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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 20, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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ice bucket challenge only on 9, a maryland film maker talks about his best friend american journalist james folley beheaded bey th most dangerous organization in the world. >> tonight, how you can find out if you are a victim of thieves.
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>> and a dc man who was dancing footloose, now finds his dream in the danger zone. >> and good evening. i'mian jan. jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm derek mcginty. things have calmed down weather wise. >> what's the morning commute look like? >> it looks okay. we'll look at the radar over the past two hours. here's the doppler 900 where are, and most of the activity south is now further south. couple of showers just popped up in the last hour northwest of cumberland but they too are waning. you can see the bull's eye in parts of loudon county. 3 inches fell north of warrenton, 1.5 around leesburg and to the south, 2.5 on the way to fredericksburg so that was the bull's eye. future cast for tomorrow morning. kind of a muggy start, 6:00 a.m.
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68, gaithersburg and leesburg, low 70s downtown, but notice no green blobs. we'll advance at 8:00. most of us will have a dry commute to work. by 10:00 79 downtown. and we'll come back and give you a time table for the afternoon storms and talk about why we had to issue a yellow alert for friday. only on 9, an interview of one of the best friends of the american journalist beheaded by isis terrorists. >> he says isis makes al-qaida look like boy scouts. he talked with van dyke tonight and also has breaking news about a failed attempt to rescue james folley and the other hostages. >> that's right. the pentagon confirmed tonight that special forces tried to rescue those hostages held by isis in serious.
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but when they dropped in, the hostages were gone. >> hopefully they'll keep trying because there's a lot missing and something that can be done to save him. >> reporter: matthew van dyke cheering the rescue attempt, but mourning the execution of the man he calls his best friend, photo journalist james foley. >> it's been a tough day. >> reporter: the murder has failed to stop the us from continuing air strikes. van dyke fears rebels will kill another journalist, steven. >> it doesn't look like a good situation. >> reporter: the president angrily condemned the killers. >> no faith teaches people to massacre innocents. no just god would stand for what they did yesterday and every single day. >> reporter: foley's parents focused on their son's life. >> he was an inspiration to us and for so many others. so we miss his courage and his
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love his determination his laugh, his smile we must take consolation in the fact that he died doing what he believed in. >> reporter: van dyke met foley in libya where van dyke who grew up in baltimore, was a fighter and captive of moammar kadafi. his rampage across syria and iraq is the west's failure to act sooner. >> before isis even showed up in syria, modern opposition had been supported in syria. there wouldn't be at the present time, there wouldn't be an isis. >> 32 journalists have died doing their job so far this year. foley knew the risks but talked all the time about how important it was to show the world the plight of people in places like libya, syria and iraq. jan. >> bruce, thanks so much.
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>>torney general eric holder is now promising change in ferguson missouri. he delivered that message himself today meeting with everyone from students hoping it will calm down. the federal investigation is under way. he thanked missouri highway patrol captain ron johnson for his work. the attorney general also met with brown's parents. demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse where the grand jury began hearing evidence today. a decision on whether to charge officer wilson could take months. a lot of hugs and tears today at the funeral for a three-year-old killed by bullets that were meant for somebody else. kanaya bibs died inside a landover house earlier this month after an auditorium over clothes ended in gunfire. and today, loved ones came out to pay tribute to that little girl. kanaya was a student at the bilingual artist school. she loved reading and music and really loved making her family smile. she would have been four next
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month. now, following today's service a warning from prince georges county police to the man who killed her. anybody helping wallace evade capture will pay the price? those persons offering mr. wallace a place to sleep, moneys to flee a ride to leave the area, you will be subjected as appropriate to criminal charges. >> so you got any information on where wallace is, use any of those numbers on your screen. call the cops. you can stay anonymous by calling 866-411-tips. all this information is on our website at, jan. former virginia governor bob mcdonald took the stand in his own defense late this afternoon. peggy fox has been in court every day since the trial and tells us how the former governor did on the stand. >> reporter: the former governor was on the stand for about and-a-half. and he came across this very believable, even relieved to finally be telling his story.
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but remember he's only answering questions from his attorneys, and he's well prepared for those questions. >> i can't comment on it. >> reporter: under oath, former governor bob mcdonald said he never gave johnny williams anything beyond routine access to government. they're accused of taking more than $177,000 in gifts and loans from star scientific ceo johnny williams in exchange for promoting his product anatoblock. he asked him what he did not give star or williams. any appointments? no. press releases? no. tours or site visits? no. money from the governor's fund? no. and no line item funding in the budget either. mcdonald told the court that his administration did very little for star. >> did you do anything different for star than any other company? >> i can't talk about my testimony. you'll have are to hear that from the stand.
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>> how much of a relief is it to finally get up there and tell your story? how did you feel about that moment? >> i've known about this for 18 months so it's good to be able to testify. >> reporter: these two men including a priest who attended notre dame with mcdonald. >> these are two of my longest standing best friends in the world, and they did a great job and it gave me a lot more courage going on the stand. >> reporter: long-term friends were character witnesses today. >> i simply told the truth which is rob mcdonald is one of the most kindest, honest people of integrity i've ever met in all of my life. >> reporter: the governor told this interesting story the day on the stand. that morning, his wife was yelling at him about what she was going to do and where and he said he noticed tension as pending role as first lady. tomorrow we'll hear more about the defense claims about a broken passenger. peggy fox, wusa 9. >> how will the jury feel about
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the defense's strategy of blaming mcdonald's wife. bob holsworth, political strategist says the defense has to be very careful. >> on one hand he certainly cannot be part of this sort of group that's throwing his wife under the bus. he has to talk about how he's loved her, has to talk about the nearly 40 years of marriage. at the same time, however, he does have to confirm the case that the defense is making, that somehow maureen was irrational and secretive and didn't tell him the full extent of the gifts that johnny williams was showering upon the mcdonald family. >> bob mcdonald is expected to be on the stand throughout tomorrow and possibly into friday and how he does under prosecution questioning of course will be key. the us supreme court has put a halt on same-sex marriage in virginia. originally it was supposed to be allowed to begin tomorrow but the high court issued the block. one couple's story.
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>> reporter: molly and shannon are planning their wedding. >> i didn't think i could get more excited for the wedding until i found out my gosh i might be able to actually get married in my home state. >> reporter: that happiness ended today when the us supreme court halted same-sex marriages in virginia. >> a little heart broken. you know, obviously disappointed because it would have been really neat to be part of virginia history. >> reporter: the national organization for marriage agrees with the ruling saying, quote this is another indication that the rush to judgment declaring marriage to be unconstitutional is not only premature, but incorrect. we remain confident that the us supreme court will uphold all the various traditional marriage laws. virginia attorney general mark herring says he reluctantly agrees with the state. he still has hopes for marriage equality but also knows the possibilities. >> for example if a couple were to marry and adopt a child and the supreme court were to later rule against marriage equality it could call into question the validity of the adoption.
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>> we're set, one way or the other, october 11, we're doing it jothese us veterans have abackup plan. they'll get a marriage license in dc where it's legal and have a symbolic ceremony in their virginia home but living in a state that doesn't recognize same-sex marriage means they won't enjoy the legal benefits of marriage from taxes to transfer of property to emergency care. >> served the country for 14 years. i should have the same benefits as any other soldier. >> reporter: still the couple and the attorney general say momentum is on their side. >> in our neighborhood people got to know us first, and we actually helped change a lot of people's views about us getting married. >> i will say there's a lot of cause for optimism. we have had a string of victories in federal courts all across the country. >> ultimately when it comes down to it, is it legal, does the church approve it? we love one another, and we want to stand up in front of our friends and family and say we're making a commitment for life. >> reporter: in virginia, molla
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lenghe, wusa 9. >> the attorney general says he's pushing to expedite the case in the hopes that the supreme court will make a ruling on it sooner rather than later. montgomery county police are investigating an accident that sent a car crashing into the met life office building in rockville. the fire departmentoted saying two cars collided in the parking lot and one of them somehow ended up in the office building. police tell us the driver was actually trapped in that wreckage. we don't know how he or she is doing but as a precaution, first responders did evacuate the building. firefighters later determined there was no structural damage. and a major step forward in the silver line phase 2. late this evening, federal transportation officials announced there is nearly $1.3 billion in place in the form of a loan. this will help extend the silver line from the wheelie avenue station to route 772 in eastern loudon county. that adds about 11 miles. the airport authority expects a couple of more loans to be approved by the end of the year.
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a potential data breach at dozens of ups stores across the country. it discovered a computer virus at 51 locations and customers who used credit or debit cards in any of the stores in the past several months might have exposed their personal id, including home and e-mail addresses. among the stores affected are one m maryland on town center boulevard in dunkirk and one in virginia on route 129 in charlottesville. ups has removed the virus and doesn't know how many customers might have been infected, only the number of transactions. ups has set up an informational website and offering identity protection and credit monitoring services to customers who might have been affected. she is the teen phenom that everybody is talking about. >> they call her mo'ne davis. she's back on the mound tonight. we'll see how her team is doing taking on nevada in the little league world series. people post everything on
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social media the good, the bad the ugly. coming up next, how couples are
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i guess you'd call the new math, marriage plussay an overdose of social media can
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sometimes add up to divorce. >> before they're tying the knot, a growing number of couples are doing a whole new equation. it's a brand new take on the old fashioned prenup. [wedding music] >> it's a gold mine of information. >> reporter: family attorney rebecca reeder says the law is just catching up with social media. now, a treasure troph of dirt during a nasty divorce. but now we know it's also a leading cause. the american academy of matrimonial lawyers say 80% of divorcing couples site social media as a reason for their break up. >> it surprises me it's as low as it is. >> reporter: that's why attorneys are preparing prenuptial social media agreements. >> your public persona is so important to how you're able to handle your business. >> reporter: who is a social media prenup? a definition of what you and your spouse agree is allowed. it can be no posts about me unless i give you permission.
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it covers video, photos and comments. it doesn't matter if they're true or not. and specific dates. it could be in effect if you're married and only if divorced. >> you're going to catch things you don't or your spouse doesn't in the heat of anger and revenge and being upset post something you're going to regret later or going to hit your pocket later. >> reporter: we wanted to know, would you sign a social media prenup? this debate has been going strong all day on our facebook page. teresa harvey writes if you do not trust your partner, maybe you should not get married. shane hall says, too late, technology has changed so much people share your photos all the time without you knowing. what is this going to do? nothing. jeff dickson says some people do share their dirty laundry online, so i agree. we met a man who started a
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campaign to get kenny logins to play a private concert in his living room, and found himself forgive us, in the danger zone. >> that put him below the $30,000 he needed for the show to go on. >>. >> get up and dance will you derek. he promised anyone who donated $450 to see the concert, derek was about to take it. a short time ago, he made it back up to the $30,000 mark but has to keep it there the next three days. he could pull out. >> i want to go see kenny loggins in your living room. that's kind of cool. even somebody you're not a fan of. >> a professional musician, song writer, would be cool in your living room? your living room might not be the same sna-i .
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>> i hope he invited the neighbors. yellow alert tomorrow and friday. today, managed to make it to 89. average is 87. right now sitting at 74. dew point not too bad. 64 is not too bad this time of the night and this time of the year. winds are pretty much dead calm humidity 71%. okay. headlines, well, we've got the yellow alert through friday and primarily we're concerned about the evenings and afternoons on thursday and friday. morning temperatures will be okay and dry. morning commute dry. it's the evening commute we're kind of concerned about. i don't think it will be wet for everyone but will be wet for some. that's why we have the yellow alert out there. time frame 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. if you're in the mountains, your showers will be there before 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning. hagerstown, around lunch time. in fact, here's a look at the future cast now. we'll start in the afternoon.
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already showed you the morning earlier. so at 12:30, 84 downtown, 82 in gaithersburg 84 in leesburg. you could walk to lunch around the metro no worries. out toward cumberland, oakland you already have showers. nothing heavy but showers showing up. 84 in gaithersburg by 1:00 and by 4:00, here we go, here comes the showers and storms developing moving east. notice we have some red, orange and yellow, which is the heavy activity in the afternoon hours. as of 4:00, 88 downtown, showers already in leesburg and manassas. you folks got hammered in manassas today. tomorrow, you might see sort of the same kind of pattern with heavy activity in culpepper and fredericksburg. some of you will have a wet commute and slowed by these showers and storms. by 7:30, they're waning. winchester, by 10:00, maybe a stray shower tomorrow night
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around culpepper but most of you are in good shape. trying to hold onto these showers across the river into southern maryland, i think for the most part we'll be in good shape except for isolated storms overnight tomorrow. main event again in the afternoon. 82 by 11:00 and 87 by 1:00 but dry through 1:00. yellow alert tomorrow, yellow alert friday, 86 on friday. we're going to keep saturday green for now. some showers and storms, temperature about 84. the next seven days we've got lots going on. we have the nats in town on saturday and the burgundy and gold go up to play the ravens. i think it will be okay. showers not out of the question. sunday, nats still in town, isolated shower possible. not a big deal, isolated shower on monday and tuesday good shape, mid-upper 80s. >> this is it, make no mistake. [singing] >> is that kenny loggins. >> you know why he sings that,
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now, wusa 9 game on sports with kristin berset brought to you by xfinitty. >> oh, all right. well, the nationals gave us at least a one-night break. this evening they were back to their suspenseful walk-off winning ways. it's unbelievable what they're doing. four walk-offs in the last five games and different bats every time. nationals find themselves up 2-0 tonight over the diamond backs but in the 8th inning, takes this way back over the head of jayson werth and we're all tied up just like that. the nats have been showing us night after night, they do not panic. harper on 3rd, rendon goes down the line, harper comes home for another walk-off victory. the first of his career. they win 19 in a row to go over
11:26 pm
.500. >> just a question of being prepared and being ready to step in there. the orioles in the windy city. should shot over the right field wall a three-home run night as they win 4-3. they are now 21 games over .500. .little league world series. there were 13,000 in the stands to see phenom mo'ne davis in action. she gave up three runs, pulled in the third inning, proving one thing, she is actually human. nevada averaging a ridiculous 12 and-a-half runs per game. if you watched the redskins monday night game against cleveland, you probably had a few cringe-worthy moments
11:27 pm
followed by what the heck were you thinking. robert griffin iii scrambled and got knocked around. today, he was back to work and sent some reassurance to the fans. >> i'm glad people care and i talked to the coach about it and he understood what i was doing. it's a continual process of getting better at everything. that's one of them so i am aware of that and fans don't worry. >> maybe you can take pointers from adam jones baltimore orioles' outfielder. he tweeted, my man rg 3, come through b-more and i'll get you sliding in no time. >> that's what i'm talking about. heek probably get some help from him. >> go out there for a couple of days. >> he doesn't have a clue.
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he thinks he's doing okay, and that's the worst thing. >> he's trying to extend plays. >> that was lik
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