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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 16, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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lard to believe we're tracking more snow headed -- hard to believe we're tracking more snow headed toward the metro area. >> who do you trust more, car
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salesmen or a politician? those are among the least trusted professions in the country and both tonight make a case for why you should trust them. >> more trouble for chris brown even after his arrest in d.c. >> the soap opera surrounding coach shanahan taking some blame. first we are tracking more snow that. could fall during the morning commute. good evening, everybody. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson, straight to first alert meteorologist topper shutt in the weather center. what can we expect in the morning? >> i think we'll see some flakes flying. right now we do not anticipate problems for the morning commute. by and large, heaviest activity and greatest concentration of snow twill stay along the maryland/p.a. border and that fits with the advisories. you folks in severe thunderstorm set and fulton and franklin county have -- in somerset and fulton and franklin county have advisories. it's 34 in manassas, 32 in leesburg and 30 in
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gaithersburg. if it were to fall, it would stick north of town a bit, not really concerned about that in the morning. temperatures to start 27 to 33 at 5:00, light snow or flurries primarily north and west, flurries at 7:00 and 9:00. by-temperatures are 29 to 37. we'll -- by then temperatures are 29 to 30 evan is the we'll come back and talk about a little -- 37. we'll come back and talk about a little something behind that for the evening commute. . >> now a lawsuit challenging the nsa collection of phone records can move forward. that tops tower look at your world in 90 seconds -- our look at your world in 90 seconds. >> a federal judge says a lawsuit challenging the nsa' mass collection of phone records can proceed and would likely be successful. the u.s. district court judge issued a 68 page opinion saying the data collection violates the constitution's ban on unreasonable searches. the obama administration has called the program a key terrorism fighting tool. >> a government shutdown could
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happen mid-january when current federal spending expires. it all depends on what could likely be razor thin senate votes on a bipartisan budget deal. >> that reduces the deficit without raising taxes, prevents two government shutdowns in 2014. >> the military is up in arms over the new budget deal, specifically over a reduction in veterans benefits. >> the panel of experts reviewing three studies on multi vitamins finds no evidence supplements prevent chronic disease or death and should be avoided. the council for responsible nutrition disagrees and argues supplements are an appropriate option for consumers who aren't getting enough nutrients from food. >> we have to do what we have to do to look out for ourselves and the people around us. >> prince george's county police canvas the east gate shoppers world trying to convince shoppers to take precautions to prevent everything from car break-ins to carjackings. >> we have seen numbers drop in thefts in autos.
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>> christmas time tradition that raises money for charities turned ugly this weekend. hundreds of is an as hit the bars for the -- santas hit the bars for the annual get together. police were called after 10 is an 10 -- 10 santas started fighting on a street corner. a survey revealed many of you believe our elected lawmakers are less trustworthy than car salesmen and how do car salesmen feel about being associated with one of the most polarizing congresses of all time. mola lenghi has some answers for it. >> it may come as no surprise to most people members of congress are among the least trusted professions in the eyes of americans. approval ratings of congress have been at record lows the last few years. it doesn't even seem to surprise them. trust, it's important when you're, say, buying a car.
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you want to trust the salesman. chances are you don't. >> people come in with the perception that they're going to get taken, they're going to get sold something that's not good. >> that's why car salesmen are among the least trusted professions in the country. the only people seen to be less trustworthy are lobbyists and members of congress. >> i'm not surprised and the output of congress this year has been pretty pitiful. it's an easy brunt of a joke to make fun of lawmakers. at some point these record low numbers really start to rob americans of their confidence not only in their lawmakers, but their institutions and that's not healthy. >> reporter: does it hurt to be grouped down there with them? >> no because they're dealing with the same thing i'm dealing with. i know that they all come into office, want it do the right thing, but politics is politics. >> reporter: and politics need to change according to virginia
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senator mark warner. he wants ifmakers want americans to trust them again, they -- if lawmakers want americans to trust them again, they need to turn things back. >> the best remedy for these numbers and awful results is to show you're going to try to partner up on a piece of legislation with somebody from the other party. >> reporter: warner admits it won't be easy. once trust is broken, it's tough to get back, especially when you've been hurt so many times before. that's where the car salesman perhaps more should follow the road kenneth eggleston has paved. >> i always want to do the right thing. >> who are the most trusted? nurses, grade schoolteachers and military officers. probably comes as no surprise there. >> what about reporters? >> this one sting all of us. tv news reporters were among the lowest as well. >> how do you feel being grouped in with that group? >> i think i can speak for all
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of us. that certain listings. you go out and try to do -- certainly stings. you go out and try to do a good job every day. >> one bad apple spoils the bunch. >> i think we've got more work to do. >> absolutely. we can always do better and go out and improve. new tonight we've learned that two people were hurt in a fire that broke out inside a condo building in northwest d.c. today. the fire department says one resident had to be rushed to the hospital. the firefighter was also injured. both are expected to recover. the fire apparently started on the fifth floor of a nine-story building in the 2500 block of calvert street near woodly park metro. no word yet on how that fire star ted. singer chris brown felony probation for the adult on sing are rihanna revoked -- assault on singer rihanna revoked as the result of an incident in d.c. earlier this year. brown allegedly beat a fan trying to take a picture with him outside the w hotel in down
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town washington and that was during howard university's homecoming. the l.a. judge is not sending chris brown to jail. he's basketball ordered to continue his medications -- he's been ordered to continue his medications, rehab and community service. tonight we're learning more about a murder suicide at quantico marine corps base. sergeant lopez shot and killed his colleague before turning the gun on himself in may. an investigation codenclud loz should have received better psychological care. experts were treating the marine in north carolina after he was injured in iraq, but his care stopped in 2012 when he was transferred to quantico because he kept his treatment a secret and did not tell his doctors. tonight a man is behind bars charged in two separate sexual assaults. prince george's county police say emarito silvala attacked two women near belcrest road october 20th 9th. police say dna collected in the
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-- 29th. police say dna collected in the case matched his from an assault in montgomery county. the washington redskins soap opera gained momentum last week and with two weeks left in the season it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. kristen berset is here to tell us what's the latest topic of discussion. >> it's just one thing after another. they asked plenty of questions regarding yesterday's game, the loss to atlanta. we got shanahan's thoughts on cousins' performance and how rg3 was handling the praise that cousins was receiving. of course, it would not be a redskins press conference without mentioning the future of the coaching staff. shanahan reiterated he wants to return as head coach of the redskins and there's a slim chance he could. what about his son, kyle shanahan?
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>> i've said numerous times that i'd like to concentrate on football, but maybe i can say it the best this way. a coordinator is a coordinator. they've got a job to do and they're going to do it. if they don't do it, chances are they went to be a coordinator for long. at the end of the day it's my responsibility to be accountable for everything that's done. >> this circus run being the redskins is being called out by reporters all -- running the redskins is being called out by reporters all over. one saying worse than the jim zorn era, some placing blame on mike and kyle shanahan. other reports say current and former staff members say kyle has been given complete autonomy to run the head coach. as mike shanahan made clear today, nobody's job is safe. it might be a scenario where mike stays and kyle goes, going to be really interesting to see what happens. >> i would believe there's a group out there saying hurry up and get the season over with.
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>> get the circus over and move on to next season. we've got mike weiss from the washington post to join me later and give me his always entertaining thoughts and ideas. >> love mike, thanks. council members pushing for answers about reports of sex assaults and late night parties at a d.c. pool facility, the focus on the multimillion dollar wilson aquatic center last month. three women, two of them teens, say they were assaulted during after hours pool parties. at a hearing today we learned there have been no arrests and council member mary cheh says not enough accountability. >> what have you done about this incident about who may be involved, who knew or should have known what was going on at the pool? >> cheh also pointed to a d.c. inspector general's report suggesting facility workers use drugs and alcohol while on duty. the acting parks and rec director is set to give a full report to cheh by christmas. got a vote tonight that puts the future of options
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public charter school in the district in question. here is investigative reporter russ ptacek with the board's vote to begin the revocation process. >> reporter: students and parents pleaded with the board not to do it calling options public charter school a school of last resort for students with learning disabilities and behavior problems, students who had been kicked out of so many schools before. >> this was my final stop. i had nowhere else to go. >> reporter: this 19-year-old kicked out of other schools credits options with his recent college acceptance. >> options is the only school that helps students with behavior problems and disabilities just like me, show them they can achieve goals big and small. >> my stepson goes to options. he started in the 5th grade and i know if it wasn't for options that i would either be visiting him in jail or be preparing a funeral. >> reporter: wusa9 anchor jc hayward was chairman of the options school board until the district attorney general filed a lawsuit against her, the
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school and former officials leaning financial mismanagement and inside dealing. they've all denied the allegations, but the school board staff advised tonight's revocation process saying there was a pattern of fiscal mismanagement. tonight's beginning of the revocation process is not a revocation. it begins the discussion and even if they vote to close it, they could delay that closure as long as they wish. in columbia heights, russ ptacek, wusa9. >> board members assured parents if options does close, they'll center a machine and resources for those at -- have a plan and resources for those at risk students. tomorrow's recount in the race for attorney general kicks into high gear. precincts statewide will begin double checking numbers. today fairfax county, alexandria, and chesapeake, virginia, got a head start on their recounts and last check democrat mark herring had slightly dividened his lead over republican mark obenshain but with many more votes to be checked in coming days the
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we've lost a member of the country music hall of fame. grammy winner ray price died of pancreatic cancer today at his home in texas. he was 87. price recorded more than 100 hits from ballad to honky tonk blues with titles like crazy arms and heartache by the numbers and he held he -- helped other big names get their starts including roger miller and willie nelson. the music industry is buzzing about beyonce. the 17 time grammy winner released her latest album friday containing 14 tracks, 17 videos and not a whole lot of people knew she was doing this. >> it's a stunner, how she did it and why music insiders are rethinking their games. ep>> rorter: beyonce is a musical and marketing superstar. on friday the singer dropped her self-titled fifth solo album. it was unannounced, unadvertised and unbelievably popular. >> the album sold more than
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800,000 combs worldwide in its first three -- copies worldwide in its first three days and of that 617,000 were in the united states. that is record setting in both a global scale and in the united states. >> reporter: making its success more improbable, it's available only as a complete album through itunes. usually artists release singles and promote their albums long before the release. once the albums are out fans can usually buy select tracks if they don't want the entire album. >> beyonce just said my album is here would. you like to buy it? >> reporter: fans are saying yes giving beyonce and her album the kind of buzz advertising dollars can't buy. >> if anyone can do it, it's her. >> i thought it was really interesting instead of how doing a whole promotional thing she was kind of just like here it is from me to you. >> she has definitely taken the toward by storm doing this. so good for her. >> reporter: industry insiders say to expect copy cats. >> pick a superstar. they're probably trying to figure out if they can do the
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same thing beyonce did. >> reporter: but they won't be first. >> beyonce's album will be sold in other stores this week. that is, except target which won't carry it. it still prefers selling physical cds. the mega millions jackpot, it's now a jaw dropping $586 million. it's the result of 21 straight drawings without a winner dating back to october 12th. >> of course, that number could go higher between now and tomorrow's 11 p.m. drawing, the record for the jackpot, $656 million set in march, 2012. my good friend over here bruce made it a good point to center a little pool, a little drawing -- have a little fool, a little drawing in our newsroom here. -- pool, a little drawing in our newsroom here. >> we've added security in case we win. >> you went to see us after tomorrow if we win. thank you for spreading the joy. your donations make the
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holidays brighter for local children in need. we reached our goal with our give joy drive campaign. thank you all for visiting our give joy web page and buying oh 1,000 toys, clothes, starves, hats, mittens, the kids wish lists are now complete and there's still time to make a donation or send a holiday message online. go to and click on the give joy tab. how amazing is that? >> again congratulations to you also for the leadership you've shown. >> thank you. >> very good. >> we just love our viewers, thank you, everybody. clipper tomorrow in the morning and then a little disturbance trails behind the clipper tomorrow evening. we kind of have a little one two punch. right now we've kept it green. we'll evaluate the situation in the morning and may elevate it to a yellow alert. high temperature 39 today, temperature hasn't gone down much, still 36, dew point in the 20s, relative humidity 62%.
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so pretty average. we're looking at east winds at 5. so here are the two circles. this is a clipper itself. the snow is breaking out in western maryland, a couple flakes north of town 8:00 this evening. this is the upper air support for the system that's going to swing down at the base just to the south of us and that could give us stop rain or snow showers tomorrow evening. that may actually -- we have a better chance of seeing more widespread activity with that than we do with the clipper. most of the activity was snow, morgantown into western maryland headed up into southern pennsylvania. yeah, a couple flakes possible tomorrow, especially north of town. for the most part this is more of a pennsylvania, new york, new jersey deal. so a little clipper moved through primarily in the morning and bus stop temps are cold, no winds to speak of, 26 to 36. flurries or light snow mainly north and west in the morning and then afternoon and evening right around rush hour rain and snow showers are possible. in fact, some snow showers are
11:22 pm
possible even into early tomorrow night as that little upper air disturbance kicks on through. so overnight mostly cloudy and cold, light snow or flurries, again primarily north and west of town, low temperatures 26 to about 32 with light winds. by morning again a little light snow or flurries mainly north and west, less than an inch, 26 to 40 and by afternoon we're looking at mostly cloudy skies, chilly but now rain or snow showers possible, could even be a little sun in the early afternoon in between the surface and upper level low and the winds are thankfully on the light side. so temperature-wise not so bad tomorrow. we'll break it down. a little light snow or flurries possible, temps downtown above freezing, 34 at 7:00, 36 at 9:00, 39 at 11:00 and then a little peek of sun possible by 1:00, 46 till the next little system rolls through. we'll keep everything green for now, 45 tomorrow, 38 wednesday. as often is the case, always colder behind a clipper. it will briefly be colder,
11:23 pm
upper 30s wednesday and then boom, 50 fowler thursday and that's going to start -- 54 thursday and that's going to start a really big warming trend, low 60s friday, dry. just a few showers saturday but 64. i'll put up with a few showers for 64 and then redskins, ravens both in town, warm, 65, rain or showers possible and behind that system temps around 50 next month. we'll be back with more of the chef, you seem less tense since you got
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now game on with kristen berset live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> welcome back. another day, another episode of the redskins soap opera. so tonight we've in our friend mike weiss, award winning sports columnist from the washington post to give us his always entertaining insight. i know you got a lot to say about this team. you've covered this team for a while. is this the craziest kind of atmosphere you've seen? >> circuslike would be the easy way to put it. the jim zorn 2009 year they 24- 12 12, so there's a lot going on off the field. there were fans bringing signs to the stadium with dan
11:27 pm
snyder's face and vinny sorotto's face that read dumb and dumber. they were a disaster each way. ironically that was the year in which we found out later dan snyder homed on his own plane one night with -- hopped on his own plane one night with team officials and had his first meeting with mike shanahan. >> now here we are again. we've had two straight weeks of leaked reports. mike shanahan said he can't control them and said today he can only guess where they come from, but how true is this people think mike is the leak? obviously none of us know, but in your assumption. >> i laughed kind of when i saw that the team was interested in firing for cause because he disseminated this. the idea they could find that out unless they work for the nsa is ridiculous. they're not going to find out whether he was the leak or not,
11:28 pm
but i believe these stories don't get out on both sides for that matter from the quarterback and owner's side and the coach's side, these stories do not come out if certain media people who built relationships over the years with these people don't have those contacts and don't get okays to write those stories. >> they're not going to risk their career on a false report. >> and the relationships with those people. so i believe while some of the truth has been embellished that the genesis of them that mike shanahan is unhappy with robert griffin, iii and vice versa and kyle shanahan is all in this mix of chaos, confusion and dysfunctional organization, yes, i believe it. >> before i let you go, do you see a situation where mike shanahan returns next year? >> that's it? i just got here. i'm done. >> trust me, i wish we had more time. >> only situation -- i'd love to see it because we could pick item as hard knocks. entertainment it would be great. i don't see it happening.
11:29 pm
i would say it would be like 85/15%. the only scenarios in which his son finds a good landing place and he's not asked to fire him. >> well, mike weiss, we appreciate you coming in, always so much to talk about. wusa9 will be back right music: jingle bells
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that's wusa9 for tonight. thanks for staying up with us. >>
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