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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  December 31, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello and thank you for joining us, i'm j.c. hayward. well, we are just hours away from going over the so call fiscal cliff. and the two sides are not close on a deal. if republicans and democrats cannot come to an agreement, before the midnight deadline,
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taxes will go up on all americans beginning tomorrow. and economists believe that we will plunge into another recession. danielle nottingham has more from the white house. >> reporter: members of congress arrived at the capital to work on new year's eve to try to avoid massive tax increases and spending cuts from taking effect in just hours. >> there are a number of issues on which the two sides are still apart. but negotiations are continuing as i speak. >> reporter: sources say both sides are starting to pro mize on which families will keep bush era tax cuts. the president wand families making more than $250,000 to start paying more. democrats are reportedly negotiating to raise that limit. >> let's get this thing done. tonight when the ball drops, let's make sure we haven't also dropped the ball. >> i'm sorry that we are here, on new year's eve, and that we haven't solved this problem long ago. >> reporter: most of the
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negotiations have been happening behind closed doors. but lawmakers called on the white house. >> senate minority leader mitchell's fish market mcconnell began talking directly with joe biden. >> it seems like the president is handcuffing harry reid from bringing a bill to the floor now. the president is i believe slowing down the process, not helping. >> reporter: experts warn if a deal is not reached, the nation could slide back into recession. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. again, if a deal is not reached tonight, there is one thing you need to be prepared for. for many of us, our paychecks will go down in the new year. here's why. the payroll taxes cut by 2 percentage points over the last two years to give the economy a little nudge. but experts say that tax holiday is coming to an end and the small tax break adds up over
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the course of a year. the center on budget and policy priority says it is about $100 billion that will come out of our paychecks to go to the government. goldman sachs says that ending the tax hol day would shave .6 percentage points off economic growth next year, which is not predicted to be strong. so let me tell you what the impact would be for you. if you make $50,000 a year that works out about $20 a week more you'll have to pay according to the urban bookings tax policy center. $20 a week doesn't seem like that much, but when you add it up, it will be about a thousand dollars less you will take home next year. hail to the redskins. did you see that game last night? whoa, it was hot. and we are now the division east champions. delia got up early today to talk to fans who celebrated all night. >> reporter: it is all about the burgundy and gold today.
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fans celebrating a major win, a great way to ring in the new year. you have got your jersey on, tell me about the game last night what did you think? >> it was awesome. we found fans still trip a long night celebrating. >> you couldn't ask for better. cowboys, our rivals, rg iii and the rest of the young guys, they have ex sedded everybody's expectations. >> reporter: everybody went crazy. and they did, bars were packed in the area, as fans cheered on the new champs. there was a lot riding on this game and on the team, who had skeptics even among lifelong fans. >> i thought when the redskins was going to do what they have done over the last decade was not show up when they needed to. they did just the opposite. they did exactly what they needed to do and more. >> i didn't have a second thought. i knew we would get it done. finally toward the end of the
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third quarter, the necessary fire in the belly was there. >> reporter: now on to post season play and a major challenge in just one week. >> it is going to be a tough game. but seven straight, that kind of momentum, carrying into the game, i'm not too worried about it. have a good year, 2013, here we come. >> reporter: playoffs, here we come. rg iii and alfred morris were off the chain. the redskins will play the seattle seahawks on sunday at home. kickoff is at 4:30 p.m. we had some redskins related financial news for you. construction on the washington redskins training camp in richmond could start as soon as next week. the redskins have agreed to hold their summer training camp in richmond for the next eight years. it is part of an economic incentive deal that was struck with the state. richmond's city council approved an amended version of the
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development agreement thursday and it guarantees the cities and schools can also use that facility. construction of the facility is expected to cost up to $10 million. it will be built on state-owned land behind the science museum of virginia. secretary of state hillary clinton is being treated in the hospital for a blood clot. her doctors said yesterday that the clot stems from the concussion that she sustained several weeks ago. mrs. clinton is being held at the new york presbyterian hospital. venezuelan president hugo chavez has suffered new complications while undergoing cancer treatment. chavez had surgery in cuba after the cancer returned 18 months ago. but three weeks ago chavez developed a respiratory infection. the vice president left venezuela to visit chavez, and
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it is a sign things could be going downhill. nine people are dead after a charter bus carrying 40 people ripped through a guardrail and fell several hundred feet down the snowy slope. this happened yesterday morning in eastern oregon. officials say rescue workers were using ropes to help retrieve people from the scene. the bus was on its way to vancouver from las vegas. the father of the gunman who opened fire in the connecticut school has claimed his son's body. a spokesperson for the family says that peter lanza claimed the remains of adam lanza. adam lanza killed 20 first graders and six adults at the sandy hook elementary school after shooting his mother earlier, in her home. well, christmas is over and it is time to start getting rid
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of those decorations. officials in washington, d.c. say they will begin to pick up trees and wreaths today. they will continue doing that through january 12th. all you have to do is place the tree where you normally leave your trash for pick up, no bag is necessary. coming up ahead on 9news, i'll introduce you to a program that is changing women's lives. a hero central report is coming up next. also, new year's eve already 2013, and other places. we'll show you what is happening there, right after this break.
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where waiting for midnight to celebrate the new year. but guess what? they are already celebrating in sidney australia. , they are a little bit ahead of us. if you plan to go out tonight, and you also plan to drink, do not drive. sober ride is offering a free cab ride if you are too drunk to drive, and the number to call is 1 h. p. 800-200-taxi.
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kanye west and his girlfriend, kim kardashian, are expecting a baby. he made the announcement yesterday during one of his shows in atlantic city. by the way the two have been dating for about eight months. kardashian is still actually legally married to the nba player kris humphries, although she filed -- for divorce in october of 2011, 72 days after she got married. coming up ahead, victims of domestic violence are shown how life should be, coming up in our hero central report. we'll have sunshine moving on, the clouds are now in. i'm tracking moisture, which could mean a wintry mess as we head into our new year's day. i'll give you all the details on
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how that could affect the celebrations when 9news comes back.
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9news central is celebrating what life could be and should be for survivors. the northern coalition of churches and businesses better known as know co- >> very scary.
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never been by myself. my ex was trying to take the kids. >> my husband kicked me out. i'm going to a shelter and they placed me in know co- >> it is a nonprofit organization in fairfax county. it is dedicated to help victims recover from domestic abuse. >> people end up oftentimes getting into a cycle of abuse without realizing it. >> reporter: the first step toward breaking the abuse cycle is providing transitional housing. >> it was a three bedroom apartment, living room, dining room, two bathrooms. >> reporter: the wide network of church and community sponsors provide many classes of counseling for people male
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survivors and their children. the demand is high. >> we only serve about 20% of the need. so we are constantly looking for volunteers and donations. >> reporter: in three years with know co, many life skills were learned like career planning, financial responsibility. >> they helped me get my kids, learn how to drive. >> reporter: today valentine lives in her own home with all five of her children. the 28-year-old working mom plans to go back to school for a career as a nursing assistant. >> the situation that is you are thinking if i leave i'm going to lose everything. because your life and your kids are more important. >> they pave a path itself sufficiency for domestic abuse survivors. one-third of former clients now own their own homes. if you would like to volunteer or donate, go to my website,
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j.c. 9news is proud to announce the launch of our all new ipad app. it offers you news at your fingertips, hd video and live and interactive weather maps. it is free in the app store right now, and it is also available for kindle fire and some android tablets. so, check it out. all right. let's get the weather. how are you doing? >> reporter: doing well, the weather has been calm after a little bit of a mix we had on the weekend. saturday was interesting, windy. today is actually very, very calm. we are ending the year on a very chilly note. temperatures went down into the 20s and 30s this morning and even at this hour, we are still sitting in the 30s, many locations have yet to break that 40-degree mark around the beltway. we had a little bit of a mix of sun and clouds this morning but from our weather cam, you can see the clouds are winning out. into the afternoon we will
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become overcast completely and i'm anticipating our temperatures topping out right around 44 degrees for reagan national. that should happen somewhere between the 3:00 and 4:00 hour. after sunset, definitely the temperatures will plummet. right now at reagan national only 38 but it is feeling a little cooler because of the wind chill. satellite and radar is going to continue to pull in more cloud cover. you can see the moisture coming in from the south and in from the west. that is the next system we are tracking that is going to give us the opportunity for a little bit of mixed precipitation as we head into new year's day. although we are in the 30s in and around the beltway, it is feeling like lower 30s. each the 20s off to the north and west. if you have anything to do outside today, make sure you dress accordingly. even today you want to have a good cover with you as you head out. i can tell you as we headed into the afternoon hours for today, we are okay, i believe if you have plans to go out tonight you are blacking pretty good --
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looking pretty good. we won't have the precipitation moving in until the early morning hours of your tuesday forecast. for most of us that is in the form of the rain. the reason why is because of our temperatures. 44 for reagan national. upper 30s from fredericksburg up into the panhandle. overnight we are dipping down but not too low. many locations stay at or just above freezing, as the rain starts to move on through, we can get a few flakes to fall down in toward the ground. overall though, tomorrow is going to be slightly cooler. we'll get back into the lower range 40s, but that is about it. i think we'll struggle to hit the 42-degree mark for your tuesday forecast. the good news is we are keeping it in the green alert range. cloud cover continues to move in throughout the day. dry for your celebrations tonight and even on your wednesday forecast -t looks like we'll return to partly sunny skies to mostly sunny skies for the afternoon.
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although we will wind up some of that breeze by wednesday afternoon. j.c., back to you. well the original playboy is getting ready to tie the knot and some of the biggest stars are ready to celebrate the new year. teresa garcia takes a look. >> reporter: dick clark's new year's rocking eve will be without its create tore for the first time ever. clark passed away in april and ryan seacrest who co-hosted with clark since 2005 will start with a two hour tribute to clark and seacrest says his sentiments won't be scripted, but will come from the heart. singer taylor swift headlines the musical performances, alongside others in new york. fergie of the black eyed peas will oversee the new year's rocking eve events on the west
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coast. justin bebober, -- bieber, pit bull. hugh hefner is set to we had his 26-year-old girlfriend crystal harris. the two planned to marry last year but harris called it off days before the ceremony. harris will be hefner's third wife. and the robert pattinson fill testimony out on dvd tomorrow. pattinson plays a young wall street billionaire, who loses his financial empire and learns of a plot to take his life. that is your eye on entertainment. teresa garcia, cbs news, hollywood. when i come bachelor of science, i'm in the kitchen and that is guacamole you are looking at. stay with us.
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today i'm in the kitchen with chef steve lucas from rosa mexican na. he knows not to show up without his fresh guam molely. i almost eat the whole thing before the show is over. that is good. >> hello j.c. >> how are you doing? this is so good. i love it. but what we are talking about today, i know you are not going to have a hangover, but just in case you do, steve has the perfect menu for a hangover. >> i have a decadent dish that is very simple to make. in fact, you can use some of the tortilla chips that are left over. a really nice brunch dish we are serving at rosa. what i'm going to do is take oil here, by the way, we are serving dinner this evening with live
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deejays and open bar packages at all three of your rosa's throughout the area. >> one right up the street on south avenue. the second one at penn center i don't and national harbor. >> i have sauteed this let that crisp up. this is a simple dish. i have eggs i have scrambled, just going to add a little bit of cheese to that. >> i love cheese in my scrambled eggs. >> stir this around a little bit. i have two sauces, we have a to to him tee -- a tom tee yo cream sauce and a spicy smoky sauce. >> i love that. >> we are going to let that sizzle up a little bit. the great thing about this dish is it has everything. the ham has been sort of carmelizeed in syrup so it is sweet. and it is salty.
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you have the spicy and you have crunch. so it is really a total package. >> okay. are you adding some other things to this? >> i have some cheese i'm adding right at the end. >> okay. >> i have a little bit of flat parsley and a little bit of cilantro. >> i love that. >> gives it a nice pop. >> this is already plated. that is with your rice. i usually get that with the shrimp. >> tonight we are adding scallops to it on our special menu. >> i like that and you have the peppers. >> the peco de gallo there. >> you can see how simple this is really. carmelizeing the ham. we are going to plate it family style. it is so versatile, you don't have to serve it with ham. you can serve it with chicken, with seafood, fry an egg. >> let me just say they told me in my ear, we have breaking
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news with the fiscal cliff. i'm hoping we don't go over it. but we have breaking news and we will keep you posted. if so, we will break in to programming to let you know what is happening. oh that looks so good. remember you can go to rosa mexican na tonight if you would like to have this dish. happy new year to you. and be sure to stay with channel 9. we'll have the latest on the fiscal cliff. thanks.
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