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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  August 25, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a last look at 270. your heaviest stretch toward 121, where the pace picks up. hey howard? >> a beautiful looking morning. >> weather alert days. wusa9's first alert weather. a beautiful looking morning out there sunshine coming up in about 25 minutes. plenty of it. look at our day planner for the metro. 76 by lunch time. winds east-northeast. high of 84, back to 81 by 5:00 p.m. humidity levels will be down. visibility are way down in the shanendoah valley. watching these visibility, warrenton is a quarter mile, toward winchester and orange. a mile in frederick.
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get west of the metro. that is where the fog and the coolest temperatures are. 5 now for leesburg, la plata. a cool 60 from andrews and easton. this afternoon looks really nice. winds not too bad. afternoon temperatures from 7 on the bay in annapolis to 84 here in washington. here's what's in the news right now. an american journalist held hostage for two years in syria has been freed. days after isis militants beheaded james foley. president obama said the u.s. will use all of the tools at its disposal to free hostages. sunday's quake was the worst to rattle the san
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francisco bay area. more than 170 people were hospitalized with injuries. some of them are in critical condition. gusty winds and dry conditions are trying to gain ground on a fast moving wildfire in addition to homes. 18-year-old marquis meadow was a freshman lineman at morgantown. two weeks ago he became dison the other hand and fainted during a workout. meadow's condition got worse saturday and he suddenly passed away. more than two weeks after the death of unarmed teenager michael brown, he will be laid to rest late they have morning. >> his father just wants one thing. peace. >> reporter: thousands of mourners will pay tribute to 18-
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year-old michael brown in st. louis this morning. his life was cut short august 9th when he was shot by police officer darren wilson. the incident ignited tensions between demonstrators and police in ferguson. >> a number of celebrities and politicians are expected to attend a service here today, including three white house aides. >> reporter: on sunday, brown's parents atnded an annual peace rally in st. louis's largest city park calling for calm today. >> please make it a day of silence so we can watch our son be laid to rest. >> reporter: they were joined by trayvon martin's parents, the unarmed teenager killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer. >> michael brown had a right to
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live. churchgoers reflected. a grand jury is weighing possible charges against officer wilson and the fbi is conducting its own investigation. danielle nottingham, cbs news, missouri. after the service there will be a procession to brunt's final resting place. >> schools in ferguson that were closed because of the violence last week will finally open today. the first day of school for thousands of students and their families. >> it is an exciting day. new clothes, all the school supplies in virginia. page and warren counties begin today. >> a warning is out for as this year really gets underway. watch out for children walking to school. >> a third of all pedestrian did he gos have happened in the first few weeks after school
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reopens. >> in many places the speed limit is 30 in maryland and 25 in the district of columbia. and you have to be prepared for that, keep your eyeballs literally peeled and be vigilant and watch out for excitable kids that dart out between two parked cars. >> we want to remind you about the penalties for passing a stopped school bus. you face a $570 fine. if you are caught by armed cameras on the buses, you can get $125 fine. two counties in far western virginia, page and regard reason county schools start today. particularly alexandria city. prince william county all goes back to school the day after labor day. they are sleeping in this morning. an american acadmy of
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pediatrics says delaying the start of school until at least 8:30 could be linked to depression and suicide. teenagers should be getting eight and a half to nine and a half hours of sleep on school nights. >> it is tough to do that. it is. as we have been telling you all morning it is back to school. >> what we return we'll hear from one of the almostest schoolsive he remembers
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satellite and radar are fairly quiet this morning.
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a few more high clouds come in from ohio and pennsylvania. for the most part they are failing to make it across the mason dixon line. one thing that has formed is the fog, visibility, especially in the shenandoah valley. also in harrisonburg, fog in cumberland and frederick as well. even down from orange and lewis sa. look at the sky this morning. great color out there. it is going to be a fantastic monday. with temperatures starring in the 50s and 60s. on i-77 over if centerville at route 29, apparently the line striping is coming apart. as we speak on the inbound side of i-76 6 -- of i-66 route 2 at
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centerville, where the line striping is right there coming apart on the roadway. we are making phone calls. look at that. 270 southbound here at montrose road. >> southbound 270 at route 124. we are going to check out lane information about that. another live look at the american legion bridge headed down into virginia. the line striping situation, we will check it out. back to you. 6:10 as we have been telling you school bells have been ringing for thousands of students in our region. >> nikki burdine is live at walter johnson high school in
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bethesda with a special guest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in just about an hour, thousands of kids will be filing in here at walter johnson high school. talk about what some of the big changes are students can expect. i can't we have 2800 more students from montgomery county. up to 154,000. the big push is technology. we are rolling out laptops throughout v9the year, reducing styrofoam trays in the system. we are more green and thrilled to go. also the new code of discipline you are implementing. explain that. >> we have a new dead of conduct, we hope will continue to maintain safe and orderly environments. we want to keep kids in school. we want our kids to learn from
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bad decisions they might make i can't a pediatric association saying kids should be going to school later. you have been vocal about that in the past, you think kids should get more sleep. >> reporter: the board asked us to tack another look at it. it is so complicated, and very expensive. we are going to take a run at it, we know the kids are getting up early, but they will be ready to go and we will be ready for them. >> much more coming up in our next half hour from joshua star, talking about all these kids coming in today. 154,000 students in the largest districts in the state of maryland. become to you. don't let the price of gas drive you crazy. we are checking prices in central fairfax county.
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a lovely start to the day and the work week. unless you are out there on i- 66. it is the lane striping? >> sometimes the strips of things get glued down. i don't know if they heat it, i guess. but that is not really in my realm. >> and drivers are going to be competing with school buses this morning. >> their. and just fog too, out in the shanendoah valley. competing with that, but all in all as you said a lovely star to the day. a few minutes before sun rides here on there monday morning. -- sunrise here on this monday morning. the high today around 84.
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back in the 70s by 6:00. 77 at 8:00. so a fantastic day. one of the keys today is humidity levels are from check. right now we have a problem with fog, a dense fog advisory. some of the visibility from cumberland south to romney and petersburg, a mile or less. frederick and york getting into the action with half mile visibility. temperatures in the upper 60s on the bay and here in dc. by the way the west side of the bay coastal flood advisories running above normal. also in the 50s in la plata. baltimore 50 degrees right now along with hagerstown. locally, germantown 56.
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you see even 50s in waldorf this morning. headed to the bus stop or just out for an early walk, put on a light jacket or sweatshire. no problems with the airport very light wind out of the north at 3:00. our futurecast has a nice day ahead. a few clouds, mainly in the mountains, for the most part a sunny and dry day. ton another clear night with fog late out in the west once again. tomorrow will be a nice sunny day although a little warmer. 84 today, 87 tuesday by wednesday we are going to watch to the north and west for the afternoon and evening. by lunch time showers in
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pennsylvania. in the tropics, td 4 cristobal formed over the weekend. spinning just north of the southern bahamas, seeing big blobs, no real problems toward nassau and paradise island. this is moving north northeast. approximate will pass between the -- it will pass between the u.s. and bermuda with high surf around here on wednesday. 67ton, going to be gorgeous this afternoon. clear tonight with 50s in the cool spot. tomorrow 87, a warm and dry day with humidity levels from check. by wednesday now in the low 90s. a late storm possible. thursday and friday still warm. a little bit of a cool down friday 86.
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hot again as we head toward labor day weekend with a chance of afternoon thunder. ache a look at your monitor. inbound i-66 at route 29 in centerville. little bit of a crazy situation here, where the lane striping is basically coming up. we are trying to figure out what could have happened here. within the last year or two, this happened on the chain bridge. look it rained all day saturday, this was a weekend project, so could be that the glue came off. in any case, the lane stripes are coming up here on the inbound side of i-66. it is causing delays as you come in on the inbound side of
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i-66. wow. look at our maps and i'll show you exactly the delay in toward centerville, then it clears up. there was an accident before the beltway inbound 66, i don't think that is causing any problem. check out northbound i-95. you have that delay basically out of the harbor most of the way into triangle. overnight the construction project was a big headache overnight into documentaries. you have a little bit of traffic traveling into springfield. first of all here is the southbound side of 270 in germantown. montgomery county is one of the areas where school has begun. i know my son is gettiready to bus stop. this is the beltway at georgia
6:22 am
avenue. looking fine. the inner loop will be affected, especially as you travel to college park later in the morning. offer on the southern portion of town, route 4, route 5, route 301, leaving around defers into oxen hill, there are no problems coming up to the 11th street bridge. the douglas bridge is scheduled to close overnight for a few nights, grinnington, for repairs. the bw parkway on route 50, no big issues to report to you in prince george's county. the eastern stretch between 95 and the wilson bridge. another live look and this time we'll check out the northbound side of i-95.
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ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens. beautiful morning, fog out to the west. quarter mile winchester. done to a half mile in frederick. otherwise a nice day. 50s and 60s by lunch time. a lane striping project gone bad. the lane stripes are all over the place in this area. of course it is passible, but causing some confusion. we have had calls about it and we are making phone calls. look at that. to tell them about it and make
6:27 am
them aware. dc police are asking for your help solving three sex assaults in the mount please app neighborhood. the latest happened around yesterday at 3:00 a.m. a hispanic many in his mid- 20s, he was wearing a black short sleeved polo shirt and jeans. this happened in the alley of park road northwest. two trash bags, containing body parts were found at the arden road apartments in the 8800 park of infield court. >> police believe that is the
6:28 am
body of a man, but that is all they were releasing at this point. >> it was a small community, everybody close, everybody knows each other. it is worrisome. >> police say it does not appear anyone tried to hide those bags. as of now, they are not sure how or where the man died. today former virginia governor bob mcdonald will finish answering questions from his wife's attorneys. >> he has painted to his wife, maureen, as the one who accepted most of the gifts from johnny williams. williams said he was trying to bribe the former governor and first lady. legal experts say bob mcdonald can expect a blistering cross- examination later in the week.
6:29 am
we want to look outside, a beautiful sky. expecting a near perfect day for the near parts of the district and in maryland. monika samtani has a look at the area roads. >> inbound 77, sort of unusual on the infound a live look from our sky 9 so i can show you exactly what we are talking about. those are the lane stripes. i think that over the weekend, this was a project it rained and maybe that is why this happened. are. >> we are getting in touch, it has caused delays and
6:30 am
confusion. beyond that you are fine as you head over to nutley street. let's look at our maps again. this is the inbound side of i- 66. look at hoe slow -- how slow it is. it is greg to slow down most of the way where the pace picks up into spraining springfield. >> this is the beltway in college park. >> a custom message sent to your phones. >> beautiful out here this morning in northwest dc. many areas enjoying a fine start, especially for fog out west. 74 by 11:00. a comfortable recess for the
6:31 am
kids. this afternoon highs between 7 and 84. dense fog advisory until down in the 50s in many spots. cumberland half mile, general visibility, fred rick down a quarter mile,. >> i think you might need a light jacket or sweatshirt. 67 at reagan national going toal 84. howard time to see what our partners are covering at cbs this evening. morning anthony. >> good morning mike and andrea. gunnel blackstone is in napa, california. where crews are assessing damage from largest quake to hit the bay area and a texas
6:32 am
ranch could be worth nearly three quarters of a billion dollars. anna werner gets a tour of the half million acre property up for sale for the first time since 184. we will see you all at 7:00. >> i bet ted turner's going to be looking at that too. 6:32 aalmost bells are sounding in homes across the district. frederick, charles, anne arundel schools. >> if your child happens to be among the thousands in fact. especially in montgomery kim jong unity, there are some changes. >> this affects a lot of people 150,000 students in montgomery county, in the state of
6:33 am
maryland, growth said we just broke with that. joshua star, the head of the school district, said they are expecting about 2800 more students. we talked to them about a lot of the other changes. one of them being the disciplinary code of conduct. more of that is another question i asked him with his the american pediatric association recommended students start at a later time. pediatric joshua star has been a big proponent of the later start time he said the school board is taking another look at that option, saying if they can work it back into the system. it is something he says they hope to work toward. a positive change he told me about was a new technology.
6:34 am
>> a big push this year is of course technology. we are rolling out 40,000 laptops throughout the year, we are reducing styrofoam trays in the system. morphine and ready to go and thrilled to have our kids back. >> also the new code of discipline. explain that. i can't we have a new code of conduct that we hope will help kids stay in school, learn from their mistakes, maintain a safe environment for kids and dulles, you have to be in school if you want to learn. we went our kids to learn from a bad decision they might make. >> reporter: one of the biggest take aways is essentially that expulsion is a last resort. other actions will be available to students but they want to make that a last resore to keep kids in school. i also asked about the 21-1 ratio. a new ratio. 28 kids with one teacher, that
6:35 am
is a lot. we have had parents write in and say they were concerned about that. dr. star understands their concern, but that is just the way it is. he suggested parents concerned about that talk to their students. this won't be in every kindergartenw class. some classes where there are at risk students or some classrooms will have 28-1 area yos, that is a big jump. he suggested that the parents just talk to their teachers and express those concerns and what they want those teachers to focus on. one more thing he said the aschool is working toward, not immediately, but he hopes throughout the school year, kids will be able to bring in their own ipads and laptops.
6:36 am
cus a-d dc -- wusa9 and dc half want to help you find more out about that position. we also want to congratulate our monday facebook fan of the day, jamie kramer from falls church, virginia. she said i have been waking up to wusa9 since i was in middle school. i now get up, and get going with you and with kids of my own. i can always count on howard and erthe most accurate weather energy for my day. love you guys. hopefully this is the make up. you win our first pair of tickets to aerosmith, the concert is on september 6th at jiff if i lube live. for your chance to win, just go
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a beautiful looking monday morning here from washington. if you look outside, we have sunshine already. it is going to be a fine day. fog out of the shanendoah valley for another hour. that will burn off great this afternoon. highs between 79, and 84. i have to tell you we have heat coming. right now, we are going to check traffic with monika samtani. >> reporter: uneven to say the least about this lane striping. here it has literally come apart. this was a weekend project and the rush hour not going so well with all of this coming apart, we made phone calls to find out what they are going to do about it. probably will have to wait until after the rush hour to fix it. lots of delays here as well. some entrepreneurs are finding a way to put fashion on
6:41 am
four wheels. there is a fleet of more than 350 fashion trucks in the united states. >> >> reporter: women's apparel, sunglasses galore and international trends. sharely lee is the driver and owner of street boutique. >> it was going to be way too expensive. i have told to get creative. >> to cut costs she put her business on wheels. >> there is no rush. it had a radio, electricity, and i was like i can do this. >> reporter: and the price tag was right? >> >> reporter: it was amazing. it was a steal. >> lee invested in learning
6:42 am
some skills. >> she gave the old truck a fashion makeover. she hit the road traveling about six days a week. >> if it makes sense to do a pop-up retail space i will do it. >> reporter: for now, being mobile allows lee to park where business is good and cater to customers in does accepts of cities with just one shop. >> customers use social media to track the beau teak truck. >> lee has regular shoppers in virginia, dc and maryland and she plans to hit street festivals throughout the region. >> 6:42. a number of popular online gaming systems fall victim to hackers. and an historic piece of american lift is auctioned off for more than $3
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remember you put on a rain hate or rain slicker? now as mike said, you would want cool sun shades for the kids. >> it is tough though, my son doesn't understand. intellectually i explain the sun and the eyes and the damage. >> he gets it. he is smart. but he did you want want to wear the sunglasses. what do you do? >> okay. >> keep reminding him or maybe tell him not to wear sunglasses. if you care about your eyes, a lot of sunshine today. he'll get it at some. sunny skies expected. it is okay, he is not watching, he is already on the school bus. we'll be down to the mid-70s by
6:47 am
9:00 p.m. like this morning we could be looking at a little fog. our weather headlines, a great start to the week. now tomorrow, still not humid but a little warmer. by wednesday hot, night, 91, with a storm possible. by the went, hot again, as we head into saturday and sunday and even monday. a dense fog advisory, out into the west. where some of the visibility have been near zero. down to zero on winchester. each up in frederick we have dropped to a quarter mile and warrenton as well. most of the fog west of the blue ridge, it is where it is
6:48 am
the coolest and that helps to condense out the moisture this morning. these areas i think for the next hour probably need a light jacket or sweatshirt. 60s in andrews. in dc we have a pretty morning underway. the sun is out and shining brightly here in the nation's cap. due point 616789 -- dew point, 61. comfortable, especially for august. clouds with fog out west. by lunch time, mid 70s should do it. if you are going to be outside, just enjoy it. quietton, although we could see more patchy fog west redevelop. tomorrow another sunny day. now we are watching the threat
6:49 am
for showers and storms approaching late from the afternoon. right now, we don't have a yellow alert but we are going to watch wednesday carefully. 84 today with cooler temperatures, low 80s north and west. tonight 67. upper 50s with the patchy fog. wednesday hot 91. the late afternoon evening storm threat. then on thursday 8. friday 86 with a late storm. looks like the weekend gets hot again around 90. monika samtani, we have been dealing with weird stuff this morning. >> reporter: life look at route 2 in centerville. the lane stripping has come up and apart. of this was a weekend project, by the way. i'm going to give them the
6:50 am
benefit of the doubt and say the rain could have done there saturday. we will check it out and find out what happened off and oncoming in from manassas. it is all passible. but very confusing. stick to your lane as closely as possible inbound i-66 at route 29. right here the heaviest is right near manassas. and an accident was moved to the shoulder. northbound 95, i'm beginning to see improvement. let's take a look at live pictures now. 14th street bridge, always a pretty shot. no issues here as you travel across the potomac river. good shape, no issues into the
6:51 am
downtown area. all of your river crossings are fine right now. another live look and this time we'll check out what it looks like over in maryland on the beltway and college park. no issues to report here. around the interchange and into silver spring, i'll look at our maps once again, route 50 good shape as well. no issues as you come in on route 50 annapolis, the lanes are open. from greenbelt to your northeast corridor, new york avenue is running pretty well as well. become to you guys. time to answer our question of the morning. people reach the peak of their ability to do this at age 8. is it see ghosts,. >> eric high wrote c. >> as one facebook friend said,
6:52 am
silly as it seems, the answer
6:53 am
oh, no, you can't open that. please choose one based on the cover. here we go... whoa,
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no test rides allowed. i can't show you the inside, but trust me. are you kidding me... at university of phoenix, we think you should be able to try before you buy. that's why we offer students new to college a risk-free period. so you commit to your education with confidence. get started at i'm nikki burdine outside walter johnson high school where kids are starting to arrive. once the kids get here, there will be big changes, one of them a new code of conduct. kids will face alternative
6:55 am
disciplinary measures inside schools the 2500 more kids will be in schools across montgomery county this year alone. several kids across all grade levels will i want grate them into the classroom. the holy grail of comic books, a near perfect comic, the very first appearance of superman. back from 138. only 50 copies remain. the copy is the best reserved of us -- its kind. >> a group of hackers knocked out a popular online video game service, including sony playstation net work.
6:56 am
they cull themselves lizard squad those services allow millions of gamers to play towing over the internet. the hackers used distributed denial of service to overwhelm the networks of web traffic. the fbi is investigating. most of sony services have been restored. a flight was diverted to phoenix as a precaution. fog in the shanendoah valley. a beautiful day, 84 in town. low 80s in other spots. looks like an afternoon storm threat by wednesday turning hot and 91. what is happening on 66 reminds me of the seinfeld episode. >> remember when kramer adopted a road and his idea was to
6:57 am
widen the lanes? on i-66 the lanes have come apart. watch out. northbound 395, this is the i&long this interstate. remember school has begun, lots more traffic. cbs this morning is next. what were you doing at age 13? meet a teenage girl showing nordstrom shoppers how to dress for success with her. >> you can join us at wusa9, facebook and twitter
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it's monday, august 25th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." california's wine country shaken by a quake the biggest of its generation. plus seismology passes the greatest test. terrorists freed a journalist. plus her high necessary at the


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