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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 7, 2013 1:35am-2:05am EST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: that doesn't help! [laughter] look. look. in all seriousness, cats are lovely and our friends and they should be treated well.
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that did it, didn't it? geoff: yeah, that was good. craig: look. just so you know, i'm in no way advocating meow. i'm not saying that. just let goit. just walk away. geoff: you know what would help? craig: what? geoff: if you let out a profound sigh. craig: sighing. geoff: feel better? craig: yeah, that's better. good night, everybody. good night.
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. we are getting a clearer idea tonight of what automatic spending cuts at the pentagon will mean to our troops and civilian workers whose job depends on the spending. >> they guided hands on budget
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documents that spell out the cuts, the cuts that will come if the congress doesn't hit the frustration that hits march first. >> reporter: smaller pay increases for our troops, days off for hundreds of thousands of civil defense workers, good work by tom vandenbrook. giving documents of what we can expect. >> this is not a game. this is reality. >> reporter: and angry defense secretary on the consequences of the automatic cuts to american defense. >> they would degrade our ability to respond to crisis precisely at a time of rising instability across the globe. >> reporter: usa today obtained documents spelling out some of the cuts. >> they say that readiness is affected because they can't train and they can't sail ships as often. >> reporter: the 5,000 crew
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members on the uss truman will be staying in norfolk. >> we'll be able to take care of our responsibilities in afghanistan. but if something else came up say in syria or libya, it wouldn't necessarily be an automatic thing that we would be able to send troops or equipment. >> reporter: no money for military air shows like we see at andrews. no fly overs at sporting events like the superbowl or at nats part. >> we don't have the money for that. >> reporter: and for the troops themselves, david martin of cbs. >> troops in the field would take a hit in the pocket. a plan pay raise would be cut nearly in half. >> reporter: and civilian defense workers. >> we will furlough as many as 800,000 dod civilians around the country for up to 22 days. they could face a 20% cut in
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their salary. you don't think that's going to impact on our economy. >> reporter: well, how does that work? one scenario, take one day off every week without pay until the new fiscal year in october. if that is congress doesn't stop that from happening by march first. derek. >> well, congress will soon have some answers about americans overseas killed in strikes. president obama has directed the justice department to hand over classified information complete with the legal rationale for drone strikes against americans linked to al qaeda. that's all according to one official. last year they got a memo saying the government can kill u.s. citizens abroad if they're trying to harm other americans. marylanders sound off. the brown gun legislation started off debates today. our ken molestina is live in rockville where a town hall meeting on the issue just wrapped up. what did you find out? >> reporter: well, it was a packed house here at the town
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hall meeting. of course the lieutenant governor anthony brown on hand to talk about his proposal. and i'll tell you something, just based on my observation, it seems like more people came out to speak against this proposal than in favor of it. >> and by and large, while i appreciate the effort, i do not support the assault weapons ban. >> we applaud the courage for proposing common sense gun laws. >> reporter: both sides of the gun debate showed up to speak directly to one of the men spear heading a new legislation proposal. the lieutenant governor anthony brown. >> we have debate happening in indianapolis. but our goal is to improve the quality of life and to reduce crime. >> reporter: it calls for more safety at school. also a focus on mental health issues by use of a task force. but the point of most contention is the new set of retention on
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new legal gun owners who already abide by rules. a limit on magazine capacity to 10 rounds and tougher background checks. >> they're not the only answer to the gun violence in our community. but that's not a reason not to have these provisions or measures. >> reporter: before wednesday's meetings, more than a thousand people poured on to the steps of the capitol to make their positions know. >> have the ability to protect yourself. that's what the second amendment is there for. >> reporter: despite that, the governor said they believe the plan will pass. >> i'm confident that we're going to pass the lion's share of what we propose. i do believe we will ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. we need to do this in order to make our community safer. >> reporter: now, another very important point to make here. the proposal specifically points out that it is not retroactive. if it does pass, it will take effect later on this year in october. clearly a debate that continues
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to roar on here in the state of maryland and one that will not die off any time soon. we'll keep a very close eye on this one. for now we're live in rockville, ken molestina, wusa9. >> thanks, kenny. tonight joe biden continued the obama's administration push for gun control. speaking at a democratic retreat, biden acknowledged there are no easy solutions. >> we all know there is no single answer to ensure this will never happen again. a mass shooting like newtown or aurora or tucson or oak creek. well, if we have to act, we have to act rationally and do whatever we can to diminish the possibility of this ever happening again. >> president obama is expected to speak at that retreat tomorrow. and former president bill clinton is scheduled to speak on friday. a popular georgetown food shop closed up tonight after a complaint. the department of health says it found rats, roaches and mice infestation at dean and deluca.
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and we spoke with the store employee, and he wouldn't commit. investigative reporter russ ptacek is digging for more details, and he'll bring them to you tomorrow at 11:00 along with the rest of the week's food alerts and closures. there are reports tonight about a merger deal between american airlines and us airways. it's expected to be announced sometime next week. the final sticking point in the deal is how much of the combined company would be owned by u.s. airways shareholders and how much would be owned by american company creditors. u.s. airways is the largest carrier at reagan national. lance armstrong has until february 20th to decide whether he's going to cooperate with the u.s. doping agency. that's if he wants his lifetime ban from sports reduced. now, the usada had given him until today to figure things out, but reportedly he's in talks with the agency now so they've given him a two week extension. if it goes through, it could reduce his ban to eight years.
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a disappearance and murder rocked a district and it made national headlines more than a decade ago. we're talking about shaundraleve vee levy. we break it all down. -- shaundra levy. >> it started with questions, and 12 years later it has an eni enigma. the judge shut out the public and the media. tomorrow we try again. for a year, her disappearance was a mystery. for years her murder unsolved. and now the 2-year-old murder conviction of washington intern shaundra levy's killer may end up a widow. he's on his way back from dc for a potentially top secret hearing
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thursday. now, we're hearing that the integrity of a witness possibly one who was a convict who met the 30-year-old in prison whose words helped convict the illegal immigrant are coming into question. now, the government demanded secrecy and also then the judge agreed citing safety. a group of media outlets, including our parent company, are citing the first amendment saying the hearing should be open unless, of course, there is a compelling reason to close them. >> we can't really discuss anything. i'm sorry. >> we're just extremely concerned that a matter of this importance and interest to the community is happening behind closed doors. and we certainly hope that the court will give us relief soon. >> and soon might be tomorrow. all documents relating to the latest revelation are sealed. levy disappeared back in 2001.
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her body found a year later. in 2009, the man was arrested for her murder. he has always maintained his innocence. we have been hearing he wants a new trial and the judge is going to reconsider making that hearing public tomorrow and certainly we'll be there derek. >> indeed. thank you. well, the florida senator keeps on rising. the sunshine state republican will deliver the gop response to president obama's state of the union next tuesday. house speaker john boehner called rubio a strong candidate. why did a man sneak into an anne arundel county school. all they know is he said he was bullied while he was there and he was interested in school security. they also know he likes guns. they say it was monday afternoon when 25-year-old justin beaumont slipped by a school employee to
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get into the high school. they alerted a school resource officer and that led to his arrest. then came word that a search of beaumont home turned up an ak47, two rifles, two handguns and one with a laser site. it's left parents and students pretty rattled. >> i wasn't sure what's going on. it's really scary. >> now, police emphasize he never talked to any students and he didn't make any threats, but he could be looking at 90 days behind bars for school trespassing. fire coming out of the windows. all of the windows obviously blown out. >> an explosion today badly burns a sandwich shop owner. it happened at the williamsburg square shopping center. the victim may have been targeted. bandits broke into lawrence reese's business last year and sprayed graffiti inside. back in 2010, an accidental fire burnt down the shop and a
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neighboring business. kris christie joking about his weight with david letterman. >> it's all fun and games until a doctor chimes in. who is laughing now? and up next, forget beyonce. prosecutors accuse chris brown faking and he could face charges. high temperature 49 today. that's the warmest we've been for the month of february. you'll need a coat tomorrow. 26-34 at 5:00. mid 20s to low 30s by 7:00. and generally in the 30s by 9:00. we'll come back. we'll talk about if the clouds are going to cause any problems tomorrow night
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i suppose it would be nice to bring your exudate to a court
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date. brown was in court over a dispute about his probation. he pleaded guilty to beating up rihanna four years ago. prosecutors now accuse brown of faking the work and they want him to start all other again this time in la. brown and his attorney are not happy campers. >> if this was such an issue with him, i think that they could have handled this much differently than they did. >> and the judge said he wants to see more documentation. everybody is due back in court in april. no need to check your mailbox on saturday. that is come august, the postal service announces today it is scaling back to a five-day a week delivery schedule. packages, priority and express mail will still be delivered on saturdays, however. and this move is expected to save the agency about $2 billion a year. and today was expected to be the day that the boy scouts of america would become more inclusive. but instead, the organization pushed back its decision about
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allowing gays to join until the month of may. the director of public relations says they need more time because this issue is so complex. new jersey governor kris christy, thin thick belly, thin skin. he shared a laugh and jelly doughnut with david letterman and he was more than ready about some mirth about his girth. >> my cholesterol is normal, believe it or not. >> that's pretty good. >> and what about your blood sugar? >> blood sugar also normal. >> also normal. >> i'm basically the healthiest fat guy you've ever seen in your life. then christy sees a report featuring a former white house doctor who says she worries christie might die in office because he's so heavy. the doctor says christie could be the poster child for america's obesity. he didn't like that and at a press conference today he literally told the good doctor
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to shut it down. >> this is just another hacker who wants five minutes on tv. and it's completely irresponsible. completely irresponsible. >> now, if she is a hack, she's a well paid hack. the phoenix business journal says more than 300 ceos and celebrity pay her $10,000 a year just to have access to her. so then here is the question on the minds of millions. can governor christie as fat as he is, he says, ever be elected president of the united states? and perhaps more importantly, should he be? tonight derek says don't blink on the governor. >> yes, lesli, let's be real. kris christie is not fat. he's obese. huge even. which is why he spent some time on letterman monday night diffusing the issue a bit by poking some good natured fun at himself. which is a gooded why. but i believe -- a good idea. but i believe if he were to run, most of us voters really won't
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give a doughnut about christie's weight. first of all, like all of new jersey, by then we'll be used to seeing him. but more importantly, the republican governor has a 70% approval rating in blue state new jersey. now, part of all of that is from his handling of super storm sandy. but the rest of it is because they like him. even if the very same surveys say they don't altogether love his stand on every issue, it's his leadership that counts. that's what christie was pedaling at the gop convention last summer. certainly it was not mitt romney. back then christie said, and i quote, it's been easy for our leaders to say not us and not now in taking on the tough issues. and we've stood silently by and let them get away with it. but tonight i say enough. man, that's a great line. and there were a bunch of them in that speech. you ought to google it. so while conventional wisdom might suggest that voters will not pick a man that looks like this, remember, they once said the same thing about a guy that
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looks like this. lesli. >> it didn't change. that's fore sure. derek, thanks so much. and from a governor who has handled a whole lot of super storm stuff, he may have a whole other super storm to deal with. >> yes. maybe northern new jersey, but certainly southern new england. that is the bulls-eye. blizzard watch out for boston. it will have an impact on our weather. we'll start with a live shot outside. we're looking at the live michael and son weather cam. we have clouds coming in. temperatures should be above freezing downtown. dew point falling a little bit, so some colder and dryer air moving in. winds have shifted to the northeast at about 6. one little storm to the north, but that's not the main event. the main event is gathering strength down to the south. and this is going to be a big storm. and really you look at it and you think, wow, it's going to move from the gulf of mexico off the carolina coast. that's about perfect for us. well, normally it is. we just don't have any cold air
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that takes the track. and by the time it really explodes, and this thing will become a monster storm as it gets past our parallel off the jersey coast, then we're looking at a big storm for southern new england. and just unfortunately just some light rain for us. we're kind of in between systems, so we don't get one from the midwest. we don't get one on the coastal storm because we're in between. some showers will be in here. probably a wet commute friday morning. but i wish we had more rain coming our way because we need the precip. so a colder start thursday. a lot of clouds but dry. we're going to remain above freezing thursday night, so we don't see any problems in the metro thursday night. light rain and showers roll in by friday dawn. i would grab your umbrella, but i don't think we'll see anything heavy. clouds return by dawn. low temperatures 24-32. winds light northeast at 10. now, by morning, again, it stays dry on thursday. 20s and 30s to start. mostly cloudy and cold. a little breezy late morning, early afternoon. and by afternoon, mostly cloudy. breezy. a bit colder. high temperatures near 40. winds pick up a little easterly
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at 10-15. so the next three days, tomorrow is fine. but we are going to still keep a yellow alert on friday. we're going to stay light rain and showers. 44. i've upped the winds a little on saturday and dropped the temps, because behind the storm it will suck down cold air. high temperatures in the 40s. once the storm goes away, mild air comes back on sunday. we're looking at temperatures with sunshine around 50. another system comes at us next week. temperatures in the low 50s with showers. upper 40s on tuesday and wednesday. and more showers on wednesday. latest on the storm is it may just graze new york. but still absolutely hammer hartford, springfield and boston. >> we feel for them. but glad it's not us. >> some are glad. >> yes. speaking of glad, wizards. >> very happy tonight. >> yes. >> that's for sure. they've been on a roll. they've been doing well. at least we know the verizon center isn't cursed.
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the caps may not be doing well, but the wizards are. a big upset in front of a new york crowd. sports is next.
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now here is kristen berset at the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> 7 and 7 is the name of a popular drink of the alcoholic variety that derek likes. it's also the wizards record since john wall's return. the wizards have been playing a better brand of basketball, and we have taken notice. lakers great magic johnson is in town, and he had this comment. >> the wizards, everybody come out and see this team. they're young and exciting. >> those words have been true as of late. and tonight was no exception. another big game for john wall. nice spin room. 21 points, 9 assists for wall this evening. the wizards took an early lead
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and fought to the very end. grt communication for the wizards all night long. areza with the big three to tie the game up. he had 20 tonight. in fact, six wizards in double digits this evening as they snap new york's 5 game win street 106-96. >> -- streak 106-96. >> different teams make different runs and you have to learn to withstand it and stop it and make another run of your own. and i thought we did that tonight probably as well as we've done all year. >> all right. to the soccer pitch now. u.s. taking on honduras. in the 40th minute, u.s. up. garcia with the kick. 79th minute they tied. howard unable to get the ball and honduras scores the game
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winner. the u.s. loses 2-1. they face costa rica next month. even though the recruiting class finished around 30th in the country. randy etsel was able to snatch up some of the most sought after players. according to 24/7, they signed four of the top seven players in washington dc. he chose maryland over florida state because he says it's just the right fit. >> i just wanted to take my business. i thought it was just telling me all of the pros about staying home. i thought it would be great. >> we've got full coverage from today's signing day from around the area. video, stories and pictures. check it all out at usa today. high school finally tonight from the knicks
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game on monday, during half time, jr smith comes back out and trying to play with the kids. i'm open. the kids don't even seem to notice him. they're like we don't need your help. hello. the kids are all just fine on their own. they're so enthralled with their game. they don't notice he's out there. >> little worried if he got the ball, maybe it won't come back. [ laug


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