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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  July 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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so i put him in touch with some serious guys i knew in stockton. scary dudes. hell, maybe they killed 'em. i'm gonna need those names. two of the drug dealers anaya gave us are dead. the other one's on death row in texas. i've got a call in to the department of corrections to see if i can interview him. oh, remember the missing bullet from the gun we found near the bodies? techs finally found it. it was buried in the dirt in front of the barn. like somebody had shot into the ground. where outside the barn? right in front of the big painted face. hmm. so what do you think? should i go to texas and talk to this guy? by all means, take a trek to the lone star state. but i think i can solve this case quicker. how? get everyone we've interviewed to ella's diner first thing tomorrow morning. well, why the diner? for the coffee, of course.
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hey, ray. hey. i was, uh, just checking in. seeing if you had a chance to think about the offer. i think you already know my answer. you're missing out on something big. i'm sure i am. how's the case? you getting anywhere? we're making progress. did you get anything from the stuff cooper sent down? no, not much. hmm. ray, jason cooper's name isn't on that board. so? how did you know that he sent us material? someone on your team must have told me. no one else knew except myself and jane. did somebody from the church tell you? ray? are you a member of visualize? as a matter of fact, i am. i don't talk about it much. people tend to take it the wrong way--
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the way that you're taking it right now, i think. oh, that's not true. really? no. look, i was a screwed-up kid. i was headed down a bad path, and some people from visualize took an interest and helped straighten me out. i-i-i don't think that bret stiles is god. you know, he just happens to say some things that i believe. the money to fund your agency-- is that coming from visualize? some, not all. (chuckles) (laughs) teresa, stop looking at me like i just turned into a robot. it's just me.
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just in time, lisbon. morning, jane. nice party. can i get some of that coffee? nope. this is only for the suspects. what? for who? what did you say? that's right. you're all here because one of you killed lester bradovich, martin talbot, and allen charney. why would i kill three members of my own church? well, because the farm was failing, and bret stiles didn't want that to happen. but maybe it wasn't you. mr. bradovich here was angry with his brother for abandoning his family. even if i was, why would i kill the other two guys? who knows how a homicidal maniac thinks? homicidal maniac?
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i was 16, mr. jane. yes, but your mother was an adult, and she was angry with the farmers over how they were treating the animals. are you seriously saying my mother killed these people? you're right. maybe it was the priest. he was angry because he was displaced as the farm's leader. no, i wasn't. then there's the angry farmer and the police chief. whoever did this, it was definitely one of you, and in a moment, we're gonna find out which one. but first... more coffee, anyone? (whispers) no. (crying) no. no. no. no. mom. mom. no, no, no. mom... mom, take it easy. (whimpering) what's her problem? why's she so upset? she recognizes the symbol. there was one at the farm. you mean the face on the barn? right. and she knows what happened underneath it. are you saying she's the killer? we're gonna have to ask your mother some questions. no. you can't. ms. preston, you got no choice. she won't understand. well, we're gonna have to try. come on. we'll treat her right. no. it's not her. it's me. (breathing heavily)
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it's me. you thought it was me when we met, didn't you? i thought that was a possibility. young woman, high-achieving, ends up running a doggy day care. suggested something went wrong along the way. yeah. that sounds about right. (exhales) my mother was concerned about the visualize farm. i was riding along when she made a visit in the area. and she said she wanted to check on them to see what was going on. it had rained that day... (turns off engine) so the ground was wet. (crickets chirping) you stay here. i'll be just a minute. next thing i knew, i heard someone shouting.
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don't tell me what to do! there are laws. i don't care about any of your laws! laws that say this animal has to be fed and taken care of! and if you won't take care of it, i will report you! i... i should... you want me to take care of it? fine! i'll take care of it! (gunshot) (squeals) (breathing heavily) he looked so crazy. just out of his mind. well, he was amped up on speed. he'd been sleep-deprived for weeks. he was out of his mind. what happened next? oh, you son of a bitch! (slaps) (holly) mom! (ellen screaming) (grunting) i thought he was gonna kill my mother. i had to do something. hey! get off her! hey! (gun cocks) (fires) (breathing heavily) i-i don't understand...
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where were charney and talbot? how did they get shot? i don't know. what? i-i don't know anything about them, i swear. i... it wasn't me. what wasn't you? holly? what happened when you hid the body? my mother was sure i could go to jail. and she couldn't let that happen. she wouldn't let that happen. she knew there was a basement in the barn. so we went down there, and that's when we found the other two. talbot and charney's bodies were already there? i-i guess it was them. did you see anything else? anything at all? no. after we dumped the body,
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we got out of there as fast as we could. i had a feeling... someone was there with us. someone was watching us. hey. you got a second? sure. word is holly preston's only gonna face manslaughter charges for the homicides. that true? we suggested it to the d.d.a., and he agreed. really? she claims she did it in self-defense, and we believed her. she'll serve time. three guys got killed. she only killed one of them, and it was in self-defense. that's what she says. are you in the business of taking killers at their word? i believe her. did someone from visualize ask you to talk to me? because you've never come to my office and questioned my arrests before. yeah, i might have gotten some calls.
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might've heard some concern that you pushed for lighter sentences because the victims were church, and maybe you don't like the church. absolutely not. would you be willing to push for a murder charge, have another talk with the d.d.a.? absolutely not. okay. had to try. thank you for hearing me out. hey, i-i heard about jane's trick. how did he make that symbol appear on the table? lemon juice. kid's invisible ink. the heat from the coffee pot made it appear. lemon juice. of course. hey, ray... you said that you joined visualize as a teenager. so 1988, you would have been 21? yeah, about that. did they ever send you to work at the elliston farm? were you there? lisbon, we're still friends, right? why would you ask me that?
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(latch clinks) (door rumbles) lisbon. hi, jane. what's up? i had something i wanted to tell you, but i've had enough of this. let me in, or else. or else what? i don't know, but you're not gonna like it. hmm. are we partners or what? (whispers) come in, partner. (latch clinks) wow. what did you want to tell me? visualize absolutely refuses to let us look at a membership list from 1988, or any other year before or after. and since they're a recognized religious organization, no judge will give us a warrant. if red john was a member of visualize in 1988, we'll never know.
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figures. never mind. we know that red john was at elliston farm in 1988. that is a huge leap forward, lisbon. huge. how so? i recalled all the names of the 2,164 people that i met and shook hands with since red john murdered my family. i might have missed one or two, but not many. 807 of those names were women. and red john's probably not a woman. another 949 were men that i had brief encounters with that i never saw or heard from again. that leaves 408 names. and elliston farm will exclude a whole bunch more. i'm getting close, lisbon. i'm getting very close. tell me some of the names. there's gotta be some that are at the top of the list. sure. there's some interesting names. well, tell me.
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people upset with the acquittal of george zimmerman are taking to the streets. hello, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. the fallout continues in washington and other cities following that verdict heard
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around the country. george zimmerman's acquittal has sparked protests around the area among those who believe he should have been convicted for killing trayvon martin. ken molestina. >> reporter: bruce, there were protests throughout the district, several of them. all led back here on to howard university's campus. the anger is felt among the participants. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: it was a verdict that set off the non straitionz we saw that continued on sunday. hundreds gathered at the park in northwest d.c. they protested with signs, messages and chants that have become all too familiar across the country. >> we're out here to support trayvon martin's family. >> reporter: the passion fat crowds took to the streets
11:21 pm
again marching towards howard university. supporters gathered one last time to get their message out. >> you've got to understand, we've got speak up now! >> reporter: although zimmerman stands a free man in the eyes of the law, these demonstrators and their court of public opinion maintain a different judgment. throughout the trial many tried to stick to the fact of the case regardless of the racial tension but others who showed up to protest are convinced the color lines are impossible to ignore. >> race was the question. >> if you reverse the race of the perpetrator and the victim the outcome would not have been the say. >> reporter: and now lead wears the naacp are pushing the justice department to investigate the case with potential civil rights violation. >> we believe that trayvon martin faced a great injustice and human rights violation so that's why we continue to pursue this. >> reporter: as you just saw, so much of this has turned into a black and whitish. and i'll tell you something, bruce, in the case of zimmerman, by definition he isn't a white man.
11:22 pm
he's, in fact, biracial. his father is white but his mother is peruvian. they identify quite a bit with the hispanic side of their heritage but aus just saw it's this black and white obsession that is fueling the emotions we saw hear in washington today. ken ken, wusa 9. >> ken, thanks a lot. similar demonstrations took place around the country including new york. sanford, florida, milwaukee, and atlanta to protest the acquittal of george zimmerman. hundreds showed up in new york's union square. there was a large police presence at all of the demonstrations across the states of new york and new jersey. no reported problems. there was some violence in oakland, california. at least 100 people showed up for a rally to denounce the zimmerman acquittal. police say at some point a few people broke off and smashed windows and started fires. cars were vandalized and some buildings were spray painted. no arrests according to local
11:23 pm
reports. president barack obama says the jury has spoken in george zimmerman's murder trial. while the not guilty verdict is stirring strong passions, now is a time for calm reflection. in a statement the president said trayvon martin's death was a tragedy, not just for his family but for america. he's urging people to honor the teen by examining what can be done to stem gun violence and prevent similar tragedies in the future. ahead, the naacp -- the head of the naacp is calling on the justice department to bring federal charges. he's charging that trayvon martin was targeted because of his race. zimmerman's brother appearing on cnn had sharp criticism and said george zimmerman has no regret for his actions. >> there may be a civil action brought by the family but there should definitely be criminal charges brought by d.o.j. we have asked d.o.j. to continue their investigation. they are indeed continuing, and
11:24 pm
we hope that once everything that's happened that can happen here in florida, that d.o.j. will act, will hold mr. zimmerman accountable. >> regret is a very strong word. regret implies that your actions, you have culpability. i think that's what you're asking does, he share or accept the blame. i think that george, vows the word blame, feels and has felt, and i have expressed this before, very bad. >> right now surae chinn continues our team coverage and has more on why some parents are struggling with the "not guilty" verdict. >> reporter: bruce, a lot of parents i talked with are asking themselves and each other, how do i talk to my kids? what do you say to african- american sons? they're asking is this a bad teachable moment? and what can we learn from this? >> that's a question that we are going to really have to answer through our hearts. >> reporter: this woman attending the delta sigma theta
11:25 pm
event at that time convention center stopped into ben's chili bowl for lunch. >> how do i explain this to my son who could be walking down the street in our neighborhood going to the local pool and someone can get into an altercation with him and shoot him? >> reporter: african-american parents we talked with say they're having a hard time with the decision. >> it kind of left a bitter taste in people's mouths because someone is left dead and no one is held accountable. >> i don't think this is the end of it by any means. >> the tragedy that a young boy died. >> this is a real scary one. >> reporter: glen ivy says he is struggling along with other parents. he has six children of his own. five of them are sons. >> you always talk to them an without how to deal with police what to do if you're stopped, yes, sir, no, sir. this doesn't fall into any of those categories. zimmerman was not a police officer. >> reporter: ivy says he is disappointed in the outcome but not surprised's watched the
11:26 pm
racially polarizing case unfold. >> trayvon martin had a right to stand his ground, too. unfortunately he's the one that ended up dead. he didn't have a gun. so it is hard to know what to tell your kids. >> we can't sit here and get upset over one, but we do need to make note of this is still going on in america. >> reporter: glen ivy says trayvon martin's family would have a strong case in their civil suit against zimmerman but says the justice department may have a tougher time deciding what statute to use in bringing about a federal civil rights lawsuit. i'm surae chinn, wusa 9. >> we thought gwen ivy had a lot more to say and we want you to say what he has to say. i spoke to him a short time ago. >> my first question is was their case ever to be made for second-degree murder or manslaughter, and if there was, did the prosecution just blow it? >> i thought it was going to be toff second-degree murder charge to make. i thought manslaughter was the
11:27 pm
much more real lits particular possibility. did the prosecution blow it? i think certainly the case didn't go as well as they had hoped. there were certainly some holes in their presentation and there were some surprises. the witness who testified that, you know, that the ground and pound martial arts move, the -- >> that trayvon was on top. >> trayvon was on top. that certainly was not helpful to the prosecution's case. and i thought there were some other things to presenting zimmerman's statement in their case in chief without sort of requiring him to come and take the stand, so they could cross- examine him. i know there's been a lot of guessing on that. >> you've already said you were disappointed in the outcome of the verdict. let me ask this. is there room for federal charges at this point? due see eric holder getting involved? >> i know they're going take a look. the naacp is calling for it. holder had given a speech, i believe about a year ago where he said that they were going track it. i think it is going to be
11:28 pm
harder than typically you see in department of justice cases like this. >> because what? because there's no police officer? >> there's no police officer so no state action. so the type of charges they would typically use aren't going to be available under those provisions. they can find other ways but i think they are going to have to look and find ways not only that they can get a hack and get involved, but also have a winnable case. the last thing they want to do is follow up this defeat at the state level with a defeat at the federal level. >> okay. in your conversation weise surae chinn, we've talked about that you've got five sons. >> five sons, yes. >> what are you saying to your sons about this? what specifically? because i know they're asking about it. my son, an adult, very upset about. this i love him to death, but we're having to talk about this. what do you say to your boys? >> we're still working through it. we're talking through it tonight at dinner and trying to figure out what is the reaction? what should the reaction be? we talked about how you handle police situations, keep your hands on the wheel, no sudden movements, yes, sir, no, sir,
11:29 pm
be deaf rential, but this is a scenario, this isn't a police officer, this isn't a traffic stop. this is a guy that comes up own, doesn't necessarily identify himself as an officer. he's got a gun and is coming automatic aggressively what. are you supposed to do? >> you bring up the point, and i'm going to ask you, if you had a chance to cross-examine george zimmerman on stand, what would you want to know? one of things i would want to know, you've got the gun, apparently trained to watch out for, quote, suspicious people. did you ever identify yourself to trayvon martin? did you ever say to him, i have a gun, in any language, that causes the other person to react differently? do you not agree? >> i think that's a good line of questions to pursue. i think also the things he was saying under $breath that were captured on the phone call are things you would want to delve into as well. what was it about trayvon martin that led to you think that he was up to no good, that he was involved in something nefarious? was it the way he looked? was it skin color?
11:30 pm
the hoodie? what was it? and i think those are the types of questions that would have been hard for him to explain and answer, and maybe would have shown the jury what was really going on in his mind at the time he instigated all of this. >> that was attorney glen ivy. he practices in washington, d.c. former prince george's county state's attorney. coming up tonight, a star from the hit show "glee" found dead in his hotel room. also, new information on what exactly ed snow den may have taken from the nsa. it's the start of a heat wave here in the d.c. metro area with temperatures soaring through the 90s, close to the triple digits by the end of the work week. tomorrow as you're waking up, 69 to 74 with some patchy fog at 5:00 a.m. we'll already be at 80 degrees in a couple spots by 9:00. i'll tell you how hot we'll get tomorrow in the first
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if you live in bethesda, maryland, police are looking for two men who broke into a home along the 7100 block of netelly woods lane. police say the suspects confronted the residents and demanded valuables. nobody was hurt. police believe the robbers got into the house through an
11:33 pm
unlocked door. and they're now trying to determine if this recent robbery is related to a string of late-night burglaries in the bethesda area. the snake did it, the snake that slithered into some electrical equipment apparently caused a power outage for 10,000 customers in arlington and alexandria overnight. dominion virginia power says the snake disrupted the electricity substation on four mile run just after 11:00 last night. the outage affected more than 10,000 customers in arlington, alexandria and parts of fairfax county. power was fully restored this morning. the guardian journalist who first reported ed snowden's disclosures of the u.s. surveillance program says the former national security agency analyst has very specific blueprints of how the nsa does its work. glen greenwall tells the ap that snowden has thousands of documents that amount to an instruction manual for how the
11:34 pm
nsa is bit. meanwhile russian immigration officials say they have not received an application from snowden who apparently wants to get asylum in russia. he has been holed up at the moscow airport since last month. sad news in the entertainment world. a coroner is trying to determine what caused the death of "glee" store cory monteith. the 31-year-old was found dead in his vancouver hotel room yesterday. police say there are no indications of foul play. they won't say if drugs were involved. monteith played a high school quarterback turned singer. he has a history of addiction and checked himself into a facility last april. motorcycle racer dead tonight killed while topping to top 300 miles per hour. 44-year-old bill warner of florida was clocked at 285 miles per hour before he lost control today on a runway at the former air force base in northern maine. warner was conscious and talking as he was taken from the scene. he later died at a hospital. the holy


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