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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  August 17, 2013 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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bash. >> for herself. nobody showed up. >> that's not true. she had cats there. >> we finally find out why kim kardashian has been hiding in all this time. she's tortured by her body. >> now she feels how her instagrams feel. fast lane brought to you by the toyota rav 4. >> we're heading to l.a. we could potentially have the biggest boy band ever being formed. ed shirren, zane mallek from one direction, johnny depp. >> what? >> yes. these three were all seen walking into a recording studio together, and also there was alexander deleon. you're a fan of him, right? he posted a photo of himself with johnny depp, zane mallek in the studio and said pirate lessons from the one and only. thank you for having us, mr. depp. >> you need to give up some of these jobs you got, getting the cool fame and chicks and money and stuff. pass the ball. >> you want to be in a boy band?
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>> no, i'm just saying they're hogging. they're acting, now they're singing. let us have some fun. next in the fast lane, we go to my hometown of san diego. you remember ron burgundy from anchor man, right? >> will ferrell? >> ron burgundy is writing a memoir about his good times as a member of the channel 4 news team. >> j.c., you realize this is a fake memoir. he's not even a real person. he's a character. >> i disagree with you on that one, kelly. ron burgundy is real. i saw him on tv. >> you're buying it, aren't you? >> yes. we're headed to louisiana. there's a "duck dynasty" star who might rung for congress. you know the dude with the long beards, one of the friendlier guys on "duck dynasty." the republican strategists are trying to push him to run for one of the open seats that came up. >> he would definitely win. he is really popular. >> and it's almost a given he would get it if he ran.
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but he said he feels like he doesn't have the time to commit to running for congress. do you know how much they make per episode? $200,000, split amongst all of them. >> how many of them is there? >> enough. >> we're in the wrong hustle. >> why aren't we on "duck dynasty"? >> this tdude is start. he should take everyone hunting. under the new ramification. >> under the new what? >> under the ramification of the new salary thing. >> the what? >> you used the word in the wrong sentence, dude. >> used the word in a wrong sentence. are you serious? >> a new show called ""duck dynasty ". the rav 4 makes the journey as amazing as the destination. smart, stylish and down for whatever. toyota, let's go places. next --
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>> liam hemsworth and josh play a different hunger games. do you ever have the dream where you forget to you forget clothes? someone should tell lady gaga she's awake. that's what we dishing about. with the "name your price" tool, you tell us what you want to pay, and we give you a range of coverages to choose from. who is she? that's flobot. she's this new robot we're trying out, mostly for, like, small stuff. wow! look at her go! she's pretty good. she's pretty good. hey, flobot, great job.
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welcome back to "dish nation." we've got the answer to our dish celebrity our dish celebrity squish is amber hurd and johnny depp. or as we like to put it, jamb jamberdurd. who do you think this is? let us know on facebook and
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twitter at #dish squish. all right, guys, here is my joke for national tell-a-joke today. this elephant turns to a camel and says, dude, why do you have two boobs on your back. pretty stupid question for somebody with a wiener on his face. bonding over white castle. not in the same way herald and kumar. a particular film that had a real impact on me as a teenager was harold and kumar. it had a deep impact on me. >> i understand that. clueless had a deep impact on me. >> that's one of those things you don't really want to admit to. >> liam is australian. they don't have white castles down under. they were filming hunger games in kentucky, josh hutchinson took him to one for the first time. they got, quote, briefcases of
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burgers. three hours later they were throwing up together. >> that's always a good way to bond. >> who held whose hair back when they were throwing up? >> jennifer lawrence held both of their hair. >> toughen up, dude. >> don't you remember hunger games? >> white eating at white castle. >> it wasn't like they vomited from eating too much. it was a planned vomit. they binged and then purged. that's what you do in hollywood. who loves games more than me? >> you. >> i'm the only one. time to play cuckoo for gaga. i'm going to tell you two outrageous lady gaga stories. tell me which one's true, which one's false. lady gaga pot up all the live bait and set it free. or lady gaga channels the joker with her new look. >> i can see her setting live bait, like buying minnows and whatever, worms and setting them free.
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>> i'll go with the bait and tackle freedom. >> i'll go against the guys on this one and take the joker one. >> jenna's cuckoo for gaga. she got it right. she's actually channeling the joker. did you see this? >> oh, man. >> she was photographed looking like this. >> i thought she just fell down in a gay parade. >> time to play another round of cuckoo for gaga. here we go. lady gaga held out at the chateau wearing only her underwear. or lady gaga wears a bra made out of fossilized tarantulas. >> the second one for sure is real. >> i'm going to go against al. he's always wrong. i'll go with the underwear. >> the underwear is usual for her. i'll go with that as well. >> she's done that before. >> yep. >> actually, al, i'm sorry. you're wrong. here's a picture of lady gaga in
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her underwear. >> am i crazy? i think this is the best she's ever looked. >> she has a little bit of a baby rash. >> i think that's mesh. >> i can spot that from a mile away. if she put a little cream right there. >> you're studying that a little too close. >> that's the daddy in me. >> since you're such a rash expert, would you take a look at something after the show. >> oh. >> again? >> wasn't that fun? >> yeah. >> thank you for playing cuckoo for gaga. next -- >> kardashians, we think they're a little more like horses. that's what we dishing
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[ female announcer ] today, flintstones means more than multivitamins. introducing flintstones healthy brain support gummies. an omega-3 dha supplement. specially designed to help support healthy brain function. that's the flintstones effect. courtney kardashian's common-law husband, they might as well be common-law at this point, he loves to refer to himself as lord. he just reposted this photoshopped picture of a fan keeping up with the kardashians came up with, and he just posted it on his instagram now. i guess scott is slow getting to all the pictures sent to him. >> that explains why kris isn't in there. >> that's sacrilegious, with the uses and everything. i don't even want to look at it. >> this is before kanye was part of the picture. is that kanye? wait.
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what is kanye doing there with kris humphreys? >> he looks like he's doing kim. >> kim was cheating on chris in the last supper with kanye? >> i think they're just tagging up. >> you can't tag team at the last supper. >> not at the table. >> that's a dirty supper. >> it was dirty if ray jay was in the picture. >> ray jay was under the table. >> he was under the table, i ate it first. >> the food, kelly! it first. >> the food, kelly! >> oh! -- captions by vitac --
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