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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 22, 2014 6:00pm-6:28pm EDT

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about that mansion lunch, mcdonnell said it was maureen's event and that he had no say in the invite list which came from johnny williams. >> you got a little emotional on the stand today. >> yeah, i did. >> what was that? >> oa lot of things. thinking about the last cabinet meeting, thinking the about my time as governor. the honor of my life. i'll be ready to take the next chapter here soon. >> reporter: now, the former governor says he does blame johnny williams in part. he said, quote, i misjudged him. i thought he was a friend. he came into federal court and made false statements. he also recalled when state police essentially tricked his wife into an interview, and he said he was darn angry that the state police ambushed his wife and that was wrong. now, monday morning, maureen mcdonald's defense team will have an opportunity to question mcdonnell.
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then after that is over we will hear the prosecution question bob mcdonnell. i'm peggy fox reporting live in richmond, back to you. good news, some of the showers we saw earlier are fading away which is great news for the nats game as they go for win number 11. there are showers upstream in the mountains we're tracking but in the immediate metro we're okay. that one shower that went rolling down 270 is gone. that's a good thing. but back to the north and west pretty good storms, just around cumberland, breezewood. these are going to sink off to the south and east as we go through the evening hours. we will track them for you. i don't think they're going to make it into the metro but this storm certainly will make to the paw paw at 6:25, and also over toward largent as that moves southeast. heavy rain is the main problem. we don't see anything severe with these storms. storm tracker. tonight, 6:30, a couple of showers north of town but most of the metro area is dry.
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if you are having a cook-out tonight you probably can get away with it. by 8:00 a couple of sprinkles. temperatures toasty, upper 70s and low 80s, kind of humid. by 10, maybe a leftover shower. i think this is a little overdone. late-night hours, midnight, a couple of showers south of town but for the most part these showers are going to dwindle. we'll come back. i'm still on the fence as to whether or not to issue a yellow alert tomorrow. we'll explain why. another protest and memorial service planned for tonight in ferguson, missouri. that, of course, where 18-year- old michael brown was shot and killed by the cops two weeks ago. now we know the make-up of the grand jury. it consists of six white men, three white women, two black women and one black man. nine votes are needed to indict. the military presence in ferguson is dwij as well as the national guard is clearing out after a couple of nights of peaceful protests. schools in ferguson which were supposed to open last week are finally going to open monday. the same day michael brown will
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be laid to rest. his parents say they want the prosecutor removed because he is too close to the police community, and they want that officer involved arrested. >> this is a repeated pattern that has been going on here in missouri, not just st. louis, and you can't call the police on the police. >> police say minutes after michael brown shoved a convenience store clerk and stole a box of cigars he scuffled with officer wilson and charged at him. autopsies show that wilson shot the unarmed teenager at least six times. the confrontation between the police in ferguson came after very different stories about what actually happened the night michael brown was killed, and that has prompted the ferguson police chief to call for cameras inside the patrol cars. >> hank silver berg reports that's a tactic that is being deployed more and more with either cameras in the police cruisers or on their bodies. >> reporter: the explosion of violence in ferguson, missouri may have been prevented if
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there was video showing the contact between michael brown and the police. the video that is being recorded in many places like in the city of laurel. most officers now wear body cams, some on their body armor, some on their glasses. >> i like it. i think the guys don't like it, they haven't had it on their head yet. i know that if i am doing something wrong, it is going to end up a complaint so i prefer to have the camera on so that it's actually already cleared me out of several complaints. >> reporter: the cameras after dual purpose. they protect the public from any ex sighs force by the police officer, and they also protect the police officer from any false charges of the use of force. the cameras are he is special useful when a citizen approaches an officer or the other way around. all recorded so it can be reviewed later if there's trouble. >> it seas everything i'm looking at. it's not stationary and watching from behind me. if i go up on a car it sees everything i'm seeing for the most part. it's a little different. you can't see perfect, but you
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are seeing in the backseat, the front seat, where my hands are, where the passenger's hands are. >> reporter: such cameras also help police in crowds to pick out the real troublemakers rather than peaceful protesters. >> our officers have come in and talked about going to bars where there was a potential fight. officers show up and the citizens actually see that the officers are wearing cameras and announce that and that kind of takes the wind out of the sails, so to speak of the fight. >> reporter: laurel is one of the first police departments in our region to use body cams. several others have installed cam raines patrol cars. >> laurel police tell us the cameras are sometimes turned off when an officer enters someone's home for a service call, and the homeowner requests it j. a bitter struggle for political power in seat pleasant, maryland has landed that small city's mayor inside a tent outside city hall. mayor grant was evicted from his office two weeks ago even though he is still the mayor.
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he's got two years left on his term. today grant unzipped his doors for the first time to his tent office. he says, i'm not going anywhere. >> it is my obligation to ask the tough questions that sometimes people don't like asked. >> this is an odd situation. none of the opposing council members we talked to with talk on camera about why they're so angry with mayor grant but the town's lawyer said that grant can still work in the city hall like all council members do but his privileges to have a private office have been revoked, unless you count the tent, i guess. today the district celebrated the opening of a park dedicated to chuck brown, the god father of go-go. >> five, four, three, two, one!
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>> you are going to find the chuck brown -- memorial park carved from a portion of langdon park. chuck brown died two years ago. today he would have turned 78. coming up, if you travel through route 1 in college park you better get ready tore driven a little crazy, because crews are getting started on construction. we already know that gas prices are driving you crazy. today we're in manassas, virginia where the most expensive gallon of gas is at the shell station on hastings. that's $3.44. if you want the cheapest, you can save a few cents by going to the bp where will you pay $3.19. that
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(vo) ours is a world of passengers. the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers.
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well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots. all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting... ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. sure, some road construction might drive you crazy, like in college park, for example. >> several changes are being made to prevent another tragedy on that stretch of road as students prepare to head back to class. wusa 9 reporter vanessa herring has more of what drivers and people on foot can expect. >> reporter: it's a stretch of road where deadly clashes between pedestrians and cars are happening too often.
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>> unfortunately this year we've suffered three pedestrians fatalities in the same block. >> reporter: three students have been hit and killed on route 1 in college park since january. that led to a focused effort to improve safety along the busy road. it's called walk smart college park. >> the risk reduction philosophy has three legs. engineering, education, and enforcement. >> reporter: the speed limit has been dropped to 25 miles per hour, and speed enforcement cameras are operating 24/7. a pedestrian fence is being put up to cut down on jay-walking, and university of maryland police chief david mitchell tells me officers will be out making sure students use the crosswalks when they return to campus next week. officers will issue warnings and $50 tickets for jay- walking. >> even though we've lowered the speed limit and we have speed cameras out here now, 25 miles per hour, the chances of you being seriously injured are
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very high, if not killed, if you are struck by a vehicle. fur not in the crosswalk, guess what, you're at fault. >> reporter: the university of maryland students begin classes september 2nd. vanessa herring, wusa 9. >> the pedestrian fence will be finished next week. new traffic signals will be installed on route 1 before october. so we're under a yellow alert for now but what about the rest of our weekend? topper is up
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there are many ways to say thank you but a farmer in oklahoma mowed a message in a field that can only be seen from the air. >> reporter: welcome to crestview farms in arcadia, now dubbed freedom farm, but not because of this american flag. >> we had some tinker fly over and saw the property and came out and asked us about our vegetables what do you have? we saw you growing. >> reporter: air force pilots managed to grab a glimpse of
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this couple's oklahoma-shaped garden. it got this former national guard helicopter crew chief thinking. >> if they are seeing that we're growing vegetables, maybe they can see a message, too. >> reporter: down on the ground, this just looks like a bad mowing job. >> basically i put it there for the military coming back, and for all the planes that fly in and land at tinker. it says freedom, and it says thank you. >> i don't think they hear it enough. >> reporter: giving thanks to the men and women of the u.s. military. >> i think it strikes a cord with them because they are putting their life on the line for us and our freedom. >> i plan on keeping it. >> reporter: mowing their own freedom farm. so are we changing plans? are we moving everything indoors? what are we doing? >> i think we're going keep
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steady as she goes but i am concerned about early tomorrow morning, but i don't think anybody getting up at 7:00 will have a problem. we're improving no doubt. should we fine at the nats game. high temperature today only 84. 82 right now. dew points not so comfortable. 70 is not so good. winds light out of the east at 3. we're going to have easterly flow for the next three days through the weekend. eventually that will bring in a little dryer air. big picture, radar, these storms have dade out. this is over the past couple of hours. storms around 270 are pretty much gone. we do some storms near cumberland. pretty heavy rain. that orange is three-quarters of an inch per hour, the red is an inch per hour. we don't have any hail or gusty winds but fur trying to contact out in cumberland you probably can't do it. you have to wait as the storm moves off to the south and east. another good little storm, too, hot on thursday, low 90s, then
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a cold front on friday that will produce a couple of showers and symptoms, not a big weather maker but it will knock down temperatures into the low 80s by next friday. >> thank you very much. how about the redskins. >> redskins, man. >> coming back. >> this is a big game. >> on saturday. >> dress rehearsal. we'll see what they've got. but they take a break from practice to eat. how about that. the annual welcome home luncheon. robert griffin wins an award, and a new member of the ring of
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run. he hit a home run there. the orioles still in first place bia wide margin. more orioles news. manny machado will not be available for the foreseeable future. he sprained his knee august 11th. he was supposed to come off the d.l. but that doesn't look like it is going to happen. they need him back, but the good news is it wasn't serious. just a sprain. just not ready. >> so the question is tonight, matt williams with his special run, could he beat the racing presidents? >> good question. >> that's a big question? >> that is a good question. i'll ask him. >> i think they should make at race. >> excitement. that's it for us on wusa 9. the cbs evening news is next knew. we're starved


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