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tv   Mc Laughlin Group  CBS  December 22, 2013 6:30am-7:01am EST

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you got to read it. it's magnificent. >> johnny had the answers. god bless his soul.
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the biggest winner of 2013 is russian president putin. in december, putin snatched westing russia's international prestige. biggest winner glad. >> biggest loser of 2013. >> president obama and obamacare. >> the president still has a job. i think the biggest loser is the president of egypt, mr. egypt. >> being able to deal with the obamacare setbacks is bigger than president obama. >> i have a tie, the city of
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detroit and the average american working class individual whose real wages have declined in a time of relative prosperity. >> obama drew the line and smudged them and then eraced them completely it will be a long, long time before president will invoke red line. best politician? >> prime minister of -- the president of iran. >> i give to pope francis. he loves people and that is a key ingredient if you want to be a politician. >> are you stuck in that track. >> he deserved all the applaud that we can all give him. >> hillary clinton who kept herself out of the dispute of obamacare and preserved all that she needs for the next presidential campaign.
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>> i give to governor chris christie for walking a tightrope. >> best politician is president putin. no other statesman played his hand so did he deaffully in 2013. >> and the silver goes to anthony wiener your friend. >> i would agree with you on that but i would add ted cruz. in his short year in the senate, he has been able to offend every member of the senate, which is his party. >> i think 17 women have asserted that they had a sexual harassment moment with him that
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is no small moment for a public figure. >> i'll give ted cruz the domestic award. >> reconcile with the political opposition and morrissy refused and now he's on trial. worst politician. and the most defining political moment. >> august, the american people rise up and say no to obama war on syria. >> the 16 day government day government shutdown. >> >> i would say president obama, the red line that he drew and walked away from it, undermining his credibility here and abroad. >> filibuster rule in the
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senate. >> most defining moment is on air apology for my leading americans when he promised they could keep their health insurance. and turn code of the year? >> edward snowden. >> i would also say rubio who campaigned for the bill and ten turn as away from it. >> i would say anthony wiener is the year. >> let's try some originality. >> in january, he relinquishes french citizenship in favor of a russian passport.
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you got me so far. and that tax bracket from 41% to 75%. so he went to russia. okay. >> he went to belgium. >> he went to russia. >> so would you if you were taxed 75%. >> most boring? >> harry reid. >> he's not the best frontman on tv. the most boring is the 40 attempts to repeal obamacare. >> ted cruz going on for hours an hour till he got the cat in the hat. >> most boring reports, americans fall behind on math and science what you don't hear
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that american ranks number two in the world, top ten countries for economic innovation. so there. most car dramatic? >> the dutch and dutches of the england. >> mayor from new jersey and the only elected black senator basically on his strength of social media he has a great twitter following. >> international pope francis tis, but domestically it is chris christie of new jersey. >> i give it to the late nelson mandela that lasted even after he passed.
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after taking the lead in the bali package and it includes a trade facilitation agreement. and next, the 12-year-old round. check out the story. >> can you stand the excitement? >> do you realize the importance of the w-2 0. >> when we come back, more gripping year end awards.
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bummest wrap? >> big lie that the tea party shut down the government. they never voted to shut don't government. >> >> bummest wrap, susan rice, the talking points on bin zazi. she had nothing to do with it. >> stop question and risk in new york that that is a racist
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policy -- stop and frisk because it was disproportionately on minorities. >> i would back up the bin zazi coverup. it has not held water. the bummest wrap that apple avoids $9 billion of taxes because it keeps accounts overseas. they say they are in full compliance with tax laws. and the ceos that have not done anything illegal should not be drug before congress. >> and fairest wrap? >> the charge that president obama did not tell the american the truth in the fact that his credibility sunk and it is
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deserved. >> i would phrase it slightly differently. i think the president underestimated the difficulty of remaking a fix for the u.s. economy. the obamacare will be a huge success and as much a part of the american life of he had care. >> incompetent of website for obamacare revealed the unbelieve incompetent of the obama administration in dealing with issue with the fairest wrap. >> let me sum it up. president obama thought that obamacare was going to sell itself once it was passed and that was at biggest mistake. >> fairest wrap is that obamacare should be delayed for a year. they prove that the gop was
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right. the law should have been delayed. best come back? >> the egyptian army. >> clever house speaker john boehner finally in the last days of the congressional session and rising up against the right-wing forces that they have this vote veto and hold on his party. >> secretary of state kerry. >> i think former south carolina governor sanford who i thought was lost don't appalachian trail and now is in congress. >> best wrap is the nra after the santa ana murder spree. the nra got 2 million new
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members. >> most original thought. >> god particle, the missing particle in the air. >> jeff baso that invisions drones delivering packages to our front door with drones. >> pope francis who has brought the catholic church in the 21 of the church in a brilliant and appealing way. he has painstaking inly documented the unfulfilled and predictions of climate change computer models. a growing list of scientists that man made science change is real t makes him the most
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original thinker of 2013. most stagnant theater? >> the neocons and the free at munich again. >> i would add the republican governors that are refusing to expand medicaid and hurting their own constituents. >> the tea party would be my vote. >> ran paul for plagiarizing wikileaks in his speech. >> two manual brothers were so fixated on the passage of obamacare that they let president and first lady obama
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make false statements about letting them keep their insurance. >> obama at the nelson mandela at the danish pastry and the first lady getting the look. >> the danish pastry is the prime minister. >> i like the photo of the president with the danish prime minister. it kept me going for a couple of days after that. there's hope for all of us. >> did you see the full length one on the front page of the new york post. >> the reunion of chris christie and president obama on
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the beach in may. >> it was president obama taking a selfy while michelle obama glares at both. check out the new york post website. and the enough already award? >> alec baldwin serial battles with the paparazzi. >> tea party. enough already. >> italian prime minister who was finally sentenced four years of prison for writtenning everything and everything kardashian. i have had enough of them. >> anthony weiner's career. may it stayed buried this time. >> enough already is global
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warming. the theory. the most honored supporter admit there has been anyone crease in the earth's surface temperatures for 15 years. it's time to admit that the theory is flawed. >> worst lie. >> if your like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. >> what do you mean by that, keep it? >> that was the president's offstated comment where he was referring to people that already have insurance. and it did not prove to be fully accurate. i would gift three direct to have international intelligence james clapper that told a congressional committee that the nsa was not collecting data on millions of mornings. he later had to aparking lot guys to what he called his
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least most untruthful answer. in other words, he lied. >> did you see that one hour interview with him? >> on "60 minutes?" >> it was one hour. he was giving a prepared talk. >> admitted that he lied. >> to add you can keep your health insurance and your doctor. but there's one other. ran paul that said, extending unemployment benefits is a disservice to the recipient because it causes them to become part of the per picture actual unemployed. >> i never used performance- enhancing drugs and i never will. lance armstrong. >> still kicking that warning. >> that wind energy is environmenty friendly but the turbines killed thousands of birds, including endangers
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speaks that means insect population growth. and capital lift of the year? >> j.p. morgan chase. $13billion fine that is for their practices that they used in capitalizing on home mortgages. it's chunk change for them and they can deduct a lot of it. finally some of the big banks are getting punished. >> george mitchell, the fracking engineer. it has done as much to change the entire world as any other businessman i know.
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>> jeff basos for suckering us in the media to take his drone delivery system seriously. >> her late husband john walton and former green beret and son of wal-mart founder sam walton. we'll be back with person of the year.
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the taliban survived because she's campaigning for education for girls. she's exciting a new generation coming up now. >> 2013's person of the year is
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putin. he seized the word the spotlight on the syrian crisis and threw ukraine russian orbit and relative decline of americans influence. on that note, and happy holidays. bye-bye.
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