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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  August 26, 2014 6:00am-6:57am EDT

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side of i-66 right there at route 29 in centreville. the lane striping situation was fixed and now an accident. i will give you lane information next time around. we're looking at some nice weather this morning. look at this shot on our michael & son weather camera. clear skies this morning. that is jupiter and venus. becoming a little tougher to see as we get light on the horizon. a good looking day. humidity still in check but it is going to be warmer. this morning you might need a light sweat shirt. 80 by noon. 86 at 4:00 and 81 degrees by 8:00 p.m. it's been quiet this morning. clear skies for the most part and with light winds, that's allowed a little fog to form. not as widespread as yesterday but still looking at visibilities in cumberland down to one-quarter after mile. three quart information warrenton. and up in frederick this morning. that's about it on the fog. temps on the chilly side with a reading of 535 in winchester.
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i think its -- of 55 in winchester. i think that's jacket worthy weather. mid-50s in prince wp. upper 50s in lou -- prince william. upper 50s in loudoun. the first day of school in prince george's county. again a sweat shirt and even a pair of shorts i think would be okay at the bus stop. this afternoon we are looking at sunshine. humidity levels in check. winds turn from the northeast to the east, southeast at 5 to 8. look at your highs ranging from the mid to a few upper 80s like the 88 here in washington. andrea and mike, back to you. >> thanks, howard. here's what's in the news right now. president obama has authorized surveillance flights over syria. he's considering future actions against isis. the pentagon is reportedly sending manned and unmanned recondistance flights over the country -- recondistance flights over the country. the syrian government says the u.s. needs its permission before launching any air strikes across its borders. former f.b.i. director louis freeh is recovering after a single-car
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accident in vermont. he's hospitalized and undergoing surgery for unspecified injuries. he was director of the f.b.i. from september 1993 to june 2001. damage from the magnitude 6.0 earthquake that hit california's wine country sunday could reach to $1 billion. wineries in napa county were hit pretty hard. the quake was the worst to rattle the bay area in 25 years damaging homes, businesses, and leaving more than 100 people injured. school bells are ring drag in prince george's county. more than 125,000 students will return to the county's 207 school buildings. >> nikki burdine is live at the douglas bus lot in upper marlboro with a preview of what families can expect this year. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. today is the day prince george's county schools, kids will be going back to school. it is a big day. a lot of changes. here to talk about some of those changes is the ceo of prince george's county schools dr. maxwell. thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. love to do it.
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very excited about the first day. >> reporter: a lot of changes. 800 new teachers, 30 new principals. how is the school preparing for all the new faces? >> we had a voluntary boot camp for teachers a couple of weeks ago. a week ago we had new teacher orientation which went really, really well. covered a lot of different topics now. people will be ready. then, you know, last week all of the rest of the teachers came back to get people's classrooms set up and get everything organized. we're ready to go today. >> reporter: is 800 an unusually high number? >> i think it's not atypical. we have over 9,000 teachers here. 800 represents less than 10%. when you think about retirements and those kinds of things, i don't think it's an unusual number. >> talk about some of the new programs. there are a lot of new programs this year. >> reporter: we're so excited. we have international programs opening up, spanish immersion programs, montessori programs,
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a new aeronautics program, brand new elementary school themed around the arts. just very, very excited. >> reporter: talk more about the nasa partnership. that's really cool glef we an -- that's really cool. >> we've been doing walk with nasa for a long time but this is kind of a new opportunity, stoam works that focused on aeronautics, on space, on flying. so i think it's going to be a really high interest program for kids. >> reporter: you've got 126,000 students. that means a lot of buses on the roads. new technology on the buses this year to make sure those kids are safe? >> we have some additional buses to help. as you know, bus drivers have their backs to everyone. it's hard to see the things that are going o. we're starting to equip buses with more and more cameras so they get an idea of what's going on on the bus and can make sure things are safe for children. >> reporter: any words to parents or students watching to get them excited and ready, words of encouragement for their first day?
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>> education is just really, really important. it's the most important function of government from my perspective and working together with parents and students, great teachers that we have, we can have a really great year and kids can learn a lot and be ready, you know, when it's time to get those scholarships to pay for college, mom and dad, so you don't have to do it. just work hard. >> reporter: that is the end goal to all of this is continuing education to get our kids in school. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: thank you so much for your time, dr. maxwell, the ceo of prince george's county schools. again we're here at the bus lot where kids will be picked up, headed out this morning. county. a lot of students, a lot of new faces in schools today. exciting first day for schools in prince george's county. back to you. >> i like his advice. do well so you can get scholarships. help mom and dad pay for that education. thank you, nikki. it is 6:05. mourners stand in line to bid farewell to michael browb. >> a group -- michael brown. >> a group of students are developing a new product to keep coeds safe. we'll tell you what it is.
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nice morning exsept the 14 -- except the 14th street bridge. for us we're looking good today after this school start. it will be sunny, warm but still not too humid. highs mid- to upper #s on. heat and -- upper 80s. heat and humidity return tomorrow. details in a moment. monika, what's going on? >> not looking good at all. didn't i say a few minutes ago things are good. not so right now on the northbound side of 395. you're looking at the 14th street bridge with only a single lane getting by to the right. delays begin at least route 110 right now jam-packed all lanes on 395 to get to the 14th
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street bridge. if you look closely on the left side of your screen, the hov lanes are fine but again the main lines affected by this accident. only the single right lane getting by. i will keep you posted of course on this situation. back to you guys. thousands of mourner attended the funeral service for michael brown. >> brown is of course the unarmed teenager gunned down by a police officer. just outside a st. lou -- just outside of st. louis recently. marley hall has more. >> reporter: thousands of mourners paid their respects at the funeral for 18-year-old michael brown. some entered the church holding their hands up in a symbolic gesture. brown's father had requested a day of peace and calm while his son was laid to rest. brown's death sparked about two weeks of violent protests this month. his stepmother said he was looking forward to a bright future. >> he wanted to go to college. he wanted to have a family. he wanted to be a good father but god chose differently and i'm at peace about this because he's not a lost soul. his death is not in vain.
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>> reporter: brown's uncle, a pastor, remembered his nephew as a gentle giant. >> michael brown's blood is crying from the ground, crying for vengeance, crying for justice. >> reporter: the longest and most fiery speech came from the reverend al sharpton. he issued a call for action urging african-americans to change the country in brown's name. >> michael brown does not want to be remembered for a riot. he wants to be remembered as the one that made america deal with how we're going to police in the united states. >> reporter: brown was gunned down august 9 during a confrontation with officer darren wilson. police say wilson opened fire after brown fought with the officer and charged at him. witnesses say brown was while surrendering. marley hall, cbs news, st. louis, missouri.
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6:10 now. police have identified the victim in a murder case in our area. the body of jacinto perez was found dismembered and put in garbage bags at a laurel apartment complex. the 29-year-old lived in arden point apartments where the bags were found over the weekend. investigators continue to search for clues in the case. they're asking anyone with information to please call prince george's county police. women in mount pleasant and columbia heights neighborhoods are being warned to not go out alone late at night. >> that's because of three sexual assaults over a five-day period in that area and police believe they could be linked. >> the green and white polka dot shirt is a unique shirt along with a chicago bulls hat. somebody knows who might have been wearing that that night. >> that's a description of the suspect they're trying to find. in one case a woman was stabbed as she walked in the 1300 block of oak street northwest. other assaults took place at 17th and kenyan and on park
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road. colleges across the country are working to prevent sexual assaults on campus. and soon coeds may have a new tool that could help. four students from north carolina state are working on a nail polish that can detect date rape drugs. it's called undercover colors. here's how they hope it will work. if you dip your finger into your drink and the nail polish changes colors, someone may have tainted your beverage. students are still working on production. they hope to have that polish in stores very 12. don't let the price of gas drive you crazy. this morning we're checking prices in bethesda. according to aaa, the most expensive regular gallon of gas is $3.67 at the sunoco on river road. >> but if you go to the w express on river road, you can fill up for $3.37 a gallon. 12 minutes after 6:00. if you're just waking up, going to be another beautiful day.
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♪ i have the tissue handy always because i cough with the allergies out there. you say the allergy index explains why. >> ragweed season. we start the tree pollen and the mold goes up and down, depending on how wet it has been. now we're into ragweed season. let's show you what's happening on thele a ji index first and
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-- the allergy index first. it comes in around noon so we'll have an update on wusa9 news at noon. grass pollen moderate. trees and mold are low. a the love sunshine. by early afternoon low 80s. it will be warmer than yesterday. highs around 88 today which is a couple of degrees above average for this time of year. back in the mid-80s at 5:00 p.m. so any work or after school, after work plans, the weather is not going to be a problem. it also won't be too humid today so that's good news there. going to be out this evening, 79 by 9:00. won't need a jacket but probably need a jacket now. we have 50s in spots and patchy fog as well. not nearly as widesp yesterday morning but visibility now down to one half- mile at the airport. quarter mile in harrisonburg. harrisonburg one of the cooler spots we have on the board. 51 right now out that way with the fog. 59 for la plata.
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manassas, leesburg, gaithersburg at 57. look at the bay. still the upper 70s so the naval academy they're checking in at 69. locally mid-50s in leesburg to germantown. 60 in fairfax with manassas and dumfries in the upper 50s along with waldorf and prince george's county, bowie, first day of school at 58 degrees. that michael & son weather camera, sun will be up here in a few minutes. we'll see quite a bit of it. right now generally clear skies. 68 and winds. none to speak of. the dew point has fallen into the upper 350s so that's good. not going to stay that way. the front is up in iowa and wisconsin with showers and storms now. winds ahead of it are southwesterly so once this high scoots a little more to the east, our winds will turn more southwesterly tomorrow. that will allow a hot and hiewmedz air mass to move in. today -- humid air mass to move in. today it's going to be a nice one. generally quiet, sunny. here we are at lunch time. temperatures on the warm side by then. mid- to upper 80s for highs
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today. fairly quiet night tonight. then tomorrow we watch that cold front. it's not going to get here till later in the day or evening so i think our that high. a little higher north and west. in pennsylvania in the afternoon you notice the showers up here which will sneak down into maryland, northern shenandoah valley, northern virginia here late afternoon to early evening with just some isolated storms and that will all diminish overnight. we have cristobal now a hurricane but not a threat. heavy rains to the bahamas. this has obtained hurricane strength last night with winds 75 miles an hour. the forecast track takes it north, northeast and then northeast going right between bermuda and the u.s. as we head towards the middle and latter part of the week. other than some surf action along the coast, no real problems. 88 today, warm and dry. tonight light winds 68 with upper 50s to near 60 in the cool spots. hot and humid, 92 tomorrow. light chance of a late day storm especially north and west of d.c. friday looks good, too. mid-80s.
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over the weekend into monday, low 90s with a chance for afternoon storms saturday through the holiday. monika samtani, it's almost 6:19. got some big problems out there. >> we really do. in fact, take a look at your monitor if you can on the northbound side of 395. this is the 14th street bridge where there's been this accident right at the bridge spanning. you can see -- bridge span. you can see the flashing lights the police on the scene right at the bridge span. only the right lane has been getting by. we're trying to show you the delay forming through at least route 110. it is jam-packed. there you go. northbound 395 look at that delay and more equipment heading up toward the scene of the crash here on the 14th street bridge and again with only that right lane getting by, you need to find your alternate routes. in fact, let's go to our trafficland camera soy can show you a close-up look of the accident where they have the cones set up, arrow board. only the right lane squeezing boy. now let's tell you what you can do. on the northbound side with that accident there, i'm suggesting that maybe you get
6:20 am
off at glebe road or even washington boulevard. that's the furthest you should go. make your way over to route 50. you can take that to the roosevelt bridge or if you can make your way over to the key bridge and you know the roads in that area, that might be a good option for you as well. but 395, the hoppinger that accident -- the longer that accident is there the bigger the delays are going to get. there's also an accident on the inbound side of 66 in centreville at route 29 right where the lane stripes had been a mess yesterday. they're fixed and today we have an accident. it's on the shoulder but delays begin at route 234 in manassas. that's going to be continuous as you can see there into centreville again with that accident on the right shoulder. let's take a live look outside. the beltway in college park is fine. there are no problems to report you to in maryland right now. the outer loop looking good heading over to the 95 interchange and then westbound into silver spring no big delays yet. 270 the usual slowdown route 109 to 121 and then the pace picks up as you head into
6:21 am
rockville. no problems on route 355 to report to you right now or the great seneca highway. back to you. burger king could be moving its operations north to canada. >> for financial reasons. the fast food chain has confirmed that plans to merge with canadian coffee giant tim horton's. >> reporter: the whopper of deal would see canada's most famous coffee chain join forces with an american king. >> it's an identity. that's one of the reasons why we support tim hortons. >> reporter: the tentative merger would create the world's third largest fast food chain behind mcdonald's and kfc. under this deal, both companies insist tim hortons and burger king would operate as stand alone brands but then the promise the new publicly listed company would be headquartered in canada, the largest market of the combined company. there are few details but the meat of the deal appears to be a tax aversion scheme. burger king would be the latest u.s. company to move headquarters outside its
6:22 am
boarder for lower tax breaks. >> when you look at tax structure on a corporate leu.s., it's 40%. in canada it's 26%. >> reporter: but some analysts call it a win-win. it lets tim hortons grow in the u.s. >> allowing a canadian company that has already is top in canada, has no more than two years left of expansion within this country, they've got to find international growth. >> reporter: for burger king, a way to compete for the morning crowd. >> burger king has been in breakfast for 30 years but in our view hasn't made a significant dent against the much larger players at breakfast, particularly mcdonald's, starbucks. >> reporter: combined the two companies would own 18,000 restaurants around the world. while both sides insist the deal is merely tentative, there's high speculation it could be finalized by the end of the week. richard madan, on the wa. 6:22. here's another look at the question of the morning. the lower you set your air conditioner's thermostat, the better chance this will happen to you. is it a, doze off immediately,
6:23 am
b, sleep straight through the night, or c, have nightmares? >> terry moen, one of our regulars says c, have nightmares. i saw this on some tv medical show. i was surprised. >> we'll have more of your responses and the correct answer to our survey in 30 minutes so stick around.
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check out the clouds being illuminated a few minutes before the sunrise here on this beautiful thursday -- thursday? tuesday morning out there. wishful thinking. let's show you what's happening. we are looking at visibility issues up in frederick this morning. also harrisonburg and cumberland. visibilities a half mile or less. it's spotty compared to yesterday. futurecast, quiet. lunch time temps upper 70s to around 80 at the noon hour. low to mid-80s by 3:00. we're topping out between 84 and és88. heat and humidity returning on wednesday. more on that coming up in a few minutes. virginia state police still on the scene of this crash on the northbound side of 395. it's right at the 14th street bridge. only that right lane continues to get by and the exit to the gw parkway, that's exit 10c is also blocked. i can see delays beginning well before washington boulevard. your last chance to exit is going to be glebe road. i'll have more coming up.
6:27 am
prince william county police are searching for two shooting suspects. dewayne williams and jamie bowyer are wanted in connection to a shooting in a mcdonald's parking lot. just before 7:00 last night, someone opened fire in the 2800 block of dale boulevard. police say williams and bowyer were together when williams shot a man in the face. williams then set out on foot and car jacked someone. both are wanted for aggravated malicious wounding. if you have any information on their whereabouts, you're asked to call prince william county police. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is expected to face more grilling on the stand this morning. >> yesterday he faced tough questions about his personal finances. mcdonnell was asked what he knew and when he knew it. the former governor claims not to have known that former star scientific ceo jonnie williams spent $20,000 on designer clothes for his wife. >> the prosecutor got out and got an agreement from been mock donnell that maureen mcdonnell
6:28 am
had a history of asking wealthy people for freeb business. and then -- freebies and then bob mcdonnell suggesting that somehow he was then oblivious to jonnie williams providing this shopping trip. >> mcdonnell has insisted he was not financially strapped and did not need jonnie williams' money. but when williams wrote a $15,000 check for a wedding reception of their daughter, they only had 12,000 in the bank on three accounts, including one that was his wife's. virginia transportation officials are apologizing this morning for a most unusual road hazard which was driving all of us at the same time yesterday morning, driving us crazy. >> take a look at the wayne striping on i-66 at route 29 in centreville. wow, that's crooked. the temporary lane striping crews put down over the weekend peeled up and it moved during the commute. >> we can't afford to have any kind of confusion on the roads. the lines are there to guide
6:29 am
you safely through the area. so if anybody is confused about which lane they were supposed to be in not good. >> no, that could result in accidents. fortunately we didn't report any. work crews have rolled out the new lines on the highway to clear up the confusion. it should be fine for your morning commute this morning. if you have a transportation story that is driving you crazy -- owe driving you crazy, go to and give us as much information and our team will look into it. the mispainted lines were driving us crazy yesterday. today? >> the extra volume guaranteed to drive you crazy. monika has a look at the conditions. >> northbound 39-- 395, that accident continues to have only the right lane getting by. i'm going to say it's been there close to half an hour now. northbound on the bridge span. let'again. first of all you've got delays
6:30 am
beginning well before washington boulevard trying to get to the 14th street bridge. and added to that, they had exit 10c blocked for a while which is the exit to the gw parkway and the memorial bridge. and i believe they just reopened it. let's take a look at our trafficland camera a little closer in. we'll be able to see that. to me it looks like they removedded cones and you can get through there with the arrow board set up telling you to go to the far right or far left to the gw parkway. delays begin well before washington boulevard. that means your last chance to exit before you hit that backup is going to be glebe road. try to make your way over to route 50 if you can and over to the roosevelt bridge. by the way, there's also an deaccint on the inbound side of 66 in centreville. i'll get to that next time around. >> looking pretty good out here this morning. got clear skies. the sun is coming up in a moment and really it's a pretty looking morning with temperatures climbing into the 80s this afternoon. into the mid- to upper 80s in fact. still not too humid.
6:31 am
sun coming up at just a moment at 6:32. generally clear skies this morning. we had a patch of clouds overnight but a quiet morning with the light winds, clear skies, some fog has formdz. not nearly as much as yesterday but we've got visibilities at a quarter mile in harrisonburg. half-mile for cumberland and frederick and warrenton this morning. that's it on the fog. and elkins. temps down to 49 by the way in elkins. fall not that far away. we're in the 50s and 60s. in fact mid- to upper 50s in many of the suburbs but right on the bay and in town upper 60s. this afternoon very nice. not too humid. it will range from 86 in leesburg to 88 at reagan national. andrea and mike. >> thanks, howard. time to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are working on. >> gayle king is joining us live in new york with a preview. >> good morning, gayle. we haven't spoken you to in a while. >> i know. mike and andrea, i've been on vacation for two weeks. i came back fatter and darker. always so happy.
6:32 am
>> sounds like a good vacation. >> two spanks today. two spanks. ahead david martin is at the pentagon where they are drafting plans to attack isis in syria using manned and unmanned aircraft. plus, nancy o'dell joins us from the brand new et set. she was backstage at last night's emmys. she has all the highlights for you. hotels are sneaking in extra charges for everything from gym access to a mandatory tip for a bellman that does not go to the bellman. that doesn't sound fair. travel editor peter greenberg is in studio 57 with how you can avoid the fees. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. mike and andrea, we're kind of psyched to see this because et is unveiling their new set for the very first time. we get to see it live. >> very good. we'll definitely pay attention to that, gayle. >> there you go. >> she looks good in the spanx. it's 6:32. the united states could be preparing for air strikes inside syria as it continues its fight against isis
6:33 am
militants. >> president obama has approved already started the surveillance flights over syria. the flights are meant to gather reliable intelligence as the pentagon is drafting military options to help disrupt isis operations. >> the u.s. has already launched air strikes against isis forces in iraq. white house press secretary josh ernest said the president believes the terror group is a threat to the united states. >> isis has already demonstrated in rather violent fashion their willingness to perpetrate terrible acts against american citizens. >> syria says the united states needs its permission before launching any u.s. air strikes targeting isis. there are reports of several explosions in gaza city this morning. emergency crews were called to the scene of a huge fire after a series of blasts at two high- rises. one building collapsed after an israeli air strike. the other high-rise was heavily damaged.
6:34 am
both buildings have been evacuated after warnings were given about the strikes. 25 people were reportedly wounded. a soldier who killed herself at fort lee just outside richmond, virginia was a sergeant first class with 14 years in the army. >> she barricaded herself in an office at the army post before taking her life. the shooting prompted annual active shooter alert that briefly shut down the fort. there's no proof that delays in getting medical care caused any deaths at the v.a. hospital in phoenix. the associated press reports that is the conclusion of the department of veterans affairs. >> v.a. has been investigating reports that as many as 40 veterans died while waiting for care last spring. but a draft report ors could not, quote, conclusively assert that delays in care caused the deaths. general motors has received 100 death claims from families who lost loved ones in car crashes. >> the claims were filed after a recall affecting about two and a half million cars. the problem was a defect that
6:35 am
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6:39. a fine looking tuesday morning out there. we have sunshine. came up a few minutes ago. light winds, really very pretty morning out there. patch of fog cumberland and frederick and out toward harrisonburg and warren top. other than that -- warrenton. other than that quiet. light winds this afternoon turning to the east 5 to 8. we're looking at a high temperature about 88 degrees. fortunately the humidity not too bad. tomorrow will be more summer like. let's check in with monika and timesaver traffic. looks like on the northbound side of 395 where the work continues on the crash at the 14th street bridge we have now got the two right lanes getting by. work continues on the northbound side of the gw parkway. exit 10c has also been reopened
6:40 am
but delays begin well before glebe road. almost back to king street. you can get off there at route 7. take that over to route 244 and make your way over to arlington boulevard if you can. and get around this accident on the northbound side of 395 with these big delays. back to you guys. it is a thrill seeker selfie that can induce vertigo in mere mortals. >> we just saw a little clip in the tease video and we got a little queasy. >> imagine being comfortable enough snacking on bananas when three stories up in the sky. jeanne moos unpeels the mystery. >> reporter: sometimes your eyes speak louder than your mouth. but all we hear is the wind. no explanation for how these three got on top of hong kong's fifth fallest building to take what's be -- tallest building to take what's being described as the world's scariest selfie.
6:41 am
atop the 73-story building known as the center. >> it makes me disney-- >> dizzy. >> reporter: the video ends when daniel seems to get a text message. >> he probably has great reception up there. >> reporter: but maybe, just maybe there are more layers to this story that meet the eye. who eats bananas 11 a 35 feet in the sky? >> i would be throwing up bananas. >> while up there they might as well snack. >> where do they get the energy? >> potassium. >> this is a guiness book of world records stunt. they want to be the highest person ever to eat a banana. >> reporter: interesting but that was no banana king kong was clutching. some theorized there's a more serious connection to primates, that this is an antiracism message. this past spring spanish soccer fans threw bananas at brazilian planners they perceived as black. it happened again during a
6:42 am
spanish league match. the players had already consulted with an ad agency and thus was born the hash sag we are all monk eyes campaign. featuring players and regular folks tweeting photos of themselves eating bananas to make their antiracism point. so was this a high altitude snack or a message? >> it feels like a long way up to goeat a banana. >> reporter: hope they didn't just drop the peels. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> it is dizzying. >> scary. 6:42. the 66th annual emmy awards turn into a going away party for the cast of "breaking bad." >> starting in october, microsoft and google will lose out on a key world market. wusa9 is back oh, hi there bill. hey! are you in town for another meeting? yup, i brought my a-team. make the most of the weekend before it's gone. this is my family. this is joe. hi joe! hi there! be a weekender and book your stay at hampton. feel the hamptonality.
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it is 6:45. coming up on 6:46. a picture says it all. howard has a couple of pretty pictures for us. >> we've been looking at them this morning. if you follow me on switcher or facebook, even wusa9's facebook page, i put a sequence of these beautiful shots we've been watching all morning of the skies and the sunrise and jiewm ter and venus -- jupiter and venus earlier were shining brightly. here's a look at our forecast day planner. yeah, that's 149 street bridge, -- 14th street bridge, still not looking so g. the forecast looks great. 76 by 11:00. north winds at 4:00. they go southeasterly later this afternoon with 85 by 3:00. i think we can make 88 for the high and back 2086 by 5:00 p.m. so it is going to be quite warm today, quite sunny but not too humid. so keep that in mind as you're going out this afternoon. you always got to stay hydrated but it's not going to be the oppressive heat and humidity. i think we've avoided it most
6:47 am
of the summer. patches of fog. it's gotten quite dense. zero for luray and cumberland. half mile in frederick and warrenton. as you get closer to d.c. and the chesapeake and the potomac, fog really isn't any bit of an issue. drier air is in place. dew points falling to the 40s in the mountains. this is the sand color here. dew points higher by us, upper 50s to around 60 so that's still pretty comfortable for august. look out west. the humid air is returning toward ohio andeanian where temperatures this morning are 70-plus over there. with the dry air, well, we've cooled off nicely. 50s and 60s. even ocean city this morning a very comfy 55 degrees at the airport there. locally we're down in the 50s in many spots like bowie and by thursday we're back in slightly drier, cooler air. our forecast today upper 80s by not too humid. winds turn east, southeast at 5 to 10. 68 tonight but closer to 60 in the suburbs. tomorrow hot, humid, 92.
6:48 am
can't rule out a late storm but it's fairly isolated i believe in d.c. w-8 5 on thursday. much more -- 85 on thursday. much more comfortable. still looking good friday, mid- 80s. hot and humid through monday with mainly afternoon storms. here's monika with timesaver traffic and more with what's going on on the 14th street bridge. it's all been about virginia the past few days. today it's all about you, 3935 drivers on the northbound side of 395 -- 395 drivers on the northbound side of 395. this has been here for close to an hour on the 14th street bridge, northbound 395. let's take a couple of live pictures. first of all your close-up view on the traffic camera where you can see the arrow board still set up and activity continuing on the left side of the roadway. the two right lanes are getting you by and you can exit at the gw parkway bu available to chinese consumers and government personnel alike. the operating system is slated for release in october gldz the 66th annual awards honored tv's
6:49 am
best. jim parsons won outstanding lead actor in a comedy series again. "breaking bad" won best drama for the fourth time. >> again. >> bryan cranston won outstanding lead actor in a series. anna gunn is a newcomer for supporting actress. julianna marguilies had a good year and they recognized that, outstanding lead actress in a drama series. cbs' "the good wife." outstanding comedy series went to "modern family." >> again. >> marguilies has won before. we have a hot day. almost hot. mid- to upper 80s. tomorrow hot, humid,


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