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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  November 13, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the fbi, cia, pentagon, the white house, and congress. >> i am puzzled by much of what has occurred in the fbi investigation. >> reporter: the former cia director admitted to an affair with broadwell which came to light when the fbi investigated what one u.s. official has described as a jealous e-mail broadwell sent to kelley. now general allen is under investigation for allegedly sending to kelley e-mail messages one defense official described as flirtation. authorities are scouring 20,000 to 30,000 pages of documents. >> it really makes you wonder how he would have even the time to do it and the motivation to do that from afar. >> reporter: the news about allen which the national security council spokesman says president obama learned about the same day petraeus resigned has put amen's nomination to be nato supreme allied commander on hold. allen denies any wrongdoing and remains on duty in afghanistan. >> president has great confidence in the military. great confidence in his commanders.
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and we'll continue to have that confidence. >> reporter: a defense official tells cnn there's a distinct possibility the defense department investigation into allen is connected to the petraeus fbi investigation. fbi agents removed property from broadwell's north carolina home on monday. >> she's cooperating which is a good idea. the question are these classified documents? >> reporter: the answer may show the national security was threatened by personal choices. in washington, emily schmidt, 9news now. >> now one u.s. official is telling emily schmidt there doesn't appear to be anything criminal in the e-mails between general allen and jill kelley. that person says kelley also did a lot of work with programs like wounded warriors which could account for some of the volume of e-mails and be real business. update now on the breaking news from the top of our 5:00 hour. andrea mccarren is live in waldorf where the arrest of a couple in d.c. may have cracked a murder case. andrea? >> reporter: it did derek.
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in fact the metropolitan police department provided information here that helped crack a case in waldorf that just stunned the community. tonight, 17-year-old joshua mebane is accused of killing two people and critically injuring another. joshua mebane acted alone allegedly using is semiautomatic weapon when he gunned down a couple walking their dog on a waldorf footpath friday evening. 40-year-old teresa bass was murdered. her husband critically injured. this afternoon, the sheriff's department was able to tell him they had arrested her killer. >> actually the sheriff talked with him and the sheriff was the -- the person who broke the news to him. he was again very emotional. and very -- happy that we caught -- caught mr. mebane. >> reporter: the arrest followed what authorities called an investigative marathon. involving metropolitan police who shared ballistics
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information with charles county about the murder of a d.c. cab drive every last week. the suspect in that case, joshua mebane had tied to waldorf. in that case mebane allegedly committed the crime with his 17- year-old girlfriend. >> we are all committed to safety. just know this. we are confident we have the guy. and he is in custody. >> reporter: mebane is now charged with first degree murder and attempted murder. he did not take anything allegedly from his victims here so investigators are trying to figure out his possible motive. live from la plata, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> ugly case, glad it's closed. thank you. today, some of the 300 janitors who say they haven't been paid for their work at walter reed medical center held a rally. their union filed a complaint against the contractor that hired them so that contractor says it hasn't been paid by the federal government and it can't by the workers. we spoke with one of the
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workers who is feeling the pinch. >> we are here. make sure that we stick together and we go together right? >> gabriel rivera is a loving father of three with one looming problem. >> i have here is the last payment i received from the scott enterprise, which was on the 25th. october 25th of this year. >> for the last two years rivera has worked as a custodian at walter reed hospital. >> i have done the job. i have complied with the regulations. and everything. but i'm not getting paid. >> and now the rent is due and the bills are stacking up. >> let's see how much is this other statement. my god. so right now i don't know what i'm going to do with this. $207.94. >> as rivera wait for answers, he wants one thing. >> honestly i would like to get paid for my work. >> now today the treasury department announced the feral government started the
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2013 budget year with a $120 billion deficit. that's 22% higher than october of last year. and does not bode well for the rest of the fiscal year. in contrast, virginia announced today that tax collections for its general fund spiked by almost 16% last month over the previous years. a follow-up tonight on the story we brought you last night at 6:00 for the first time. plans to stop medic service in the district between 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. 7:00 a.m. >> i'm bruce leshan where there is more fallout tonight over the fire chief's plan to pull all the advanced medic units off the street during the graveyard shift. the fire chief says there are far fewer calls during the hours but firefighters say it's that one call, that one heart attack, that one baby having trouble breathing that they are worried about. now there would still be paramedics on the fire chucks and still be -- trucks and
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still be basic life support or ems units on the street. >> a fire and the medics that ride the fire engines -- are tied up on the fire ground. and not able to provide advanced life support. >> we also have seven ems supervisors who don't put out fires so we will have als coverage. >> reporter: fire officials say they only get a total of 40 to 60 medic calls between the hours of 1:00 and 7:00 in the morning city wide and the fire chief says by changing shifts around he can have more units out there ready to go when they are really needed. in d.c., bruce leshan, 9news now. d.c. schools chancellor henderson says closing 20 schools across the city after the current school year will save some money. according to henderson the schools on the list were chosen in part because of low enrollment, the percentage of the buildings actually being used and the condition of those structures. if the proposal goes through it would be the second major
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consolidation of d.c. schools in the past five years. >> if we reduce the number of our facilities we'll be able to improve the programs that we offer. we'll be able to utilize our staff more efficiently. so that we can concentrate on the things that we know move things for kids. >> you can see the full list of schools and where those students would be sent the coming years at the former chairman of the d.c. council learned his fate from not one, but two judges today. >> this is bruce johnson, late this afternoon kwame brown was here in court to respond to a misdemeanor campaign finance conviction. he was in the custody of deputy u.s. marshals and he had handcuffs on him. shackles around the waist and his legs and he was given a 30 day suspended sentence. before that he was over in federal court. he was given a one day sentence in federal court today by judge richard leon. the conviction was for bank
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fraud. kwame brown was also given six months home detention with a curfew from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. >> oh wow. you know, i mean he's obviously extremely disappointed first in himself, and the situation he finds himself in. >> reporter: the 42-year-old former chairman of the d.c. council also given 480 hours of visible community service. after that, he must serve two years supervised probation. federal court kwame brown wiped away tears as he talked about the embarsment and told the judge told i'm here because of my own poor conduct. i'm not a victim. this is bruce johnson reporting for 9news now from downtown washington. and coming you're way on news -- your way on 9news now at 7:00. a writer for the military times tried at least to sort out the soap opera-like drama unfolding right now around david petraeus and who knows who else. plus, how to make sure your old electronics are properly disposed of. all of 7:00. okay derek. progress in the aftermath of
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superstorm sandy as some senators and for more federal aid. top? >> well, much colder air rolled in but the numbers can be deceiving. here's what's going to go in the books, high 65 that occurred after midnight. low so far 43. that might go down into the 30s before midnight. we picked up a half inch of rain, .87 at dulles was good enough for the daily rainfall record. we will come back. >> but first new information tonight about the tattered flag in desperate need of repairs at a local park.
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new information tonight about a badly tattered flag in chevy chase. we first told awen't the flag flying -- told you about the flag on saturday night after getting a call from the army veteran david russell. we learned the park is a responsibility of the montgomery county department of transportation. it turns out though the flag had been the responsibility of a nearby gas station for years. but when that station closed a few years ago, the flag's upkeep seemed to have slipped through the cracks. that department thanked us for calling today and had the flag replaced just a few hours later. and we want to thank all of you who took part in the turkeys for troops program yesterday. this is the fourth year we've teamed up with the uso of metro washington to so i thank you to the men -- say thank you to the men and women who put their lives on the line for us.
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we raised almost $108,000 and this will help buy baskets for more than 2100 local military families. still time to denate. just go -- donate. just go to the website, and click on the uso button on the home page to make a donation. every penny stays here in the d.c. metro area. hindus arnold the world celebrate the festival of lights tonight. the five day festival of diwali started today. it's an official holiday in 11 countries including india, sri lanka and singapore. it marks the triumph of good over evil. still ahead tonight a celebration is spoiled by a scandal inside the beltway. that's coming up.
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the story of paula broadwell and the downfall of general petraeus has a connection to another washington. the little one. 70 miles shutoff d.c.. you probably -- south of d.c.. you probably heard of the famous five star inn at little washington. that's where broadwell and her husband were to celebrate her birthday friday. the same night she became a household name. peggy fox returns from
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washington, virginia. >> oh my god. what happened? can you believe it? >> reporter: it's the five star inn at -- five star inn at little washington that's put washington, virginia on the map. now azannal worthy of the big washington is making its mark on the tiny picturesque town. >> this kind of thing is happening in our sleepy little town. they were right here. >> reporter: paula broadwell was here with her husband to celebrate her 40th birthday in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains. >> i really wish i had seen theme because -- >> reporter: because there was no room in the famous inn. the inn fills up fast in the fall. the broad wells stayed a little ways down main street at the middleton inn. where a yellow lab stands guard. the broadwells arrived thursday and ate dinner in nearby sperryville at the thornton river grill. friday evening they had reservations at the inn at little washington. the broadwells seemed to be enjoying each other's company thursday and friday. they went on hikes and took a
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strenuous bike ride together. but then after the news about her affair with general petraeus broke friday night, the mood between them soured. and they left abruptly saturday morning. townspeople here take the news in stride just another mention of little washington in the news. >> they're not going to have fond memories of little washington are they? >> reporter: peggy fox, 9news now. >> the magazine first reported the story and described the mood as turning from upbeat to cold and not very talkative. well, today marked two weeks since we started to really see some of the damage from hurricane sandy. and today 13 senators from seven states including maryland sent president obama a letter asking him to boost federal disaster aid in the 2013 budget. they are hoping that that will help to speed up recovery efforts. just about two hours ago, one of the last major routes into the big apple reopened to traffic. the hugh kerry brooklyn battery tunnel was swamped by the
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estimated 86 million gallons of water by the storm surgery. one lane of -- surge. one lane of one tube opened tonight for the rush hour. the other tube is expected to be closed for several for weeks. that carried an estimated 50,000 cars a day before the storm. wow. >> the ongoing gridlock from this is stunning. >> it is. >> and it's going to be continuous for a while. >> it is and you know i heard some -- residents up in new jersey say you know what's taken so long? it was just like the derecho here. you have to put poles inpy land. not -- by hand. not just fixed in a couple of transformers, then up and down the shore. it takes time. 65 was the high again today. kind of deceiving because temperatures were more like in the 40s and low 50s during the day. we lost quite a bid in terms of sunday and monday but reality had to come back. a live look outside to our live michael & son weather camera and we're looking at temperatures in the 40s at least downtown but some 30s in
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the suburbs. 46 officially. pressure still rising and kind of high. 30.42 inches of mercury. you get a high barometer a good time to set the barometer if you have hone at home and -- one at home and you want to check it. the dew points in the upper 20s which is not bad either. at this time yesterday we were 17 degrees warmer downtown and 27 degrees warmer in leesburg. lost 27-degrees there and 27 degrees in frederick and 25 degrees in gaithersburg. and that is just straight temperature. that's not the including the windchill. right now we have 42 in rockville. but 39 in gaithersburg. 43 bethesda but 38 up in laytonsville. low 40s great falls, fairfax and burke. 43 in arlington and 44 college park and 40 also over in bowie. so factor in the winds, well it feels like 35 in leesburg and 39 in gaithersburg. so if you're going out now, just kind of dress for the 30s if you're going to go out late, it's a tuesday night. i don't know how many people go
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out late on tuesday night but you never know. dress for the 20s. we're going to be dry through the week. need a jacket tonight and windchills 20s and 30s and need the jacket tomorrow. pretty much all day. so for tonight clear breezy cold. one to two blanket night. lows in the 30s and winds out of the north at 10 to 20. next three days our 9 weather alerts are green, green and green. chilly and nice on wednesday. 50. a cool but nice on thursday, 52. and still cool on friday, sunshine 54. good news about thursday and friday, not much wind. it will feel a little bit milder. next seven days, still nice on saturday. for the terps' game. temperatures in the mid 50s. not much wind. sunday the skins actually may end up with a dry football game. more and more the storms going out to sea. it won't pull the plug on it yet but rain sunday night into early monday and then we're back in the low 50s monday and tuesday. >> yeah like you said it was deceiving when you say 65 today because it was not anywhere close to that. >> all right. our kristen berset had a
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plum assignment today. got to hang out with the resident golden girl in bethesda. >> that's right. >> reporter: hey guys, yeah i'm hear with a familiar face. i'm sure you all recognize katie ledecky the gold medalist from the summer olympics. she just completed her first high school swim meet since winning the gold. we'll talk with her right after this.
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welcome back. i am live in bethesda at scone ridge school and joining me a very -- stone ridge school and joining me olympic gold medalist katie ledecky. she just wrapped up the first meet of the season with stone ridge but katie i want to smart we first talked -- start we first talked to you in august when you came back from the olympics. hard to go back to being a normal teenager? >> not at all. everybody at school has been really great and really excited and i've just had a blast returning to school life. >> you had tons of people waiting for you at the airport when you got back but that first week of school -- were you kind of that celebrity walking down the hall and now they're like she's just katie now? >> i guess it was a -- it was a
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tad different but once we got into the swing of things and i answered some questions for them. >> i got to say tonight was the mist meet with stone ridge. what a meet you broke two of your own personal school records here tonight. 200 im and the butterfly. do you feel good get back in the water with your teammates? >> yes, it did. it was great to be on deck with the friends and have fun and just relax and we did a great catholic charities coat drive which was great for the three catholic schools here to be a part of. >> now i want to let the viewers at home know there's been a lot of extra media here today for the first meet. lots of people taking pictures and at will have parents were like -- a lot of parents were like katie is in first. katie is in first. i talked to the coach earlier, it's become an inspiration for the community. do you feel that you have inspired this community? >> it's great when i hear something like that. i just feel like if i can inspire some person, or anybody, that it just means a lot to me to know that they're
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that excites about swimming or moved them in some way or gives them a dream. so just if i can do that in any way possible it's a great thing. >> you seem to be getting used to the media attention. taking pictures today with other swimmers. >> it's a little different having a few camera crews on deck but it was fun. >> what's next? obviously lots of big meals and had a couple -- meets and had a couple already this year. but already set your sights on 2016? >> yeah, sort of. there's a lot in-between. i have nationals and two weeks. in austin. so that's -- the first big steppingstone. but then there's world championships next summer which i'm going to try to qualify for. and then -- >> obviously the area will be rooting you on katie. it was great to see you in action. live in person today and it was great catching up with you. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. thank you so much. that's katie ledecky. now i want to let you all know to remember to still vote for the high school game of the week. we still have that poll up of course we are in playoff times and dicey johnson won national league manager of the year.
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we'll hear from him at 11:00. >> that's it for us. thank you for watching. >> good night everybody. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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