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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 5, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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. the wusa9 weather team hit the nail on the head. icy conditions blanketed e region and just didn't make it hard to get around. for some people it ahead it hard to get out of the house. this tree in gaithergrsbu snapped from the weight of the ice and blocked the steps. thanks for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. hopefully the worst is behind us now, at least for today anyway. let's get straight to howard bernstein. he has the first alert forecast. we had quite a variation of ice, from just a little on the windshield to slippery sidewalks to a quarter inch in clarksburg, over to leesburg. when you get into frederick and caroll counties toward cumberland, we had some spots four, five tenths after inch. numerous power outages. branches and trees coming down. doppler 9000 is quiet.
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you can he what's left of the storm pulling away. looks like there could be a straggler of a shower or two out here approaching i-81. but that is it. so we're done with the precip for the day. now we're still hoping to get a little bit of clearing and a little bit of a warm-up. temperatures are in the 40s in luray to elkins. we're holding in the mid-30s here. the front is coming through. the winds are going to kick up. that will mix up the atmosphere a bit. we're optimistic for a little sun this afternoon as temperatures struggle to get not quite to 50. i was thinking maybe 50 earlier. no, we'll be in the low to mid- 40s this afternoon. back to 40 tonight. we are going to have a hard freeze again tonight. so anything that is wet will refreeze. could have some more slick spots. i'll be back in a few minutes with the seven-day forecast and tell you about the weekend storm potential but not too nervous. that's a little hint. >> sounds good. we'll take that. the wusa9 reporting team was out this morning as well as many of you were waiting just to find out how those icy conditions were going to affect
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your morning commute. kristin fisher has more. >> reporter: here in frederick, we still have about an hour to go till the winter storm warning is over. right now everything is covered in ice. every tree, every tiny little twig or blade of grass, street signs, stoplights. you can see the side streets, especially on these overpasses. very sketchy. the shoulders caked in ice. but the good news, check out 270. the salt trucks and snowplows did their job. the main roads in frederick were almost entirely clear of slush and ice by the morning rush. but the frederick county sheriff's department is still reporting several wrecks due to the freezing rain. the heavy ice took down trees and power lines snarling traffic and leaving thousands in the dark. >> pretty much what i expected it to be. a bunch of ice. >> reporter: brandy here just finished a grueling overnight shift only to find her car sealed shut by ice. are you having fun? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: how long is it going to take you to clear your
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entire car? >> probably another 10, 15 minutes. >> reporter: not what you want to do after working a long overnight shift? >> no, not at all. but it's mother nature. >> reporter: things are slowly starting to thaw out but not fast enough for schools to open. today is a nice day. in frederick, kristin fisher, wusa9. >> when the ice hits, the power crews hit the road. bge is working to restore power to 93,000 customers. potomac edison has nearly 9,000 out. most of them are in howard county. dominion power has under 600 outages. smeco is reporting 500 customers without power and pepco says they have about 170 outages. other news, a scathing united nations committee report released today accuses the vatican of protecting pedophile priests. alexis christoforous has the story from new york. >> reporter: a united nations
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watchdog committee for children's rights demanded that the vatican immediately remove all clergymen who are known or suspected pedophiles and turn them over to law enforcement officers. the committee's report released wednesday criticizes how the vatican's government has dealt with pedophile priests. >> it has consistently placed the preservation of the reputation of the church and the protection of the perpetrators above children's best interests. another matter was the code of silence that was imposed by the church. >> reporter: the harsh tone of the report surprised vatican officials who quickly responded saying the roman catholic church is committed to, quote, defending and protecting the rights of the child. the vatican also promised that it would thoroughly examine the report's findings. 31-year-old miguel her tad dough who says his pair -- hertado who says his parish priest abused him as a child is applauding the report. >> many times victims --
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[indiscernible] >> reporter: pope francis has called the sexual abuse of children the shame of the church and set up a commission in december to help protect children from abuse. alexis christoforous, cbs news. >> the vatican also says the u.n. report also attacks the church's views on both abortion and birth control and attempts to interfere with the church's teachings. well, if you swing by cvs to get a couple of items and possibly a pack of smokes, you're going to be out of luck soon. the national drugstore chain announced today it is going to stop selling tobacco at more than 7600 of its stores. the company says it hopes that move will help customers get on the path to better health. the tobacco ban is expected to take effect october 1. norfolk took center stage on tuesday in a fight for same- sex marriage. protesters lined the streets in front of the federal courthouse there. some of them pushing for change. others advocating the preservation of traditional marriage. at the center of it all,
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norfolk same sex couples' legal battle to try to marry in the state of virginia. >> reporter: on one side those who say marriage is a fundamental right regardless of sexual orientation. on the other? >> gays have a right to live like they want but they don't have the right to change marriage for everyone. >> reporter: those arguments made by lawyers in front of a norfolk judge. this couple sued after they were denied a marriage license last year. lesbian calm carol and mary joining -- couple carol and mary joining in since their california marriage doesn't hold water in virginia. mark herring has decided not to defend the state law. >> the commonwealth of virginia stood on the right side of the law and the right side of history in opposing this discriminatory ban. >> reporter: hearing the couples and their attorneys talk to us after the hearing. >> as parents we want the best for our daughter and we know
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that it would mean a lot to her if our family was treated just like every other family. >> reporter: the judge said she'll make a decision soon. if it's in their failure, they will go back to where this all started. >> i've earned that right. every gay person in this state has earned th right. >> the topic is probably not going away any time soon. the decision could reach the high court against next year. whether the news continues at noon, details on a health insurance nightmare. what do you do if your insurance denies a claim for a procedure that doctors say could save your life? >> but face, the age old question how did we get here? bill nye the science guy and the founder of the creation museum square off in a debate about that hear from both sides when
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welcome back. with wing ter storms pummeling a huge stretch of the country, what better time for a hot button debate about what is causing this extreme weather.
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is it god or is it science? science educator bill nye and ken hamm, the founder of the creation museum sounded off at a debate in petersburg, kentucky. >> in the bible on the fourth day of creation. oh, he made the stars so much. so much so like oh, by the way, i made the stars. just to show us he's an all powerful guy. >> to you when it says he invented the stars also, that's satisfying. you're done. oh, good, okay. to me when i look at the night sky, i want to know what's out there. i'm driven. i want to know if what's out there is any part of me. >> on another topic, hamm says he believes that dinosaurs and humans coexisted. bill nye countered saying there is no proof of that at all. those guys get along, apparently. howard is up next with the forecast. changes keep coming. >> yeah, mike.
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still kind of raw and damp. hoping for a peek of sun or two this afternoon as we get temperatures into the 40s. hey, i want to tell you, we had some rain. we had some ice. a real variation of conditions. our chief photographer comes from cantonsville, maryland to our studio. i want to share a time lapse of the ride in with you as we go to break. all sorts of conditions. i'll have the forecast and we do have some big changes coming when wusa9 news at noon returns.
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imagine if your husband or wife were fighting a a disease and you learned there is a medical procedure that could save you and your insurance won't pay for it. what would you do? a maryland couple was running out of time and options so they reached out to wusa9's andrea mccarren for help. >> it was shocking. >> reporter: last september mike roderick was told he had
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lung cancer. >> we were devastated. we didn't expect this at all. >> the main thing here is i don't let it get me down. i try to stay very positive. >> reporter: the couple quickly learned of a potentially life saving cure. a cyberknife surgery recommended by multiple doctors, including to oncologists and a surgeon. >> they were anticipating that he would be totally cured after that. >> reporter: weeks later, mike was in the hospital ready for surgery. >> he was all prepped, ready to go. he was on the gurney, five minutes away from being taken to the o.r. >> reporter: that's when the couple endured another shock. the doctor said their insurance company cigna had just declined coverage for the procedure. >> i can't believe they're playing god all because of money. >> reporter: cigna has repeatedly described the berknife surgery as experimental and unproven although it's been done for years at the local hospital. >> to me it's morally wrong.
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that somebody can tell you no. we have the technology, we know it's available but we're not growing to do it because it costs too much money. your loved one is not worth our money. >> they're making decisions that are clearly life and death. >> reporter: the rodericks' case is not unusual. thousands are denied coverage for potentially life saving procedures every year. >> there's great hope through patient advocate foundation and there's not any cost to the consumer at all. >> reporter: in the rodericks' case, mike's doctors sent multiple letters of appeal to the insurance company without success. >> they're the ones that we turn to to save lives. and they keep turning us down. >> this is not getting any smaller and it's going to get more complicated if it gets bigger. it's going to spread more. >> reporter: the couple has been in limbo since his cancer diagnosis. and each day they wait, mike's
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condition deteriorates. >> if nothing can be done for me, hopefully this will maybe benefit somebody else. >> i don't think there's anything that cigna is getting to do now to change their mind. >> reporter: we contacted cigna with a series of questions. has the insurance company ever paid for the cyberknife surgery, how often does it decline paying for the procedure, and why did cigna reject mike roderick's best chance of survival? days later cigna told the rodericks it had reversed its decision. mike got approved for the cyberknife treatment. i am so excited, i can't stop crying. >> i know she's always got my back, you know. that means everything to me. >> reporter: now the couple that has shared 34 years of marriage and laughter are hoping they'll have the gift of many more. >> bottom line is, i can't live without her. >> i don't want this to end. i'm not ready for this.
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>> that's my best friend. >> yes, we are best friends definitely, yes. >> andrea and photo journalist joe martin will be following mike through his surgery and his recovery. we'll keep you updated. if you need help fighting for coverage from yours insurance company, the patient advocate foundation is there to help for free. go to the link to the site is there along with a free guide when it comes to making an appeal. okay, weather. wow, so changeable this morning. we've had ice over a lot of the surfaces and things started to warm up a little bit. it started to melt but my own wife fell on the front steps and hurt her arm about an hour ago. so be careful out there. >> just because it's 33 or 34, the ice doesn't match. it takes time to melt. we have areas north of town that are hovering at freezing, even up in northern frederick county, parts of eastern, west virginia. we saw temperatures 30, 31. yes, this afternoon still optimistic we'll make the 40s but that 50 i was thinking
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earlier, mike, that's just not going to happen. let's show you a couple of pictures from the region. this is boonsboro, maryland. you can really see it in the trees. they had two tenths to a quarter inch. a couple of other shots. this is a beautiful picture. a quarter inch of ice is not a good thing in charles town, west virginia. these cardinals taking some refuge there. in downtown frederick, this is market street. glen ferguson took a shot of this tree which fell. i've seen another picture of this from a different angle. the root ball on this tree was practically this big, a big, tall tree. you just wonder being in the urban area with the sidewalks it affected the root system. it may be open by now but certainly they closed it for a while. what we're looking at for the afternoon, mostly cloudy skies. you can see on our camera still kind of dreary. this is better than 90 minutes ago when you couldn't see the top of the washington monument. a couple of breaks in the cloud cover. maybe even a little sun late this afternoon.
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if that happens, mid-40s. otherwise i think low 40s is all we're going to make. back to 40 by 9:00. colder air returns tonight. so we'll be in the 20s, even some upper teens well north and west. this storm systems caused all sorts of problems in pennsylvania, new york state, not just the snow but freezing rain. there are more than 600,000 people without power in southeastern pennsylvania. i believe that's 36% of the total cust better base. in frederick i think they're down to 25,000 without power from potomac edson. out to the west trying to brighten the sky a little bit here. there's a little hope we'll see a peek or two of sun before the day is over. temperatures still struggling. only 32 in williamsport to 37 in richmond. roanoke 39. providence also at the freezing mark. locally we're only 32 in damascus. a quarter inch of ice up there, too. bob had some tree damage in those areas. bull run is only 30. dulles still at freezing with 33 for waldorf and andrews. we've got to get rid of some of
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these low clouds and try to warm it up a little bit. 36 at national with a southwest wind at 10. that's a warmer breeze if we can get some of that warmth to mix down from upstairs. you see the storm's exiting. where we have these little breaks trying to develop east of the mountains, the big breaks in the clouds really don't occur till you get past st. louis. looking at the futurecast, i don't think it will be this clear but the storm pulls away. we end up with mountain snow showers. as far as a weekend system on sunday, that looks like instead of two storms coming together and we get one big one, we'll have two systems so a chance of snow showers and flurries. drier this afternoon for sure. 28 tonight. tomorrow 37. it's going to be a little breezy today and tonight from the northwest as the colder air returns. 37 tomorrow. a few more clouds late tomorrow, tomorrow night. cold and dry again on friday, 37. over the weekend, chance of flurries and snow showers, highs in the upper 30s and colder next week. potentially something by the middle of next week but that's
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a long ways off. we're going to be back with more wusa9 news at
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welcome back. time to talk about sex. do i have your attention now? our next guest is a journalist, professor at american university and a best selling author. she's here to talk about her new book. this is her sixth book called "sex after." women share how intimacy changes as their life changes. pleasure to meet you. >> thank you for having me on. when you first look at the book, you talk about how it changes your life. i would glance at the book and say it must be a book about sex after menopause but it's a lot more than that. >> i'm a journalist, not a psychologist but i often feel
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like a psycho journalist because of the stories people tell me. i interviewed 150 women ages 20 through 90. and the book is called "sex after: intimacy changes as life changes." i take readers from sex after college, sex after a honey moon, sex after pregnancy -- honeymoon, sex after pregnancy, menopause, breast cancer, prostrate issues, weld doughhood. plus, i look at -- widowhood. plus, i look at stories that people don't talk about and wonder about. some of these soldiers are coming back from war missing limbs. i interviewed a young bride whose newly -- got married two months ago and then her husband comes back missing a leg. i interview a woman who's a paraplegic in a wheelchair who has an able bodied husband, married 25 years. has not only a sexual relationship but had birthed a baby naturally. sex is this bond between all of us as humans but i like to
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think my book is really about a deeper, richer intimacy that is ours as we age. >> it has a lot of tales about baby boomers. some of the other tales in here, too. women over 70 are having amazing sex which a lot of people think no way. is that possible? >> well, i just need to tell you that as a journalist seldom things surprise me. i feel like i've heard it all. one of the big surprises of this book for me "sex after" is sex after 70, these women are telling me that this is the best sex they've ever had in their lives. and they've been married for a long time. some of them are widows. >> we'll have to leave it there. you can find it at amazon and bookstores as well. we'll see you back here at 5:00 and always on have a great day, everybody.
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>> nikki: [ sighs ] [ door opens, closes ] >> nick: mom? >> nikki: nicholas, i told you not to come over here. >> nick: well, i wanted to check on you. >> nikki: well, i told you that wasn't necessary when you called. >> nick: well, i came to check on dad, too. i know he and adam weren't on
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the best of terms, but to hear your son has died... where is dad? >> nikki: he's out. >> nick: to see vick? >> nikki: i don't know. >> nick: well, he should be here with you. >> nikki: unfortunately, turning to me in times of crisis is not often your father's first choice. >> nick: well, i don't care what dad says. you know, hearing your son has died is... it's really gonna hit him hard. >> nikki: oh, well... oh! >> nick: mom? >> nikki: oh... >> nick: mom? >> dylan: what did you say the problem was? >> avery: the problem is it's not working, and it's much too expensive to be inoperable. and if it doesn't get hot and actually bake things, i basically have a stainless-steel piece of sculpture in my house, which i don't need, so can you just do the thing that you do and make it work, please? >> dylan: obviously it's not the oven. >> avery: it's not the oven. >> dylan: what'go


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