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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  March 19, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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assistance. they'll be back next week. we're evaluating that. we have a number of other options but we're looking at everything. >> reporter: derek mcginty, wusa9. it is 5:59. it's dry and cool out there right now. >> but that is expected to change, especially for those of you who live west of the district, howard. >> yeah. we're watching a winter weather advisory for light freezing rain above a thousand feet till 11:00 a.m. even here we're expecting rain to be moving in a little later this morning. the day planner 35 by 9:00. 39 at noon. low to mid-40s. by late afternoon those showers pull away. mike and andrea? we begin with a look at what's making news this wednesday morning. the winning numbers for the $400 million megamillions jackpot have been drawn and to winning tickets were sold. one of them was in maryland. ukrainian troops are moving toward crimea at the first violent confrontation at one of
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the military bases. the search area for the malaysian plane is now larger than the continental u.s. former d.c. mayor and ward 8 councilman marion barry plans to slow his support behind vincent gray. let's get more on this raw weather day. >> showers off and on for a good portion of the day. you have plans for the middle of the day into afternoon, especially metro east will be damp and nasty. 38 at 11:00. east, northeast winds not too strong, about 6 miles an hour. we'll see some areas near 10 with temperatures low to perhaps mid-40s before the day is over. but it's going to abslow climb there. here's our winter weather advisory west. it's mainly for those areas above a thousand feet until 11:00 unless it gets canceled earlier. frederick maryland, loudoun, northern fauquier west seeing that winter weather advisory with temperatures this morning which are sitting still mostly above freezing. it is 34 gaithersburg.
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38 d.c. here's the moisture we're watching and it will be increasing over the next few hours. here comes monika with a look at same staver traffic. -- timesaver traffic. at 6:00 is when it all begins to happen but this morning is a little different. we've got good news coming in from the west. no problems on dulles toll road or 66, gainesville all the way to fairfax. let's take a live look outside. here's would if looks like on the northbound side or inbound side of i-66 coming in from route 50 in fair oaks to the beltway. again as i said we're in good shape. let's go back over to the maps this time over to maryland and the bw parkway and route 50 through cheverly and into the northeast corridor of the district. things look great. no problems on the beltway in prince george's county. that's the eastern stretch of 495. we're going to end with a live look one more time. this is 270 in germantown. at least two people who bought tickets in maryland are new millionaires this morning. >> one of them big time. one megamillions ticket sold in the state will share the $400
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million megajackpot with another ticket sold in florida. >> nikki burdine is outside the 7-eleven on baltimore avenue in college park. do we know anything about the winner who bought a ticket in maryland? >> reporter: yes. so far we do not know where that winning ticket was sold or who they are. but we're hoping they're watching this broadcast and maybe they'll check their numbers and then have agent mercy on those folks -- [ no audio ] >> we're having a little problem with her live report. we'll get back to nikki in just a minute. >> she was at the 7-eleven in college park. again, two tickets were bought in maryland, one the megamillions jackpot they'll share with someone in florida. the d.c. fire lieutenant who was in charge when a dying man collapsed nearby will go before a trial board. >> lieutenant killeen davis will appear at an internal
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hearing where she's facing punishment for her role two monthing ago. cecil mills had a heart attack right across the street from the station on rhode island avenue. neither davis or the four other firefighters responded to pleas for help from mills' family. two student and a security guard were treated after a fire inside a dorm at howard university. the nine-story vary riddian hall was evacuated for some time until emergency crews ruled that it was safe to return. after nearly seven years of legal fighting new york city has agreed to pay $98 million to settle a racial bias lawsuit over entrance exams administered by the new york fire department. black and latino applicants claim they lost out on jobs because the exams discriminated against minorities. the justice department sued the city in 2007 saying the exams didn't properly determine who was qualified for the
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positions. a black firefighters group later joined the lawsuit. the settlement includes backpay, benefits and medical expenses for some minority applicants who took the exams in 1999 or in 2002. it also calls for the creation of a new chief in the department who deals solely with diversity. the settlement must still be approved by a federal judge. oprah winfrey is jumping into politics again but this time right here in our region. she's said to appear at a fund- raiser for laverne chapman. chapman is one of a nearly dozen democrats running to replace retiring congressman jim moran. the fund-raiser is set for april 5. the f.b.i. is now investigating claims that the c.i.a. has been spying on the u.s. senate. >> the troubled owner of the indianapolis colts decides to take some time off from his day-
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6:07. just a couple of sprinkles out west right now. the yellow alert is for the drizzle and showers that will be developing the next few hours and will be on and off with us through much of the afternoon, i think mid afternoon. winter weather advisories for the higher elevations out west and highs low to mid-40s. the f.b.i. is looking into allegations by the c.i.a. that senate staffers obtained unauthorized access to classified documents. officials with both the c.i.a. and the senate intelligence committee have traded accusations that the agency spied on computers to investigate the bush era interrogation program. the committee produced a 6,000-
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page report in the program which critics say violated prohibitions on torture. the woman at the center of a sexual assault case against a former naval academy football player is expected to take the stand again today. yesterday she testified the midshipman laughed it off when she asked him if d sex at a party in 2012. joshua tate is on trial for alleged aggravated sexual assault and lying to investigators. prosecutors say the alleged victim was too drunk to consent to sex. indianapolis colts owner has voluntarily entered a treatment facility. he was arrested sunday for driving while intoxicated and possessing a controlled substance. the 54-year-old was released from jail after posting a $22,000 bond. he may also be facing disciplinary measures for violating the n.f.l. personal conduct policy which you don't hear owners having an
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issue. tiger woods will not play in the arnold palmer invitational. he will work closely with his doctors as they try to treat his back. again, he won this tournament eight times including last year. he says it's too early to know about the masters which is next month. it's 5:09. here's another look at the question of the morning. the average american eats 244 of these each year. is it a, bugs, b, hot dogs or c, eggs? >> michele henry wrote c. a lot of people eat them for breakfast. >> we'll have more of your responses and the correct
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hello and welcome back to wusa9. a live look at the white house. >> 38 degrees. we are expecting to see rain today. communities west of the district. it could be freezing rain. >> a cold, raw day today. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife, mawr even, appeared in courey're charged with accepting more than $165,000 in gifts and loans from star scientific c.e.o. johnny williams in exchange for promoting his company's products. defense attorneys told the judge that granting a request from prosecutors to delay a civil case against williams hampers their ability to gather evidence. the judge rejected that
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argument. >> if the worst happened and the governor ends up being convicted of something or his wife ends up being convicted of something. they want to make it clear they have raised certain issues that can be taken to the court of appeals. >> the mcdonnells are scheduled to go on trial coming up in july. later today d.c. mayor vincent gray is expected to get the endorsement of former mayor of the district marion barry. the now ward 8 councilman says he will throw his support behind gray's reelection campaign. gray faces seven challengers in the democratic primary scheduled for april 1. d.c. councilman and mayoral candidate david cantania is proposing a sweeping package of special education reforms. he wants to give parents more rights to advocate for their own children. cantania also wants to push charter schools to take care of special education students. the councilman says his reforms would boost special ed capacity in the city and a spokesman for mayor gray called came fan ya's reforms -- cantania's reforms
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an election-year stunt. jessica is off of the here are some of the financial headlines this morning. the federal reserve is going to wrap up a two-day policy meeting today. at the end of those meetings, fed chairman janet yellen is going to hold her first news conference. investors will be watching closely for any hints on how the fed might differ from the past set by the previous fed chair ben bernanke. yellen is widely expected to embrace bernanke's approach of keeping interest rates slow by pairing down the stimulus program gaddually. toyota has agreed to settle an investigation into the automaker's handling of complaints about unintended acceleration. the justice department is expected to announce the terms of the agreement as early as today. toyota is expected to pay about a billion dollars to avoid criminal charges in the case. toyota recalled millions of cars in 2009 and 2010. take was, though, after doing very little about the complaints of this acceleration for years. security experts are warning all of us to be aware
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of cyberschemes targeting tax filers. they say any tax theme messages that appear to be from the i.r.s. or any online tax prep programs will actually be scams. information you put in those e- mails can be used to get at your personal data or seize control of your computer files. the i.r.s. says it never uses e-mail to request personal or financial information. google and viacom have sented a seven-year battle over youtube. a one billion lawsuit was vield after discovering video clips had been uploaded without google's permission. since the lawsuit was filed, youtube has become the world's largest video sharing website. it's also a partner to major media companies, including
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viacom. the terms of the settlement have not been released. weather, yellow alert. here we go again. this time, though, not nearly as significant as other alert days. >> for rain and showers. that's enough to be inconvenient, enough to slow you down if you're doing any traveling from mid-morning through at least mid afternoon. if you have outdoor plans, it's going to be a little soggy at times. let's get you going with a look at a winter weather advisory. that's out west till 11:00 a.m. this is for areas mainly above a thousand feet where ridgetops temperatures can be borderline, 31, 32. almost all will not see any freezing or glazing. it's just for some select areas. but that's what we've got and that's until 11:00 a.m. unless it gets lowered earlier. we have showers, a pretty good bet we'll have showers through at least 3:00. after 3:00, 4:00 p.m. or so, then we'll see a better chance of showers east of us out toward the bay, the eastern
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shore. and then climbing to maybe 43 with luck 45. but probably 43. here's doppler this morning. some moisture coming in off the atlantic and north carolina. that's all headed toward southern and central virginia now. we have a couple of sprinkles that have been lifting out of loudoun county toward frederick county this morning. that's it on the doppler. patchy drizzle toward the blue ridge. temperatures are above freezing almost everywhere but a cold miserable 34. when it's damp like that, not pretty. 35 la plata and up in baltimore. frederick is 36. here in d.c. we're 38 with many of the temperatures in the mid- 30s, although white oak is down to 33 and centreville and manassas at 36. outside michael & son weather cam, cloudy skies and you can certainly see that over d.c. with a temperature of 38. wind out of the northeast at 7 so it feels like 33 but with the dampness, i think it feels worse. storm system in the midwest. see this spinning through just south of chicago? heavier rains. this is helping to lift some of
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that moisture out of north carolina toward us. that's why today we'll be dealing with the showers. but tomorrow even this evening once that pulls away, then tomorrow we're going to be in much better shape. here's our futurecast showing the onset of precip here over toward areas like culpeper by 8:00, 9:00. maybe sneaking up in toward areas like berry vi, purcelville toward -- berryville, purcelville. this afternoon if you're west of route 15, west of the blue ridge, doesn't look like there will be much rain also here as you go west of 95 down west of let's say stafford toward fauquier county and over toward louisa county. don't think you'll see much rain. a lot more along and east of 95. here it is at 6:30. notice the bulk of the rain along and east of the bay. here's your day planner, excuse me, your three-day forecast. 43 today, drizzle and showers. kind of raw. tonight 40 but upper 30s in the
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cold spots. no concerns for freezing. breezy and milder tomorrow, 59. spring officially begins at 12:57. 62 friday. a little chance of a shower north in the afternoon. saturday a front will come but first 65. isolated shower with that front. then more cold coming monday, 42. tuesday snow showers and 40. here's monika now with timesaver traffic. things are getting busier and slower. >> busier and slower, yes. both of those. but what i'm happy to say is we don't have any major incidents or accidents to report. all morning long we've been in really good shape. we deserve a break. if you're planning to head around town, take a look at the traffic feature behind me. this is a free download at the app store. wusa ipad app. you click on the traffic tab and this is what you get. real time street level information. you can zoom into your neighborhood and get the information you need before you head out the door in case you miss our traffic reports. you also can use this traffic key.
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here are all your slow lines and incidents indicated by these icons. really easy to navigate. if you're planning to head inbound on i-66, we're in great shape. you have the normal slow traffic out of manassas into centreville. no big deals as you head for fairfax over to the beltway. let's take a live look outside. here's what it looks like northbound on 395. you have the slow traffic now forming across the 14th street bridge but other than that, no problems over any of the potomac or anacostia river bridges. here is 66 at route 50 where it begins to load up as you head for the beltway. back over to the ipad app. this time we'll head over to maryland. if you're planning to head on the north side of town, here's the beltway where you've got the slow stretch into silver spring. normal for this time of the morning. a quick look live outside. here is the beltway at new hampshire avenue. again the outer loop slows down a little further over to georgia. a quick look live one more time. here's 270 southbound. your slowest stretch is 109 to 121. here in germantown we're in great shape to the point where the lanes divide. we'll be back after the
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welcome back. 6:24. we've got a yellow alert out today. we're looking at some showers developing here later this morning. here we are at 10:00. temps in the mid to upper 30s. notice the showers around lunch time into parts of the afternoon as well. especially along and east of i- 95. monika? on the beltway in college park, no issues to report. in fact, in prince george's county, we've been in good shape all morning long here on the eastern stretch between 95 and the wilson bridge. no problems on the bw parkway
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or route 50 through cheverly. back to you guys. a d.c. firefighter placed on leave after the controversial death of 77-year- old cecil mills will face a trial board today. >> as you may remember, mills collapsed in january right across the street from a fire station on rhode island avenue. several firefighters reportedly saw it happen and did nothing to help despite pleas from family members. delia goncalves is live in northeast d.c. right outside that rhode island avenue station with a preview of lieutenant killene davis' hearing. >> reporter: we'll finally get to hear from lieutenant davis. she was in charge at engine company 26 right behind me on rhode island avenue that fate fall day. today she'll finally tell her side of the story. according to a scathing city report, the 30-year veteran failed to immediately react to the cries of witnesses and relatives of 77-year-old cecil mills. a long time parks department worker later died at the hospital of a heart attack. the lieutenant has been placed on leave with pay since the
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incident and another firefighter involved was placed on desk duty and a third firefighter has since been reassigned. deputy mayor for public safety says firefighters turped a blind eye -- turned a blind eye. >> it's unacceptable. it makes no sense. it's horrific. >> . >> reporter: heartbreaking. the daughter of cecil mills was right out here in this parking lot embraces her father, cradling him, reassuring him that help was on the way because the firehouse was right across the street. it took about 20 minutes for an ambulance to finally get to them. that hearing starts at 10:00 today at the reeves center on 14th street, open to the public. the four-member board will determine the innocence or the guilt of this lieutenant and even recommend a penalty if that's appropriate. back to you in the studio.
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>> delia, thank you. the pentagon's review of last september's shooting at the navy yard found troubling gaps in the department of defense's ability to protectity employees as well as prevent and respond to attacks. 12 civilian employees were killed when contractor aaron alexis opened fire. the pentagon report blames navy officials and the information technology company which employed alexis for not reporting a pattern of misconduct and disturbing behavior. the report issued several recommendations be made including better and regularly updated background checks, setting up a system to evaluate and handle employees who may pose a threat and it also recommended reducing the number of security clearances handed out by the government. we have new details on the mystery surrounding the malaysia airlines flight. the government there announced that files were recently deleted from the flight simulator found at the home of one of the pilots who were on board flight 370. attention had shifted to the
6:28 am
pilots in recent days, particularly the time frame of the last communication from the cockpit and then the loss of the signal from the plane's transponders. the thai government is increasing support for the belief that the missing malaysian airlines flight took that sharp westward turn after the communication was lost. looks like that turn was no accident. officials now say that the aircraft's first turn west was almost certainly programmed by someone in the cockpit. the program change in direction was entered at least 12 minutes before the plane's copilot signed off to air traffic controllers telling them all right, good night. the u.s.s. kidd has dropped out of the church for the plane. its destroyer and helicopters are no longer looking for flight 370. they say it's partly because australians are taking over the majority of the search in that area. u.s. officials also say fewer american assets will be involved in the search now. check this out. this is a look at the area
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being searched. to try to put this in perspective, it is larger than the entire continental united states, the search area. malaysian airlines flight 370 is what they're looking for, disappeared on march 8 with 239 op pele on board. it left kuala lumpur headed for beijing and then just vanished. the white house will announce a new initiative to give private companies and local governments better access to climate information. the goal is to help us all better understand the risk we face, especially those of us living in coastal areas where flooding is a big issue. the government is also working with several tech companies to develop tools to help communities deal with weather extremes. here's a look outside right now. this is national airport. >> 3 degrees. it looks a little cloudy. howard says if we talk about north and west, there's a chance of precipitation and because of the temperature line, guess what may be coming down. >> freezing rain, howard? >> a slight chance above a thousand feet for our friends
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out west that you might see a brief period of light freezing drizzle or rain. temperatures for the most part are above freezeling. it's a damp cold so it cuts right through you as opposed to being a dry cold. our forecast on this wednesday morning, cloudy and raw, some drizzle and showers for everybody. that will be developing more and more over the next few hours. that wifn ter weather advisory -- winter weather advisory west for higher elevations above a thousand feet for frederick, maryland, loudoun county, fauquier, west into the then dea crow valley. that's -- the shenandoah valley. that's where we're talking about the freezing temperatures. above a thousand of feet we have to have some concern. moisture coming in from north carolina and virginia trying to head our way. most of it is south of interstate 64. we see a couple of sprinkles lift from loudoun to frederick county almost near the pennsylvania border but as far as this afternoon, it's just going to be a raw one with highs in the low to mid-40s and
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damp at times. here's monika now with your latest timesaver traffic. how water, our traffic feature is beginning to show us where all the slow traffic is. this is really when it begins to happen. first of all, zooming into the bw parkway and route 50 inside the beltway, there are no traffic issues. it's just that commuter flow right now at 6:30 in the morning as you head into the northeast corridor. all the potomac and anacostia crossings are doing just fine. here's the beltway in college park. so the outer loop as you just saw slows down beyond this point closer to the 95 silver spring. another live look. this time we're heading into virginia. this is the inbound side of 66 at route 50. your slowest stretch is going to be of course manassas to centreville. then beyond this as you head for vienna and the beltway. we'll wind a live look 270 southbound at father hurley. the delays extend 109 to 121 and then here again in germantown. mike, andrea? >> thank as lot, monika. time to check in with our partners over at cbs this morning. >> that is the lovely gayle
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king. oh, it's the lovely norah o'donnell sitting in the anchor chair at new york this morning to tell us what's ahead. good morning, norah. >> good morning to you, mike and andre ya. i know gayle wishes she was here but she's on spring break. we're going to go to seth in malaysia. he was there as families angry stormed a press conference on flight 370. we'll look introwhy pilots have the power to turn off tracking technology. plus, al qaeda's latest magazine wants terrorists to be inspired by the boston marathon bombings. counterterrorism expert john miller is going to be back in studio 57 with the new tactics. and are you tipping more? how new technology and the power of suggestion may be costing you. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> just do the math. don't feel guilty. >> yes, guilt.
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we'll be watching. anyone who tried to enroll in maryland's health exchange but was unable to complete the application will still be able to get coverage by may 1. you'll just have to prove you started the process by the march 31 open enrollment deadline. maryland's health exchange has been plagued with problems since it debuted last october. today first lady michele obama leaves on a week-long trip to china. she's scheduled to visit three cities and speak to students about education and youth empowerment. she'll also meet with china's first lady. the two will tour the forbidden city and the great wall. been looking for the story all morning. this is something we're used to hearing about every year. an 18-yard standout athlete -- 18-year-old standout athlete gets a scholarship, sometimes multiple scholarships. this story has that element but something else. this is the story of a young renaissance man from florida. we bring you the story of chad
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thomas. >> reporter: take a look at chad on the practice field here. then at signing day choosing the university of miami at his school of choice. this defensive end received 150 scholarship offers but don't blink. it's not all for football. he can play with the best of them. >> reporter: amazing we know but there's more. these are just two of the nine instruments he plays. a proud soon to be graduate of booker t. washington. >> it's a big opportunity to show a lot of people it's not just football. >> reporter: this phenomenally talented senior received 150 scholarship offers in football and in music. the 18-year-old helped lead the tornadoes to back-to-back state championships and a national title this season but says he fell in love with music at the age of 3 while listening to his late grandmother's gospel cds.
6:35 am
thomas said grandma bought him a guitar and signed him up for piano less soons. -- lessons. by the time he was 5 he was performing. now he decided his future home is with the u as part of the football team and with the frost school of music. >> i'm going to major in technology and playing football. >> reporter: the n.f.l. or music production, for thomas the focus is both. >> if i make it to the n.f.l. , that would be a blessing for me. >> reporter: but his love for music is strong and a passion that comes from within. >> i have a major love for music. i took it upon myself to learn how to play the instruments. >> one way or the other, his future is bright, bright, bright. in addition to the piano and trombone, he plays the tuba, a small tuba, the guitar, the base guitar, snare, trumpet and drums. >> he could record each line of music and make an entire song
6:36 am
with no one else in the room. >> he hears the instruments, starts to play it. who knows, violin, cello could be next. >> definitely cool. very cool. 6:35. wusa9 and dc jobs trying to get you hired. darcars automotive group is hiring. to find out more, go to a special congratulations to denise jackson of the district. she's our fan of the day and the winner of a papa johns pizza dinner. i love watching your morning staff. thanks for keeping my family updated and ready for a new day. >> if you want to be our next facebook fan of the day, go to our facebook fan page, click on the budgetton. you can win a dinner from papa johns. make sure you link your favorite facebook picture that has your face on it so we can put you on tv. also, you still have time to
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enter wusa9's bracket challenge. put your bracket up against some of your favorite people right here at wusa9 and you could win a 60-inch tv and a list of other prizes, too. just log on to wusa
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good morning. we're not concerned about the freezing threat but if you're above a thousand feet, there's a slight concern for the next several hours. we're looking at a raw day. showers moving in later this morning on and off through much of the afternoon. high temperatures only into the low 40s. if you're running late for work or you hear your stomach growling, most times you'll turn into a fast food restaurant even if you don't want to. >> that's true. some new research indicates that we live where -- where we live can play a bigger role in how we eat. basically out of sight, out of mind helps us resist indulgences for pizzas, french fries and milk shakes.
6:41 am
continuous exposure to these bright lights of fast food restaurants tempt us to hit our brakes and pull in for a quick bite. in recent studies, people who were exposed to fast food restaurants on their way to work and again back home had an average body mass index of nearly one and a half points higher than people with less exposure. people who passed more fast food restaurants also ate 15% more food and were ties as likely to be obese. >> the study concluded that stopping at a fast food s to do with taste and a lot more to do with convenience. okay. while the warning to eat less fat food may be obvious to all of us, researchers say it's shocking to see the actual weight implications. if you're trying to watch your weight, the next time you drive by a drive-by window, keep on driving. this study is published in the british medical journal. >> maybe chew gums. >> i'm going through so much gum. a pothole causing problems for drivers in capitol heights should be fixed in time for
6:42 am
this morning's commute. >> one local school system makes a decision about snow makeup days. you'll want to hear this one. wusa9 is back woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. we love this kitchen! what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install
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it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. 6:44. as i said earlier all of us will see some sort of precip today. >> looks like most of us that see it today will be in the form of liquid, not solid or sticking. >> not white. >> no, no. we're not completely done with that. there's a chance of snow showers next tuesday. >> does this move out today? >> it's pretty much a one-day affair. by late this afternoon, i think we dry out west to east. here's a look at the winter weather advisory which is still in effect. it's supposed to go till 11:00 a.m. unless it gets dropped earlier. this is for our friends to the west and above a thousand feet elevations. that means most people aren't going or rain. this looks to be fairly light.
6:46 am
looking at our day planner, we have cloudy, raw conditions expected with showers starting to move in by mid-morning. look at the slow climb out of the 30s to the low 40s this afternoon. winds east, northeast to southeast. only about 5 miles an hour or so. but with the dampness around and the showers, these low 40s, it's going to feel like it's in the low 30s perhaps. this cold just cuts right through you. here's a look at doppler 9000. a couple of features i want to point out. moisture coming off the atlantic. see that moving almost west. look at all the rain in north carolina. it's generally light. see how it's expanding and moving toward the north, northwest and making a turn toward the north, north east as it gets in our neck of the woods. going on doppler 9000, you can follow the light sprinkles that are moving across the area. we've seen a few fresher showers if you will develop in delaware and just in toward northeast calvert county now into the bay pulling away. temps, that's the other piece of the puzzle this morning. they're cold but most, almost all are still above freezing
6:47 am
with 34 for winchester and 36 in luray. 34 andrews. in d.c. we're 38. we talked about elevation. bull run mountain is 30 degrees. that would be the little bit of concern that if there's any drizzle or a couple of sprinkles before they get above freezing, that's where we could have glazing. 35 alexandria. rockville 34 with annapolis at 36 along with alexandria. lots of clouds showing up on our michael & son weather camera. sunrise still agent bit away from here, a good 30, 40 minutes now with a temperature of 38. northeast wind at 7 gives us a windchill of 33. but i think with the dampness it feels more like it's in the 20s this morning. moisture lifting to the north in response to a system from the west. s that comes in here, it's dragging up some of that moisture that's why we'll see the clouds thicken more than they are already. if you're going to be west of the blue ridge, i don't think you'll see that much in the way of precip but as you get closer to the i-95 corridor and
6:48 am
especially east of town, this is where you'll see more shower. heavier showers. here we are at 3:00 p.m. to the south and west we're already starting to dry out when you get into fauquier county and points west. by late afternoon, 6:00 p.m., most of toes showers by then a- - those showers by then along and east ofbay. our forecast today only 43, yellow alert for the drizzle, the showers. it's going to slow you down on the commute this afternoon midday and also any outdoor plans. tonight not dropping off much. 40, perhaps upper 30s. tomorrow spring begins. 12:57 in the afternoon. it will be a breezy day but much milder. upper 50s, low 60s on friday. slight chance of an afternoon shower generally north of us. then on saturday a front comes so we'll be 65. but that also may give us a shower. here comes the cold back here by tuesday. monika is not smiling at all. she's ready to kick me. sns and 40. >> it's all your fault, howard. we told you, make it stop. southbound i-270, make this stop. wow, from our sky 9. this is at the point where the lanes divide on the southbound side
6:49 am
of i-270 so it's going to she right here at the split. overall delays also growing very quickly. let's take a look at our traffic feature. i'm show what you we were just looking at. i'm going to zoom into it right here. this is the red line we just saw on sky 9. overall we have the delays coming out of frederick. it's going to be off and on that yellow line and the red 109 to 121 which i know is normal but you want to know about it before you head out the door in case there's anything else going on. let's take a little tour. a live look here on the beltway in college park. the outer loop slows closer to the 95 interchange now as you head west to georgia avenue. that slow stretch westbound on 495. we'll take another look now at the american legion bridge west side of town things are in great shape across the potomac river as you can see. there are no problems on 66 or the dulles toll road coming into the beltway. a quick look now as you travel on the northbound side of i-95. you've got that slow stretch coming out of woodbridge. it's going to be off and on as
6:50 am
you head to newington. a live look heading in springfield northbound on 95. mike, you've got a report on potholes. indeed we do. some of them driving you crazy? guess what, fernando witcher nominated some of the potholes in neighboring capitol heights. he writes, the worst pothole in state of maryland is what i'm talking about, corner of walker mill road and karen boulevard. so bad they had to put five cones in the hole. we have good news for you. by the time you hit the road this morning, these holes should be fbied. they were caused by a ruptured water main. so we contacted the wssc. they told us they were going to work overnight to repair that pain and patch the road. they say the permanent repairs can't be mailed till we get consistently warm weather around here. if you have a pothole that's driving you crazy, we would like to help you get it fixed. send us an e-mail by going to include the cross street if you can and if it's safe, please take a picture, too.
6:51 am
it's time to answer the question of the morning. the average american eats 244 of these each year. is it a, bugs, b, hot dogs, c, eggs? >> our facebook friend valerie wrote a. we do it without knowing. that's bugs. >> but the answer is -- i do this -- c, eggs. in fact, i probably eat a little bit more. >> the
6:52 am
♪ imagine if everything you learned led to the one job you always wanted. at university of phoenix we believe every education- not just ours- should be built around the career that you want.
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imagine that.
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[ stand by for captions ] once again 11, 19, 24, 33, 51 and that megaball is 7. one of those people is a million dollar winner. the other is the jackpot sold again in charles county. we're live in prince george's county, i'm nikki burdine. ukrainian soldier is dead. the soldier was killed when russian troops opened fire at a military base in crimea.
6:55 am
ukraine's prime minister says the shooting has escalated the conflict there from a political one to a military one. russian president lat mile an hour putin signed an -- lat mile an hour putin signed an agreement making crimea russian territory. a radar showed an unidentified plane flying west of malaysia just minutes after the transponder signal of malaysia airlines flight 370 was lost on march 8. thy officials say they didn't realize -- release the information before because the signal was not heading toward thailand so it didn't raise any alarms. charles severance due back in a west virginia courtroom today. a judge is going to decide if he will be released on bond. police in alexandria want to question severance about three unsolved murders dating back ten years. he plans to fight extradition from wheeling, west virginia. he was arrested there last week on a warrant for a weapons charge in loudoun county. virginia prosecutors have set aside some of the charges related to last month's murder
6:56 am
of police reserve captain kevin quick. mercedes shelton and daniel mathis had been charged with quick's stolen toyota forerunner. those charges have been dropped. quick's body was found nearly a week after he disappeared and days after his vehicle was recovered. all of the snow days this winter are taking a toll on local school systems. tonight prince william county school board is going to vote on how to make up those lost days. right now the county says it does not plan to seek a waiver from the state of virginia for any of those lost hours. howard? not a snow day but a yellow alert day. we do have drizzle and showers that will be developing with us on and off through at least mid afternoon. only about 43. spring begins tomorrow and we'll be in the upper 50s and 60s friday and saturday with a chance for an afternoon shower before it turns cold again. monika? >> the good news is we only have slow traffic. the bad news is we have lost of slow traffic. on the outer loop it's 95 to
6:57 am
georgia avenue. and we'll head over to the northbound side of 395. oh, boy, that's the 14th street bridge headed on to the freeway. >> quicker to swim. >> it's a little slow as well in landmark and springfield. >> that's 66 in springfield. >> that's 395. >> wow. >> got to see it to believe it. cbs this morning is next. at only 4 years old, he's college basketball's youngest coach. >> dan crawford is going to introduce you to a child that is stealing the spotlight on the sideline. >> howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and weather. >> if you can't join us later on, join us any time for news, weather and traffic on get our free app and also our facebook page. we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:25. have a great day, everybody. take care.
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good morning. it is wednesday, march 19th 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning".." chaos as angry families of flight


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