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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  August 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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deadly police shooting last weekend that killed an unarmed black teenager. >> and d.c. police are investigating a string of late night and overnight shootings, about half a dozen people have been shot including one man whose in critical condition after he and another man were shin northeast. >> nearly 10,000 water customers in southern prince georges county are under a boil water advisory. a water main that lies along piscataway creek ruptured some time tuesday and repairs can't start until that flooded creek drops to normal levels. pope francis arrived in south korea this morning. it's the first time a pontiff visited that country in 25 years. the five day visit is seen as a nod to the growing catholic community in asia. long island commuters will probably have an easier time getting to work today. more than a foot of rain fell there yesterday turning highways into rivers. rescuers used boats to retrieve stranded drivers. the national weather is advice says wednesday may have been the most rainy day in new york
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since record keeping began and it was even worse than superstorm sandy. erica, their bad weather is moving out like ours has. >> that's right. we got the bad weather on tuesday. they got it tuesday night into early wednesday morning and now we are both enjoying sunshine here in d.c. and also in new york. on the michael & son weather cam you can see that sunshine starting to make its way up here and we are going to enjoy it for most of the day, as we head into the mid afternoon hours some clouds arriving but that's with a very weak frontal disturbance that's not going to bring us any rain maybe a sprinkle north of baltimore and also there is the potential for a shower south of fredericksburg but in between those areas, we're going to be really nice and dry. 80 degrees today at noon, 84 at 4:00 and that's also our high temperature for today so in our weather headlines the great stretch of weather continuing. we will see a few of the afternoon clouds, it is going to be warmer and more humid saturday though. next chance for storms is not until sunday so we'll go through all the details of that forecast in the first alert
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seven day. right now it's time for time saver traffic and angela foster. >> good morning everyone. starting to see heavy traffic building in virginia looking pretty good as you travel on the toll road and 66 but 95 we've got delays coming in now especially as you make your way into springfield, also a disabled vehicle complicating the drive as you approach quantico, blocking a left lane. sky 9 is live over i270 as you make your way down the lane divide looking good from germantown, we're moving pretty much at posted speeds, for the most part as you continue into the capitol beltway. a live look at the capitol beltway here at st. barnabus road, remember ramp restrictions on the ramp from the outer loop as you make your way to st. barnabus road a single car crash, be alert for delays as you travel in that area. back to you guys. the violence just does not seem to be letting up in the suburbs of st. louis. >> there have been more disturbances earlier this morning as pemex press outrage
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over saturdays deadly less shooting of an unarmed black teenager. >> reporter: police in ferguson, missouri logged tier gas at protesters for a fourth night as a crowd became unruly. dozens of people were out again to protest the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. earlier in the day, the police chief asked protesters to confine their demonstrations to daylight hours and eyth responded with peaceful marchs, but intentions are still running high, on wednesday police took two journalists into custody at a ferguson, mcdonald's. the washington post reporter videotaped the incident as it happened. officers in swat gear told him and huffing ton post reporter ryan riley to leave. >> evidently, i wasn't moving quickly enough and both of us were arrested. >> both were released, no charges were filed. people in ferguson are still
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demanding to know the identity of the officer who killed brown on saturday. witnesses say the unarmed teens hands were up when he was shot. officials so far are not releasing the officers name. >> we will interview and talk with anybody who has anything at all to say about this. >> the county prosecutor says all evidence will be presented to a grand jury. cbs news. >> the county prosecutor also said there's no timetable set for the shooting investigation. the fbi and justice department are also looking into the shooting. now to the conflict overseas where u.s. troops may not have to attempt a rescue mission in iraq. >> things apparently are not as bad as they initially found. u.s. officials say the situation on top of the mountain is less desperate now. many refugees have been able to escape thanks in part to u.s. air strikes. american military advisors sent to the mountain wednesday, made that assessment, tens of thousands of christians fled the mountain over the past few
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weeks, driven from their homes by islamic extremists who were demanding they convert to islam or die. but cbs news learned fewer than 5,000 of them now remain on the mountain. israel has accepted a five day extension to the cease fire in gaza this time. the initial truce with hamas started monday and would have expired just a few hours ago. israeli and palestinian delegations are in cairo now where egyption diplomats are serving ago betweens since the two sides are negotiating but not talking face to face. this summers conflict has killed nearly 2000 people and about 95% of them are palestinians. d.c. police have been busy responding to a series of shootings overnight. >> the worst one happened just after 9:30 along 46th place. that's in lincoln heights area of northeast near benning road metro station. two men were shot at this
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location one was hit en the head and is now listed in critical condition. two more men were shot just minutes later along minnesota avenue northeast. they were conscience when taken to the hospital. police are not saying if the two shootings are related and then early this morning, two men were shot in the leg in different locations, one in southeast and one at 7th and n streets in northwest. and d.c. police are also searching for two suspects in a shooting that injured an off duty detective earlier yesterday morning. this was near pennsylvania avenue and southern avenue in southeast d.c. police say the suspects were in a burgundy nissan altima you see right there. they tried to carjack the detective. he took off but was chased and shot several times by the suspect. the officers in stable condition. one suspect 27 year old ramirox hays is in custody. he has been charged with assault with intent to kill. it's going to be late
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tomorrow at the earliest before it's safe to drink the tap water in southern prince georges county. >> wssc issued a boil water advisory for parts of port washington and piscataway. this advisory affects about 10,000 water customers. the wssc says part of the problem was just finding where the water main was broken. it turns out the main runs along piscataway creek which was swollen because of the rain on tuesday and crews are waiting for the creek to fall back to normal levels before they get started on the repairs. it's a big temptation for back-to-school shoppers. you know when you go to the store you can save a little more by signing up for one of the store credit cards? ahead we'll tell you why that might not be a good idea. plus we're also asking to join us in our give joy operation backpack campaign. that is so area children can have the supplies they need to go back-to-school. it's 6:07.
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welcome back. it's 6:10. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. no problems at the airport today. look at the plane taking off on the michael & son weather cam. we're going to see beautiful sunshine through most of the day. some clouds arriving mid afternoon with a weak frontal boundary passing through. it's not going to bring us any rain. todays high 84 degrees also your 3:00 lighter than they were yesterday. our virtual school supply drive operation backpack almost over and we hope you've taken a moment to make a donation. >> it's so easy and such a great cause. if you haven't do nateed yet, deborah intro douses us to a couple of reasons why you might want to act right now.
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>> i want to be a judge, an actor, a singer. >> i want to be a cop. >> reporter: 10 year old kilane isn't allowed to play with school supplies until? >> august 26th. >> but today mom shashi mason is making an exception . these crayons, this paper, notebooks and these backpacks? >> i love this book bag. it looks like high school. >> were all donated by wusa 9 viewers who gave to operation backpack, our partnership with volunteers of america chesapeake. >> it makes me feel great they are going to school with the things they need for school so they won't have to be in their raising their hand, every five seconds, can i get a pencil or an eraser. >> supplies like these would cost a single mom about $100. >> have to make a decision between going out and buying school supplies or spending that same money and putting a meal on the table. >> i'm going to show you how easy it is and i'm going to
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time it. wusa, you can either give money or give school supplies. just find where you want to donate to. find your item, proceed to check out, and i'm putting in my password for and not bad. 21 seconds. >> wusa 9. >> watch out. >> as deborah says donating is super easy. so easy go to wusa 9 and click on the give joy link. you can find it on the left- hand side of the website or it will pop-up with a big banner just like that. here is a look "how it goes. you see this big logo and underneath you see give a donation watch how quick this is. we'll click on the give school supplies, scroll down, you see a child there you can see what some of the wish lists include
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and once you click on that it moves you directly to amazon and you can just add it to your cart and give a little gift pack. it gives backpacks and pencils and all of the other supplies a lot of people need when you try to do some of these things and you can also very very simply give a donation which is quick because since the campaign is nearly over, the money can get to them very quickly so you can lock at some of these. >> and again since the campaign is almost over they are encouraging people to make that donation and it ranges from 15, 25-$500 or whatever you'd like to give even $10 you can text that right now this morning and make a difference in these children's lives. and some of you are already stepping up to the challenge and you have all since the campaign began this morning, viewers donated the crayola supply pack and pink flower pattern backpack so again we thank you if you donated more than 700 plus items to our campaign but we still need you to help get those kids over the finish line before the start of the school year. >> and you see how they smile and how excited they are. >> you are giving them joy.
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it is 6:13. here is another look at our question of the morning. according to a survey 40% of people avoid doing this because of health concerns. is it a) going to the gym, b) shaking hands or c) sitting directly on a toilet. >> our facebook friend melissa says c, sitting directly on a toilet but honestly i think it may be b, shaking hands because you never know what other people have done with their hands. we have more of your responses and the correct answer coming up in about 30 minutes. it is 6:14
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at 6:15 it's time for the latest your money segment and let's hope investors overseas get good news. the major asian markets closed mixed in most of the european exchanges were also heading in the wrong direction. however the u.s. markets enjoyed nice gains wednesday and the dow climbed 91 points to close at 16, 651 and s & p was up 13 and the nasdac was up 45 points. apple is banning the use of two potentially hazardous chemicals in the final assembly of iphones and ipads. five months ago a couple of activist groups launched a petition drive calling on apple
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to abandon the use of benz even and hexane in the production of iphones. it can cause leukemia and hexane has been linked to nerve damage, however apple says its investigation found no evidence of these chemicals were endangering workers. it's something many parents face when doing their back-to- school shopping, an offer to save even more money if you sign up for a store credit card. do not yield to temptation. that savings may cost you more down the road. a survey by finds the average annual percentage rates for store cards just over 23%, about eight points higher than the average credit card and some store card rates are up almost 30% i think i want to start my own credit card business. >> that is a lot of money. >> i like credit cards because they looked pretty, i learned. >> yes, you need the rewards program and all that kind of good stuff. >> you don't even need that.
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you don't want all those cards. pay it off. >> [laughter] yes that too. we're going to have a beautiful afternoon, a great day to get outside and we have lots of free things to do in d.c., a great day to head downtown, you can go check out the museum, go to the zoo, anything you want to do outside today you should be able to do problem free. let's start off with a look at the michael & son weather cam and a beautiful sunrise starting to make its way toward us the sun officially rises in about one minute. the day planner keeps that sunshine with us through at least noon. 80 degrees at noon and notice those winds out of the west are much lighter today than they were yesterday. in the mid afternoon weak frontal boundary moves through and that's going to bring us a few clouds but those will be mostly gone by 5:00 so it's a brief mid afternoon clouds high of 85 degrees and we'll be back down to 83 by 5:00 but we have a long road before we get into the 80s. it's in the 50s in a lot of spots like manassas 55 degrees, 55 in fredrick as well, 56
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right now in martinsburg and 54 in gaithersburg still in the 60s in downtown washington and check out these dew points, you know that dew point is a measure of how much moisture is in the atmosphere. it's these numbers were the same as the air temperature, then you would have fog but since we have temperatures in the 60s and dew points in the 50s in downtown d.c., you know things are feeling very comfortable out there. that trend is going to continue through today and tonight and even tomorrow. on satellite and radar with high pressure in control we're looking good right now. you can see that weak cold front on the way. it doesn't have very much of anything in the way of moisture with it on our futurecast, we'll track that cold fronts progress and a few sprinkles popping up in the mountains but not making their way into the metro this afternoon. notice how any of that activity dissipates. it looks like we could see showers north of baltimore and southbound toward fredericksburg and richmond but not in the metro area. heading into friday, we're back in the clear just a few clouds to the south of the district and then it's on saturday that
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weave going to watch that heat and humidity start to come back but still fairly pleasant on saturday. sunday a little different story. high temperature today 83 degrees in fredrick, 81 in gaithersburg and leesburg 83 in fredericksburg, 82 culpeper and 84 for your high in downtown washington. overnight dipping down to 54 in it couple spots like fredrick and 54 in manassas as well 54 in orange and 53 in martinsburg so nice and comfortable tonight. you can open up the windows might even want that extra blanket if you have the windows open in outlying suburbs. friday you'll wake up to sunshine and that's all you'll see tomorrow a high of 82 degrees looks like a great day saturday still pretty nice partly sunny and a few more clouds and just a little bit more humid with that high of 86 degrees. in the first alert seven day forecast back up to the ance of course for thunderstorm comes back as well. that is your forecast, time again for traffic. >> and traffic pretty busy out there on i95 we are still
6:22 am
blocking a lane with the accident we reported earlier at quantico, but here is a live view of the water main break we've been reporting all morning long in alex and are aif you're traveling on russel road, it's going to be between king street, the exact locations are oak street and masonic view be alert that closure is in both directions. let's give you a live view of i270 at 109 in hyattstown, starting to see brake lights as you make your way down south bound heading toward the capitol beltway, on the brakes as you pass father hurley boulevard. another view of traffic on alexandria on 395, we are getting reports of a crash south bound 395 near etsealmost roadblocking a couple lanes. northbound lanes as you can see a bit sluggish as you continue into downtown. back to you andrea. thanks, angela. don't let those crazy gas prices get you down today. this half hour we're checking
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6:27 am
prince georges couldn't it but with tuesday's flooding rains crews haven't been able to start the repairs. wusa 9 reporter vanessa herring joins us live with more. >> reporter: more than 10,000 people are boiling their water this morning, or heading to grocery stores here in southern prince georges county to buy it . that's because part of a 12- inch main in a piscataway creek broke. people in the affected areas are in port washington, piscataway. the wssc says you need to boil your water at a rolling boil for about a minute and then let it cool before drinking, cooking, making ice or washing dishes. customers here at the safeway in brandywine, hadn't heard about the side advisor it but they say they plan to take it seriously. >> very serious, and if we're told that we need to use bottled water then that's what we need to use or boil it or whatever they tell us to do but i didn't realize that. >> the wssc is sampling water in the affected area and you
6:28 am
can go to our website and we have a link there to where you can plug in your address to find out if you are affected by this boil water advisory. mike and andrea? >> thanks vanessa. live in prince georges county this morning. virginia tech launched one of the countries first drone test sites to show just how useful unmanned aircraft can be. >> in the case of a car crash or a hazardous leak for instance a drone can be flown into see how many people are hurt or what is leaking. scores of companies ready to fly these drones are now just waiting for faa approval. >> not happening fast enough. i think everybody agrees we would like this to happen quicker but i'm a private pilot myself, i own an airplane and i'm flying to washington tomorrow and don't want to run into an unmanned aircraft. >> the faa could issue rules of flying these small drones within months but it could take years before we get the rules for the larger drones which can go high enough to share space
6:29 am
with manned commercial aircraft. you may want to do a double take of the calendar. look at this beautiful sunrise, it is august, not september but it's 65 degrees. >> and the humidity is way down, absolutely stunning outside. erica take it away. >> yes, we're going to keep that fall-like feel in the forecast not only through the rest of today but also into tomorrow. so you'll get to enjoy this nice cool comfortable feeling tomorrow morning as well. we're going to take another look outside with the michael & son weather cam and your day planner. we are going to get into the 80s so don't let this cool start to the day fool you. it will get pleasantly warm this afternoon, winds will be out of the west and southwest at about 5-10 miles an hour for most of the afternoon as well that's not going to be as gusty as it was yesterday so those strong winds that we had in the afternoon are going by the way side as well. on satellite and radar if you look to the left of your screen you can see a couple of those areas of green and some darker gray shading. some clouds and a few sprinkles are on the way but they will miss us through the south and
6:30 am
also to the north so the sprinkles and showers that develop with that system are not going to impact the metro area but they will impact areas surrounding us. current temperature is 54 degrees in gaithersburg, 59 hagerstown, 59 andrews as well and 54 in laray. when i step inside with the first alert seven day forecast we'll talk about the return of heat and humidity this weekend but of course we have beautiful weather to enjoy in the meantime. that is a quick look at weather, it is time again for a quick look at traffic. ankle? >> traffic is moving along steadily in some areas but we are starting to see delays on some of our major routes, the toll road and making your way around the west side of the beltway but as you can see we are starting to see brief delays coming inbound 295 as you make your way into downtown. let's step outside and get a live view of traffic flow. we are on the north side of the beltway where it is bumper to bumper making your drive into montgomery county past new hampshire avenue. those delays extend all the way past georgia avenue and
6:31 am
continue moving well though as you get past 270 over the american legion bridge. sky 9 is live as we make your drive along 495 and i66. before the beltway 66 is moving pretty well as you can see a bit of volume there but no major delays, once you are inside the beltway through arlington you will see congestion as you make the drive into arlington and from arlington into rozalin. back over to you. >> angela thank you. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are working on. >> let's check in with charlie rose standing by live in new york with a preview. good morning charlie. >> reporter: good morning, andrea and mike. i had seth donex is in south korea where the pope arrived today and seth has a closer look at the pope's plans and how he already sent a message with this flight path to south korea. >> plus top sleep doctors in studio 57 with the newest option for those would suffer from insomnia, how the drug works differently than other sleep aids and katie holmes is
6:32 am
in studio 57, taking the popular novel the giver to the big screen. the news is back in the morning. >> a lot of people are talking about that. our producer is so excited to see that movie. >> and charlie nice job on both lauren bacall and robin williams. we really appreciate watching those. >> thanks so much. >> have a great show. 6:32. prosecutors are trying to show jurors the money as they end the their witnesses in the mcdonnell's corruption trial. >> he is the latest witness en a string of testimony about these loans. witnesses told the court that bob mcdonnell came into the governors office with $75,000 in debt and that debt amount peaked at more than $90,000 at one point they say. loans to mcdonnell's got from former star scientific ceo jonnie williams were also outlined for the jurors. >> do you wish your side would start sooner rather than latter. >> like to start two weeks ago. >> to get it all out there and
6:33 am
tell your side of the story? >> we'll have our day how do you explain the loans though sir they weren't reported? >> there's more to go. >> prosecutors also presented testimony about how some of those loans were not recorded or were suddenly entered record after investigators started questioning the mcdonnell's. flags will be flying at half staff today from sunrise until sunset in maryland. it's in honor of major general harold green. he wassailed last week in afghanistan becoming the highest ranking officer to die in combat since vietnam. general green lived in falls church, virginia but served at aberdeen proving ground in maryland. he will be buried this afternoon. an angry confrontation erupted last night outside the white house over that police shooting of an unarmed man in ferguson, missouri. it all started with a peaceful protest in support of michael brown, the teenager who was shot. tensions escalated though when one man confronted the demonstrators. he said they were wrong to make
6:34 am
this into a race issue. brown was shot and killed two days before he was supposed to start college. a former marshall arts instructor in our area has beenjail for a sex offense. jason web an instructor at east coast marshall arts in edgewater must also register as a sex offender. prosecutors say the 27 year old teacher had sex with a 14 year old girl he met during class about a year ago. the capitol of annapolis reports web apologized for tions. starting next wednesday, same sex couple will be able to tie the knot in virginia as long as the supreme court doesn't intervene before then. federal appeals court denied a request to delay the rulings which struck down the states same sex marriage ban. now, under that ruling, out of state same sex marriages will also be recognized. 6:34. we want to congratulate our wusa 9 facebook fan of the day, john dunmeyer of columbia, maryland. john says i follow howard's
6:35 am
weather every morning and get my news online throughout the day on wusa 9's facebook page. >> that's terrific. we would like you at home to become the next facebook fan of the day. this weeks winners get tickets to see jimmy buffet on his this one for you tour. to enter go to our facebook fan page, fill out the form and make sure you link your favorite facebook pi
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welcome back. it's 6:38 on this thursday morning. michael & son weather cam a beautiful windshield wiper streak across our michael & son weather cam and that sunrise there. today we're going to see a good amount of that sunshine, few clouds in the afternoon, highs between 80 and 85, winds will not be as strong as they were in the afternoon yesterday, out of the west at 10-15 miles per hour. good morning everybody. the washington nationals have yet to lose to the mets on the road this season, nine straight victories heading into last night and it was a rookie lighting up the score board the
6:39 am
night before, last night it was another new national getting it done. check out this young nats fan in new york, going to town on that hot dog. smaller bites there, buddy. he got a good game for sure, top of the eighth, nats up 2-1, as cabrera, his first home run as a national, bottom of the ninth, heads up play to get the tag at home nats win the tenth straight at city field 3-2 final. >> reminder that this saturday we have nats on 9 a match up between two playoff contending teams andantes host the pittsburgh pirates first pitch 7:05. you can see it on wusa 9. >> baltimore with orioles magic against new york, bats came alive in the eighth inning, first jonathan scope tied the game and adam jones with a three run shot puts the game out of reach four runs in the eighth inning, completing the two game sweep over the bronx bombers their eighth consecutive series victory. >> and the washington wizards
6:40 am
getting love, a season after making the playoffs with ten nationally televised games their full schedule was releyour calendars out here is marquise games and they open the season october 29th at miami, lebron james and the cavs come to down november 21. we get a christmas day matinee in new york. then they face the champions january 3rd and on the 21st they host oklahoma city and reigning mvp kevin durant. >> redskins and ravens back to work. we'll have full report coming up this evening. that will do it for your morning sports, have a great thursday. if you didn't get outside yesterdays nice weather don't worry. >> because you have not missed your chance. today in fact could be better. up next erica grow tells us if we can make th
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
coming up on 6:44 on this friday eve and we want to know if this great span of weather low humidity will continue through our weekend.
6:44 am
>> it's going to continue until the weekend and the weekend is going to get off to a very nice start too so we have a few more days of really nice weather to enjoy. a few more days and then things start to turn a little bit nasty. let's take a look outside with the michael & son weather cam. the 14th street bridge jefferson memorial everything is looking gorgeous and you can see that sun starting to reflect off the trees and buildings. 65 at 9:00 a.m. so a little on the cool side to start the day but will quickly rise up to 80 degrees by noon, a few clouds arrive in the afternoon with a weak frontal boundary passing through. it's not going to bring us any rain and temperatures will remain in the 80s this afternoon so your high temperature 84 will reach that between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. your current temperature is up to 61 degrees in leesburg but we're still at 55 in manassas, 56 in martinsburg, 55 fredrick and 59 at andrews. very much cooler than it was at this time yesterday. look at that a 16-degree drop from where we yesterday in gaithersburg, 13-degree fuller in fredrick and in
6:45 am
fredericksburg, so we are definitely noticing that refreshing change in atmosphere. on satellite and radar you can see the weak frontal boundary i mentioned before. a few sprinkles popping up in the johns town area of pennsylvania but that moisture gets rung out by the mountains. we're just looking at clouds entering the picture mid afternoon a few sprinkles possible north of bwi, and also to the south and west of fredericksburg, but the only areas that maybe might see a sprinkle or shower in the southern valley and also down into the orange area. as we head into the overnight those clouds could produce a few showers in southern parts of maryland and the northern neck but then we'll wake up to sunshine once again on friday morning. temperatures down into the 50s in outlying suburbs and it's in fact down into the mid even and lower 50s as you step out the door friday morning but we'll still be in the 60s downtown in the metro. heading into the mid morning hours you can see those temperatures rising into the 60s and typically what happens. you get that sunshine and get
6:46 am
the big swings in temperature when the humidity is low and the sunshine is strong. that's what we have for the next couple of days. 81 degrees for your afternoon high in leesburg, 82 culpeper and orange. 80 hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester. overnight tonight dipping down into the 50s, low humidity clearing skies a low of 58 in fredericksburg, 53 hagerstown, 56 in baltimore, 62 for overnight low in downtown washington. green weather alerts staying with us for the next three days. today is going to be a great day just a few clouds in the afternoon with a high of 84. friday pretty much nothing but sunshine. it's going to be a fantastic afternoon with a high of 82 that humidity stays low just ramping it up slightly as we head into saturday a few more clouds enter the picture as well. high of 86 on saturday and not until sunday we worry about that humidity and the chance for a thunderstorm. first alert seven day forecast has that chance for storms staying with us as we head back
6:47 am
to work on monday and in fact the best chance for storms will be on monday and tuesday and high temperatures around 90 degrees from sunday all the way through next wednesday. that is your first alert seven day forecast. time again for time saver traffic. angela take it away. >> thank you very much erica. we are still dealing with that longstanding crash on i95. want to mention another look at 66, it's moving quite well from manassas to the capitol beltway but if traveling on i95 at quantico, that's where you'll tap the brakes, we're still blocking a couple lanes with this crash northbound 95 so be alert for those delays you're in that jam at least 10 minutes. let's step outside, this is what you will encounter once you get into 395 heading up to the 14th street bridge, looking pretty good now this is a sluggish pace for you, but still no delays all your lanes are open i should say as you head into downtown. now where are you going to see the heavy congestion? on the north side of the beltway traveling from i95 this is a live look at 650.
6:48 am
those delays continue over to georgia avenue on the outer loop lanes. mike? thanks, angela. so you're filling up for a weekend trip. do not let gas prices drive you crazy. we want to help you out taking a look at prices in wood bridge this morning according to triple a's fuel finder the most expensive gallon of goose is at the shell on gordon boulevard, regular you'll pay 3.90 a gallon for regular unleaded there but if you head to middle ridge bp on grand target drive regular unleaded just 3.19 a big difference. it is 6:48 and this is time for you to make a difference. we're inviting you to make a difference in the final days of our operation backpack drive. we want this to be a success, donating is so simple. you can click the give joy quick link on the left-hand side of our website at you see the big banner there, because we are winding down we're encouraging you to give a donation. we clicked on that and you can see the different amounts we
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have, $15, $25, 50 all the way up to $100 and of course i'm sure you can get more and that way volunteers of america can quickly funnel money to where supplies are needed most. but if you want to give a specific gift to a child here it is. you go give school supplies and then you see the childs picture, let's click on this childs picture and this is what this student wants for school. you can get the crayola 3-fifth grade supply packet that includes everything that you'll want in there. we have the 6-eighth grade supply, the schools tool box for first graders, the disney princess sophia backpack. it's just wonderful and we've already had people who contributed this morning. >> we would love to thank all of you more than 700 people have already contributed, in fact we got a couple this morning crayola supply pack was purchased this morning, pink flowers pattern backpack was also purchased so please go ahead to and our give joyce backpack so you can get
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these kids what they need. it's time to answer our question of the morning. it is according to a survey 40% of people avoid doing this because of health concerns. is it a) going to the gym, b) shaking hands or c) sitting directly on a toilet? >> one of our regulars says b, shaking hands, i would think that percentage would be greater for sitting directly on a toilet. well you know what? the answer is b, shaking hands. right on, sue. okay it is 6:50.
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i'm vanessa herring. you may need to buy or boil your water if you live in parts of southern prince georges county this morning. 10,000 people living in port washington and piscataway are under a boil water advisory. that's after part of a 12-inch main in the piscataway creek broke. the problem there is that part of the creek is still swollen from tuesday's rain and crews need to wait until water receeds to a normal level in order to start repairs, so if you're affected you need to bring your water to a rolling boil for at lost a minute and let it cool before drinking, cooking, making ice or washing dishes. in order to find out if you are affected head to our website at we have a link to where you can plug in your address to find out if you need to buy or boil your water this morning. andrea? israel has accepted a five day extension of the cease fire
6:54 am
in gaza. the initial troop with hamas began monday and would have expired in just a few hours. israel and palestiniandelegations are in cairox where egyption diplomats are serving ago betweens since the two sides are not negotiating face to face. in the wake of recent findings of the ebola densely populated city of lagos, nigeria, many doctors are calling on volunteers to help treat the victims of this disease. the death toll continues to climb, despite the global attention, according to the world health organization, 128 new cases were diagnosed in the last week. the total number of cases, 1975. pope francis arrived in south korea this morning. it's the first time a pontiff visited the country in 25 years. pope francis is expected to hold mass with north korean escapees. it's seen as a nod to the growing catholic community in asia. police are asking for your help finding a person who set
6:55 am
fire to an area playground. the fire was set at a germantown playground at senica crossing drive next to sally ride elementary. the damage over $100,000. if you have any information about the fire please call montgomery county police. a local movie theatre is honoring robin williams with a movie tribute. starting tomorrow the west end cinema engage town will show goodwill hunting, the bird cage and fisher king every day for a week. williams won an oscar for his role as a therapist in goodwill hunting and he was found dead by suicide in his home on monday. commuters on long island new york will likely have an easier time getting to work today. more than a foot of rain fell there yesterday turning the highways into rivers in many places, rescuers used boats to retrieve stranded drivers because of the flash flooding. the national weather service says wednesday may have been the most rainy day in new york state since records started being kept. air kay? >> thankfully that rain is long gone and we have a stretch of
6:56 am
sunshine in the first alert seven day forecast. todays high 84 degrees, tomorrow 82 and then we're back up into the mid 80s on saturday just a touch more humid but notice also those overnight lows remaining cool and comfortable, a great stretch of weather ahead. >> and on the roads this morning 270 still moving well our biggest problems on 95 the accident at quantico still blocking a couple lanes but our congestion continues on 495 traveling through montgomery county here you can see a live look at 650 over avenue it's bumper to bumper. cbs this morning is next. they will profile a ray of hope from a violent chicago neighborhood as their team heads to the little league world series. plus as it heads toward a date of the wrecking back a look back at san francisco's candlestick park. >> erica and i will be back with traffic and weather. >> you can get news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day at >> you can still go to that
6:57 am
facebook page wusa 9, click on operation backpack and help give joy to thousands of kids in our area. >> a cash donation or school supplies can help out. that will do it for now. you'll see erica and i back up at noon, and we're all back tomorrow morning at 4:25. have a great day everybody. >> bye-bye.
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. good morning. it is thursday august 14 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." tear gas, molotov cocktails, the new violence in missouri overnight. >> and can the vatican repair relations with china? plus a little league team in chicago' south side beat the odds. >> first a look at your "eye en oper," your woinrld 9


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