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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  December 28, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> jim: coming out of eaa stl by russ smith, he had eight steals here at rupp last year in their second round tournament win over north carolina. tied all time ncaa tournament record, eight in one game. >> greg: got away with a travel there. a little bunny hop on that one.
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in for henderson. >> jim: missed them both. can louisville make things interesting with 38 seconds. smith driving, blackshear, three. to hancock. he goes baseline he'll take the two. follow up, yes. snapped up and in by harrell. with 24 seconds, down to five. >> greg: foul on hancock there. two is good, but really needed a three in a situation like that.
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>> jim: going to put the man back on the line who just missed two. >> greg: really good game here with the exception of inability to knock down the freethrows. >> jim: still a two-possession game. this is the big one coming up. and blackshear sweeps it. to smith. driving, looking for help. blackshear can't handle it. >> greg: that's blackshear's fault. you got to understand what is going on. you take a look at this possession here, freeze it there, he's got to slide to create an angle for that pass.
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he basically straight lined, stayed behind the defender not getting smith an opportunity to lead him in to that three-pointer. >> jim: fourth turnover charged against smith. the inbounds throw goes to young, he'll go to the line. >> greg: it's a turnover but not his fault. not having awareness out on the floor for blackshear on that possession hurts his team. >> jim: blackshear has fouled out. >> greg: remember, got in that early foul trouble, it happens so often where it takes you out of the game. had to sit for long period in that first half. really never got back in to the flow.
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>> jim: you've seen now the two teams, what about their tournament prospects? >> greg: i still think both have a terrific chance to get to dallas. remember, too, even though louisville did go on the road at fiu earlier, not the same as coming in to this hostile environment. you know how difficult it is in college basketball to win onment road. but you ultimately cardinals will have to figure out somebody else who can score consistently for them. and if you're kentucky i think they're showing growth. their backcourt far more effective. james young i liked what he brought to the table on both ends. >> jim: jones, no go. van trees back outside. five seconds. smith, he thought he was fouled. it's kentucky withstanding louisville's early second half charge and wildcats win it. 73-66.
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james young with a double-double. 18 points, ten rebounds. also had four assists. for greg anthony, tracy wolfson, jim nantz, thanks. this has been a presentation of cws certificates sports home of the 2014 men's national championship.
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. a man is shot outside a taco bell in falls church early this morning. hello. bruce johnson is off this evening. in falls church, shots rang out in the quiet city this morning, sending one man to the hospital. it happened in a parking lot of a taco bell on west broad street and northwest street. despite the injuries, the victim is expected to survive, but police don't know who is responsible. >> reporter: evidence markers and detectives in the taco bell parking lot in falls church. >> not anything you're expecting to see on the way to work. >> they had a canine search early this morning and they are hoping to connect dots and figure out exactly who was here and what happened. >> reporter: police responded to the area for shots fired around 4:30 saturday morning.
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they found an hispanic man lying outside of his mercedes with multiple gunshot wounds. investigators used metal detectors in search of more evidence. they don't believe the taco bell is connected to the shooting, only that it happened there. the fast food restaurant was closed at the time of the shooting. >> always a very calm, you know, safe place. nothing like -- i've never heard of anything happening like this. we go here quite a bit. >> we practice yoga right here. there's a big yoga studio. this is a calm neighborhood. >> reporter: the man is expected to survive, but violent crime is a rarity in falls church. there's only been one homicide for the entire year. that happened in september at the eden center. >> we are a small community, about 2.2 square miles, situated between fairfax and arlington, and it is a peaceful place to live. >> we're worried because we have two kids, you know, we
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don't know what's going. we are very worried about it. >> reporter: the victim had surgery this morning and is expected to survive. detectives are waiting to talk to him to figure out exactly what happened. >> police have no suspects in custody. the victim is being treated at fairfax hospital. a teenage boy has been shot in southeast. we don't have much information right now. police tell us it happened around 3:15 this afternoon along the 2500 block of pomeroy road. a teenage boy was shot in that incident, and across the area in the metro, scary moments for shoppers at wheaten today. but this evening, westfield wheaten mall has reopened after it was evacuated when a fire started inside. montgomery county fire and rescue says the fire broke out at the crispy and juicy restaurant in the food court section of the mall. we caught up with one worker.
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>> i was helping a customer and then i smelled smoke. i thought it was a fire from outside and then i heard the firefighters coming and there was big will old smoke coming out from on top of our crisp and juicy. >> no word on the cause of the fire. well, can we keep the pleasant weather around through sunday? or should you be on the lookout for rain? let's go over to olga, tracking the weekend weather for us. olga? >> oh, it has been so beautiful today. lot of folks got out, took full advantage of the sunshine, the milder temps, a little breeze going on. i did see people in shorts today. tomorrow, you'll need the rain gear. we're doing great tonight. your evening plans are looking great. looking outside from our michael & sons cam, it's been fairly uneventful. winds still out of the south, bringing in the milder air. temperatures right now in the 40s to near 50 degrees. but it's the clouds we're
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watching and moisture coming in from the south on our current temperatures, looking pretty good. mild all around. a little cooler up to the north, but not too much. the clouds are going to spill in as we head into the overnight. yes, the moisture you see at the bottom of the radar scan is headed in our direction. that's what's going to make all the difference as we head into tomorrow's forecast. i'll let you know when the rain is going to start overnight and how much we'll be expecting into our sunday. it will definitely affect your plans. russ? just ahead on wusa 9 this evening, a pregnant healthcare worker fired from the job for refusing a flu shot. we're back in a moment
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. it's been less than a month since nelson mandela died. tonight, two of his granddaughters are in washington to make a presentation to the washington wizards. diane roberts is at the verizon center with more. >> reporter: well, we learned at the very first basketball game that nelson mandela ever attended was against the detroit pistons. the detroit pistons are playing the wizards tonight, here at the verizon center. that's why the presentation is going on here. so his two granddaughters will make the presentation in their grandfather's name. they will be handing out mandela bangles, wrist bands or bracelets, basically made to raise awareness of poverty, equality and aids. these are all ideals that nelson mandela stood for in his
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life and still his legacy in death. you may recall he died december 5th, earlier this month. there were celebrations all over upon his death. the bangles are to represent his long walk to freedom. mandela was in prison for 27 years for antiapartheid activities. when released, he worked tirelessly for human rights and that campaign continues, with his granddaughters here today. the presentation is going to happen in about 15 minutes or so, right out here. we'll have more for you tonight on wusa 9 at 11:00. back to you. >> that's going touch a lot of people. thanks, diane. a pregnant woman who refused to get a flu shot due to her fear of miscarrying has been fired from her job with a healthcare company. brianna brieton worked as a nurse for verizon health services in pennsylvania. the company requires all personnel to get the flu vaccine. wheaten suffered two miscarriages earlier this year. we had such a beautiful saturday. looks like it may be giving way
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to some showers. olga will have the real forecast, when we come back.
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. olga, first, i want to say thank you, because it was beautiful today. >> love taking the credit for the good weather, but will you love me tomorrow? >> maybe not. [ laughter ] >> actually, if you love the rain, i think you'll like tomorrow. our gardens will be happy, you know, but i think those people who want to get around tomorrow might want to make other plans. it won't be a complete washout. we'll get quite of bit of rain. in the meantime, let's focus on the good. outside right now, view from our michael & sons cam, looking at national harbor. lot of folks did get out and enjoy time by the water. currently on the mild side, sitting in the upper 40s at reagan national. the clouds are here and will continue to fill in toward the overnight hours. the moisture i'm tracking is way down to the south. it's going to take a while for it to get here.
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while you're sleeping, the rain arrives. we're clear in the metro, at least for right now. tonight's forecast will feature an increase in the cloud cover. then we will bring in southwest winds, pumping up the moisture and giving us the opportunity for rain. here's the timetable as i e se it. overnight, into the early morning hours, we can see heavy and steady rain beginning to fall. yellow alert for tomorrow, most definitely. you'll probably want to stay inside, limit your outdoor activities. then by the time we get to monday, we have a little bit of cloud clearing, some sunshine, a few flurries and much colder and more blustery. then we really cool it down by the time we get to tuesday. wednesday and thursday looks more like our seasonal temperatures. russ? >> olga, thank you.
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well, we've come to the end of the year, which means the end of the regular season. plenty of teams fighting for a playoff spot, while others simply playing for pride and their jobs. the redskins, of course, being the latter. the burgandy and gold close out their disappointing 2013 campaign on the road tomorrow against the giants. lots of questions following them into the post season. the most pressing, of course, whether or not mike shanahan will remain as head coach. but the redskins also have major personnel issues to deal with. 18 players on the 53-man roster right now will become free agents come the off season, so this will be the last game for many with this team. >> so much uncertainty, nobody knows what's going to happen. just keep playing for your teammates, make sure you're playing for your teammates. other than that, everything else will play out. >> it's tough, but you got to block it out, stay focused and take care of task at hand. we got the giants up this ekwe.
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got to worry about the giants. can't worry about everything else. baltimore ravens still have something to play for, but are getting close to the end of their leash. they need to beat cincinnati tomorrow to keep playoff hopes alive. it's a tough game on the road, with a lot on the line. >> it's always a good test to play division opponent, especially in their place. they have a lot to play for. we have a lot to play for. going to be a good game. >> it's a one-game season as far as we're concerned. kind of been in this mode for a few weeks now. we've been in a lot of tough fights over the last four or five or six weeks. this will be an extension of that and that's what our challenge is. reminder, at 7:00, time for game on. our all-star huddle is back to talk redskins, look ahead to tomorrow's game, as well as the off season. should mike shanahan be fired, which of the free agents should they keep? game on starts at 7:00. it was an ugly loss last
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night. the timberwolves crushed the wizards 22 points, but a scary moment in the game could have spelled serious trouble for the rest of the season. with about 4 minutes left, bradley beal collapsed to the court after banging his knee with another player. he had trouble getting back up. eventually he had to be helped off the court. good news today, however, the mri on beal's knee was negative. he merely suffered a bone bruise and could even be back on the court tonight against detroit. beal has already missed 35 of the 99 games he played in his career. this is his second season. beal is the team's second leading scorer, so without him, the wizards lose an average 15.2 points a game. hoyas taking on fiu at the verizon center today. devonta smith rivera for three of his 15 points this afternoon. georgetown opened the game on a 30-4 run. later in the first, georgetown still cruising. lieu beck, 7 of 9, also had 15 points, as did starkes. hoyas dominated the entire game, taking advantage of fiu's
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18 turnovers, scoring 24 points off that. georgetown crushes fiu 92-57, putting up their highest number of points this season. >> i think we came out extremely focused. this is one of two games you go in at half time and, you know, it's not too many things negative you can say. >> we defended today. we defended right from the get- go. we created a lot of offense from our defense and that helped us get into a rhythm and, you know, we were able to obviously get out to a big lead in the first half. >> crazy busy day in sports. obviously plenty to talk about regarding the local pro football team. >> so nice to be here with you. >> it is nice to be here. >> game on people moving in. getting ready. how about the next seven days? >> very messy tomorrow, a sloppy sunday. we're in a yellow alert tomorrow. could see 1 to 2 inches of rain. localized flooding is possible, so be prepared. >> a cold, wet day. but above freezing, which will make it a little nicer. >> exactly. thank you all for watching.
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be sure to stay for game on. you can get updates any time online at we'll see you back right here at 11:00.


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