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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 23, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the sod id line. if you can get home quick, get home. if you can't, get ready for showers and storms. talk about bringing our children home. a picture on our news yesterday helped to bring a prince george's county toddler home today after she was allegedly abducted at a metro station. >> it was like oh my god. that was the same guy just left the store. >> one tip can bring a child home. >> reporter: that is just what happened. police were desperately looking for 29-year-old darryl packer who when presented with a court order tuesday giving his baby's mother custody of a little girl, allegedly took off with the toddler leaving the mother pleading for help at this southern avenue metro station. >> as he came in the store, he
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was saying he was homeless, needed some diapers for his daughter. >> reporter: workers on landover road got parker the diapers and he left. just before this story flashed across the tv screens that are always on next to the registers. >> it popped up on the news and i was like oh my god. >> reporter: parker had actually taken the baby and walked a few doors down before his picture came up on the tv news. one of the employees walked down here, started talking to him. tried to stall him while the others called 911. police arrived within minutes. >> they went running after him. >> with the baby on his hip. >> he was running with the baby on his hip? >> he fell on the baby. >> reporter: metro transit police say the baby is okay and that parker is under arrest. >> the most important thing overall is that mother has her
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child. >> yes. and nobody wants anybody to lose a child. >> reporter: thanks to some fast thinking workers, this little girl is back where she is supposed to be. in landover, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> happy for the happy ending. parker has been charged with parental discussion. later, we will have a conversation with cleveland kidnap victim michelle knight. jan? >> right now, six people are facing first degree murder charges. police say they killed a 54- year-old man in suitland. these people ranges in age from 17 to 23 are in custody charged as adults and held without bond. here they are on the screen. investigators say they admitted to the involvement. the victim has been identified as amos jones. he was stabbed to death over a
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comment he made about a girl. police are on the hunt for a former redskins titan fred davis. he is wants for an assault. police are not releasing many details except the incident happened at 3:30 in the mornhim in february. and a northern virginia woman is under arrest tonight on terrorism charges. she and four others are accused of transferring money to the terrorist grown up al-shabaab. prosecutors say she was the leader of an al-shabaab fund raising. muna osman jama. thousands of people were late for work this morning. this happened in alexandria, virginia where commuters complained someone forgot to
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paint lines on the road while realigning the lanes for construction last night. you could see how that would be a problem. scott broom is live with what drivers and v-dot have to say about this today. scott? >> reporter: the workers who are realigning these lanes last night just didn't get to it. they were unable to finish and they left a section of the roadway about a thousand feet unmarked overnight last night. as you just reported, what a complaint to the morning commute today. delays well past rush hour between little river turnpike and seminary road as roads were closed to fix the foulup. orange barrels helping drivers navigate where crews shifting lanes for a construction project overnight simply failed to paint the lines needed to mark a left hand boundary. >> it is wasting gas and my time. >> reporter: resulting in
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confusion and delays frustrated drivers and an accident during the effort to fix it before noon today. >> even the way they have the cones set up, it is confusing. >> it seems never ending. >> it is crazy. >> reporter: the crews are restriping and shifting lanes here as they prepare to construct a new hov ramp. it does not take much to disrupt traffic on overstressed commuter routes like this one. all right, so rush hour back southbound is moving smoothly. northbound is not in rush hour, so the barrels seem to be working okay and traffic is moving. v-dot now promising that the crews will be back out tonight to lay down that missing stripe, that is weather permitting. there are some storms on the map, but if they get the line
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laid down, let's hope tomorrow's commute is not as confusing. scott broom, wusa9. >> this time it wasn't the sun, or the rain, but the stripes that caused or the lack of them that caused the huge mess. thank you scott. luckily, nobody was badly injured in that. >> but the whole thing may sound familiar to seinfeld fans. >> two markers right at line marker 114. i don't know what that is, but it is a parking lot out there. somebody screwed up on that one! all right, and just three days left until the opening of metro silver line. we will take a look at what it will cost. some commuters taking the bus in conjunction with the new silver line train. u.s. capital police say they caught another person trying to enter the u.s. cannon house with a gun. ronald prestige was arrested
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when he tried to take the gun through a security check point. cannon was shut down briefly as he was taken into custody. a staffer was taken in for similar charges at cannon yesterday. we have new information on yesterday's deadly police shooting. we know the names of the officers involved in silver springs. officer michael damsky has been on the force less than a year. investigators say donovan bateman was acting erratically and threatening employing with a knife. when he wouldn't listen to officers demands, one of them shot him. officers damsky and lee are on administrative lee. donald trump was in washington to break ground on a new post office building. the impact they plan toe have along historic pennsylvania avenue. >> reporter: the residents of dc, what will they see? >> a lot of taxes an jobs.
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lit be great. >> reporter: billionaire donald trump was front and center outside the old post office building today. lots of local leaders joined the trumps for the ground breaking of the new hotel. a single room inside the five story hotel will cost $700. >> an unbelievable location. an unbelievable building. the physical beauty of it. the grandeur of it. the views being the tallest building in dc. the views are largely unabout instructed. >> reporter: that project should generate some 100 million new tax dollars. 700 construction jobs and 500 permanent jobs when completed. general services administration will continue to own the historic building which sits on pennsylvania avenue between the u.s. capital and the white house. >> conium in. >> reporter: the trump fa was awarded a lease for the property which could run 100 years. donald trump jr.
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>> north of $200 million going in here. perhaps closer to 250 when we are done. >> reporter: the transformation into a luxury trump hotel will be by 2016. >> it was totally underutilized. it has become an eyesore. certainly inside. you will see the best hotel in the united states and possibly the world. >> reporter: they will see the finest hotel in the country. lit be great. >> thank you everybody. >> reporter: it was no mention of presidential politics by the former presidential candidate at today's event. bruce johnson, wusa9. >> and dc mayor said if the fbi decides to move out of their headquarters on pennsylvania avenue, there would be no shortage of proposals to build new housing there. >> we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. we will tell you why this video of kim jung un is causing a
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stir. some heavy storms here. a little southwest of whine chester, we will come back and track these. some gusty winds up to 40 miles an hour. >> the first plane carrying remains from the downed malaysian jet arrives in the netherlands on a day of mourning. the latest on the crash investigation coming up.
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>> the faa says it will keep u.s. commercial flights out of israel's skies for at least another day. the agency extended that suspension hours after rocket fire from the gaza strip forced travelers to run for shelter at israel's main airport. secretary of state john kerry took a military flight to tel aviv where he is meeting with
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leaders to try to find a peaceful end to the fighting between israel and hamas. safety investigators are on the scene of another deadly plane crash. this one happened during a typhoon in taiwan. 50 people were killed when the transasian airways plane attempted to land. a dozen others were hurt. investigators say it crashed and caught fire while making a second landing attempt. it is a day of remembrance and grief in the netherlands. the country that lost the most people on the downed malaysian jet liner. the remains of 200 of the 298 victims arrived from ukraine on a national day of mourning as the investigation as to who shot down the plane continues. as mark albert reports from washington, some u.s. lawmakers don't want to wait to punish russia for its alleged involvement. >> reporter: when the bodies of those killed on malaysia air flight 17 arrived at the dutch
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base wednesday afternoon, they were given military honors. the victims died in a war zone. flags of the 11 nations whose citizens perished were lowered to half staff. and mourners lined the miles long route as the hearses passed by. >> they brought the children back. that is the important part for the family. >> reporter: but the bodies of up to 100 of the passengers are still missing. at the crash site in eastern ukraine, investigators resumed the search for remains and whatever evidence remains from a trampled crime scene. the black boxes show no signs of being tampered with. russia bears some of the blame they say, though the pro russian separatists did it. >> they could do it without the support of president putin and
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the russian government. >> reporter: meanwhile, fighting continues. missiles from russia brought down two fighter jets from ukraine. mark albert for cbs news, washington. >> and ritters reuter is saying they have an interview. he believes the missiles have been sent back to russia to remove proof of its presence. this is a yellow alert day. now here is wusa9's first alert weather. >> first alert topper shutt joins us now. >> big storm to the west. a severe thunderstorm warning issued for several counties. we loo look at that in a minute. the heat index over 100.
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dew point 70. winds out of the south about 11. here is a look at the radar. you can see this solid line developing. we have hing it since 2:30 and it has grown in intensity and coverage as well. essentially from hagueerstown to i-81. this storm has a lot of lightning in it and the potential for rainfall rates over an inch an hour. and this box down here that you see with this severe warning. this is a polygon you have to be in this box to get a call. this warning continues until 6:00 p.m. i don't believe precipitation rate will make it 15 inches per hour, but it will be at least an inch an hour. really along i-81 corridor. where is it headed in middle
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town at 5:34. and milldale. this has flash flooding possible. be advised. get the kids inside and don't try to drive across flooded streets. this one we are tracking headed toward frederick. they are moving east at about 20. so frederick about 5:52. then woodville, about 6:30. this is moving essentially around i-70. you have folks traveling between frederick and baltimore, that will get a little dicey. yellow alert for storms. heavy rain and high winds. early evening commute is okay if you can get home quickly around rockville. or into reston. after that, 6:30, look at these lines of showers and storms. i agree. i think it was underplaying it yesterday. look at all the reds and
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yellows. that will be an intense line back into frederick, fairfax county. by 8:00, it is moving through district, 9:00, it crosses 95 and hammers southern maryland. you guys in charles county, get ready. they could linger for a while. some heavy activity. maybe, by 11:00, you can walk your dog if you are north and west of town, but not southern maryland. the yellow alert continues until midnight. 70s to start tomorrow. don't look for a rush of cool air tonight. 77 by 11:00 and 79 by 1:00. good news is it doesn't get that warm tomorrow. 84. and less humid. clouds will be thinning out. fantastic on friday. 85. hot and more humid on saturday. still okay. 91, not crazy humid. next seven days, isolated storms on sunday, low 90s , a
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few storms on monday, 90. low 80s next week. >> thanks top. if your mail gets to your house in the evening, you get plenty of company. the nation's capital is ranked number one when it comes to late mail delivery. mail is delivered after 5:00 more than two-thirds of the time. northern virginia also ranks high for that. and this report comes after 26- year-old tyson barnett was shot and killed in his mail truck at landover at 7:30 in the evening. his killer is still out there. how many times do police officers say if you see something, say something? >> we have the story of a teenager who did just that to save a life. >> reporter: everyday, montgomery county nicole gremard puts herself on the line to keep herself safe. but then, someone had her back.
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her 13-year-old neighbor saw smoke coming from her home. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> i was in shock because there is smoke rising from a house, but like, i knew what to do and stuff. and, like, just like, to tell my mom, like, and she called 911. >> reporter: her actions got the fire department there quickly and gremard who was at work at the time realized that the reports coming in for a fire were her own. other neighbors saw the smoke and didn't call it in. >> i'm really proud of her from a police standpoint and a human being standpoint. >> reporter: she got to say this at a podium today as eva was honored for her heroic actions that not only protected a neighborhood but allowed gremard's dog quest to be pulled from the burning home. >> it feels remainsly good i
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can be one of those people that can help out. >> reporter: and the best part is it doesn't end here. the officer says she is working with fire rescue to get them at least 75 animal masks so they can better treat second dog was also rescued but later died of smoke inhalation. meantime, a washington landmark is now offering up chili. the chuck brown band, give aways. it was located in the presecurity lower level of the dc terminal. sounded like a big party over there. still blame ben's chili bowl on being late. you had to stop there. protecting your kids from sports injuries, we have not one, but two doctors here with advice. >> training for girls and important information about
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concussions. you don't even have to hit your head to suffer from one. wusa9 is keeping your family safe. also, right after the break, a high-tech breakthrough in birth control.
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>> in tonight's health alert, a bio technology company is testing a contraceptive with wireless capabilities. here is how it works. doctors would implant this micro chip under the skin that would release hormone from the birth control pill. they are now making sure it cannot be hacked. >> the remote control must be put up against the skin to establish communication. we want close range communication to prevent anyone from listening in on the incrypted signal. >> the chip can hold enough hormone to prevent pregnancy up to 16 years so when she wants to conceive, she can turn off the device with a remote. researchers plan to test that technology in 2016. the owner of a denver
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broncos is stepping down tonight as he continues to battle alzheimers disease. this is according to the denver post. he won two superbowls and oversaw one of the nfl's most competitive franchises. bowlen says it is not about me. we are paying about 3.58 a gallon in the dmv. let's take a look where you can get a deal at 5401 indian head highway. you can gallon. on the high end, it costs 3.78 at the gulf. flags on the brooklyn bridge. why as many as ten people could have been involved in the daring stunt on one of new york's most iconic landmarks.
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>> and trending now, kim jong un is furious over a viral video. what snoop dogg claims he
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>> we are tracking a big line of thunderstorms from
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hagerstown to winchester. that includes frederick county in virginia until 6:00 p.m. that is a monster storm with winds up to 60 miles an hour and some frequent lightning as well. so get the kids inside. if you hear thunder, you can get struck by lightning. this is headed off toward brunswick as we get to the 5. 5:49 hour. they are moving east at 20. this storm hammering strasburg right now. we have rainfall rates 2 miles an hour. lightning to the south and west. this will move essentially to the east as well. that will be waterlake about 5:30. eventually into upperville. across the 17. that storm has gusty winds and a history of winds over 60 miles an hour and rainfall rates of an inch an hour. if you are in places like upperville and cedarville, get the kids inside, we will keep
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tracking these for you and tell you when the threat will be over. >> thank you top. trending now, kim jong un wants to unviral this video. [ laughter ] >> how do you unviral a video? that is really hilarious. the video was made by a chinese man who sent it to south korea. it shows his face edited on various people dancing. this is one time we won't get in trouble for laughing in the middle of the show. people on social media in china have been having a field day. it shows him skipping on the field with osama bin laden. dancing with president obama. they are asking to have this video removed from the internet. but if they unviral this video. imagine what that means for the rest of us. could we unviral other stuff? >> that will get more hits than ever before. >> don't go look at a video we don't
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want you the look at. >> everybody will be creating kim jong un videos now in america where they will not be unviabling anything and we will laugh at them. sarah palin picked up a speeding ticket last week. she plans to pay the fine. she joked to tmz she was not speeding but qualifies for a race and it was not entirely her fault because she was listening to can't drive 55. all you need is context. the kids of late actor phillip seymour hoffman will have to work for a living. he left all the money to his wife and mother of his children. he didn't want his children to grow up to be trust fund kids. snoop dobb might be blowing smoke on this next story. >> i don't know. i don't know if this is for real. >> yeah. for real, right.
5:33 pm
on an episode of his ggn news show, jimmy kimmel says have you ever smoked weed in the white house? he said not in the white house, but in the bathroom. >> the same thing right? >> snoop told security it helps him to smoke a cigarette while he is using the bathroom to get the aroma just right. tmi right there. security told him to light a napkin instead. [ laughter ] that goes to show you ... >> smoke weed in the white house bathroom and we didn't know about that before now? i don't think, i don't know. >> we will find out. [ laughter ] all right, they call it the most crazy terrifying free fall drop ride ever. this wide video is trending on youtube now. this is denmark's sky tower. it has a 100-foot free fall at 55 miles an hour. and you better hope that net is working at the bottom! >> and that there is no wind
5:34 pm
blowing too much. >> look at that. >> really? omg. >> there is nothing connecting you. >> no way. >> have you ever wanted to bungee jump? >> never ever. i never want to ride the roller coasters. i say let me hold your bags and i will get pictures of you. [ laughter ] you need to capture the moment. >> oh my goodness. >> oh my. the mere thought of eating pet food is enough to make some people ill, but a washington state pet food owner wolfed it down for 30 days to show it was perfectly fit for human consumption. >> my last meal, this is the artisan chicken and it tastes, if you guys really want to know what it tastes like, it tastes like mashed potatoes, chicken, celery, carrots. it's really good. i like it. >> we will take your word for it. okay, according to
5:35 pm dorothy hunter started eating dog food at her store when she got too busy to go out for people food. >> you have a dog. scrappy doesn't eat scraps. >> but his dog food is hard. he is waiting for the human scraps. >> oh. a virginia woman is arrested and accused of helping to fund an overseas terrorists group. >> plus three days and counting until the arrival of the silver line. not everyone is too happy about it. we will tell you about people to have much to lose about the arrival of the subway service. >> a new severe thunderstorm warning now. frederick county. this is a monster storm. again, the warning goes until 6:15. rainfall rates up to 3 inches an hour and winds up to 60 miles an hour. it is moving off to the east so get ready frederick and
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>> this month in our family health segment. we are focusing on youth sports
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safety. acl injuries, girls are more likely to suffer from boys from an acl tear, but there are some exercises you are looking at now to minimize the risk. here to talk more about this issue is dr. robin west. she is the medical director at sports medicine. thank you very much for coming in. so tell us why girls are more susceptible to those acl tear. >> there are modifyable and nonmodifyable risk factor, our muscles develop slower. our risk factors, if we jump and land. >> we are turning toward each other. >> and let's jump toward each other. ready, set, go. okay, if you look at us, you see how you landed and i
5:40 pm
landed. i'm landing in the deeper squat position. you are landing in the less flex squat position. your knees not bent as far. >> and you said our knees go in a little bit? >> so when we landed together, i dropped my knees like this and your knees came in a bit, too. so that typically puts our acl at higher risk because we are not landing in the deep squat position. >> but there are some things a girl can do to mitigate that risk. there are some exercises they can do. we are going to do a couple. >> there are some simple things. so girls are typically more quadracept dominant. they have weaker hamstrings and weaker buttocks. so focus on core strengthening, stretching. and a squat. you may want to go deeper and mike sure your knees don't go over your toes. >> and you can do lunges is.
5:41 pm
>> yes. you don't want the knee going over your toe. >> i'm doing everything wrong, but that's good! that's the thing we want girls not to do. so you can help them avoid having those problems. the one important thing for parents to know is girls shouldn't focus on one sport their entire career. >> girls should do a lot of activities. actually any kid. boys and girls. if you look at elite athletes, they have typically done many sports and they specialize in high school and college. you focus on a lot of different things to increase your stability and your strength and they are not wearing down the same muscles. >> all right, thank you dr. west. when it comes to sports injuries, many people are just learning about acl issues but concussions is something everyone is talking about. and jan, you have an expert sitting there with you. >> i do. there is a higher incident of
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injuries in people playing lacrosse. here to tell us more about that is dr. jill mccabe. and you know, one thick i thought was very fascinating is you don't necessarily have to hit your head in record tore suffer from a concussion. so how is that possible? >> reporter: that is absolutely correct. many concussions occur with an impact to the head. you can quickly move your head back and fourth during an injury and just the jarring of the brain can cause a concussion. >> so how do you know if you suffered a concussion? >> headache, sleepiness, nausea. some mental fogginess. so your brain normally can do things it can't do once you have had a concussion. it is harder for you to complete tasks or focus on them. >> so what do you do if your child has suffered a concussion? >> the first step will be rest. the first thing you want to do,
5:43 pm
a period of 48 to 72 hours of rest. no physical exercise and cognitive rests. so nothing that will overstimulate your brain. >> which is important because we know how much kids love ipads and video games. no tv, nothing that will stimulate the brain, period. >> that's right. using an ipad is pretty complex. especially if it is interactive game. and you really want all of your energy to go towards your brain cell's recovery. >> and who should get a baseline test and what will that do? >> what a baseline test is, a test for athletes that check their mental ability prior to an injury. everybody's brain is different. once it is injured, it doesn't function as well. it is helpful to know where you started. so as you are injured, you can tell when you are back to baseline. >> thank you very much for coming in doctor. you can join them at a free
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safety day on the campus of george mason university. the event is open to parents, kids, and coaches and there will be workshops. you can learn more by going to our website at well the plot thickens. ahead on wusa9, what we are learning about those mysterious white flag that's appeared on the brooklyn bridge. >> plus, he is the hit man. we are going to introduce you to the washington nationals coach credited with giving the team more punch
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so if next few late tonight, be a an will until 11:00. yellow alert will continue until midniglive index got 100 çotoday. we put that screen you. 93 relative humidity is uncomfortable. these storms will run into hot, humid unstable air. here is the line of storms. now we are looking at the watch boxes that are now actually warning boxes excuse me. franklin county, adams county. up in pennsylvania, you have a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:15. as well as frederick county in virginia. this is a pretty monster storm here. just on frederick's doorstep. another monster storm northeast of hagers town. a pretty heavy storm, so this is a warning box and again, this is a warning box. if you go to our website, and sign up for weather calls, if you are in this area, you will get a call for us.
5:48 pm
but if you are just over here, you are not. so it is not county based severe thunderstorm warning at all. it is very storm specific. that will save you a lot of trouble and kind of keep you prepared for big storms. so, we are looking at another, okay, a warning here, here we g. a severe thunderstorm warning now for fed rick ç2ndgust between 30 a maybe get a 60 m wind gust. the a severe storm. we will track this for you on our tracmove along very how far is id from urban? at about 6:36. so get the kids inside and don't try to cross a flooded street by car or foot. in addition to the wind, we have about per hour some of these storms. this storm is headed to blçotpue estates. that will produc big -)wellt tonis. no doubt that. abats are tuhiit . cn so get home fast if u can. the to move district. and southern sections of
5:49 pm
montgomery county. east ward right through the area. activity ows and that after abou e8:00 or 9:00, will by still heavy activityd mogrrthe area. getting hammered in parts of the hern and saint mary's county. so, 70s start tomorrow. not exactly going to see a rush of cool air behind this cold front. it will get better as we through tomorr a couple of sprinkles possible. but the high only gets to 84. it is not going to be humid. gorgeous on friday. fantastic finish to the week. hot, a little more humid saturday. still not bad, teys, toasty];. prthdaday. mi temperatur by erstmetro area. our critical time authorities are qctñtrying detean m"mj flags for white ones on brooklyn bridge. they believe two teams of were behind $the switch. placed the lights so they would go undetected. this is considered a major
5:50 pm
security breach at one of new york city's most iconic structures. >> video shows us a number of people crossing the bridge. the light that normally illuminates the american flag on the brooklyn side of the bridge first flickers go out. >> seven story tall bridge is not easy. it is only possible through a locked gate and a quarter of a mile climb on a foot wide cable high over the east river. new york city has spent hundreds of millions to secure the landmark in the events following the 9/11 attacks. in march, a oy managed to climb to the top. police say they does not seem to be any connection to the terrorism in the bridge incident. well the nationals are riding a hot streak. >> they are leading the nl east and a lot of that is because of the man in the background. we talk to a man who is improving the team's swing.
5:51 pm
>> one year ago ÷xtoday, rick schu became the hitting coach. the nats are fifth in the league in runs for game. it is only fitting that they have a offensive players at their disposal. >> we have people sitting here hurt after the year, so we are trying to get the lineup clicking. >> reporter: outfielder scott hairston credits the help that schu provides. >> i have known him a long time. he is great. he installs confvery, very positive. and even if owe are struggling at the plate, you have a sense
5:52 pm
that he still reporter: a 16 year prbaseball career. he played with the phillies and in baltimore and had japan as a superstar slugger that helped him mold his teaching philosophy. >> it helped me to understand, you know, your riddle line >> reporter: one more thing, did i mention he is a big deal l i thinwas. i can underseypl messagthe offense being a big wusa9 sports, i'm holding cushner. hub hacking, international cyber thieves hackinto giant ticket resaler, stub huplus, they waves in the ocean as well as each other. west when we4h wc !sftuls
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
ugh swells of up texchanged a lot e. it was all smiles after the race and they are all friends now. well it could sbe the jay-z ticket you missed on stub hub that was scooped up by airshipper thief. hackers have turned stub hub own personal moneymaker. >>kzrter: attorney says hackers broke into 16 accounts on the stub hub website. they used stolen passwords and
5:55 pm
fraudulently bought thousands of tickets. >> these were from some of the most sought after events in the tristate area. >> reporter: six suspects are charged in an international ring traced to russia, the u.k., canada, and y resold the tickets on various websites and split the profits. >> the defendants have been indicted on charges of money launders, grand larceny and possession of stolen property. >> reporter: stub hub is a place for sellers to buy and sell tickets. the website has millions of transactions every year. the thieves did not breach the site security, but got the information from other sites. the news won't scare away ticket buyer joseph gabler, but julia says she will think twice. >> i'm shocked. and i don't feel safe with like
5:56 pm
buying stuff anymore. >> reporter: stub hub which is owned by ebay first detected the fraud last year and has refunded customers who were hacked. >> now investigators say they tracked doubt the suspects through papal accounts, bank is accounts and e-mail addresses, i'm peggy fox. coming up, just how much more a day it is going to cost some commuters takeing the subway. >> shifting lanes on 395 in alexandria. contractors left out about a thousand feet of striping to let motorists know where to drive. i'm scott broom. coming up, the colossal headache this has caused and what v-dot says it is doing about it. >> quick thinking employees at this store print george's county helped recover a baby allegedly abducted from a metro stop. i'm bruce leshan and this story is c
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