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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  July 15, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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sent in this video from college park near i-95 and the park and ride. so just how much rain are we in for? topper shutt is tracking the storms that are in behind the red alert. >> there's no bright yellows in the immediate metro area. no severe thunderstorm warnings at this hour, but there's a severe thunderstorm watch. fairfax, montgomery, and all of southern maryland. you folks out in loudoun county are clear and even out toward fauquier county, you're clear. not to say you won't have a shower, but the threat for severe weather is over. but the watch will continue in the immediate metro area until 9:00. radar over the past three hours, there goes our first blast of severe weather. now we have a second line trying to develop. a little cell north of leesburg and extending across 66 down into the warrenton area. these are heavy. these are all red, which indicates heavy activity on the radar. right now, no reports of hail or wind, but be advised. these are going to produce heavy downpours and flash
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flooding. so, please take it easy if you're going out 66 westbound. you have a little bit of a break right now if you're going down 95 south for the time being. everything is moving off to the east. in fact, this is very heavy rain. either side of 15, and also down toward nokesville. some heavy rain. we'll track these for you. they will roll eastward right into the rush hour. headed toward fairfax at 6:32 and tyson's corner at 6:46. so again this is round two. right now to the west, not quite as severe, but still pretty heavy in terms of rain fall and the potential for some flash flooding. here's a look at our future cast. you see that purple, that's crazy heavy activity and this is at 7:00 tonight. so that's about as heavy as it gets. by 7:00 into southern maryland, you see the second line trying to form and look at all the red and yellow. so you folks in calvert county, eastern prince georges county and charles county, get ready
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for round two between 7:00 and 9:00. now we'll send it over to mr. broom where there was damage out there earlier. right? >> well, topper, you declare red alerts for a reason. here in silver spring. this house struck by an ancient oak tree and at home at the time was 20-year-old, acer lewis. >> i was watching it escalate outside, because we have a back porch and kind of just watching it blow and blow and all of a sudden, it came at once. just one big gust. >> not far from here at the intersection of new hampshire avenue. it was power lines who came down. entangling a tractor trailer. forcing the closure of the busy road while crews dealt with the dangerous situation, no one was hurt. in time lapse, witnessed the power of mother nature as she lines up to throw her punches. within minutes, incinerating strokes of lightning lit up the
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horizon. the storms came with wind gusts that push sheets of rain in the blinding curtains. minor flash flooding was one result. another result, down trees and power lines. many streets blocked and power outages that came hand in hand. fortunately, damage like this tree on a house was not the norm. but where the storm struck, it struck hard. >> and no one was injured in any of these incidents in the maryland suburbs this afternoon. that's gad news and here at woodmore drive, the tree guys just showed up to try to take care of this before the next round of storms comes in. reporting live in silver spring, wusa9. >> scott, plenty of work for those tree guys as trees went crashing down in bethesda in the afternoon storms as well. we found some serious damage on bradley boulevard. stafford road and wilson lane, once again, the good niewrksz nobody hurt. new tonight, montgomery county changing school boundaries to help an achievement gap among some
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minority students. several council members called for boundary changes after studies found minority achievement went up when they went home. closing the achievement gap a moral imperative. d.c. police are changing their story and their policy in the wake of a wusa9 investigation on officers running red lights. originally, police said the reason for throwing out tickets uncovered in our report was because they were all on what they called, valid police business. for months, police denied our interview requests, but investigative reporter pursued d.c. ice police chief for answers and tonight you'll hear her acknowledge that her own officers broke the law in some cases. russ joins us with more. >> we focused our investigation on police cars caught on camera running red lights and d.c. system throwing their tickets out. a system that now even the
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chief says wrongly let some of her officers off. she defends many as justified. >> this is one i would justify myself. this is one i have is not justified. >> it took six months of requests to get d.c. police chief, kathy lanier to sit down with us and sort through videos uncovered in our investigation showing her officers running red lights. >> i have this is not something i would not justify. >> a person's arrest and for an assault, so this is one i would justify. >> this one i said, no way. this should not have been justified. >> this one i have is not justified. >> the chief's acknowledgment this month that it was not justified to throw out some of the tickets we identified is quite different from the department's original statement saying its review showed the dismissed tickets were voided for valid police business. during our investigation, we identified 14 cases thrown out in 2012 and 2013 where video or
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supporting documents didn't explain why police requested the tickets be dismissed. the chief acknowledges we found some red light tickets that should have never been thrown out. >> i'm wondering why the supervisor would send this through and ask for it to be waved. >> waived. >> makes a right from the center line. records show no proof of an emergency or the required supervisor's approval. >> very suspicious. >> so do i. no signature, it shouldn't have been approved. that's the bottom line. >> some of the tickets were issued as long ago as november 2011, well beyond the department's policy requiring officers be disciplined within 90 days of an infraction. >> if it was within the 90 days, yes, he could be disciplined. >> should the supervisor be disciplined in. >> absolutely. >> to avoid tickets, members of the force must be responding to an emergency call and sound
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an audible signal. >> we don't know, there's no audio. we can't tell. >> the chief says she gives officers the benefit of the doubt. >> whenever you come, it's instinct when you are coming to an intersection, you are hitting the air horn. >> although she found mpd was justified in having more than half of the cases thrown out. the chief did identify six as improper dismissals. six that she repeatedly referred to as two or three. >> and given that i have 1600 cars that operate so far this year, 6.2 million miles of road miles that we operate on. to think that 2 or 3 in a three- year period has gotten by with a wrong justification, i could be feeling a lot worse. >> the six cases that violated d.c. traffic law included this one. >> he almost hits that car. he has no emergency equipment activated. there's just no justification for this whatsoever. >> and this one. >> there's pedestrians. traffic coming. >> i would not have justified this.
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>> watch this unmarked car closely. >> i looked at this one several times. >> this is a justified dismissal of a ticket. >> responding for an assault with a deadly weapon. >> she believes the taillights are strobe flashing, indicating emergency equipment is activated. >> see them, back and forth, back and forth. that's the way the lights work. >> maybe if we go frame by frame, this will be clear. >> it's alternating. >> what i see, that's a right turning lane. >> back up, this one was blinking and this one and that one. >> the chief justified another ticket to the same car, the same driver, ten months later. >> in this case, video shows the lights blinking, but more like brake or hazard lights. >> i would have justified that. >> watch this marked police car mark the red light with pedestrians at the crosswalk and a truck in the intersection. the chief says it is one of two identified in our investigation dismissed by the dmv without
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police requests. >> we have the proof that the officer paid the ticket. >> dmv says you requested that it be rescinded. >> i don't see any documentation. >> according to the department of motor vehicles, records show that mpd requested the tickets be voided on december 17, 2012. >> there's no request from us here. it's a mistake. human beings make mistakes. >> after our investigation? >> i don't know anyone who paid the ticket. >> according to dmv, on june 18, 2014, mpd requested that d.c.dmv cancel the void for ticket, so it could be paid by the mpd employee who received it. that was a month after our first investigation aired. dmv says that other ticket on our list was paid january 21, 2013, before our investigation. chief lanier acknowledged she looked at only whether she believed officers violated
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district traffic laws. >> in terms of the law, i think this would be justified. >> mpd policy is different than dc traffic laws. the department's policy requires police to open both front windows and to stop before entering the intersection when facing a red signal, all with emergency warning devices activated. none of the 14 cases we reviewed met that standard. >> we look at them separately. if you violate the law, you pay the fine. if you violate the policy, then we do an internal investigation and you are eligible for discipline. the law is what these tickets are issued for, right? a violation of the law. >> dmv on one side, police on the other. continue to point the finger at one another as to who made two of those tickets initially disappear. there's a whole other issue here. that's the police policy requiring officers to stop before blowing red lights. i watched them run through red lights. the chief ended the interview,
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but in the end, she did acknowledge some of the officers and at least one supervisor did not do this by the book. those officers got off where you or i would have been ordered to pay that ticket. >> they went from not answering questions to saying they would answer questions saying these were all valid police business, then oops, maybe not. but there's nothing we can do about it at this point because that was so long ago. >> so the police department has a policy. if an officer has done something wrong more than 90 days ago, it's too late for them to take any action against that officer. now, the police department did contact us yesterday and said they are taking action to try to prevent this from happening again. they have a new policy and from now on, any time someone wants to request a ticket get thrown out, they have to go through the chief's office. provide a good explanation and a supervisor's signature before it will go through and the chief's office has to approve it, too. >> she wants to be in the loop. >> i don't think she wants
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another request for an interview. >> i don't think so either, russ. thank you. the immigration crisis is igniting a fight in our neighborhood. peggy fox with the latest from local leaders
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as the immigration battle unfolds nationally, now it has landed right in our neighborhood in prince william county where some of those children are now staying. >> and some county leaders are not happy about that. they want to send the kids
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back. >> i'm peggy fox in prince william county where the board voted to get answers from the federal government about the immigrant children who crossed the border and are now staying here in bristow, virginia. it's a tough issue. what to do with the tens and thousands of unaccompanied children streaming across the nation's border. some have been brought here now to the youth for tomorrow in bristow, virginia, a nonprofit home for children in crisis. it was founded and chaired by former redskins coach, joe gibbs. prince william county executive thinks the children should be sent back. >> we don't want the federal government to be putting these kids and prince william county were concerned. >> the prince william county board of supervisors, work with the congressional delegation to find out just how many children are here, how long they'll stay, and what their needs from the county will be. this bristow mom agrees. >> so send them back, even if it's dangerous? >> isn't it dangerous here?
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don't we need to worry about people in our neighborhood? >> but this bristow mom whose parents came from el salvador said let the children stay. >> they should stay here. >> in prince william county, wusa9. >> all right, now let's take a live look outside. that's national airport where right now, the weather is calm, but apparently, it's not going to stay that way. we'll have the latest coming up hiiiii.
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this is a red alert day. now here's wusa9's first alert weather. >> well top, you declared a red alert day earlier because the damaging winds heading through and we had some storm warnings and perhaps even a tornado warning earlier. >> a funnel cloud south into charles county. >> this is some video from prince william county. some rain video taken earlier. you say round two is brewing. >> round two is growing a little bit in coverage and also in insnitensity. we are looking at round two. the bulls eye will be east of i- 95 and into southern maryland. that said, even fairfax county and d.c. and even prince william county could have some heavy storms as they move through. here's a look at our currents brought to you by michael and
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son. it's still 79 at national. dew points are still in the 70s. winds southeast at 7. don't look for any rush to cool air behind round one. that will occur behind round two. all right, here's a look at the severe weather map alerts and just a severe thunderstorm watch, that's all we got going until 9:00. no warnings right now. frederic county, maryland, loudoun county, and fauquier county and points west have been kicked out of the watch for now. you still may have a shower if you're trying to have a cookout, but the severe weather certainly the threat is much higher off to the east. now for a look at those storms that are brewing and kind of growing in intensity, here's erica groh. >> topper, we have been keeping you updated on the passage of round one and we have round two making its way toward us. let's take a look at doppler 9,000. a three hour loop showing you that first round that moved to the east and now we're watching another line develop and we'll zoom in here so you can see how quickly this line actually started to take shape and
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blossom. it actually only took about a half hour for these storms to go from 0 to intense. you can see as we take a look at a picture of the intensity of the rain fall almost 3 inches per hour in this cell that is just to the south of warrenton and we also have very heavy rain in northern prince william county. same deal. about 2 3/4 inches per hour. we have also seen some pretty intense lightning strikes with these newly developing storm cells that will continue to track for you. >> all right, erica, thank you. severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 except for extreme north and west. main threat is wind damage, no doubt about that. critical times, now until about 9:00. bulls eye will be east of i-95 and into southern maryland. so we're concerned about charles county, st. mary's county, and that area. so, your day planner. 70 at 7:00. could be a few early morning clouds, especially east of i- 95, then it gets beautiful. 76 at 11:00.
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80 at 1:00. the next three days, here's our reward. beautiful on wednesday, 83. still very nice on thursday 84. not humid and still nice on friday. maybe an isolated storm, but as you can plan your outdoor activities friday night. next seven days, we're looking at temperatures really staying below 90. a couple showers and storms over the weekend. not crazy. nats on 9 both saturday and sunday. the brewers in town and then next monday, tuesday, maybe a little better chance of storms, but temperatures in check. high temperatures in the upper 80s. >> that's good. >> thank you. >> some reward. hang in there. >> you can get through it. we're going to help you through it. we're also going to help you find the best and worse gas prices in your area. tonight we head into the district. the cheapest gas is at the bp on 5001 connecticut avenue northwest. you can fill up there for $3.98. >> really, that's the cheapest? >> it's all relative, right? especially when you see where you can go and pay $4.60 at 1576 wisconsin avenue at the
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shell. or you could just walk to work. give yourself some extra time. >> save some gas. >> it's a gas day. i'm going to be late because i can't afford to fill up the car. >> i'm going to ride my bike. the washington redskins do not sign brian orakpo to a long- term deal. oh my goodness. >> we want to hear more about this. dave owens will tell us about future of the redskins linebacker. [ horns honking ]
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>> pelley: tonight, severe weather all over the map. billions are on alert for thunderstorms. temperatures plunge in the midwest, and americans everywhere will pay a price for the western drought. reports from jamie yuccas, carter evans and eric fisher. wyatt andrews on the v.a. drawing fire on capitol hill. >> we respect the oversight of every single one of you on this committee. >> your commitment is appreciated but it is not believed. >> pelley: no-hands photography. elizabeth palmer uses only her mind to take thisicture. (laughter) and vanita nair with pete tucci, when he could no longer


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