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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 19, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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very troubling to know that that individual is still in society. >> catching a killer 30 years later, new technology and some new clues. >> tonight how you can help virginia investigators crack a cold case. >> plus major developments from the middle east, terrorists released video showing the jorder of an american liurnast. >> the threat they made tonight to the president. >> and blue to red shifting power in the commonwealth, the gop wins big tonight.
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good evening. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. the funeral for an unarmed teen shot by a police officer is set for monday. >> more than one week after michael brown's death the protests go on in ferguson, missouri. this is a live look at what's going on as we speak. last night at this time things were okay, but overnight violence erupted. more than 50 people were arrested. u.s. attorney general eric holder plans to pay ferguson a visit tomorrow. mola lenghi has been monitoring the fluid situation today and looks at a few of the dynamics at play. >> as our viewers can see there, it's dark in the st. louis area now and authorities say that is when the most trouble has happened, under the cover of night. it's a tense complicated situation and for as much protesting as there has been, there has been plenty of support all around. >> we do not want any citizen hurt. we don't want any officer hurt. >> reporter: but what they want and what's happening are not always one in this tense
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and fluid situation in ferguson, missouri. police say hiding among peaceful protesters are criminals who are looting businesses, throwing rocks and molotov cocktails at authorities, even shooting at police officers. >> those are the people who are just coming for that purpose, to steal, taking advantage of the situation and that's not right. >> reporter: the majority of protesters are peaceful they say also claiming police force has often been excessive pointing weapons at unarmed civilians, canvassing of unarmorred vehicles and arresting reporters but police are receiving support. volunteers with the aid group crisis international are providing donations to support police on the ground, everything from grab and go food and drinks to sunscreen. >> i think the police are not getting maybe a fir shake in this deal and they're out there -- fair shake in this deal and they're out there trying to protect property and people. >> reporter: darren wilson, the officer who shot 18-year- old michael brown, is also receiving significant support most notably through a facebook
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page nearly 40,000 likes and counting and also thousands of t-shirts that have wilson's back are sold online. rallies and fundraisers are being held including a page including a $100,000 donation for wilson's family. the new empire knights say all money will go to the cop who did his job against the negro criminal. a friend of officer wilson's told st. louis media wilson has been distraught over the shooting, still many on the ground remain distrustful of local authorities from police to prosecutors. that is what a justice department investigation recently launched aims to provide, for protesters peace of mind and trust in an investigation's findings of what happened in last week's shooting and for police order in the sheets. for wusa9 i'm mola lenghi. >> as we did mention to you, funeral plans have been announced for michael brown. the service is scheduled for monday and the reverend al sharpton will deliver the
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eulogy. members of brown's family are expected to speak. now another developing story tonight, the family of an american journalist confirmed their son was beheaded by isis terrorists. video was released online. tonight several sources in the intelligence community confirm it was james foley. foley was kidnapped in 2012 while covering the war in syria. in the video foley is seen kneeling next to one of his captors and forced to read a statement that the real killer is america. the video shows another american journalist believed to be time magazine contributor steve sotlof. the president made a threat to the president saying sotlof would be next if the president does not end airstrikes in iraq. the woman in fairfax gone missing tonight on business, a photo of 40-year-old wendy fuji from philadelphia and her brother said the last time anyone saw her was on the 7th
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of august. she works for an engineering company who said she never showed up for work. pennsylvania tags jks3697 are her honda's tags. call the police if you have any information. tonight a man from greenbelt charged with murdering his ex-girl friend is in custody. prince george's county police believe he killed 36-year-old shawntell lewis inside her home yesterday. lewis' mom found the body. police say lewis had been stabbed several times. 30 years ago today someone killed a virginia state trooper at the front door of his own home. to this day that violent murder remain unsolved, but on the 30th anniversary police say new technology has provided new information in the murder of johnny bowman. itas cy of my ramirez reports, now -- as stephanie ramirez reports, now they just need your help. >> her mother's passed away. her other brother passed away. i'm the only one that's left that's immediate family. i'd love to see this case
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solved. i've been waiting 30 years. >> reporter: he may live five hours away from the crime scene, but every day mark bowman's mind is here at the family home where family members discovered in horror someone disguised as a utility worker stabbed and killed his brother mark bowman. >> i pray any day, maybe today it would get solve. >> reporter: special agent miquelet has led the investigation the past -- michael elytte has led the investigation the past nine years. he said this suspect stabbed trooper bowman more than 40 times and did so just after 4:00 in the morning. the suspect knocking on the trooper's front door wearing a utility worker's hard hat and even a wig. >> very troubling to know that individual is still in society today. >> reporter: with new technology elliott says they have new forensics on the case but they still need the public's help. however, not everyone knows about it including jerry
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edwards who lives just two houses away. >> i was very surprised. i was shocked. if it happened 30 years ago, it can happen again. >> reporter: which is the same concern for police. they're asking again for your help. >> the virginia state police have an award listed here, 50,000-dollar for anyone who can provide information -- $50,000 for anyone who can provide information leading to an arrest. >> if you have any information, please call virginia state police. the number is there on your screen, search 03-803-2 -- 703- 803-2607. going to prince william county where a teen told police she'd been robbed and got arrested. police say amanda toomey gave money to another man to buy marijuana for her. she's charged with filing a false report. he's held on drug charges. it looks like the gop will be large and in charge in the virginia state legislature at least for now. tonight republican a. benton
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chafen won the seat and that gives republicans control of not only the senate but the house. they already had the house. the race for puckett's former seat could turn out to be the most expensive in state senate history, at state the legislative agenda of democratic governorterry mcauliffe. peggy fox is in richmond with the look at the other maureen, the strongest witness yet for the defense. >> reporter: mo mcdonnell, bob mcdonnell's sister, is her brother's strongest witness so far. mo mcdonnell shed new details about the problems surrounding her brother's wife maureen and their marriage. mo said communication between them was broken and that when bob became governor, it went from bad to worse. she said she thought maureen
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felt trapped as fuss lady and once referred to -- first lady and once referred to her home as the prison mansion. >> i've had better stretches in my life. four years of governor was certainly more enjoyable than sitting in federal court, but to know the valley god is allowing me to go through now. >> reporter: mo is knocking down the prosecution's claim they were having trouble paying for the beach houses she owned with her brother. as an executive mo made more than half a million dollars in 2012 and she said she had plenty of money to cover the losses at the houses but did not realize the bills were not getting paid because she was dealing with a difficult pregnancy, a lengthy illness and her own marital difficulties. she said they took out loans including this $70,000 from jonnie williams because it was a better deal financially to borrow the money than to use her own. the day ended with an accountant who testified bob mcdonnell and his sister together had $1.4 million available and that their real
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estate company was financially sound. that testimony shoots down the prosecution's claim that the mcdonnells were in financial distress. in richmonding withing -- richmond, peggy fox, wusa9. texas governor rick perry turned himself into police today to be booked on felony charges of abuse of power. check out this mugshot. perhaps you might think perry doesn't seem especially concerned, but prosecutors allege he abused his powers trying to force travis county district attorney rosemary limburg to resign after she was arrested for dui and when she didn't step down, perry threatened to veto millions for her office. he's scheduled to be arraigned friday but doesn't have to be there and apparently he likely won't be there as he plans to be in new hampshire that day testing waters for another possible presidential run. many of us are still shocked that robin williams took his own life.
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a north virginia woman is sharing her unique story with us. >> reporter: it's a struggle for kristen mcginnis in mclean, virginia, to walk. it's a miracle she's even here. in october of 2010 kristen lost her job of 18 years. then -- >> my grandmother died, a close friend died. i had a relationship end badly. >> reporter: kristen tried to kill herself with a weapon she had for protect. >> it finally seemed like i had a path that made sense to me. >> reporter: she's had more than 30 reconstructive surgeries to her face, her constant companion is charlie, one of the friends she didn't lose after attempted suicide. this is how kristen used to look before that october day considered happy go lucky and the life of the party. it's much like how comedian robin williams was talked about before he took his own life last week. >> that wasn't a mask. it's still who i am.
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i'm still smiling, happy. >> reporter: she says it's complicated. >> the more we talk about suicide and the more that we acknowledge that depression, anxiety are real problems, the better off everyone is. >> reporter: the shocking news about robin williams brought to the surface topics that aren't often discussed publicly, suicide and depression. >> i'm very, very grateful that i had a second chance and part of that second chance means helping others find theirs. >> reporter: now kristen volunteers and also helps out as a crisis counselor and wants you to know if you need help, it's out there. 800-273-talk, 800-273-talk. now to this story, take a look at this photo snapped by a passer-by on georgia avenue. the police officer you see right here says he was just
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doing his job, but he might very well have saved that man's life. that is montgomery county police officer eric glass helping a blind man who found himself right in the middle of georgia avenue during the height of yesterday's morning rush hour. >> he was in the middle of it all. so i just pulled up, turned on my lights, got out, told him i was a police officer and told him he was in the middle of the intersection. he said he knew that and told me where he was headed and i walked him to the curb in that something direction. that was -- in that direction. that was about it. >> reporter: it wasn't like he was in the median where the grass is on the side. >> he was literally in the middle of the intersection. right in between the free flowing traffic going southbound and the traffic going northbound. even with sight you wouldn't want to be in the middle of this intersection during rush hour. >> officer glass turned his police lights on, climbed out of his patrol car and quickly got that man to the sidewalk.
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the police department placed this passer-by's photo on its twitter page proud of officer glass, as well it should be. officer glass said he doesn't know what the fuss is about. he said this is what montgomery county police officers do. well done. i'm andrea mccarren. why am i wearing all this protective gear? because we are with soldiers who carry out one of the world's most dangerous jobs. their story coming up. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt, kind of muggy out here. here's your wakeup weather, muggy to start, dry morning commute, 68 to 74 at 5:00, in the 70s by 9:00. we'll tell you who won't have a dry ride home tomorrow and
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only on 9 tonight they train in our area for one of the deadliest jobs anywhere, eod specialists. >> that stands for explosive ordnance disposal. some of the nation's top terrorist fighters trained at fort a.p. hill in virginia. andrea mccarren takes us there. >> fire in the hole! [ explosion ] >> reporter: for the first time ever six elite bomb disposal units are competing to be the team of the year. >> we're going to detonate and
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destroy take round. >> reporter: in this scenario -- a round. >> reporter: in this scenario the team from the florida guard set off explosives near a replica of a mosque. their goal? not to shatter glass or damage a nearby wall. >> proof is in the pudding. it's beautiful. >> reporter: a team from hawaii had to contend with a round of ammunition stuck in the bottom of a field artillery weapon. these soldiers are the best of the best at when they do. they're here from across the continental united states and hawaii. >> fire! >> reporter: from roadside bombs in iraq and afghanistan to explosive laden backpacks like ones set off at the boston marathon bombing, these soldiers have a three-part mission. >> our job is to save lives first, protect property and last collect evidence. >> reporter: in fact, sergeant major adam reyes calls it the greatest career the army has to offer.
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>> it's calming. >> reporter: andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> in the competition evaluators determine which team was the fastest and have the best technique for handling explosive material. the team of the year honors went to the soldiers from hawaii featured in our report. for a photo gallery of some of the action you can check out our website top, you're talking about the possibility of a yellow alert, my friend? >> yeah, on thursday. we're okay tomorrow. i think in town we're dry tomorrow morning for the commute and probably coming home, but thursday kind of a different story. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 86 today, average high 86, 87, pretty much spot on, right now 79, a little humid, relative humidity up there at 66%. it does go up this time of the night. dew point is in the upper 60s and winds are light. the morning and evening commute will be dry at least in the immediate metro area.
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the camp temperatures in the morning, not bad, 72 to about 80, 9 a.m. to noon. afternoon storms and showers will primarily be confined west of d.c. by that we moon around i-81 and points -- mean around i-81 and points west into the mountains. stormier thursday. that's the day we're concerned about might have to make it a yellow alert. here's futurecast. early morning we just have clouds in the 60s and low 7s, no showers in the metro area or in the mountains, but by 8:00 some cloud, mix of sun and clouds in the morning, 68 in gaithersburg, 70 in leesburg, 73 downtown. now we see showers begin to fire in the mountains and by 1:00 we're still okay downtown. want to walk to lunch, you can. i wouldn't do it in winchester or romney or petersburg. you'll have some showers and a couple thunderstorms. by 4:00 they get kind of heavy. see all the red south of winchester down toward
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harrisonburg? that's rainfall rates about an inch per hour. that's heavy, but look what happens. again in town we're okay even out to culpeper probably okay. they just kind of die out and dive off to the south and east. perhaps they get as far west as manassas. they probably will get to culpeper tomorrow and kind of die out over fredericksburg. that's why we've not issued a yellow alert tomorrow. we think by and large all the activity will be west and south of most of us in the metro area. by 10:00 tomorrow night, walk the dog, no worries, upper 70s downtown, mid-70s in the been, 75 in manassas -- in the burbs, 75 in manassas. overnight mostly cloudy, muggy, a little patchy fog, low temperatures 66 to 72. day planner will show it's dry in the morning, 76 by 9:00, 81 by 11:00 and 85 by 1:00. those are downtown temps. next three days 86, 86, 86, isolated storms tomorrow mainly
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west, scattered storms on thursday and friday. may have a yellow alert thursday and friday. we'll keep you posted, temperatures in the mid-80s. the next seven days we have some showers still lingering each day, not too bad. we're looking at temperatures low to mid-80s. i got the big day saturday with nats in town and the burgundy and gold play the ravens saturday night, slight chance of a shower, game time temps in the 70s and mid-80s monday and tuesday. >> can we keep the seven-day up for a second? it's a goo thing the orioles don't play on saturday because there is no more room. >> that's true. >> that would have been a problem. >> it would blow up the seven- day. nats on a hot streak. they're going to be home a little while, but they win once again, but they decide to switch things up a bit tonight, still as exciting, just
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity.
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>> the washington nationals have definitely been exciting as of late, but tonight they gave us a much needed break, not from winning but from that heart pounding nail biting baseball they've been playing as of late. tonight there was no suspense. you could actually sit back and enjoy the game. the nationals broke the game wide open in the 3rd inning, up two bases loaded asdrubal cabrera deep to right center all the way to the wall. the bases clear. three runs come in, a six-run inning for the nationals. also nitoght stephen strasburg was on his a game. he lasted a season high eight innings allowing one run, three hits, striking out four. the nats crushing the diamondbacks 8-1 the final. >> it's important for us to continue to play well and sometimes you can play well and not win, but i like the way the some good defensive plays.
11:26 pm
good hitting when guys are in scoring position, so all around good effort. >> i'd say so. tonight makes it eight straight victories for the nationals averaging just over five runs a game. in this stretch they've had three walkoff victories, seven hotel this season. baltimore orioles in the windy city tonight keeping their win streak alive in the 7th up 4-1. what's one more? a solo shot on the evening. chris tillman threw eight strong innings. orioles win their third in a row, 5-1 the final. university of maryland is paving the way for universities and their support of athletes becoming one of the first division 1 institutions to guarantee lifetime scholarships to all student athletes. it's called the maryland way guarantee and beginning november the university will provide incoming student athletes with a guaranteed scholarship until they 's been year basis. other schools have done
11:27 pm
something similar but only for the revenue sports. maryland is one of the first to do it for all of their sports. a big blow this week for one of the terps newest big 10 opponents. ohio state quarterback braxton miller will miss the entire season after injuring his shoulder throwing a pass in practice. he was not hit. he has a torn labrum and will need surgery. finally tonight this starts off as a common appearance, a baseball manager in the face of the ump, but joe mitchellek takes it a bit further after getting tossed. he covers home plate and just decides instead of waiting to get to the clubhouse to undress, he decides to get a head start and show everybody who nobody really wants to see out there. >> that's enough, joe. >> be glad he stopped there. it could have gotten significantly worse. >> you don't see big league managers doing that anymore. they just scream and yell.
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