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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  July 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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ursday. u.s. officials say there's strong evidence right now that pro-russian rebels shot the plane down with a miss ilin -- missile in eastern ukraine. the number of palestinian dead has topped 500 people in this month's conflict with israel and hamas. sunday was the deadliest day of fighting so far. 13 israeli soldiers were killed, including two who were u.s. citizens. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is trying to work out a cease-fire. several central american presidents are expected at the white house later this week to discuss unaccompanied children who have illegally crossed into the u.s. so far congress has not acted on president obama's request for almost $4 billion to address that issue. count them. just five more days until phase one of metro's silver line opens to passengers. metro is running trains along the route this week as it prepares to welcome customers on saturday. the line runs through tysons corner out to reston. video taken by a drone shows the devastation caused by wildfires in central washington
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state. after massive evacuations, now the fire's mocht seems to be taking -- movement seems to be taking it deeper into the forest and away from nearby towns. 5,000 firefighters are battling that blaze. hazy, hot and humid. july is back to its normal weather. here's olga. >> that's what we've got in store for you today. partly to mostly cloudy skies. the cloud cover moving on in this morning. temperatures are mild. most of us sitting in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. we'll increase our clouds flew midday and early -- through midday and early afternoon. could see a late day shower popping on through but highs headed for the mid-80s. overnight lows will be reasonable as we get into tonight. down in the 70s. yes, a little bit of an opportunity each day through the remainder of the week. monika? bad accident right now on the southbound side of i-270 involving a motorcycle. it's been here for about half an hour or so. a live look from our sky 9 where crews are on the scene. the motorcycle off to the side of the roadway. left lane remains closed and you've got at least a one-mile
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solid backup heading for this accident southbound 270 after route 109 but before route 121. in fact, let's go to a graphic so i can show you where it is on the southbound side right down here and you've got this backup causing about i'd say half an hour delay for you now out of frederick into germantown. again, only that right lane is getting by. let's take a live look into springfield on the northbound side of i-95. this is doing well. it's just that volume right now that's formed heading for the beltway. off and on on 395 as you head for the 14th street bridge. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is headed for egypt to try to broker a cease-fire deal between israel and hamas militants. this morning the palestinian death toll in this month's conflict topped 500 people. >> yesterday was the deadlyliest day of fighting so far. tens of thousands of palestinians are fleeing their homes in search of safe shelter. >> the tragedy in gaza is
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beyond comprehension. the hospitals are overwhelmed with a number of injured civilians. >> the solution to the current crisis is very simple. if it's going to be quiet in israel, it's going to be quiet in gaza. >> 13 israeli soldiers were killed yesterday. those deaths include two american citizens. a united nations resolution calls for the protection of civilians in gaza and immediate humanitarian assistance. international outrage growing as investigators head to the crash site of malaysia flight 17. separatists have already tampered with evidence since thursday's downing that killed 298 passengers and crew. ko im has more. unrest and uncertainty lie in ukraine. more than 250 bodies were found
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stacked in refrigerated boxcars and moved off site. 192 passengers on the doomed flight -- [indiscernible] relatives are pleading for their loved ones to return home. >> i'm hurt. my heart is broken. i have to find a way to live. >> reporter: the u.s. says there's powerful evidence hamas rebels used a missile to shoot down the plane. >> it points the involvement of russia in providing the assistance, training the people on them. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin says he supports a cooperative investigation but it appears the crash site may already be compromised. >> it is an absolutely shambolic situation. it does look more like a garden cleanup than a forensic investigation. >> reporter: the united nations security council is expected to vote later today on a resolution calling for a cease- fire in the area.
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and demanding that investigators be granted full access to the crash site. ko im, cbs news. >> the bodies and black boxes will be turned over to experts according to rebels. there's going to be a book of condolences set up in the lobby of the netterred embassy -- netherlands embassy in northwest for people to sign today and tomorrow. people brought flowers and lit candles to both the dutch and netherlands embassies this weekend. it's 6:05. d.c. police are investigating a sunday night mud in northeast. a man was shot just after 9:30 near the corner of 48th and minnesota avenues. >> the man died from his injuries. police scanner mentioned there was a lookout for a car connected to the shooting but no word on any suspect or motive in the case. a capitol hill staffer has pleaded not guilty to a felony
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weapons charge. he appeared in d.c. superior court over the weekend. he's the press secretary for pennsylvania congressman tom marino. >> police say ryan schucard was carrying a handgun when he entered the cannon office building friday morning. his attorney says the incident was unintentional. schucard is free on his own recognizance. a d.c. judge plans to rule on the proposed merger between the corcoran gallery of art and two large institutions. >> save the corcoran wants to stop the plan to merge with george washington university and national gallery of art. the opposing group says the corcoran had been badly mismanaged and could survive as an independent museum if only it had better fund raising and management. a local mother explains why she let her son make the perilous journey from central america to make it here to the
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united states. that story still coming up. >> and how much rent prices are straining family buckets around d.c. 6:07 --
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n. we'll keep the cloud cover through the afternoon. highs around the middle range 80s. you'll definitely notice the humidity all day long. chance for a late day shower, just a chance of a possibility later today. president obama plans to meet with his counterparts from guatemala, el salvador and hon honduras. they're coming to washington to
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discuss the illegal children entering the u.s. some parents are willing to explain why it's necessary. >> we spoke with a local mother whose son faces deportation. she talks about how keeping her son at home was just as dangerous as sending him on the long road to the u.s. >> reporter: an undocumented immigrant from el salvador is getting reacquainted with her 6- year-old son after a two-year separation. last month he made the thand on foot with his teenage cousin. she knew it was a dangerous trip. >> probably can be killed. they can be hungry. there are many risks. >> reporter: but the risks of living daniel in elis a v.a. door -- el salvador were greater. >> when they go to school, they go through two gang dominated territories. the gangs force them off the bus and you don't know if you'll ever see your kids again. >> reporter: for three extush
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yating weeks she -- excruciating weeks she wait itself anxiously. -- waited anxiously. >> counting the days and the hours waiting to hear what has happened to them. >> reporter: daniel was picked up by immigration officials shortly after he and his cousin swam across the rio grande. they joined the thousands of children processed in detention nters and moved to facilities until they can be reunited with relatives. local immigration activists say his story is no different from scores maybe hundreds of other parents forced into the difficult decision of sending their children on a dangerous journey. the white house and congress are wrestling over ways to stem the influx of more children and expedite itself deportation of the ones who are here. in hyattsville, are a, armando
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trull. here is another look at the question of the morning. 2012 was the first year that more women than men purchased these. is it a, tattoos, b, guns, or c, motorcycles? >> facebook friend sue mcgraw says i remember all the talk about banning guns went on the rise and that the ammo shelves were bare. so my answer is b, guns. post your guess and comments on our wusa9 facebook page. we'll have more of your responses and the correct survey answer
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at 6:15, time to take a look at your money. despite gains in the u.s. friday, investors aren't feeling so hot this morning. asian markets reported mixed closings. checking the numbers here, today the dow will open just over the 17,000 mark after gaining 123 points. the s&p 500 jumped 20 points. the nasdaq added a whopping 69 points. those healthy jumps friday came after positive earnings reports from google, general electric, and other big companies. if you've tried to rent an apartment or a house, you know it's not easy and it's not cheap. new information highlights just how bad a shortage of affordable housing may be across our region. hank silverburg takes a closer look.
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>> i have my two young kids. they live in this room. >> reporter: james ray lives in a two bedroom apartment with his wife and two kids in anacostia. they work full-time and pay about a thousand bucks a month for rent. but they are like many people across the region forced to pay more than 30% of their income just for a place to live. >> this might be the only thing that takes away from me paying on the electric. it takes away from food. >> reporter: the council of government says more than half the region's population pays too much for rental housing. the standard part like the rays -- apartment like the rays are in luxury high-rises. >> people who work in a day care center or are technicians at a medical center, they're making decent money but in this market, it's not quite enough. >> reporter: the average cost of an apartment in the region is $1320 a month. again, that's average. 50% pay more. arlington county has the highest rates, an average of $1570 a month. prince george's county is the
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lowest at $1110. what's needed across the region are more units like these in arlington. the study says 94,000 more are needed to help bring the cost of rentals down. >> you have to have the public sector, nonprofit development sector as well as the philanthropic sector at the table to help with regard to solutions. >> reporter: if you have a downpayment, the alternative is fine but the same report says almost one-third of the homeowners in the region also pay more than 30% of their income on housing. >> the system should look forward to helping people and families that's like this, trying to make an honest living instead of taking from us. >> reporter: in the district, hank silverberg, wusa9. >> this is the first time the council of governments put together a complete study of rental units in the region. >> i don't know about you but i see all these apartment and condo buildings going up all across and you wonder who can afford these. >> they're beautiful. you know they have to be pretty pricey. beautiful may not be the word we use to describe the
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forecast, but olga is here-- >> the beautiful olga is here. >> in beautiful blue. she's here to tell us all about it. >> some people like the overcast days. for them, hey, it's actually going to be nice. our conditions this morning for running a little bit on the muggy side. not yet starting out though if you want to get out and get that jog or that run in this morning, that would be the time to do it before the daytime heating really kicks in. humidity will be high into the afternoon. in fact, we're already getting there but right now from our michael & son cam, looks pretty tranquil, pretty nice. we have a mix of sun and clouds if you're just stepping out the door and temperatures will push quickly through the 70s. in fact, we'll hit the 80- degree mark before your lunch break this midday. into the afternoon, though, overcast skies are definitely going to take over. our highs should make it to right around 86 degrees. that will happen right after 4:00, closer to the 5:00 hour. and then we'll get some partial clearing as we head into the evening. still partly cloudy overnight
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tonight. yes, mild temperatures on the way as we head into early tuesday morning. so here are your weather headlines. we're starting out with a mix of some sunshine and some clouds into the afternoon. and, yes, we're definitely seeing warmer, more humid conditions. an afternoon shower is possible, mainly west of town. a sprinkle could get a little bit closer to the beltway. yes, some mild and muggy temperatures overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. here's what we're dealing with at the present time. 73 at reagan national. humidity is really creeping up there. and we've kept our winds for the morning light and variable. mainly out of the south and the southeast. but at times we have seen some southwesterly winds at well. the current temperatures across the board are mainly 70s. lower 70s west of town. we're just now popping with 568 for winchester. this will be pretty much the overnight lows and things will really heat up into the afternoon. overall the hour-by-hour forecast is giving us a bit of a break this morning. dry conditions for 6:00 a.m. by noontime scattered showers again, mainly west of town. not everyone is going to see a shower late today.
6:20 am
dry commute home by 6:00. 7:00. yes, overnight tonight the clouds really sock us in. early tomorrow morning will be dry but by tomorrow afternoon, another round of showers and thunderstorms start to creep on through and all of this is ahead of a frontal system. this is really going to adjust things as we get into the middle ever the week. highs for today 86 for reagan national. we should see about 86 out toward leesburg and down toward fredricksburg as well. tomorrow morning mild and muggy. the overcast skies are going to keep temperatures fairly uniform into the early morning hours. by tomorrow afternoon, we're warming it up even more heading for highs pushing the upper 80s and, yes, we could see 90 degrees in the city center for tomorrow. so the forecast over the next three days will feature some overcast skies. chance of showers each day. we ramp it up. 92 by wednesday. by thursday, though, the front is close enough to trigger some showers and thunderstorms. strong downpours possible. heavy rains. maybe even some strong storms but behind it it's quite nice
6:21 am
on friday. lots of sunshine through midday on friday with only a slight chance for a late day shower. it's been a really, really tough ride on the southbound side of i-270 this morning for about the last hour or so with a motorcycle crash on the southbound side after route 109. it's blocking off the left lane. the single right lane has been getting by only for a while and it is really tough, at least 35 minutes from frederick to clarksburg. a live look now from our sky 9. i'm going to step out so you see it here with the motorcycle off to the side of the roadway. the police on the scene. it looks like they have opened up that left lane for the time being while that investigation and cleanup continues. so at least letting some traffic through. it's a solid backup well before route 109 heading southbound on i-270. you know, just maybe you want to consider route 355. why would you want to sit in this. i'll keep you posted on that situation. back to the maps. there's another crash. this one is on the westbound side of i-66.
6:22 am
it's just before route 28 in centreville. i no two lanes are blocked but luckily if anything it's against the rush hour flow. it is attracting attention, though, on the inbound side as you can see coming in from centreville some slow traffic. then just a tiny bit of slow stuff of the again, that crash is on the westbound side of i- 66. we'll take a live look in spring field northbound on i- 95. this is still running smoothly to and across the beltway. we're trying to keep gas prices from driving you crazy this morning. according to aaa's fuel finder, the cheapest gas is going for $3.35 a gallon at the gas mart on main street in toms brook, virginia. at the strasburg service center at mass nutten street -- mass newten street, regular unleaded
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. welcome back. we definitely have some overcast skies starting on over. it's been a pretty quiet morning. warm and muggy. temperatures right now are in the 70s, lower 70s. some upper 60s west of town but we'll see highs in the mid-80s. boy, delays begin up in frederick for this motorcycle crash on the southbound side of i-270 after route 109 although they've reopened the lanes i would say temporarily to let the traffic through. the damage is done again. delays at route 85 heading southbound on i-270.
6:26 am
more coming up. >> thanks, monika. we're now just five days away from the opening phase of metro's silver line. you'll see trains running this week. >> that's even though the first passengers aren't going to be getting on board until saturday afternoon. wusa9's nikki burdine joins us live from the east falls church metro station with more. hey there, nikki. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, yesterday those simulated rides started with no customers, just employees testing out the new line. but today could be the first day we really start to see the effects the new silver line could have on other lines. that's because it will be running during rush hour. those trains are already running over the new 11 miles of track stopping at five stations, checking signals, training the drivers, that sort of thing. the new line will run from largo to east falls church and split to the new route through tysons and on to wiehle avenue. this is video from on board one of those new trains. metro says about 10% of its riders will see delays thanks to the new line along the blue
6:27 am
and orange lines. congressman gerry connolly spoke about the project at a ribbon cutting over the weekend. >> i'm so excited that something that was a dream and didn't look very promising 19 years ago has come to fruition. >> reporter: he's not alone. a lot of other ride worries live or work in tysons say they're excited about this new line to get them to that area quicker. again, testing will last all week long till saturday, july 26 when customers can finally take a ride. east falls church metro, i'm nikki burdine. back to you. >> nikki, thank you. according to officials with metro's workers union, employees will be protesting this morning outside of metro headquarters good they accuse the board of fair hikes -- fare hikes. they're going to have a 15-foot inflatable camel -- yes, camel -- to draw attention to their concerns. the d.c. department of transportation will begin
6:28 am
moving streetcars into place on h street. each streetcar in the fleet will be moved from trucks on to the tracks. >> a spokesperson says the operation will be a long, involved process. testing of those new streetcars will begin on wednesday. sunday night marked 45 years since man set foot on the moon for the very first time. >> that's one small step for man, one giant leap for man kind. >> neil armstrong took those historic first steps on july 20, 1969. >> to mark the anniversary, nassau tv broadcast restored footage of armstrong and buzz aldrin's moon walk. armstrong died two years ago. they'll name the new building at kennedy space center after him. just taking a look outside with our camera, not from the perspective of the moon, it's cloudy this morning. >> absolutely. olga breese is live on the
6:29 am
weather terrace with your forecast. what's going on out there? we're off to a great start. we're under a light and comfortable breeze. temperatures hovering in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. we're going to increase our cloud cover as we head into the afternoon. we'll quickly move out of the 70s into the 80s by about noontime. yes, an opportunity for a late day shower for some of us but again most of this will be west of the beltway. it does look like our high today in the city center should hit right around 86 degrees. other areas should be very close to that. and then we'll actually have some partial clearing as we go into late evening and into the beginning of the overnight. but don't be fooled. the cloud cover is coming back overnight tonight and into our tuesday forecast. monika this. i want to let everybody know about this crash on the southbound side of i-270. it's been there for a while now, over an hour. look at this redline. the crash is after route 109
6:30 am
but before route 121. it's a motorcycle involved. it's off to the side of the roadway. let's take a live look from our sky 9 right now on the southbound side of i-270. again, that crash causing delays from at least route 85. what they've done is opened up the lanes while that investigation and cleanup continues. they may close a lane again. they have not told us yet. in the meantime with the two lanes getting by, hopefully delays will get a little bagain the brake lights begin at route 85. in fact, let's go back to the map on the southbound side of i- 270. i was measuring how long it's going to take you. i'm going to say about 35 minutes from frederick down to clarksburg. that is about double the time it usually takes in the summer at this time. over to the other side of town. 66 there was a crash on the westbound side right before route 28 also take another live look outside. here's what it looks like on the northbound side of i-95 'in springfield. let's see if we can take a look on the other side of the
6:31 am
beltway. outer loop slows in silver spring near colesville road. 6:31. time to see what our part nears at cbs this morning are covering. >> let's check in with charlie rose live in new york. good morning, charlie. >> ahead we have crews in ukraine, the netherlands and moscow to cover flight 17, including the investigation into who downed the plane. travel editor peter greenburg is in studio 57 and he looks at how the airline industry is responsessing to the crash. why it could mean longer and more expensive flights. and a mother arrested for letting her 9-year-old play in the park alone. legal analysts is in studio 57 with what parents need to know about their right. all of that and more. the news is back in the morning. see yoqnu at 7:00. >> charlie, we'll be watching. today president obama awards the nation's highest military honor to a soldier who nearly died six years ago this morning. >> ryan pitts and his unit were attacked by taliban insurgents in july 2008.
6:32 am
nine of his fellow soldiers died. despite being unable to walk after a grenade explosion, he fired a machine gun and lobbed grenades at the enemy. he nearly died after reinforcements arrived. the pentagon said he explained incredible courage and honor. police need your help in tracking down a missing woman. 44-year-old han ha covington was last seen around 6:00 p.m. on the night of july 16. family and friends say she was wearing a dark tank top, dark shorts and denim jacket. if you have any information on hanna covington or her whereabouts, please contact alexandria police. a prince william county family is picking up the pieces and recovering after a car came crashing into their home. >> it all happened early sunday morning on bayberry avenue in manassas when an alleged drunk driver drove into the front of this home and then ran away. >> the home is condemned. they cannot live in this home.
6:33 am
he can never repay these people. there's no possible way we can repay these people for what he's done. >> three of the family members inside the home were injured. a man suffered serious cuts and gashes to his legs and a 14- year-old girl broke her arm. we're told they're all out of the hospital and expected to be okay. officials in annapolis are about to start construction on a new $35 million water plant. the capital of annapolis reports officials will have a groundbreaking ceremony later today. >> the new water treatment plant will be adjacent to the current city water plant on defense highway which is 85 years old and has severe mechanical, structural and electrical problems and is on the brink of failure. the new plant is expected to be 15 and it will provide eight million gallons of drinkable water per day. today prince george's county officials are scheduled to vote on the building plan for a casino at national harbor. mgm wants to build a $929
6:34 am
million casino and resort. >> the vote by the panel is considered the last main hurdle to clear before construction can begin. the council was to vote last monday but several members were absent. if approved the mgm casino could open in about two years. check out who is hiring brought to you by the bozzuto group is hiring a cons verge. you can find -- concierge. you can find out more by going to time to congratulate jeff schoup of gainesville. he's our wusa9 facebook fan ever the day. jeff says wusa9 is the best source for news, weather and sports, number one. jeff wins tickets to see the newest cirque du soleil show in town. >> all this week fans can win four tickets and a backstage tour to cirque du soleil's amaluna. to become our next fan of the day, go to our facebook page
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welcome back. 6:37. olga breese in for howard
6:38 am
bernstein this morning. overcast skies and a gentle breeze out of the southeast. temperatures on the mild side. most of us sitting in the 70s. we'll hit a high of 86 by later on this afternoon with some partial clearing. we can't rule out the opportunity for a late day shower or maybe an isolated storm. good morning. everybody. the washington nationals close out the first half of their season with a healthy roster. nine games over .500 and a division lead. the key is to keep that momentum going and that's the hard part. wrapping up their first series since the all-star break, rubber match against milwaukee, quite the back and forth game. nats struck first but the brewers answer with three runs of their own. when the game is tied, bottom 9th, two outs who else would you want to dish but this guy, jason werth with the walk off double. nats win 5-4 stayed tied atop
6:39 am
the division. baltimore orioles battling the best team in baseball. out west against oakland. unfortunately it didn't have the same result. kevin goesman got batted with his shortest outing since pay. orioles get crushed 10-2. a perfect backdrop for rory mcllroy. a golden rain go on what has been a tumultous two years for mcelroy. he becomes the third youngest player to -- mcllroy. he becomes the third youngest player to win two majors. we'll have live reports from richmond and owens mills so be sure to tune in. that will do it for your morning sports. i'm kristen berset. have a great monday. a study released suggests disadvantaged teens improve more in their academics when they attend topnotch high schools. researchers studied young people from low income neighborhoods in los angeles
6:40 am
who applied to attend top performing charter schools. those who got into the school lottery also wound up engaging in fewer risky behaviors. the results are published online in pediatrics. president obama is announcing new commitments for his initiative called my brother's keeper to help young black men. the commit machines include an effort by the nba to recruit 25,000 new mentors as well as working with at risk students to increase attendance and performance. the president is so expected to unveil new large corporate donations in today's speech. our humidity is creeping back up. so are the chances for thunderstorms. >> absolutely. olga joins us next with more on our return to summer heat and stickiness in her first alert forecast. we'll be back.
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6:44. we've been saying all morning long the muggies have returned. it is july after all. we did enjoy the nice little break. it was good while it lasted but all things come back to reality. >> here it is. >> it's waking us this morning with a mix of sun and clouds. some of us still have a little bit of sunshine holding on but closer to the beltway. we're mostly cloudy at this hour. this is the view from the michael & son cam. you're looking at 395 headed into d.c. near the jefferson memorial. yes, it's been a little bit of a light breeze. winds mainly out of the south and southeast this morning. that's really bringing in some humidity and i'm feel the uptick in humidity later on this afternoon. in fact, the clouds are going to stick around most of the day and the mild morning temperatures will be replaced very quickly with some heat building in. i think by the noon hour, by
6:45 am
your lunch break, we're already into the lower 80s. we're going to keep on moving middle 80s by early afternoon, 3:00, 4:00. we should top out right around 86 degrees for late today. so today does feature some sunshine and some cloud cover. we'll get warmer, more humid as the day goes by. yes, an afternoon shower is a possibility. it will be scattered in nature so not everyone will have the sprinkles but some will and we'll keep it mild and muggy overnight as the cloud cover sticks around. overall, though, it is mostly cloudy at reagan national. 73 degrees. our humidity up there in the 70s and, yes, we are seeing our south, southeasterly winds so far for today. current temperatures are in the 70s. there are a couple of exceptions now. gaithersburg has dropped to 68. we're seeing 67 up toward bel air. 68 out toward winchester and overall we're hovering right around 70 degrees. clouds cover partial for many this morning. moisture staying to our south so far. as we get into the early
6:46 am
afternoon, there could be a sprinkle mainly west of town but not ruling out the possibility for scattered showers. then the evening commute does look like a dry one. we get to the 6:00 hour. we have some breaks in the cloud cover once again but moisture definitely pushing ahead of the next front. it gives us complete cloud cover by early tuesday morning. i think tomorrow's commute is going to be dry for you. as we get into tomorrow midday early afternoon, that's when another round of showers comes our way. we'll repeat this pattern every day as we head through the forecast. today's high right around 86. we should see upper 80s, mid- to upper 80s for most of us. very nice night tonight. a little bit on the muggy side but mild temperatures. upper 60s and lower 70s. tomorrow even hotter still. i think we push upper 80s tomorrow, even seeing 90 degrees insides the beltway. for the next three days, though, chance of showers each afternoon as the temperatures move into the 90s. middle 90s by the time we get
6:47 am
to thursday our warmest day should be about 92 degrees and we'll see some showers and thunderstorms definitely a possibility on thursday. that's as the front approaches. once it passes through, though, take a look at friday. temperatures back down to 85. a little bit more comfortable when it comes to humidity. lots of sunshine through most of the day on friday with only a late day shower opportunity. traffic is driving us crazy this morning. that's because we have a lot of issues to deal with. and this time it's all in maryland. first of all on the southbound side of i-270 i've been telling you about that motorcycle crash after route 109. guess what? now there's an accident in the backup. it's before route 109. a couple of vehicles involved. a live look from our sky 9 right now on the southbound side. the ambulance just arrived on the scene. took away a patient. they still have the right lane closed down on the southbound side of i-270. guess what? delays begin at least i-70 coming down from frederick,
6:48 am
down to this accident before route 109. it's really been tough on 270. i recommend that you use route 355 instead. at least you'll be moving, even though there's a lot of lights to deal w. let's go back over to the maps. that ride you're looking at right now i say is going to take you at least 45 minutes. here's 66 on the inbound side at route 50. this has been great. no issues at all on the inbound side of 66 as you come towards centreville and then towards fairfax as well. let's go back over to the maps. as i said about a 46-minute ride frederick into clarksburg on 270. now there's a crash on 95 southbound as you travel in calverton after route 212. it's been blocking off the right side. not causing too much of a delay but then you have the slow traffic on the beltway. we'll take a live look there on the outer loop which slows down from about here at new hampshire avenue heading west toward georgia and silver spring before the pace picks up. a quick live look on the other side of town. northbound hien 95. this -- i-95.
6:49 am
this is what it looks like in newington. don't let gas prices drive you crazy on the way to work this morning. let's check prices in hyattsville with the help of aaa's fuel finder. the green meadows exon on ridge road is selling regular unladied for $3.72 a gallon. if you go to the citgo on baltimore avenue, you can get a gallon of regular unladied for just $3.50. 6:49. time to answer our question of the morning. the question was, 2012 was the first year that more women than men purchased these. is it a, pat trues, b, -- tattoos, b, guns or c, motorcycles? >> patrice says, i have no clue with this question so i'm just going to guess. b, guns. we like that guess but the answer is a, tattoos. it
6:50 am
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we have an update on a story we brought you earlier this hour. hanna covington of alexandria was reported missing since july 16 but it's just been reported the 44-year-old has been found safe. i'm nikki burdine in east falls church metro where for the first time we could see the delays and impacts metro's silver line could have on other lines like the orange and blue line. that's because the simulated service started yesterday. no customers, just employees. today is the first day it will actually be running during rush hour. the test runs will last all week long till saturday, july
6:53 am
26 when it will be open to the public. back to you. >> thanks, nikki. following the deadliest day of fighting between israel and hamas, today secretary of state john kerry is headed to egypt to try to work out a cease fire. the number of palestinian dead has now topped 500 people. 13 israeli soldiers were killed yesterday, including two who were u.s. citizens. international access to the site of a downed malaysia airlines jetliner is still limited four days after the plane was shot down from the sky. western leaders are accusing pro-russian rebels of tampering with the crash site in eastern ukraine. all 298 people died. many of the bodies have been placed into refrigerated boxcars. tv and movie fans are mourning actor james garner's death. he first became famous as tv's gambling maverick. tharen gner did movies for a decade before getting his next signature tv role as detective jim rockford in the rockford files. garner starring on the other
6:54 am
side of the law appeared as cooper in maverick, the 1994 movie with mel gibson and jodi foster. he was 86 years old. an investigation is under way into what caused two trains to collide last night in wisconsin. two people were hurt and taken to the hospital but they are expected to recover. the crash led to the spill of about 5,000 gallons of diesel fuel. that forced authorities to evacuate the surrounding neighborhoods. video taken by a drone shows the devastation caused by wildfires in central washington state. one death is blamed on the fires. a man who had a heart attack trying to protect his home. the fire's movement seems to be taking it deeper into the forest and away from nearby towns. 5,000 firefighters are battling this blaze. hundreds of people watched the eagle land again in new york city's times square sunday. the reenactment marked the 45th anniversary of the apollo 11 space mission. they showed a special video from nassau on a giant screen. many of the visitors shot the
6:55 am
presentation on their own personal electronic devices. and the aprils continue to rule at the box office. the science fiction sequel took in an estimated $36 being two other sequels -- besting two other sequels. wouldn't you believe, britain's prince george turns 1 tomorrow? >> no. >> yes. he's apparently walking. >> oh, look at him. the photo of the prince during a visit to a butterfly exhibit at london's natural history museum was released to mark his first birthday. how cute is he. he's third in line to the throne behind his father and
6:56 am
grandfather. more clouds than sun today. the humidity as we get into the afternoon, you'll feel it. highs making it to the middle 80s. mild tonight. tomorrow we inch up. lower 90s. solid lower 90s by wednesday. late day storm chance each day but the real chance of rain comes ahead of the next front. thursday could be a little rocky. sometimes i'm really glad i get to work when i do because otherwise i'd be sitting in this. southbound 270 looks like this from frederick to route 109. the second accident of the morning has been cleared from the roadway. here you go. this is your commute this morning. >> wow. cbs this morning is next. new york city police are under fire after a man died in their custody. plus, a mother arrested for letting her 9-year-old go to the park alone. nassau takes over instagram as well as a look at whether men and women can be friends 25 years after "when harry met sally." >> olga and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and weather. >> you can get your news, your weather, your traffic 24
6:57 am
showers a day on -- 24 hours a day on or facebook. >> we'll all be back fuf:ajtomorrow at 4:25. have a
6:58 am
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good morning. it is monday july 21st 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." confusion and conflict at the crash scene of flight 17 plus russian president putin fires back this morning in the face of mounting pressure. americans among the newest casualties in the zba violence. the death toll now tops 500. and seven people survive a hot air balloon explosion. what the pilot was facing when disaster struck. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. internationalng aer is mounting over reports that the bodies of the victims after the


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