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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 20, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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calvert county, maryland. send us your selfies. let's check in with tucker barnes students are dealing with fog. >> yeah, it will be with us for the next couple of hours until 10:00. off to the west, reports of visibility reduced to less than a quarter of a mile, 62 dulles, bwi marshall 62°. going to show you satellite radar picture. the sun just getting going, once we get the sun up, should be a bright and beautiful afternoon with warmer temperatures and humidity. we are expecting mid to upper 80s, noticeably warmer than
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yesterday. heaviest of the fog is off to the south. culpeper manassas heavy fog, 66, hagerstown heavy fog as well. we should see the fog gradually dissipate. sunshine by afternoon. maybe 88 for daytime high. that is weather. let's get to julie wright and the roads. >> fog is definitely causing problems, delays eastbound 66. out of manassas, the fog is lifting a tad bit. headed in from business 234 out to the rest area. check out the drive on 395, northbound in the clear, so to speak of weather that is. volume definitely slowing you down headed out to seminary
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road. northbound 95 in maryland after i-195. right side of the roadblocked. southbound traffic open for business, no issues baltimore headed through howard county. let's county with the maps. quite busy for folks traveling in virginia. this accident activity river bend road eastbound lanes closed at the scene. crash closed 286 between 644 and lees chapel. northbound i-95 headed to quantity go, looks pretty good. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. . >> we begin this hour in egypt after days of violence, reports united states puts a temporary hold on the billion dollars of million military aid.
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the muslim brotherhood could lead to more violence. mohammed budia is set to go on trial for his role in killing a protester in june. it is a serious blow to the brotherhood. another developing story from pakistan, former president indicted for murder of a former prime minister. pervez musharraf didn't do enough to prevent the murder and was head of the army at the time. they call the charges politically motivated. >> another day in court for vanessa pham's killer. testimony got underway after a quick round of jury selection and opening statements. wisdom back with the details.
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>> sarah, allison, no doubt julio blanco garcia stabbed a 19-year-old virginia woman to death. his defense attorney said he never meant to kill her. vanessa pham had just returned from first year in college and looking for a summer job when she was killed. place say julio blanco garcia convinced him and his one-year-old daughter to a hospital in 2010. he became enraged when pham took a wrong turn out of a shopping center. a break came in the case when prints were found on a knife left in the car. they say he set out that day to steal a tv he was so high on pcp, he asked pham for a ride. one of the officers at the crime scene testified he thought pham
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died in a car crash. this is the first time in 20 years tv cameras have been allowed in fairfax courtroom and will be there throughout the remainder of the trial. not to overshadow the tragedy that took place in this case. >> absolutely right. >> thank you, wisdom. >> new this morning, new proof the sequester is taking a toll, virginia, maryland, and dc in the last month. >> maryland's job rate road since 2011. in d.c. job less rate jumped to 8.6 up from 8.5 the month before. virginia's rate rose from 5.5%.
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>> frightening new details about the crash on the bay bridge that sent a woman's car plunging into water below. the driver of a tractor trailer was taking first solid drive in the united states. he was admitted he was looking in a side mirror because he was distracted by signs behind his rig. the lady survived the fall behind the bridge. ♪ >> comes back to the line of scrimmage. he may have been hurt himself. >> oh. just what we don't want to see. the skins paid a huge price in game 2, kirk cousins went down with a sprained foot in second
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quarter. rex grossman threw 133 yards, one interception and td pass to leonard hankerson. skins would go on to win 24-13. cousins will have an mri to see the extent of his injuries. at least four other players are hurt. >> not already. >> already! mixed reviews from women that go to came. >> league is banning most large bags. melanie alnwick live at fedexfield where some fans were aware of the new rule, mel? rert >> reporter: they would like to ban all bags period but these approved bags. all bags, camera bags and
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purses. policy announced in june. as the pre-season got underway. it was clear not everyone got the message. here at fedexfield, first test of the new policy happened last night. they are limited in carrying bags cleared making it quicker and easier. bags can be no larger than 12x6x1 12x6x12. >> good thing i brought boys. [laughter].
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>> i wouldn't care. i am trying to pay attention to the game. >> nfl does encourage stadiums to offer a temporary bag check area. we do not know if fedexfield plans on setting that up. one other thing, people will be allowed to also as the weather gets colder, blankets allowed in the stadium. you have to carry them over your arms or shoulder. they want to know if someone is carrying a bag that is harmful. just to help alleviate the back up happening now that fans have been complaining about trying to
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get through security. we'll get to see whether this expedited plan is working. back to you. >> melanie, thank you. >> robin thicke may own musical debt to marvin gay for "blurred lines." >> why the case maybe heading to court. >> we are talking about dress codes for a local principal next hour. we are asking for your memories on the march on washington. we are sharing them. it is 7:11. 
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junk keys junkies junki rise and shine for school, kids. this is a picture of amber makel
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who is a junior in high school. this is her. it is not a selfie, she looks great. thank you for tweeting this, amber. what about this? this sharp young man, this is dominic jones, ready for kindergarten at imagine foundation. that is so cute. have a great day and great year, dominic. thanks for sending a picture. i love the students in their uniform. they are the cutest thing in their ties. they look so professional. first day of school in calvert, maryland. more pictures should be coming in. you high schoolers tweet
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us@myfoxdc. we have seen some cute ones. the little uniform. looking like a businessman ready to go to school. love it. >> i know. i asked the kids, what is your job? >> we are students. >> it is. you have to take it seriously. >> did you take it seriously? >> we are a close group of co-workers. what is going on out there? >> the fog is thick in spots. not so much in the city although we have it along the potomac.
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i have turned on the fog machine. darker colors show us where it is thickest, culpeper, up to hagerstown, earlier martinsburg had visibility less than a quarter of a mile off to the west. we'll watch this gradually disbait dissipate. you may encounter the local fog. what is happening, high pressure building overhead. that allowed the skies to clear up enough last night. we got the fog development early this morning. what can we expect later today? lots of sunshine. we should be in for a bright and warm day, day. highs, upper 80s pwe may get close to 90. more heat and humidity building
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before a cold front comes in late thursday. that should cool us down into the weekend. 88 today, near 90 tomorrow. gradual cool down, weekend looks great, 80s, relatively low humidity. >> that picture makes it look like we are traveling. >> julie wright is joining us for a look at the roads. >> i know. this is further east. i was showing tucker the one in manassas. this is closer to 286 fairfax parkway. we are dealing with the thick fog. leaving business 234 headed inbound towards centerville. east of 286, check this out, allison, just passed the overpass. coming inbound east of 50, it is improving.
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no problems to report for folks continuing along northbound i-95 in virginia headed out to quantity co. this is northbound in maryland. the tractor trailer wreck continues to block the right lane. earlier problems in virginia have cleared. crash reported here another on 704 east of forbes boulevard. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. raffic. >> julie, thanks, the 50th anniversary march in washington, we are sharing the story of the march you are telling us. >> many of you have e-mailed us
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your march story. this is carol marshhouse, she sent a picture of the flyer, martin luther king jr., we know they were feature speakers. at the bottom of the names, the flyer, rather, walter, he went on to represent the district and sought democratic nomination for president. also sterling tucker, civil rights activist, 1974, first chairman of d.c. council. very, very cool to see. thank you for sharing that with us miss carol. send us the pictures and recollections. you can e-mail
7:20 am tweet us @myfoxdc. also on facebook. >> it is 7:21 on this tuesday morning. we are going to check in with holly who is looking at the significance on the march on washington and how the smithsonian is marking the fascinating march. more trouble for virginia governor bob mcdonnell. why charges could be right around the corner. time now is 7:21. the nest has been getting a littlele too quiet of late.
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>> san diego imbattled mayor
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fill more and representatives had a closed door meeting with city officials. they did not reach a resolution. >> in virginia new trouble for governor bob mcdonnell. >> on monday lawyers met with u.s. attorney's office in hopes of convincing them governor and family did nothing wrong. toub a sign a decision could come soon. all around claims that he accepted gifts for promoted star scientific. >> i think people are fair. >> no word on when we could hear the u.s. attorney's decision on the case. >> still ahead on our next half
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hour, helping you get ready for school. >> what is okay and what is not when it comes to what to wear to school. time now is 7:26, back after this. ápólçw?tóo
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"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." it's been called "cuccinelli's witch hunt" "designed to intimidate and suppress" ken cuccinelli used taxpayer funds to investigate a uva professor whose research on climate change cuccinelli opposed. cuccinelli, a climate change denier, forced the university to spend over half a million dollars defending itself against it's own attorney general. ken cuccinelli. he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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♪ >> lumineers, i think. >> they are coming to town, s n soon. >> they are in town? >> they are coming. >> i have been to zero concerts. >> it is way cooler than we are. >> i have kids that like music. >> sadly, i thought of the one direction movies. >> i am going. >> i like those young men. >> i know you do. >> my excuse is my girls so i don't look strange. >> beyoncé? >> no the one direction. >> let's go to the maps, fog
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across the region. out of the west, very, very thick, very dense to start your morning. it should burn off relatively soon. that is not going to help your morning commute. darker colors indicate. south and west of city here as you get down 29 towards culpeper, south and west of manassas, things are very, very touch and go with very reduced visibilities up to hagerstown. this map is gradually starting to thin out, out to the west as far as the fog is concerned. current visibilities 0. that is what it is currently reporting, fredricksburg, culpeper. it is less than a quarter of a mile. 0 in hagerstown, quantity co has fog as well. continuing to deal with the fog in the near term.
7:30 am
sunny and warm afternoon, highs upper 80s after a couple of relatively cool days. yesterday we didn't get out of 70s. 69 washington, 64 leonard, 63 dulles, winchester 63 again. high pressure overhead. that will scoot out to sea later today. southerly breeze and warmer and more humid air on the way for the next couple of days. by thursday, a cold front and cool things town. 88 today, early fog, afternoon, partly cloudy, patchy fog could be an issue tomorrow morning. near 90 tomorrow, partly sunny conditions. best chance for a storm,
7:31 am
thursday, cold front friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures, mid 80s. we'll take it. that is your weather. let's do traffic, julie. >> it is difficult to see out there problems on the east side of town, accident along 704 east of 50 forbes boulevard. fire rescue responding. traveling inbound northbound 5 tied at up at moe hawk reported. once you make your way from waldorf, the speed drops. crashes reported along constitutional avenue at 23rd. outbound avenue, stay to the
7:32 am
right. let's continue with the cameras and show you what we have on the roads. we are talk about the fog and a lot of folks coming in 286, earlier crash cleared lees chapel. once you get passed 286, it opens up not with the volume, but the sunshine. you need your shades headed to 123. no problems on the beltway. stay to the left in order to get back. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thank you, 7:33. still ahead, today's talkers, why "the" song of the summer could be in for a court battle. ♪ [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet?
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>> we were talking about the guidelines that vary. one that says this and who enforces it. depends on where you go to school in the dc area. doesn't give specifics on the type of clothing. no exposure of cleavage, private
7:37 am
parts, midriff or underwear. >> clothing guidelines talk about not wearing logos or anything depicting alcohol, drugs, tobacco or violence. >> prince georges county schools has overall clothing policy, shoulders covered, shirts tucked in, shorts and skirts no higher than mid thigh. for some prince georges schools which require uniforms, guidelines for that, too. rules for fredrick douglas high school in upper marlboro. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> you have policy for uniforms, correct?
7:38 am
describe where you are coming from with fredrick douglas. new we have the systemic policy. in addition to that, we have a school based uniform policy, mandatory uniformed school. that takes care of the uniform -- rather that dress code for the school system and parents don't have to have guess work in what they purchase. >> douglas does have uniforms, how did this county come to the decision we are going to uniform? >> this is my eighth year here. my first year we were not a uniform school. a lot of parents here at the time said our kids have warn forms from elementary school, we like it. less distracting and easier. we would like to continue it.
7:39 am
we begin process of what it would look like and how we would implement it and have been there for seven years. >> how would you describe this changed how kids interact, a lot of us talk about issue of peer pressure and dressing a certain way, specifically girls, also boys as well. do you think this has had a positive outcome on how kids interact at school? >> absolutely. it eliminates pressure to keep up with kids and parents buy certain designer clothing or whatever is trendy. they are all within the uniforms. helps to level the playing field in that respect and reduces distractions tremendously. >> i want to ask you a question, you said there were no uniforms now there are. talk about the enforcement of when there was no uniform policy
7:40 am
compared to now it is a lot easier. how on earth did you possibly have time to enforce that and deal with the parents at the same time? >> very difficult. judgments of what was appropriate and what they could or couldn't wear. what is too tight and those questions came up. in each school day we spent 30 minutes of the beginning of everyday whether what they had on was appropriate. >> in i am sure you had flak from parents as well? >> sometimes. there were some parent that is didn't agree or more so the students thought it was appropriate. that is why it was so important to get parents to define what we wanted our school culture to be. >> wisdom said earlier we talked
7:41 am
about at length in our editorial meeting we have everyday after the show. it comes down to uniforms aside, when you did have to enforce the dress code, personal expression how do you walk that line? how do you walk that line and decide well, this is not going to be appropriate. if it is not appropriate, what happens then? does the parent get called from work to come pick up their child? >> we spent a lot of time in the beginning how we expect students to come to school. there are students that press the envelope. we find usually the parent didn't know they put that on and very receptive to bringing them something. >> i know we are out of time,
7:42 am
why isn't more schools gone this way? >> here in prince georges' county, great majority have gone to uniforms, only two high schools that do not have mandatory uniforms. one of the biggest advantages also, this assists us greatly with security measures. very easy at dismissal time to spot someone that doesn't belong on campus when they don't have a uniform on. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. this was a big talk yesterday as we were getting ready for this morning's show. you guys as parents know what it is like. >> it does come under the personal expression.
7:43 am
>> i think that is what the parent is for. even if you don't have a dress code, parents should know what is appropriate. if you are sending your kids to school, it is up to you as a parent to be responsible enough. >> what he said was interesting. i remember one time getting mad at my middle daughter just because she changed her hair going to school, sorry, sklar. they want to express themselves. sometimes they put something in the bag or do whatever to change before they get to school. >> someone brought up to me, melanie alnwick brought up yesterday, this might be a good time where we put that in their minds, your job is to be a student and dress professionally like mommy and daddy do. >> tell us what you think. >> i appreciate we have a dress code, otherwise, wisdom might be
7:44 am
going crazy. [laughter]. >> let's go to the happens. we have fog continuing to be an issue to the west. fog advisory trim add little. counties in gray still with fog, quarter mile or less. really, really dense. we are going to burn the fog off. if you like the summertime temperatures, back this afternoon. highs upper 80s. we should remain mostly sunny. the humidity will be creeping up. 90 tomorrow. then believe it or not, active jet stream. another cold front late in the day thursday. that is going to pull the temperatures back by the end of the week, summary here.
7:45 am
thunderstorms by thursday. weekend.d drier weather for it is going to be beautiful, saturday and sunday mid 80s. relatively low humidity. >> thanks. >> i just called tucker wisdom. it is the smedium shirt. >> wiz is going to be mad at you. >> northbound i-95, this is where we had problems, accident involving a tractor trailer which caught fire confined to the right line. fire has been extinguished, headed passed i-195 and 695 in
7:46 am
baltimore. once you gets east of 50, pace is slow. we are seeing the sunshine. you'll need your shades. slow downs for folks headed into the district. eastbound 50. no problems out towards buoy. 704 east at 50 forbes boulevard. there is a crash 23rd street at constitutional avenue. follow police direction. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> a court could decide if robin thic thicke's "blurred lines" similarity's between thicke's
7:47 am
song is like marvin gay's fam y family. the gay family could litigate if thicke doesn't pay in a settlement. you didn't hear it at first until you hear the songs back to back. little bit? >> i totally hear it. to me, it is sort of the same groove and feel. i guess the court will decide. >> all right. >> time 7:48. >> i still like the song. >> i love it. >> marking two milestone moments in the right for civil rights. >> holly, good morning. >> reporter: we are live. changing america is now open.
7:48 am
it deals with two significant times that deals with african-american equality. talking 150 years ago, emancipation proclamation and march on washington. we are going to go through the exhibit and show why you need to spend time here yourself, next live on "fox 5 morning news." [ male announcer ] marie callllender's knows
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>> the exhibit commemorates two events and joint effort from national museum of african-american history. that is where we find holly. good morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning to you. we expect the exhibits in smithsonian to be second to none. this is one of the more thought provoking exhibits.
7:52 am
harry rube binstein is the co-cure ray to. >> good morning. >> there is so much good stuff. this is a disclaimer. we are only touching the tip of the iceberg. let's go ahead and get started. you are enveloped by these images. >> right. idea of the exhibit, you see these various people, people enslaved african-americans, right before emancipation. on the other side this crowd of people coming to the march on washington. both of these events, they are peoples movements. talented gifted leaders and this
7:53 am
incredible commitment of everyday people wanting to change their lives. >> freedom is never given; it is won. 150 years ago. >> okay. it is no surprise that the two events are 100 years apart. 150 years ago marks the e emancipation, proclamation. issue that caused the civil war. new there are amazing artifacts as you are learning and reading about all of that. >> absolutely. on that side of the exhibit, items from various earlier struggles as well as this incredible -- used by those enslaved people crossing new
7:54 am
lines. >> we see nat turner's bible, president lincoln's top hat and the ink well he used to sign the emancipation proclamation. >> exactly. it is the people we want to get across. >> you come out, come down that corridor, 50 years ago. we are talking about the mar march on washington. >> this is the beginning part of the exhibition. it is about how the lincoln memorial became a stage for the civil rights movement. earlier protests and speeches that took place on the march. >> reporter: kind of a behind the scenes, evolution of how it all came to be and how we got to the moment that changed america. >> absolutely. >> reporter: we are being serenaded right now. this is helping us get back into
7:55 am
the time 50 years ago, a young lady named london is setting the scene. let's talk about the amazing things we are seeing. >> the call for the march on washington. six civil rights organizations come together represented by the major organizations and they call the march in july for a demonstration in august. >> reporter: that is the actual poster? >> that is the official poster. if you look at the photographs of the march, you see these scattered around. it is fresh and invok tif posters. one of my favorite pieces. >> reporter: you learn about special people. all we think about is "i have have a dream" speech. you learn about people like
7:56 am
bayhar justin, the master mind behind the march. >> they realize they need to pull the most talented people together. they turn to him. ho managed it out of an office in harlem. they only had six or seven weeks. it shows the depth and organization prior to the march. this had never been done before. we are used to these large marchs in washington, this was the first time. people were terrified. >> reporter: i hate to cut u you off. this is a wonderful insight from
7:57 am
harry. the exhibit runs through september 7th. beautiful, london, thank you, so much. more "fox 5 morning news" when we come back. stay with us.
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>> straight ahead at 8:00, 2-0, baby! >> it is pre-season allison. >> far from perfect. we are going to check in with sports junkies, good morning, i am allison seymour. >> i am wisdom martin. tony perkins has the morning off. at 8:00, we are checking in with congresswoman eleanor holmes norton how you can take part in the latest d.c. job fair. >> how infertility issues could be on the timing when you eat. >> interesting. >> stay tuned for all of that and more. tucker barnes is with us now.
8:01 am
how is the fog doing? >> here in d.c. sunny, bright, beautiful. gorgeous. it will be a nice summer afternoon for all of us. we'll be dealing with dense nothing. it will start to dissipate. mostly a good news forecast. >> going to be more humid and warmer. the air conditioner will likely be humming. >> right know it is taking a rest. >> mine was off. i had to turn it on last night. >> did you? >> i did. >> reagan national 71. thanks for the report, wisdom. wisdom martin sweating report. bwi marshall 68°. here is the deal. generally clear skies, dense fog
8:02 am
along potomac. plenty of sunshine. little bit of cloudiness. should be dry for your tuesday. this area of high pressure will keep things nice and quiet for the next day or two. trimmed back a little bit. counties out to the west, winchester, hagerstown until 10:00 a.m. 88, daytime sunshine and a pleasant afternoon. details on the weekend. >> thanks, tuck. let's check in with julie wright with the on time traffic. >> see you sit with the men and get a deeper voice, allison. [laughter]. eastbound along 66 dealing with the fog this morning. a lot of slow traffic business 234 out of manassas inbound
8:03 am
towards centerville. eastbound 286, still tapping the brakes. visibility improves as you continue inbound and will need your shades. northbound i-95, long standingag from i-195. inner loop of beltway, no issues. headed for the wilson bridge, we'll continue with our maps, accident activity 23rd street at constitutional avenue has cleared. 16 miles an hour to the inbound 11th street bridge. 270 at 117 right lane, overall traffic approaching hyattstown leaving 118 to the accident scene. that is a check of your on time fox traffic. >> julie, thank you for that. we continue to follow developing
8:04 am
story in egypt. united states is temporarily suspending aid. there has been no decision on cutting aid permanently. the head of the muslim brotherhood was detained last night and former president hosni mubarak is said to be released from prison in the coming days. both of these issues are raises fears of the ousting of morsi. bradley manning faces up 90 years behind bars. prosecutors asked the judge for a 60-sentence, defense asked for 25. wisdom?
8:05 am
>> all right. allison, district residents looking for suspect looking for help. focus on jobs comes as d.c. prepares to mark 50th an verse of the march on washington also centered on jobs. let's talk about this with congresswoman norton live from capitol hill. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start off talking about the job's fair at the convention center. >> big day if you are a d.c. resident, annual job fair draws a lot of residents. bring your driver's license, something like that. what they find is almost 100 employers from state, local, private governments all around the region, one stop shopping
8:06 am
where you get to talk to a real live employer's representatives. these are popular because some people want to leave jobs for new jobs and some people are looking for jobs. if you are a d.c. resident 10:00-11:00, we have workshops, resume tips, dress for success fashion show. someone will speak about the top jobs in the reason and there are federal jobs, federal agencies despite sequester and at the workshop someone from opm talking about why and where the federal government is hiring despite the sequester. >> all right congressman, it was
8:07 am
about jobs back then. the 50th anniversary of the march on washington is upon us. talk to me about the significance of this anniversary and compare where we were there to where we are now. >> it was important for all americans, very personal for me. i was a staff member of the march on washington. we did not know we get what was then the biggest mass demonstration ever held in the nation's capitol. straight line between that march and 1964 civil rights act. the march had as its theme jobs and freedom. we had an equal employment
8:08 am
agency. civil rights act enacted a year later, 15 years later, i became chair of the equal employment opportunity commission. for the united states, it culminated 10 years of protest demonstrations. i had been a member. this was bringing the demonstration to the seat of power to the one place that could do something about discrimination. it started the trilogy '65 voting rights act. after the assassination of martin luther king in 1968, the 1968 fair housing act. there are going to be demands this time, too. a little different because there has been a great deal of
8:09 am
progress and some retrenchment. one of the demands is sure to be a revision of the voting rights act by the supreme court in june and another demand almost surely will be to eliminate these stand your ground laws that support every black man in danger coming from the trayvon martin tragedy. >> right. congresswoman norton, thank you. we'll have to catch up with you during the week of the event on the answer -- anniversary. >> always a pleasure. >> job fair is at the convention, 10:00-3:00. a free event. a lot of the of important people looking for people to work. there you go. come on out and try to get you a
8:10 am
job. >> one stop shopping. still ahead at 8:00, a puppy and prince. first family shows off their puppy same day the royal family shows off their baby. >> we are 2-0. >> pre-season, it is practice. we are i'll check in with the sports junkies for an update on kirk cousins injured foot. 8:11.
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♪ >> little usher and somebody else. i don't know the other person. >> right. his name is on the tip of my tongue. it is time to take a break from the news and check out a cute
8:14 am
baby picture. >> tucker barnes. >> my first photo of the day. great big smile. this is keyon. new good morning, handsome. >> love the outfit. >> he is one year old his family reports he always has a smile. >> awe. >> cute little outfit. >> i think he would appreciate that. [laughter]. he looks like he would get a kick out of that. >> looks like he has a smile. >> looks like keyon is standing on somebody's car. >> when you are a baby, you can get away with that.
8:15 am
>> keyon, we love the picture, thank you for your smile. congratulations on being our my first 5 photo. go to and click on morning. >> let's look at the fog. there is your fog, very dense to the south and west, fredricksburg, red is the visibility. southern marp land, we are not dealing much fog. it is going to take an hour or two to burn it off if you are dealing with it. dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. manassas, fredricksburg, culpeper all reporting visibility of less than a
8:16 am
quarter of a while. hagerstown, this is the case all morning. should be a lot of fog, northwest washington. warmer and more humid day as well as dry afternoon, upper 80s. right now, it looks beautiful, saturday and sunday, 88 today, 90 tomorrow. back it off friday, saturday, sunday. that is weather, let's do traffic, julie wright has your roads. >> all right. tucker, on the roads, lanes open, pace is slow for folks headed through southeast washington dropping down to 16 miles an hour northbound 295 for the 11th street bridge. leavi
8:17 am
leaving germantown -- visibility improving, fog is burning off. tapping breaks, business 234 towards centerville. northbound i-195 into maryland, heavy north that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> i this wisdom wrote this for me to read. a costly win in a meaningless game. >> washington redskins 2-0 after taking down steelers. team lost another quarterback, kirk cousins. we turn to the sports junkies 106.7 the fan.
8:18 am
>> good morning. >> kirk cousins down. i don't know if he is out. it is scary, allison. >> it is terrible. >> i know it is football. it is pre-season. >> i like seeing two wins, sorry. >> i am with you. >> wouldn't you be more scare if it was rg3? that would be catastrophic. this is kirk cousins. minor injury. he is the back up quarterback. as long as rg3 continues on the right path and remains healthy, everything should be okay. you have to take kirk at his word, hello, second pre-season game. no need to push it. maybe if it was later in the season, i think he would have stayed in. >> that is why i don't think you are going to see kirk cousins against buffalo saturday at fedexfield. rest the foot just in case rg3
8:19 am
isn't ready. >> god for bit it is rex week 1. >> i think rex does a good job. i realize you don't want to rely on rex 16 games. stop gap, i think he does a good job. >> you know where rex is good? 20-20. he stinks at the red zone. look at career touchdown interception ratio. more interceptions than touchdown for a reason. >> i don't want to rely on rex for 16 seconds. just saying. [laughter]. >> can we talk about the nats? what is happening, just for a minut minute. >> they are not a good offensive team.
8:20 am
they have struggled. >> same problem. they can't find ways to get timely hits. denard talked about about it yesterday. we are putting pressure on yourselves. >> number of one and two-run games, you can't win games with the amazing pitching. >> they are trying to tweak it. they released roger bernadina and pick up dejesus to try to tweak it. they are trying little things, not enough. >> today is table manners tuesday. i know it is rival network, 11:00 comcast sports net "table manners" season 2 premiers. >> all right. good to talk to you.
8:21 am
>> thank you wisdom, thank you, allison. >> that is the sports junkies 106.7. the fan. still ahead, a free prize not so free, former game show contestant talk about how tough it is to claim their winnings. >> as the nation gets ready to mark the 50th anniversary of march in washington. 8:22. ♪
8:22 am
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8:24 am
>> welcome back, family and friends remembering patrick sibley. the 21-year-old is entering his senior year. >> he was considered top notch voluleyball player. he was struck and killed. a family member thinks he walked along the tracks after getting off at the wrong stop. he had so much potential on and off the court. >> he had the warmest heart and
8:25 am
could light up any space he was in. he was this really intense light and that doesn't need to go away. we carry that all with us. >> coach chow says the team will likely dedicate the season to patrick. counseling services have been made to team and staff. >> still ahead next half hour, we'll check in with medical details. >> first up, beau's new best friend. he is cute, it is 8:26. ♪ all right, let's go
8:26 am
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>> all right. welcome back to "fox 5 morning news." check out these two, they definitely look like they are ready to handle the school year.
8:29 am
this is le nay and le shay in oxen hill. everything is ready to go. >> are they twins? >> i am not sure. they could be. backpacks and outfits, have a good first week and school year. keep the first day photos coming tweet us @myfoxdc include backtoschoolselfie. on twitter @myfoxdc. first off, beau has a new buddy at the white house. first family adopted second dog named sunny. >> beau and sunny.
8:30 am
>> she made her debut yesterday. born a year ago in june. born in michigan. obamas say the puppy's name comes from her cheerful personality. first family made a donation to national humane's society in washington in her honor. >> how about the royal family? first official portrait, baby george! they were released by kingston palace since prince george's birth. prince william says he is a little bit of a rascal.
8:31 am
>> who is this? >> break with our tradition. they were not taking by a palace photographer. guess who took the picture? kate's father. >> this isn't the official photo. >> i don't know how he did it with the sun in the back. it is royalty, maybe. >> it is her father, he took the picture. he is used to taking the pictures of his daughter all the time. he is a pro. >> see the garden. >> do we call that a garden? [laughter]. >> it is like madison square garden. >> we are looking brighter, warmer and more humid. highs upper 80s to 90 at 4:00,
8:32 am
5:00 p.m. after a couple of days in the 70s it is going to be warm. still dealing with fog particularly to the south and west, manassas, culpeper, work down 29 to i-66. dense fog advisory until 10:00 p.m. 67 fredricksburg, 67 at dulles. temperatures nice and comfortable. a warmer pattern, high pressure overhead. we'll slip off to the east, winds out of the south, heat will return for the time being. a nice looking day today. believe it or not, active weather pattern, unusual august. with that in tact, we'll see another cold front late thursday into early friday. that will cool us down for the weekend take the humidity out of
8:33 am
the forecast. things will get better. 88 today, 90 tomorrow. might be a few showers tomorrow evening. best chance of rain thursday. that looks nice. that is forecast, allison, back over to you. >> thanks, tucker. today's fox medical report, how meal timing can improve women with ovarian cysts. we turn to our favorite doctor. dr. sigliano. good morning to you! >> allison, i love your positivity and kind words. >> it comes from the heart, sir. correct me if i say this wrong, polly cystic ovarian syndrome
8:34 am
effects fertility and related to insulin levels. is in about the food we eat, right? >> we are what we eat. what this study showed, allison, especially thin women who had polly cystic ovary syndrome if they ate a hearty breakfast, it reduced in essence levels and had impact on hrm hormones on thunderstorm thunderstorm and things. if you are out there, emphasize breakfast and cut back on lunch and dinner and if you are trying to get pregnant, this might be the thing for you to do. have your man your husband get you breakfast in bed, a lot of
8:35 am
good foods, something will happen. >> [laughter] something will happen. this isn't the first about how important breakfast is. can you let us know how important the first meal is. >> look, it is like going in a car, if you don't put gas in the tank, you are not going to get very far. i don't understand why we as americans don't eat a good hearty breakfast. all the studies show one, you are smarter, you are more able to get things done, exercise, keep your weight down. all of those things. if you are a student, you must have a good hearty breakfast, you'll do better and have more energy and fun. >> dr. mike, got to go here, there, do this. our time is at a, is limited. let's switch gear to super bugs,
8:36 am
researchers found a new way to battle those drugs, why is it so significant? >> big, big problem, allison. bacteria resistance to antibiotics is a major problem. new research that showed if you disrupt the way bacteria communicate with each other, did you know bacteria communicate? they have conversations. they tell each other when it is time to attack, how, what kind of attack. all of those things. it is called quorum sensing. these researchers have found the rescepters on the bacteria that allow them to communicate. if they can block those, we might have medications that don't kill the bacteria but prevent them from communicating. if you don't communicate, it is not going to last. the bacterial and infection will
8:37 am
go away. fascinating stuff. science and nature always amazing ch>> thanks to you in that white coat, you speak bacteria. stop them from chatting and we'll get better sooner. thanks, dr. mike. >> love you, allison. >> love you. >> i have seen him several times when i am in the news room. >> he has a different way of delivering it. eat breakfast. >> still ahead at 8:00. separate but equal. a construction building is under fire for a plan to have two entrances based on income. fascinating story. time 8:38. we'll be right back. hey, what's that?
8:38 am
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>> i used to watch this. former contestants on "the price is right" weren't prepared to pay state and federal income tax. they didn't claim items.
8:41 am
one woman who won a car had to pay $2,500 in taxes. during the time, she had to arrange the paperwork, had to make the tax payment and go to a car dealer 450 miles from her home. >> oh. pulling the curtain back. >> if they are giving it to you, what is the deal? >> you have 10 days to pull it together. just saying. a new york city apartment building hasn't even been built yet is at the center of controversy. >> there are plans to have two separate entrances. building will consist of high end condos. also 55 affordable housing units with rent starting around $850 a
8:42 am
month in new york city. developer wants to have one entrance for condo tenants and another for those that pay less. >> my question is: why do the affordable units have to be segregated apart from the condos the wealthy could buy. >> it is two distinct buildings conjoined. that is why you have two entranc entranc entrances. >> another building with a fancier front entrance. >> isn't this some what common? you pay high prices you get fancy stuff. on the other side you don't get fancy stuff? >> if it is two different buildings, perhaps we are emotionally responding to what
8:43 am
it sounds like. it is a talker. >> yes, it is. time is 8:43 on this tuesday morning. coming up next, firsthand account on the march on washington. >> holly, good morning. >> good morning. they have a wonderful exhibit about the march on washington. fifty years later, this man is heading up the celebration. we have a special day planned to teach your kids, all the details next on "fox 5 morning news" stay with us. 
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> we continue to share facts and information about the march in washington. women, though a large force in civil rights movement by the time the march happened in 1963 had no formal speaking role. two managed to get before the microphones, left, daisy baits,
8:47 am
first lady of little rock. naacp organizer in little rock, arkansas and on the right, josaphine baker. 1963 march in washington march is a pinnacle movement. >> good morning, holly. >> good morning. let me introduce you to frank smith. are you ready for this weekend? >> i am ready. >> i hear people on the way to washington, d.c. for the march. >> it is going to be a nice celebration. i was here in 1963 as a
8:48 am
21-year-old young man. i am glad to welcome my friends and maybes and all participants. can i say 71 never looked so good. >> awe. >> does it take you back? >> it does. absolutely. i am looking for the images of my friends that went to jail and marched. john lewis, randolph. you got a sense history was being made. did you think it would wind up in the smithsonian? >> i never thought it would be that significant. when i walked out of the mall who looked like a million people talking about peace and justice and freedom. working in mississippi delta, it was lonely. you against the sheriff sometimes by yourself and a
8:49 am
handful of people registered to vote. it was a way to reenforce our beliefs this could happen in america. we never dreamed we would have an african-american president. even the district of columbia being elected officials. d.c. officials were appointed by the government. they didn't vote for mayor, city council, any of those things. the march changed washington and america for the better. >> thing that struck me, power of not feeling alone. >> a absolutely. in america, you need help. you have to convince a bunch of people whatever you believe in is important so they can help you make the change. that is what march in washington represented.
8:50 am
from that we get '64 -- civil rights act and '65 voting rights act. as a result of this march, march on washington then montgomery march. >> i want you to speak about the importance of children and being part of the march? >> first time i went to jail i was a young man. i am pleased to say i am bringing three of my grandchildren with me. they are going to carry in their pockets names of their first cousins who can't come. their grandmother is not able to come. we are going to invite the public and bring the names of your favorite people so you represent yourself and other members who can't be there. >> frank, thank you for being
8:51 am
here. it is wonderful. i had frank talk about the children, there is a special family day going on this saturday that has to do with teaching your children about the march on washington and significance of it and what they need to learn from it. i want to introduce you with jerry provost with the gallery. >> we have kim and reggie harris coming to do singing and active tying runs for children to learn more about the civil rights movement. >> activities like what is going on here? >> we have our friends doing scratch art of dr. king. it is more like a stained glass. she did scratching away there. she has done a lovely stained glass type of activity. she has written great words. you can see the tissue paper in the back like a stained glass.
8:52 am
>> thank you. national museum of african-american hus history and culture helped produce the exhibit. this is deidre who is the director of public programs good morning to you. >> good morning. >> tell me about your project you have going on leer. >> we have a button making activity my colleagues have developed for a museum. it is based on the exhibition where you see placards and bu buttons people used in the march of washington 50 years ago. >> tell us the importance? >> it shows how you can identify a cause and speak up on behalf of yourself and for the welfare of others. >> thank you so much for coming
8:53 am
out here this morning and this saturday, family day at the national portrait gallery 11:00-4:00 and here at the national museum of american history runs through september of next year. coming up next the importance of the march. >> holly, thank you so much. >> you can send us pictures and recollections e-mail us at, tweet us t @myfoxdc or facebook. we'll share your stories over the next two eke weeks. >> 8:54, latasha bennett says
8:54 am
she has watched fox 5 since she was a little baby. now she tunes in with her own daughter, thank you. like our facebook page, post a comment below lovely latash sha's picture. >> passing fox 5 on. how many shoes is too many? how many shoes you own and how much you wear. >> first could virginia governor bob mcdonnell face charges? we are going to sit down with former u.s. prosecutor. ♪
8:55 am
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allison seymour. >> i am sarah simmons. the case against bob mcdonnell, governor of virginia caught up in a gift scandal. could the governor face charges? what about his wife? why do they have separate legal teams? former prosecutor is here to share his insights. plus... >> reporter: the nfl's new bag policy taught some fans off guard. i am melanie alnwick. >> back to school spending, does one student really need 20 elmer's glue stick? >> later on, her career is on fire. she remains sweet and soulful,
8:59 am
reesa renee is here with us. can't wait to hear from her. >> she has so much energy. i wish i had that. tucker barnes is here. fox 5, 9:00 lounge. >> all right. we have the fog that continues to be an issue out to the west. 74 in washington. we are in for a warm and noticely humid day upper 90. if you haven't had pool time, today and tomorrow, we are going to be summary. should be a beautiful day, lots of sunshine expected. this satellite radar is not picking up that fog. still to the south and west.


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