >> yeah. redskins, that was strained. >> that way it will be for a good cause. might leave you feeling a little woozy, but you get to go see a game. not too often you get free redskin tickets. so take advantage of it. >> the redskins are also doing some other good things and so are some folks with the navy, right? today being veterans day it's easy to get swept up in the various ceremonies surrounding it, but for veterans themselves this is day of pride, reverence and remembrance all in one. here in the washington d.c. there are several athletes who proudly served their country. >> reporter: it's 1975. degrees rwin curtis and some of his -- derwin curtis and some
5:52 pm
of his navy teammate are ushering in change. >> they took quite a few of us from louisville, chicago. >> reporter: the former midshipmen football star now vice ad miler has a list of accomplishments -- admiral has a list of accomplishments a nautical mile long. so for him it's personal. >> americans have short memories. we forget about our heroes during world war ii. we forget about vietnam. >> reporter: he's part of a military family, four children all naval academy. >> i knew i wanted to serve not only because of my family, just because i feel like everyone should kind of do my part. >> reporter: his wife didn't officially serve but may as well be commander in chief. so when the curtis family hung old glory this morning, it meant something. >> when there's a loss, i've stood with the families, not just by them but with them. >> reporter: her husband was almost one of those lost. on 9/11 vice admiral curtis was serving at the pentagon. >> the whole building shook and then we got word that a plane had hit the pentagon.
5:53 pm
so we started evacuating everyone to make sure they were all right. >> my first phone call is from someone that they're safe, your husband helped us out of building and made sure we're all secure and say. >> reporter: 36 years have gone by since curtis played on this gridiron. navy marine corps stadium has been revamped many times over since then, but what hasn't changed is his love of service personified on veterans day. >> i've always felt that football, athletics gives you the drive and competitiveness and pride. >> reporter: pride, it's why veterans day is so meaningful to him today. in annapolis, dave owens, 9 sports. >> now the kurts have one more daughter at the naval -- the curtiss have one more daughter at the naval academy in the class of 2016. still ahead tonight 9 news now has learned of some changes in the 2 , for d.c.'s emergency -- works for d.c.'s emergency services plus -- >> reporter: this is bruce johnson at john glenn, the main
5:54 pm
boat in d.c. fire department's harbor arsenal, in need of $700,000 of repairs, that story coming up. >> reporter: i'm matt jablow, helping veterans, that story straight ahead. >> if you'd like to help provide a holiday basket to local military personnel, please call our turkeys for troops phone bank happening now, the number 202-895-5560 and you can also donate online at click on the uso button on the homepage.
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5:57 pm
veterans giving to veterans, that's the idea behind an innovative program in maryland. >> as matt jablow tells us, the two month old initiative is designed to help thousands of vets seriously wounded in iraq and afghanistan. >> trooper, stay. >> reporter: carey dorsey says of all the difficult things about raising young dogs -- >> you never know what they'll get into. >> reporter: -- one of the most difficult for him is putting them in their crates at night. >> being locked up, i know that feeling and they haven't even done anything. you know what i mean? >> reporter: that's because after about 10 years at hagerstown correctional institution -- >> here for selling narcotics. >> reporter: -- dorsey says he wouldn't wish a life behind bars on his worst enemy, much less his new best friend. >> no matter what happens through the day you can go to him and he's going to be the
5:58 pm
same. >> reporter: carey dorsey is one of about a dozen inmates at hagerstown prison taking part in a brand new program. >> easy, good girl. >> reporter: that uses inmate who are veterans. >> i was a combat engineer. >> i was a hospital corps man on nuclear hospital submarines. it's a strange thing to wake up in a panal facility and hear a -- penl facility and hear a dog barking. >> reporter: right now seven service dogs are being trained, four at hagerstown and by january another seven puppies are expected to be added to the program which is believed to be the first of its kind in the entire country. >> the best thing i've seen come down the road. >> reporter: lieutenant robert schumaker who runs the program in hagerstown calls it the most practice, prime minister he's seen during his 301 years
5:59 pm
working -- most practical program he's seen during his 31 years working in the system. as a result the maryland department of public safety will likely expand the program to many more prisons throughout the state over the next several years. >> the warden told me the other days lieutenant, i've been locked up since i've been 18. i've never had children but i know what it's like to have a child now. >> reporter: in hagerstown, matt jablow, 9 news now. >> what great idea. all the dogs in the program are donated by the organization america's vet dogs while local veterinarians have donated their services to take care of those pups. this is 9 news now. >> the d.c. fire department's main boat used for large scale emergencies is in desperate need of emergency repairs. the price tag? almost mail onbucks and to make things --


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