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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 2, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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happens giving a boy a chance to get help just in the nick of time. i'm jan jeffcoat. wusa9 starts right now. we begin with live pictures right now from northwest d.c. where the snow is already coming down. good evening. i'm derek mcginty. hope you're ready. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. welcome back. those snowflakes are big. it's going to be cold and snowy in the d.c. metro but nothing like what folks in the northeast are going through now, folks in boston preparing for blizzardlike conditions. school was canceled last night for the rest of week and airlines have canceled more than 1,008 hub 1,800 flights in the north -- 1,800 flights in the northeast. what can we expect to see the most of the night?
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>> right now temps are above freezing. the good news, it's going to be a quick hitter, not a blockbuster storm even for new england. now the bad news is montgomery county and loudoun county and i agree with it have been added to the winter weather advisories, would not be opposed to seeing fairfax and the district added, but right now essentially you get into loudoun county north and montgomery county north and east, you're under a winter weather advisory for about 1 to 3 inches of snow. we'll stick with that. here's the wide view of the radar, still raining south of town. you folks will go to snow even into southern maryland, snow up 270, snowing in the northwest and also out 66 and it's going to get heavier and as the colder air begins to move in, it will become slippery and start to stick. snow and rain for the evening commutes. temperatures will remain above freezing until about 1 a.m. in the immediate metro area, heaviest snow north and east of town especially up near baltimore. accumulating snow ends around 5
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a.m., 1 to 3 inches and wind chills tomorrow is the headline, anywhere from 0 to 15. here's what we think will happen now, 1 to 3 inches through the immediate metro area, maybe an inch or so south of town into calvert county. you'll just have more rain than snow. by the time the cold air gets there it's going to be pretty much gone, but 1 to 3 inches north of town and toward the maryland/p.a. border and then you'll look at 2 to 4 inches of snow up towards hagerstown, westminster and frederick. these flakes are really big because they're catching other flakes and sticking to each other. it's just barely cold enough in the upper atmosphere to snow. that's going to change. this will end up being a fluffy snow by late tonight and the roads will become very slippery after 11 p.m. right now it is snowing in leesburg and crews there are gearing up to clear the streets overnight for tomorrow morning's rush hour. hank silfverberg joins us live with more on the conditions there. >> reporter: as you can see,
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it's snowing heavily in leesburg now. it's made a nasty commute this afternoon and a potential for a really icy commute tomorrow morning. [ audio difficulties ] >> reporter: well, we can tell you that they have about 1,250 trucks on the road tonight concentrating in northern virginia. they'll be going around the biggest problem for those snow plows, other people on the road. if you don't have to go out tonight in northern virginia, you should probably stay home. let the snowplows do their work because that will get all the snow off the road for tomorrow morning. reporting live in leesburg, this is hank silfverberg, wusa9
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news. >> we are having some technical difficulties, so we do apologize. of course, when winter weather hits, we have you covered with the new traffic feature on the wusa9 ipad app. it helps you avoid the trouble spots and find the best route to work. down hold the wusa9 news ipad app from apple's app store today. wusa9 news will start a half hour earlier tomorrow morning beginning at 4 a.m. andrea, mike and howard will have all the traffic and weather information before you head out the door. as detectives investigate two killings to begin 2014, prince george's county is touting the fact homicides are down nearly 40% and overall violent crime is down about 30% since 2010. county leaders and governor martin o'malley held a press conference today tooting their own horns on issues like job creation and schools while acknowledging there is still a lot of work to be done. >> this is a great day, but we will not rest because one
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death, one robbery, one violent crime is too many. >> coming your way at 6:00 more reaction to prince george's county's reduction in crime as surae chinn tells us, not everybody quite so impressed. meantime police have made an arrest in one of those two murders in prince george's county in this new year. dujuan hunter of shipley terrace southeast is now charged with shooting his mom's fiance to death. the man was killed in his own home on goldfield place and clinton. hunter was arrested early this morning in bowie. new information on the woman accused of leaving her 4- year-old child in a locked car while she gambled inside maryland live! casino on new year's eve. 24-year-old alicia brown is facing child abuse charges. according to run run police, brown hung -- anne arundel police, brown hung blankets covering the rear windows so no one could see inside. officers say during the eight hours the child was locked in the car the child wet herself
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making her even colder. brown is out on bail now. a family member is now caring for her 4-year-old daughter. today montgomery county officials showed off their newest tool in protecting kids getting on and off school buses. these cameras are aimed at catching drivers not paying attention to the stop signs and blinking lights. 25 cameras will rotate through 100 buses that are wired up. there are 1,100 total buses in the fleet. so leaders will identify which locations are hotspots for violators and make sure there are cameras on the buses that serve those areas. the county will pay $250,000 to lease the cameras for the year and unlike speed cameras these school bus cams will not pay for themselves. >> bottom line is we need to protect our children. we've been very blessed and fortunate we haven't had a school bus-related tragedy and we don't want to have one. that's why we're very happy to have this program and working in a partnership with d.o.t.
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>> violators caught on camera will pay $125. if an officer catches you, it's five hundred seventy dollars three points on your license. we are following up today on a suspected illegal dumping and other alleged abuses at cheltenham, maryland veterans cemetery in prince george's county. those allegations were brought to light by wusa9 in the wake of an incident monday in which at least 56 graves had been disturbed by workers using heavy equipment and they got stuck in the mud. today prince george's county sent out an inspector to look into what we found and scott broom reports maryland's department of veterans affairs is once again promising to protect the dignity of veterans and their families at that troubled cemetery. >> reporter: a spokesman for maryland's department of veterans affairs says the department is looking into allegations brought to light by wusa9 and a whistleblower and that any problems will be corrected at the cheltenham, maryland veterans cemetery. a whistle blower showed me evidence how he claims business
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is handled here out of view, open pits in a maintenance area where i saw tires dumped along with plastic debris collected from the cemetery. in the mud by one pit, a tiny american flag. >> this is a total lack of disregard and disrespect and professionalism in the job at these cemeteries. >> reporter: the whistleblower says it's evidence of an unprofessional operation that cannot be trusted to protect the dignity of the 20,000 veterans buried here and their families. tire dumping in particular is a clear violation of maryland state law which prince george's county officials said today they are investigating. all this comes in the wake of an incident monday that sparked widespread outrage. at least 56 graves were disturbed by workers who got a tractor stuck in the mud. maryland's secretary of veterans affairs apologized and promised a review of cemetery operations. >> they made some unacceptable mistakes. >> we are deeply saddened. >> reporter: today department spokeswoman dana hendrickson
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said the review will include the additional allegations brought to light by wusa9. >> we do sincerely care. >> reporter: hendrickson explained an outside contractor working on improvements to the cemetery has been terminated and she blamed the apparent abandonment of junk equipment and landscaping debris on the transition and promised a clean- up. she said normally weather worn flags are collected and disposed of correctly with the help of volunteer organizations, not dumped in pits for biodegradable degree only. is the dig any of veterans and their families protected? >> absolutely. 100%. >> and we should note 20,000 veterans are buried at cheltenham cemetery. an american university student is missing after a diving trip off the coast of dubai. 35-year-old adele gozala is an experienced diver. he disappeared in the water yesterday while free diving which means you just rely on
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holding your breath. a woman is recovering after being hit by a metrobus while she was on her motorized scooterrer. it happened at mlk avenue and -- scooter. it happened at mlk avenue and w streets in southeast just before noon. the woman was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police believe a woman found dead inside an area house was shot to death. serena veerama was 41. she was found inside a house in franconia last night. 41-year-old aaron veerama has been charged with obstruction of justice because initially he would not let police inside. investigators have not revealed the relationship between the two and are treating the death as suspicious. renew your firearms registration on time or be prepared to pay the price is the warning from d.c. police today. they say about 30,000 firearms registered before 2011 are now up for renewal in d.c. so if your registration is about to
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expire, you'll expect to get a notice in the mail. you could get a fine of up to 1,000 bucks or go to prison for possessing an unregistered firearm. the tourists and scientists trapped on that ship in the antarctic have finally been taken to safety. the rescue from the bottom of the world. >> reporter: the fourth attempt was the charm to rescue 52 passengers on a research ship trapped in the antarctic ice. >> the helicopter will take us home. >> thanks, everyone! >> reporter: a helicopter from a chinese icebreaker airlifted the sciences and tourists a dozen at a time from the russian ship akademik. earlier attempts failed due to bad weather and thick ice. the passengers kept their spirits up during their ordeal composing a new year's eve song
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about their plight. the helicopter took the passengers to the australian icebreaker which will take them to a two week journey to tasmania and dry land. the cost of the numerous rescue attempts are not known, but some polar explorers question if the rescue was necessary. >> if the ship has got enough fuel and has enough food on board and there's plenty of food if you ate a little bit less, it's not harsh conditions. >> reporter: with plenty of supplies on board 22 crew members will stay on the ship until the ice around it breaks up. >> that scientific team on board the ship had been recreating australian explorer douglas monthsen 's voyage to antarctica that was started in -- mossen's voyage to antarctica that was started in 1911. president obama is expected to make the extension of unemployment benefits his top priority when he returns to d.c. this weekend. the senate plans to vote when they return on monday.
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marijuana now being sold in retail stores across colorado, so is the national pot prohibition any closer to being lifted? we'll bring you that story at 5:30. >> reporter: the northeast is hunkering down for blizzard conditions overnight. i'm in downtown boston with the details coming up.
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if you looked out the window, you already know some big fat snowflakes are coming down our way. we're going to held out to frederick, maryland. snow has been coming down for a few hours there and debra alfarone is standing by. gosh, it's already accumulating out there. >> reporter: yeah, it really is. this has been coming down quite a while. we took 270 up from northwest d.c., started to come down more and now you can see the flakes,
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i don't know if you can actually see them in the air how thick they are. we're standing right by buckiesville pike. you can see the stars sitting by the light and it's all accumulating on the roadway, not going to be a good situation for the rest of the night. we're already a couple minutes into a snow emergency which means you have to have snow tires and it also means you can't park your car anywhere over there. that's against the rules. that's what a snow emergency means. also in frederick, another thing you want to know, all evening and afternoon activities are canceled at frederick county schools and obviously it doesn't surprise you. you know the snowfall here, just look at it. it's certainly accumulating. look where my boats are now. you can see how -- boots are now. you can see how it's already built up in this area. that's the snow that's accumulated on the side of my boot from 45 seconds to a
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minute ago. it is cold. i got a hat. i've got two coats, that's right, not just your lovely red wusa9 coat and also a couple other layers. it is definitely getting cold. we'll be here throughout the night and let you know how it progresses. this is going to change throughout the night. we'll bring you the latest throughout the evening and, of course, tomorrow morning. it's cold. back to you guys. >> some very cool boots, by the way. that same storm that's bringing a few inches of snow to us will hit the northeast with blizzard conditions tonight. >> some areas will soon be plowing their way out of more than a foot of snow while being buffeted by very powerful winds. adrianna diaz reports from boston. >> reporter: the arctic storm system that buried chicago under more than a foot of snow and dropped the temperature to minus 42 in northern minnesota
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is plowing into the northeast. in boston the snow won't let up till friday morning when residents can wake up to double digit snow totals and single digit temperatures. >> i'm very concerned about the frigid temperature. i'm urging everyone to stay indoors. >> reporter: while boston residents are told to stay inside, snowplow operators are going full throttle. the entire fleet is out in massachusetts with trucks that can carry as much as 12 tons of salt each. >> i've been doing this a long time and you feel it. >> reporter: what do you feel? >> this is a good one. this is a big one. >> reporter: even though the speed limit was reduced to 40 miles per hour on the massachusetts turnpike there were still several accidents. along the coast powerful winds and potential for flooding are major concerns. wind whipped waves pounded the break water that was rebuilt to protect parts of situate, massachusetts. residents boarded up homes
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hoping to keep the high water out. new york city expects more than 1/2-foot of wind driven snow. long island could get twice as much. many schools and businesses will be closed friday as the northeast digs out from the first major storm of the year. >> that storm is already causing some big problems for travelers who may have been trying to get home from their holiday vacations. hundreds of flights were canceled from the midwest to the northeast. looky here, folks. everyone is back. >> hello. happy happy, merry merry. >> and topper is excited. >> it's not our storm and even in new england in rms of a blockbuster, not going to be huge in terms of snowfall. >> a foot, a foot of snow? >> probably not a foot and remember blizzard warnings are issued for visibility. that is more in regard to that than all this snow, i think 8 to 12 inches in boston.
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>> that sounds like a lot to me. >> it's not historic or anything like a 2-foot blizzard. it's coming down fast and it will move fast, too. it will give us a glancing blow. we're looking at just a quick shot of snow. this is a live shot outside in northwest snowing. the good news is downtown temps are above freezing and roads will be okay tonight. do not go out late tonight. they'll get really slick inside the beltway later on tonight, 10:00, 11:00. they're already slick toward leesburg. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 38 degrees. that's saving us and why can it snow when it's 38? because it's at below freezing above us. that's why. dew point is 33. that will change. winds east, northeast at 7. here's the wide view of the radar. white is snow, so we're still seeing rain south of down. it's snow north of that up toward baltimore, hagerstown, out 66 towards manassas. it's snowing pretty hard, in fact, into loudoun county and also into upper montgomery
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county. got a report of about an inch up in clarkbsurg, about 3 inches in hagerstown already, still rain into southern maryland through la plata and back into calvert county, st. mary's county. you will get some snow later tonight. it will take a while to get the cold air down there. 32 white oak, 34 bethesda, 35 in reston and springfield. these surface temperatures are saving us for the evening commute. light snow tonight 1 to 3 inches, a quick hitter, kind of a glancing blow, much colder behind the storm friday. we'll replace the snow headline with wind chill headline, wind chill 0 to 15 all day on friday. how much snow? this is a pretty good estimation, about 2 inches downtown, a little low towards hagerstown. everybody will get a little snow, even a dusting toward extreme southern st. mary's county and calvert county. for tonight cloudy, windy and cold with snow, 1 to 3 inches, lows in the 20s. winds begin to pick up northwest 10 to 20 and gusty.
5:22 pm
by morning maybe a flurry, but partly cloudy and very cold. temps in the 20s, winds northwest at 15 to 25 and gusty. that's good enough for wind chills between 0 and 10. by afternoon temps don't go any of where, near 25, a lot of sunshine, winds northwest 10 to 20. we'll break it down. these are city of temps, mid- 20s, stuck on 24, maybe an early flurry but sunshine by 11:00. next three days 28 tomorrow which will be the midnight temperature. temps will fall during the afternoon, back in the 30s on saturday, low 40s on sunday, some rain and showers moving in and that could actually end in snow monday morning. monday morning's commute could be a bear. check this out. think it's going to be cold tomorrow? oh, no, no. check out tuesday. high temperatures on tuesday in the mid-teens, that's right, mid-teens. again i make a lot of typos, but that's not a typo.
5:23 pm
back in the 20s wednesday, light snow possible thursday with highs in the low 30s. so the 28 tomorrow is just getting us warmed up for next tuesday. >> i'm still looking at that 10- degree low. >> that's downtown that. means goose egg in the burbs. we'll talk about pipes freezing next week. >> and wind chill, too, because with that it will feel even colder, right? >> oh, yes. still ahead, folks, would you take marriage advice from this guy? duck dynasty star phil robertson talking about when you ought to get married stirring up a bit more controversy. [ male announcer ] when your small business has the power and reliability of verizon fios, you're not just ready, you're "downloading huge files during the busiest part of the day" ready.
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taking a live look at northwest washington d.c. as you can see, the big fat snowflakes are falling our way but not sticking just yet. topper says the asphalt is warm which is good for all of us unless you're looking forward to slipping and sliding around. a crook is on the run tonight after pulling off one of the first bank robberies of the new year. it happened here in our neighborhood. it's a pnc bank on free court in sterling, virginia. the fbi is involved already
5:27 pm
releasing surveillance photos a short while ago. this man is 5' 10 inches tall, slim build and was wearing a gray sweat shirt and blank pants. call the fbi or loudoun county sheriff's office if you know who that might be. secretary of state john kerry is in israel tonight. >> trying to jump start peace talks between israelis and the palestinians. one official does report kerry is not anticipating any break- throughs on this visit. former israeli prime minister ariel sharon is clinging to life tonight. the 85-year-old has been in a coma eight years since suffering a devastating stroke. tonight his family is at his bedside. sharon is one of israeli's most famous generals known for his bold tactics. coming up he's not just blowing smoke, no. toronto's mayor rob ford with a message for all you folks who don't like him. >> plus watching and waiting,
5:28 pm
people for and against legal marijuana scrutinizing colorado's new pot laws. >> probably doing more than scrutinizing.
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back on wusa9 at 5:30 with today's big stories, snow falling in parts of our area
5:31 pm
even as we speak. >> topper shutt joins us now from the weather center with more. >> big flakes now. eventually colder air will move in. right now it is indeed a wet snow. again loudoun county and montgomery county has been added to the winter weather advisory. i certainly agree. we've got winter storm warnings just north of baltimore up 95 toward philadelphia. again not our storm. it's a new england storm and that's not going to be a block buster in terms of amount, but it will really blow and drift up there. we'll probably see blowing snow tomorrow morning here. there's the snow line getting a little further south of town. so we're getting snow now south of town, some accumulating snow up 270, also out 66 and up 95 toward baltimore. so roads will be going downhill in a big way the next couple hours. snow and rain for the evening commute, temperatures remaining above freezing till about 1 a.m. inside the beltway. more snow north and east, 1 to
5:32 pm
3 inches by 5:00 across most of the metro area and wind chills tomorrow in the single digits. bread-o-meter, i hate to bring it out, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being run for your life february storm of 2010 and 1 being a nuisance storm, somewhere in between a 1 and 2 because you got to take into account folks south of town who may not have any or very little accumulating snow, but folks north of snow may be able to get a little sleigh ride out of this. we'll give it a 1.8. 3 to 5 inches out toward hagerstown, 1 to 3 inches in the immediate metro area and then probably only about an inch or less into southern maryland, but you will see some snow, waldorf and la plata and st. mary's city in the wee hours of the morning. i'll step outside on the weather terrace to show you it's snowing but it's just simply wet here. there's nothing accumulating in the metro area. that's good news.
5:33 pm
if you're out in loudoun county, up 270, roads are deteriorating quickly, but in town the next hours it's just going to be wet. >> that hat is cool, top, but i've got more numbers on the bread-o-meter getting out of my shower in the morning. debra alfarone is standing by. you've got more trouble out there than we've got in town. >> reporter: yeah. you could say that for sure. you definitely need this. this is going to be your best friend. it's actually going to be -- stay right there joe, joe martin, a little snow coming off his camera. you should see the back of him as well. it's been piling up on us here. i guess this is my own bread-o- meter how much snow is on my boot. we'll make that the boot-o- meter, to not steal any shine from this. i know this is your thing, but this is at spectrum drive by francis scott key mall in frederick. we're also right by buckytown pike behind us.
5:34 pm
we're in the middle of a snow emergency. you have to have snow tires and you cannot park your car on 85 and a whole bunch of other snow emergency routes. it's definitely coming down. it's certainly covering the road way here. these drivers better take it slow because it's a tough situation and that's just now. we'll bring you the latest throughout the night. that's a live look here in frederick where the snow is not stopping. >> and not stopping and coming down hard. thank you. we know when winter weather hits, we've got you covered with the new traffic feature on the wusa9 ipad app. you can find your best route to work. download it now from the app store sewer ready for the morning commute tomorrow. -- so you're ready for the morning commute tomorrow. >> reporter: there's a new year and. [ technical difficulty ] phil robertson is advising people to
5:35 pm
marry when you're young. >> you wait till they're 20 years old, they'll start piing your pocket. >> what is the tipping point to get it kicked off for the year? and the answer thus far is nothing. more and more people are watching thowe sh and buying their products the show supports. >> robertson did marry his wife when he was 20 and she was 16 and last month his region of fans cheered when he was reinstated. he had been put on hiatus for comments he made about homosexuality to gq magazine. toronto's croak smacking mayor which is -- did i say crack smoking? >> no. you're okay. get back to the crack smoking guy. >> he's running for another term in office.
5:36 pm
he's officially filed for reelection despite repeated calls for him to step down. he admitted to smoking crack and what he calls a drunken stupor. he calls himself the best mayor toronto has ever had. >> no more croak smacking. high times, they have officially come to colorado, long lines snaking out of dispensary doors today at several recreational marijuana shops open for business. some spots were struggling to meet the demand. it's a potential watershed moment for u.s. drug policy sparking a pretty fierce debate on both sides of the smoky divide. >> reporter: this married couple rang in the new year by waiting outside the evergreen apothecary at 2 a.m., six hours before recreational marijuana sales began in colorado. why was it important for you guys to be here so early and be first in line? >> because we're pioneers. >> reporter: some 800 people took a number at this store on
5:37 pm
day one alone, some waiting in the snow to select their preferred strain of pot. >> so this is a cross of vanilla kush and sweet tooth. >> reporter: and the first legal deal was done. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: it's been a long time coming since the sale of alcohol resumed after the end of prohibition 80 years ago. marijuana has been on the target list of authorities. reefer madness, a propaganda film from the 1930s, portrays the descent of high school pot smokers into crime and insanity, but attitudes and laws have since changed. colorado first allowed medical marijuana in 2000. it took 12 years before voters here approved amendment 64 legalizing recreational pot use and sales over the opposition of the governor of the state. >> this is the forefront and to be a part of history and prohibition has ended. >> reporter: colorado residents age 21 and over can purchase up to 1 ounce of marijuana. out of staters can buy 1/4-
5:38 pm
ounce. >> i'm excited. i've been dreaming about this since i started smoking. >> reporter: there are other rules, no taking marijuana out of state, no consumption in public and the main concern for law enforcement, no driving stoned. >> if someone is drinking and driving, they're driving too fast or aggressively. if you're under the influence of marijuana, you're likely to be slow, but frankly we've had medical marijuana in colorado for about 13 years. so we're used to dealing with people who are driving and consuming marijuana. >> reporter: for new recreational retailers the biggest concern is demand exceeding supply and the possibility of shortages and higher prices. >> a candylike taste to it. >> reporter: here it's already going for $50 per 1/8 of an ounce. >> 50 bucks for 1/8 of an ounce, sounds like a lot. colorado congressman jerry polis wants to bring recreational pot to the national stage. he's introduced a bill called
5:39 pm
the ending marijuana prohibition act which tends to treat marijuana the same way we treat alcohol. it's a resolution at the top manufacture lists, lose weight and get -- top of many lists, lose weight and get in shame, but before you run out to the gym -- shape, but
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
in tonight's consumer alert the phone numbers and usernames of as many as 4.6 million people who use snapchat has been compromised. the popular photo messaging app security was breached after receiving an alert it had vulnerabilities within its system. snapchat said it did put safeguards in place, but apparently they weren't enough. it is that time of year when memberships soar at local health clubs. >> don't you hate that? they get all crowded. if you're trying to slim down, you know it can get a little expensive and leave your wallet feeling lighter, but money experts offer ways to save big because all those gyms really, really want your business. they're competing. >> don't rush into anything. you might get the best deal if you sign up late in the month because health clubs often have monthly sales quotas. >> some gyms will offer a discount if you sign up as a
5:43 pm
group with your friends or co- workers. check with your insurance plan. united healthcare will reimburse members several hundred bucks a year if they join and use a participating fitness center and look out for deals on saving sites like groupon and living social. fiat agreed to buy the remaining 41 shares from chrysler. they'll pay nearly $4 billion to the united auto workers union in that deal. fiat was brought in by the obama administration to keep chrysler afloat as the company went through bankruptcy. the deal is set to close january 20th. still ahead one family getting used to a new dog, but this four-legged friend will do more than fetch and play dead. >> first we'll take you to boston for a live check as the blizzard starts to hit full
5:44 pm
i can only send one of you to cover the game in new york.
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who's got what it takes? game on. [ male announcer ] the more devices you have, the more you need fios quantum. america's fastest, most reliable internet. still got slow internet, terry? no. yes. [ male announcer ] for incredible uploading, streaming, and chatting... show 'em what you got, ella. thanks, erin. [ male announcer ] and around your home... hey, dad! you got it. you're going to new york. this is definitely the place to be! you know, she is pretty good. [ male announcer ] technology that raises your game to a quantum level. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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that winter storm pounding the north east tonight had its roots out in the mid-west and folks in chicago are trying to dig out anyhow. airlines had to cancel more than 1,000 flights all over the country and at one point planes were delayed up to two hours at o'hare, but brunt of this storm is expected to hit new york and
5:47 pm
new england tomorrow. that blizzard warning is already in effect from long island now up to cape cod. >> yup, cape cod. you know what, that's issued for visibility. so if it's under 1/4-mile and wind are over 30, you get a blizzard warning. snowfall amount pretty impressive, maybe more like 6 to 10 inches. for us i've actually dragged the 3 to 5 inches further south. let's start with a live look outside, our michael and son weather cam, snowing across most of the metro area, still some rain south of town. that will change to snow later tonight as some arctic air moves in. 37 right now, wind out of the north are the of, northeast -- north, northeast at 8. the bread-o-meter on a scale of 1 to 10, we have to take into accounts our friends in frederick and into st. mary's county, so on a scale of 1 to 10, we'll give it about a 1.8. i think if you're north of town
5:48 pm
it, will be plowable and sleddable, but d.c. south probably not, more of a nuisance storm. the impact meter a little different. how is it going to affect you in terms of trying to get point a to point b, not in terms of historical significance of the storm? probably between a 2 and a 3, a little more impact, especially tomorrow morning. it's going to be slick late tomorrow and early tomorrow morning. we'll get the winds, too behind the storm and wind chills will become our headline tomorrow once we get rid of the snow. pretty good snows now setting up essentially west of i-95 and seeing some changeover even just south of town, even sleet reported in culpeper. greg sent me an e-mail, appreciate that, snow in warrenton, leesburg, snow in upper montgomery county as well. here's the latest image. you can see snow pushing more south and east, still raining in southern prince george's county and also into charles
5:49 pm
county and southern maryland. temps are still doing us a favor for the most part, 34 college park, 32 in white oak, 35 in reston and 35 in springfield. not going to do us a favor after midnight as temps plummet. light snow tonight 1 to 3 inches, a quick hitter, kind of a glancing blow. the snow develops too far north and east to hammer us. much colder friday, wind chills in the teens across the board. how much snow? maybe 2 inches downtown. i think it's a little low toward frederick and hagerstown, already have 3 inches on the ground. 1 to 3 inches in the metro, 3 to 5 up north of hagerstown and an inch or less into southern maryland, but you will see a few flakes fly before it's all said and done. for tonight cloudy, windy and cold with snow, 1 to 3 inches in general in the metro, winds north, northwest gusty, flash freezing of the roads, early
5:50 pm
flurry possible tomorrow morning, 20s, northwest winds 15 to 25. by afternoon plenty of sunshine, highs near 25, wind chill 0 to 15 all day. winds northwest 10 to 20. so we'll break it down. mid-20s across the board, a couple flurries possible early, but snow falling is not the problem tomorrow morning. the problem will be icy roads. the next three days, breezy, still cold saturday, 37. then another system reloads sunday, chilly with rain, 42 and check this out. next seven days. that could go to snow monday morning, monday morning commute could be a mess in the 20s, coldest air in a few years. we're going 16 for a high downtown on tuesday with sunshine, upper 20s on wednesday and low 30s on thursday, also maybe even a little light snow thursday, but tell you what. that tuesday day is the coldest air we've seen in four or five years and when we get the situation where temps remain we
5:51 pm
have low freezing two, three, four days, we got to talk about pipes freezing. that will be a big story next week. up in boston adrianna diaz is up there. they're preparing for some big time snow and wind. what's going on? >> reporter: well, it is 12 degrees here and it feels like negative 3. i repeat it does feel like negative 3 degrees already 8 inches dropping here in boston, but they're expecting 14 overnight. that's when the storm is really going to hit. >> they're going to close logan down at 8:30 i've heard. is that true? >> reporter: that is true. they're going to stop all flights. the airport will be staffed just in case, but the flights will be canceled from 8:30 on. they might resume tomorrow, but authorities say they'll have to check and see how conditions are. >> when boston cancels flights, they're getting soft up there.
5:52 pm
now schools, are they also done for tomorrow? >> reporter: most schools are done for tomorrow. government offices were closed at 3:00. people are hunkering down. meator said everyone stay inside. he -- the mayor said everyone stay inside. he wants people to stay off the roads so the snowplows to keep things clear. we were 10 miles from boston and saw four wrecks while we were coming up here. it is dangerous out there and the mayor is telling people stay indoors. >> in addition to the snow, i think for the wind i know they have a freezing spray advisory in the eastern section of new england. what can you tell us about the wind, they worried about power outages? >> reporter: they're not expect doing many power outages because the snow -- expecting too many power outages because the snow is pretty light now, but the wind is certainly a factor. now it's died down, but later it's expected to pick up, particularly on the coastline. they're expecting that wind to push waters and expecting some storm surge and potential
5:53 pm
flooding. so it's definitely a concern. >> stay warm up in beantown and we'll just see how bad it gets up there. thanks a lot. >> that snow is really coming down. >> did she say 12 degrees? >> but it feels like minus 3, the wind chill. >> which is even worse. >> derek was cringing the whole time. tonight at 6:00 a maryland man gets one of the military's highest honors decades late. >> plus a new study finds adding lanes to one busy local road may not actually make traffic any lighter and -- >> reporter: despite starting newt year with two homicides prince george's county -- the new year with two homicides prince george's county says overall crime is down big time from three years ago. i'm surae chinn with that story and the reason why not everyone is so impressed. >> but first we all like to think of this kind of little fellow here as man's best friend, but this dog is a
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
welcome back to wusa9. i'm sports anchor kristen berset here to remind you to vote in our high school game of the week poll. here are your four choices this week. text the code of the game you want to 25543. you can also vote on polls close tonight at 10:00. a warning from the food and drug administration, the agency is cracking down on companies
5:57 pm
that market supplement pills as a treatment for concussions. the fda wants all consumers to know all such claims are false. concussions should be diagnosed, treated and monitored by a healthcare professional. having shingles before age 40 can lead to serious complications later on. new data shows young adults who suffer from the illness are 74% more likely to have a stroke in the future. they also have a much higher chance of experiencing a heart attack. the same virus that causes chickenpox can reactivate many years later and become shingles, but other health factors can cause that virus to become active much sooner. >> it could be due to other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or blood pressure that it's not full blown, but actually is has a symptom in bringing the shingles up to life. >> shingles is a viral infection that causes a painful and contagious rash. there is a vaccine available for adults over the age of 50.
5:58 pm
new help for a diabetic boy, andrea mccarren explains the potentially life saving relationship between aj and alpha. >> kind of nervous at first because i did not know what it was. i never really heard of it before. >> reporter: over the last four years aj shaw has learned what to expect when his blood sugar levels fluctuate because of his type 1 diabetes. >> when i'm low, i used to be able to feel it very well. my legs would feel weak, kind of shaky. i don't feel my highs at all, but my parents know because i'll kind of get attitude a little bit, but now i don't feel those anymore of. >> reporter: and not noticing those changes can be very dangerous. >> if my blood sugar gets too high or too low, if it's too low, i can pass out. i could die both if it becomes too extreme. if it gets too high and it's for a prolonged period of time, i can be hospitalized. >> reporter: this is where aj's new best friend comes in. >> he will be able to alert by
5:59 pm
smell to highs and lows in blood sugar and he'll paw at me. >> reporter: he'll be able to alert to aj's high and low blood sugars 20 to 40 minutes sooner than aj would think to test. that extra time could mean stopping any potential problems. >> we can stop those extreme highs and lows later on down aj's life, we'll help decrease the chances of loss limb, kidney, eyesight. >> reporter: helping on this journey is trainer phillip ferris and his dog kiva. >> i'm with them for four days to teach them what the alerts are like, obedience training, public access, everything that they'll need to be able to deal with the dog after i love. >> reporter: alpha's training process will -- after i leave. >> reporter: alpha's training process will take two years, but his presence has already made a difference. >> he protects me. he's kind of like my guardian angel. >> reporter: andrea mccarren,
6:00 pm
wusa9. >> ain't dogs grand. now alpha is grand, but he's expensive, 25 grand. the family has raised 9,000 through fundraising. if you'd like to help out, log onto tonight skirting a blizzard, a drop in crime and the response to a whistleblower's claims. if. >> let's get started with the most -- claims. >> let's get started with the most important moments in your world in 90 seconds. >> vdot is gearing up for the first big snowstorm of 2014 with more than 1,200 trucks on the road tonight. heavy wet snow began falling before the rush hour, sticking on the ground in western sections of northern virginia and forcing vdot to call in crews more quickly than planned. >> shovel the sidewalks. they brushed the snow off their cars and shoveled and sn


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