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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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we asked people, "if you could get paid to do something you really love, what would you do?" ♪ ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ ♪ a powerful quake in napa, california leaves thousands without power. >> school starts tomorrow for many areas. you know what the rules are for school buses and crosswalks? >> former governor bob mcdonnell prepares to go back on the witness stand, this time to face questions from his
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wife's legal team. police pull a person out of a vehicle in the potomac waters. the latest coming up. >> hello, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. there's a state of emergency in parts vs california's wine country tonight this after a 6.1 magnitude earthquake. the worst to hit the san francisco bay area in 25 years. no deaths but people were jolted out of their beds in the middle of the dark. people in the napa area are now cleaning up and hoping the worst is over. >> reporter: people in napa spent sunday sweeping and assessing the damage the strong earthquake left behind. much of downtown was affected. at least three historic buildings suffered major damage. these napa hotel guests were evacuated soon after the shaking began, just before 3:30 a.m. the earthquake also snapped gas
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lines and broke 60 water mains. firefighters arrived at this burning mobile-home park to find no water. four homes here were destroyed. 100 more were damaged. many are still without electricity. while some roads buckled, the transportation department says state highways and bridges are open and safe. 175 people were sent to local hospitals. this man has $100,000 worth of damage and no earthquake insurance. >> i have no idea how i'm going recover from this. >> reporter: several wineries also reported taj which couldn't have come at a worse time. this as harvest season in the region. residents are being warned to stay clear of damaged buildings and to brace for aftershocks. >> napa is 35 miles north of san francisco. today's quake is the largest to
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shake the bay area since the 6.9 quake interrupted the world series game between the giants and athletics back in october 1989. well, it's back to school tomorrow for students in d.c., montgomery, frederick, charles, anne arundel, and howard counties. prince george's students return on tuesday. that's more than a half million kids heading to class. no coincidence, the fall season can be the most year for young pedestrians. hank silverberg has more on the back-to-school rules. >> reporter: about a quarter deaths on roads occur in the weeks after school opens. >> in many places the speed limit is 30 in maryland, and 25 in the district of columbia. and you have to be prepared for that. you have to keep your eyeballs literally peeled, be vigilant and watch out for kids who may be so excitable they dart out between two parked cars and run
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right into the middle of the highway. >> reporter: this is a good time to remind you that you must stop on both sides of the roadway whenever a school bus turns on flashing lights or when the stop arm come out. >> in maryland some buses will have stop arm cameras. that means if you violate the stop arm you are going to get a ticket. that ticket is very expensive, one of the most expensive automated enforcement tickets in the state. >> reporter: if safety isn't enough for you think about what happens if you get passing a school bus. it's a $500 fine. if you get caught by one of the cameras on the top articles, it's a $125 fine. it is also a good time to brief your children about sticking to crosswalks and to cross only on green lights and to remind your teen driver about to rules of the road. >> what is so disconcerting, there are so many crashes involving young people because of all the freedom, especially in the afternoon. so talk to your kids, whether they ride the school bus or
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drive to school, at the most dangerous hours of the day are the afternoon hours when school lets out. >> school is open in d.c. tomorrow as well as montgomery, charles, anne arundel, frederick, and howard county in maryland, then on tuesday in prince george's county. hank silverberg, wusa 9. >> students in northern virginia, alexandria city, arlington, fairfax, and prince william counties all go back to school the day after labor day, that's september 2nd. so what will the weather be like when the kids head out in the morning? first alert meteorologist erica grow is here with the forecast. >> it is going to be very similar to what we had this morning except it is going to be even a little bit cooler, a little bit less humid and we will see even more sunshine. you can see on satellite and radar that we have nothing coming. i wanted to show you this big picture of satellite and radar so you could see how clear it is for hundreds and hundreds of miles. no threats to our weather pattern are in the immediate
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future. so your bus stop forecast, we are going to see those clear and cool conditions as they're starting out the door if you have an early bus stop, temperatures will be in the low to mid-60s for you. 7:00 a.m. bus stop temperature, 59 to 65, temperatures will be in the 60s at 8:00 a.m. as well. tons of sunshine. so here's a look at low temperatures throughout the beltway. down to 62 in fairfax and springfield as the kids were waking up in laytonsville, 60. and in waldorf another school district that's starting tomorrow, 60 degrees. coming up i'll tell you how long the beautiful weather is last. that's in the first alert seven- day. thanks, erica. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell will be back on the witness stand tomorrow. this time he will be questioned by his wife's attorney. mcdonnell has pointed to his wife as the one who accepted most of the gifts from johnny willie mays plaza yams who claims he was buying favors
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from the governor's office. they have both pleaded not guilty. legal observers say bob mcdonnell can expect a blistering cross-examine from prosecutors. a gruesome discovery in laurel, maryland. police are searching for answers. two trash bags containing body parts were discovered around 9:00 this morning at the arden park apartments. police believe the body is that of an adult male but that's about all they know at this point. >> it is a small community. everybody is close. everybody knows each other. >> this is ay it does not appeared that anybody tried to hide those bags. one bag was found bey the pool, the other a short distance away. as of now they're not sure how or where the victim died. police are searching for a suspect who shot and killed a man at an oxon hill town house.
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a 36-year-old is charged with first-degree murder in the death of kenneth jones. the shooting happened just before midnight last night in the 5,000 block of glass manor drive. anyone with information on riddick's whereabouts should call police. gunshots fired at a go-go party in spotsylvania county leave three people wounded. it happened early this morning on spotsylvania avenue. tonight an 1-year-old male from maryland is in critical condition. a 24-year-old male from colonial beach, virginia, is in serious condition. a 33-year-old spotsylvania man is also hospitalized with a gunshot wound which doctors say is not life threatening. no motive for the shootings. nobody in custody. dramatic scenes on the banks of the potomac river where divers pulled a person and that person's vehicle from the river. the vehicle went off the george washington parkway into the water near humpback bridge and
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i-395. stefanie ramirez reports tonight, and she was there throughout the recovery today. >> one of the things i want to you look at is the distance from the george washington memorial parkway to the potomac waters here. it is not a short distance at all which is why police couldn't immediately say if this was an accident or not. but one person is confirmed dead after their vehicle went into what metropolitan police describe to be about 10 feet of water in the potomac. seen here trying to revive the victim once the body was pulled from the water but it was apparently too late. police tell us the person who saw this happen is a d.c. duck operator. >> the witness called in and basically stated he saw a vehicle in the water, three- quarters of the way submerged and one person was seen, a silhouette of a person. >> reporter: a canine unit inspected the area to make sure there wasn't a second person. >> we have the violent crimes unit responding to the scene as well as our major crash unit
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just to determine really what likely happened and based on what we know. >> reporter: police tell us no one actually called in saying they saw the vehicle go into the water but they don't believe the victim was underneath for a very long time. i'm stefanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> that recovery effort and a large number of emergency vehicles caused long delays along the g.w. parkway today. the identity of the victim has still not been released. the preliminary investigation reveals this may be an apparent suicide. we're learning more about a local plane crash this weekend that left the 49-year-old pilot hospitalized with life- threatening injuries. the single-engine piper went down saturday shortly after take-off. the pilot's name has not been released but the plane is registered to one george sanchez of chevy chase,
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maryland. the pilot reported a mechanical problem and was trying to return to the airport. a former high school student in southeast washington has died after collapsing during a workout. the 18-year-old was a freshman defensive lineman at morgan state university in baltimore. he had been hospitalized for two weeks after he became disoriented and fainted during a workout. he took a turn for the worse yesterday. funeral plans have not been announced. gunshots ring out at a nightclub party hosted by singer chris brown. >> reporter: a peace festival takes on new meaning after michael brown was fatally shot bey police two weeks ago. i'm marley hall in st. louis, missouri with the details. also, emergency criens d.c.
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the public. >> all over the country there are streetcar systems and people travel safely on them every day. and they should know if there's an incident, the district will be able to respond and pretty much ensure the safety of the people that are riding on the system. >> today's drill involved vdot and d.c. fire and police. operators are being trained on the tracks but no date has been set. the street cars should be ready for ride brothers the year is out. new bus service will make traveling between the braddock road and crystal city stations much easier. the buses will make 22 stops between crystal city and braddock road. they will run every 12 to 20 minutes depending on time of day. bus fare is the same as metro bus. st. louis is now preparing for tomorrow's funeral of michael brown. tonight the father of the teen shot by police is appealing for
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peace. marley hall has the story from ferguson, missouri. >> reporter: inside greater st. mark missionary church in st. louis the sunday service focused on the death of michael brown and what it means for the community. >> i hope it will be a wake-up call. not just from ferguson and the state of missouri, but always wake-up call for the nation. >> reporter: the reflection came a day before the funeral for the 18-year-old at friendly temple missionary baptist church. 50 police officers will help direct the crowds and traffic. here at forest park in st. louis an annual peace festival that was planned months ago has taken on new meaning since brown's death. >> hands up don't shoot! >> reporter: brown's parents spoke at the festival sunday evening. >> michael brown had a right to
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live. he had a right to see another birthday. >> please, make a day of silence so we can lay our son to rest. >> reporter: families like the henderson attended peace fest drawn to the event following the recent violence. they're personally mourning brown's death, even though they didn't know him. marley hall, st. louis, missouri. >> following more than a week of demonstrations that turned violent, the last few nights have been mostly calm. three people, though, were arrested last night. an american journalist held hostage for two years in syria is a free man. the white house says peter kurtis was handed over to u.n. peacekeepers in the golan heights. kurtis previously wrote for "the new republic." he was kidnapped in 2012 after telling colleagues that he planned to teach english there. he was released to american authorities after beg checked out by doctors.
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in rochester, new hampshire, hundreds attended a memorial service for slain journalist james foley. he was executed by isringhausen. today's service was organized by a humanitarian aid group in rochester. 6yrap mogul sug knight was shot at a party. an unidentified machine and woman were also wounded. it happened at a party last night in west hollywood. police say the 49-year-old is recovering from surgery in los angeles. so far nobody has been arrested. a lucky couple is leaving las vegas as millionaires after doing what nobody else has been able to do in 20 years. they hit the jackpot on the mgm grand famous lion's share slot
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machine. they're going home with a staggering $2.4 million. >> i walked her over here to show her the machine so she didn't actually have any idea until she looked at the machine, and i'm afraid i can't tell you the exact words that she used, but it began with "holy." the lion's share is the last of 50 progressive slot machines custom made for mgm some 20 years ago. this one stayed open only because nobody had hit its progressive jackpot until now. this machine will now also head for retirement. >> only the grown-ups are saying, i want to know what she said. >> i think we can figure it out. >> great day today. >> today was great, tomorrow is going to be even better if you wanted to see a little bit more sunshine. we're going keep it dry tomorrow and the sunshine is
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going to take us through at least tuesday. let's start off with a look at the michael & son weather cam. the national harbor, a great place to be. the ferris wheel looks so cool. i love that thing. right now at reagan national it's mostly clear and 73 degrees. the dew point is 58 degrees. so we have a nice comfortable spread in between the temperature and the dew point. that means that it's comfortable enough to open up the windows and let in that fresh whaimplet dew points are in the 50s we consider it a comfortable air mass in the summer time. as we head into monday partly to mostly sunny. beautiful in the afternoon. that humidity remains low. we are going to see all that sunshine, a nice, light breeze. tuesday is looking like another great day. on satellite you can see that afternoon cloud cover that we had. it totally broke up, though, as the sun got lower in the sky. that's because the cloud cover was a result of the daytime heating combined with all that moisture that we had at the surface. so basically the sun evaporated the puddles and turned them
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into clouds. you can see that with high pressure in control to the north and east of us we are keeping it dry on monday. tuesday keeping it dry, and notice that we're not looking at tropical storm cristobal entering our picture. what we are watching is a cold front that will make its approach on wednesday, possibly triggering an isolated thunderstorm for the mountains to our west on wednesday here in the d.c. metro area. so here it is, chris to ba. right now the winds are 45 miles per hour sustained and gusting to 60 miles per hour. it's expected to remain hundreds of miles off the coastline, way far away from the outer banks of north caroline. >> by the way, this outer line is the margin of error from ten sem balance model data. so it takes it very far out to sea. the closest it could potentially get to ocean city and our other beaches, it's still not close enough to bring any rain. it might just stir up the surf on wednesday and thursday. overnight here in the metro
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area and beyond it is going to be mostly clear. patchy fog could develop west of the beltway but it is going to be a really pleasant start to the morning with temperatures in the 60s and 70s on monday under partly to mostly sunny skies. any fog west of the beltway will burn off quickly. in the afternoon mostly sunny, a high between 80 and 85 degrees. a beautiful day on tuesday with a high of 87. still comfortable with humidity low. wednesday a little warmer and more humid. we could see clouds spread in, a high of 90. in the first alert seven-day forecast that's when i think the front will arrive, is on thursday. that could bring us an isolated thunderstorm. however, i think it will be okay, your labor day plans will be up in jeopardy on saturday but not on friday or sunday, i don't think. >> okay. last big holiday. we're counting on it. coming up, washington
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remembers the day the british burned down the white house during
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taking a look at the weekend box off, "guardians of
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the galaxy" became the top draw at the box office. teenage mutant ninja turtles came in second. and, "if i stay" came in third. the much anticipated "dame to kill for" was a flop. british actor and director richard attenboro died today in england. he was 90. he had been living in a nursing home for several years. his films included the great escape and jurassic park. he won two oscars for his role on the scene and behind the scenes in the movie gandhi. 200 years ago today the british army burned the white house to the ground during the war of 1812. today in downtown washington
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that war rase remembered with a reenactment. a man portraying francis scott key spoke about to battle of baltimore. a replica of the flag we saw flying over fort mchenry was later unfurled. the streaking nationals, what a team. red-hot. they make a giant comeback today against
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this is a polyester blend! whoa! uh...little help? i got you! unh! it's so beautiful! man: should we call security? no, this is just getting good. the name your price tool still only from progressive. who are these guys, and what have you done with last year's washington nationals? the nats just continuing to rack up curly w's in incredible
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fashion recently. they sure are keeping us before takenned. we're not sure in what fashion the nats will pull off a victory. today taking on the giants the nats found themselves in a five- run hole, but in the 6th inning, something clicket and they mounted an incredible comeback. baltimore orioles not having as good a time. the birds losing 2-1, getting swept by the corks but unfortunately that's not all the bad news they received. and we all saw the redskins offense struggling big time in their third preseason game against the ravens. rgiii only able to rack up 20 yards. what does coach and qb have to say? hear from them in "game on overtime." only 20 yards. this is supposed to be the dress rehearsal of what we can expect to see for the season.
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>> we've got two weeks to get it right. >> he's not going to play the final preseason game. >> maybe he should. >> maybe he should. >> right. >> is that okay to say? >> you can say anything you want. >> beautiful sunshine, even more sun than we had today, i should say. a high of 84, so tomorrow is just a five-star day, absolutelily gorgeous, and it stays nice on tuesday, just to get more humid
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coming up next, from walk- off warriors to comeback kings, the nationals get it done again. >> line drive, base hit up the middle. brandon crawford scores michael morse to make it 5-06789. >> the windy city cools the red- ought orioles. the redskins make their first cuts while the offense looks to regroup after saturday's dismal dress rehearsal. in baltimore, flacco's newest target amps up his game but the injuries begin piling up. you're watching "game


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