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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 22, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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. good morning. welcome to wusa9. today is wednesday, january 22, 2014. snow yesterday and today it's biting cold and wind. i'm andrea roane. excuse me. i had to swallow. i'm mike hydeck. i had a cough drop. it was dry. i had this much on my driveway. it was nothing to shovel. good morning. it is cold, though. hopefully the roads will stay okay. it was 9 degrees on my way in. not sure about here in d.c. we do have a windchill advisory in effect till noon. the wind chills as cold as 20 below. in the metro, 5, 10, maybe 15
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below locally. here's a look at the day planner on this wednesday. we are expecting a sunny day. temps upper teens. we might make 20 in a few spots but with wind, what's the difference. it's just going to be a cold day. wifnthswinds will gust 20 to 30. -- winds will gust 20 to 30. there goes the snow. even in salisbury they're looking at 3 to 6 inks. -- 6 inches. national had 3.8. they broke a stretch of a thousand 53 days where they didn't have a two-inch snowfall. 32 at national. 24 for winchester. gusting 28 on the bay and annapolis. 35 now at the pax river naval air station. with the cold, the winds, there's the windchill advisory
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covering everybody till noon. we have the windchill warnings in the mountains. in the west the windchills there running throw to 10 below. that's the temperature, excuse me. 9 below in davis. we're sitting at 12 in d.c. down to 5 in gaithersburg and 15 in fredricksburg. these are the windchills, close to 20 below in mountains. 9 below over at andrews. 11 below in baltimore going up into the teens. let's check in with monika samtani. marathon woman, you were here till 7:00 last night? >> i was. >> impressive. >> and up and at it again today. my son calls me at work and says can i wear shorts today? i don't get it. it's very, very cold and icy. you have slippery spots, especially on the lesser traveled roadways. it's the neighborhoods because crews could not get to the neighborhoods till all the
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major thoroughfares were cleared up. metro bus service only working on snow emergency routes. metro access will begin at noon. also marc trains are operating completely on an s schedule. brunswick 880 will depart at 8:25, a little later to accommodate government workers. except for the 201, that icc bus, that is on a normal schedule. let's take a look live outside on the northbound side of i- 270, the camera has kind of shifted here but overnight a snowplow hit the overpass right here at falls road and several lanes were blocked on the northbound side of i-270. excuse me. here at falls road. and right now things are cleared up. they just cleared up half an hour ago on the northbound side of i-270. let's take a live look one more time at the beltway. you'll find for the most part it's cleared up but just be careful. once in a while you may still hit an icy patch. if you were on the road
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last night, you know crews were working round the clock treating and clearing streets. >> the evidence is there once you start looking at the roads and you drive this morning. the concern though, bitter cold, slick sidewalks, the windchill is making for dangerous conditions. delia goncalves is live in d.c. at union station. how was your drive over there this morning? >> reporter: it wasn't too bad. you have to take it slow. a lot of these roads are snow packed as you can see. but we did see a lot of crews out on the road, a lot of plow trucks so they are continuing to treat, shovel and clear some of what you see here. now, if you can see and you probably can't through the camera but i can see some glimmers of shiny stuff underneath that snow. that's ice, folks. so certainly when you're driving on these roads, you do have to drive fairly slowly knowing that some spots are still fairly slick. there is ice underneath a lot of this snow that's packed
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down. so although you may find it easy to drive on the straightaways, the curves are your problems. so certainly a low gear is your best friend today. some four-wheel drive if you have it. there's a plow across the way if my favre, paul, -- my photographer, paul, can pan over there. they've been working round the clock getting ready, clearing the roads. there is a two-hour delay for most federal workers so hopefully the crews can finish up their jobs before the roads get packed with a lot of workers but we know a lot of folks will probably be taking advantage of telework options. schools are closed so we don't have issues with any buses. in regards to the the buses, metro buses are running on a snow route only. so they're really only going to be traveling on the main thoroughfares. the snow emergency thoroughfares. that's the safest way because we all know some of the side
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streets are the last to be plowed. when i was getting out of my neighborhood in hillcrest today, lots of hills. it was a little tricky but as soon as i got on the main thoroughfare, pennsylvania avenue, 295, the rock creek parkway, really it was smooth sailing all the way in. but of course those neighborhoods are going to be tricky so metro buses only running on a snow emergency today. metrorail running on a normal schedule. we'll tell you what the mayor is doing to keep homeless people warm today coming up in the next half-hour. back to you. >> delia, thank you, reporting live from union station northeast. we have more school closings again today. d.c. public schools are closed and in virginia fairfax, prince william, loudoun, culpeper, fauquier, spotsylvania and stafford county schools all closed. also alexander, manassas and fredricksburg city schools. >> in maryland the schools in
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montgomery, prince george's, anne arundel, calvert all closed. the federal government has a two-hour delay. we have all the closures running at the bottom of your screen. you can find them in alphabetical order on and the ipad app as well. in frederick county it started snowing later there than it did in the district and west of the district so the plows are making sure the morning commute will be a  little easier. scott broom drove around town to find out the conditions. >> er: wind blown snow drifting deep. roads that were plowed are covered all over again. >> the wind started to pick up. >> reporter: it's double and triple shifts for some of the workers trying to clean up. >> an ever ending battle. >> reporter: the winds are really uncomfortable tonight and they're really piling up the snow. how deep? well, i'm 6 feet tall. let's wade right in. this is a drift.
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wow. it's up to my shoulder. it's up to my chin. frederick county made the call to close schools at 6:00 p.m. downtown in the city of frederick, workers are trying to clear sidewalks so at least business will have a head start in getting back to normal in the morning. a day of unyielding snow piled up 10 inches in spots here. road crews were able to keep up on the major highways throughout the day but rural roads will be the challenge to keep passible as the wind gusts at times near 25 miles per hour. >> now the real fun begins. everybody gets tiredwant and to go home. we've got to keep pushing. >> reporter: in frederick county, maryland, scott broom, wusa9. >> it can drift. that was some picture there. thanks, scott. yesterday alone the virginia state police responded to 1600 calls. the majority of them traffic crashes and disabled vehicles from all the snow and the wind. another reminder please be careful this morning. the snowstorm grounded
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passengers at airports across the country. laguardia, reagan, dulles, you name it they all saw cancellations and delays all day and into the evening hours yesterday. as of last night, there were no flights even allowed to leave laguardia. according to, over 3,000 flights at airports across the nation were canceled. 6,000 delayed. national experiencing a chunk of those delays. winter storm warnings and watches are in place for 13 states from the mid-atlantic to new england. governors in new york, new jersey and delaware have all declared states of emergency. >> man, that stinks. see the guy sleeping on the concrete there. >> some people are being told already maybe next week. 4:09 right now. direct tv may have dumped the weather channel but you don't believe what they're doing to fight back. >> get ready for slick roads and intense wind chills this morning. howard's first alert weather forecast is up next. of course we want you to be our facebook fan of the day.
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welcome back. 4:12. we have a yellow alert today for the very cold temperatures we're dealing with. you can see them right now. this isn't even the windchill. down to 3 in damascus. centreville at 10. 8 over at andrews and bowie. bowie got a fresh seven and a half inches of snow according to terry yesterday. sitting at 11 at waldorf. a very cold day ahead. it will be sunny and windy. windchill advisory till noon with some of the windchills in the 5, 10, 20 below range.
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upper teens, maybe 20 if you're lucky for highs today. wind restrictions in effect right now at the chesapeake bay bridge and at the nice bridge. 40 to 50 mile an hour winds means that there are no empty house trailers or empty box trailers allowed. basically high profile vehicles. it will be at the crew's discreetion there. -- discretion there. that's been in effect since 3:00 yesterday. look at the condition of the road here at old georgetown road at arlington. the heart of bethesda. you will become areas which have not been treated. you can't even see the lane markings so be especially careful coming out of your neighborhoods and some of the lesser traveled roads. back to you. time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. good morning, jess. was wall street frozen out like the rest of us? >> it wasn't the best of days. we're hoping for better times. we saw mixed showing yesterday. not everybody was down, though.
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checking the numbers for you, dow stands at 16,414 after dropping 44 points. the s&p 500 was up about 5 points on the day and the nasdaq was up about 28 points. so it was a good day for the text. in the meantime, though, the biggest satellite tv distributor in the united states is at odds with one of the biggest sources for weather related news. we're talking about direct tv versus the weather channel. direct tv dropped the station from their lineup last week and contentious contract negotiations started from there. now during the megawinter storm, weather channel andity meteorologists are hitting twitter hard and trying to get viewers pledge to switch to a new tv provider and convince direct tv to waive its customers' cancellation fees. here's something that will hopefully save you some money. most airlines are waiving change fees and bending their rebooking rules due to this massive storm. some of those airlines include
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american, delta and southwest and they include larger airports up and down the eastern seaboard. of course as you were talking about, a lot of flights got canceled yesterday. fingers crossed that people can start making it home today. back you to in the studio. >> thank you, jess. an important warning from the american heart association. why you should think twice before just flopping down on the couch. >> howard's first alert forecast with the frigid
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welcome back to wusa9. 4:17 on this wednesday morning. any alerts out there? >> yellow alert day. we have the windchill advisories till noon. still a lot of slick trees. check out some of the snow totals not just from the weather terrace but our weather watchers who submitted that through danielle in kensington about 6, 6 and a half. leonardtown even at 5.8 inches. it was still snowing when he sent that report in in
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washington, d.c., rye here, 6 inches. -- right here, 6 inches. martinsburg closer to 9. this was really a legitimate snowstorm, anywhere from 3 to 3.5 on the low end to upwards of 10. you saw scoot broom across parts of frederick county. it's blowing around. the way you do it, you try to get out in an open area, take several measurements and average them out. >> moments later it's swept away and then back again. today will be problematic with the cold. the windchills this morning. they're really down there. yellow alert day in effect there with temperatures by noon in the mid-teens. 17, 18, somewhere in that range is where we'll stop. potentially 20 but still very cold with those winds gusting at times to 30 mile an hours. we're watching the storm system pull away. still snowing across the coastal areas, parts of long island and southeastern new
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england are seeing this. this is going to bomb nova scotia. they'll get pounded with snow. we have the wind, clearing skies. we have the cold conditions. still some winter weather advisories on the eastern shore. you see the winter storm warnings, long island, eastern connecticut. that's a blizzard warning in extreme southeastern massachusetts. current temps are down in the single digits from 3 in cumberland to westminster. double digits here barely in la plata. 15 in fredricksburg and 8 over at andrews. how about the wind chills? oh, man, 7 below in d.c. 10 below in martinsburg. 25 below up toward davis and the mountain and feeling closer to zero in fredricksburg with a windchill advisory for everybody until noon. windchills from zero to 20 below and the coldest stuff obviously, even colder than that, romney, petersburg, oakland, cumberland. that's where we'll have the windchill warning for several more hours. outside on our michael & son weather camera, looking at 12 degrees at reagan national. feeling like 7 below with a
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north, northwesterly wind at 23. it had been gusting over 30 miles an hour last hour behind the system. and you can certainly see low pressure here, right there just cranking away. throwing all this moisture right toward areas in southeastern massachusetts over toward nova scotia. but this storm is quickly departing and we'll continue to watch it pull away from us bringing us the wind, sunshine and cold for today. behind it another little clipper is going to sort of come through. maybe not even a clipper but a disturbance we'll call it here as we get into tomorrow. clear skies by midnight. we'll take you into tomorrow morning. now we're watching snow showers in the mountains with the next little piece of energy. as we head into the afternoon, frederick to hagerstown, even into prince william county, fauquier county potential for snow showers around through parts of the afternoon. if we got a coating out of this, it wouldn't surprise me. it will be pretty click to move along by 5:00 p.m. with more snow showers in the mountains into thursday night as well. by friday sunshine returns but
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if you're looking for a big warm-up, i don't see that happening any time soon. a cold day today. we'll see some 20-plus degree readings generally south of town stopping in the upper teens to near 20. maybe only in the mid-teens in some of our northern suburbs. westminster 15. 17 for leesburg and martinsburg and 25 degrees all the way down in tappahannock. another very cold night tonight with single digits to low teens for the lows. looking at the forecast, that yellow alert for today with 17. 9 tonight, even low single digits north and west but the winds will be lighter tonight. tomorrow 22. a threat for passing snow showers in the afternoon. remaining cold on friday, 22. as we look toward the weekend, the snow showers possible saturday, milder, 35, but back to very cold weather sunday, a high of 24. we're going to check in with monika samtani because we still have lingering issues from yesterday's snow. don't we, monika? we do.
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we had a snowplow, believe it or not that hit the overpass. >> i passed that coming in. they were still cleaning it up. >> on the northbound side of 270, it happened overnight at the falls road overpass where a snowplow hit the overpass and it damaged the overpass as well. so they're going to have to come back and fix it up. some of the lanes were closed for a while. i know right now the lanes have been reopened. just keep that in mind for a little later this morning. the other thing i really am concerned with, i know you all know your neighborhoods may not have been cleared up but some of the lesser traveled roadways, you may be traveling along fine and then you hit an icy patch or you can't see the lanes. so you really want tit nice and slow and give yourself extra time. i gave myself a lot of extra time to get to work today. metro bus service is on snow emergency routes only. trains are on a regular schedule. they're fine. metro access begins at noon. marc trains are operating on an s schedule. pruns wick 880 will -- brunswick 880 will now depart
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about 40 minutes later than normal. commuter bus service on a two- hour delayed schedule. in springfield on the northbound side of i-95, you're absolutely fine right now. looks like the road has been treated end to end. you're fine from dale city. i haven't heard any complaints about 395 to the 14th street bridge. yesterday late into the afternoon and evening, d.c. was mostly concerned with their bridges, their ramps and overpasses. same story in virginia because of less volume, it was harder to get the chemicals to mix into the snow and melt it. that was a concern overnight. it still may be a concern right now. let's take another live look outside. here's what it looks like on the inbound side of i-66 at the fairfax county parkway. we're in fairly good shape here. let's take a live look on on our mdot camera. in bethesda on old georgetown road at arlington, you can see that this still needs to be treated. this is what i'm talking about. it may catch you by surprise. a few extra minutes not only clearing off your car and getting out of your
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neighborhood but some of the lesser traveled roads as well. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. try that ipad app. you can do the whole commute on the ipad app. health alert this morning for people with unusual blood pressure. a study suggests that people who he show normal blood pressure when in the doctor's office but then show elevated readings at home which seems like the opposite have an increased risk of heart attack. doctors call this masked hypertension meaning they're masking the symptoms when they go to the doctor's office. people with it are more likely to be male, smoke, have a history of cardiovascular disease and people who have this masked hypertension should monitor their blood pressure closely at home because you're at greater risk for a heart attack. a warning from the american medical association this morning. not all fda trials for new drugs are the same. a new study published shows a wide variation in the evidence used when federal health officials atrough new medications. researchers found that experimental trials vary in
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size, design and duration. they say the flexible approach can be beneficial allowing fast approval of life saving drugs. guys, get off your butt. california researchers say a simple message means get off your rear end and it will help prevent heart problems. there's a new study that found a risk of heart failure more than doubled for men who sat more than five hours a day and got very little exercise. that's compared to active men who sat less than two hours per day. the american heart association recommends that men and women get at least two and a half hours of moderate aerobic exercise each week. 4:25. good morning if you're just waking up. it is bitter cold. temperatures in the single digits and teens. the average person does this 16 times a day. >> is it a, eat, b, swears, c, laughs? go to our face book page and give us your answer and tell us why. we'll share some of your comments throughout the
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morning. >> when you answer the question of the morning, you'll have a chance to win four tickets to the monster jam at verizon center this friday and saturday. choose one winner every day this week. thanks for waking up with us. we'll be right back.
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hello and welcome back to wusa9. i'm andrea roane. have very special good morning
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to joanne and carmalita. they watch us every morning. they made sure to say hi to delia goncalves when they saw her. we appreciate you watching. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. monika is here with traffic momentarily. it's a dry cold, howard. >> yeah, a dry cold. that doesn't make it any better, mike. >> no, no,. >> here are some of the snow totals. 9 inches up in brunswick. 7.5 in harpers ferry. have you ever been to harpers ferry when it snows? a beautiful place. damascus, bob had 7 inches up there and 8 inches at sterling. 8 inches in sterling. i was looking down at the camera change. let's get you the forecast. it's very cold but a dry cold according to mike hydeck. if it feels good to you, you're in mike's camp with temperatures today, they're going to struggle to get into the upper teens. maybe a few of you get to 20 or
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so and those wind chills, boy, they're well below zero right now. they'll get into the single digits later on. there goes our snowstorm from yesterday. continues to pull off to the east. still snowing right along the coast and up toward eastern long island, southeastern connecticut, eastern massachusetts. they're going to get pummeled with blizzard conditions over toward the cape, martha's vineyard, nantucket for much of the morning. our winds have picked up gusting over 30 in a few spots like reagan national 32 to 35 at the pax river naval air station. 30 with the snow in ocean city right now and gusts in the upper teens to low 20s in most other areas. so it is certainly a breezy to windy morning. with temperatures in the single digits in many areas, the weather service has issued a windchill advisory till noon for us. basically windchills mostly zero to 20 below though we've seen some 25 below windchills toward davis, west virginia. parrent temps, 12 in d.c. 12 at


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