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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the gaza crisis, now looking like a war between hamas and israel. reports tonight israel could send ground troops into gaza at any time. hello, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. tonight israel shows no signs of letting up in the attack on the gaza strip. those strikes have been expanded to target hamas's government buildings, israel also under attack as palestinian militants continue firing rockets into civilian areas including tel aviv. some reports out of the middle east say a ground war is now imminent. we begin tonight with alan in tel aviv. >> reporter: only hours after it was set up this anti-missle battery intercepted a long range rocket fired from gaza and aimed at the heart of
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israel's commercial capitol. five such batteries called iron dome are being deployed and three more are being rushed into production. in an expansion of the air war against hamas, they struck the movements of the prime minister overnight. attacks were also aimed at other parts of the political structure including a building where the cabinet meets. gaza is one of the most densely populated areas in the world and any escalation to non- military targets carries the risk of increased civilian casualties. more tan 40 palestinians have been killed at least half civilians including women and children. this girl who was pulled from the rubble appears to be alive. hamas releasedhis video they claim was their rockets being launched. department buildings were hit by four of them that evaded the iron dome batteries deployed. hamas is getting a political boost from visits like this one today by the foreign minister.
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he called on the international community to help stop what he called this blatant aggression against our families, our citizens, and our brothers in gaza. the israelis insisted their actions are purely defensive and warned hamas it is risking escalation. troops are being deployed in preparation for a possible ground invasion but there is an international effort under way to work on a cease fire. >> cbs news, tel avia. tonight the white house continues to say it believes israel has the right to defend itself against attack. president obama is asking a full were of regional leaders to help in the violence there. turning elsewhere a graduate of sherwood high school is dead tonight. 18-year-old elijawan griffin was out with friends. early this morning he and a friend were robbed by a group of young people. the victims pursued the suspect so the woodly park metro station, police say there was a
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fight in which griffin was stabbed to death. >> originally the victim of a robbery in the area of 18th and columbia road, he and his associates encountered the subject who robbed him at the woodly park metro and an altercation ensued which lead to the stabbing and the assault. >> 17 year old male has been charged with second degree murder while armed, eight others have been charged with aggravated assault. he was a may graduate of sherwood high, a member of the football team. ken molestina reports his friends and neighbors were shaken by this. >> reporter: the reality of his death is too much to bear for those who knew him. >> we just seen him. we just saw him i'm at a loss of words. >> the 18-year-old was very popular among his friends and neighbors where he lived.
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those who knew him say he recently started a new job at the national institute of health. >> he was doing recycling all of the materials throughout the building. >> his loved ones say he was a funloving and motivated young man who recently graduated from sherwood high school where he was the popular kid at school and a football standout. >> he's funny. he's just a crazy person like goofy, like always having you laugh and that's just the type of person he was. >> according to his friends the other teenager in the deadly attack is griffin's cousin but police won't confirm his identity. the second victim was left badly beaten. his loved ones say they didn't know him to have problems with others. >> he's the kind of kid that will walk away from stuff as they try and deal with their heavy hearts, those grieving are left remembering another young life tragically cut short on the streets of washington. >> he was a good kid. he was a good kid. this is a terrible loss, this
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is a senseless act of violence. >> of course the grieving process has just begun for loved ones but they do say they're planning a memorial and it's pending the next couple days. ken molestina, 9 news. >> according to his friends he was planning on attending college some time next year. like every weekend scores of young people are out on the town. metro is often the preferred way to get around at night and early morning. metro riders now reacting to that fatal stabbing. >> i ride the metro all the time and i have never had any problems but it does cause me some concern. >> nothings worth stabbing somebody over. call the police. give them a report of what happened. it's the best alternative. >> people don't think when these things happen, but hopefully, people will become conscience of that and just not take those risks. >> i feel safe on the metro all the time. never really have problems with people attacking you or this stuff happens, it could have
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happened anywhere. >> metro immediately closed the woodly park station and reopened at its regular saturday morning schedule there at 7:00 this morning. the car plowed through the frondoors of a 7/11 stores in camp springs, maryland. prince georges county police say a driver error is to blame, really. it happened just before 1:00 this afternoon in the 5300 block of allentown road. police describe the driver only as a woman in her 60s. they say they did not believe she suffered a medical emergency or that she had been drinking. in egypt, 49 people, many of them young children are killed when a train slams to a school bus. the crash took place just south of cairo as the bus made its way across railroad tracks. the bus was transporting some 50 children to kindergarten class and egyption security officials says it appears the train crossing was not closed when the train came speeding through hitting that school bus. prosecutors say large amounts of chemicals used for making explosive devises have
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been found at the home of an unemployed new jersey doctor, 60 year old robertox rivera faces several charges tonight being held on $1 million cash bail. police found several assault rifles and other weapons when they searched his home friday night. ridgewood police responded that house, acting on a tip. police have not said why he had the dangerous materials in his residence in the first place. a crash on the new capitol belt way express lanes leaves two teenagers hurt tonight. virginia state police say a 19- year-old driver and her 18-year- old passenger were headed north on 495 when their car swerved, overcorrected and then crashed into the jersey wall in the new express lanes . the two were transported to a hospital. their injuries were not serious say police. that crash was one of two on the express lane which is officially opened today. still to come on 9 news now this saturday night, new information on that horrific parade float crash in texas this week. also, a tornado ripped
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across the coast of portugal knocking down buildings and streets. we had really pleasant but chilly day today. i'll tell you how long that weather lasts, we'll get a quick preview of your travel forecast for the wednesday before thanksgiving and of course a look at thanksgiving day when i come back with your seven day forecast. stay with us.
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president barack obama is on his way to southeast asia tonight. he's scheduled to arrive in bangkok on sunday. earlier today, he urged congress in his weekly address to aprove legislation insuring taxes do not go up on 98% of americans at the end of the year. >> we face a very clear deadline that requires us to make some big decisions on jobs
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and taxes, on investments, and deficits. both parties voted to set this deadline and i believe both parties can work together to make these decisions in a balanced and responsible way. >> in the republican response, senator kelly says in the effort to address the crisis without entitlement reform cannot be taken seriously. tonight federal investigators say a parade float tried to cross railroad tracks seconds after railroad crossing warning signals were activated. four veterans of the iraq and afghanistan wars were killed, 16 others were injured thursday when a freight train slammed into the float in midland, texas. the national transportation safety board member says the signals had been activated seven seconds before that float crossed the tracks. the train was sounding its horn nine seconds before it hit the float. the trains engineer also threw the emergency brakes five seconds before that fatal crash. southern coast of portugal is in a state of emergency after a tornado damaged
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buildings and downed trees and power lines. the strong winds devastated more than 100 homes. a nursing home had to be evacuated. 13 people were injured, three are in serious condition tonight. dulles airport celebrating its 50th anniversary. president john f. kennedy spoke at the dedication ceremony when the airport opened back on november 17, 1962. the airport is named in honor of former secretary of state john foster dulles. the international airport marked its 1 millionth passengers back in 1966. last year alone, the airport handled 23 million people. going to be a special holiday season for several families here in the washington area. >> there's no words that can express the joy and the happiness that they feel. >> coming up, lots of hugs and smiling faces during adoption day in the nations capitol. can we turn this nice saturday into a mild and sunny
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sunday? erica has an update on the forecast when we come back. [ harry umlaut ] here we go.
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annual adoption day at the districts courthouse in northwest. todays event featured a breakfast and lunch for the families along with costume characters and entertainment. each child also was given a gift but of course the biggest gift of all was a new forever family. >> it's really an honor to be here with kids of all ages who are being adopted and to hear some of the stories of how they came to be in their forever families and we're thrilled to be a part of that. >> being a new yorker all of my friends in new york who have lost homes and the things they missed most of the homes that they lost was their memories and so finally a lot of these children who have never had memories now have them. i think that's the most important things in our lives. >> it's always a huge celebration and we have stories of little kids and infants all the way up to 16 year old today who got adopted. >> 197 other children were adopted in the district of columbia this year.
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congratulations to them. and to the parents, thank you thank you thank you. >> absolutely. not bad today. >> no not bad. a little bit chilly, but it is late fall. >> november. >> it is november, yes. no pun intended. >> tomorrow? >> tomorrow more of the same, so if you liked today, then you're going to like thomas well, just a few more clouds and i'll show you why in just a second. let's take a look outside with our brand new weather cam, this is a brand new hd shot we have here and it's coming all the way from crystal city but we're taking a look at the capitol building and right now it is cloudy, over dca, 42 degrees that dew point down in the 20s right now and that's giving us or sorry, the dew point has crept up into the low 30s but that dry atmosphere, you're probably noticing it, you feel a little bit more dried out like you need more water than normal and that's the reason, so as we head into sunday, it will still be cool, a few more clouds as we head into the day because there's a coastal storm that remains offshore. it's not going to bring us any
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rain, but you definitely will have filtered sunshine as opposed to that bright sunshine that we had during the day today. still going to be nice for the redskins game. we'll have that redskins forecast in just a minute as we head into monday, the nice weather continues but then some showers are in the forecast for tuesday. right now it is already down to 34 degrees in leesburg, 37 in culpepper, 48 still in annapolis, so much warmer along the water and this is the time of the year where the bay helps to keep things warmer so we'll see that pretty often i think over the next couple of months. satellite and radar shows that high cloud cover streaming in, so it is a lot of cloud cover but it's very thin and that's why where not expecting any precipitation from it. there's just not enough water in those clouds so as we head through the overnight hours the closer you are to the coastline the more cloud cover you will see west of the belt way we'll have clear skies leading to this big difference in overnight low temperatures. 30 in the outlying suburbs but 40 degrees downtown with
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northeast winds at 10 miles per hour, partly cloudy, cool but nice tomorrow morning temperatures in the 30s and 40s and wind out of the northeast at 10 miles per hour, wind picks up a little bit in the afternoon but still not too bad. 49-54 for your afternoon high so it is a little bit on the chilly side. we should be getting into the upper 50s this time of the year and in the zone 52 in winchester, 52 in mantegna, a little bit cooler and cloudier as we're looking at the shoreline, 53 in easton and cambridge, 52 in georgetown under a good deck of cloud cover and 54 in d.c. and at andrews air force base and if you are heading out to the big eagles/redskins game, 50-54 for your temperatures, northeast winds 10-15 miles per hour partly sunny but pleasant. you'll need the jacket. over the next three days going code green with a chance for showers on tuesday but just a weak disturbance approaching. in fact i think some areas around the belt way will stay completely dry on tuesday but
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do keep in mind we have that threat for a shower. you can see the temperatures remain in the mid 50s throughout the next three days as well and as we take a look at that seven day forecast, that big travel preview day wednesday looks great. it will be partly cloudy high of 54 and thanksgiving even better and 60 on thanksgiving day with lots of sunshine so if you're staying in town you'll like it and friday looks good too, great shopping weather i guess, actually this weather is so nice that you might want to hold off on that trip to the stores and just enjoy the beautiful weather and 62 and mostly sunny skies. i can't wait. >> thanks. southeast washington organizers hope it will be another destination inward 7, it's the new $10 million ten else education and community center, they say it's the first of its kind in southeast. also a partnership between the washington tenants and education foundation and the districts government. the foundation provides academic help to underprivileged children and teaches them how to apply
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tennis lessons to every day life. past participants say it's a program that opens doors to brighter futures. >> in the program i started when it first started and i met willis thomas and it's a good experience. like we got to travel the world a lot, do different tournaments, meet different people. >> it helped mature, become responsible, understand that if there's more to the world than just southeast and that i could make it, i could be a success and that i didn't need to do the wrong thing in order to make it in life. they've had an impact on everything in my life. i don't think i would have been able to go to school, boarding school, college, and now law school. >> washington tenants and education foundation helps more than 1000 students every year. >> wonderful. i've been a tennis player my whole life. those are some of the best memories so that's really
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awesome. >> great. how did things go? >> it was a pretty okay day. it wasn't 100% great but it was okay. >> [laughter] >> it's a mild way to put it. crazy day in college football. actually maryland closed out the season at home and tech heads to overtime and wvu nearly pulls off the upset. i'll have highlights coming up plus a look at the redskins final prep for philly, sports is next.
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oh, its been one crazy year for the maryland terapins. granted they did surpass last seasons two wins but they lost four quarterbacks and a rash of serious injuries hampered the terms all season long so today they wanted to send their seniors out on a high note, hosting florida state in hair home finale, beautiful sight there. ec manual here with a park to rashad green for 30-yards, florida state goes up 27-0. now here is a good play, shawn petty, a line backer turned quarterback, running around hits kevin dorsey, keeping it going there, one of two touchdowns for the senior receiver nice treat for him. now james milder junior almost falls but keeps his balance 22- yard touchdown run and fsu wins
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this one 41-14. >> senior day here at college park, a con nine of a lot of emotions, on the last run for 17 veterans a promising season going south because of catastrophic injuries and add- on top of that rumors that maryland could be hopping to the big 10. it's a lot to digest. >> for what this team has been through so far, they're out there battling and we can't control all those things that have taken place. >> shows support of us and we go out there every day and just work hard for the fans. >> rumors going around that maryland may be going to the big 10 next year. how do you feel about that when you hear that? >> ian acc fan, i've played in the accbeing and i want to stay in the acc. >> wherever they go we'll follow them. >> there's no doubt that we're on the right direction and right path and doing the right things and kids want to be a part of what we're doing and i
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think that's the biggest thing and we'll be okay. >> there were talks with the big 10 conference and that news didn't make very many terps fans happy. major roadblock as we know athletics dealing with financial problems and exit fee is $50 million. >> in the acc, virginia tech at boston college, frank bemer keeping the hopes of a bowl alive, logan thomas fires to the back of the end zone, randall dunn with a great tow tap, for the defense, stops the eagles fourth and 11, stops short of the first down and escapes a 30-23 win. >> texas state paying a visit to annapolis, picking it up in the fourth, gigi green with the stutter steps, watch the effort to get into the end zone. just keeps going, mid shipment
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win it 21-10. >> here was an exciting game watching tonight, west virginia trying to avoid a five game losing streak, another wild one, this seven yard touchdown and fields has six scores on the day, they go on to score again with 24 seconds left topping them out near 50-49. >> is the only nba team yet to win a game many are calling them the oshing wizards because they have no "w's." in fact after tonight the wizards have become the second team in nba history with consecutive 0 and 8 starts. wizards hosting utah jazz tonight, starting the game off pretty well and there were more fouls than points this season putting the wiz up 11-0 but the jazz fight back up two in the second, mo williams gets the steal from crawford and then hayward brings it home and they go on to win 83-76.
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wiz arts fall to 0 & 8. >> d.c. united better news there, it's going to take some serious focus, united must beat the houston dynamo tomorrow night by at least two goals. dcu is riding a 17 game win streak. >> as the redskins prep for sundays match up against philadelphia, it's hard not to look past that game. this games play three straight divisional games including two in a five day span. despite being three and six the skins haven't given up hope just yet. they have a better chance at winning tomorrow with mike vick on the sidelines but they struggled against rockies qbs in years past, that's why they aren't even thinking about what's coming up after that. they are focused on their next must win game. >> kind of puts us in a playoff situation, every game is like a must win if you want to see the post season so we are definitely taking a different approach for these next few games. >> i feel like it's the only thing on my mind and these
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players minds. we have to take care of what we can handle and control so it's the only thing that we have on our minds and that's the way i look at it. >> it's going to be an interesting game tomorrow. of course we'll have a complete wrap up of that game on tomorrow night. >> they can't lose to a rookie quarterback can they? >> [laughter] >> you can't say it. >> we did that against the panthers. they can't lose against the panthers. >> see you tomorrow. >> they can't lose.
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