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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 16, 2014 11:00pm-11:23pm EDT

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i found some notices still on the doors here. >> many university of maryland students are getting kicked out.
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>> head today -- and tied up traffic in both directions for hours. the crash shut down all westbound lanes and one eastbound lane shortly after 11:00 this morning. it caused a ten-mile back up on both spansover the bridge and on route 50. medics air lifted a 45-year-old woman to a trauma center. two others were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. scores of panic university of maryland students scramble to find new homes tonight just weeks before classes start. students say they learned just last week that a new owner is evicted them from the apartment house to make way for t. evelopmen stephanie ramirez talked with some of the worried students today. >> lucky for -- he was already packed today move to go a different school but university of maryland students staying like kyle dasher say. >> most of the people here, they have place to go really. they're still scramablingto find places to live. >> kyle may have a house to
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move into but he's not exactly sure. dasher is one of several students being kicked out of the apartments off of the university of maryland campus. students here learned last week, the group purchased 22 of the 29 buildings with plans to tear them down. a new apartment complex called knov village will be in the -- knox. it has been made public for at least a year but the students who receive vacate say the owners a loueded new leases -- allowed new leases knowing it would be finalized. >> these people were told they were going to have places to live for the upcoming year and now as the school year starts they don't know where to live. >> classes start in about two weeks. the buildings aren't the most luxury my room was not if the best condition. most of them aren't. >> they believe a new complex would be good for the area, still it is how the owner went about the sale that has many more upset. >> if students didn't move out
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already, according to contract they get 90 days. >> with the stresses of of classes and finals many can't afford to wait that long. >> nor some other colleges students who do have house to go move into, it is back to school weekend. it was move in day at howard university. more than 1500 members of class of 2018 today also kicked off welcome week at american university with more than 600 freshman and do you see fresh women heading become to campus. >> >> tracking weather where you live. first alert weather. >> 2018 -- >> i know. >> it was a nice day today. >> those young kids. >> if you were moving but maybe a little sweaty tomorrow. >> absolutely. yeah. it was great weather for anything you wanted to do outdoor today. seasonally warm but not
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seasonally humid. that's going to change as we head into tomorrow. the michael -- weather cam still looking great. normally if it would be muggy you would have a little bit of an obstructed view of the jefferson memorial. that's not the case right now. it is 73 with a dew point of 58. as i mentioned eller today, when the dew point is below 6, that is still a comfortable atmosphere. so we are starting to see the number creep up. earlier today, the dew point was in the 40s. so the humidity is slowly rising and that is bad news because that means you have to turn the ac back up on and thing also start to get more uncomfortable and it will be warmer and more more mu tid on sunday. the -- humid on sunday. there's a potential for a shower or storm at the beginning of the newscast. i showed you the cold front that will produce that chanceif showers. don't cancel outdoor plans. this does not look widespread: you can always check out your radar app on wus 9 with your smart phone or tablet or check
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it out on your desk top computer before you step tout door to make sure there isn't any rain on instructing your plans. it does obstructing your plans. on satellite and radar you can see the a approaching system, the warm front of the approaching small system and then the cold front of the larger system to the north, and those two are going to but up against each other and pr deuce that chance for showers. we are still dry though through noon on sunday. maybe some showers approaching from the west but it is really around 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. that we have the chance for a shower or a thunderstorm in the immediate metro tomorrow. the humidity does not go away though, in fact on monday, the winds become a little more southeast and that helps to pull in some more of the moisture from the south and we will see a widespread rain sent monday: it looks like most of the moisture will misus south and west.
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>> overnight: itbecome mostly cloudy. 60 to 68 for your lows and temperatures in the 70s tomorrow morning with the chance for an ace lated shower -- isolated shower. a few more showers and thunderstorms possible tomorrow afternoon. 855 to 91. it will start -- 85 to 91. it will start to get hotter with winds at t 55 to 15 miles per hour. here is the five -- at 5 to 15. 8 degrees, widespread showers and thunderstorms especially to the west of the beltway, and then tuesday i think will be the most active day with a high of 85 degrees. and then we will still have to deal with a few isolated thunderstorms through the with rest of the work week, highs remain close to 90 until we get closer to the weekend. i am hoping i will be able to taylorthis forecast without rain on one day but right now, it is just really as to up which days will get the rain and with which are not. tomorrow do your outdoor stuff
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early. s0q you are good until 4:00 p.m. from the beltway and south well with, the game at 5:00 tomorrow. >> it doesn't look like they will have trouble getting the game in. but a rain delay is possible. >> they're used to that. >> yes, they are. >> it was yet tonight. a sold out crowd. it was a perfect night for baseball and everybody that went there got to witness incredible victories. the mattes -- the fireworks [ female announcer ] it's the sears one day sale
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now game on sports. we decided not to go to the washington nationals game tonight or couldn't make it i hope you are watching it here on wus isa 9. this was as as -- wusa 9. if you missed all i have got you covered. here we go. gonzales rolling at the strt of this one with five strike outs and then he hit in the third. sanchez with the liner to third, just like the pirates lead 3-0. they're not going down without a fight. down two, adam says not anymore.
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getting out of the park in a hurry. we stay that way to bottom of the ninth. harper on second. wilson took a one hopper into the bull pen, ground rule double walk off. harper scored. that's your ball game. they win the fifth straight and the fifth walk off of the season, 4-3. >> with we are in the good moment right now and everybody playing hard. that is good for team. it is like that and get winnings. >> see if they can get -- no come back and orioles riding lasted just four and a third innings giving up a three-run blast to carlos and two-run shot from michael brantley. o's were rocked 6-0, dropped two straight for the first time in 40 games. like the stream streak. >> the ravens have question-ms, can the defense return to the disruptive ways, how will the secondary teal with the rush of injuries and can the offense improve on last week's early
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success under new coordinator gary. ravens visiting jerry's woo reeled tonight. aka, cowboys stadium. and facing tony romo is making his first start since back surgery. cowboys were driving until courtney scoops it up and takes it back 26 yards for the score. ravens up 7-0. defense side, ravens airs it out to bryant. what a catch. he goes to the baltimore secondary, 31 is yards. we are tied at second and that's it. the ravens answer the next -- thompson, the former florida governor fields eight yards deep, takes it untouched, 108 yards for the touchdown. ly venns now 14-7 and joe and company finally get the ball and after a few series, finally getting the rush shaken off. it was a long time before they go46cwt on the field tonigh for the 119-yard score. ly venns knock off the cowboys 37-30. here is a look at the final
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numbers, joe flako completed 9 of 17 passes for 113 yards and one touchdown. bernard pierce continued his impressive repr season with 7 rush, he got the start tonight. up next baltimore and the redskins next saturday. the all important preseason game number three. injury updates on two starters, jimmy smith went pack and came up spitting up blood. he was diagnosed with a chest bruise. he didn't return. not good for an already battered secondary. ray rice suffered a shoulder z bruise. he won't be out very long. >> the washington red skins play the second preseason game monday night against the browns, plenty of story lines to fed ux field. this is the -- fed exfield and his olderbrother john will be calling the game. there's of course the impending rival of jonmy mansel, that means two man heis both from the lone star state, both entering the nfl with tons of
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fanfare. being a texas guy it is obviously cool to have -- always cool when you are playing against somebody from the state of texas who grew up playing texas high school football and then playing the school in the sit of texas. you look at rg 3 he's an excellent player. jonny of course not get ting start but we are will see a lot of him on monday. >> thank you. we will be right back. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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the game. >> be prepirred but don't not game. >> exactly. >> there you go. -- be prepared but don't &x(um
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