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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 6pm  CBS  December 28, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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andrew harrison for two more. >> greg: that's good possession. just as we talked about doing a better job on the defensive glass, offensive rebound there creates that second chance opportunity. >> jim: he's got 13. young is going to be called for this one. thursday on cbs bang in the new year with tv's number one comedy. >> the big bang theory" thursday at 8:00, 7:00 central only cbs. two fouls on young. hancock off the back of the rim. kentucky by one at the midway point of the second half. young on the baseline, jumper.
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underneath jones coming out with it. >> greg: how about the rebound by chris jones. he moved dakari out of the way there to get that defensive rebound. >> jim: putback, too strong by behanan, poythress clears for kentucky. the drive is going to be a charge called. >> greg: good job of moving his feet, hancock, sliding over. he establishes the position before harrison leaves his feet which is another point of emphasis by the officials this season. >> jim: andrew harrison sits down with three fouls.
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jones, he is called for -- >> greg: i'd have to see that one again. i didn't think that he turned it over. actually i take that back. that's a very good call by the officials. i didn't think the last one was. louisville has gone to the zone because they known this kentucky group has ha tough time of getting the ball in the paint. >> jim: back outside. smith takes it to the paint, draws the foul. >> greg: that's a smart play. literally just threw his body in to hawkins there to initiate contact to get to the freethrow line. this guy is so good in the open
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floor, because in part he's so savvy. really understands body control where he is out on the floor. >> jim: smith with coming at the line. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of caption max, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. >> jim:the 30 he had a year before against kentucky. open has had some good explosions here. >> greg: has it blocked. mathiang, back and by young. >> greg: they're going to need behanan because when they go for the contest have to be solid
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with your block out on the weak side. >> jim: here is behanan, the short jumper. too strong it's young at both ends getting rebounds. >> greg: he's been accurate more than just scoring today. which is going to be needed for this kentucky team. this is one of those games where you're starting to see what john calipari talked about all year. showing us just what their identity in terms of how they're going to have to play to win games. >> jim: young has 14 points, eight rebounds, smith with seconds on the shot clock. andrew harrison, spin move and one. how about that move. >> greg: under control is the freshman. beautiful spin, the strength, the control with the finish. kentucky by four. is it better te or less reliable?
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♪ >> jim: coming off big move by andrew harrison, a freethrow coming up. foul called against chris jones. just after louisville took the lead at 5-51 gone almost 3:30 without a basket from the field. >> greg: the young cats have responded from a defensive standpoint of really trying to keep russ smith under control. which is always a difficult challenge, but i am b impressed with the ebb and flow of this game. >> jim: smith with 19. jones 18 for louisville rest of the team has 16. randle again is not in here. tracy, what's the update on
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randall. >> tracy: he is back in the locker room really struggling with those cramps remember they haven't played since saturday. took three days off from practice for the christmas break. could be that randle feeling the affects of that lay off guys. >> jim: seen very limited action has randle in this half has not scored after a monster 17-point performance in the first half. >> greg: absolutely rather have him in the game, but also creates opportunities for other guys to step up if you're kentucky. >> jim: poythress tried to kick that outside but no teammate in the area goes out of bounds back to louisville. cardinals have their starting five on the floor. cauley-stein takes it away. young over to harrison for two
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more. just like that kentucky suddenly back in front by seven. >> greg: how about the defense by cauley-stein the seven footer moving his feet on that pick-and-roll not allowing russ smith to split, creates that opportunity to get out in transition. look at him, quick hands, great awareness by young. ♪ (beeping) ♪ (ringing) ♪ get the latest samsung galaxy phones for $0 down at participating t-mobile stores now.
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>> jim: coming out of louisville time out, 9-1 run here by kentucky. all about randle. >> greg: which is again, even more important. a lot of times you look at -- for your young team to grow up in the best way to do it when you're facing some adversity, your biggest rivals without your best player. no better time. >> jim: gives it up to harrell, back outside to smith. smith gets it outside, hancock three, yes. that's a big basket. the crowd wanted a travel on russ smith. instead they get the triple from hancock. >> jim: with 6:30 to go. kentucky led by five at the intermission. now four.
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louisville at one point took the lead in this half. before kentucky went on the run. now young with a three. >> greg: how good has he been on both ends. he hasn't shot it great, he hasn't allowed the last to affect his overall game. he's been solid, he's rebounding, he's competed on both ends. >> jim: no whistle. smith put it up wildly then harrison tried to save it. right back to louisville. long rebound is finally taken by aaron harrison. and it's young over to the far side. poythress, follow up, no. but a foul. >> greg: this game reminiscent of the carolina game for louisville. just really unable to compete
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consistently in the paint. they have had stretches but the effort here by kentucky, poythress in particular. >> jim: happy new year from the late show, monday dave has billy crystal and "the talk's" julie chin later tom hanks. only cbs. >> greg: i mention thad carolina game because that's really the one real game for louisville that they played one of the better teams in the country. this is a similar take on the game. jones and smith took 42 of the 67 shots in that game. their bigs were not nearly as effective. we're seeing similar scenario play out where offensively just been jones and smith no. one else has stepped up to give them any support.
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>> jim: here comes smith with a three. and it rattles out. long rebound kentucky. young up ahead, harrison not alone he converts. >> greg: how about young there. terrific rebound but then the presence to see harrison frking out for the layup. 15-4 run by the wildcats. time out louisville. young got it ahead and aaron harrison found hip self free for the basket.
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>> jim: the harrison twins in the first half combined for seven points. in the second half they combined for 17 points. a lot of it has to do with the improvement of their decision making. they didn't settle, didn't take the shot. they took the shot that they were comfortable making. also decision making by both. >> jim: rozier unable to get hold of it. it's gotten very sloppy the last few minutes for louisville. you were talking about how they're not getting anything from their bigs. you don't expect a lot of point production from mathiang but behanan, you take he harrell and blackshear, they average about 30 points a game combined today, two points. >> greg: that really has been the issue when they stepped up in competition.
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carolina game then also today, puts a lot of pressure on smith and jones comparing them offensively without getting much support. >> jim: that's going to be blackshear, number four. >> greg: did not -- poor angle on the close out there. just not able to move his feet well enough to take away the baseline. also not understanding where his help was going to come from. van treese on the baseline to cut off that drive. >> jim: that's ninth team foul against the cardinals. one-and-one here. then double bonus the rest of the way. and spins out. foul called against kentucky. >> greg: one of the little things. you look at kentucky they have struggled today as well as all
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season at the freethrow line. they get there with great frequency. only 13 of 22 here today. >> jim: poythress number three. harrell will get his turn at a one-and-one. ten point margin right now, largest lead of the game. harrell, who not only was part of that national championship team, he won a gold medal during the summer playing in the fifa under 19 world championship games playing for the u.s. in the competition in the czech republic. big time year for him. 2013. he's got two. going to need a big stretch from him right now in terms much his activities to get back in it. henderson on the floor for louisville, sharp shooter gave
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them big production win against wichita state in the national finals. he hit a couple of 3s. here he is defending on harrison. and aaron harrison gets the soft roll. >> greg: that's where the size made a difference. able to create enough of an angle to get that up over the rim. >> jim: he's got ten points all this half. blackshear scoops it up, no go. another foul on kentucky. only one basket from the floor in the last 7:30 by louisville. aaron harrison says, put a package on me, cbs.
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>> jim: jim nantz and greg anthony, tracy wolfson at rupp arena. we have 3:42 to play. kentucky has taken control of things here in the last few minutes. clamped down on the cardinals on this end of the floor. not allowing them to make any shots but one in the last 7:30. without randle. andrew harrison combine for 19 points in the second half. earlier when i watched them play things didn't go well you could see their body language. they feel sorry for themselves. that rubs off, not the case today. things didn't go well they got tougher and started making
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effort plays. i think trusting their teammates with their performance here in the second half. harrison to harrison. six on the shot clock. off the mark. out to van treese. >> greg: still a lot of time if you're louisville. kentucky giving them nothing. blackshear goes baseline. was fouled on the way up. >> greg: there is an example.
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you watch this game, you're concerned with jones saying they're trying to do too much. part of it is because no one else is giving them any support. you can look in a guy's eyes and tell when they don't want it. did great job of forcing blackshear to have to make a play. >> jim: blackshear has made 31 of 35 attempts this season. by the way, outrageous morning sports team is about to be unleashed on the nation january 6 on cbs sports weekday mornings at 6:00 eastern time. boomer and carton coming up on the cbs sports network. blackshear gets them both. >> greg: his intensity level is up a little bit here. >> jim: time out called by kentucky. seven point game inside of 3:00. he has the intel-powered 2-in-1.
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a laptop and a tablet? responsive to his every touch. but pity the old laptop. what do you have to offer? nothing. ask not for whom the bell tolls. it tolls for thee. a laptop when you need it, a tablet when you want it. >> jim: coach cal diagramming for his wildcats an inbounds pass here. they called a time out, nothing was available after the freethrows made by louisville. it's going to be swarming here the last 2:41. >> greg: if you're louisville you don't have to get too aggressive. still enough time for you to get
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he stops on the shot clock. you don't want to do that where you give them an opportunity to get three points. >> jim: again, double bonus. andrew harrison will shoot two. >> greg: you got to also remember kentucky has struggled all year with their ability to convert at the freethrow line. >> jim: the freethrows got a lot of hang time. on the floor now for young. when randle left the game for good kentucky was down one.
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18-9 wildcats since. challenging cauley-stein it's off the kentucky player. >> greg: that was really good example of defensively of the rule of verticality. great noncall by the officials. >> jim: it's jones, van treese sees it. that's going to be reach in on cauley-stein. >> greg: he knows that russ smith when he's going full speed he's looking to split that pick-and-roll. good job there with the hand to swipe it away. officials must have seen contact on the back side. [ crowd noise ] >> jim: hard work at the line
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for him today. >> greg: going to see a lot of freethrows here. >> jim: stays 69-61. kentucky the same exact score the wildcats beat cardinals in new orleans in the national semi finals two years ago. on their way to winning the title over kansas on the monday night. now inside 2:00. >> greg: this possession you can still play tough. enough time get a stop here without having to foul. >> jim: poythress has kentucky back on top by ten. >> greg: how about the ability to get in to the lane. we talked about it at the top.
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then good decision being made by harrison, poythress with the finish. kentucky in control. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is ouwithqut eal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >> jim: tomorrow, final day of the regular season double header action on cbs. all gets started at noon eastern with "the nfl today." baltimore-cincinnati many of you early and late afternoon new
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england-buffalo. or kansas city-san diego game here on nfl on cbs. >> greg: about an hour drive. see the ravens and bengals tomorrow. bengals all won division, ravens fighting for their playoff lives. blackshear hits the first. henderson comes in for jones on louisville. young for kentucky back on the floor. >> greg: coming in to this season both teams -- coming up to this game had more questions than answers. could the harrison twins mature, i think we've seen that aspect of it. their front line have an impact. not the case in both of their losses, going to have to be have an opportunity to compete.
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harrison to his brother. ck outde. up ahead, blackshear will put it down with 56 seconds down to seven. >> greg: russ smith very fortunate got away with a travel on that steal. blackshear able to get the finish. louisville still fighting. this year at t-mobile make everyones wishes come true. give them the most anticipated gift of the holiday season. the revolutionary iphone 5s on t-mobile. with no restrictive annual service contracts and only $0 down. the iphone 5s on t-mobile. the ultimate holiday gift.
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>> jim: coming out of eaa stl by russ smith, he had eight steals here at rupp last year in their second round tournament win over north carolina. tied all time ncaa tournament record, eight in one game. >> greg: got away with a travel there. a little bunny hop on that one.


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