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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  August 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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it's not as far back as falls road but will be quickly. choose your alternate route. i would suggest 355 right now. connecticut avenue back to the map, you have construction there as well, although it's inside the beltway. i think it's going to cause pretty heavy traffic heading toward the chevy chase circle with only that left lane getting by. that construction project is going to be there till saturday night. right now the big problem is that accident. we'll go back to our sky 9 shot really quick. southbound 270 right after democracy boulevard. look at that, howard. just a couple lanes getting by. >> take 270? avoid the spur? >> but then it's going to back up on 270 further than the split. i would not suggest 270 right now. >> as my mom would say you can't win for losing so be patient. beautiful skies this morning. the capitol dome still lit up. we have the color in the east. about a half-hour or so before sunrise. sunrise officially in washington at 6:34. 74 by lunch time. that's going to be nice with
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sunshine and the low humidity still hanging out all day high of 83. it's a lot cooler than yesterday morning. yesterday was warm and muggy. right now temperatures down from 10 to 20 degrees colder than at this time on thursday with some readings near 50 now. in fact, we've got upper 40s in york and also davis with 52 in winchester. 52 in frederick and we're 65 and just a really nice day going to 83. here's what's in the news right now. president obama says the u.s. has no strategy yet to defeat militants in syria. the president told report erstwhile the u.s. military could route the group known as isis on the ground, the problem would return as soon as u.s. forces left. he's sending secretary of state john kerry to the middle east to drum up support from surrounding nations to confront isis. the holiday inn in prince george's county is back open after a barricade situation. an armed man entered the hotel
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and threatened to hurt himself. staff and guest were evacuated. a standoff with police lasted till just before 4:00 this morning when the man was taken into custody. the preseason is over for both the redskins and the ravens. they closed it out with a win. redskins third string quarterback was under center. he threw two tds and two enter septions in a 24--- interceptions in a 24-10 win. getting in one last weekend getaway of the summer could drive you crazy, especially if your destination is the eastern shore and you have to go across the bay bridge. >> nikki burdine joins us live from the parking lot of hemmingway's restaurant just on the east side of the bay bridge. how are we looking so far? >> reporter: so far so good. traffic on the bay bridge is just peachy right now but that's because it's 6:00 in the morning just wait till the sun comes up and people start hitting the roads. you can imagine traffic is going to be a lot worse.
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i'm going to give you the bad news first. there are going to be a lot more cars on the roads this year, mayor than years past according to aaa. aaa says the number of people taking a trip 50 miles or more away this year is up. aaa estimates more than 800,000 people in the d.c. area will be traveling. most of them by car. as you know the best way to beat that traffic is to plan ahead. get on the road before 10:00 this morning to avoid peak travel times or after 10:00 tonight. the worst time to travel is between 5:00 and 6:00 when you get off of work. if you're leaving saturday morning is the best time or after 7:00 at night. now, for the good news. gas prices are down. they are the lowest they've been since 2010. reck gas will average about $3.- - regular gas will average about $3.41 a gallon, about 18 cents cheaper than last year and 40 cents cheaper than 2012. there is the good news to start the day. if you are traveling across the
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bay bridge today or this weekend to celebrate labor day, it won't cost you as much but it might take you a little bit longer. from the bay bridge, i'm nikki burdine. >> even better news, you're already there at hemmingway's for the early call for lunch. >> reporter: absolutely. getting a head start. >> thanks, nikki. here's some news you won't want to hear if you use connecticut avenue around chevy chase. the maryland state highway administration says emergency repairs are likely to continue through the holiday weekend. >> it's been a traffic nightmare for drivers between east-west highway and chevy chase circle. earlier this morning the road work extended north of east- west highway with two lanes shut down at a time. >> i'm looking for an alternate route because it's pretty bad. >> reporter: if you come back this way, you'll be stuck that way. >> after lunch time? >> reporter: yes. >> i'll have some changes by then. >> why can't they do this at nighttime? >> we've learned around-the- clock repairs started after workers discovered the road
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beneath the surface was badly crumbling, much worse than anyone had expected. some fans are pushing hard to build a new skid qualm in maryland -- stadium in maryland where it is right now. others say it's a washington team that belongs in d.c. >> the team's lease at fedex field doesn't expire for more than a decade but the team's owner says plans are already in the works to design a new redskins home. >> i think it's terrific he's looking at building a new stadium in the district of columbia. the place to build a new stadium is right at the rfk a= site. >> other city leaders have said they won't support a new redskins stadium in d.c. unless the team changes its name. the redskins have been playing at fedex field since 1997. n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell comes forward and add mipts he was wrong-- >> admits he was wrong. >> how about breakfast for two for the low price of $300. a restaurant known for the grand slam goes high end. >> wusa9 is back right after
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announcer: coand join oure wtraveling celebrational as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery. 6:08. spectacular start to what's going to be a fantastic friday across the region. it's a little cool. some 50s, in fact low 50s in some suburbs. this morning 60s and low 70s. we'll be in the mid-70s for lunch time, low humidity. great day to eat out on the deck, on the patio if you will. then this afternoon we're only going to top out about 83. heat, humidity, storm chances are going up during the weekend. i'll have the full forecast coming up in about six minutes. monika samtani, update us on that situation on 270. on the southbound side after democracy boulevard, they've moved everything to the right side of the roadway on the spur where there was a
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tractor-trailer and a car involved in a crash and a fuel spill. you've got a pretty big delay as you head through the rockville area here heading for u're going to be absolutely wn fine but on route 50 itself right near route 704, watch out. there's a minivan fully engulfed in flames on the inbound side of route 50 near 704. further out here, what a beautiful shot of the bay bridge, guys. i want to go to the beach, too. back to you. >> thanks, monika. 6:09. after weeks of bad publicity, the n.f.l. has changed its policy on domestic violence. commissioner roger goodell announced sweeping changes to team owners. >> he said, quote, he didn't get right. players and staff will now face a six-week suspension without pay for the first offense moving forward and a lifetime ban for a second offense. [indiscernible] she weighs in on the move. >> there's no excuse for
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domestic or sexual violence. you should be held responsible. >> again, the changes come after the ravens runningback ray rice received only a two- game suspension in a domestic violence case. tmz sports contain add video which shows him dragging his now wife from an elevator. malaysia airlines plans to eliminate as many as 6,000 jobs. these cuts represent about 30% of the airlines' work force. >> the move comes after two air disasters this year. the airier tried to repair its image after flight 370 disappeared in march with 239 people on board. no trace of the plane has been found. mark your calendars. apple is telling the press to hold the date september 9. that's the day the company plans to launch the next generation of the iphone. the plans reportedly call for two new iphone models. apple is also expected to debut a new smartwatch. the new denny's in
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manhattan's financial district is also the first one in manhattan. take a look at this thing. the restaurant has dark wood paneling along with leather seats creating the ambience of a denny's we know. they'll also sell liquor with breakfast but it will cost you $300, including the grand slam entrees for two and a 2003 bottle of dom perignon for breakfast, the breakfast of champions i guess. for $1,000 you can order the zillion dollar frittata made with lobster claws and 19 ounces of caviar. above my pay grade. >> i'll meet you at the dollar store. $300, wow. >> there we go. 6:11. here's another look at the question of the morning. this is a free ride here. experts say doing this makes you a better, more thoughtful person. is it a, smiling, b, saying please and thank you or c, saying um and uh?
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>> that's my favorite one. wusa9 facebook friend toni king says b. so often we forget and so many kids today do not know how to say those two words. very sad. >> we'll have more of your responses and the correct answer in 30 minutes so stick around for that. breakfast at ikea, we don't just design furniture.
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hello and welcome back to wusa9. 6:14. we have cameras out there on the chesapeake bay looking at the water there. there's a big old ship moving down the bay. clear blue skies, though. isn't it gorgeous there? you have more pretty pictures. i want to remind people the national book festival is tomorrow. it's usually on the national mall and they have to work under the conditions whatever mother nature delivers but this year it's indoors. howard says for saturday that may be a very good thing. >> it's going to be hotter, warmer at least but more humid tomorrow. today outdoors would have been just great. just great. >> missed it by that much. >> this may be one of the nicest days of the summer, i'm telling you that right. it's that comfortable this morning. it's going to be that comfortable this afternoon. tee time? >> we're going. >> exactly. let's see what's happening outside in washington. look at the colors in the sky. >> i was there last night. >> i don't want to lose.
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>> she only walks the course. >> look at this shot. >> the cirrus clouds. what more could you want? >> the day off. >> why don't you take off tomorrow and sunday. >> thank you, howard. >> today only the low #s on. this is san diego weather in washington. -- low 80s. this is san diego weather in washington. a fantastic friday. as we go through the weekend, though, the heat and humidity return. going to be toasty toward sunday. isolated storm tomorrow. better chance will be out in the mountains of western maryland, west virginia. as we get into sunday and labor day, that's when i'm expecting scattered thunderstorms across the region. those may need to be yellow alert days. the dry air in place from new england nosing all the way down into west virginia, northern virginia, maryland. dew points have dropped into the 40s in many cases. sticky november folk south.
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dew points 60 to near 70. the longer nights we have now allow temps to cool off nicely. 40s in the blue areas. cumberland 54. still 65 in d.c. but when you really look at the temps and you get away from the bodies of water, now you get this widespread feel for what's going on with 57 in rockville, 66 centreville. look at all the 50s. some lower 50s at white oak. it's 54 in bowie. look at the difference between owings and north beach. almost 10 degrees. that's what the bay does for you this time of year. beautiful skies out there. we've got 65 degrees. a north, northeast wind at 6 and the barometer at 30.15. high pressure is in control now but a front comes back at us as we head into the day, tomorrow bringing us a chance of showers. sunday and monday afternoon storms and hot. at the beach 78 today. 85 tomorrow. excuse me, 78 tomorrow. 85 sunday and monday 83. you'll also have a chance for a thunderstorm although i don't think it will be as great as
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here in washington. looking at our three-day forecast, 83 today, beautiful. 88 tomorrow. the afternoon storm west. sunday and monday may need to be yellow alert days with scattered afternoon storms, low 90s. by tuesday and wednesday still low 90s with the isolated afternoon storms and 88 thursday. still a threat for a storm. monika samtani, things doing any better on the spur on 270? >> things are much better but you know what? there's a bad situation here live from our sky 9 on woodfield road at watkins road. that's route 124 that we're talking about between laytonsville and damascus. a pedestrian struck. you can see the crews on the scene dealing with the situation on woodfield road at watkins road. i think right now your best bet is going to be to use 108 and avoid this situation. it doesn't look good here with this pedestrian struck in montgomery county. we'll keep you posted on that. let's go to our mdot camera where there had been an
6:19 am
accident on 270 southbound after democracy boulevard. about half an hour to 40 minutes ago it was a tractor- trailer and car involved. there were no injuries but a fuel spill and it blocked a couple of lanes for some time. right now everything has been pushed to the shoulder but you have delays through the rockville area because of it. let's take a look at our maps so i can show you where we're talking about on 270 southbound right at democracy boulevard. and then you've got this long- term construction project meaning it's going to be through saturday night at least right now southbound connecticut avenue between east- west highway and bradley lane. only the left lane is going to get you by. there's a minivan fully engulfed in flames on route 50 inbound right near route 704. i know they're blocking off two right lanes right now on the inbound side of route 50. that's going to slow you down trying to get to beltway. once you're there you're fine. no problems through cheverly and outbound to the bay bridge. past that scene right now you'll be fine.
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wusa9 wants to help you find the best and worst gas prices in your area. this morning we head into upper marlboro where the most expensive gallon of regular unleaded is at the exxon on crane highway. gas there will cost you $3.49 a gallon according to aaa's fuel finder. >> the cheapest is at r&k petro service on crain highway. gas will cost you just $3.29. wusa9 returns in just ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back. 6:22. awesome looking skies. cirrus clouds. sunrise about 12, 13 minutes away and it's going to be a great day, one of the best of the summer. let me show you futurecast quickly. by lunch time temperatures still low 70s for most of us with sunshine. low humidity levels. and a great afternoon. highs only in the low 80s. enjoy it. monika? an unfortunate situation here in montgomery county where a pedestrian was struck just a few minutes ago on woodfield road at watkins road between laytonsville and damascus. i'm suggesting you use route 108 instead while this investigation continues. also 270 southbound expect delays from democracy boulevard. an earlier crash there moved to the shoulder. back to you guys. president obama is discussing possible military action in syria to stop isis militants gaining ground in the region. >> but susan mcginnis reports the lack of a defined strategy to tack him those militants is
6:24 am
causing concern. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> reporter: president obama says military action to defeat islamic militants in syria is not imminent. he's calling on the pentagon to draw up plans to take out the group known as isis. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> reporter: that comment drew fire from critics, including republican senate majority leader mitch mccongressle who said -- mcconnell who said in part the president needs to use the full extent of his thores to attack this enemy force. the president needs to present this plan to congress and the american people. democratic florida senator bill nelson is calling for targeted air strikes. >> the head of the snake is in syria and if you want to kill the snake, you need to cut off its head. >> reporter: president obama discussed military options for going after isis with his national security team last night. he's also sending secretary of state john kerry to the middle east to build support. >> in order for us to degrade
6:25 am
isil over the long term, we're going to have to build a regional strategy. we're not going to do that alone. >> reporter: the united states has already launched more than 100 air strikes in neighboring iraq but the president admits action there is not enough to defeat the group. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> american intelligence and law enforcement officials have identified nearly a dozen americans who have traveled to syria to fight foe isis. two have reportedly died fighting for the group. during an emergency united nations meeting, the u.s. accused russia about lying about his military activity inside crunl. this acquisition comes just hours -- inside ukraine. this acquisition comes just hours after obama -- [ inaudible ] russia dismissed the claims describing the fighters as russian volunteers. closing arguments are set for later this morning in bob
6:26 am
and maureen mcdonnell's federal corruption trial. >> the jury heard five weeks of testimony. >> the prosecution rested after calling a final witness thursday afternoon. vanessa herring joins us with more on that witness' testimony. good morning, vanessa. >> reporter: good morning. bob mcdonnell's defense is based on his claim that he couldn't have conspired with his wife, maureen, because they were barely on speaking terms. prosecutors called an f.b.i. agent who testified the mcdonnells spent 90% of their nights together during the period in question. the mcdonnells are accused of accepting more than $177,000 in loans and gifts from jonnie williams in exchange for promoting his dietary supplements. under oath bob mcdonnell said he accepted many. the gifts to spend more time with his family. he also said he didn't know about other gifts to his wife, maureen, and couldn't have conspired with her because they were barely speaking. williams who was granted
6:27 am
immunity testified he splurged on the mcdonnells to get them to promote his product. he said williams never asked him for anything and didn't give him anything more than routine access to government. >> reporter: after the whole or deal, are you less trusting of people? >> no. no. i mean, all human beings are fallible. eight what the good book says and i'm one of them. >> reporter: do you forgive jonnie williams? >> sure. >> reporter: under cross- examination, the f.b.i. agent admitted she used the mcdonnells' schedules to figure out how much time the couple spent together and maureen's schedule was blank on some days so she couldn't know if maureen was actually in the mansion. closing arts are set for later this morning. police in gainesville, virginia are searching for a man who sexually assaulted a 19- year-old woman. >> police say wednesday night the woman was walking near lee highway in the gainesville square shopping center when the man approached her from behind
6:28 am
and shoved her down an embankment. >> suspect is described as a hispanic man in his late 20s or early 30s, a muscular but thin build. >> he might have injuries from his face, shoulder and hands from his struggle with the woman. in another case, bliss are searching for martin john rogers. the gaithersburg man was last seen a week ago leaving home to go to work in okayville. -- in rockville. >> they received reports of possible sightings at the c&o canal path. he was described as in distress. his wife suspects he suffered some kind of medical issue. >> this doesn't make any sense. this is a steady, reliable, gentle, caring man who loves his children desperately, who simply got up and walked out like he was going to work and then vanished. >> police are also looking for rogers' car, a blue 2001 audi
6:29 am
a4 with maryland tags. police want to hear from anyone who may have seen rogers or that car. we want to take a live look outside. howard says this is possibly the best day of the entire summer. dry, mild, low humidity, just spectacular. >> we'll take that. howard will have more on the weather in a minute but first we want to begin with monika who is covering a couple of issues on the roadways. >> reporter: i have a completely opposite situation. the beltway is fine but many different factors involved in your rush hour commute. there was a tractor-trailer crash on the southbound side of 270 after democracy boulevard about 45 minutes ago. there was a fuel spill as well. with the right side blocked you'll still see activity on the the right shoulder with delays right down the spur. let's take a live look at our mdot camera where things are fine till you hit montrose road. at montrose road is where you'll see the delay forming as you head for the spur. things improve once you hit the
6:30 am
beltway. let's go to a live picture from our sky 9 over on route 124 at watkins road. a pedestrian struck just about 30 minutes ago. i believe that they're doing the investigation as we speak here with the lanes blocked. i'm suggesting that you use route 108 instead. again this is route 124 at watkins road in montgomery county. let's go back over to the ma'ams now. another situation is the construction project on connecticut avenue southbound. only the left lane is going to get you by there. a minivan on fire route 50 westbound before route 704. that's blocking off the two right lanes on the inbown side of route 50. i'm going to end with some good news. nikki burr dpien says that's the best way to do things and i agree with her. owe the bay bridge -- heading for the bay bridge, everybody will be great. nikki burdine will have more coming up. plenty of good news in the weather department. it's comfortably cool in
6:31 am
northwest and some areas when you get to some of the outer suburbs, you probably need agent switch shirt or something. temperatures in the low 50s. look at the sky a couple of minutes before the sunrise. it's been a stunning morning. sky watching. great takeoffs we've been watching from reagan national this morning. 6:30. we're sitting in the mid-60s in town with 50s north and west. 74 by lunch time but low humidity, northeast winds at 5. can you can eat outside, do it. back in the 70s this evening. temperatures have dropped off a lot from this time yesterday morning. down more than 20 in frederick. down 11 in washington. we're at 65 in d.c. with 49 now in westminster, maryland. it's 57 in la plata and easton and manassas and leesburg in the mid-50s. a great day going into the low 80s. we'll talk about the holiday weekend when i see you in a few minutes. right now andrea and nick have more news for you. time to see what our partners over at cbs this morning have on tap. >> our favorite partner gayle king is live in new york with a
6:32 am
preview. may i introduce nick giovanni to you. >> i was going to say there's a new name i don't recognize. nick, very nice to meet you on camera. >> very nice to meet you through the screen there. >> yes, i've heard wonderful things. hello, andrea. always good to see you. ahead entertainment tonight's nancy o'dell is monitoring joan rivers' condition. she's in a medically induced coma this morning. plus, the n.f.l. takes a strong vance against domestic violence. and dr. david agus on the experimental shots to the brain that could boost your memory. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 straight up. melissa rivers is thanking everyone for their prayers and thoughts as we all pull for joan rivers today. >> we'll keep us in her prayers and the family as well. we'll be watching. have a great weekend. it's 6:32. human trials of an experimental ebola vaccine start next week at the n.i.h. the plan is to give the vaccine
6:33 am
to three healthy volunteers to see if they have any adverse effects. >> dr. anthony fauci says the vaccine cannot cause a healthy person to become infected with the virus. a $40 million civil rights lawsuit has been filed over the police response to protests in ferguson, missouri. six people filed the federal lawsuit. >> the suit accuses oirches of making false -- officers of making false arrests and assaulting protesters in the unrest following the shooting death of michael brown. >> demonstrators gathered in front of the white house yesterday to deliver a petition to the obama administration. the petition calls on the justice department to, quote, fully investigate the shooting of the teenager. >> the protesters also want the officer involved in the shooting fired. the just department has -- the justice department has already launched a civil rights investigation into brown's death. another large crowd marched to the white house calling for president obama to stop the deportation of undocumented
6:34 am
immigrants. >> the rally was organized by the group of casa demaryland and casa devirginia. one woman worries about her family being torn apart by government rules and regulations. >> my parents don't have papers and yet they work. they worked so hard all their lives to put my sisters and me through college. i feel that it's time. >> police arrested 145 protesters for blocking a sidewalk near the white house. the justice department has asked a judge to discontinue federal oversight of st. liz bept's hospital in -- elizabeth's hospital in d.c. saying it has made significant improvement in the care of its patients. >> it all started in 2007 after an investigation turned up civil rights violations involving patient care. they agreed on a reform plan and a recent justice department review commended hospital for meeting those benchmarks. our time 16:34.
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we want to congrat -- is 6:34. we want to congratulate today's fan ever the day. friday's winner is mae hudson. she says when i moved to this area ten years ago, i missed my local news station i watched for years. i checked several morning news channels and when i turned to wusa9, it felt like home y morn since. mae, thank you. she thanks us for making her feel less homeless. >> this should help with college. mae wins tickets to the aerosmith concert. next week's winners will get a pair of tickets -- four tickets -- we're mixing it up -- to the prince george's county fair. fill out the form and make sure you provide a link to your favorite facebook picture.
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it's 6:38. spectacular skies this morning. great air. it's cool. it's crisp, refreshing. the sun came up a few minutes ago. it's going to be a wonderful friday around here. low 80s this afternoon for your highs after starting in the 50s and 60s. it will be sunny, warm and dry.
6:39 am
take it in. changes coming through the holiday weekend. more on that coming up at about 6:45. monika samtani, you have some changes on the roadways. >> we have a couple of situations we need to tell you about here in montgomery county. first of all a pedestrian struck here on route 124 at watkins road. i suggest that you use route 108 instead because this investigation as you can see will take some time. let's go over to 270 southbound past democracy boulevard. an early morning tractor- trailer crash moved out of the roadway. things are improving on the spur heading for the american legion bridge. 6:39. the nationals are one of the hottest teams in baseball right now. >> numbers never lie. they're 17-9 in the month of august despite getting swept out of philly. dave owens talks about the echets of success with pitcher drew storen. >> reporter: catching up withdrew storen. you always know the pulse of this clubhouse pretty well. here you are as we come down the stretch, it looks good in
6:40 am
the standings. tell me what the temperature is like in here. >> it's all about consistency. i think we've done a good job, enjoying the ride but not really -- we're not tbeeling too good about -- feeling too good ourselves. we take it day by day. that's the fun part about it, we've had some great come from behind victories and we're just out there grinding. >> there's a lot of human multii hear in you and this baseball team as well. how much has the leership, the growth, the maturity of this team been tested off the field this year? >> a ton. i think it's all learning from past experiences. in '12 we were a fairly young team. you really learn to kind of -- as we got our way to the top, how to play and last year we had gunning teams for us. >> reporter: how exciting is this, though? you start to see the finish line and start to think about post-season play. i know you aren't doing that
6:41 am
yet but sort of getting to that time of year where you can sense some bigger things are yet to come? >> i think you look at the crowd we had the last home stand and it's unbelievable. it's an heck industries atmosphere we've had this -- it's an electric atmosphere we've had this year. >> first pitch is set for 10:10 against the mariners. you can watch that right here on wusa9. tony stewart will return to the track for the first time in three weeks. >> plus an american icon hey pal? you ready?
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introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. 6:44 on this friday morning. looks like a beautiful day. to quote one howard bernstein, one of the nicest days of the summer in store. >> i think so. you've got to get outside. you have to figure out a way.
6:45 am
if you're stuck in an office, take a long lunch, a break, something. it is just nice. delightful. >> and lovely. it's delicious. >> some good words right there. weather wise check this out. our pictures have been so gorgeous this morning. if you follow me on facebook, i put a whole album of beautiful sky shots from this morning. this one is for free. you can look at it right now. they're all for free actually but this one is right here. you don't have to go anywhere. you can just look at your tv. temps this afternoon will climb into the low 80s. humidity levels stay low all day. they'll turn from the east, northeast to south slowly this afternoon and evening. as they turn more southeast and southerly tonight and tomorrow, the party will come to an end. the humidity will return and it will feel more like august as the weekend wears on. this morning dew points in the 40s to around 50 in d.c. a little higher dew point down south but 57 is still a
6:46 am
comfortable number for this time of year. the temperatures down south are in the upper 50s and low 60s. north where the air is drier, we've got 40s to near 50 in the mountains. even westminster we're in the upper 40s. mid-50s gaithersburg, manassas, fairfax county. d.c. 65. southern maryland once you get away from the river or the bay, you're in the mid-to upper 50s. it's just a great looking day. michael & son weather camera, check out. the cirrus clouds filter the light and a good number for us. when we get late in the afternoon or in the morning, great sun sets. the relative humidity to the 65 is at 58%. the wind is north, northeast so that is a cooler, drier air at the moment. it's going to turn because things are going to turn like this storm system which is really stretched down from texas all the way to the upper mississippi valley. this is all heading toward the east. meanwhile high pressure in areas in buffalo.
6:47 am
we're just on the east side of that bringing that cool, delightful air right now. this is going to slide off toward the east and then the winds will begin bring the moisture back. so the dry air holds on today. lunch time low to mid-70s. great afternoon with low 80s for highs. i think there are going to be some areas that stay in the upper 70s today. it's going to be fantastic. tonight not as cool as this morning. a little humidity holds on to the heat better. with the humidity around, we'll pop a few storms out west and looks like a better chance of storms in the afternoon both sunday and labor day with highs in the low 90s. at the shore, today is going to be final. tomorrow is going to be fine. by sunday and monday, even there there could be a late storm with temperatures in the lower to middle 80s. our three-day forecast, fantastic today, 83. 66 tonight with closer to 60 north and west. tomorrow 88. the isolated storms mostly in the mountains to the west. as we head toward sunday 92. it's going to be hot.
6:48 am
it's going to be sticky and there will be a scattering of storms in the afternoon. sunday may need to be a yellow alert day. monday also could be a yellow alert day for labor with a high of 90 and more afternoon storms. staying hot tuesday and wednesday with isolated afternoon thunder. i can't completely rule out the chance of thunder thursday with a high in the upper 80s. monika samtani, there have been some challenges for commuters. we're doing an up and down all morning. yes, we've been doing an up and down. right now i would say everything is calmed down. there's so much going on in the last hour and now things are a little bit better. there was a tractor-trailer crash right here at 270 southbound after democracy boulevard. it was moved to the shoulder. things are much improved in that area. let's take a look live on the southbound side of 270. if you're planning to head through this area, you're going to find that traffic is moving much, much better. this is a live look from our sky 9. it's a bit slow around middle brook road. looks like an incident there on the shoulder. looks like an accident
6:49 am
actually. that one just happened southbound i-270 on the shoulder attracting some attention. at least your lanes are open down to the spur and the point where the lanes divide to the american legion bridge. now let's go over to our maps again. if you're planning to head over on connecticut avenue, we want to remind you there's this long- term construction project southbound connecticut between east-west highway and bradley lane. it's going to be there until saturday night with only one lane getting you through. it's definitely affecting traffic already. there was a problem on route 50. i'll get to that in just a moment. northbound i-95. looking really good. traffic is light right now. that's because right around 10:00 in the morning through the midday you're going to find your heavy holiday traffic. and i think that right now you just have a few people headed to work and then they're going to head out of town. keep that in mind for your midday travel plans especially. on route 50 there was a minivan on fire on the westbound side.
6:50 am
it left slow traffic getting by on the westbound side but lanes are open and no issues through cheverly as you head through the northeast corridor and into the downtown area. all of your potomac and anacostia river crossings are fine as well. let's go to a live picture one more time. we're going to check out on the northbound side of 395 at 14th street bridge, as i said things are really good downtown. let's end with a look at the bay bridge. if you're headed to the beach this morning on the outbound side of route 50, this is what you should expect. a beautiful day as howard has been telling us. 6:50. wusa9 wants to help you find the best and worst gas prices in your area. this morning we're in arlington, virginia where the most expensive gallon of regular is at the shell on columbia pike. gas there will cost you $3.49 a gallon according to aaa's fuel finder. the cheapest gallon of regular unleaded is at the bp on south four mile run drive. gas there will cost you $2.33. time to answer our question of the morning. experts say doing this makes
6:51 am
you a better, more thoughtful person. is it a, smiling, b, saying please or thank you or c, saying um and uh. >> our facebook friend cat and office charred wrote a, smiling. it can brighten anyone's day. >> but the answer is nick's favorite c. >> what? >> um and uh. >> i just like the sound of it. >> you're
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
i'm nikki burdine near the bay bridge where traffic is expected to be worse than it has been for several people hitting the roads for this labor day. they expect more than 800,000 people from the d.c. area to travel more than 50 miles this year. the good news this year is gas is a little bit cheaper than it has been, about 18 cents cheaper than it was last year and 40 cents cheaper than it was in 2012. back to you. >> reporter: i'm vanessa herring. closing arguments will get under way later this morning in bob and maureen mcdonnell's corruption trial. former star ceo jonnie williams who was granted immunity testified he gave the mcdonnells gifts and loans to promote his product. mcdonnell said williams never asked him for anything and didn't get anything more than routine access to government. the former virginia governor also says he couldn't have conspired with his wife, maureen, because they were barely on speaking terms. back to you. >> thanks, vanessa. nine years ago today hurricane katrina slammed into
6:55 am
the gulf coast. a category 4 storm with 140 mile an hour winds, katrina made landfall in plaquemines parish, louisiana. four hours later it made final land fall along the louisiana- mississippi border devastating the coast and wiping homes off their foundations. in new orleans the levees were no match for the rising water and fierce winds. they broke leaving the city submerged under 20 feet of water for weeks. katrina claimed the lives of 1800 people and cost $125 billion in damage. tony stewart will return to the track this weekend. he has been out since a crash. nascar comes to georgia for the sunday race at atlanta motor speedway. the investigation into the death is ongoing. uber is expanding. the ride share company announced it's launching in 24 new markets, 22 of them in
6:56 am
theist u.s., one in australia and another in new zealand. the service allows drivers to connect with drivers for hire. the ford mustang is going global. for the first time in s it50- year history the mustang will be available to customers in more than 120 markets around the world, including the u.k., australia and south africa. foarpd marked the 50th -- ford marked the 50th anniversary in april. each model will include a pony logo. the 2015 mustang goes on sale here in the u.s. this fall. nice day for a convertible, right, howard? >> nice day for a bicycle or walk, convert up, -- convertible, a plane, boat, everything. a hammock preferably, too. tomorrow the humidity creeps up and a storm chance. hot, humid sunday. labor day low 90s. there will be scattered
6:57 am
afternoon storms. we'll have to stay up on the weather. a good time to download our weather app. >> another tough traffic week. we deserve this for the holiday. the weather is good. finally the traffic is good. it was a little rough but this is the outer loop unusually light on the beltway north side of town. let's take a look at the bay bridge. don't you wish you were going to the beach? and if you are, you're going to be in good shape right now. >> monika want as ride. >> wait for me. >> cbs this morning is next with the most cutting edge accessory at the u.s. open. >> how about a device that tracks heart rate and more. find out how it works. >> howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with
6:58 am
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good morning. it's fr,iday august 29, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama admits we don't have a strategy yet to fight the terror group isis. a life-threatening health crisis for joan rivers. nancy o'dell is watching the legendary comic's condition. >> roger goodell said he didn't get it right. the new action to correct course. >> but we begin this morning with a look at


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