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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  December 31, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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middle 20s inside the beltway. because of the clearing of the night. even the teens, teens for some of the upper, northern and western suburbs. so you definitely want to cover your head and your fingers and make sure you have gloves on if you are stepping out. all of us become mostly cloudy later on by noon time. partly cloudy by 9:00. we'll get a little boost from the south and southwest winds with the overcast skies. i think we'll hold our temperatures to 44 to 46 degrees as we head into the afternoon. it does look like we are staying with a green alert for today. tomorrow we could see moisture move on through. it will be hit or miss, and mainly a mix of mostly rain with a few wet snowflakes missed in.
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tomorrows temperatures slightly cooler. olga right now we are checking out the ride for drivers. i-27 0 southbound into frederick and there was a crash southbound closer to 121 clarks. its minor and no apparent impact on traffic that comes down from 10. just gedding word of an accident east 340e near i-70. no issues or incidents to report the i-95 corridor. we'll check out things for virginia drivers northbound 28. out of manassas park and centerville. between 29 and i-66. single file is able to get by to the left now past that crash investigation. southbound lanes are open on i-66. that is important. northbound 95. fredericksburg from quantico, open for you to get to 395 and up to the 14th street bridge.
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your next timesaver traffic. >> thank you beverly. redskins fans waking up with a smile on their face celebrating the first trip to the playoffs in five years. nfc champions. yes. in the second half robert griffin iii put wash sh up. alfred morris what a game he had. took this 32 yards into the end zone, put the skins up. got the single season rushing record. the cowboys closed it in a little bit but washington beat dallas 28-18 to become the nfc champions. beery eyed fans there. good morning delia.
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>> reporter: jordan has been working overnight. but you have your jersey on. tell me about the game last night. what did you think? >> it was awesome. couldn't have asked for anything better of course. the best game of the year, last game of the year. awesome. >> we were talking earlier and r.g. iii had so much pressure on him and the city is kind of up lifted because everyone was counting on him? >> absolutely. i think it brought back you know the flavor of football to washington. you know, we have a long tradition of football and you know, you couldn't ask for anything better. dallas cowboys, our rivals and you know r.g. iii and the rest of the young guys have exceeded everybody's expectations. so they are really young and it is only the beginning. >> the rest of the young guys, armed morris obviously another young guy, did fantastic
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yesterday. you said there are a lot of stars besides r.g. iii that carried it. >> you can't take anything away from r.g. iii. we just had so much good play from the younger guys. like i said you know, it exceeds all expectations and you know, i'm very, you are psyched, energized for the last decade. >> you say psyched and energized but honestly, you are a little subdued now, extra calm. >> only because i mean, you know, only because it's been more of the same for like the last few months now, you know? i mean i'm not really, it is funny because i'm not really surprised that we won, you know, given the play that we have seen. after that last loss, you know, everything has just been clicking on all cylinders and it's been beautiful.
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actually attribute it to my lucky watch. because i bought this watch after our last loss and wove won every game since. >> reporter: with that we have to talk it back. back to you. >> great analysis. keep the watch on. keep it going. >> reporter: keep the watch on, they said. secretary of state hillary clinton is this being -- is being hospitalized in new york city. doctors discovered a blood clot during a follow-up exam. the 65-year-old was diagnosed with a concussion after fainting earlier this month. staffers said clinton got dehydrated because of a stomach virus. she is expecting to remain at new york's presbyterian hospital for at least a couple of days so doctors can treat the clots with drugs and monitor her condition. we are 1 hours away from going over the fiscal cliff.
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lawmakers went home last night without reaching an agreement. harry reid expects to reconvene the senate around 11:00 this morning. he is not giving up on reaching a last minute deal. >> there is still significant distance between the two sides. but negotiations continue. >> reporter: a lot of give and take is going on right now. republicans don't want to see new revenues, in other words democrat tax increases be used for new spending. on meet the press president obama accused republicans of protecting the wealthiest americans from tax hikes. >> reporter: the president has asked his plan, which includes tax hikes, to be given an up or down vote. i'm watching your money. asian stock markets mostly closed or traded lower today on diminished hopes u.s. lawmakers can come to an agreement on the fiscal cliff. wall street has a full trading
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day today. checking the numbers for you the dow starts this morning at 12938. that's right below 13,000 after selling off 158 points on friday. of course over concerns about the fiscal cliff. the nasdaq lost more than 25 points and the s & p 500 was off by around 16 points. real estate in ocean city is moving off the market at a very brisk pace right now. numbers from the coastal association of realtors shows a 25% reduction in the inventory of unsold condos in ocean city. that includes multi-million dollar properties. the data show contracts are up 14% year to date with settlements up 6%. inventory increased sharply from march through november after being flat from last december to last march. realtors say there is no single cause for this unusually busy sales market.
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and there is redskins related financial news this morning. construction on the washington redskins training camp in richmond could start as soon as next week. the redskins have agreed to hold their summer training camp as part of an economic incentive deal with the state. the richmond city council approved an agreement thursday guaranteeing schools could use the facility. construction is expected to cost up to $10 million. it will be built on state owned land behind the science museum of virginia. coming up, we are going to hear how the redskins players are reacting. the big win against the cowboys. and later this hour we'll take you inside the preparations for some of the big new year's eve parties in our area. and big news about the health of president george h.w. bush. keep it here. yoceebatailein niorteuhesal yo cavg anmas u ssrrab. quitnciree aim
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basically feeling like lower 20s because of the brisk winds. we'll hit the lower 40s by lunch time. a high at reagan national. most areas will stay in the lower 40s. beverly in. we have issues if you travel northbound 28 out of centerville. you can get by 66 northbound 28 between 29 and i-66. just getting word of a vehicle fire northbound 15 and frederick is blocked near i-70. your next timesaver traffic. mike back to you. more demonstrations are underway in india following rallies yesterday that attracted hundreds of thousands. they were holding memorials for
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a 23-year-old gang rape victim, she died on saturday. now her death as far as nationwide protests and rare debates against violence against women in india. hugo chavez that surgery in cuba after the cancer he announced returned. three weeks ago chavez developed an upper respiratory infection. the vice president left venezuela to visit chavez and experts are saying this is a sign things could be downhill with him. former president george h.w. bush remains hospitalized in houston. the 88-year-old was moved out of intensive care and into a regular hospital over the weekend. he had been in icu to get rid of a persistent fever with what started as a bronchitis related cough. let's say you have concerns about the impending fiscal
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cliff. coming up we are going to have a financial planner's idea of what you can do. details on your latest chances to get a rare public display of the emancipation proclamation. >> reporter: next, olga gives us an idea of what you are going to need to wear out tonight to ring in the new year [ mom ] dear chex cereal,
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weather first now 5:16. good morning if you are just waking up. it is new year's eve wow this year flew by. hard to believe. if you are beerry-tired, we understand because the redskins won. we are going to keep this for the long-term. overall today starting out to be pretty good. little bit of cloud cover back at this hour. cloud cover going to build in even more so. let's look at some of our current conditions, it looks like our day planner is going to be kind to us.
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we are calling it basically a nice monday. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. we'll ease through the 30s and maybe even hit the lower 40s by your lunch break. early afternoon we'll peek with high temperatures of 42 to 46 degrees. that should happen around the 4:00 hour. later on, we become completely overcast. we wrap-up a little bit of wind out of the southeast. the temperatures nicely into the 40s. overall today it looks like we are looking at a very cold morning start. if you have to head out early, make sure you dress accordingly. as we get into the afternoon, more cloud cover will take over. in all though it is going to be dry. if you have celebrations or things you need to do. late tonight services, even early on your tuesday morning, that is when we are tracking the opportunity for moisture to move on in. we could see a bit of a wintry mix, mainly rain for everyone. a few wet snowflakes mixed in.
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satellite and radar now bringing in some of the cloud cover after a very clear night tonight. temperatures in the lower 30s, upper 20s but overall in our region, it is feeling like those lower 20s and the colder air is on the march. into the afternoon it looks pretty good. we have overcast skies but dry. moisture possible late in the day. but by early on the midnight hour, it looks like we are going to be pretty good. moisture should hold off mainly down toward some of the southern zones again. this will mix with light snow through the overnight overcast skies into tomorrow. forecast overall is looking to see a coming trend or slight cole down as we head over the next few days. highs in the 40s today feeling like the lower 40s and upper 0z. we are staying with green, tomorrow a bit of the snow showers mixed in with the rain
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but very dry wednesday and the sun comes back in earnest. slightly cooler though as we dip down into the are upper 30s with a bit of a breeze kicking up. by thursday we bring back a little bit more of the sunshine. friday looks pretty good but chilly. by saturday and sunday the sunshine returns but the temperatures stay cool. for the most part we have lighter volume, holiday mode, if you will. southbound side of 270. as you head down past 109, out of frederick and in toward clarksburg, minor accident before 121 was moved off to the shoulder if it is any factor at all. near the i-27 0 interchange, there is a vehicle fire the northbound lanes blocked with the response. eastbound 70 near 17 meyersville right around the 42-mile marker. so far we are not hearing about any lanes blocked there. but just to be careful. virginia they have been dealing with an ongoing fatal crash
5:20 am
investigation on northbound 28 in centerville. between 2 and i-66 for several hours it was completely shut down. now seeing one lane is able to questions by single file to the left. northbound on 28 past the i-66 interchange. you can get by now, that is the upside. two lanes are open on 66 and 95, 395, your lanes are open and looking good. past the beltway and through landmark onto the 14th street bridge. your next timesaver traffic, 5:25. mike, jessica, back to you. the redskins came out on top over the cowboys. we are going to have player reactions, coming up in sports. let's look at the question of the day. they have played the cowboys 106 times in their history, and that includes last night. how many times have the redskins won this match up. >> your choices are 42, 47 or
5:21 am
54. on our facebook fan page aj howard doesn't answer, he says all that matters is they swept them in 2012 and are the nfc east champions. hail to the redskins. >> we'll have the answer coming up at 6:50. keep it here.
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welcome back, everyone. it is actually not too bad outside right now. the view from the weather cam
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well, it is a chill, we are in the 30s, feeling like the 20s. we'll bring in more cloud cover toward the afternoon should hit a high into the lower range 40s. olga, as redskins fans celebrate the team must now prepare for the playoff. >> reporter: no easy task. just for a few minutes last night the players talked about the big win. dave owens has more from fedex field. >> reporter: nfc east division champions. seven games ago mike shanahan challenged this football team. it culminated right here at fedex field with a 10 point dramatic win over the cowboys. >> feels good, especially everything on the line. doing good for us but this one was definitely for this coaching staff. mike shanahan deserves it. >> nobody goes into the season thinking oh we just want to
5:25 am
make the playoffs. you know, if you don't win it all, everybody is losing. >> we are going to enjoy this. this is like my second time. i was afc champ when i was in new york. it feel good to finally get over the hump. the redskins will host seattle right here next sunday at 4:30. rg iii versus russell wilson. can't wait. back to you guys. >> going to be a great game. >> we are going to hear more fan reaction coming up after the break. plus we have the latest on the condition of hillary clinton after doctors find a new problem following her concussion. the biggest caution we have for folks northbound 28 you need to get to 66. you have got to get by single
5:26 am
file to the left past a crash investigation in centerville. another look at timesaver traffic is coming up. thanks for joining us this morning you are watching 9news now. happy new year's eve. we'll be right back.
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mike haiduk, good morning, beverly farmer is in on traffic. good morning olga. >> good morning. happy new year's eve to you. >> same to you. looks like it is going to be a great new year's eve night for us. even headed into the midnight hour i think the forecast for the short-term is going to stay dry. overall today, looking good. a few more clouds mixed in.
5:30 am
then as we head into it we'll see the opportunity for some of the cloud cover to move on through. we'll move through the lower 30s into the middle range 40s by the 1:00 hour. notice the overcast skies remain. completely overcast by the time we get to 3:00 and later on this afternoon, i think our temperatures should bottom out into the lower 40s as we head toward sunset. it is in the 20s right now, but it is actually feeling more like those lower 20s. so chilly to start. we are staying with green for today and tomorrow. tomorrow is the day we might see a little bit of the rain snow mix. temperatures tomorrow dip a little bit. lower 40s and only the upper 30s but plenty of sunshine and dry on wednesday. beverly? we are letting people know about the ongoing investigation that will cost you a little time. northbound 28 out of may that's sac, if you head into centerville toward 66 only single file to the left getting by.
5:31 am
this crash investigation has been going on since before 2:00 a.m. northbound 28 can get by, but it will take extra time. through lanes are open on 66. and the greenway and the toll road have been in good shape. i-95 corridor northbound from fredericksburg into quantico and woodbridge and springfield all lanes are open with the lanes open up toward the 14th street bridge and light volume there. we do caution you that i-70 east at route 42 meyersville are dealing with a crash and northbound 15 in frederick at i-70 the remnants of a vehicle fire right side of the roadway is blocked. your next check of timesaver traffic. back to you. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the hospital this morning. doctors were following up on the concussion that the 68-year-old suffered earlier this month. >> but then they discovered
5:32 am
something potentially life threatening. a blood clot. reporter marley hall has more now from new york. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton will spend new year's eve in a new york hospital after doctors found a blood clot. the state department issued a statement, saying in the course of a follow-up exam doctors discovered a blood clot had formed stemming from the concussion she sustained several weeks ago. the 65-year-old got her concussion after fainting at home in mid december. she had been battling a stomach virus. the blood clot's location will determine how serious the threat is to her health. >> two pockets here. one is she developed a blood clot in her legs as a result of being on bed rest after her concussion. those would commonly be treated with anticoagulants. a second possibility is she developed something called a subdural hematoma, which means as a result of the blow on her head, she broke a small blood
5:33 am
vessel on the surface of her brain. >> reporter: doctors have prescribed blood thinners and will keep her in the hospital to see how she responds to the medication. clinton had been scheduled to testify before congress about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. but had to cancel. president obama has nominated senator john kerry to be her replacement. >> hillary clinton has traveled more than any u.s. secretary of state in history. 112 countries and has been on the road more than 400 days since she has been in office. this morning redskins fans are celebrating their first trip to the playoff in five years. >> tied at seven, heading into the second half, robert griffin
5:34 am
ii put the redskins out in front. then the man of the night in the fourth quarter, alfred morris took this one 32 in other words up the gut. that puts the skins up 21-10. he also got the single season rushing record. clinton portis was at the game to watch his record fall. the cowboys did close it to 21-18. they are now nfc champions. delia gonzalez has been talking to the rare group of people who stayed up late last night for the game and happened to be up to chat with us. >> reporter: we talked to jordan in the last half hour and he looked awfully tired, because a lot of them have been up all night long, all night watching the game. paul lester my photographer, one of them. i'm challenging you out paul, i am. he is one of the fans who stayed up late last night and woke up
5:35 am
this morning. he is on his second cup of coffee by the way. everyone is so excited, and like fans are saying, this really has up lifted the whole town and has brought us back to our glory days as being known as a football town, diehard fan. what a way to ring in the new year, right? let's look at video shot last night of fans cheering and celebrating together at local bars. they were all over the place, there were tons of tailgating parties and parties just like this. it has been a long time coming for these fans who were celebrating. the redskins claimed their first division title since 1999 when the team stars were just kids, nine years old r.g. iii was at the time. he is 22 now and brought the redskins to victory. let's hear what the coach had to say post game. >> for him to play at that
5:36 am
level for a full 60 minutes and get six yards a carry really is a testament to not only him but the guys blocking for him. i was very, very happy for him. >> reporter: the coach is pretty good at staying pretty straight laced and not showing emotion too much, but you can be sure he was thrilled last night, as is everyone here in town. hail to the redskins, back to you jess. >> thanks delia. at 5:36, i am watching your money. still no deals. so over the next few days the words fiscal cliff will be pretty much unavoidable. there is one thing you need to be prepared for, for many of you, your paycheck will go down in the new year. and here's why. the payroll tax cut was cut by two percentage points over the last two years to give the economy a little bit of a
5:37 am
nudge. experts say that tax holiday is come to an end and the small tax break adds up over the course of a year. the center on budget policy says it is about $100 billion that will come out of our paychecks collectively and go to the tax man. goldman sachs said it would shave off the economic growth and here is the impact on you. let's say you make $50,000 a year. that works out to be about $20 a week according to the urban tax policy center. 20 bucks doesn't feel like much, but if you do the math, it adds up to about a thousand dollars less that you are going to be taking home in your paycheck. and that hurts. >> and your bills are going up. 5:37. if you forgot to make new year's eve plans, we have a couple of ideas for you later this hour. >> plus if you want to see a 150-year-old piece of history,
5:38 am
you only have two days left to stop by the national archives, and that is after the break.
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good morning once again. winds are fairly light about 5 to 8 miles per hour. temperatures are chilly though, into the 20s feeling more like the lower 20s. partly cloudy through the 9:00 hour. some breaks in the cloud cover but by noon time we are overcast. temperatures should make it into the lower to middle range 40s. going to feel slightly cooler than that. beverly? there is one crash of note on 28 out of manassas park. you can get by the crash investigation but it is only single file to the left northbound on 258 near the i 66 interchange. a complete look at your timesaver traffic. mike back to you. thanks we have.
5:41 am
today and tomorrow you can see the original emancipation proclamation is on display. president lincoln signed the document granting freedom to slaves 150 years ago on january 1, 1863. the emancipation proclamation is only displayed to times each year because of its exposure to light. it will be on display starting this morning at 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m. tomorrow. then again tuesday from 10:00 to 5:00 p.m. as part of the exhibit the national archives is going to have entertainment and historic al reenactments there. as we head to a possible plunge off the fiscal cliff. many will be ringing in 2013 with plenty of snow on the ground this year. anthony hopkins is turning
5:42 am
75 years old. ben kingsley is 6. diane von forts burglary is turning 56. value kilmer is 53. jason campbell turns 31 today. and gymnast gabby douglas is 17. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are fantastic but add some sauce, pepperoni and cheese and fold up the crescent dough...and presto! tuesday night just became crescent pizza pocket-tastic pillsbury crescents. let the making begin here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers
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add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin.
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good morning. 5:45 if you are just waking up this new year's eve morning it is chilly once you poke your nose outside. that could be true tonight. >> my dogs don't mind, they have the fur coat working for them. but it is a little bit breezy. temperatures in the 20s, so it is feeling like the lower 20s when you factor in a bit of that breeze. the good news is though, nowhere near the winds we had to deal
5:46 am
with yesterday. the forecast on the cool side is going to feature a diesel cents day. the cloud cover certainly, that is also going to help out our temperatures. at least to keep the days more uniform. we should hit 40 degrees or so, we'll going ongoing. most of us will setting. as the winds become more south and southwest, we'll get more of the moisture moving on through and the cloud cover will become more widespread. the forecast though for the long-term is going to look pretty good for us. our weather concerns aren't preparing you for the cold. step out prepared a hat a scarf gloves, a good coat. through the afternoon, more cloud cover comes through. i'm not expecting any moisture to fall. celebrations are going to look pretty good headed in toward the late afternoon and evening and
5:47 am
even the early morning hours aren't so bad. i would say early new year's day, around about dawn, we could see a little bit of a wintry mix. mainly light snow showers north and west. overall a little bit of rain popping through. satellite and radar looking good. it has been quiet again all the moisture staying away from us at the present time. in the lower 20s up toward the panhandle of west virginia and maryland. the futurecast is staying calm and not painting a very brisk picture for us. i'll advance this a little bit. more noon time cover certainly, this is just representative of a possibility for a shower moving through. gone fairly quickly. by midnight though, we could see a little bit of wet flakes
5:48 am
mixed in with some of the precipitation. tomorrow not too bad. tuesday morning we start off the new year with overcast skies, a little chillyier but still a good start to the year. forecast for today, 43 from great falls to rockville. not too bad down to the south either, but the overall trend is for green. we'll stay in our green weather forecast alerts all the way through wednesday, where temperatures start to dip a little bit. we are in the upper 30s by wednesday afternoon and the overnight lows are going to get very chilly. we will be consistently down into the 20s from thursday through sunday. although the daytime temperatures are going to see a little bit of improvement by the weekend. 42 by next sunday. beverly? >> reporter: olga, overall volume is light. today is not a federal holiday. a reminder restrictions are in effect. parking restrictions are normal. but we have the overall lighter
5:49 am
volume and that is why i caution you about this ongoing fate talon crash investigation on northbound 28. trying to get past the i-66 interchange, single file to the left. the impact on i-66 is that it is also a slow exit to go north on 28 as they squeeze by to the left past this crash investigation as well. through lanes are open on 66 but the slow exit from 2 to go north on to 28. lanes are open from fredericksburg. just getting word of a crash on the memorial bridge. they are checking gw parkway with a crash with a motorcycle. maryland drivers i-27 0 lanes are open southbound out of frederick county heading into german town. northbound 15, your next timesaver traffic comes up at 5:50 or at 6:00 rather and back
5:50 am
to you mike and jessica. last day of the year, new year's eve. we are going to see now whether or not congress is going to resolve any of the fiscal cliff issues. on this final day of 2012. so if we go over the fiscal cliff at midnight, the effects could start piling up quickly. some of the changes we are going to notice immediately. others we'll phase in gradually. we sat down with a financial plan tore breakdown what this will mean for you i don't your take home pay is going to be smaller. that is pretty much a definite. >> reporter: mary beth franklin is a contributing editor for investment news, following the possible fallout from the fiscal cliff. $10 billion in across the board spending cuts, half of them from national defense programs, much of it spilling over into the metro area. >> with so many federal workers, they'll go to work on wednesday, january 2nd, but they don't know if they will go home after that. if the budget cuts kick in,
5:51 am
there may not be enough money to run their agencies. >> reporter: the current funding for the federal government could run out before march, leading to a shutdown. while most of the tax changes go into effect the following year, the 2012 returns could get slashed too by the alternative minimum tax or amt. >> reporter: on the average american it could mean the difference of a thousand dollars or $2000 more in taxes. a lot of the tax deductions and personal exemptions they usually lose to lower their tax bill, those would go away. >> reporter: even if you don't have a job, congress is also negotiating an extension of long-term unemployment benefits for 2 million americans. so what can you do? >> reporter: unfortunately, there is not a lot of things people can do. i think people can contact their members of congress to say they are not happy with the job they are doing or not doing.
5:52 am
otherwise watch, pay attention. you might be paying a bigger tax bill. >> reporter: a harsh reality, no matter who you are, with very real and realtime consequences. making news now at 5:52. a tour bush crash in easter, oregon has killed nine people and injured more than 20 others. the driver lost control on interstate 84. the bus crashed through a guardrail and plummeted down a steep embankment. investigators are waiting to talk to the bus driver, because he was seriously injured. new england doesn't have to be dreaming about a white new year's because it is here. milford, massachusetts got more than a foot of snow. coastal towns got rain though. the hobbit an unexpected journey stays on top at the box office. it is number one. the prequel took in over
5:53 am
$33 million over the weekend. so how are you going to ring in 2013? >> coming up, we have previews of our local new year's eve festivals and how you can stay safe and still party. >> before we take a break the redskins have played the cowboys 106 times in their history. that includes last night after the win. how many times do you think the redskins have won this match up? >> 42, 47 or 54. the answer is 42. that would be a. next year the winds will be higher. the correct answer an hour from now, we will be right back.
5:54 am
i'm chief walker from guantanamo bay, happy holidays to everyone
5:55 am
in maryland and to my parents up in maine
5:56 am
partly cloudy skies will become overcast. futurecast is going to bring in
5:57 am
that cloud cover. i would say by the midnight hour we are doing fine. by lunch time mostly cloudy. as we head into the overnight, a pop of moisture. however by tomorrow afternoon we could see a little bit of moisture moving through. only the 40s today and tomorrow. the 30s by wednesday. mike and jessica? thank you olga. hard to believe but 2012 is almost over. it went so fast. new year's eve is a big night and that means big business for local restaurants and bars. >> sure does. they are not the only ones getting ready. there is a local program to make sure your celebration ends safely. >> reporter: the countdown is on. it is time to say so long to 2012 and welcome to 2013. it is not new year's eve without parties and celebrations. for $140 you can get in the door at old abbott grill.
5:58 am
>> reporter: monday, these tables will be replaced by game tables for a casino-themed extravaganza. hundreds buy tickets and of course that means more staff will be called in. >> people typically will not be working will be working it will be all hands on deck. >> reporter: restaurants, bars say new year's is always a big night. in old town alexandria, thousands of families come out for first night alexandria. >> you have 20 different indoor venues of more than 100 performances ewhile there is no alcohol there, there will be plenty flowing on flee and one local program called sober ride is offering free cab rides to make sure people get home safely. >> reporter: we offer 600 rides on that one evening alone. >> the organization teams up with local cab companies to offer the service.
5:59 am
kirk washington says the program works, keeping drunk drivers off the roads and saving lives. >> some people say if i call for a cab, am i going to have to weight for 30 minutes? >> reporter: so however you choose to spend your new year's eve, this program is helping to keep you safe. sober ride program runs from 10:00 p.m. tonight until 6:00 a.m. new year's day. they are going to cover cab rides up to $30. just call 1-800-200-taxi. and you can get home safely, no matter how much you have had to drink. you are watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm jessica doyle, andrea roane is off today. >> monika samtani is also off.


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