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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 23, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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>> you just trying to show us your ring? >> welcome to dish nation. >> if you always wanted to be like miley cyrus, we're going to to help you out. >> and bieber wants to be a dad? >> justin bieber? he got to grow up first. >> we got a lot of show. take it away. >> did you watch the show prison break? ktnñ loved it. >> former prison break star has come out of the closet. he's %(o÷41 years old. he did it while declining an invite to the st. peterpetersbu festival. russia is a very gay unfriendly country.
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>> i was never going to go to russia anyway but i'm really not going now. >> he said in his letter that he has enjoyed visiting russia. he is just rubbing it in now. and in st. petersberg,o all the biltdi i buildings look like penises. >> can you send me a postcard? >> wish you were queer. >> our boy had a bad couple of weeks. he had a seiz decembepressed st mind. allegedly he started meditating and listening to alani
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alanis moresette. >> she got the type of songs where you think you don't know them and when you hear them and you're like yeah, that's her. >> she got the kind of songs you don't really know the words. >> the song, i would be good, has been blowing up. that i would be good even3;u if did nothing. that i would be good even i lost sani sanity. >> that's like a confirmation song. >> what? >> time out. did you mean affirmation or confirmation? i thought maybe you meant catholic school.kìc& you go through like alanis's catalog, i'm sure others would
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appear tos7 chris brown. >> maybe when he is shaving and he sees the battered woman ta too, he sees isn't it ironic. >> or one hand in his pocket? >> i don't know how i'm going to say this. i'm just going to say it. justin bieber wants to be a dad. like soon. like he can't wait. >> that's terrible news. >> i know. the 19-year-old says to "in touch," i can't wait to have a beautiful wife and little kids running around. >> i think the people on 16 and pregnant do a better job at parenthood than justin bieber would. i would like to see him on stage with a baby. like a show? >> killing it. >> his saggy pants and one sparkly hand. off and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. >> he said you will have to wait
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and see as to when and how many. those things are in god's hands. >> i have heard of this thing called birth control. >> very scarey if you think that is how it works. >> what kind of dad will he be if#od he is already referring t his kids as things. we already know how it turned out for the monkey. that thing is still in germany. >> dear god or oprah or kanye or whatever you're calling yourself today. please don't let bieber pro create. >> so wait a minute, kanye is going to be on a show? >> we know chris generjennor ha new talk show. we have an exclusive sneak peek. he says he loves kim so much he would be willing to do this for her. what would it be? >> give her her skirts back.
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>> break dance? >> not quite. >> tumble? >> you are the closest. watch this and find out what he said. >> there is times where wwasn't wanted to be with her so bad that i thought about taking up sports. >> honestly, i could sit there and tell my girlfriend's mom and tell her i wanted to be with her. >> you know what? look at his body language. almost like a kid that don't want to be somewhere when your momma make you go. >> did you see the rare moment that we never get to see? he actually smiled. >> wow, there it is. >> what do you think? >> you know how i feel about it. you saidp) you not good enough you got to play a sport to get with her. >> he's the only one that got it. >> he had the most money. her first husband didn't have
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money. >> i just want to say that. >> we know the show, too. >> dr. phil is facing major backlash after he asked if a girl is drunk, is it okay to have sex with her. weird that he asked that. he took the tweet down because of the backlash. we have had poll questions on our web site. but the question, if the girl is drunk, is it okay to have sex with her? i tweeted back to dr. phil, girls have sex sober? >> no. >> tammy has to be drunk to have sex. i don't know how i know that. >> there is that christmas party. here is what i will say. if she is drunk and she is like i wan that make love and you're like yeah. ask yourself in that moment, if
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she was sober, would she still want to have sex with you? >> so if she pulls her own panties down, panty down factor? >> i have been completely hammered so much so, i was home alone, thank god. drunk drunk drunk. i had on tight tank, tight tank and cowboy boots. i woke up completely naked with cowboy boots. >> you were probably dancing in the mirror. >> the point is that i was able to take all of my clothes off and put my boots back on. >> if you come out of the bathroom naked with boots on. >> was i doing an air lasso, too? like yeah. i'm going to lasso you. >> maybe you skip the air lasso. >> your money when you need it
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people. >> notice the line here? >> ever since popcorn, his name was zane. >> dish nation facebook page, and we will pick our favorite to read on our show. >> next -- >> movie reviews based on previews. >> is this twilight meets harry potter meets blade? >> it seems like the hangover with robots. >> it's coming up in ticket or skip it. >> kate middletonmiddleton is sr baby in khloe ckardashian's fac. fleas and ticks, it also repels most ticks before they can attach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel. a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii! may attach and make a meal of us. license and registration please.
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>> it's time for ticket or skip it when you decide what movies you should see this weekend
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based solely on the trailer. >> what are you looking at? >> the mundane. >> what is the mundane? >> someone from the human would. >> is this twilight? meets harry potter? meets blade? what is this? >> i like how they also throw out the movie and try to make her over. she gets hotter and hotter as the scenes go by. >> in all of these movies when they do the transition, it's just her putting on leather. >> that's what happens when women put on leather. if more women would do it, they would see they get hotter, too. >> i feel like i saw the whole movie in the trailer. >> i say skip it. >> i saycq ticket because i wa to see how hot she is. >> next movie is the world's end. five friends who reunite in an attempt to recreate their epic
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pub crawl unwittingly become >> what do you think? >> unless you do want to have sex. >> tell me right now. >> it seems like the hangover with robots. >> hello, i am a robot. >> right? and then we're watching this trailer going are they hallucinating robots? there is something weird in the beer? or did they actually, the town that they want back to party in is actually filled with robots. >> i don't know. i haven't seen it. >> in shawn of the dead it's like, bastards. >> so you both would say? >> ticket. >> big ticket. >> i'm not familiar with shawn of the dead. >> you can learn a lot about somebody on whether they like movies like shawn of the dead. >> whether or not i like a zombie movie?
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>> yeah. >> i'm bummed i'm not in your club. i'm seriously heartbroken. >> it's time for pets more talented than celebrities. >> dogs can finally fly. >> a lot of people are going this is how it ends. i'm a dog. i don't fly. >> why is this guy doing this to the poor dog anyway? >> he got this service animal to help him with separation anxiety. so smart, you know, instead of getting a clingy girlfriend. the dog then started having separation anxiety because he couldn't go hang gliding with the dude and now they go together. >> this video pisses me off. go jump off cliffs and i support that. you don't need to take your dog with you.
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maybe i'm just internally pissed because i can barely get my dog to sit, let alone on a hang glider. >> i have seen birds do it before. >> next. >> momma june makes a trip to the spa horrified in a special way only mama june can. >> we immediate some weird [ bleep ]. there is no other way to say that.say that. >> that's when we dishing aboutx
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introducing flintstones healthy brain support gummies. an omega-3 dha supplement. specially designed to help support healthy brain function. that's the flintstones effect.
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>> we take the special features and create a creature that only a mother could love. >> his golf game is as fierce as his name and she was named one of the best winter olympians. hit us
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>> welcome back to dish nation. we have the answer to our dish celebrity squish. it is -- tiger woods and lind say vaugn. here is a sneak peek at our next dish celebrity squish. who do you think it is. let us know at facebook and twitter. >> this week's tabloids, love big numbers and love to scream them at you. we start with life and style where khloe kardashian is getting a $75 million divorce but she deserves better. >> than $75 million? >> yep. don't know how that's possible. >> it's all possible. check out these pictures that just came out of lamar meeting his buddies at a gas station and
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they put his suitcases in the trunk of his car. either khloe kicked him out, he is on the run or he is trying to get rid of the underwear of the other women he slept with. >> kate middleton is shoving the baby in a kardashian's face. >> there should be a bubble caption like oh, you're not going to have one of these now are you? >> jessica's diet disaster. >> the shirt didn't come in that color? that's just food stains? interesting. >> heading over to okay mag zeezee magazine. >> this is perfect proof that they make stuff up. >> it's like the girl who cried wedding. all i got to say is i never want
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to see jennifer anniston's pinterst board. >> and generjen bought him a $1 million gift. >> that's an expensive pair of handcuffs. >> this week when joining our favorite family, mamma june did more than prep. this time she went to a spa to get a treatment. >> momma definitely needs her spa day and needs to get her neck hairs plucked. when i go in for a hug, she tickled me. >> it appears to be a brazilian wax. >> when they do her beard, are they charging by the square foot? >> when they do do hair removal, they charge for the cheeks, the chin, the eyebrow. >> what if you have the chinny chin chin? >> this week on extreme cougar wives, we met 27-year-old andrew
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who is dating 58-year-old jane. the two of them met in a personal development class and have been dating since. >> jane had said to me, i would like to kiss you now. i weighed my options carefully and what i saw is this was an adventure i couldn't refuse. so i leaned into her andf)l kis her. >> i should be happy. i am happy for them. >> she seems like a lot of fun. i bet she is a total held cat in the sack. just by looking at her hair alone, i know she is a wild child. she put on a necklace and left it in her hair. it didn't come over her neck. she just left it laying there. >> there probably isn't going to surprise you. but jane and andrew also do civil war reenactments as a hobby. >> she was there. >> it really is a turn on.
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>> i had no idea where she was going with that until the endmx when i felt like vomiting. >> let's make love in front of the refrigerator. oh, ice cube. p popcicle. cucumber. big bobs. >> i will knit you a condom. i'm a pretty good knitter. >> next -- >> we let you in on the secrets ♪
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reinforced with scratch- resistant glass ♪ okay google now. call my droid. the new droid ultra by motorola. when strength matters, droid does. >> it may be scarey, but there is a lot of people that want to look like miley cyrus. believe it or not it doesn't take much. it's not hard to achieve her personal style. >> it takes a lot of money to look this cheap. if you can mix white trash with chanel. >> i like she says less is more is her philosophy. wasn't it dolly pardon who
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originated the phrase it takes a lot of money to look this cheap. >> amen. i love me some dolly. >> and she needs a little lesson on what white trash is. as someone who has spent a lot of time in trailer parks, where is the flannel. >> if you want to look trailer trash, maybe ditch jewelry and at least get the fake gold that turns green and the tapered jeans. >> and a belly shirt that says i'm with stupid. >> she is 20. if you're going to be white trash -- >> it's time to start popping out kids. and you can name one of them chanel. and you can name one of them
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>> good morning, everyone.rn it's we have made it to theit end of week. it's august 23, 2013. a live look outside right now. nice and peaceful out there. doesn't feel too bad outside either except for the fact thatt it's humid. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. good morning.. yeah, we've got a really nice looking forecast as we get to the afternoon hours and particularly for the weekend. we're setting up with a realeal nice pattern. a couple of hours we may get bumpy. we'll go to the radar. we'll start with that the cold
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front. sarah mentioned it's nice and warm and humid out there. the cold front has come through yet. showers including thunderstorms into western maryland now. all after this has to press on through. we have the possibility here, probably by mid to late morning, a round of showers, perhaps a a quick thunderstorm and that presses south. once it gets south of us winds w shift around, afternoon brighter, nicer and less humid. here are your current temperatures, reagan national is -- all right. reagan national 69 degrees. deg 71 at bwi marshall. you can see the temperatures there are certainly on the warm side for the early lots more on the weather. we'll look at the weekend into early next week and do that in a minute. back to >> thanks,. >> a verdict this morning in the stabbing beth of virginia teen vanessa pham. her body was found inside her
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car in fall's church in 2010.. the case was unprecedented in the d.c. region because a television camera was allowed in the courtroom. 27-year-old julio blanco-garceaa showed no emotion. e the judge will hand down the sentence later this year. next wednesday is the t anniversary of march on washington and big events startedding to. the global freedom festival.esti the naacp southern leadership l conference and the king center helped organize the fest vasm thousands are expected for realize the dream march and rally. martin luther king and the research -- reverend al sharpton will be in attendance for thatht and sunday morning a service at howard university.
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one day after bradley manning was sentenced the former army intelligence and -- analyst says he wants wants to become a woma. >> bradley manning fresh off a a three decade prison sentence s said he is changing genders andd changing names from now it's chelsey e. manning. >> he wrote i am a female. i want to begin hormone therapy. >> the army needs to fess up anp do the right thing here. >> they say convict manningng should not only get gender assignment therapy and the armya should pay for it. >> all prisoners should be treated with health care and a private manning is no
4:28 am
difference.di while his attorney wants the pentagon and taxpayers to pay for his gender reassignment surgery, the pentagon made it m clear that will not happen. in a statement, an army spokesperson wrote the army does not provide hormone therapy or sex reassignment surgery. inmates are treated equally regardless of rank, race, ethnicity or sexual orientationn we asked taxpayers if they t should foot the bill. >> i would say no. >> people told us that given the fact that he is accused of leaking the materials taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for the surgery for manning.ning >> manning is expected to serve his term at the military prison at fort leavenworth, kansas, which does not offer hormone or gender reassignment story. fox 5 news.
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>> good morning. live look outside right now. coming up on 4:30678 it's friday. so you can't go wrong with that end of the week. we're head together weekend. it's not raining at least right now. it's not raining. we'll check in to tucker to seee what we have in store for the rest of the day to the weekend. it's friday, august 23. good morning i'm wisdom martin. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. we say hello to sucker barnes. that's some of the energid with the cold front. we'll soot sunshine by afternoon and nice weather we promised will start moving. in we'll get to the numbers and reagan national. >> it's okay. >> it's 75 degrees. >> i'm getting better. >> i am, too. >> 69 in dulles.ulle >> in time for the weekend. that's good. >> that's the way it was timed. i said i'm go


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