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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 4, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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coverage. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. we begin with a yellow alert and some very dangerous conditions for anybody on the roads. >> meteorologist topper shutt has a warning about your morning commute. mola lenghi takes us behind the wheel with an expert who says forget what you've been told about driving on icy roads. let's start with topper. >> the weather service expanded the freezing rain advisories to include fredericksburg and spotsylvania county all the way into southern maryland, don't think it will be a huge problem there. please be careful getting the paper tomorrow and walking to your car and allow extra time to scrape your car. warnings continue for ice from gaithersburg northward into frederick. so we're thinking about a trace to .05-inch in the freezing rain advisory area, but north of town maybe .05-inch to perhaps 1/4-inch between gaithersburg and frederick and north of leesburg. the bull's eye is where the snow was yesterday along the i- 70 corridor north and west from frederick to hagerstown to
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martinsburg to cumberland. you could actually see anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2-inch of ice and that would cause some big problems. glaze inside the beltway by 6 a.m. ice will accumulate on tree everywhere. critical areas are still west of i-95 and critical times are between now and 8 a.m. wednesday. here comes the storm. magenta is the mixed precipitation, rain across the delmarva, snow to our north. it is not a snow event for us. it is a freezing rain event. we'll zoom in. you can see the first batch of precipitation pushing through getting a little sleet up in frederick, but primarily freezing rain around the metro area. we'll come back putting the finishing touches on our ice accumulation map. you don't want to miss that. you said it, top. ice is on the way and you know what that means, rough, slippery road conditions. it's going to be very dicey overnight and tomorrow morning. our mola lenghi is live in northwest d.c. he spoke with driving instructor who says what you should and should not
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do if you just have to get out there. >> reporter: if you've been behind the wheel during icy road conditions, you know there's nothing quite like it. you can lose total control of your vehicle in an instant. >> ice is obviously one of the most dangerous and it's one of the most tricky. >> reporter: the danger says driving instructor tom ficararo does not start on the street. >> every wreck starts right here, inside the passenger's compartment. >> reporter: he says if you're driving on ice, you have to be even more engaged than you normally would by managing speed and distance. >> everything is going to become a lot more difficult to manage. no. 1, visibility will be reduced. your vehicle stopping distances are going to have to be elongated. when you're going to accelerated, you'll have to accelerate slower. two things folks normally do is they jam on the brake and jerk the wheel because they feel they have to react when they feel the car move beneath them. so that's going to destablize the car. >> reporter: what about tips
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that advise drivers who are losing control to turn into the direction they're skidding? experts say these moves work, but the chances of your average driver pulling them off are unlikely. >> generally skid recovery only makes thing worse. what you want to do is stay off the brake and not jerk the wheel. the average driver, who is the average commuter, is rarely in those types of situations all the time, so they're not going to have the skill level to manage and project the vehicle dynamics. if you haven't practiced those skills over and over again, it's going to be the last thing you think of. >> reporter: safe traveling distances, slow down and anticipate when might go wrong before it happens, not just with you but with the other guy, too. >> when you're out in inclimate weather and you're coming through that same intersection, maybe that person wants to stop, but they just can't. so you got to be super engaged with yourself and also others
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around. >> reporter: your safest bet, don't get behind the wheel. stay off the roads altogether if you can. live in northwest i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> that last bit was some very good advice. thank you. utilities across the d.c. region say they are ramping up manpower and machinery in case the ice brings down power lines. pepco has 600 workers available to respond right away, if necessary. power line workers are being moved closer to cumberland, maryland in case of outages. got road salt? we vanity run out yet, but all these storm -- haven't run out yet, but all these storms have cut the stockpile in maryland to 70%. the state has activated storm crews in baltimore and the washington area 25 times since late november. we've got a few delays tomorrow morning, none of them major school districts. for the complete list head to
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our website you can also find them on the wusa9 ipad app. we'll be on the air at 4 a.m. in the morning. be sure to join us for the very latest on the weather and road conditions. this storm has already forced the airlines to cancel dozens of flights around here and hundreds of them in the midwest which has been taking a pounding all day and night long. the mix of heavy snow and freezing rain is making driving a nightmare. check out this bus. that's in salina, kansas, slid right off the road and the sleet has already coated the streets of branson, missouri. in and around chicago crews are worried they may run out of road salt. >> we've already more than doubled what we used last year. >> reporter: and we've still got six weeks of winter. >> let's hope not. >> we can hope all we want, but the national weather service says the heaviest snow from this storm will fall in kansas and missouri. however, parts of pennsylvania and upstate new york could see as much as a foot of new snow. that's just tonight.
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check out those ice chunks. that's a new york city skyscraper and that's those chunks falling off. it was the scene all afternoon long. thankfully nobody got in the way and got hurt. missing since friday and now there's a $10,000 reward for any lead in finding a virginia police reserve captain. state police are using every resource they've got to retrace 45-year-old kevin quick's path after he left his mom's home friday night in afton. he was headed to a visit with a friend in albemarle but never showed up. instead his suv was found in louisa county monday. police are curious about two men, one seen in the surveillance photo who just may know something about quick or maybe who was driving his vehicle. again take a good look at this picture. investigators believe this man could have some information about what happened to quick.
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d.c. council has taken a step toward decriminalizing marijuana in some circumstances. it has given tentative approval to a bill that would treat possession of small amounts of pot more like a parking violation. twenty-five dollars fine. now smoking pot in public would still be illegal with a punishment up to 60 days in jail. a final vote will take place next month, but council members say they'll likely make several changes to the bill. they will also consider an amendment that would ban many employers from testing workers for marijuana use unless that testing is required by law. we have some breaking news right now. newark cops are in the process of making two arrests in connection with actor philip seymour hoffman's death according to tmz. website sources say police obtained a search warrant and are at an apartment now in new york city. hoffman was found dead inside his bathroom with a needle in his arm sunday morning and several envelopes of heroin
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also found. police say bank records show hoffman made six transactions for $1,200 inside a supermarket saturday. also sources say hoffman would buy bundles of heroin at a time twice a week. justin bieber has a date, but this is not one he's likely looking forward to. march 3rd he's facing a judge in miami. the 19-yeldar-o pop star s wa arrested last month and charged with dui, resisting arrest and driving with an invalid license. toxicology testing found marijuana and xanax in his system. facebook blowing out the birthday candles. target finds itself in the bull's eye. >> some navy sailors are caught cheating, those stories and more in your world in 90 seconds. >> to say that i'm disappointed would be an understatement. >> the navy is investigating at least 30 sailors at the navals weapons station in charleston, south carolina. the sailors are accused of cheating on tests that qualify them to train younger sailors in nuclear propulsion. >> i want to say how deeply
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sorry we are. >> the retailer has been under fire since cyber thieves used malware to swipe credit and debit information of some 40 million target shoppers. consumer advocates want to see retailers and banks issue cards with more secure microchip technology. >> sochi seaside venue areas are scrambling to finish on time, but drive north to sochi's mountainside venues along the reported $8 billion road and railway stores and hotels up and running in this tourist village built just for the olympic games and already some fans are settling in. >> the farm bill is headed to the president's desk after the senate passed it 68-32. this bill will prevent a spike in milk prices. meat in the grocery store has to stay where the animal was born, slaughtered and where the meat was processed and it will end what are called direct payments, subsidies that went to farmers whether they planted anything or not. >> facebook turns 10 years old today.
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mark zuckerberg started the social networking site in his harvard dorm room in 2004. today it has more than 2 billion users. more americans check facebook daily than read the bible. facebook has a look back feature showcasing biggest moments users have shared on the site. the south is known as the bible belt, so we shouldn't be surprised mississippi was named the most religious state in the u.s. 61% say they are very religious. >> we've been named one of the least religious states according to this new gallup poll. only 32% of people in d.c. consider themselves religious, but we've got a lot of company. d.c. is tied up with hawaii, connecticut, washington state and nevada. vermont has the fewest number of religious folks. just 22% practice there. you're probably wondering about maryland and virginia. they've got quite a few more believers. 39% of maryland dub themselves religious and there's a higher number in virginia. >> 44%. getting a baby-sitter can be costly. add on top of that a nice
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dinner with your sweetheart. >> not cheap to escape the kids and eat in peace, but there's a restaurant chain out there with an idea that just might make your night a little more affordable. >> a health insurance nightmare, what to do if your insurance denies your claim for a procedure doctors say could save your life.
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only on 9 imagine you're trying to save the life of a loved one. you know there's a medical procedure out there that may be able to do it, but the insurance company says we won't pay for it. >> what would you do? a local couple is running out of options and time, so they reached out to our andrea mccarren. >> it was shocking. >> reporter: last september mike roderick was today he had lung cancer. >> we were devastated. we didn't expect this at all. >> the a man thing here is i don't let it get -- the main thing here is i don't let it get me down. i try to stay very positive. >> reporter: the couple quickly learned of a potentially life saving cure, a cyber knife procedure recommended by two doctors, including an oncologist and surgeon. >> they were anticipating he'd be totally cured after that. >> reporter: weeks later mike was in the hospital ready for surgery. >> he was all prepped ready to go. he was on the gurney. five minutes away from being taken to the o.r. >> reporter: that's when the couple endured another shock.
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the doctor said their insurance company, cigna, had just declined coverage for the procedure. >> i just can't believe that they're playing god all because of money. >> reporter: lynn says cigna repeatedly described the cyber knife procedure as experimental and unproven, although it's been done successfully for years at their local hospital. >> to me this is just morally wrong that somebody could sit there and tell you no, we have the technology. we know it's available, but we're not going to do it because it cost as to much money. your loved one is not worth our money. >> they're making decisions that are clearly life and death. >> reporter: the rodericks case is not unusual according to the patient advocate foundation which fights for consumers' access to healthcare free of charge. thousands of denied coverage for potentially life saving procedures every year. >> there's great hope through patient advocate foundation and there's not any cost to the consumer at all. >> reporter: in the rodericks
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case mike's doctor sent multiple letters of appeal to the insurance company without success. >> they're the ones that we turn to to save lives and they keep turning us down. >> this is not getting any smaller and it's going to get more complicated if it gets bigger. it's going to spread more. >> reporter: the couple has been in limbo since his cancer diagnosis and each day they wait mike's condition deteriorates. >> if nothing can be done for me, hopefully this will maybe benefit somebody else. >> i don't think there's anything cigna is going to do now to change their mind. >> reporter: we contacted cigna with a series of questions. has the insurance company ever paid for the cyber knife surgery? how often does it decline paying for the procedure? and why did cigna reject mike roderick's best chance of survival? days later cigna today the rodericks it had reversed its decision. lynn sent us an exuberant e-
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mail. mike got approved for the cyber knife treatment. i am so excited i can't stop crying. >> i know she's always got my back, you know. that means everything. >> reporter: now the couple that has shared 34 years of marriage and laughter are hoping they'll have the gift of many more. >> bottom line, i can't live without her. >> i don't want this to end. >> that's my best friend. >> yes, we are best friends, definitely, yes. >> reporter: in frederick, maryland, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> we certainly hope the best for his recovery. >> for sure. >>ed an why and photojournalist photojournalist joe martin will be following mike through his surgery and recovery and we'll be sure to keep you posted. >> if you need help fighting for coverage from your insurance coverage, the patient advocate foundation is there to help you and it's free. head over to there's a link to their site along with a free guide to
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making a court appeal. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, the airport, fog and drizzle now, freezing drizzle, temperature 34 officially downtown, dew points below freezing. that's kind of worrisome. eventually we'll see the two meet, winds northeast at 6. that will lock in our cold air for a while. look at the breadth of this storm snowing back to st. louis headed for chicago and detroit, good snow as we get into the albany area, but as far as we're concerned, just ice, freezing rain, could be a little sleet north of town, reports of sleet near frederick and hagerstown, but primarily freezing rain. we'll zoom in a bit. light freezing rain across most of silver spring and rockville essentially east side of 270, a little break toward reston and another batch of freezing rain out toward purcellville down toward 66. everybody will see freezing rain tonight. it will fill in. allow extra time for your morning commute tomorrow, especially be careful walking to your car. i cannot emphasize that enough.
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most of the problems will still be west of i-95. rain and showers end in the early afternoon. unfortunately by the time we get above freezing north and west of town the precip will be over and the damage done. evening commute good news, no weather worries on the way home. cold air damming, what is it? we get this cold air damming up along the eastside of the appalachians. the cold air is denser. the warm air cannot scour it out. it may only be 1,000 feet or lower, but it keeps surface temperatures freezing or below and that spells freezing rain for us. how much ice? well, maybe .1-inch west of i- 95, maybe up to 1/3-inch in frederick and the bull's eye has not changed. it's still hagerstown, martinsburg to cumberland. we're up to .6 of an itch could fall. everybody will have a glaze in -- inch could fall. everybody will have a glaze in the morning. rain and freezing rain extreme south, temperatures 27 to 34
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for lows. some folks will not get below freezing tonight. break it down. freezing to start, 41 by 11:00 and 45 by 1:00. if you're north of frederick, temperatures will hold in the low to mid-30s tomorrow. next three days, once we get through tomorrow we're okay, sunshine thursday, cold, sunshine friday cold, mid- to upper 30s. next seven days couple snow showers possible on saturday, a weak disorganized system pushes through. we're still watching the possibility of a storm sunday, monday. models are still all over the place, rain and/or snow sunday, ending in snow showers monday and colder monday and tuesday. say it again. a lot of people walk to their car and they fall. take it easy tomorrow. allow extra time to scrape and get where you're going. >> i fell down the stairs in front of my house because i don't take my time, as you know. >> if we would have seen it, we would have laughed. >> as long as you were okay. >> i laughed.
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that's okay. >> you would think with all this icy weather, it would be perfect for the caps, right? you would think, but they can't seem to keep the momentum going, doing well, not so well, just a couple games left before that olympic break, but the caps trying to finish on a high note. >> plus the end of an era every day i spend three hours on weights. four hours on the slopes. and two hours doing this stuff. which leaves me approximately two minutes to get my banking done. so i use the citi mobile app to quickly check my accounts and pay my bills. which leaves me about five seconds to kick back. that was nice.
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thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. now game on with kristen berset. >> this time next week the only hockey we'll be watching is what's being played over in sochi. the nhl takes a two week break for the winter olympics, so before that happen the washington capitals looking to get a bit of a hot streak going. ovechkin and the caps in for their second straight win. early 3rd period, scoreless game, michal neuvirth keeps it that way robbing frans nielsen of the goal. later neuvirth not so lucky, andrew mcdonald with his fourth of the season. washington gets blanked tonight 1 -0. you can add another capital player headed to sochi.
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martin erat has been added to the czech republic olympic hockey team in the olympics. as the maryland terrapins time in the acc winds down, they're closing the curtain on some of their best rivalries. next weekend they face the duke blue dells for the final time as conference foes, but first -- blue devils for the final time as conference foes, but first taking on chapel hill, unc jumped out to an 11-0 lead forcing mark turgeon to burn an early timeout. the terps would rally through in the 1st. the deficit is cut to three points, 11 points on the night for allen, but maryland would get no closer. late 2nd half price johnson slams the door nut on the terrapins. maryland loses -- shut on the terrapins. maryland loses 75-63. national signing day is tomorrow. we've got you covered bringing you college announcements from all over the dmv.
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where will these player goes on to college plus the story of damien prince whose short life has been filled with loss and heartbreak. damien lost his great grandfather, his biggest supporter, when he was just 16. >> the 1 thing that probably hurts me the most is he's not able to see what he did because if it wasn't for him, i wouldn't even be playing at all. so i'd probably say if there was one thing i could change about tomorrow, it would be that, to see him right there smiling. >> a young man, incredible example of strength. just remember to vote for our latest high school game of the week poll, four great basketball games and one hockey game. it's always great with signing day because you see where these kids come from and damien is one of the best offensive linemen in the country. what do you think about the story in the super bowl that
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sherman says the seahawks were able to read peyton manning's signs? >> why haven't they done it before? >> thank you. >> who hasn't been able to do it before? because it was so loud. >> he couldn't use his audible. he could only use his hands. >> they picked up on the patterns, but you're almost a bit surprised people hadn't picked up on that before. if they can do it, that's how you're going to win football
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how does a romantic dinner, unlimited bread sticks and free baby-sitting sound? >> olive garden says it can all be yours this friday night. the restaurant chain teaming up with my gym franchises.
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find the closest one and register your kids. you have to do it quickly. head to the restaurant and have a peaceful quiet kid free dinner. there are only 30 spots. olive garden has never run a promotion like this before and i like it. breaking news right now out of new york. tmz is reporting they've made four arrests in connection with philip seymour hoffman's death. evidently they raided three units in the same building and targeted two people they believe sold him heroin and also reported he bought heroin in bundles twice a week. >> we'll be watching that story for you tomorrow as well. that's wusa9 news for tonight. thanks for sticking around. don't forget. >> howard bernstein and the crew will be on at 4 a.m. with the latest on the weather. you can find us 24/7 on where we have plenty of school closings to let you know about. letterman is next. make it a good
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